2010: Original Dutch Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

2019: This English translation by: Louis Koot

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Part 2: Debbie on the Islands:

A: Alethia: 1st visit:

Step of the motor boat. Debbie ends up at the beach. A path goes straight into the jungle.

Move forward 1 click. Debbie is then on the jungle paths and near some large gray rocks. There are purple, light blue, orange, dark blue and yellow flowers in front of the gray rocks. Click with your hand on any color of flowers. You hear a sound. Each color flower makes a different sound.

From this point you can continue straight on, to the left and to the right and back down to the beach. Now first go a screen to the right here. Debbie lands on the beach again, There is a heart scratched in the mountain and there is a palm tree on the corner. At the palm tree, which is on the right, lies a Clam. View the Clam and then take the Clam

Dive into the inventory. Scroll up in inventory to the knife. Pick up the knife and scroll back down to the clam. Click with the Knife on the clam and .... Debbie breaks the clam open with the knife and .... in the clam is a beautiful Pearl. Take the Pearl from the clam. Click with the down arrow to close this close-up screen again. 

View the heart, scratch in the rock. The initials "AM + SH" are carved in the heart. Walk back to the left, to the crossroad where the colored flowers are. Then follow the path 1 click further straight ahead, so go one screen up. Debbie cannot continue straight on. There are a few mushrooms here and a bunch of yellow flowers and a bunch of white flowers. The path turns left here, but you can also turn right into the mountains.

View the white flowers on the bottom right of the screen. Debbie names the white flowers as "Peach Frost". Click with your hand on the white flowers to pick up a few Seeds of these flowers. In inventory you then have 3 green seeds. Go 2 screens to the left and ..... Debbie has reached the end of the path. Debbie notes that the forest is rather dark here. There is a large old tree and various mushrooms. A little woman is sitting on 1 of the mushrooms. It seems as if the woman has wings. To the right of the woman on the mushroom is a thick tree with green vines hanging down of it

Debbie thinks the woman on the mushroom is a Fairy. Talk to the Fairy.

De Fairy says that Debbie can see her because someone has stolen her Magic Cape. Because the Cape has disappeared, the whole of Alethia threatens to become as dark as the forest is now. Because the Seeing Sand is also used up, which should be in the Crystal Ball of the Fairy, the Fairy cannot see who has stolen the Magic Cape.

Debbie offers to look for some fresh Seeing Sand. De Fairy tells that Debbie can find the Seeing Sand on the beach, where it is hidden in the mountain. However, De mountain has a hidden door and to open that door Debbie has to play a tune through the Fairy Flowers. For every Fairy there is a different tune, so Debbie has to find her own tune first. De Fairy gives Debbie her Crystal Ball to put the Magic Seeing Sand in.

Step back. To the right of the Fairy is a large old tree. View the tree. Debbie reports that there are vines left and right next to the tree. Click your hand on the tree in an attempt to get Debbie to grab some of those vines. But Debbie reports that she cannot break down vines with her bare hands. So take the knife from inventory and click it on the tree, or the vines, and .... 

Debbie cuts off 2 vines. In inventory you then have 2 nice thick green vines. Go 1 screen back to the right. A fat black Ox is now on the path. View the Ox,

Debbie does not like free-running oxen. But the beast does nothing and does not get in the way, so go another screen to the right. Debbie is then back with the red mushroom and the yellow flowers and the white flowers. Continue down one screen and Debbie will be back with the colored flowers that you have already clicked on and which all produce a different sound. View these flowers again. Debbie thinks these are the musical Fairy Flowers that the Fairy was talking about.

Debbie has to play a tune by clicking on the flowers, but of course she has to do that in a certain order. Each color of flower gives a different tone. Click on the flowers in random order. Debbie will then announce which color is the first color in the order, and that turns out to be Yellow. Then start again, but this time you start with Yellow and then click on another color. If the 2nd color is the 2nd color in the order, Debbie says something like "That Sounds Right" or another kind of remark .. So you always start with Yellow and then another color, until you find out what the correct order is. is what you need to click on the flowers And the correct order is: Yellow, Orange, Dark Blue, Purple, Light Blue. 

So click on: Yellow, Orange, Dark blue, Purple, Light blue.

However, you see nothing happening but now go one screen to the right again and ... Debbie lands on the beach again, where she haspreviously found the clam. See .... At the palm tree, which is in the corner, the mountain has now opened the entrance of a cave and there is now a lot of purple Sand. View the purple sand and then try to grab a handful of the purple sand. Debbie reports that she has to put the sand somewhere, so take the Crystal Ball that Debbie got from the fairy from inventory and then click on the purple sand and .... Debbie fills the crystal Ball with purple sand.

Go back2 screens to the left from this beach. You are then 1 screen to the left of the Fairy Flowers and a green bird flies back and forth here. The bird always flies to the palm tree, which is on the right. A few coconuts are hanging in that palm tree. Under the palm tree is a grove and in that grove is also a coconut, which apparently fell out of the palm tree. Take the coconut that is lying on the ground in the bush. 

Go up a screen here. Debbie is then back at the black ox. Go another screen to the left and we will be back at the Fairy. 

Talk to the Fairy again and say: "I've got your seeing sand".

Debbie gives the Crystal Ball back to the Fairy. The Fairy now looks into her crystal ball and now sees that the Eagle, which has its nest on top of the mountain, has stolen the Cape. Debbie offers to get the cape back. But the Fairy says that the path to the top of the mountain is blocked by a large round rock. But Debbie is determined to find a way to get to the eagle's nest. If Debbie succeeds in conquering the Cape then the entrance to the Fairy City will be opened for her.

Get out of the close-up and then go 4 screens to the right. Debbie is then on the path that goes up the mountain but unfortunately .... the fairy was right. 

A thick round boulder blocks the path here. Take the rope from inventory and click it on the Boulder. Debbie ties the rope around the rock and at the other end she throws a screen to the left. So go back one screen to the left and you will see the end of the line. View the end of the rope. Debbie reports that she must make the rope longer. Take 1 of the 2 vines from inventory and click with it on the end of the rope and .... 

Debbie ties the liana to the rope. Go 2 screens back to the left. Debbie is back with the ox. 

Take the second vine from inventory and click it on the Ox to tie the vine on the Ox.

Walk back one screen to the right and see .... the 2nd vine is also automatically tied to the 1st liana. Walk back to the ox. Click with your hand on the ox, but Debbie reports that this is not going to work to get the Ox moving. Click with your mouth cursor on the ox. 

Debbie roars .... "Come on cow ..... Move" ..... but the ox doesn't move. Try this 2 more times .... but unfortunately ... no matter how Debbie roars and screams ... de Ox refuses to take even one step forward. Click, in utter despair, for the 4th time with your mouth on the ox and .... Debbie then screams "If you don't move, I think I will have myself a nice, big steak tonight" and .. ...... this is what the um does because the ox, afraid of being slaughtered by Debbie, now runs away and pulls the large round rock with it.

Well done Debs!!!...... The round boulder is now out of the way, so go 4 screens to the right and ....... Debbie now ends up on the mountain. There is a huge tree on top of the mountain and Debbie automatically starts climbing into the tree after you have clicked away the texts. However, Debbie stops halfway into the tree, so click with the up arrow at the top of the screen to climb up one more screen. Debbie has then reached the Eagle's Nest. 

The Cape of the Fairies is located in the eagle's nest An Eagle is sitting on the branch in front of his nest. Talk to the bird by saying "UH OH, I think I am in trouble". The eagle answers that Debbie doesn't have to worry because she won't hurt Debbie. The Eagle has found the Cape in the forest and she uses the Cape to keep her young warm in it. It can be windy up here and apparently eagles can't stand that. Debbie offers to exchange the Cape for something else that can keep the youngsters out of the wind, and the eagle thinks this is a good idea. Take 1 of the 2 sleeping bags from inventory and click with it on the Eagle and .......The Eagle thinks this is a good exchange and Debbie can have the Cape and of course the Cape is exchanged for the sleeping bag. 

Climb 2 screens back down, but Debbie does not reach the ground because she remains hanging above the ground in the tree. Click on the left edge of the screen to move one screen back to the left and Debbie then climbs further down and continues one screen to the left. You are back on the screen where the large round stone was. Go 4 screens back to the left. Debbie is back on the screen where the Fairy was, but the Fairyhas now disappeared. But ...... an opening has now opened in the rock and Debbie also reports that the forest  is now a lot  lighter and more colorful. 

Well .... the opening in the rock is the entrance to FairyTown, so go through the rock a screen to the left and Debbie ends up in FairyTown:

A conversation follows with Princess Liana, who is overwhelmed with joy that Debbie has found the Cape again. In gratitude, Princess Liana gives a part of the Card to Debbie. Debbie naturally gives the Cape to the princess who then disappears into the garden shed. 

Floating above the lake is the Fee Debbie has already met and Debbie asks her name. So that fairy is called Marianne.

For the moment Debbie is done on the Alethia island. Turn up the inventory and scroll up to the red "Maps of the World" book that Debbie has taken from Old Bill's bookcase. 

Click twice, with a magnifying glass, hand or arrow, on the book to open it and .... You have then opened the Map of the Isles.

Debbie can now travel from one island to another via this map. However, there are 13 islands but you can only travel to 4 islands and they are: Alethia, Summanus, Concordia and Juturna. There is no fixed order in which you must travel to the Islands. But .... there are things to do and items to find on all islands that you need on another island, or to make things happen again on another island. So we will go back and forth a few times between the 4 islands. Click on an Island to end up in one fell swoop. Now go to the island of Summanus:

B: Summanus: 1st visit:

Debs has arrived on the beach of the Summanus island. Right in front of Debbie you see 2 palm trees and more to the right an ordinary tree. Between the palm trees and the common tree is the start of a path. Aim the forward arrow to the path and then move forward 1 click. Debbie is then in the jungle and at a fork. She can move left, right and down. Go one screen to the left.

Debbie comes to a tree where a blue bird is chirping on a branch.At the base of the tree is a blue feather. Take the blue feather.

You can go further to the left here, but the path also goes up between the trees. Go, between the trees, 2 screens up. The path ends here at the sea. We are now on the other side of the island. A man is staring out over the sea here. Talk to the man and ask the man everything you can ask for.

The man says that his wife has known Manuel Cantez. Unfortunately, his wife died after being bitten by a poisonous spider. Man's wife loved tropical flowers and she also took care of all the beautiful flowers that grow here on this island. The man's deceased wife was having a good time here, but the man himself doesn't like it here. The man would much rather move to a colder environment with a lot of snow. But because his wife is buried here, the man just stays here. The man also talks about his shed, where his wife took care of her plants. Debbie asks if she can look in the shed, but that is not possible because the man locked the shed when his wife died and since then he has never entered it again. 

When this talk is over you open the red Map of the Worlds book, to open up the map and now travel to the Concordia island:

C: Concordia: 1st time:

Concordia is also a tropical island, so it is inevitable that Debbie will first end up on the beach again. Concordia is a much bigger island and therefore it has a village. Go up 3 screens in succession. Debs arrived in the village and at "Monea's Rooming House", the local hotel.

Do not enter the hotel but go 3 screens to the right and........You have arrived at the local supermarket, "B.B'S General Store".

B.B's General Store:

Go inside. Debbie is welcomed by the owner of the store B.B. Talk to B.B.

B.B says that he trades. If you want something from his store then you have to pay for it by giving something back or by doing something for B.B. Debbie doesn't need anything right now so end the conversation. Step back to get out of the close-up. There are 2 racks in front of the B.B table. Aim the left arrow between those 2 racks and then click and Debbie then lands between the 2 cabinets.

Click with your magnifying cursor on the right cupboard. You end up in the close-up of the right cupboard. View all the stuff that is in the right cupboard. In the middle section, on the 2nd shelf from above, is a photo. Next to the photo is a pyramid. View the photo (Picture). The photo shows a snowy landscape. 

Click on the photo with your hand. Debbie thinks she can use this photo, but she wants to know more about it first. 

Step back and then walk down one screen, back to B.B. Talk to B.B again and say "I'm interested in the snow picture".

B.B says that if Debbie wants that snow photo, she must first go to Juturna Island. On Juturna she has to find a man calledTrey Waters because he has the lighter from B.B If Debs gets hold of the lighter from B.B and returns it to B.B, she may have the snow photo. 

So, open up pen the red Maps of the World book again to open the map and travel to:

D: Juturna: 1st time:

From the beach of Juturna 2 paths go into the jungle. Take the right path, so go up 1 screen via the right path.

You can then go left and right. Go 1 screen to the right. We are in the village and at the 1st house of the village. Continue 2 screens to the right. Debs is at a house that has a front door with a white cross in it. Go up a screen, at the right side of this house and .... Debbie ends up at a house where a man in a green t-shirt is working on the window. Talk to the man.

Debbie asks the man if he is Trey Waters and it appears to be so. Trey Waters wants to give the B.B lighter back, but unfortunately ... there is a small problem. Waters has lost the lighter in his donkey stable. The donkey in the stable is a mean old bitch and does not allow anyone in the stable. But the donkey loves coconut popcorn. 

When the conversation is over you go one screen to the left. Debbie is then at Waters' donkey stable and the mean old donkey walks around behind the fence. View the donkey. Debbie doesn't think the donkey looks particularly mean. Click with your hand on the donkey and .... well .... Debbie needs to revise her idea about this donkey. orn is growing to the left of the stable. One of the stalks of that corn grove sees a green Korenaar. 

View that green Corn. Debbie reports that this is a good ear of corn. Take the green  corn.

Trey Waters has told that his donkey loves coconut popcorn. Debbie has to make coconut popcorn and that's how you do it. Click in inventory with the hand cursor on the green corn that you have just picked from the stems. Debbie opens the skin of the green corn. Search the Knife again in inventory, then pick up the Knife and scroll to the Coconut. Click on the Coconut with the Knife to cut open the coconut. Scroll back to the Ear of Corn. Pick up the ear of corn now and scroll back to the coconut. Click the Ear of Corn on the cut coconut to place the corn into the coconut.

Close the inventory and go one screen back to the right, to Trey Waters, and then one screen back down. Debbie is then back at the house with the front door with a white cross. Continue 3 screens to the left. Debbie is then back at the crossroads, where she was when she took the right path from the beach. Now continue 2 screens to the left and .... Debbie ends up at a hot water source. Take the coconut with the corn in it from inventory and click it in the hot water from the well.

Debbie automatically takes the coconut out of the water when the nut has become hot enough and the Ear of Corn has melted. Now go back to the Donkey Waters Donkey, so first 5 screens back to the right, then 1 screen up and then 1 screen to the left. Back at the Donkey you take half the Coconut from inventory and click with it on the Donkey and .... 

Donkey goes a bit out of the way saturated. Click on the lighter. You come in close-up. Click again on the lighter to get the thing now.

Step back and go back to Trey Waters and then another screen down to the house with the white cross on the forward. Now go 1 screen to the left. Debbie is then back at the middle house, where an older lady is sitting under the tree on her bench. Talk to the older lady.

The old lady is quite sad because she feels lonely. Her only daughter has moved and her bird has also flown away. There is no one to keep her company and to talk to. Debbie wants to think of something to cheer up the old lady.

Continue 2 screens to the left. Debbie is then back at the crossroads. There are various bunches of colorful flowers here. To the right is a bunch of purple flowers. View that bunch of purple flowers. Debbie thinks it's strange flowers. Click with your hand on the purple flowers

Debbie takes a few loose seeds from these purple flowers. View these 3 seeds in inventory. Debbie reports that they  look like little fleas.

Open the red Maps of the World book again to conjure up the map and then travel back to:

E: Concordia: 2thvisit:

B.B's Generalstore:

From the beach you go up 3 screens again, to the Monea's Rooming House.Then 3 screens to the right and we are back at the B.B store. Go inside. Talk to B.B again and tell him you have his lighter. To Debbie's surprise, B.B does not want the lighter back. Debbie can keep the lighter and she can have that snow photo. So stand between the 2 racks again and zoom in again on the right rack. So now take the Snow photo from the middle section of the rack.

Step back and open the red Maps of the World book again and travel back to Summanus via the map:

F: Summanus: 2nd visit:

From the arrival beach, go 1 screen up and then 1 screen to the left. The lonely sad man is now sitting under the tree, where you have previously found the blue bird's feather. The blue bird is still chirping in the tree on the branch. Look at the man. Debbie thinks the man is very pathetic. Try to talk to the man, but the man is not in the mood to talk. Take the snow photo from inventory and give it to the man. 

The man is grateful to Debbie for the photo and he now gives her the key to the shed of his deceased wife. Go 3 screens to the right. Debbie is then at the man's house and at the shed. The shed is locked with a padlock. So take the key that you just got from the man from inventory and click with it on the shed to open the shed. 

Debbie then looks into the barn. You can't walk into the shed. On the left is a table and on the right a cupboard. A thick spider moves between the legs of the table in its web. View the spider. Debbie then says a short rhyme: "The unsy, weensy spider went up the water spout ..... Down came the rain and washed the spider out" View everything you can see in the shed. at the rear because there is a brown pot full of sand. Something sticks out of the sand in that pot.

Click with your hand on the object that's in the pot of sand and .... 

Debbie fishes out the 2nd map fragment

Open the red Maps of the World again Book and travel back to:

G: Alethia: 2nd visit:

Of course Debbie also arrives at the beach again. Go 1 screen up again and then 1 screen left. You are back on the screen where you found the coconut on your first visit to Alethia. So there is a green bird flying around here, but that bird is now sitting on top of a bush of trees, which is on the left side of the screen. There are a few orange flowers next to those bushes. View the green bird. Debbie now reports that this is the Tuki Tuki bird.

Open the inventory and look in inventory for the heart-shaped sugar cookie that you brought from the office of the motel in Florida, along with the banana. View the cookie. Debbie reports that there are small chewing gum balls on the cookie. Click with your hand on the sugar cookie to remove the small chewing gum balls from the cookie. Now find the Lighter from B.B and click it with your hand to turn on the lighter. Pick up the burning lighter with the white arrow and then click with the burning lighter on the colored gum balls  that you have removed from the cookie.

This melts the 3 chewing gum balls and you have a puddle of melted chewing gum.

Pick up the melted chewing gum, close the inventory and click with the melted chewing gum on the green Tuki Tuki bird.

Debbie places the melted chewing gum on the ground and the Tuki Tuki bird flies there to indulge in it. Click with your talking cursor on the bird to talk to it. 

This Tuki bird is the last of its kind and therefore it feels rather lonely. Debbie tells the Tuki bird about the lonely old lady of Juturna island and that that lady could use some company. Debbie proposes to bring the Tuki bird to Juturna island and the bird thinks this is a great idea. Debbie picks up the bird and puts the animal in inventory.

So travel, via the red Maps of the World book, back to:

H: Juturna: 2nd visit:

Upon arrival you go through the right path again 1 screen up and then 2 screens to the right. Debbie is then back at the home of the elderly lonely lady. The lady is still sitting on the wooden bench in front of her house. Talk to the lady again and Debbie gives the Tuki Tuki bird to the lonely lady. As a thank you, Debbie receives the jewelery box from the old lady's daughter.

In inventory, click on the jewelry box by hand. You will then see the box in close-up. Click on the lock of the box. The box opens and it turns out to be a music box. You hear a nice tune. Left and right you see 2 white arrows. Click on the left white arrow. A drawer slides open in the box and in the drawer is the 3rd Map fragment.Take the map fragment from the drawer. Click on the right white arrow to close the drawer.

Step back to get out of the close-up. Travel, via the map in the Map of the Worlds book, back to:

I: Concordia:  3rd visit:

Monea's Rooming House:

Go up 3 screens again. Debbie is then back at the local hotel "Monea's Rooming House". Go inside now. 

Monea, the manageress of the hotel, is behind the counter. Talk to Monea

Debbie asks Monea about Manuel Cantez. Manuel has stayed in the hotel and in the Blue House. Debbie is booking a house but unfortunately .... the Blue House is already occupied so Monea gives Debbie the yellow house. Debbie is not allowed to sneak a peek into the blue house, but of course that is not allowed Monea is an amateur painter and she was working on one of her paintings. Ask Monea: "I noticed that you're doing some painting". Monea shows Debbie her painting and Debbie says she likes it. A little further is talked about the painting and then Monea offers Debbie her spare palette. Monea places the spare palette on the counter. 

Take the Painter's Palette (Art Set) from the counter. There is also a magazine at the counter. View the magazine. If you want to take the magazine then Debbie has no interest in it. Step back and leave the hotel via the bottom of the screen. Again outside, walk one screen to the right. Debbie is at the 2nd house and this is the Blue House. A boy is mistreating a large bush.

Talk to the boy. So this is the son of the lady who has currently rented the blue house. The kid is all alone and bored to death .... there is absolutely nothing to do here on the island for a young boy. Walk another screen to the right and we are then at the yellow House, the house that Debbie has now rented from Monea. Don't go inside but continue to the right, to the B.B store.

B.B's General Store:

Enter again and go to the left before the front rack. Debbie is then at the front rack. There is a table football game against the wall and a jeukebox further on. 

There is a blue skateboard in the rack. Click with your loupe on the rack to get into the close-up.

View the Skateboard. Debbie thinks it is a perfect item to solve the boredom of the boy. But what would B.B ask for in exchange for the Skateboard? If you try to get the Skateboard, Debbie doesn't want to do that because she first has to ask B.B what he wants for the Skateboard. So go to B.B and talk to him again and ask "What can you tell me about the skateboard?"

B.B wants his shoes back in exchange for the Skateboard. B.B's shoes are at the feet of one Tex. Unfortunately Tex died a few days ago and was buried in the local cemetery ... with B.B's shoes still on his feet. If Debbie returns the shoes to B.b, she can have the skateboard. However, there is a small problem ..... it is haunted in the graveyard and nobody can admit that ghost in the graveyard.

Well .... Debbie has no choice. If she wants to go into the blue house, she has to make sure that the boy disappears at the house and for that she needs the skateboard. So look for the shoes of B.B. Leave the store and continue one screen to the right and then one screen up ...

we end up at the:


The wooden gate in the wall is closed. Behind the wall the green transparent Ghost (Ghost) floats. Talk to the Ghost


The ghost does not feel really happy because his girlfriend, who also wanders here as a ghost, makes his "death a living hell. The girlfriend of the ghost is angry because he has lost the watch, which he got as a gift from his girlfriend.  When the ghost was alive, he went on a business trip and when he came back he wanted to surprise his girlfriend with her favorite flowers, which grows above the waterfall on the Summanus island.

When Ghost wanted to pick the flowers, the watch fell into the sea. The girlfriend dived into the sea to recover the watch and Ghost dived to rescue his girlfriend, with the result that both now have to live their lives as Ghost. But girly ghost is angry, very angry about the loss of the watch. As long as Ghost cannot find the watch, no one may enter the cemetery. Debbie offers to search for the watch. The only thing the ghost still knows is that it all happened the moment he tried to water those rotten flowers.

Travel, through the map in the red Maps of the World book, back to:

J: Summanus: 3rd visit:

From the arrival beach you go 1 screen up and then 2 screens to the left and Debbie is then at the Waterfall. Click with your hand on the Waterfall and ..... Princess Walami appears. Princess Walami is the protector and guardian of the flowers on this screen.

Debbie tells the princess about the watch that has fallen into her waterfall. The princess has found the watch but she wants something in return. The princess wants a unique flower for her flower garden. If Debbie can provide a truly unique flower then the princess will give the watch back. But it must really be a unique flower that does not grow anywhere else.

When the conversation is over you open the inventory and look for the 3 small black seeds (the look like little fleas). Take the 3 black seeds, close the inventory and give the 3 black seeds to Princess Walami. The princess wants Debbie to plant the seeds herself and Debbie does the same and the princess uses her magic power to grow the seeds directly into the purple plant. As a thank you the princess conjures up the watch which then appears on the path

Take the gold Watch and.....

....... then use the card to travel back to:

K: Concordia: 4th visit:

Well .... go back to the cemetery.


Talk to the transparent green ghost again and say "BOO". 

Debbie then asks if ghost wants the watch back and naturally that is what Ghost wants. Debbie puts the watch on the wall and the thing disappears to the ghost who is happy and now disappears and Debbie can now enter the cemetery through the fence. So go through the wooden fence to the cemetery. Debbie ended up with 8 graves. You can view the front gravestones here, but you can also continue one screen further to the rear gravestones.

Debbie is then at the Tex grave. There is a lot of earth in front of the TEX stone (Dirt). View the TEX stone. Debbie thinks this is the grave of the man who's wearing B.B's shoes. Take the shovel from inventory and click with it on the pile of earth in front of the TEX brick and ..... 

Debbie digs and digs and thus exposes the coffin where the TEX corpse lies in. Click on the coffin with your hand. 

You end up in the close-up. Click again with your hand on the coffin (you have to do this 3 times to click away Debbie's texts). 

The coffin opens and Tex is in it, and B.B's shoes are at his feet. Click on Tex to get the shoes.

Click on the lid to close the box again and then, in the lower left, click the down arrow to exit the close-up. View the Shoes in inventory with the magnifying cursor. Debbie then says: "I don't see anything special about these shoes ..... Unless, you count all the little critters crawling around inside". So dirty insects are crawling around in the shoes. Close the inventory and go back to B.B, in his store. So 3 screens down and then 1 screen to the left and Debbie is back at the Generalstore. Go inside


Talk to B.B again and say "I was able to get your shoes" and ... 

Debs will then hand over the shoes to B.B. B.B offers Debbie a job, but Debje doesn't feel like it. Debbie can now take the skateboard and as an extra reward also a few batteries. So go back to the rack where the Skateboard is and then take the Skateboard out of the cabinet. On the second shelf of the right-hand part of the cupboard is a red toy robot and a TV. View the red robot in Close-up. In front of the robot there are a few batteries in a wooden tray. Click with your hand on the Batteries and Debbie then takes 2 batteries from the tray and she hopes that the batteries are still full. 

Leave the store and go 2 screens back to the left, to the blue house. Talk to the boy again and ..... 

..........Debbie gives the skateboard to the boy and gets the boy's Stick in return. The kid then skates away.

View the Stick you have just received from the kid in inventory. It is a straight but otherwise a completely normal stick.

Blue house:

Now that the kid is away, Debbie can go into the blue house. So go into the blue house. There are 2 beds in the single room. The left bed is the bed of the boy's mother and the right bed is the boy's. Between the two beds is a table with a red book on it. On the right bed is a Teddy Bear and on the right in the corner are 2 suitcases by the fireplace. Look at the right bed and .... Debbie reports that a piece of paper is stuck under the mattress.

Click with your hand on the right bed and .... Debbie takes the paper from under the mattress. View this paper in inventory. It is a school assignment, so homework, from the kid. There are 8 short rhymes on the paper and it has the title "What color am I". So the intention is to solve the rhymes, but we are not going to do that yet.

Close the inventory and then click with your hand on the 2 suitcases. Debbie searches the suitcases and always retrieves an item that she doesn't need. Keep clicking on the suitcases until Debbie has taken out a pair of Handcuffs because Debbie wants those Handcuffs. So keep clicking on the suitcases until Debbie has removed the Handcuffs. Exit the blue house and go back 2 screens to the right, to the B.B store. Now do not go into the store but go down one screen here. Debbie is back in the forest and at a crossroads of forest paths. Go one screen to the left.

You will then see e on the rock a panel with a flower with 8 leaves on it.

View that Panel and then click it with your Hand. You now end up in:

"What color am I" puzzle:

Your screen will now automatically show the paper with the 8 short rhymes on it, next to the Flower with 8 Leaves. Read the rhymes and solve them. So with each rhyme you must enter the correct color as an answer. With your magnifying cursor always click twice on a rhyme. A text screen will appear in which you must then type in the answer and then confirm that answer by clicking on the OK button.

The answers must be typed in English. If the answer is correct, 1 of the 8 petals of the flower will get the color.

Rhyme 1 = answer = Yellow.
Rhyme 2 = answer = Blue.
Rhyme 3 = answer = White.
Rhyme 4 = answer = Green.
Rhyme 5 = answer = Purple.
Rhyme 6 = answer = Brown.
Rhyme 7 = answer = Red.
Rhyme 8 = answer = Orange

All the leaves are then colored and the heart of the flower turns light blue.

you go out of close-up and ..... a secret cave has now opened in the rock.

There is a suitcase in the cave. View the suitcase. Debbie thinks it's Manuel Cantez's suitcase. Take the suitcase. Debbie puts the suitcase in inventory. 

Click in inventory on the case to open the case. The 4th card fragment is then in the case.

This is the last map fragment. Take the map fragment from the case. Debbie reports that she can now look for the treasure and that her search starts here at Concordia. However, Debbie needs a guide. The 4 map fragments are now automatically merged to be 1 complete treasure map, as you can see in inventory. Go 1 screen down and then 4 screens left and enter Monea's Rooming House again. Talk to Monea again. 

Debbie asks if Monea knows someone who can guide her as a guide on her journey through the jungle. Monea recommends Mark, whose nickname is Bear. Mark can be found at the stables. Monea also says that there will be a big party on the beach this evening and Debbie promised to be present.. 

On the gray wall is a copy machine. Take the treasure map from inventory and click it on the copier and ....

Debbie makes a copy of the treasure map. The copy comes out of the device on the right, so grab the Copy Map

Debbie automattically takes the real treasure map out of the device again. Go back outside. Go down one screen. 

Stables, Mark and Blacksmith

To the right is the blacksmith's blacksmith (Blacksmith) and to the left is the stable.

Go one screen to the left. The left stable door is open. Go inside.

There are a few hay bales in the stable and Mark is stroking a horse. Click with your hand on the hay bales and .... 

Debbie fishes a needle from the hay bales. 

Talk to Mark.  Mark cannot go into the jungle with Debbie because the horse is missing a horseshoe and the horse is in pain. Debbie offers to help. Market says the horseshoe is further up in the stable. Debbie must take the horseshoe to the farrier. So go a screen to the right and you will find the horseshoe on a green wooden table. Take the Horseshoe.

Walk back to the left and leave the stable and outside you go 1 screen back to the right. 

Then click with the white arrow in the doorway of the forge. BlacksmithJamal is not present but there is a note on the left door.

View the note and Debbie reads that the blacksmith suddenly had to leave and does not know when he will be back. The blacksmith advises you to repair the horseshoe yourself and also explains how to do that. You need a bucket of water, a sturdy hammer and someone to help you. Go 1 screen down, then 2 screens to the right. Debbie is then left of the stables. Under a tap is a bucket (Pail). View the bucket. The bucket is empty. Click on the tap (Faucet). But no water comes out of the tap. Take the bucket

Go down 1 screen. Debbie is then back at the Blue House. Go 2 screens to the right, Debbie is then back at the last house, right next to the B.B store. 

Now go down one screen here and we are back at the secret cave, which has since been closed again. Go 1 screen to the right. We are back at the crossroads of paths. Below left is a bunch of purple flowers. View the bunch of purple flowers. Debbie thinks it is a unique mix of white and violet. Click with your hand on the flowers and ..... Debbie fishes a green Centipede from one of the flowers. Click Debbie's texts away and ....

 A large Hawk comes flying and picks up the centipede but the Hawk loses a brown feather. Pick up the Feather 

Travel, via the map in the red Map of the Worlds book, back to:

L: Juturna: 3rd visit:

Debbie lands on Juturna beach again. Go up one screen via the left path and then one screen to the left. Debbie is then back at the hot water source. 

Take the Bucket out of inventory and click on the hot water to fill the bucket with hot water.

Go 5 screens to the right and then 1 screen up. Debbie is back at Trey Waters' house.

Waters is not there now, but his Hamer is on the ground here. Take the hammer.

Travel back to:

M: Concordia: 5th visit:

Repair the Horseshoe:

Upon arrival you first go up 3 screens again, to the office of Monea and then immediately down again 1 screen and you are back between the stables and the blacksmith. Stand in the doorway of the blacksmith again. The Anvil is in the doorway and behind it is the Oven. View the Aanbeeld and view the Oven. Click with your hand on the oven to get into close-up. Hot coals are already glowing in the oven and on the oven is a Bellows and an Iron Fork (Fork). View the glowing coals in the oven. Debbie reports that the coals are not hot enough. Click twice, with your hand cursor on the bellows to significantly increase the fire in the oven. The coals are then red hot. 

Dive into your inventory and scroll through your items to the large Tweezers / Pliers. Pick up the Tweezers and scroll down to the horseshoe. Click with the Tweezers on the Horseshoe and .... Debbie picks up the horseshoe with the Tweezers and she put the horseshoe in the glowing hot coals of the oven.

When the horseshoe has turned red hot, Debbie puts the horseshoe back in inventory. Click on the Return button to get out of the close-up. Debbie reports that she must now slamm the hot horseshoe in the right shape and she will do that automatically on the Anvil with the hammer.

When Debbie finishes the horseshoe, go down 1 screen, move left 1 screen and enter the stable again. Take the Horseshoe from inventory and give it to Mark. Unfortunately ..... Mark is impressed by Debbie's work but the horseshoe is not good enough. Debbie has to do the horseshoe thing again. So go back to the blacksmith and just repeat the whole thing with the oven and the horseshoe. So start up the fire in the oven again by clicking twice on the bellows. Then take the horseshoe out of inventory with the tweezers and click the Return button again when the horseshoe is red-hot again. The rest then goes by itself.

When Debbie is finished with the horseshoe, go back to the Stables and click Mark again with the horseshoe. The horseshoe is now perfect. Mark needs time to cover his horse with the horseshoe, so Debbie walks outside. Immediately walk back into the stable and talk to Mark again. Mark has now finished the horse and is willing to guide Debbie as she goes into the jungle. However, Mark wants to know the true reason why Debbie wants to enter the dangerous jungle. Debbie then tells Mark about the treasure of Manuel Cantez. Debbie and Mark agree to meet again here tomorrow morning. Walk out again. Debbie is then again in the left doorway of the stable. 

Outside. right next to the driveway, a broken pair of sunglasses is now on the floor. View the sunglasses. Debbie reports that these sunglasses look exactly like the sunglasses that the guy in Florida wore ... you remember .... the guy who was dressed entirely in black and who put up a cloth wherever Debbie happened to be. Take the Sunglasses and. ........

 Debbie says it's time to go to the beach party. It now goes on for a while

NB: If the beach party doesn't start now then it means that you have forgotten to do something

The beach party is in full swing. At the top left we also see Mark and .....A man dressed entirely in black arrives and stands talking to Mark for a moment and then walks away again.The party goes on until late at night, but then it will be the next morning.

Debbie comes out of the blue house and walks to the stables where Mark is already waiting. Debbie is ready for it ...... Debbie asks Mark who the guy he was talking to at the beach party. Mark denies talking to a guy dressed entirely in black. Mark wants to see the treasure card and Debbie gives the treasure card to him and ..... Mark hits Debbie unconscious with a rock and says "With her out of the way I can finally get my father's treasure".

Part 3: Mark in the Jungle:

2010: Original Dutch Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

2019: This English translation by: Louis Koot