2020: Louis Koot

I got this one from one of my many internet friends. 

 As with the previous Carol Reed games, the maker of the game provides a full Hint System within the game and I think that Hint System is sufficient to take you through the game

I can see that such a Hint system sells more copies  of the game,  but for me it takes out all the fun of playing a game,  because figuring things out myself in a game and then putting it in a walkthrough is for me a main pleasure of playing games. Maybe this is because it gives me the feeling that I'm being smarter then the makers of the games. And I don't get that satisfaction from  the Carol Reed games anymore  because of the Hint system.  But having said this, the Carol Reed games are very nice games with a good story and nice sceneries of Norköpping, Sweden, and well thought puzzles  

NB: Addition: February 12 -2020: Have finished the game in 2 days by just following the Hint system and by making notes. I'm not going to do a walkthrough for this game because there's no need for it. Just follow the in-game hintsystem...it tell you what to do and it will give you all the codes when you need them. The only 2 places I got a little lost was in the park and in the old barn. But what the hell is wrong with getting a little lost. Just use your brain to get on the right track again  and you'll be fine. No need for a walkthrough.

Here are some screenshots to help you solve the first few tasks until Carol gets here new case from Stina. 

Maybe the screenshots wil encourage you to by the game, inspite my remarks about it, I hope you do


Louis Koot