2015: Original Dutch Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

2020: English walkthrough by: Louis Koot

Chapter 1: El Marrow

Manny is in his office and he's pretty desperate. A message came in through the internal tube station. So walk down to the tube post pipe. Open the Action menu on the transparent valve in the tube and then click the "Grab Hand" and ....

Manny picks up the mail and it is a "Special Work Order" from boss Don Copal. We hear Eva and Don Copal read the message

There is a "Poisoning" happening, so there are many "Clients" to score. All travel agents should travel to the Poisoning.

Walk back to the cupboards and then go one screen to the left, to the table against the left wall.

On the table is a pack of playing cards. Open the Action menu on the pack of Playing Cards and then take the package through the "Grab Hand".

Manny then has the deck of cards in his hand. Click, in the lower right corner, on the Inventory icon to store the deck of cards in inventory

Then walk down one screen and then down one screen again and the game now treats you with a message about the Save system ...

Click "OK" to clear the message. Manny then leaves his office and ends up in the corridor. First let's go save the game now., so press your "Escape" key to end up on the main menu screen. Then click on "Save Game" to get to the Save Game screen.

You see 4 Save Slots. Click in Slot 1 to save your game now. When you have used all 4 Save Slots you can scroll to new empty slots via the Scroll button. Click "Return To Main Menu" or press Escape and then click "Return to Game" to get back to Manny. Manny is now in the hallway. Walk to the lobby.

Eva, boss Don Copal's secretary, is working behind her desk.

Open the Action menu on Eva and then click the "Talk icon" to talk to Eva. Bottom left talk options will then appear

Click on a talk option to use it, depending on which option you use you get other options. You can now continue to talk with Eva for hours and hours, but that is not the intention. Just ask Eva the "What Poisoning" and where that outbreak of food poisoning is. Eva refers Manny to his driver, but unfortunately Manny has no driver. Close the conversation via "Well, I gotta go hit the bricks".

Then walk to the left. You then see the 2 lifts ... when you walk to the elevator doors they open automatically.

The left elevator goes to the parking garage and the rear elevator to the ground floor. Now take the left elevator to the garage

When Manny gets out of the elevator in the garage we see a "corpse car" tearing out of the garage at high speed

.it is the car of Manny's biggest competitor Domino, who is already on his way to the "Poisoning".

Walk one screen to the right. You then see the exit. Run a screen to the left and .......

At the back corner you see the work cabin. 

Walk through another screen to the work cabin and then click with the left arrow on the door of the work cabin and ...

Manny knocks on the door and mechanic Glottis steps outside. You will automatically see a close-up and your conversation options appear.

Ask Glottis "Hey, you are a driver?" but no Glottis is not a driver. Introduce yourself to Glottis and then say "Looks like I need a new driver". Then ask "You want to be me replacement driver?" and then continue with "Come on, Glottis. I need you to be my driver". But Glottis says that he's too big and therefore doesn't fit in a car. So Glottis suffers from a considerable inferiority complex. Tell Glottis that he is not too big but that the cars are too small via "You're not to big. The cars are just to small" and .....

Glottis wants to be a Manny's driver now, but he first has to adjust Manny's car so that he fits into it. However, in order to be allowed to tinker with the car, Glottis needs a Work Order with the signature of boss Copal. Glottis gives Manny a "Work order" and Manny must now provide it with the signature of Don Copal. Glottis disappears back into the hut. 

So go back to the elevator, via the right, up, down and then into the elevator. 

The elevator takes Manny back up to the Lobby.

Walk to the left and talk to Eva again, air the talk icon in the Action menu and say "Eva, I really need the boss to sign this work order" and .....

Eva "buzzes" the boss but he doesn't want to be disturbed. No luck for Manny.  Walk back to the elevators and now dive into the rear elevator. Manny gets  delivers in the ground flour corridor and at the huge front door of the building. Click with your up arrow on the front door and .......

Manny steps outside and then stands on the landing. Walk down to the sidewalk. You can now go left and right. To the left the road goes to the "Petrified Forrest", but Manny will not go there now because he has not yet have a reason to go there. So go screen to the right and......

In the distance we see that The Fair Festival is in the city. Do not walk to the fair. On Manny's left is an alley. Walk into the alley. There is a metal hatch in the alley. On the side wall of Manny's building you see a blue "Eye" .... you can view that eye in close-up if you want. In the back of the alley you see a "Ties rope" hanging down from the roof of the building

Continue to the back of the alley. Manny is then at the "Ties Rope". Open the Action menu on the "Ties Rope" and then click the "Action icon" and ...

Larry now climbs up the "Ties Rope and ends up on a ledge near the window of Don Copal's office. Notice the Pigeon sitting on the roof.

The window is open, so climb in through the window. Boss Copal is not present at all. On the right stand the Automatic Answering Machine.

Open the Action menu on the round screen of the device and then click the "Action icon" ....

You come in close-up of the round screen. 

In the screen you click on the down arrow to scroll down to the 5th possibility "Ah, cripes, Eva! Just sign it yourself, will ya? I" m busy ". 

Click at this 5th sentence in the box to select the sentence. You will automatically go out of the close-up. Climb back out the window.

Back on the ledge you open the Action menu on the "Ties Rope" again and then climb back down via the "Action icon".

Walk to the left and then further out of the alley.

Then, on the sidewalk, go down one screen and go back into the building.

Dive into the elevator again to end up in the lobby.

Walk to the left again and talk to Eva again, via the "Talk icon" in the Action menu. Now tell Eva again "Eva, I really need the boss to sign this work order" and ...

it will now continue by itself for a while ............

Eva "buzzes" the boss again and she gets to hear the automatic response. that you just checked yourself and.....

....Eva puts the signature on the work order and ....

we end up in the garage where Glottis already has starting with "adjusting" the car ......

We are then on our way to the "Poisoning" but unfortunately Glottis is not a very good driver and on the way we see that Domino is already on the way back and that he has scored a "Premium Client".

Manny then ends up in the Diner where the Poisoning happened. There is a bag on the floor. Walk to the bag.  The bag is moving. Click on the Inventory icon to grab your scythe. Then open the Action menu on the bag and click the Action icon and ....

Manny "cuts" the bag and The corpse of a little man comes out of the bag and we return to headquarters. Manny finds out that Bruno, the corpse, again isn't a "Premium Sale" but just a poor man. Don Copal turns up to tell Manny that he gets 24 hours to score a "Premium Client" or else.......

We then automatically return to the lobby. It is high time to cheat. 

Go one screen to the left. Eva is still typing behind her desk. Walk down one screen and see ...

Not only Manny's door is open but also the door of Manny's biggest competitor, Domino, is now open. Enter Domino's room.


Domino is banging against a punching ball. Go talk to Domino. Domino has a mouth bit in his mouth to protect his teeth against the punching bag. To give an answer, Domino must always take the mouth bit off. The conversation is not important, but you can throw a few insults at Domino. If you have had enough then you say "Well, see ya in Limbo" to end the conversation.

Walk down one screen and then on to the window. Behind the desk is Domino's computer and the tube of the tube post hangs under the window.

Open the Action menu on the tube post tube and then click the Action icon ....

But Domino has its tube post tube locked with a lock.

 Leave Domino's room and return to the elevators in the Lobby and take the rear elevator to the ground floor again. 

Walk through to the front doors and ...... Manny is approached by the caretaker.

The caretaker is angry because someone has sent a beer bottle through the tube post and that beer bottle has damaged the tube station system quite a bit. This gives Manny an idea. You can now go outside again, but you can also go left and right. You can also follow the corridor down at the elevator. Both to the left, to the right or down will bring Manny into the Foyer and we don't want that yet. 

Go out again through the front doors.


Back outside you walk down the landing again and then you go another screen to the left. 

You can see the alley again and the festival. Continue to the Festival

Manny ends up at the tents on the festival site. The middle tent is the bread tent and in front of the right tent stand a Clown. The Clown makes balloon figures. In the bread tent, on the left, there is a barrel with fresh baguettes Open the Action menu on the barrel with the baguettes and then click your grab hand to steal a baguette

Manny then holds the baguette in his hand, so click on the inventory icon to store the bread in inventory. 

Go talk to the Clown, via the talk icon in the Action menu. The Clown is not particularly friendly and does not want to talk because he is practicing here, so ask "Practicing what?" Then ask "Twist me up one of them, eh fella?", But the Clown does not want to make a balloon figure for Manny.

You must now get the clown to make 3 balloons for Manny. So challenge the Clown by saying:  "Bet ya can't do a cat" The Clown does not take this up and he lists what he can do with the balloons and he asks Manny to name an animal. A list of animals will appear. Select the "A dead worm" option and .......

Manny receives an uninflated  balloon from the clown. Store the balloon in inventory. Manny, however, needs another balloon so talk to the Clown again and say "My kid wants another balloon animal" and then ask "Do you have any more dead worms back there" and ...... The Clown gives Manny the 2nd uninflated balloon. Store the balloon in inventory. Manny, however, also needs a figure balloon, so talk to the Clown again and say "My kid wants another balloon animal" and then choose a Cat or a Dingo balloon ..... I chose the Dingo. Manny now has 3 balloons, 2 uninflated balloons and 1 dingo or 1 cat balloon. 

Walk down 2 screens and then enter the building again. Back inside the corridor, Manny is again in front of the front doors. 

Now go left.  Manny ends up in the right seating area.

Go through the opened door and we end up in the:

Packing Room:

Above the table are 2 spray hoses, the left hose sprays blue liquid and the right hose sprays red liquid. Stand in front of the table and then open up the inventory. By default, Manny always picks up the last item that is stored away in inventory. if you want to take another item from inventory, you scroll through the items with your left arrow links or right arrow key

Now take 1 of the 2 uninflated balloons from inventory and then click on the Select button. 

Then open the Action screen on 1 of the two spray hoses and click the Action icon and ......

Manny sprays the balloon full of liquid and then stores the balloon back in inventory. Do this also with the 2nd uninflated balloon

So open the inventory again and use your right arrow to scroll through the items, until Manny then holds the 2nd uninflated balloon. Then click the Select button and open the Action menu again on 1 of the spray hoses and click the Action icon to also fill the 2nd balloon with liquid. It doesn't matter if you fill both balloons with the red or with the blue hose. You can also fill 1 balloon with red and the other with blue.

Manny has of course also put away the 2nd balloon again. Leave the room and return to the elevator and take the elevator back up. Back in the lobby you walk another screen to the left and down and then you enter Manny's room. Back in Manny's room you walk on to the tube post tube. Have Manny look at the "valve" of the tube and then open the inventory. 

Manny automatically takes the last filled balloon out of his pocket. Click on the "Select" button and Manny then stands in front of the tube post tube with the filled balloon in his hand .... Open the Action menu on the tube post tube and then click the Action icon and.......

 Manny stuffs the filled balloon into the tube and we see where the stuff ends up from the balloon.

The stuff from the balloon ends up in the sorting machine. Open the inventory again and press your right arrow until Manny has taken the 2nd filled balloon out of his pocket. Then click on the "Select" button again. Then open the Action menu again on the tube post tube and click again the Action icon. Manny stuffs the 2nd filled balloon through the tube and you see again that the stuff ends up in the sorting machine  and you can see that the machine is completely jammed.

Leave Manny's room to the Lobby and take the rear elevator to the ground floor corridor. Back down the hall you walk through to the outside doors, but do not go outside. Now, at the outside doors, turn right.  Manny will then enter the left seating area and here is the entrance to the Sorting room

Sorting room:

The caretaker is busy removing the junk from the sorting machine, in the loft. 

The door of the machine room is open. On the right wall is a red fire extinguisher. The Caretaker almost causes a fire and Manny then grabs the fire extinguisher off the wall and runs to the Caretaker. But nothing seems to be wrong, so Manny puts the fire extinguisher in his deep pockets.

On the inside of the door is a rotary wheel and a so-called "Dead Bolt". That "Dead Bolt" is currently retracted.

Open the Action menu on the "Dead Bolt" and then click the Action icon to extend the "Dead Bolt".

Manny extent the dead bolt so that the door won't lock again

Walk away from the door and leave the room and we see that the Caretaker has had enough ....

The Caretaker is leaving the sorting room but because you have extended the "Dead Bolt" , the door of the machine room does not fall into the lock.

Manny is in the left seating area, in front of the door of the sorting room. Go back one screen to the right and then take the elevator back up. Back at the top of the lobby you go stand in front of Eva's corner. On the front desk of Eva there is a "Hole Punch",  with which holes can be punched in paper. Open the inventory and scroll to the deck of playing cards and then click the "Select" button again. Then open the Action menu on the "hole punch" and click the Action icon and ......

Manny uses the "Hole Punch" to punch holes in the ace of spade card. This card has is a punch card. Store the card in inventory. 

Dive into the rear elevator and return to the:

Sorting room:

So the sorting machine is working again. Continue to the left. Manny ends up at the door of the machine room. The door is closed, but because you previously extended the "Dead Bolt", the door did not fall into the lock. Open the Action menu on the door's wheel and then click the Action Icon and ....... 

Manny pulls in the door and then walks into the cabin. A red tube protrudes to the left of the machine. Take the Ace of Spade card from inventory, where you have punctured the holes in, and then click the "Select" button. Then open the Action menu on the red tube and click the Action Icon and ..........

Manny inserts the "punch card" into the slot of the tube and he finds out the name of the client, who will be picked up by Domino in a minute, and her name is Mercedes Colomar. Mercedes seems to be pretty much a saint. Manny is going to put on his robe and then goes to the garage. In the garage we see that Glottis has somewhat rebuilt the car into a super fast car

We then race over the road, on our way to Mercedes Colomar. On the way we pass the car from Domino, who is also on his way to Mercedes. However, Manny reached Mercedes first, who only now realizes that she is dead. Manny takes Mercedes to his office. Manny is convinced that with Mercedes he has finally scored a "Premium Client", but when he looks into his computer, he finds out that the system says that Mercedes is not eligible for any extra packages. That can't be right .......

Now talk to Mercedes, Meche for her friends, through the conversation options and use them all

Mercedes really has never done anything sinful in her life, so something is not right here. Manny is now convinced that the boss and Domino are messing things up. 

Leave Manny's office and walk on to Eva in the lobby and ......

As soon as Manny enters the lobby, boss Don Copal bursts out of his office and he is very angry with Manny. 

Manny gets a wind full in Copal's office, with Domino also present.

Because Manny did not sell a ticket for the Number 9 train to Mercedes, Mercedes has since left on foot. Boss gets even more angry about this and it all ends with  Manny getting  locked up by the boss in Glottis' work shack, downstairs in the garage

You have control again. Click with the arrow on the door and Manny knocks on the door and screams that he wants to get out .... 

A shadow will appear in front of the window and conversation options will appear.

Start by asking "Who's out there" and then continue "The DOD runs a crooked game, and I intend to prove it ".....

... and then finish with "I'm gonna blow the member of this place ....." and.....

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2020: walkthrough by: Louis Koot