2015: Original Dutch Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

2020: English walkthrough by: Louis Koot

Chapter 2: Rubacava

Manny and Glottis have arrived at the city of Rubacava. After a short conversation with Glottis, Manny climbed up the outside stairs and landed on the lower platform of the Snackbar. We refer to this lower platform as the Patio. The next staircase leads to the Snackbar and the green tower. The Casino is in the green tower, but you will not end up in it now. To the right is the sea, but it is very foggy there.

Go further up and then enter the Snackbar, below the green tower

In the Snackbar we meet Celso Flores again, the dead dude that was picked up by Manny in Year 1 and who had to walk through the Land of the Dead. Celso has also made it to here and apparently he has found a job here. Talk to Celso and use the conversation options until Celso gives Manny a picture of his wife

Celso has learned that his wife has also died and he is waiting here for her to turn up here. Manny offers to watch out if Celso's wife turns up here and Celso then gives Manny a photo of his wife. Use all other talk options and then close the conversation

Walk back and then through the left arrow back outside and descend the stairs to the patio and then go to the right and ....

Manny walks into the fog and falls over the edge into the sea. Fortunately, Captain Velasco is standing on the quay and he fishes Manny out of the cold water. The Captain then notices the Bone wagon and goes there to have a look at the strange vehicle

Manny is still lying shaking on the floor. Click on the right next to Manny to get him up and then descend the outside stairs again to follow the Captain. The Captain is busy talking with Glottis about the Bone wagon. Walk to the Captain and get the Photo of Celso's wife from inventory. Show the photo to the Captain.

The Captain tells that he saw Celso's wife, a few weeks ago. And that she ran away with a guy. Continue to talk to the Captain via all options. The Captain then gives Manny his logbook in which he noted when Celso's wife ran off with the other guy. Use the other options and then exit.

Go back to Celso in the Snack bar. Take the Captain's Log from inventory and give the book to Celso and ..

Celso reads that his wife was already here but that she ran away with another guy .....

Celso leaves to go after his wife and Manny takes over his job and ......well ..... 1 year passes ....

1 year later

Calavara Café

Manny has done very well in the past year because he has become the owner and manager of the Snackbar and has transformed it into the Calavara Café annex casino. Lupe, Manny's receptionist, sticks her head out and screams that there is someone who wants to talk to Manny

Manny is standing outside, on the tower of the casino. Someone is leaving the casino but Manny does not notice. Enter the tower.

Manny ends up in his office. Go one screen to the left. You will see Manny's desk.

On the wall, between the sofa and the folding screen, is a table. There are a few letters from Salvador on the table. View the table through the eye in the Action menu and Manny picks up the letters and we hear the voice of Salvador reading a piece from 1 of the letters. Leave the office through the gate behind the screen and then click on the opened yellow door and Manny descends the stairs and ends up in the lobby

The red doors are the exterior doors of the casino. The "window" is the wardrobe, over which Lupe is in charge. You can see the green "feather" of Lupe protruding above the counter. Open the Action menu on Lupe's feather and then click the Talk Icon to talk to Lupe

Lupe has come up with a new storage system for the coats of the customers and she would like to talk to Manny about that  but Manny has no desire to talk to Lupe about her new system. Manny still hopes that Mercedes Colomar will pop up here. So ask Lupe "Think she'll come in tonight?" and then just continue with all other options. Eventually Lupe tells about her new system, but Manny doesn't really listen. The conversation will then automatically end. Leave the casino through the red doors and, outside, continue to the lower patio and .....

Manny believes he sees Mercedes and he walks towards the ghost but it turns out to be a raven, sitting on binoculars ......

The raven almost gives Manny a heart failure and then flies away and Manny follows the raven through the binoculars and .....

 We then see the SS Lambada and we see Domino and Meche 

Domino and Meche embark on the SS Lambada, but it seems that Meche is not voluntarily going with Domino

Manny runs to the harbor .... The SS Lambada is already sailing away, but Manny just grasps the gangplank

Meche apparently does not want to be "saved" because she is throwing a bottle at Manny, who falls into the sea and is rescued by the Captain again

in the meantime the barge with Domino and Meche on board has disappeared. We are with Captain Velasco


The S.S Limbo cargo ship is moored at the dock. Captain Velasco has told Manny that the S.S Limbo will sail tomorrow. Talk to Captain Velasco and use all options.

Velasco says that the Limbo is a cargo ship and that everyone on board will have to work hard and that there is no room for passengers. Glottis could sign on as a sailor for the engine room, but then Glottis must bring his own tools. For Manny, however, there is no place on the Limbo. But Velasco still offers Manny hope because Naranja, one of the crew members of the Limbo, has not yet arrived. Naranja is in charge of the galley. Manny could take Naranja's place if Naranja does not show up and if Manny has a union card from the sailors union.

To be able to sign in on board the S.S Limbo, Manny has to get some things done. Tools have to be found for Glottis, Naranja cannot turn up and Manny has to get a union card from the sailors union. Go one screen to the left. Manny lands on the Square.

There are 4 paths from the square. Number the 4 paths, from left to right, A, B, C, D. Path A goes to the Docks, path B goes to the Blue Casket, Path C goes to the S.S Limbo and Velasco and Path D goes to the Train Shed. Now take path B to the Blue Casket night club

Blue Casket Nightclub:

The Blue Casket consists of a left tower, a middle part and a right tower. The entrance to the Blue Casket is in the middle part. At the bottom of the left tower is a elevator to return to the top of the cliff and to Manny's Calavara Café. Enter the Blue Casket. All tables are occupied. You can try to talk to all the guests, but you have to talk to the 3 cats sitting at the bottom table in the right row 

There is a red book on that table that you can view first. The title of that book is "Labor Organization and Revolt ..... Made Easy" . Open the Action menu on the left cat and then click the talk icon. The cats are "underground" and they don't trust Manny so they don't want to talk to Manny. Take the Letters from Salvador from inventory and show them to the left cat and .......

Manny makes himself known as a member of Salvador's underground and the cats are impressed and trust him now. Open the Action menu on the red book and then take the red book through the grabbing hand. Manny asks if he can take the book and that he may .......

Store the book in inventory. Exit the Blue Casket and go down one more screen.

You will then see the entire facade of the Blue Casket again. Click the right arrow to return to the square and then take path A and .....

Manny ends up at the:


In front of the large shed 3 sea bees are warming themselves at a fire barrel. Continue to the 3 sea bees. The sea bees are the harbor workers and they are currently busy putting together a new barge ...... Go talk to the 3 sea bees. Manny talks to bee Terry .....

Terry and the 2 other bees are unemployed. They are members of the trade union, but the union is totally corrupt. To get work back, the bees have to pay extra to the union, but they refuse, so they are unemployed. Ask Terry anything you can ask. Manny calls on Terry to revolt against the union, but Terry does not know how to do it. Terry does not know the right words to call his comrades to go on a strike ......

When the conversation has come to an end, take the red Book from inventory and give the book to Terry and .....

Terry gets inspired by the book and calls for a General Strike of all Sea bees but he is then arrested by the corrupt police chief Bogen, as a Communist Rioter. Terry screams that Manny must arrange a lawyer to get him out of jail

Go back to the square and then back to the Blue Casket. 

Do not enter the Blue Casket again but click on the elevator, at the bottom of the left tower and .........

Manny gets into the elevator and it takes him above the Blue Casket. Manny gets out of the elevator. A stairs goes down to the Bridge and to the left is the stairs to Manny's Café. So take the up stairs and then follow the arrows to Manny's "Calavara's Café". Enter Manny's café again.

Calavara Café:

We are back in the lobby. Walk down one screen. Glottis is sitting at the piano in the lower room. Descend the stairs

Continue to the bar and then go through the doorway to the right of the bar. We end up in the casino room.

There is busy gambling going on at the various roulette tables. The corrupt police chief Bogen, who has arrested Terry, plays roulette at the right-hand table. Charlie sits at the middle table. Go talk to Charlie and use all options you get.

Charlie has a huge debt to Manny and that is why Manny confiscates Charlie's Ticket Printer. With the Ticket Printer Charlie has printed and sold fake betting tickets. Ask Charlie what els he can falsify and then ask him if he can also make a fake a union card ......

Charlie can do a fake a union card for Manny but he only wants to do that if Manny steals his suitcase with money back for him. Charlie has lost a lot of cash to Maximino, in the High Roller Lounge. Charlie's case is stored in the safe and that safe is located in the wine cellar of the High Roller. Charlie then gives Manny a VIP pass for the High Roller Lounche.

The conversation is then over. Go back to the bar. Behind the bar is a bottle of "Marillo de Oro" liqueur.

Take the Marillo de Oro Liqueur Bottle and store it in the inventory.

Go back to the right, to Glottis. Show Glottis the VIP pass you have just received from Charlie and ....

Glottis runs away because he has a "problem". The problem of Glottis is the reason that he stays far away from the High Roller Lounche but he has now disappeared to the High Roller Lounche. Go back upstairs, via the stairs and then outside and go back to the elevator, above the Blue Casket.

Do not go down with the elevator but click the down arrow on the down stairs, in front of the elevator. You end up on the next screen and see the:


Through the gate it goes to the bridge and through the bridge it goes to the High Roller Lounche. Below the bridge is the Mortuary and at the top left is the Prison where Sea Bee Terry is now locked up in the cell. Double-click the left arrow on the doors of the Mortuary to enter it now.


In the Mortuary, coroner Membrillo is busy investigating 2 corpses, who have been "sprouted".

Walk up the stairs to Membrillo and then talk to him. Membrillo searches in the flowers of the 2 corpses for the nameplates but he cannot find them.

Talk a little further with Membrillo and then leave the Mortuary again. Time to pay a visit to High Rollers Lounge. When Manny is outside the Mortuary again, double-click the up arrow in the gate and  Manny then runs to the Gate. Click the right arrow in the gate and .....

We end up on the Bridge. Follow the bridge to the right. Halfway the bridge we see that there is a huge Zeppelin in the sky .....

Walk on and we will reach the entrance of the:

High Roller Lounche

You can go up to the Security Office through the stairs, but don't do this now. Continue to the right and Manny ends up in the hall of the High Roller Lounche. There is a Cat race in progress and Manny will continue to watch it. When you have control again you walk to the left. You will see the Ticket office. The entrance to the High Roller Lounge is on the left next to the Ticket office., So take that entrance and then continue down the corridor and .......

Manny then arrives, with the elevator, in the hall of the High Roller Lounge. In the middle you see the kitchen. A screen to the right is the large room where the office of Max, the owner of the High Roller nightclub, is. To the left of the kitchen you can also walk to the room and there is also the EXIT back up.

On the balcony, above the kitchen, Glottis is pouring himself full of wine. Enter the kitchen

A tough guy has delivered a full wine barrel and takes the empty barrel back to the wine cellar.

At the bottom left is a Turkey Blaster on the table. Walk to the table and pick up the Turkey Blaster, via the grabbing hand of the Action menu

There is a deep pantry near the huge wine barrel. Walk around in the kitchen for a moment, or look at some things. Select the scythe in inventory ... at a certain point, the waiter will arrive. The waiter is a nasty piece of work and talks with a French accent. The waiter tells Manny that guests are not allowed in the kitchen. The waiter then enters the deep pantry.

Quickly ..... as soon as the waiter has completely stepped into the deep pantry, open the Action menu on thedoors and click the Action icon. Manny then closes the cupboard doors. Quickly ....Take your scythe from inventory and open the Action menu on the pantry doorsagain and click the Action icon and .......

Manny sticks his scythe between the handles of the pantry doors. The annoying waiter is now locked up in the cupboard and will no longer be bothering 

Manny Manny then automatically leaves the kitchen and ......

The waiter screams and screams that he wants to get out of the closet because he suffers from claustrophobia and he falls unconscious. We then see Glottis, who roars for fresh wine. The waiter of course can not come, because he's unconscious in the pantry. Glottis decides to go get the wine himself and he descends to the kitchen and drains the huge wine barrel in 1 gulp and he puts the empty barrel back in the corner

Glottis disappears back to the balcony and Manny walks back into the kitchen. Immediately leave the kitchen again and now go one screen to the right. Manny ends up in the big Cat Hall of the nightclub. To the left of the huge golden Cat statue is the office of Max. At the pillars, to the right of the big Cat, is the Exit to return to the hall.

Go to Max's office. Click on Max and go talk to him

Talk to Max about all the things. If the conversation ends abruptly, click on Max again to continue talking. Make sure that Max now tells that he has a girlfriend and then follow these options further. We experience that Max is now officially engaged to Olivia, the singer / owner of the Blue Casket. When you have discussed everything with Max, you leave his office and return to the hall

You now have to go back to the Blue Casket to meet Lola, Olivia and lawyer Nick. So dive into the hall, to the left of the kitchen, back into the elevator and walk back through the corridor. Then leave the High Roller to the Bridge and walk back over the bridge to the other side. Go through the bridge gate to the stairs that lead to the elevator. Climb the stairs and get into the elevator and the elevator takes Manny back down to the Blue Casket

Blue Casket

Enter the Blue Casket again and walk down one screen. At the kitchen door we meet Lola, the waitress of the High Roller Lounge. Talk to Lola

Lola is in love with her boss Max and she is jealous of Olivia. Lola wants to take a picture of Nick and Olivia, in deep embrace, to prove to Max that Olivia is cheating on him with Nick. Nick and Olivia come from Olivia's office and they have a big hug and Lola takes her photo

Lola and Nick go away. Go talk to Olivia and use all options here again.

When you ask Olivia if she wants to recite a poem, she will walk away for a while, to stand on the stage in the hall to recite some poetic sentences.

Olivia will come back and you can continue to talk to her.

When the conversation is over you leave the Blue Casket and go back the entire route, via the lift and the bridge, to the

High Roller Lounge:

Make sure you end up in the big room again. Nick is sitting here at a table. Go talk to Nick . Before the conversation options appear Nick takes a cigarette from his cigarette case and hereby a key falls out of the case. Nick picks up the key and puts it back in his cigarette case, which he then puts back on the table.

The conversation options then appear. Tell Nick you need a lawyer for Terry.

Nick then wants to know what kind of lawyer you want so you say a few times that you want the best lawyer and finally say that Nick is the best lawyer. Nick refuses and the conversation has ended. Immediately click on Nick again and continue to talk to him and tell him that you might be able to tell Max his adventure from earlier on.

Nick leaves to talk to Max, but he leaves his cigarette case on the table. Take the cigarette case

Manny cannot open the cigarette case, so he cannot take the key. 

Leave the High Roller Lounge and outside on the bridge you go up the stairs to the Security office.

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2020: walkthrough by: Louis Koot