2015: Original Dutch Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

2020: English walkthrough by: Louis Koot

Chapter 3: The Edge of the World:

Onboard the S.S Lola

A year has passed since Manny and Glottis left the city of Rubacava with the S.S Limbo. Manny has since become the Captain of the ship and has renovated the ship and renamed it in the S.S Lola. We have arrived off the coast of Puerto Zapata and Captain Manny is staring over the deck when one of the sailors comes to warn that the customs will come onboard to search the ship

The sailor disappears and Salvador appears in the form of a bird .....

Salvador has come to warn Manny. First of all there is a rumor that Meche never reached Zapata. Meche would have jumped overboard at "The Pearl". Secondly, Salvador warns that the customs boys are killers who will kill everyone on board, including Manny and Glottis. Salvador then flies away and you gain control over Manny.

Go behind Manny and inside. Oh, Manny's crew is dead, everyone has been "Sprouted". Climb down the ladder and .......

The "Customs boys" pop up but Manny is rescued by Glottis and we end up in the machine room.

Machine room

The killers have placed a bomb so there is some rush to escape. The ship has 2 Anchors,  a Left Anchor and a Right Anchor. To the right, below the 2 portholes, is the red button with which the right anchor is raised / lowered. On the left is the red button for the Left Anchor. On the left you also see 2 levers and with these levers the anchors can be pulled under the ship

Open the Action menu on the right-hand red button and then click the Action icon and .......

Manny presses the right red button and this brings the right Anchor up and this anchor is raised a bit. Walk to the left and open the Action menu on the Levers and then click the Action icon again. Manny grabs both levers and 4 orange arrows appear .......

Click on the left orange arrow and ...... the left anchor is dragged under the ship to the right

Walk to the right again and click on the right-hand red button again, via the Action menu. The right anchor drops to the bottom again and hooks onto the left anchor. Click the red button on the right once more and both anchor will now be raised and will now hang in front of the right portholes. Now look through the portholes and  you see the 2 anchors

Take the scythe from inventory and then open the action menu on the anchors and click the action icon.  With his scythe Manny pulls the anchors towards him and the anchors hook themselves into the porthole. Walk to the left again and now press the left-hand red button and the anchors make a crack under the porthole

Grab the 2 levers again and then click on the top orange arrow and .........

The anchors tear the ship in 2 pieces and Manny and Glottis escape on the front part of the ship......

Manny looks for the X on the map and when we have reached that place the barge sinks and we end up underwater at the bottom of the sea.

Underwater: The Pearl:

We have arrived at the bottom of the sea. Manny cannot continue without a light. In the distance, on the left, you see a light. That light is "The Pearl" and that is a submarine. Click the up arrow to walk to that light but Manny then stops after a few steps because he damn it to walk further through the dark. Manny needs a light.

From the bottom left in you a screen a creature will appear. This is Chepito and it has a lantern.  Quickly....As soon as Chepito appears click on it to open the Action menu on Chepito and then click on the Talk Icon and Chepito stops and you can talk to him 

NB: were you too slow with clicking on Chepito, to open the Action menu on him when he appears, then he continues. Chepito, however walks rounds so you must then wait patiently for Chepito to pops up again from the bottom left corner of your screen.

Talk to Chepito and use all the options here, but beware do not ask Chepito if you can walk with him  because then Manny and Glottis run after Chepito while he keeps doing the same round.  This is quite fun to do once, but if you are not careful then you will end up walking this round to Eternity. When you have talked enough with Chepito then you close the conversation and Chepito will then resume his  walk ...., ..

QUICKLY, before Chepito disappears you have to grab him. So quickly open the Action menu on Chepito and now click the Grab Hand icon and ........

Manny grabs Chepito in the neck and gives him to Glottis ......

NB: If you were too slow again, you will have to wait again until Chepito has completed his round and appears again from the bottom left corner.

As soon as you have seized Chepito, Manny and Glottis will continue to The Pearl

The Pearl

The Pearl turns out to be a submarine and the thing is inhabited by a giant squid.  

The squid swallows all the drowners and crawls back into the submarine

We have to get onboard the submarine, but then the squid has to be distracted and for this we are going to sacrifice Chepito.

At the top right on the cliffs you get the up arrow, so walk to the top right .......

Red blades stick out of the "rock", those blades warn the squid that there is prey. Continue to the other side of the "blade rock" and .....

Chepito follows Manny. Continue walking around the rock with the blades and ......

Chepito comes too close to the blades and gets caught by the squid. 

The squid will be busy with Chepito for a while and Manny and Glottis use this to climb onboard the submarine

The squid crawls back into the submarine and this sails away to deliver us at The Edge of the World .....

The Edge of the World:

The Squid submarine has delivered Manny and Glottis below The Edge of the World. This is an underwater factory. Manny goes further, Glottis stays behind. Walk straight to the elevator door and enter the elevator and Manny goes up with the elevator and gets out and ends up on a red suspension bridge.

On the left side a room and on the right side is a room. The room on the left serves as a cell. 

Walk over the bridge, to the room at the end of the hall. Manny ends up in the secretary office. Notice the ashtray and the bucket

Continue to the left and finally we meet Meche .....A conversation between Manny and Meche follows and Domino appears. 

Domino has kidnapped Meche to lure Manny here, because he wants Manny to run everything here so he can go back to El Marrow himself. Glottis appears but is sent back to the bottom of the sea by Domino. Domino then knocks Manny  unconscious and dumps him in the nursery to the left of the elevator

Manny wakes and stands up. There are 2 children locked up in the cage, a boy and a girl and they are forced by Domino to make little lamps. Go talk to the 2 Little Angelitos in the cage. The 2 kids have hammers and Manny needs such a hammer

So follow the conversation options until you can say "I just don't have any of those little, tiny tools, that's all ...." and .....

the kid throws a Hammer out of the cage and that hammer lies on the floor. Pick up the Hammer and put it in inventory

Leave the room and go back to Meche, in her office. Talk to Meche for a moment. Manny needs a Sproutgun. Next to Meche stands the Ashtray and Meche always ticks the ash from her cigarette in the ashtray and she does that without looking at the ashtray. Open the Action menu on the Ashtray and then click the Action icon at the moment that Meche taps her ashes from her cigarette and .......

Manny turns the ashtray towards himself and Meche taps her ash from her cigarette, but the ash does not fall into the ashtray but ends up on the panty of Meche. Meche takes off her panty and throws them into the bucket,  behind Manny

Take the panty from the bucket and store it in inventory. Go back to the elevator and take the elevator down.

Back at the bottom of the ocean you walk one screen to the left and ...

We are then with the forced laborers and at the bottom Chepito is working. The Squid is in the service of Domino because it is his job to provide the factory with workers, slave laborers. Walk to Chepito and talk to him and just follow the conversation options. You will discover that you can get various items from Chepito. End the conversation if you start to find it annoying. 

Then take the Hammer from inventory and give the hammer to Chepito and in exchange for the Hammer Manny gets the drill from Chepito. Then take the panty from Meche from inventory and also give it to Chepito and Manny gets a revolver from Chepito. Go back to the elevator and take the elevator back up and return to Meche in her office. Give the Revolver to Meche and ...... l

Manny gives the revolver to Meche and she load it up with bullets from under her hat. Meche points the gun at Manny and we go to Domino

Meche threatens to "sprout" Manny, but Domino is not impressed and he then overpowered  Meche and she gets locked up in the secret cell

Go through Meche's office, back to the corridor. Where the stone wall used to be you now see a round steel door. 

Behind this round steel door is the cell in which Meche is now locked up.

The door handle protrudes to the left and the door hinge protrudes to the right. A rotary wheel protrudes in the center of the round door. You can try to open the door but that is impossible because we do not know the code (and will never know it), You have to force the lock. Take the Drill from inventory and then open the Action menu on the Hinge and then click the Action icon and ......

Manny drills the door lock flap open and that lock is then exposed. Now open the Action menu on the rotary wheel and click the action icon and ....

You end up in the

Lock puzzle

The lock has 4 brown tumblers and you see 2 white arrows. By clicking on the arrows you turn the tumblers. Number the tumblers, from top to bottom, as 1, 2, 3, 4. Each tumbler has a convex side and a flat side. With their convex side, the tumblers now block the gap between the door and the frame. 

You have to turn the tumblers so that they are each with their flat side facing the slit ..... the slit is then "open". You turn the tumblers by clicking on the arrows A and B, but you cannot turn the tumblers separately. If you click on arrow A or arrow B then the tumblers start turning from the bottom .... first tumbler 4 turn, then tumbler 3, then tumbler 2, and finally tumbler 1.

You first have to make sure that tumbler 1 is positioned correctly.

 Click on Arrow A and keep doing so until tumbler 1 is with its flat side facing the slot ..

.It is best to click the click just before the arrow ... then it goes a bit slower

When you have tumbler 1 positioned correctly then you can use arrow B to turn tumbler 2 correctly. Then turn tumbler 3 correctly with arrow A  and finally use arrow B again to turn tumbler 4 correctly. 

When you have turned all 4 tumblers with their flat side towards the slot, the slot is "open". If you go wrong while turning, exit the puzzle and click on the door handle to reset the tumblers to their starting position so that you can start over again

If you have turned all the tumblers correctly, exit the lock. 

Then take the scythe from inventory and ram the scythe into the tumbler lock

Manny puts his scythe in the slot at the lock. Now click the Door Handle, via the Action icon in the Action menu, and the round door will open

Manny calls out but no Meche. So step through the now opened round door and you will be in the round Safe Room. Look around here. There is a wall full of drawers. If you walk down you will find the "Big Chipper" axe in the floor and there is a harness. There seems to be no other entry / exit than the round door.

Walk back to the round door. At the top left of the round door is a small power box. First close the round door. The door falls into the lock again and now Manny is also locked up here. Take the scythe again from inventory and use it on the power box, top left of the round door and....

Part of the drawer wall opens and Meche emerges from the vault .....

Meche is angry because Manny has closed the round door, so she is still locked up. Meche walks back into the vault. Keep the  scythe in hand because you will need the thing again soon. Follow Meche into the vault The Sprinkler installation is hanging from the ceiling. On the right you see a thick, curved pipe with a rotary wheel on it. Meche is standing next to a stack of suitcases. Manny is still carrying the scythe .Open the Action menu on the Sprinkler and then click the Action icon and ....

It is going to "rain" but the vault isn't  full of water, as Manny had hoped, because the water disappears into the ground at one of the floor tiles .....

Stow the  scythe again. Open the Action menu on the stack of suitcases and then click the Action icon again and ...

Manny opens the suitcase and they are full with "Number 9 tickets".

Turn the rotary wheel, which sticks onto the thick curved pipe, to close the Sprinkler and to drain the water on the floor

Look at which floor tile, where the water disappears. Walk back to the other room and then down to the "Big Chipper" axe. Pick up the "Big Chipper". The "Big Chipper" is heavy. Manny can't lift the thing so he has to drag the axe with him.

Drag the "Big Chipper" into the vault and drag the thing to the white floor tile where all the water runs into the ground. You have to make sure that Manny gets the "Big Chipper" exactly on the right floor tile. Then click  the "Laying Down" icon, bottom right,  and Manny then lift the axe and drop the thing with a bang on the tile, which then breaks. The right tile is the tile in front of the middle blue tile

Make sure that Manny is exactly on the white tile with the arrow. Manny himself is on the tile behind it .... to achieve this you have to maneuver Manny through the room by simply left clicking with your mouse or using your arrow keys .... it is a bit tricky but in the end you get it done ....... When the axe is on the right tile then click the Laying Down icon, bottom right, and Manny lifts the axe and then drops the thing onto the tile. The tile breaks and the drain pipe becomes visible. Meche and Manny crawl through the drain pipe and they end up on the beach

The Crane:

Manny tells Meche to stay on the beach while he arranges a ship. Walk down and you see the concrete foundations on which the huge crane stands.

Walk on and Manny runs up through the sloping concrete beams to the 2 huge "Grinders" that run between the 2 concrete beams.

To the left is the ladder to climb up to the crane, so climb up the ladder and Manny lands on top of the "Edge of the World" island.

You have 2 orange arrows in your screen and the Crane is now on the right side of the island. By clicking on the arrows you can slide the crane to the other side of the island, but you shouldn't do that now. Leave the crane on the right side now. At the bottom left is the "Operate" button and at the bottom right the Exit. Now click the "Operate" button to lower the chain of the crane, with the enormous crane scoop, down to the beach.

Manny then climbs back down the ladder to the "Grinders". 

Run through 1 of the 2 concrete beams back down to the beach and then continue to the crane scoop.

If you have Manny at the huge Scoop then take the Drill from Chepito from inventory. Then open the Action menu on the chain that holds the scoop, and click the Action icon. Manny will drill the shovel off the chain and the crane will explode for the most part .

Put the drill back up and go back up, via the concrete beams and the ladder. You are back on the island screen. Now click the left arrow to bring the crane to the left side of the island. When the crane on the left then click the "Operate" button again to lower the crane chain. You see that the chain lands on a conveyor belt. Click the Exit. Manny then ends up at the conveyor belt. Jump, via the down arrow, onto the conveyor belt and Manny lands underwater again but is still on the conveyor belt. A lever stands in front of the horizontal part of the conveyor belt. Click the left arrow to jump off the conveyor belt

Stand at the Lever and open the Action menu and then click the Action icon to use the lever

You see the crane chain being pulled over the conveyor to the right

Climb on the conveyer belt again. If you do nothing, Manny will disappear to the right so click the right arrow and you will see the end of the assembly line and Manny will hang on the railing. You see an anchor and the chain. The intention is that you get the chain around the anchor but that has to go through the Crane. Click at the anchor and hold your mouse button down and.......

Manny glides down the railing and then climbs further down through the chain. A ship is hanging on the chain

Then we see Glottis doing some repairs. if you want you can go talk to Glottis but this is not necessary.

 Climb back up through the chain up

Manny then hangs again on the conveyor belt. Click above Manny and hold your mouse. Manny glides hand over hand back to the lever. At the lever, jump off the conveyor belt and then operate the lever again to move the conveyor belt to the other side. The conveyor belt moves towards the crane again. Then click the Lever and the conveyor belt brings the chain back to the anchor and the end of the chain now wraps around the anchor.

Climb the conveyor belt again and click the up arrow to climb up again and then click the ladder to get back up on the island. Click the "Operate" Button and the crane now pulls Glottis up with the ship and we end up on the beach.

Glottis has repaired the engine of the ship but it will still be difficult to sail it all the way across the coral reef. But Manny knows something to solve this problem. Walk down again and climb again through the concrete beams and the ladder to the crane island.

The crane is again on the right side of the island. If the crane is on the left side now, then click the right arrow to send the crane to the right. When the Crane on the right then click the "Operate button" to lower the chain of the crane. The chain gets stuck between the 2 "Grinders"

Click the "Operate button" again to hoist the chain up again and the 2 "Grinders" are pulled loose and fall on the beach 

Glottis has attached the two grinders to the bow of the ship and we are sailing away. On board Manny has a conversation with Meche ...

Domino then appears in his submarine with squid.

Manny jumps on the submarine to fight it out with Domino. Domino is already waiting to cut off Manny's head with his scythe and you see the Eye of the squid, behind Manny ......

Take the scythe from inventory and then open the Action menu on the Squid eye and click the Action icon and ....

Manny puts his scythe in the Squid eye. Domino is not happy and hits Manny down but he then gets  crushed between the Grinders of the ship

Manny also threatens to be crushed but he gets saved by the 2 kids just in time.....

Manny is delivered to the ship and we all end up happily n:

Year 4: Number 9 Train Station.

2020: walkthrough by: Louis Koot