2016: Original Dutch Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

2020: English walkthrough by Louis Koot

This is the 2016 Remastered version of the game and it is the English version.

In this Remastered version of the game, some things, like various puzzles, are different from the old version. 

The biggest improvement, however, is the game's improved graphics quality

Chapter 1: Part Two

The Docks:

The Cursed Mermaid

We have arrived in the harbor district Wharf 13 and stand in front of the pub "The Cursed Mermaid".

Enter the pub and go to the bar. A sailor is drinking at the bar and the bartender is behind the bar. Talk to the bartender.

Holmes orders 2 pints and then asks the bartender for the name of a "Coal-fired" ship. Holmes also describes one of the alleged kidnappers. Unfortunately the bartender cannot help Holmes. The bartender says that Holmes should talk to a  guy called Harper. Harper's house is not to be missed because it has a large anchor on the facade and it is beyond the bridge. 

Holmes then inquires about that sailor who is drinking at the bar. The bartender says that the sailor is waiting for his new Wooden Hand. The sailor misses a hand and therefore has a hook. His new hand should have been delivered yesterday, but it still hasn't arrived. The sailor then bursts out and throws all his misery over Holmes and Watson. Holmes then politely says goodbye.

Well ... let's go find that Harper guy then. Leave the pub and make sure you have an overview of the pub. 

You see the lighthouse and, on the right, the bridge. Go to and then across the bridge

When Holmes and Watson have crossed the bridge, go straight on and then ascend the stone stairs.

At the bottom of the stone stairs, follow the road to between the 2 stone houses. A large red anchor is painted on the large left house. So that must be Harper's house.

Go to the door of the anchor house and click on it. Unfortunately ... the door is locked. Turn around to the smaller house.

A kid peeks through the right window at Holmes and Watson. Enter the house.

The Nepalese woman and the postman:

In the back of the room, a woman is crying on her knees. Walk to the woman and Holmes will speak to her and ask if she knows where Harper is.

We are in the house of a Nepalese woman and she says that Harper has left on a ship. Holmes also appears to speak Nepali and continues to talk to the woman in Nepali. The woman tells about her 16-year-old son who has disappeared for a week. She also tells about a man with a "Silver Eye" who apparently had a great interest in her and her son. She says that she has put some of her missing son's things on the altar and that Holmes is allowed to view it.

Look at the woman again and then walk to the altar. Grab the Medallion from the altar.

Holmes says the locket is made of fake silver. Look at the medallion in the items screen and see that it represents a Pelican. Close the inventory screen and turn around. That boy you saw peeking through the window sits on one of the mattresses, but you can't talk to him. Take a look at your Map and see that now this "Nepalese House" has been added to the map.

Leave the house and turn right. On the corner is a stack of bags against the Harper's house. 

Walk to the stack of bags and then grab the Rope that's on top of the stack.

Past Harper's house you can see a large crane and a shipwreck. To the left is the harbor master's shed. Continue to the crane

 You see a stupid drunken postman who goes "over his neck" at a pile of boxes.

Walk a little further to the crane. You are at the ship under construction. Then turn right. You see a Tower. 

Walk to the tower and you will see, to the right of the tower, the postman sitting on the boxes. Go to the postman and go talk to him

The postman has to throw up again and Holmes asks Watson to examine the man. Watson concludes that the postman is not sick, but is completely drunk.

The postman says that he had to deliver a package yesterday, here in the harbor. However, he was ambushed by a gang of guys who forced him to completely empty a bottle of dirty stuff. This left the postman unconscious and when he just woke up, he noticed that the package he had to deliver has disappeared. Holmes concludes that an illegal liquor brewery gang has tried his latest brew on the postman.

Holmes automatically picks up a green bottle and smells it and says that it contains a swede drink. Probably the stuff the postman had to drink. In your inventory you now have a "Bottle Moonshine". Go back to Wharf no 13 via the Map of walking and enter "The Cursed Mermaid" again.

The Cursed Mermaid:

Talk to the bartender again. Holmes now asks the bartender about the man with the "Silver Eye".

The bartender says this will be "Dirty Sommers", a dangerous guy. Dirty Sommers was here in the pub last night to sign on people for his ship. 

He did that at a private table in one of the alcoves of the pub.

After this conversation, turn around. On the other side of the taproom you see 3 alcoves. The middle and right alcoves are shot through a curtain.

Go to the middle alcove and then click with your hand on the curtain. Holmes opens the curtain completely. Then click with your hand on the table in the alcove

Some symbols are carved in the table top. You see 4 symbols and Holmes says that they have been carved into the sheet quite recently. 

Perhaps it is a good idea to copy these 4 symbols and do it ... You can find these symbols in "Documents" of the portfolio

Open the Map and then click on the "Nepalese House" location and of course Holmes and Watson will be at the door of the Nepalese female.

The Smuggler / Moonshiner:

Do not enter the house but turn left and walk back to the crane and then right again, to the sick postman who is still on the crates to the right of the tower. 

Then go past the postman right around the corner and follow the street. Halfway up this street you go up the wide stone staircase.

Follow the street above.

The street then turns left, but you enter the alley between the two large houses. Walk through the alley.

There is a large hole in the ground at the end of the alley. Fortunately, there is a plank over the hole, so continue over the plank and Holmes and Watson end up in a courtyard. On the left you see a "tent" and with that "tent" there are a lot of empty bottles. Walk towards the "tent" and Holmes says it would be a nice hideaway. Go to the door of the building at the "tent".

Click with your hand on the door and .... the door is opened but the resident shouts "what do you want " and throws the door back shut. This is the "Smuggler" or "Moonshiner" who is responsible for the postman's deplorable condition. Take a look at the Map and see that this location is now also on the Map. It is the "Smugglers" location. Take the "Bottle Moonshine" from your inventory and then click on the door again.

The guy opens up again and Holmes compliments him on the brew he brewed. 

Holmes asks about the package from the postman and the guy gives the package to Holmes. The guy closes the door again. 

You now have the Postman's Package in your inventory. Now take the "Pelican Medallion" from your inventory and click on the door again. 

Holmes now asks the "moonshiner" if he has seen this medallion before. The man now talks about a certain Brannoch who got such a pelican from a dock worker. The dock worker was wearing a red cap and a cleft lip. Since then, that Brannock has disappeared. The docker can be found at / in warehouse 12. 

Put the Pelican back in your inventory and go back to Wharf no 13 via the Map. 

Holmes and Watson are then back in front of The Cursed Mermaid. Open the inventory screen and then the "Items screen

Combine items in your inventory:

I will now teach you how to combine 2 items in your inventory because you now have to open the package. Open the inventory screen. 

Click on the Knife and then hold down your left mouse button. Drag the Knife onto the Parcel and then release the Knife on the Parcel.

You now cut the package open and a Fake Hand with scraper comes out. Place the Knife back in an inventory box. Right...you now  know how to combine 2 items in inventory. So in the future I will not explain this in detail. Now enter The Cursed Mermaid.

The Cursed Mermaid:

Go back to the bar eye. Stand flat against the boozing sailor. Take the Fake Hand With Scraper from your inventory and click on the sailor. You do not get a Hand or "gear" cursor on the sailor, so you must stand directly in front of the sailor and then click as if you want to talk to him.

Holmes gifs the artificial hand to the sailor who then "pulls out" its hook and "puts on" the artificial hand. 

The hook is then on the bar for the bartender. Grab the Hook.

Find Warehouse no.12:

Now go back to the "Nepalese House" via the Map or walking. Holmes and Watson will then be on the doorstep of the Nepalese female's house again. Do not enter, but now continue to the crane and the ship under construction. Turn right. You look at the Tower again. Continue forward on the left side of the tower.

So move forward between the Tower and the Ship Under Construction. Then go to the left and you will see, behind the ship, a warehouse with green doors.

Walk straight on to the warehouse with green doors. On the right corner of the warehouse there is a lamp and below the lamp is a sign with the number 7, so this is warehouse 7. Follow the street to the right and then take the first side street to the right.

Continue to the second warehouse on the left. This warehouse also has 2 large green doors and this is warehouse 12.

Warehouse 12:

Stand against the left green door and then click the door handle with your hand. Unfortunately .... the door won't open. Look up. Above the doors is a bow window and above the right door there is a hole in the window pane of the bow window. Now stand directly in front of the right door. In your Items inventory, combine the Hook with the Rope. So you attach the Hook to the Rope. Then select the Hook / Rope combination in your inventory. Close the inventory screen. The hook / rope combo is then at the top right of your screen. Look up at the bow window. You get the Hand on the broken window above the right door. Click and ......

Holmes throws the Hook through the hole in the window and he is staring at you somewhat sheepishly while tugging on the rope. You are now Watson again


Open the green warehouse 12 doors:

Turn around and enter the alley to the right of the warehouse. In the alley you see a narrow window in the side wall of warehouse 12. Click with your hand on / in the window ...... You end up in the close-up of the window ... You see the middle pane of the window ....... You get your Hand in the top left corner of the window frame. The window is completely covered by thick gray dust. You should now wipe the glass pane with your Hand. Place your Hand in the top left corner of the window pane. Then hold down your left mouse button and then drag your Hand from left to right and top to bottom across the glass to wipe the glass.

You wipe the window clean in lanes and when you have almost completely wiped the window, you automatically click on the hook, which Holmes has now attached to the inside of the green doors via the bow window and, all by itself, Holmes tugs at the rope to lift the bolt and unlock the doors.

NB: You no longer have to do the difficult puzzle in this Remastered version to pull the latch up with the hook.

All you have to do is to wipe the glass and then the rest will go by itself.

Now open the green doors and enter warehouse 12. On the left you see a long wooden crate. 

Click with your hand on that crate and Holmes and Watson then are next to that crate.

There is also a stack of long crates. An Iron Bar is on the floor at  crate 1. There is a passport on the floor between Crates 1 and 2. At crate 2 you see footprints that go to the left side of the large floor hatch. First pick up the iron Bar from the floor. Take the iron Bar from your inventory and then click on Crate 1 with your Hand. Using the Bar Holmes opens crate 1. Holmes then says that the size of the crate is 1 meter by 1 meter. There are sails in crate 1 and Holmes does not need them. Store the iron Bar again.

Turn left and go to the items on the floor between crates 1 and  2. Click on those items with your hand and you zoom in on them. 

You are zoomed in on a passport and a Hat pin.

Click on the Passport. It is an American passport and the name of the owner is Amos Colby. A bloody Demon drawing has been drawn in the passport and Watson has some comments about this. Grab the Hat pin and zoom out. View the Passport in "Documents" of the inventory screen. So it is an American passport in the name of one Amos Colby. Colby arrived in England on August 22, 1894. Also take a look at the Demon drawing via the scroll tab at the bottom. Close the inventory screen. Now go to Crate 2 and also unlock Crate 2 using the Iron Bar. There's a Lantern is in Crate 2. It is a so-called "Bullseye Lantern". Grab the Lantern

Holmes makes a further comment about these crates to which Watson asks if they serve as coffins. Follow the footsteps on the ground to the left of the large floor hatch. Then look at the footsteps at the floor hatch. Holmes notes that there have been several trips from the long crates to this large floor hatch.

Open the floor hatch:

Stand in the middle of the large floor hatch and try to open the hatch by clicking on the round handles. Unfortunately, the floor doors are too heavy to just lift open. There has to be another way to open this large floor hatch. Take a look around the warehouse. There are crates behind the floor hatch. A rope is also hanging down. Look up. The rope goes to the left and hangs over 2 pulleys. In the left corner are 2 crates where you can stand on the sloping shelves. The end of the rope at the hatch is Rope End 1. The end of the rope above the sloping shelves / crates is Rope End 2.

In front of the rack, at the left wall, hangs a large heavy metal "bucket". That "bucket" hangs just in front of a water pipe with a tap on it. Look to the left .... In the corner is a large tank with a water basin. On the wall are 2 pipes, the top pipe of which is the water pipe. Behind the tank there is a turning wheel on the water pipe, with which you can open the water tap.

Now go to rope end 1, which is hanging down at the crates behind the floor hatch. Make sure you get your hand on rope end 1 and then click. 

Then turn around to the floor hatch and make sure you can click on the left ring by hand ..... Then click that left ring and ......

Holmes attaches rope end 1 to the left ring of the floor hatch .....

Now go to the heavy hanging "Bucket" ..... The "bucket" is empty and not yet heavy enough. Click with your hand on the bucket and .....

Holmes gives the bucket a push and this pushes the bucket under the tap pipe ......

Now go to the right of the tank and turn the rotary wheel in the water pipe open ......

........the "bucket" is now filled with water. Go back to the bucket and click on it again with your hand and .......

Holmes now pushes the bucket to just before the pulley where rope end 2 hangs down. 

So walk up the "rack" via the 2 sloping planks and then stand right in front of the bucket.

Click with your hand on rope end 2 and then on the hook on which the bucket hangs, or on the right bracket of the bucket and ...... Holmes ties rope end 2 to the right bracket of the bucket. Now select the Knife in inventory, close the inventory and then manually click on the rope to which the hook is attached and .........

Holmes cut and bucket loose from the hook and the full weight of the bucket hangs on the rope and ...

...well ... the weight of the full bucket now opens the large floor hatch ...

Go down through the now opened floor hatch and Holmes and Watson will be standing in a dark underground corridor.

The Secret Temple:

At the bottom of the stairs, select the Lantern in inventory and Holmes will then have light.

Follow the corridor forward and you will find yourself in a room with a door and a pillar in the middle.

The door behind the pillar is the entrance to the Secret Temple but that door is locked. So that door has to be opened. You can stand on all 4 sides of the pillar. You are now at the front, but you can stand at right front, left front and behind it. First look at the left and right walls in this room. You see scratched symbols on the walls. Stand back in front of the pillar and click on it with your hand.

You then enter the close-up of one of the walls of this room. You now see one of the walls with symbols in close-up.

Do you remember the symbols you saw on the table in the Cursed Mermaid? Your cursor is now a kind of Horseshoe in the light circle of the lanterns. Move the cursor over the close-up of the wall. You will see 3 incomplete Symbols. If you hover over such an incomplete Symbol with your Horseshoe cursor you will complete the symbol and see if it is one of the 4 symbols that are also in the table of the Cursed Mermaid. Try to memorize where this symbol is on the wall: Top Right, Center or Bottom Left or Bottom Right

At the bottom right of your screen, you can switch to the other wall by clicking in the light area, so you will see 3 incomplete symbols 4 times and then place your Horseshoe cursor on it to complete such a symbol and see if it is one of the 4 symbols of the table in the Cursed Mermaid. When you have done this you go to the door.

There is a panel to the left and right of the door. Each of those 2 panels has 3 Symbol buttons. However, the Symbols on those buttons are only Half a Symbol. 4 of these symbols, if you combine them with the Cursor Symbol you just received on the pillar, are the Symbols you have seen on the table in the Cursed Mermaid. Via the Pillar you have therefore determined whether these 6 Symbols the Symbols are on the table in the Cursed Mermaid and you have also determined the order in which you now have to click on these 4 symbols.

Stand in front of the Left Panel and then click the Center Symbol button. 

Stand in front of the Right Panel and click the Top Button and then the Bottom Button. 

Go back to the Left Panel and click on the Top Button.

The door opens now. So enter the Temple.

It is very dark in the temple, so keep the Lantern at the top right of the screen.

Take a good look around the Temple. In the corner, to the right of the entrance, is a table with a small box on it. Look at the box.

Holmes says that the box has the Pelican Medallions but that it is a "false track". 

Turn around and go to the corner to the left of the entrance. There is a small box on the floor in this corner.

Stand above this box and then click on it with your hand. You take a chunk of Coal from this box.

Mattresses lie behind the round pillars along the entire left and right wall.

Walk between the pillars to the back of the room.  Holmes and Watson then come to the Altar.

There's a rotten corpse on the altar. At the last 2 pillars on the right side you see a Carbon drawing on the floor and there is also clothing on the floor, walk there.

Click with your hand on the coal drawing. You then zoom in on it and see a Square with a Cross. Draw it over and zoom out. Click with your hand on the clothing. Holmes says there is blood on the clothes and he takes an Advertisement out of the shirt pocket. View this Advertisment in "Documents". It is an advertisement from the Northwood Agency and you will see a Fingerprint on it.

Close the inventory screen and go to the corner across the room to the left past the Altar. In this corner are 3 tables.

Look at the jar on the left table. Holmes says that there is water in the jug and that there is Opium in the water.

Stand in front of the right table and then click with your Hand on the small box on this table.

It is a small metal box with an Edelweiss as a symbol. Take the box. 

Use your magnifying glass cursor to look at the white granules that are on the top of the bottle on this table. . Holmes concludes that there is opium in the bottle. Did we end up in the den of Opium gang?. Now go up the steps to the Altar. You will see a short video of the statue behind the altar. The naked body of a man is lying on the altar. The man was clearly tortured.

To the left of the altar is the head of the stone statue on the floor. Get that stone head.

Click with your magnifying glass cursor on the altar ..... You will enter the close-up of the right hand of the corpse ......

In the close-up of the hand, take the magnifying glass and view the fingertips of the hand with the magnifying glass. 

Holmes discovers fingerprint powder on the index finger.

Would this fingerprint match the fingerprint on the Northwood ad? Zoom out. Now stand behind the altar, on the left side of the altar, and zoom in on the left hand of the corpse and use the magnifying glass on the fingertips again in the close-up of the hand. Holmes discovers a hole in one of the fingertips.

Holmes says that the man punched himself with the Hat Pin and then used his own blood to draw that Demon drawing in the passport. So was this corpse that Amos Colby? Zoom out. to the left and right of the large statue is a small metal pillar on the wall. Go to one of these two pillars ..... I take the left pillar

There is a text / drawing on both pillars. However, the text is written in a language unknown to Holmes. Holmes wants to make a copy of the two texts. Take the Northwood Advertisment from your Items inventory and then click on the pillar. Holmes puts the advertisement over the text.

Then take the Coal  from your Items inventory and click on the pillar again.

 With the help of coal, Holmes now transfers the text to the advertisement.  Then grab the paper again to put it back in Items.

The coal drawing is saved in "Documents"

Holmes will now tell his conclusions about what happened to all those missing persons. Watson then screams and Holmes and Watson walk to the body on the altar and the body bursts open. Tentacles emerge from the corpse and the head is separated from the torso .....

Holmes and Watson run out of the temple and we will be back in Holmes' sitting room at 221b Baker Street.

221B Baker Street

Holmes sends a letter and the drawing of the text on the pillars to his brother My croft and he now wants to examine that metal box.

Analyze the White Powder:

So go back to the Holmes lab table and click on it again by hand. Holmes takes a seat again and you are back at the microscope and the analyzer. Open your Items inventory. In the Items screen, use the Knife on the small Metal Box with a flower. A White Powder comes out of the box. Put the knife back and then select the White powder and close the screen. Click on the microscope and Holmes looks at the White Powder through the microscope. You can see colored spheres between the white powder. Take the tweezers out of the case and click with the tweezers on the white powder and you have then extracted all those balls.

Zoom out of the microscope. Select those balls in inventory (Compounds from Maori's ball) and then click on the Analyzer.

Holmes says again that he should heat things up, so light the candle on the device again with your matches.

The device does its job again and Holmes knows that those balls also contain opium and morphine and so the same stuff was in the Ball you found in Stenwick's shed. Another conversation now follows between Holmes and Watson. Holmes wonders how it is possible that so much opium could have passed through customs unnoticed. Watson says that large amounts of medicines are brought into crates from other countries in England. These boxes are never checked by customs. If we can now obtain a label for such a crate, we will know from which country it comes.

Open the Map and travel back to Wharf No 13.

The Docks:

Cursed Maiden:

Enter the pub again and talk to the bartender again. Holmes asks where he can find the customs officer. The bartender says that Beddoes, the customs man, will be at the pier near a ship. Now go to the "Nepalese House" via the Map of walking. Do not enter again but walk towards the cranes again, but go left to the "Customs" shed. Enter this open wooden shed on the right.

Immediately to the left of the shed you will see a Register Book lying on a chest and a note stuck on the higher chest. Grab the Note from the chest and read it in "Documents". It is a short scribble from one Philo to one O'Reilly and in this he tells Philo that he apparently became the father of the child of one Sondra and that the "boat is free". Close the inventory screen and then view the Register Book on the chest. Holmes now experiences that the "special import goods" are always stored in warehouse 16. A new location will now be placed on your Map and that will be "Warehouse 16". Go there immediately.

Follow in the footsteps:

Holmes and Watson stand in front of the closed doors of warehouse 16, witch is close to the Cursed Mermaid and the bridge. The warehouse is closed due to a strike. You can see footprints on the ground in front of the doors. Walk up to the doors and look at the doors with your Eye. Holmes sees no opportunity to open the doors. Watson then screams that he has dirty filthy tar under his shoes. Look down at the footsteps and then click your Hand to enter the close-up screen.

At the bottom left is your magnifying glass and the measuring tape. At the top right is a key. There are 2 footsteps to explore. At the top of the screen, find the shoe print using the magnifying glass. Click on the top print with the magnifying glass and Holmes tells you that this right shoe is missing a nail, just like the print in Stenwick's garden. Replace the magnifying glass at the bottom left, then pick up the Tape Measure. Measure the bottom shoe print with the tape measure and Holmes says it is shoe size 7 with hard soles. Also just like in the garden of Stenwick. Put the tape measure back and take the magnifying glass again. Click the key with the magnifying glass to get the key. Zoom out.

Step away from the doors ...... You see the footsteps across the alley.

Now follow the footsteps. So you go through the alley and then Holmes and Watson are behind the Cursed Mermaid.

The footsteps then turn right to the wall and to the stone staircase.

You see the Lighthouse and you see that the footsteps go to the door under the lighthouse.

So follow the footsteps down the stairs and to the door under the lighthouse. Stand against the door and open the door with the key you found at warehouse 16.

The left door opens and in the dark room you see a Label on the floor.

Grab the Label and view it in "Documents". It is a "Black Edelweiss" label.

Holmes said he wants to go back to Baker Street now, so open your folder and go back to:

221b Baker Street:

We end up in the living room of Holmes. Watson says that a letter has been delivered and this letter will automatically appear in your "Documents". It is a letter from Mycroft in response to Holmes's letter. You now also have a poem in "documents", but you cannot read the letter and that poem now because Holmes will now explain what we all know about the missing persons so far. Holmes closes with a question about the "Black Edelweiss" label and the rectangle with cross that we saw on the floor of the Temple.

You now need to answer the following question:" Where should you go to continue your investigation?"  

You have to type the answer again in the black field. The answers that worked for me were SWISS or SWITZERLAND.  

So type in one of these two answers and press Enter or click on the "V".

Chapter 2: Switzerland:

2020: English walkthrough by Louis Koot