Sherlock Holmes the Awakened Remastered Chapter 2 Sherlock Holmes the Awakened Remastered Chapter 2

2016: Original Dutch Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

2020: English walkthrough by Louis Koot

This is the 2016 Remastered version of the game and it is the English version.

In this Remastered version of the game, some things, like various puzzles, are different from the old version. 

The biggest improvement, however, is the game's improved graphics quality

Chapter 2: Switzerland:

The Black Edelweiss Institute:

Holmes and Watson are on a train on their way to Lyon, France. Holmes says that he will not travel to Switzerland himself, but will get off in Lyon to approach the matter from a different angle. Watson has to travel on to Switzerland. Holmes also says that Watson should contact a local police inspector Bilger.

As Watson

Watson arrives by coach at the front door of the Black Edelweiss Institute. Walk to the front door and knock on the door.

Kuntz, one of the nurses of this madhouse, opens the door and Watson tries to introduce himself. 

But Kuntz says that Watson should talk to the fraulein Müller. So walk in and ....

2 parents of one of the patients are at the desk talking to Fraulein Müller.

They have come to visit their daughter, who is a patient in this insane asylum, and we see that daughter come in as well.

Walk to the counter and talk to fraulein Müller.

Watson introduces himself and Müller leaves to get Dr. Gygax. You have to wait, so take a look around. After a few seconds Dr. Gygax will appear and then things will go automatically for a while, but keep paying attention because at some point you will have to act and you have to do that fairly quickly.

Watson talks to that slimy and creepy Dr. Gygax. Watson first lies about the reason for his visit. During this conversation, a new guy enters the hall of the institute and this guy reports to Muller as Amos Colby of the Northwood Agency. This, of course, is Holmes in disguise.

Watson now tells Gygax the real reason for his visit and also that the real Amos Colby is dead and buried. Gygax then works Watson out the door with a request to come back tomorrow. Amos Colby, i.e Sherlock Holmes, is then grabbed by his nurses and taken away.

This causes the girl to pass out on the floor and the girl is also discharged. We then end up in the "torture chamber" and now you have to act quickly. The girl is lying on an operating table and Holmes is resting against a low cupboard and is being restrained by the nurse with a bat.

 On the cabinet, near the arm of Holmes, there is a small bottle of anesthetic and a glass / cup. 

Quickly .... Take the anesthetic bottle ....

Dr. Gygax enters and he injects the girl and then injects Holmes  and Holmes is taken to a cell.

NB: Once you have taken the anaesthetic bottle it will continue automatically, but if you have waited for too long with taking the anaesthetic bottle it will also continue automatically. No worries, you will get a chance to grab the anaesthetic later.

Escape from the Cell:

As Holmes

Holmes is still dizzy from the stuff that Gaga injected into him and you notice that by "swabbing" of your screen. Don't worry because this will be over soon, so waddle through the cell for a while until Holmes has fully regained his senses. In inventory, Holmes has a Wig (Hairpiece), a Long Coat (Topcoat) and a Hat. If you have being quickly in the operating room, you now also have the Sedative bottle. If you do not have this anaesthetic yet, it is not a disaster because you will get another chance to get it. Now read in "Documents" the Answer letter from Mycroft and the Strange Poem. Also note that you cannot open the Map now. Close the inventory screen.

A guy is sleeping on the mattress by the short wall. To the left of the sleeping man's head is a Tin Cup and a Spoon on the floor.

Go get the Spoon and the Tin Cup.

Then turn around. At the long wall is the mattress that Holmes is supposed to sleep on. 

There is a jug in front of the mattress and a blanket roll behind the mattress.

Holmes wants to escape from the cell, of course, but soon the nurse will do her round and then peek into the cell through the bars and then that nurse must see that Holmes is lying on the mattress. Holmes must therefore create the illusion that he is on the mattress when the nurse comes to see. Go to the jug. Click with your hand on the jug. Holmes puts the jug on the mattress. Walk around the mattress to the rolled-up blanket. Click with your Hand on the Blanket Roll and Holmes lies the blanket, rolled up, on the mattress. The jug serves as a head and the rolled-up blanket as a body. Return to the head of the mattress and then stand so that you can click on the rolled blanket with your Hand.

Take the Long Coat out of your "items" and then click on the rolled-up blanket. Then take the Hat out of "items" and click on the jug and ........

.......the illusion of a sleeping man is complete, but Holmes does not know how long someone is kicking in it.

Cell lock puzzle:

Turn around and walk to the cell door. Take the Spoon out of "items" and then click the lock by hand. You end up in the: 

At the top is the Spoon. You are now looking inside the lock. You will see 5 Slots.

Number the slots, from top to bottom, A, B, C, D, E.

In Slot C you see 10 numbered discs. They are numbered 1 to 10. But the discs are not in order in slot C. You now have to put the 10 discs in order in Slot C. To do this, you must remove the discs 2 to 10 from Slot C and first spread them over slots A, B, D and E.

However, you can only put 1 disc in slots A and D. You can insert multiple disks into slots B and E, provided you place them in sequence in these slots. You click on a disc and then drag the disk to one of the other slots and then release the disc.

Put disc 10 in D.
Put disc 3 in A.
Put disc 9 in D.
Put disc 7 in B.
Put disc 6 in B.
Put disc 2 in E.
Put disc 5 in B.
Put disc 4 in B.
Put disc 8 in D.
Leave disc 1 in C.

Now put the discs 2 to 10 back in slot C and now in the correct order and ....


On Research in the Crazy House:

The cell door swings open. So get out of the cell. The door on the left is locked, so go right and follow the hallway.

You can then immediately enter the hallway to the right, but that hallway takes you to a staircase and Holmes does not want to climb that staircase yet.

So walk straight on  from your cell and the corridor turns left. Stop right after you turn left around the corner. You now look through the cell corridor

The cells are on the right. Immediately on the left you see a closed door with a note on the wall. That's the door of the Laboratory. Go to the note hanging to the left of the door. Click with your hand on the note and Holmes reads what is written on it. It is a short note from Gygax calling on all staff to read a particular book. Then open the door and take a step forward.


We see that a male nurse is working in the laboratory. The male nurse is on the other side and has turned his back to the door.

Holmes thus refuses to enter the laboratory and thus he remains in the doorway. He says he shouldn't be seen and that he should somehow put the nurse "to sleep". In the original version of the game, Holmes must now sneak, so you had to let Holmes bend over and sneak. But in this remake version you can't let Holmes sneak, so Holmes just stays upright now, but he doesn't want to go any further through the lab.

In the middle of the laboratory is a large lab table. A bloodstained white cloth hangs over the lab table. Below that bloodied cloth you see an open cupboard in the table. On the right wall there are 2 paintings above the wide table and on the corner of that table is a doll.

Look at the 2 paintings in close-up. On the 2 paintings are natives who are shooting a number of monkeys with blow pipes. He .... a blowgun? ..... it gives Holmes an idea of ​​how to take out the male nurse. Get out of the close-up and take the doll, which is on the corner of the table. Turn around and walk to the lab table and then click your hand into the open cupboard. In the cupboard is a tray with 3 syringes. One by one, take the 3 syringes from the tray

Look at the 3 syringes in your "Items" and you will see that you now have 3 syringes in sizes 12, 15 and 18 millimetres. Close the inventory screen. 

Click the door to leave this laboratory. Continue down the hall and ...... Holmes "meets" patient Maurizio .....

Holmes is seized by a patient from the first cell. This is Maurizio and he wants Holmes to let him out of the cell. Holmes does not want to cooperate with this, but Maurizio threatens that he will scream. Holmes has no choice and promises to help Maurizio. Maurizio says Holmes will be able to find a crowbar in the pantry. The key to the pantry is hidden in a crack in the wall next to the pantry door.

Continue down the hall and the last door, before the hall turns left again, you see the door to the pantry.

Read the letter hanging right next to the door. To the left of the door is a deep crack in the wall.

Click with your hand on the crack in the wall and Holmes will grab the door key. Open the door with the key and step inside.

Pantry room:

Right in front of you, in front of the wheelbarrow, there is an iron Bar on the floor. Grab the iron bar. Walk down.

There is a pair of compasses on the pile of floor tiles. Take the compass. In the corner are some boxes ..... Continue to the boxes.

On top of the boxes are 4 iron pipes, of different thickness. Click on those pipes with your hand. However, Holmes first wants to know the diameter size of the pipes. Take the Compass from your "Items" and then click with your Hand on each of the 4 pipes. Holmes then tells you the diameter size of each pipe. Remember which pipe is 16 millimetres.

Store the Compass and then grab the 16mm pipe. Holmes can only take 1 pipe at a time so you have to leave the other 3 pipes here. Leave the pantry and go back to Maurizio's cell. You can't miss it because his name is at the cell door and Maurizio is peeking through the window of his door into the hallway. Give the iron Bar to Maurizio, through the talking cursors .....

With the help of the rod Maurizio breaks out of his cell and waddles away. 

However, Maurizio makes so much noise that the nurses notice that he has escaped and they go after him. Holmes can now go up via the side corridor and the stairs. 

So walk back down the hall and then enter the side corridor and follow the side corridor to the stairs and go up the stairs.

At the top turn left and.........

 Holmes is back in the

Torture Chamber:

If you had not previously managed to grab the anaesthetic bottle from the low cupboard, you now can take that bottle from the low cupboard.

In front of the door, right behind the low cupboard, there is a key ring on the floor. Grab the Keys. Then turn around and walk to the large closet. Stand directly in front of the closet. Take the Spoon out of your "Items" and then click your Hand on the door handles of the closet.

The doors swing open. A white Nurse Apron hangs in the wardrobe. Grab the Nurse Apron. Holmes immediately pulls it on. 

Go to the door to the right of the closet. Take the keys from "Items" and click on the door lock. The door opens, so step through the door ....

Follow the corridor and then, left, through the arch to the:

Courtyard garden:

In the middle of the courtyard garden is a large bird cage. A man and woman, both patients, are at the bird cage. The woman says that the birds has not been fed in 2 days. The man wants to free the birds from the cage. Holmes is surprised because the birds in the cage can talk.

There is a door in the bird cage. Find the door in the bird cage and then click the lock of the door with your hand. However, the door of the cage is locked. 

Return to the Laboratory via the map


Stand in the corridor and do not open the door of the Laboratory yet. Standing in front of the laboratory door you open the Inventory and then the Items screen. In the items screen, combine the 15 mm syringe with the Sedative Bottle. Then combine the filled 15 mm syringe with the 16 mm iron pipe and .... Holmes has a loaded Blowpipe. Take the Blowpipe from your inventory and close the inventory screen. The Blowpipe is now at the top right of your screen.

Then open the laboratory door and Holmes will enter the lab again. Walk along the wall to the left and .....

Holmes will automatically takes care off the male nurse by blowing the syringe through his blowpipe into his neck.

Continue to the gate and open the gate. Step through the open gate door and then stand to the left of the male nurse who is now stretched out on the floor.

Click on the male nurse with your hand. Holmes takes a letter from Gygax from the man's jacket pocket. Read this "Gygax note" in "Document". Gygax tells in the letter about stones and Holmes doesn't understand it. To the right of the nurse's head are 2 large containers. Go to those 2 containers and click on them with your Hand. Holmes says that there is potash in these containers and this could make a smoke bomb. However, Holmes needs something to put the potash in.

Go to the middle part of the large closet. On the shelf in this closet is a tray with purple crystals. Behind the bowl of purple crystals are 3 small bottles of "Black Edelweiss" and in the corner a few bottles of Chlorine. Take the purple crystals and take a bottle of Black Edelweiss and also a bottle of Chlorine. Turn around to the gate. At the bottom left is a Book and a Letter on the desk. Click on the book and Holmes will grab a letter. Read this letter in "Documents". The Grasshopper Company is apparently the company where Gygax orders a lot of stuff and this company now complains that Gygax does not pick up the ordered stuff. Also take the Book and read this book in "Documents" also.

Go back through the gate and exit the lab through the back left door and you are back in the cell corridor. Now follow the corridor backwards and around the corner to the left at the pantry. Walk to the end door in the back of the hallway. Take the keys from your "items" and click on the lock of the door. The door swings open, so step into the cell corridor.

Patient Becker

So you are now in the continuation of the cell corridor. Patient G. Berta is locked up in the 1st cell.

Past Berta is a corridor to the left, but you ignore it. Walk straight ahead.

You see a nurse walking down the hall 2 times and Holmes warns to be especially careful to avoid detection. Holmes would also like to take out those nurses so that he can talk quietly with some patients. From the cell of G. Berta you go straight on and at the end turn left. The first cell on the left is patient Becker's cell. Go to Becker's door and look through the door window. click with your left mouse button to talk to Becker.

Becker wants his medications and those are the Purple crystals you have seen in the closet in the lab. So select the purple crystals in inventory and then click again with the chat cursor on Becker ...... Becker cannot swallow the purple crystals like this. They need to be dissolved in water, and Becker says you can find water in the courtyard. So go back to the:

Courtyard Garden

As soon as you are back in the courtyard you walk to the right and then up to the Fountain.

 Stand in front of the fountain, take the Tin Cup from your "Items" and click Hand in the pond.

Holmes fills the container with water. Then combine in "Items" the Purple Crystals with the Tin Cup and Holmes dissolves the crystals in the water.

You now have "Becker's Medicine". So go back to Becker via the map.

Select Becker's medicine in inventory and give it to Becker's medicine via the talking cursor

Becker has now calmed down and Holmes can now talk with him. Becker would like Holmes to take out the nurses. Holmes asks Becker where the key to the bird cage is in the courtyard. Becker says the "Crazy Girl" might know that and want to tell Holmes when Holmes returns her doll. Nice that one madman calls another mad woman crazy. Well ........ On to:

Crazy Gerda:

From Becker, go back to the end door by the cell where Holmes was locked up. You can do this on foot or you can use the map to end up at the laboratory door and then continue to the Holmes cell. Open the end door with your keys and go to the last cell on the left.

This is Crazy Gerda's cell and, as you can see, Gerda is "at home". First grab the Rag doll from your "items" so that the Rag doll is at the top right of your screen. Then go to Gerda's door and click the talk cursor in the cell window through the door window to give the doll to Gerda.

Gerda snatches Heidi, her rag doll, from Holmes's hands. Listen to Gerda. Gerda talks about a "Bad Man", who took the "Heidi doll" from her and as revenge Heidi cut his head off. Holmes asks where the bird cage key is hidden and Gerda says that the key can be found in the room of that "Bad Man", now the room of the "Lady". Gerda then takes the key from that room from Heidi's belly and gives the key to Holmes.

Go, via the map, back to the courtyard. Holmes ends up again to the right of the birdcage. Walk to the left and then go through the gate into the hallway. Walk down and Holmes ends up at the door of Frau Müller. Open the door with the key Holmes got from Crazy Gerda and enter Müller's room.

Frau Müller's room:

Walk to the left. There is a desk under the window. There are some items on the desk and a plant basket is hanging on the wall to the right of the window.

To the left is the bedroom and behind the bedroom is another room with a large wardrobe. First walk through the corner to the right of the desk and then grab the Plant Basket from the wall. Then stand to the right in front of the desk. Read the book that lies in the middle of the desk. Then grab the Note and read this "Note to fraulein Müller" in your "Documents". It is a note from Müller's optician and it says that Müller got the wrong glasses and if she just wants to return the glasses. Close the inventory screen. On the right of the desk is a box containing the Glasses. Grab the Box and you then have the Glasses. On the left of the desk is a large bottle. Grab the Bottle.

Turn left and walk through the bedroom to the room on the other side. A white blouse hangs in the wardrobe.

Click with your hand on the white blouse and Holmes takes out the bird cage key.

Open up the Bird cage:

Exit Müller's room and go back to the courtyard and continue to bird cage.

Find the door in the bird cage again and then open the door with the key from the white blouse and ....

The birds fly out of the cage and through the corridors and spaces of the asylum.

The nurses run after the birds in an attempt to catch them again.

Lure the Cook out of the kitchen:

Holmes then stands in the corridor outside the courtyard and looks at the door of the operating room. Now that the nurses are busy chasing the birds, Holmes can investigate the rest of this  mad house. Turn around and follow the corridor around the courtyard to the Kitchen door (Kuche), on the other side of the courtyard.

NB: You can also walk all the way through the courtyard and then go out behind the bird cage and then you have also reached the kitchen door.

To the left of the kitchen door is a note on the door. Click on the note and Holmes will read it out and reads that because of a fire, no one except Gygax and the cook should enter the kitchen. Despite this warning, try to open the kitchen door, so click with your hand on the kitchen door and ....

Through the window to the left of the kitchen door, Holmes sees the cook working in the kitchen.

 if Holmes wants to search the kitchen, he'll have to get the cook out. Perhaps a smoke bomb can help with this. Re-enter the courtyard and return to the pond. Stand right in front of the pond again so that you can click in with your hand. Take the Blue Bottle (Large bottle in holder) from your "items" and click in the pond.

Holmes fills the bottle with water. Leave the courtyard and return to the Laboratory, via the map:


Enter the Laboratory again and go to the still unconscious male nurse behind the gate. Those 2 potash bottles are on the floor to the right of the nurse. Stand in front of the potash bottles. Take the Tin Cup from your "Items" and then click on the right potash bottle and Holmes will fill the food tin with potash.

Go back through the gate door and walk through the lab, back to the front table. Stand directly in front of the table. To the left of the bloodied cloth is a scale on the lab table. Take the Blue Bottle with water from your "Items" and then click on the scale. Holmes then knows the capacity of the bottle. Then take the Tin Cup with Potash from "Items" and click on the scale again and Holmes will also weigh this

Now combine in "Items" the Chloride with the Blue Bottle and the Tin Cup with the Blue Bottle and you have a Smoke Bomb.

Go back to the kitchen door via the map

Take the Smoke Bomb (Smoking device) from "Items" and click again on the kitchen door and .... 

the door opens and Holmes quickly puts the smoke bomb in the kitchen.

The cook leaves the kitchen screaming. Step inside and step forward through the smoke. Turn right. You are standing in front of the large kitchen table.

On the left, under the window, is a letter ..... Click the letter ........ On the letter was also a Truss for roast beef and Holmes has this meat wire in Inventory. Read the Note for Hildegarde in "Document". This letter contains directions for raising the elevator. 3 short bells and 1 long bell will raise the elevator. Close the inventory screen. Go back to Becker via the map ...

The 2 grille doors:

Holmes is back at Becker's cell. Talk to Becker again.

Holmes now explains why he is here and he promises Becker that he will get him out of this mad house. Becker talks about a group of "foreigners" who were detained until recently. All those foreigners spoke a different language, but one day Becker heard them all say the same text. Suddenly those foreigners have all been taken elsewhere.

To the right of Becker's cell door is a small serving trolley (Rolling table). Grab the Serving Trolley and then turn around completely around

You look at the niche in the back of the hall. If you look closely you will see 2 levers in the wall and a grille. Go to the two levers and the grille.

Look through the grille fence. You will see another trellis fence. Turn around to the two levers on the wall.

Click the Left Lever and ... the front grille door will open. Click the Right Lever and ... the rear grill door will open but ... the front grill door will close again. Click the Left Lever and ... front gate opens again but the back gate closes again. Holmes can never open both gates at the same time. He needs help or has to come up with something that will allow him to operate the right lever when going through the front gate.

Make sure the front gate is open. So if the front gate is closed, click on the Left Lever again. The front gate will be open but the rear gate will be closed. Turn to the Right Lever, but don't click it now. Right under the right lever you get your Hand on 1 of the stones in the wall, just above the floor.

Take the Serving Trolley from your "Items" and then click on the Stone in the wall and Holmes puts the serving trolley under the right lever. Then take the Plant Basket from "Items" and click Hand on the right lever. Holmes hangs the plant basket on the right lever.

Now a heavy weight still has to be placed in the plant basket. Go back down the hall to the connecting door at Berta's cell, open the door and walk on to the pantry door. Enter the pantry again and immediately turn right. Next to the shovel, against the right wall, is a nice heavy Anvil.

Grab the Anvil and return to the grille gates and the 2 levers and stand directly in front of the serving trolley. Take the Anvil from "Items" and click with your hand on the Plant Basket, which you have hung on the right lever.

Holmes puts the anvil in the plant holder. Now take the Meat Wire (Truss for roast beef) from "Items" and click with your "gears" on the serving trolley. Holmes attaches the wire to a leg of the serving trolley. Go through the opened front grille. Then turn around to the end of the Wire. Click with the hand  on the wire, and......

Holmes pulls the serving trolley away and the weight of the anvil lowers the right handle. The rear gate opens, but of course the front gate closes again. Turn around and go through the now opened rear gate.

On the right a wide stone spiral staircase goes down. Here is a lever on the short wall. Click on the lever to open the front grille again.

If all goes well, both gates are now open, so you can return to Becker later.

Descend via the spiral staircase and Holmes ends up in an even deeper corridor.

Patient Wolff

The corridor straight ahead is a dead end but there is a corridor to the right. After the turn to the right you see a cell.

Walk straight on to the cell, past the exit to the right. This is Wolff's cell. Talk to Wolff.

Wolff turns out to be a math miracle because the madman constantly says maths sums. Wolff, however, does not want to speak with Holmes. The only person Wolff wants to talk to is one Professor Schwartz. Holmes thinks it would be wise to study Wolff's file.

Turn around and enter the side corridor and continue to the next intersection

The corridor continues straight but there is a turn to left. Follow the left corridor to the end. The end door in this corridor is a closed door.

Water well room

The sign next to the door says "Kein Zutritt", "No Access". Click on the door lock of this door. 

The door is locked but Holmes says he will have no problem forcing the lock. Take the Spoon out of your "Items" and then click on the door lock again and you end up in a:

 Door Lock puzzle:

You have solved this kind of puzzle before. Only now the 10 number discs are a bit more mixed up. Number the 5 slots again, from top to bottom, A, B, C, D, E and then do the following:

Insert disc 9 in E. 
Insert disc 3 in D. 
Then insert discs 7, 8 and 9 in B. 
Insert disc 1 in E. 
Insert disc 3 in A. 
Insert disc 5 in D. 
Insert disc 10 in B. 
Put discs 4, 3 and 2 in D. 
disc 6 in A.

Now place the discs 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6, in sequence, back in C. 
Then insert the discs 10, 9, 8 and 7 in D.
  Finally, insert the discs 7, 8, 9 and 10  back in C and .....

the door opens.

Enter and go to the Well.

Click on the stone edge of the well and Holmes tells that the well is deep and flows into an underground river. Then click in the well and . ... there is a bloody corpse in the well. Turn around to the door. 

There is a key on the floor to the left of the door. Grab the Key. In the right corner are some bloody tools of the executioner. Enter the hallway and follow the hallway back to the Jotunn cell and then left to the end. Holmes is then at the door of Gygax office.

Gygax office:

Open the Gygax door with the key you found in the water well room and then enter. Look around in Gygax room. Immediately after entering you turn left. 

In the corner you can see the fireplace. To the left of the fireplace grille is a white poker. Grab the Poker.

Go to the desk. Stand directly behind the comfortable desk chair and look at the desk.

On the left of the desk is a key. Grab the Key. It's a Classroom Key. There is also a letter on the desk. Grab the letter.

There's also a Telegram on the desk .... Grab the Telegram. Read this "Telegram from New Orleans" in "documents ...

NB: This "Telegram from New Orleans" is the "Trigger" for travelling to New Orleans, so do not forget to read it. 

Also read the "Handwritten Letter" and the "Wilhelm Burgers Letter" in your "Documents". If you have read it all, close the inventory screen again.

 Force the top desk drawer open with the Poker. Then click twice in the opened drawer.

Holmes first reads a few bank statements about the sale of diamonds out loud and then he takes a letter from the drawer. There is an oil stain on the letter. Close the drawer again. There is another door opposite the desk. It is the door to Gygax private torture chamber. To the right of that door is a narrow chest of drawers and to the right of it is a table. Go to the table and then click on the book that's on it. Holmes doesn't think it is "bedtime" reading.

Stand directly in front of the narrow chest of drawers and then click with your Hand on the top two drawers. Holmes opens the 2nd drawer. This drawer contains the patient files. Click on the Wolff file and Holmes will read it and grab the photo of Professor Schwartz. 

View the photo in "Documents".

Close the drawer and go to the door to the left of the drawers. The door is locked but break open the door using the Poker and then enter the "torture chamber".

Look around here and click on everything you can click on. There is also a desk in one of the corners.

 Go to the desk and then grab the Gygax Notebook on the left.

Read this "Doctor's Gygax Notebook" in "Documents". There is a blackboard on the wall to the right of the door. There is something faintly written on it blackboard. Go to the blackboard and click on it and listen to Holmes's comment on the faint text, just visible on the blackboard.

Then open the "reports" section of the inventory screen and read Holmes's notes on this "Torture Room".

Open the map (Map) and then click on the "Becker" location to return there in one  swoop.

Back at Becker, continue to the right through the corridor and right at the intersection

On the left is the Landry room Waschkuche and on the right is the door of the Classroom (Unterrichtsraum).


Open the classroom door with the Classroom Key and step inside. Walk straight to the bookcase, which is behind the round pillar against the other wall.

On the middle shelf of the bookcase is a Fake Beard. Grab the Fake Beard.

Then combine in "Items" the Fake beard with the Glasses and Holmes has a Professor Schwartz disguise. Go to the teacher's table, near the blackboard.

There is a Letter on the teacher's table. Grab the Letter and read this letter from a professor Herzog in "documents". The letter mentions an "Anonymous Patient".

The One, or "The Great Lord":

Go back to the lower corridors via the map and Wolff's cell via the "Stairs" location

At the bottom of the spiral staircase, take the Professor Schwartz Disguise from your "Items". Go to Wolff's cell and talk to Wolff again.

Holmes has now disguised himself as Schwartz and Wolff now wants to talk. Wolff tells a lot but the most important thing he tells is about a Secret Room and how to open that secret room. Wolff has seen Gygax open the Chamber of Secrets. Gygax does this by making the sound of fire at the doors of Gygax, Wolff and the Water Well.

When Wolff has finished speaking, turn around completely. There is a torch on the wall, directly opposite Wolff's door, this is torch 2. Go to the hallway at the Water well room. Also opposite the Water Well door is a torch on the wall and that is torch 3. Go to the door of Gygax office. To the left of Gygax door is also a torch and that is torch 1. Holmes must now pull on all these 3 torches, but in the order as Wolff did. Always stand directly in front of the torch and then click on it with your hand

You are already at the Gygax door, so click with your Hand on the torch to the left of the Gygax door.

Sprint back to Wolff and click on the torch opposite Wolff's cell with your Hand.

Sprint to the Water Well Door and click on the torch opposite the Water Well Door and .... 

the back wall of this corridor slides open.

Enter the Chamber of Secrets and then turn left around the corner and ..... Holmes now meets a Fakir.

This is "the One" and this bearded idiot thinks he is immortal and calls himself "The Great Lord"

The One is displeased that Holmes has the courage to disturb him. He asks Holmes to tell him his real name. You have to type the answer again in the black box at the bottom of the screen. So the question is: "What is the name of the enlightened one?". The answer to this question can be found in the "Strange Poem" that Mycroft has more or less translated for Holmes. So read this Strange Poem again in "Documents" The poem always mentions one "Light of Aloyss". But if you read Mycroft's answer again, you read that Mycroft was not able to translate the poem really well. He only struck one blow. "Light of Aloyss" must be "Light of Abyss".

So in answer to the question is LIGHT OF ABYSS, so type this and then press Enter or click on the "V".

The beard man is now really going crazy and this noise attracts the attention of the nurses who will come here.

So RUN quickly to the door of Gygax office and enter it like a rocket.

Gygax office:

Go back to the narrow chest of drawers and open the 2nd drawer again. Holmes has already extracted the Wolff file from this drawer. Now he is looking for that anonymous patient's file. Behind the file of patient Larion there is a file without a name on the label. That unnamed file is the file Holmes is looking for, so grab that unnamed file.

Read this "Anonymous File" in "Documents". Look across the room. In the back wall are 2 large grille doors. Those are the elevator doors. 2 cords hang on the left side of the elevator doors. Go to those 2 cords, witch are 2 Bell cords. When you pull the two cords you will hear a bell. In the "Note to Hildegarde", which you found in the kitchen, you can read how to open these elevator doors. In that note you read: "3 short bells and 1 long bell raise the elevator". Take a good look at the two cords. The left cord is shorter than the right cord.

Click the Left Cord 3 times in a row and then click the Right Cord 1 time and ..... the elevator doors will open.

Step into the elevator and the elevator will lower and Holmes will end up in the:

Laundry cellar:

Holmes ended up in the lower area of ​​the wash cellar. Get out of the elevator and immediately turn right.

You see a cell and the Anonymous Patient is in the cell.

Continue to the cell. While Holmes walks towards the cell, we see a male nurse at the top of the stone stairs. Continue to the cell door. Click on the lock of the cell door. Holmes says again that he can easily force the lock. So take the spoon again from your "Items" and then click on the door lock again. This time the cell door opens immediately, so you don't have to do the lock puzzle now. Enter the cell. Holmes tries to talk to the patient, but he does not say a word back. Stand directly in front of the patient and then left click and .....

Holmes now recognizes this anonymous patient. It is MORIATY, Sherlock Holmes' greatest enemy that everyone thought was dead.

Click again with your left mouse button and ....

Holmes starts talking to Moriaty and Gygax and some of the male nurses now know that Holmes is in the laundry cellar and, armed with clubs, they dash towards the laundry cellar. Holmes talks to Moriaty and he tries to tell Moriaty that Gygax is Moriaty's worst enemy ..... Holmes tells Moriaty that Gygax is none other than Sherlock Holmes.

 .... now Moriaty "wakes up" and under the scream of heavy screams Moriaty storms off to assault Gygax. Gygax and the male nurses go after Moriaty.

Escape the mad house:

Holmes is outside the cell again and looks at a door. Walk to the door then go right into the corner and turn right.

You are now in front of the stone staircase that goes up to the Linen room. Run up the stairs.

In the middle of the linen room is a large two-sided linen closet.

Go to the other side of the closet and grab the Bowler Hat from the shelves and also take  the Jacket and Holmes has completed his Amos Colby outfit.

Holmes is then at the right door. Open the door and ....

Watson and Inspector Bilger arrive in the mad house reception hall and "arrest" Amos Colby and in the car Watson finds out that Colby is his friend Sherlock Holmes. There is a loading and then we are back on the train. Watson is a bit angry because Holmes has not told him that he would enter the mad house as Amos Colby. But as always, Holmes ignores the anger from his side kick and he asks Watson where they will continue their investigation now.

So you have to type the answer to Holmes's question in the black box again. Amos Colby was a detective from New Orleans and Holmes has hinted that the investigation should be continued in another continent, if you have read the "New Orleans Telegram". So in America. So type: NEW ORLEANS and then press Enter again or click on the "V" and .......

Holmes whole heartedly agrees and instructs Watson to book in two places on the boat. A young boy then enters the compartment and the boy gives Holmes a box.

This is a nice joke from the creators of the game. Just listen what Watson says. 

The young boy is a very young Hercule Poirot who is travelling with his mother. We then end up in:

Chapter 3: New Orleans:

2020: English walkthrough by Louis Koot