2020: Walkthrough by: Dick Leeuw and Louis Koot

Text by Dick Leeuw and the screenshots by Louis Koot

You see the map of Italy. You will see an image of a castle: Castello Estense. Then click on: Play Chapter.  

You are in a cell, in front of you is a bowl with a ladle. You will see a Tutorial how to look around, hold down left mouse button and then move.  

A guard looks through the hatch and........

......moments later a leather tube is thrown through the hatch at the bottom of the door. Pick up the tube and it will be in your inventory, 

Click on the tube in the inventory and you will see a tutorial on how to open the tube.

Unscrew the top and pull the letter out of the tube,  

the letter will then go into your inventory.

  Click on the letter and you will see a tutorial on how to read this letter, drag the letter upwards with the mouse pressed.  

  At the bottom of the letter you will see a key in a coiled ribbon, unroll the ribbon and you have the key.  

Click the key to your inventory and double click on the door. Now drag the key to the square rivet, turn the key clockwise.


The keyhole is now visible, drag the key to the keyhole.

  Turn the key counter clockwise and pull the door fully open.  

Look at the floor and pick up the ladle, you will need it in the next room.  

Double click in the doorway, you enter the room next to the cell.

You see 2 barrels, a hatch in the floor, a reel with a chain and a handcuff hangs from that chain.  

  Turn around and in a niche between the door and the stairs is a strange shaped screw.  

Double click in the niche and take the strange screw.  

Click this to your inventory and right click to zoom out. Turn around and go to the front barrel, at the front you will see a strange button.

Drag the strange screw to that knob and......  

  ..... turn it clockwise until the lid of the barrel has completely turn around. 

Double click on the device on top of the barrel, pull out the hooks A, B, C, D out

Then click on the centre piece and pull it out, it is part of a torture tool.  

  Click this to your inventory and you will see a + sign in your inventory, this means that you need another part to complete the object.  

  Then click on the part with the + sign, then drag the strange screw to the top of the other part.

Turn the strange screw clockwise and the torture tool is now complete.  

  Click right (2x) to zoom out and then click on the hatch in the floor. Now drag the torture tool to the grate in the hatch in the floor.  

  click the torture tool into the grate

Zoom out and go to the reel with the chain, turn the handle counter clockwise and the handcuff is on the floor.  

  Zoom in on the handcuff and drag the handcuff to the torture tool.  

The handcuff and the torture tool are now attached to each other. Zoom out and go back to the reel, turn the handle clockwise.

The hatch goes up but then the pin breaks and the hatch falls down.  

Now drag the ladle from your inventory to the axis of the reel, the handle is again attached to the axis.

Turn the handle clockwise again until the hatch is open.  

  Click on the opening and then jump down., 

You will see a gate. Zoom in on the top of the fence and pull the pin down.  

  The fence falls down, so go forwards into the sewer system of the castle

You are then in the underground vaults of the castle, you see a Gargoyle. Walk across the bridge to the wheel. 

Zoom in on the wheel and on the edge of the wheel you will see a slide. Lower the slider and now you can turn the wheel.  

Turn the wheel clockwise and a trellis gate goes up.  

  Double click in the gate opening.  

Then turn left, in the niche you will see an opening.  

Turn back and go forward, on the right you see a lever on the bridge and the lever is stuck. On the left you see a chest in a hole in the wall.  

Zoom in on the plane with the 3 circles, 

Turn the left and right circles CA and B) so that the openings on the circles point to the centre.

Turn the middle circle (C) a quarter turn, the catches shift and the cover opens.  

Take the gold and silver plated button.  

 Zoom out and then zoom in on the area above the circles, you will see a number of slots and a number of buttons.  

In the middle slot you see 2 holes, drag the button to those holes.  

  Then pull that button (A) down, the 2 gold buttons (B and C) go up. Drag the 2 silver buttons (D and E) to the centre and the lid opens.  

Open the lid further, you will see a hemisphere with discs. In the lid you see a letter, take the letter.  

The letter is about the device in front of you, with this you can look into the past. Things you do there affect the present.

Click the letter away and in the lid you will find a button, take that button.  

  Drag that button to the hole on top of the hemisphere. Click the button again and all locks will open.  

. You will get hints about what you must do with the sphere

  You now have to put the discs in the correct position, the bottom disc is fixed

  When the discs A and B are in the right place, the hemisphere opens.  

Take the golden sphere and now you see the sphere in the middle right, it is the Oculus Perpetua.  

The Oculus Perpetua sphere will be placed at the right edge of your screen and it will remain there during the rest of the game. 

Now click on that sphere, you will see a coloured ring appear.  

Zoom in on that ring, left click on the screen and.........

...... hold the cursor in the middle of the ring with the mouse button pressed.  

You will then be drawn to the past.  

 Then go to the lever on the bridge, you can now move the lever. Move the lever to the other side, the gargoyles stop spewing water.  

You can see that the bridge is repaired in the past and also in today, you are back in the present.  

Click in the niche at the bridge, now you can get there, in the niche is a stone head. Take that head and zoom out, 

then go to the niche with the hole in the middle. Zoom in on that hole and drag the stone head there.  

Pull down the lower jaw of the stone head, a secret door opens.  

Go down the hall and then up the stairs.  

You see a gate and on the right is a lever in the wall, pull the lever down.  

Then pull the gate aside and go through the gate, you will see the courtyard of the castle. You see a guard on the left,

when the guard disappears you see a open door on the other side of the yard. Go through that door.  

Behind the table you can see the "friend" who helped you to escape.

You will also see a tutorial for the conversation, click the left mouse button every time the conversation stops.


Then the conversation continues, it's Cesare Borgia and you find out that there is a price tag on the help with your escape. You must join and spy on Leonardo Da Vinci. The conversation continues and you get a notebook where you have to write everything down. You will also see a tutorial on how to use the notebook. Take the notebook from Borgia.


From now on, the notebook is at the bottom right and you will always note your progress.

You will also make drawings in the notebook. So check it in regularly. Open the notebook and check it out  

Then double click in the doorway.  

You go to Milan to Santa Maria delle Grazie.

Chapter 2: Milan  

2020: Walkthrough by: Dick Leeuw and Louis Koot

Text by Dick Leeuw and the screenshots by Louis Koot