Nick Bounty and the Dame with the Blue Chewed Shoe.

2020: Walkthrough by: Dick Leeuw

You can click on options but you can only set the volumes there and also the subtitles but that's all.

Moving ant turning Nick is done with the WASD keys, the mouse is only for interaction and not for turning.

This is good for games with a controller, but it is not convenient to play with a mouse and keyboard.

You cannot adjust the controls.

Start a New Game and then choose what you going to use: the controller or the keyboard  and mouse.

I play with the mouse and keyboard.

Watch the intro movie, Nick walks into a sewer.

He arrested a suspect, the game starts.

The suspect asks why you are arresting him, you will see a notebook with 4 answers.

It doesn't really matter which answer you choose.

A conversation follows and after that you will see a tutorial about the controls.

The suspect dropped a scanner in the water and now he's going to look for it in exchange for pictures that Nick has.

Click the tutorial away and look for the suspect in the water.

Nick can now also search in the water, he can find a coin and something else but that is not necessary.

How long you can search depends on how quickly the crook finds the scanner.

The arrow at the top left is your inventory, if the crook has found the scanner, he will give it to Nick.

Take the photos from the inventory and click on the crook.

Nick automatically goes to the playground and walks to the sandbox where a corpse lies.

There is a cop at the sandbox, talk to the cop. On the left you see 3 questions.

Click on the questions and the officer answers.

Press the H button and you will see where the hotspots are, you have to investigate all those places.

Start at the victim's legs and you will see a magnifying glass, click on the magnifying glass.

You will see a kind of tweezers, click on it and you will see that you can take a picture of this.

Click on the camera and Nick takes a picture.

You will see another tutorial.

Move the cursor to the sand above the head, there you will see another magnifying glass.

Go to the side of the sandbox and click on the sand with the magnifying glass, the sand is wet.

You can see that you can also collect traces here, click on the circle and then on the cotton swab.

Nick now has a sample of the sand.

In the left corner is a wooden train, there you will see another magnifying glass.

Click on that and Nick goes to the train, he says something but that is not important.

To the right of the train are 2 benches, here too Nick says something about the benches.

Turn to the left, there you will see a dog collar.

Click on the collar and Nick says there is an inscription.

Then click on the collar with the tweezers, take a photo.

Turn around and walk along the 2 benches to the tree, there is something glistening between the leaves.

Click on that, you can't grab it and Nick says it's a handbag.

Turn around and walk down, see with your cursor what things you can see.

You can view the carousel and there is a coin on the slide.

Take the coin and go to the carousel.

Then walk down the slides, then go right.

There is a police car with 2 officers, talk to the officers.

When you are done talking, you automatically zoom out.

You see a climbing device and 2 waste containers, in the bottom round box you see a women's shoe.

You should also take a sample of this again, click on the cotton swab.

Then click on the waste containers, there is nothing to be found.

Then go back to Officer Wilmer at the sandbox, talk to Wilmer.

Right on the edge of the sandbox you see spider, view the spider.

Wilmer is afraid of spiders and then he shoots the spider.

Go back to the tree and then walk back to Agent Wilmer, tell him there's a spider in the tree.

The officer takes his gun again and shoots the spider in the tree, the handbag falls to the ground.

Click on the handbag, click on the circle and then click on the fingerprint.

Nick walks back to officer Wilmer, after the talking Nick returns to his office.

If you have not found all the evidence, you cannot leave here yet.

Nick is in his car and you will see a map, you can go to Nick's office or to the morgue.

Go to the morgue to find more evidence, the body has been taken to the morgue.

The body is on the table and Nick wants to examine the body, but the doctor doesn't allow it because of the 2 officers in the hall.

You will see a number of questions again, ask all of them to the doctor.

Nick has to distract the officers if he wants to examine the body.

Click the H button and you will see all the hotspots, view them all.

Click on the doors and walk past the officers to the other room.

There is a filing cabinet next to the entrance.

To the left of this is a table, on which lies a baton.

Take the baton.

Walk to the donut machine, take the coin from your inventory and click on the donut machine.

You will get a donut, but one of the officers will take this donut from you and then walk back to the hall.

 You want both officers out of the hall, you need more donuts.

You must have more coins, go outside and then to Nick's office.

Go to the hall and click on exit.

 Go to the office via the map.

Nick gets out of the car and talks to Steve who is feeding the pigeons on the sidewalk.

You can see more here, click the H button and you will see the hotspots.

Walk to the left and you will see the entrance to Nick's office, you will also see the parking meter.

 Click on the parking meter and Steve will tell you what happened.

Click on the parking meter and Nick says that the meter is clogged with coins.

Then take the baton from the inventory and click on the parking meter.

Nick hits the meter and a bunch of coins fall out.

Take the coins and then click on the entrance to Nick's office.

In his office Nick finds the analyser that he has ordered.

Click the H button and you will see all the hotspots, view them all.

There's a toy crab on the desk, get that crab.

Then go to the analyser.

On the left you can analyse audio and images, in the middle you can analyse identities and on the right you can analyse evidence.

On the right you have 1 cotton swab, click on it and then click on the large area.

It is urine from the wet sand.

In the middle you see a cotton swab and a fingerprint, view them both in the large area.

The fingerprint is not recognized.

On the left you see 2 pictures, 1 is of the victim's legs.

The other is from the collar, which comes from the company “Woofing it down foods”.

You're done here now, click on the door.

Outside you walk to the car and click on the car.

Go to the morgue via the map.

Inside you walk to the donut machine, then take the coins from your inventory and click on the donut machine.

Nick has a stack of donuts and then calls free donuts.

The officers attacking the stack of donuts.

Then go to the room where the body is.

Click on the nose and there you will see fibres, then click on the cotton swab.

Then click on the mouth and then on the cotton swab, which contains the DNA of the victim.

Click on the victim's right hand and then take a fingerprint

Also click on the feet. There is nothing more to be found here.

Go outside and go back to Nick's office.

Go to the analysis device, click on Trace Analysis and drag the fibres  to the analysis box.

They are natural fibres, origin unknown.

Then go to the middle device, Identity Analysis, there you will now see a DNA sample and 2 fingerprints.

Drag the DNA sample to the analysis box, it is the victim's DNA.

Drag the fingerprint of the handbag to the analysis box, it is unknown.

Drag the victim's fingerprint to the analysis box, it is the print of Sia Leyhter the victim.

The fingerprint on the handbag is also from Sia.

Nick then searches the computer for other data from Sia and finds the address of Sia.

Then drag the print on the handbag back to the analysis box and you will see that it is also from Sia.

A new location is opened on the map.

Save your game here first if you also want to finish the game with the other assistants.

Nick walks to his desk and now chooses an assistant.

He placed an ad and selected 3 candidates.

The candidates are first introduced and Nick then asks each candidate 3 questions.

I don't really care what questions Nick asks.

After the questions you can choose an assistant, do that.

It does not matter who you choose because your assistant will join you in the following sections.

The assistant has comments, but that does not affect the game.

It is only in the last part that it is slightly different, mainly how Nick has to switch off a laser.

Also in the end it is slightly different how the cats are caught.

I chose the woman and I saw on a video walkthrough how it goes when you choose the second.

I do not know how the solution is for the third but it will not differ that much.

If you have chosen your assistant you will see the map, you will see 2 location.

Sia's apartment and Sia's office, Woofing it Down Foods. It doesn't make much difference which you do first.

I will do the apartment first, then you will have to go back and forth 1 x less.

Between the apartment and the office.

First, go to Sia's apartment.

Click the H button and you will see the hotspots, view them all.

On the coffee table you can see 3 pictures of cats.

There is a bag of dog food on the breakfast bar, take a photo of the scratches on the dog food bag.

Go to the counter, click on the teapot and the bag of treats for the cats.

Click on the refrigerator.

Turn around and walk to the cupboard, there is a shopping list on the door.

There are also bottles in the cupboard.

Then look left in the corner next to the cupboard, there is a dead rat.

Collect DNA with the cotton swab.

Walk back to the entrance, there is the stairs up.

Go upstairs and you will enter the bedroom, walk to the mirror.

There is a key in front of the mirror, take that key.

Click on the bathroom door. Inside you can click on the bath, the carpet, the toilet roll and the sink.

Go back to the bedroom, walk around the bed to the closet.

Open the door and you will see a shelf with shoes and a safe.

The safe is of course locked.

Take the fingerprints on the safe.

You're done here for now, go downstairs and leave the apartment.

Click on Woofing it Down on the map.

Continue in part 2

Nick Bounty and The Dame with the Blue Chewed Shoe part 2.

Nick and his assistant are now in the Woofing it Down Foods office.

Nick will talk to Sia's colleagues.

Nick is standing in front of a plant to the right of Liddy Bahms' desk, click on the plant.

Then go talk to Liddy Bahms, you will see a list of questions.

Click on each question and you will get the name of the other colleague.

Talk to Teddy Novack.

Ask all the questions again, the assistant must look up the images from a security camera to check Novack's alibi.

Walk to the fax machine, to the right of the fax machine is a waste bin.

Click on the waste bin and you will see the remains of a lunch.

Teddy Novack calls Nick, talk to Teddy again.

Teddy says that Liddy sometimes eats lunch that isn't hers.

Then talk to Liddy again.

Then walk past the fax machine, you can view the fax and the files.

Then walk further to the left to Sia's office.

View the coffee cup, the plant, the photos and the monitor.

Click on the monitor again and then take a picture of the screen, Nick will check this on his own computer.

Under the desktop you see a drawer, it is locked.

Take the key you found in Sia's apartment and click on the drawer.

In the drawer you see a note and 2 bags of cat treats.

Nick wants to know who sent that note, take a fingerprint of the note.

You're done here. Go to Nick's office via the map.

Nick gets the video tape of Teddy Novack's alibi from Emily.

Then analyse all new evidence, on the panel on the right the cotton swabs.

The panel in the middle shows fingerprints of the safe and also of the note in the drawer.

 The fingerprints on the note are from Ally Leyther, the sister of Sia, you also have her address.

There is a new location on the map, Ally Leyther's home.

 On the panel on the left you see the photo of the bag of dog food and the photo of the computer screen.

Drag the photos to the analysis box.

 In the video you see a person dancing, click on the right arrow to go to the last photo.

Then click on Enhance and the photo will be enlarged, you will see that it is Teddy Novack so his alibi is correct.

 All the evidence has been analysed. Leave the office and go to Nick's car.

Via the map you go to Ally's house.

Go to the door and talk to Ally.

Inside you continue talking to Ally, when the conversation is over click the H button and you will see all the hotspots.

Click on the gramophone, the poster above it and the fireplace.

Then walk to the left, there is a display case with trophies.

Then walk to the kitchen where Emily is standing, click the H button again.

Click in the top right corner on the cookie jars, on the left you see 2 drawers.

Click on the bottom drawer and Nick will see blood on the side of the drawer, take a sample with the cotton swab.

Then click on the top drawer, then go to the refrigerator.

When you have viewed the refrigerator, click the S button.

Then walk to the counter top, on which is Max's notebook, take the notebook.

 Exit the kitchen and walk to the left, in the hallway you will see 3 large photos of Ally.

To the right is the bathroom, go there and click on the mirror and the art on the wall.

 Go back to the hall and then go to the bedroom at the end of the hall.

Nick sees a lot of dolls here, Nick doesn't go in here.

Then go to the guest room, click the H button. Click on all the hotspots, the desk, the window, the TV and the bed.

Then go to the wardrobe and click on the doors, there are coats in the closet and there are shoes on the floor.

Then click on the shoes and you will see 2 places where you can take traces.

With one you grab a sample of the dirt on the shoes and with the other you take a photo of the profile of the shoe.

Click on the door to the guest bedroom and you will go to the hallway.

Go to Ally and ask some questions.

When you have answered all the questions you will hear a horn, Max will pick up Ally.

Back at Nick's office, you're going to analyse the new tracks.

Right panel: the traces on Max's shoes, they are traces of seagulls.

On the centre panel, Nick searches for the videos from the security cameras of nearby fishing ports.

Click on the centre panel screen and analyse the blood from the drawer in Ally's kitchen.

Go to the left panel, analyse Max's notebook.

You will see a series of numbers, the code is stored in your inventory.

Then take a look at the photo of Max's shoes.

Then watch the video of the fishing port. Browse the photos but you don't know yet which boat you are looking for.

Click on the door and go to the apartment of Sia via the map.

Go to the bedroom and go to the safe in the closet.

Take the code from your inventory and click on the safe.

The safe is open and there is a piece of paper with the name of a boat.

Go to the door and go down, then click on the outside door.

Go back to Nick's office.

In the office, Nick and his assistant argue, and Emily investigates alone.

Look at the pictures of the boats again, look for the boat El Pescado.

Scroll through the photos and click on Enhance each time until you find the boat El Pescado.

Leave the office.

Outside you talk to Street Steve, he is feeding the pigeons.

Click on Nick's car and then go to Berti Haven via the map.

You are standing on the jetty and the boat El Pescado is on the right.

Walk to the gangway on the side of the boat, but Nick cannot climb aboard the boat.

He is attacked by seagulls.

On the roof of the cabin you can see a nest with young seagulls.

Click on nest and you will see that the young are hungry.

You must now have food for the young seagulls, there is nothing here.

Go back to the office and talk to Street Steve.

Steve is still feeding the pigeons.

Click on the pigeons and then on Steve again, then ask if you can have the food for the pigeons.

Steve says no as long as the pigeons are with him.

End the conversation and then take the toy crab from your inventory, click on the pigeons with the crab.

Nick throws the crab between the pigeons and they are now flying away.

Click on Steve again and ask again if you can have the pigeon food, you will now get the food from Steve.

Click on the car and go back to the port Berti.

Walk to the gangway, get the pigeon food from your inventory and then click on the bird's nest.

The young birds are fed and Nick can now walk up the gangway, jump on board.

Click on the leg prints and take a photo of the paw prints.

Walk down and click on the refrigerator.

Then click on the oven, you will see a charred paper in the oven. Take a picture of the paper in the oven.

 Walk further, click on the toilet. Then click on the wet spot on the floor.

Take a sample of the wet spot.

Click on the footsteps and take a photo of footsteps.

Walk back and you will see a broken curtain above the sink, take a picture of the curtain.

Click on the sink and you will find empty cans there.

When you have found all the evidence, you will automatically go back to the office.

Street Steve sits not on his place and Nick hears Steve calling for help.

Walk to the right and click on the narrow alley just behind the car.

Nick walks into the alley and is met by a big fighter boss.

You have to beat this fighter, you can kick or hit depending on where you click on him.

There are also arrows, you can go left or right.

The first time you kick, a barrel of liquid falls over and the liquid runs out.

Go to the right and then kick, the villain falls against a lamppost that breaks.

Then go all the way to the left and hit, you will receive a blow back and you will be next to the lamppost.

 Click on the pole and it falls down and then lies in the liquid.

Go to the right and then kick, the crook gets into the liquid with the sparks, see what happens.

Nick has won but is then knocked down at the back.

When Nick is awake again, click on the boxes. Walk to the right and click on the stack of boxes.

Steve emerges and talks to Nick for a moment.

 Back in the office, Nick is met by Sia's sister Ally.

 She wants you to stop investigating Sia's murder, choose an answer.

 You are threatened with a gun, after the last warning Ally leaves.

 You must now first analyse all new evidence.

Right panel: a cotton swab with urine.

Panel in the middle: a paw print.

Left panel: photo of the charred paper from the oven, it is a certificate of adoption of a dog.

When you have analysed everything you will receive a call, the man has kidnapped your assistant and wants you to come to a certain cafe in the evening.

It's hard to understand, but Nick's computer has recorded everything on tape.

Go to the left panel of the analyser.

At the bottom is the tape you need to analyse.

Drag the tape to the analysis box, you will now see the Audio Extraction Tool.

The sound of the tape is now split into 4 sound tracks.

You can now listen to each track separately by turning off the 3 other tracks.

The top right track is from the kidnapper / Max.

Nick has to come to the Le Chat cafe at 8 o'clock tonight.

Leave the office and click on the car, click on Café on the map.

Nick drives to the cafe while telling his theory.

Inside you see Emily tied to a table.

Nick quickly wants to free her, but then Max emerges.

A conversation follows and then Ally also appears.

After some talk, does Nick have to choose who the killer is?

Choose Max as the killer and the conversation continues.

Then choose that Max kidnapped your assistant.

The next question is who is Max?

Choose the answer: Max is a cat (a cat).

It then becomes clear that Max is not 1 cat but Sia's 3 cats.

When Ally hears that, Ally leaves.

The laser is turned on and the 3 cats flee.

You now have to turn off the laser, how to do this is different for each assistant.

Emily is now the assistant: go to the panel behind the bar.

Then call the help desk and you will notice that this is Emily's second job.

Walk to the cash register on the bar, you cannot open it.

Then take the baton from your inventory and click on it at the checkout.

The cash register does not open but slides sideways and there you will find a coin, take the coin.

 Go to the panel and take the coin from your inventory and click on the panel.

Nick unscrews the panel with the coin and you see a lamp flashing.

You can hear Emily as a helpdesk employee again, she wants to know which color.

That's not important, you have to press the button.

You have to press harder but it is not hard enough yet and Nick takes the baton again.

Nick then hits the panel and the laser goes out.

Moments later the laser switches on again, the laser moves upwards and then Emily threatens to be cut.

Fortunately, the device is a very large laser pointer.

You see the cats flee in a car, Nick chases that car. Nick is on top of the roof of a truck.

When Nick approaches and stands on the edge of the roof, the cat in de rear of the car shoots with the gun at Nick.

Take the baton from your inventory and click on the trunk lid of the getaway car.

The trunk lid pops open and the cat can no longer shoot at Nick.

You see a jug of gas in the trunk.

Then walk back to the front of the roof of the truck and a fire bomb will be thrown.

You will see fire on the tip of the roof, Nick walks to the back of the roof.

A pick-up truck drives past the truck, which contains a dead bush.

Click on the bush and Nick grab a dry branch from the bush.

 Then walk forward to the edge of the roof again and another fire bomb is thrown.

The roof is on fire again, take the dry branch from your inventory and click it in the fire.

Then take the burning branch and throw it in the trunk on the can of petrol.

 The trunk is on fire.

 Ahead, Emily is standing with a rake in her hand, throwing the rake at the getaway car.

 The getaway car is stopped and the cats are caught.

  End of the game.

 2020: Walkthrough by: Dick Leeuw