2020: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

Chapter 1: World A 1

Plaza A1:

A: On the way to Plaza 1

Logic Check

You have no idea who you are and where you are .... Look ... at least that is a familiar start because as is the case with so many games .....the primal mother of this game is of course Myst. Apparently you are not completely made of flesh and blood because you have robot arms and hands....in fact...you are a robot. You are in a courtyard and straight ahead you will see a purple gate. There's nothing to do here so move on to the purple gate, but don't go through yet. Listen to the voice you hear and that speaks to you ....... The voice says that he is ELOHIM ..... GOD himself he says that you are one of his children. You are invited to visit God in his temple.

The purple haze in the gate is an energy shield that you can just step through. Step through the purple gate and ... you end up in the next courtyard and at a blue gate. In the area to the left of the blue gate, you will see a yellow device. Try if you can step through the blue gate ..... Ha ha .... that is not possible because that blue is an impenetrable energy shield. You have to go through the gate though, so you have to somehow turn off that energy shield.

I find it more convenient to play in the 1st person, so that I don't see the figure ..... But in some puzzles it is useful to be in the 3rd person perspective because then you have a better overview of the environment and that can then be important. You have to judge for yourself what works best for you ....... 1st person or 3rd person.

Walk to the yellow device that you see in the area to the left

The yellow device is a Jammer (pronounce it in English as TJEMMER) ..... because Jammer has a completely different meaning in Dutch than in English ( In Dutch it means " It's a pitty") I have named these yellow devices Jemmers in my Dutch walkthrough. With these Jammers you can disable the blue energy shields, but also Mines / bombs and Turrets

Run into the Jammer ..... the game tells you what to do with it, so left click to pick up the Jammer. 

You then carry the Jammer in your hand ..... Turn around and walk, with the Jammer in your hand, back to the blue energy shield.

Stand right in front of the blue energy shield and aim the Jammer at it ...... the game shows you what to do ..... You have to disrupt the energy shield with the Jammer, so press your left mouse button to place the Jammer in front of the blue shield on the ground and ...... see ..... the blue energy shield disappears ........ If you pick up the Jammer again the shield will appear again, so don't do that.

Now walk through the gate and then to the right and enter the next area through the next purple gate. You cannot take Jammers through purple gates

Purple energy shield gates are the entrance gates to areas where you have to solve puzzles ..... so you have now reached the first of such an area. Walk through and then turn left and ...... Oops ....... what kind of ball is it that rolls back and forth there? That "Ball" is a Sentry mine and it has a scanner and it will kill you if you get too close to it .....

If you get too close to the mine it will emit red radiation to show that it knows you are there .... if you come even closer does BOOM and then you are dead ...... Death means that the area you are in resets itself so that you have to start all over again in the area. So make sure you always stay away from the Sentry mines .......

You have to continue but you cannot get past the mine like this. So you have to Jam the Mine, but you cannot go and retrieve the Jammer you just used for the Blue Energy Shield to use that Jammer here now. However, there is a side area on the right. Before the turn to the right, wait until the mine moves away from you again and then quickly go into the right area and ......... Thank God on your Bare Knees for his Gift ...... because here you will find a 2nd Jammer.

Pick up Jammer 2 and take the thing back to the purple gate, so you have to watch out for the mine. Try to walk back through the purple gate with the Jammer ... that is not possible ..... you can go through purple energy shields, but Jammers can not ...... The Jammer is knocked out of your hands and put back in the place where you found the thing. Lesson 1 is that you cannot take Jammers, and later also Connectors, with you through purple energy gates.

Return to the Jammer and pick up the thing again and take the thing with you again and now go Jam that pesky mine with it ....... So from a safe distance you aim the Jammer at the mine and then click the left mouse button to drop the Jammer. The Jammer is jamming the mine, causing it to turn blue and to hang motionless.

You can now safely pass the mine, so do that and follow the route to the left and ....... Oooooo ..... a new problem ....... on the wall is a Laser turret and that thing radiates a deadly red laser beam. If you are hit by the beam you are dead. But you can also Jam Turrets. You cannot go and pick up the 2nd Jammer because then the Mine will become active again and you cannot get past the mine again ...

Fortunately ...... here is also a 3rd Jammer in the corner. So pick up the 3rd Jammer and walk it back to the path where the mine hangs ...... The mine is already jammed by Jammer 2 so it seems illogical to Jam the mine with Jammer 3 ... ..But that is exactly what I recommend because it is handy if you can  take Jammer 3 or 2 with you to Plaza 1 ....... You will need a Jammer to be able to score your 1st STAR. .... Also aim Jammer 3 at the mine and then click your left mouse button to drop Jammer 3. So the Mine is now jammed by both Jammer 2 and Jammer 3.

Now walk to Jammer 2 again and pick it up again .......

Then walk past the mine with Jammer 2. Now aim Jammer 2 at the Laserturret .....

... Click your left mouse button again to put Jammer 2 down again ..... Jammer 2 Now the Turret is jamming

..... Ok ..... the turret is now disabled. Walk to Jammer 3, stand right behind Jammer 3 and pick up the thing again .......

...... Watch out because this will of course make the Mine active again ........

....... So quickly turn around and run, with Jammer 3 in your hand, into the alley that was covered by the Turret and run to the crossroads in the alley

Left and right it comes to a dead end .... you have to continue straight ahead, but on the right wall you see a white placard.

Put Jammer 3 here at the intersection and then walk on to that white placard on the wall

Say ..... the white placard looks a lot like a QR code that you can scan with your mobile phone and then end up on a website ........ Place your cursor on the placard and .. ... a text appears that you can read ...... You will find these kinds of placards a lot in the game and I will refer to them as QR placards in the future .... They are messages that have been left behind by your predecessors. Later in the game you can also paint text placards of this kind on walls yourself, but you can't do that yet.

It is advisable to find and read these QR placards ... they will give you a lot of information and maybe help too. Behind the tree grove, near the straight wall, there is a yellow ladder to climb back over the wall. Don't do that though as it will take you back to the blue shield gate and then reset the area so you have to start all over. At least this was the case in the original game

Now pick up Jammer 3 again and then follow the straight path and while you do that, ELOHIM will nag you again.

ELOHIM talks about "Trails" that you have to do and about "Seals" that you have to find. You arrive at the next gate and it has no energy shield.

To the right of the gate is another QR placard

Put Jammer 3 here again and then go and read that QR-placard........

Walk back to Jammer 3, pick it up again and carry it with you through the gate and .........

You have landed in a larger area ....... this is PLAZA 1 and here you are going to solve the first 4 Sigil / Tetris puzzles

B: World A 1 A: Plaza 1:

The door to Placa A 2 and the Temple of World A

Straight ahead you see 3 gates. Continue to the middle gate ..... Place the Jammer on the ground just before the gate. We'll leave the Jammer here for a while now. The left and right gates are open but the middle gate is closed with a gate door. Continue to the middle gate. In front of the gate is a signpost that points to the right. The sign shows the images of a green and a yellow Tetris / Sigil.

The gate is locked. Walk all the way against the lock plate and then do what the game says ...... 

so click your left mouse button and ........ unfortunately ...... the gate door will not open.

This is your 1st door lock puzzle. On the lock plate you see that you have to look for 3 green Sigils in the shape of an L and a Z ...... These are the Tetris blocks that you have to find and then place here in the lock plate to puzzle them into the "checkerboard area". Only then will this gate door open.

The first 5 Tetris / sigil puzzles and your 1st Star:

Exit the gate and look left and right for a moment. On the left you see an open white gate through which you can go to the 3 sublevels on the left.

On the right you see an open white gate and a purple gate to the 2 sublevels on the right

Level A1:

To the right of the Middle Gate

You took a Jammer to this Plaza from the Logic Check and you put that Jammer here on the Plaza, just before the gate. 

Now pick up that Jammer again because you need the thing to get the 1st Star. Take the Jammer through the white gate to the right of the gate.

On the signpost in front of the white gate you see a green L-Tetris. Go through the gate. There are 2 gates here, a purple gate and a Fenced gate. 

The Star can be found in the area behind the fenced gate, but the fence in the gate will not open. First put the Jammer here again.

In the right corner, so to the right of the fenced gate, a piece of wall protrudes and that corner is covered by a bush of bushes.

Walk to the right wall and walk along the wall to the bush in the corner

Walk through the bushes up to the back wall and then turn left and ...... Hela .... a lever ....

well ........... Click on the lever to click the thing up and ..... you will hear a rattling sound.

Return to the Jammer and see ....... The Hekpoort is now open. Pick up the Jammer because you'll need the thing in a minute.

So now go through the opened gate and walk to the back of the area

Then turn right through the gate in the wall and ..... you will see a blue gate behind which the GOLDEN STAR floats ...... Well ..... Jam the blue gate.

Then run on and pick up the STAR ... You do that by running into the Star

... You have now scored your 1st Golden Star and you can see that in the top left of your screen

You don't need the Jammer anymore so it makes no sense to pick that thing up and lug it with you again so just leave the jemmer here.

Exit this area and when you are back through the gate, go left to the purple gate

The signpost at the purple gate tells you that you can find a green L-Tetrisstone in the area behind the gate. So go through the gate.

Tetris puzzle 1: Only the Two of Us:

Walk straight ahead ... you will see a blue gate and you will see a Jammer

Behind the Jammer is the enclosed area where the green L-Tetris floats and you can also see that that area is closed off by a blue gate.

Pick up the Jammer and take it to the front blue gate

You will have to jam the front blue gate first to reach the back blue gate so jam the front blue gate with your Jammer

To the left of the front blue gate is an alley to a side area with Jammer 2 in it.. Pick up Jammer 2 and take the thing to the front blue gate.

Now walk through the front gate with Jammer 2.....

...... then turn around and place Jammer 2 here on the ground so that Jammer 2 is also jamming the front gate from the inside

Now go to pick up Jammer 1 and take Jammer 1 to the rear blue gate. 

Now place Jammer 1 here to jam the rear blue gate with Jammer 1

Now pick up Jammer 2 again. This makes the front gate "close" again. 

Now take Jammer 2 through the rear gate, but watch out for the Turret. 

The red laser beams from the turret does not reach the beginning of the area, so get stiff against the fence and then jam the Turret with your 2nd Jammer.

Aim Jammer 1 on the turret, which then turns blue ..... Click your left mouse button to drop Jammer 1 and ..

... the Turret is now "frozen" and you can now go and retrieve the L-Tetris without danger

So go and collect your 1st green Sigil. Just run into it to score the thing

At the top left of your screen you will see that you have scored the 1st of the 3 required green Sigils and your God reports again

Go back, pick up Jammer 1 again on the other side of the gate and then jam the front blue gate again because otherwise you cannot get out.

Then go further back and through the purple and white gate back to Plaza 1

You are back on Plaza 1 ....... on the signpost at the white gate the green L-Tetris has now been crossed off to indicate that you have conquered this Tetris. You need to find another green L-Tetris and a green Z-Tetris to open the door in the center gate. Go left to the purple gate. The sign at the gate says you can score a yellow tetris in the area behind it. Yellow Tetrissen are needed in the Temple to activate the Connectors and you do not have to collect them now. But since we're here  we can just as well collect this yellow Tetris. So walk to the purple gate and step through and ... you are then in a side court of Plaza 1

Tetris Puzzle 2: Peephole

The game tells you that you can find a yellow Tetris here and the title of the puzzle  is "Peephole". Continue to the purple gate and then go right to the jemmer standing in front of the window. This is Jammer 1 in this area and the window is the "peephole".  Walk to the Jammer and look through the window.

Through the window you can see Jammer 2 .... Jammer 2 is jamming a blue energy shield from the inside. Through the alley, to the right of Jammer 2, a mine moves up and down ...... If you look a little longer you will see that there is also a 2nd mine, behind the alley mine and that second mine goes from right to left and visaversa. Those 2 mines need to be Jammed ...... However, you know you can't take Jammer 1 with you through purple gate. But you also need Jammer 2 to jam one of the 2 mines. If you now go through the purple gate to Jammer 2 and then pick it up, the blue energy shield will close and you will be stuck in the area where Jammer 2 is. So you can't do that ..... You have to Jam  that blue energy gate with jammer 1 first, Jammer 1 then ensures that that gate remains open

So pick up Jammer 1 and walk it to the window.

Make sure you are completely against the window and then point the Jammer at Jammer 2 and then click your left mouse button to drop Jammer 1.

Both Jammer 1 and Jammer 2 are now jamming the blue energy gate

Turn around and dive through the purple gate into the area and run to Jammer 2.

Pick up Jammer 2 and ........ Because Jammer 1 is now jamming the blue gate through the window (peephole), you can now leave the area with Jammer 2. So walk out with Jammer 2 and go to the alley where the mine moves through. Stay at the beginning of the alley and, a little to the right. Wait for Mine 1 to come to you.

Aim your Jammer already at the mine and when the mine is about halfway up the alley, click the left mouse button to Jam the mine and put the Jammer down.

You've probably also seen mine 2 moving back and forth in the back of the alley. So you need another Jammer to get past mine 2, but there are only 2 Jammers here. Jammer 1 is still jamming the blue gate but that is now completely unnecessary because you already have Jammer 2. So race back to Jammer 1, who is jamming the blue gate through the window. Pick up Jammer 1 again ..... this will close the blue gate again. Stay against the window and aim Jammer 1 now at the mine 1, which is now jammed by Jammer 2 and put the Jammer down again.

The mine is now jammed by both Jammer 1 and Jammer 2 and you can now grab Jammer 2 again and still walk safely through the alley. So run back to Jammer 2 and pick it up again. 

Jammer 1 is jamming the mine through the "peephole",  so run with Jammer 2 past mine 1 but stop when you have just passed and wait for mine 2 to show up ...

.... Mine 2 is coming from the right so wait for it and  then Jam mine 2 then with Jammer 2

When mine 2  also hangs  motionless then you follow the path to the right and then on to the yellow Tetris.

Walk into the yellow Tetris to get the thing and ......... God screams that you don't need this Tetris to open the gate on Plaza 1.

The icon that you now see at the top left of this yellow Tetris represents a Connector.

You need Connectors in World 2 but you have to "liberate" those Connectors first and you need 3 yellow Tetrises for that.

Turn around and follow the route back to Plaza 1.

 We have now done the 2 purple side courtyards on the right side of the Plaza. We now go through the white gate to the left of the big gate.

Word A 1: Plaza 1: The areas on the left side

2020: walkthrough by Louis Koot