2020: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

World A2

Plaza Amphitheater:

You are on the stone teleporter platform and God is talking to you. God explains a few things to you and says, with some emphasis, that you can go anywhere, but not to his Great Tower. Straight ahead you see the Amphitheater. In the Amphitheater a white envelope floats above a teleporter. On the signpost you see that there are 3 Tetrissen to score here, a green L and a green Z Tetris and a yellow L Tetris. There is a computer terminal on the left

First go and use the computer terminal. Click on all the links and get the MLA, the "Milton Library Assistant" on the screen. Play with it a little further. Make sure the MLA asks you to create an account for you and then go through the process of the Certification program. The system asks you a number of questions that you have to answer. You have to decide for yourself which answer you give to the questions

When the program is finished you can read some texts on the terminal ... These texts were left behind by your predecessors, so by people who ended up in these worlds before you. Those predecessors also left the QR messages. These texts are saved in your journal. You open the journal with your TAB key. You can read all texts in the Journal.

Audio messages:

In the theater, in the middle of the stands, you can see a white transparent envelope floating in a "fountain" of sparkling white light.

Walk to the envelope and walk into it and ..... Hela ..... it turns out to be an audio recording ..... you hear the voice of a woman ....

the woman whose voice you hear has apparently also been here in this mysterious world.

In every area you will find a new audio message from this woman, but they are always in a different form. 

The audio messages are always white translucent and always float in a "fountain" of sparkling white light, so they are easy to find.


Before we continue with the 3Tetris puzzles here you go through the tunnel under the stands to the area behind the stands.

Search the area for QR Paste and if you are lucky you will encounter a blue Ghost robot.

These Ghost are recordings made by your predecessors. In World B you will "Unlock" the Camera and once you have done that, the areas you still need to do will have the Film Camera from that moment on. With the Film camera you can then make recordings of what you are doing. When you then play the recording, your Ghost will perform what you did and this will allow you to solve complicated puzzle as well.

........ when you've had enough of wandering the area, return to the Amphitheater to solve the 3 Tetris puzzles there.

You can do the Tetrissen in any order but you have to score all 3 here.

If you want to follow me, you first find the purple gate for the yellow L-Tetris.

Tetris Puzzle 8: Suicide Mission

Follow the path to the left and ....... A Turret hangs on a wall. The Turret is currently inactive.

Walk a little further to under the Turret and take in the situation for a moment.

The Turret hangs in front of the blue energy gate and behind the gate is a mine.

The lever sticks to the wall to turn the turret on and off. The lever light is now red, indicating that the Turret is off.

Walk further into the corner behind the lever wall and ..... There is a Jammer in the corner. Get the Jammer and take it back to the Turret

It doesn't matter if you stand to the left or right of the Turret as long as you do it at a safe distance. Jam the Turret with the Jammer

Then run to the lever and "use" the lever to turn on the turret. You are in no danger because the Jammer Jamt the Turret.

Run back to the Jammer. Stand behind the Jammer and pick the thing up again and now jam the blue gate with the Jammer but do this from a safe distance

The Turret becomes active and shoots its red laser beams to the blue gate. The mine comes out ..... the mine moves to the Turret and ..........

BOOM ..... the Turret blows up the mine but also blows itself up.

Mine and Turret are now blown up so now run through the gate and follow the path to the yellow L-Tetris and score the thing.

You get the compliments of God and the gate will open. Exit this courtyard back through the purple gate.

Back at the Plaza, cross straight over to the purple gate on the other side. As you walk towards it you will pass a stone wall with a gate in it. 

However, that gate is locked, but behind the purple gate 3 you will find the keys for this gate. But that will come later ...... in Tetris Puzzle 10

... In the meantime you will have reached the purple gate for the green Z-Tetris ..

so step through the gate and you end up in:

Tetris Puzzle 9: Hall of Windows:

Follow the path to the left and ..... On the right is the blue gate A, on the left a purple gate and in the back is Jammer 1. Behind the purple gate is Jammer 2 but as you should know by now ..... you cannot take a jammer through a purple gate. To the left and right of the purple gate is a window and there are also 2 windows next to the blue gate

Continue to Jammer 1 and then look through the window into the area behind gate A .... You will then see the blue gate B.

Through the window on the other side you can see the blue gate C. Behind gate C floats the green Z-Tetris.

All those 3 blue gates have to be opened, but how are you going to do that?

Leave Jammer 1 where it is now still and now first go through the purple gate. Behind the purple gate you will find Jammer 2.

Pick up Jammer 2 and turn around again to the purple gate.

To the left and right of the purple gate is a window. Walk to the right window and stand all the way in the window.

Look through the window at Gate A. Now jam gate A with Jammer 2. Gate A is then open

Walk back through the purple gate to Jammer 1.

Now pick up Jammer 1 and take it through Gate A.

You are then in the area between Gate A and Gate B. Turn around to Gate A and now Jam Gate A from the inside.

So Gate A is now jammed by both Jammer 1 and Jammer 2. Go back through the purple Gate to Jammer 2 and pick up Jammer 2 again.

Gate A remains open through Jammer 1. Go with Jammer 2 to the left window and look through it. You now look through the 3 windows and see Gate C in the distance.

Jam with Jammer 2, through the 3 windows, the blue gate C and leave Jammer 2 here now.

Go back through Gate A and pick up Jammer 1 again. This will close Gate A again, but that's okay.

Turn around to Gate B and jam Gate B with Jammer 2 now

Both Gate B and Gate C are now open so go through Gate B and.........

 follow the path to Gate C and go through Gate C to the green Z-Tetris

Pick up the green Z-Tetris. Then follow the route back to purole gate and the Plaza

Back at the Plaza, follow the path to the right and then to the purple gate behind which you can score the green L-tetris.

Go through the purple gate and .........

Get ready to solve a difficult puzzle in which you will have to deal with 3 mines that will make life difficult for your robot, and don't count on your God for help

Tetris Puzzle 10: The Guards Must Be Crazy

2020: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot