2020: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

World A 3

You have landed on a Plaza stage again. The stage is in the middle of a pond and the pond is divided into 4 segments. There is water in every pond segment. There are many white pillars around the outer edge of the pond and each pillar has a Roman Numeral. On the left is the signboard and the inevitable terminal. The signboard tells you which Tetrises you can score behind the 4 purple gates here. Behind the terminal and the signboard is the base of a pillar on which you see a QR plaque.

The 3rd Gold Star

First use the terminal again and read all messages from your predecessors. You can read these messages in your Journal. Then stand between the sign and the terminal and make sure you have the QR plaque on the base in view. However, you cannot read this QR plaque. You must now scan this QR-Code with your own mobile phone, if your phone has the software for it. The QR-Code then gives you the solution for the Star puzzle.

Don't worry if you can't scan the QR code because I'll give you the solution. The QR code tells you this: "The Eagle Has Landed 7/7/1969 8:08 PM

You now have to look for pillars VII (7) and XX (20). On those 2 pillars you will find a button and you have to press those 2 buttons via "Use"

So walk along the outer edge of the pond segments, find Pillar VII and push its button

Then find Pillar XX (20) and also press its button and .....

...... you hear a sound of the water being pumped out from the pond and then you hear that something is sliding open

In the pond segment at Pillar 7, a bit of the bottom of the pond is now shifted and you can now climb down the stairs

So go down the stairs and score your 3rd Gold Star

Ok ..... back to the top. There are 4 purple gates here on the Plaza that take you to 4 courtyards. You then have to solve the puzzle in each of those 4 courtyards in order to score the Tetris. The order in which you are going to do that doesn't matter, but I'm going to do the red L-Tetris first. So if you still want to follow me, find the purple gate behind which the red L-tetris can be scored and then dive through that gate

Tetris Puzzle 11: An Escalating Problem

In the wall to the left, just before the stone steps, is a Counsel Board and a QR placard.

Read the QR placard and then "Use" the Counsel Board. You then paint a QR message on the board

Take a good look around first. A mine moves up and down the area behind the fences. The mine keeps bumping into the blue gate and then it goes back again

Stand safely in the gate behind blue gate 1, at the top of the stone stairs, and then see which route the mine follows. 

From the blue gate the mine goes back and then to the left and then the mine comes back to the blue gate. The Mine keeps repeating this.

 You can also see that there is a Jammer on top of the wall in the back. That's the only Jammer of this area.

When the mine goes back from the blue gate again you follow the mine quickly, but from a safe distance,  o the back wall and........

...... then quickly dive right into the right hand corner because there you are safe from the mine

Then turn around to the Jammer, which is on top of the wall. Take the Jammer and jam blue gate 1 open with it, but watch out for the mine

The mine then goes through gate 1. As soon as the mine has passed through gate 1, pick up the Jammer again to close gate 1 again. The mine is then locked behind gate 1

Stay against the wall, but now jam open the blue gate 2 with your Jammer . Place the Jammer  on a spot  so that you can pick up the jemmer from the wall in a moment.

Continue through the now opened blue gate 2 and then run up the stone stairs and look around you at the top

Behind the closed fence door is Blue gate 3 behind which the Tetris floats. Unfortunately there is also a Turret there. You need keys for the fence door

If you look at the back in this area you will see blue gate 4. Behind blue gate 4 is a kind of maze through which 2 mines run their rounds.

In the center of that maze, are vthe keys for the fence door

You need the Jammer to open gate 4. So turn back to blue gate 2, which is still open because of the Jammer .

On the left you see a stone staircase that goes to the platform above the Jammer . Go to that stone staircase and clim up to the platform

On the platform you walk to the edge. Look down and you will see that you are now above the Jammer. Pick up the Jammer again. This will close gate 2 again.

Standing on the platform now open up the blue gate 1 again with your jammer and ....

 mine 1 comes out again but because gate 2 is now closed, the mine cannot go through to the stone stairs and up to the fence door. 

Pick up the jammer again because you now have to take the jammer with you. Take the jammer to blue gate 4, so the entrance to the maze, and jam gate 4 open with the jammer

2 mines are patrolling through the maze. One mine does that in the outer ring and the other mine does that in the inner ring.

In the middle of the maze you can find the keyes for the fence door

It's a matter of timing it right. Go through the maze to the center, making sure that you do not have an "encounter" with the two mines.

It's really not that difficult as long as you pay attention to where the 2 mines are in relation to yourself.

When you have reached the center you take the keys and with the keys you have to go back to the jammer, so you have to avoid the 2 mines again

Pick up the Jammer again and take it to the gate. "Use" the gate to unlock it with the keys now, but watch out for the Turret

Then descend the stairs on the left side again, to blue gate 2. Stand at a safe distance, to the left of the stairs, and then open the blue gate with the Jammer and ....

..... mine 1 appears and goes up the stairs and through the open door to blue gate 3 .......

Quickly  ...Pick up the Jammer,  run up the stairs, but at safe distance of the mine, and on top you jam gate 3 open with the jammer and .....

The mine will go through gate 3 and will then blow up itself and the Turret.

NB: If you were to slow then the mine comes back at you, so you then have to quickly get out of the way and then try this again

Ok ..... problem solved. Run through the gate to the red Tetris and grab the stone.

Downstairs a gate will open, so jump down, go through that now opened gate and then back through the purple gate to the Plaza

Back at the Plaza, find the purple gate where the yellow / orange Tetris can be scored and then go through this gate

Tetris Puzzle 12: A Bit Tied Up

Follow the path and you will reach a blue gate on the right, a Turret and Jammer 1, which is behind the turret on the left. The turret is disabled

First go and see why the turret is switched off, so walk into the turret alley and ..... at the back of the alley floats a mine and are the Jemmers 2 and 3.

Jammer 2 has the mine under control and Jammer 3 is jemmering the turret. Behind the wall you see Turret 2

Back to Jammer 1. Now pick up Jammer 1 and take him back to the Turret alley and Jam the mine with it

Continue to the mine and the 2 Jemmers and now take Jammer 2.

Take Jammer 2 out of the alley and then jem Turret 1 with it

Back into the alley 1 to pick up Jammer 3 now. The mine remains harmless because of Jammer 1 and the turret is now harmless because of Jammer 2

Take Jammer 3 to the blue gate and open the gate with it

Then go and pick up Jammer 1 .... This brings the mine to life, so get out of the alley quickly. Take Jammer 1 through the blue gate and ...

.... from a safe distance you disable Turret 2 with Jammer 1

Then look around the corner and ...... You see Turret 3 and it covers the area on the left, where the Tetris is and also the Golden Star

Go back to Jammer 2, which is still teasing Turret 1.

Wait a moment until the mine has almost reached Turret 1 and then pick up Jammer 1 and ...... The mine and the Turret will explode

Take Jammer 2 with you through the blue gate and use it to disable turret 3

Then go see what Turret 3 was protecting ..... The yellow Tetris and, behind the 2nd blue gate, the golden Star. You need a Jammer to score the Star

So back to the 2 jemmer who are jemming both turrets. Stand at a safe distance from Turret 2 and then pick up the Jammer that has turret 2 under control

Use this Jammer to keep the front blue gate open from the inside

Then go and pick up the jemmer that jams the gate from the outside and then use it to jem Turret 2 again

Then take the Jammer that jems the gate on the inside and ...

..... take this Jammer to the Blue Star gate

Open the star gate with your Jammer and score your 4th Gold Star

Turn around and go get the yellow Tetris

.... A fence will open, so go through it and follow the route back to the Purple gate and the Plaza

Back at the Plaza, turn right and continue to the purple gate where the green Z-Tetris can score. Go through that gate

Tetris Puzzle 13: Stashed For Later and Tetris Puzzle 14: Locked Me Up, Swallowed The Key

2020: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot