2020: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

World A 5:

Apparently God is very angry with you because it's nasty weather here. It is raining and there is a thunderstorm

You have of course ended up at a Plaza again and at the edge of the teleporter stage is again the inevitable terminal and the signboard where you can see which Tetris stones you can find here and also that 2 gold stars can be scored. That terminal will be beeping again so "Use" the terminal and use your mechanical brains to work your way through the artificial program. Still haven't figured out if the terminals really matter but what the fuck ... bettert be on the safe then sorry.

So there are 5 purple gates here behind which you can find 5 Tetris stones. 

Behind the Tetris signboard you can see the ruin of what used to be a building. Walk over there.

On the ruin you can read a QR plaque and on the other side of it you can find an audio message.

From the ruin you go to the corner at the back left and past the statue you walk to the wall

At a niche in the wall you will find a pot of paint with a brush. Pick up the paint pot

.... turn around and walk to the wall. Because you took the paint pot with a brush, you can now paint a QR plaque on the wall yourself.

Click "Paint Message" and then choose 1 of the sentences in the "Select Message" screen to scribble the message as a QR paste on the wall ....... God thinks graffiti is okay

You immediately have lost the paint pot so you can only do this again when you find a pot of paint somewhere.

Now go to the 1st purple gate on the left side of the Plaza and enter it to start with:

Tetris Puzzle 19: Thinks To Do With Two Boxes

This will be difficult because there is a good chance that you will die repeatedly, so good chancethat you will not solve it in one go

When you have entered you walk to the blue gate. No Jammer and no hassle with laser beams and connectors here. There is a pressure plate at the blue gate

When you stand on the pressure plate, the blue gate opens but unfortunately ......

..... when you step off the pressure plate, the gate closes again and you are never fast enough to go through

Turn around and look to the right. An inlet ... Go there, turn left and walk into the next side inlet. There are 2 boxes in the back. Continue to the boxes

You can stand on top of a box, but that makes little sense now. You must take both boxes with you to the blue gate.

So "Take" 1 of the 2 boxes and carry it back with you to the blue gate

Place the box on the pressure plate and the weight of the box ensures that the gate now opens again and it will remain open.

Go back to the 2nd box and pick it up now and carry the thing back to the gate and now take this 2nd box with you through the blue gate. Then go left, forward and right and ......

That funcking God ......... Behind the fence 2 deadly mines move back and forth.

Stay at a respectable distance and study how the 2 mines move up and down the area because you have to go through that area to enter the area behind it

1 mine is moving up and down on the left side and the 2nd mine is doing this on the right side and both are doing this synchronously at this point. You have to create a "path" between the mines so that you can zigzag through the area to the back and avoid the 2 mines.

NB: You will need the Box for this ......... If you find this piece too complicated then I recommend you activate the Cheats and then use either the God cheat or the Fly cheat to get past these 2 mines ..... Unfortunately you will never be able to score all points and achievements again because that is not possible anymore if you have enabled the Cheats ... But as you probably know ..... I can't do this fuck care

First of all, you have to make sure that the 2 mine become out of sync with each other. So you have to make sure that when one mine comes to you, the other mine moves away from you. So with the Box you have to block the path of 1 of the 2 mines, at the beginning, so that that mine has a shorter path and moves back earlier than the other mine. I chose the right mine.

So if the mines move away from you again, you run into the area with your Box. Choose left or right and make sure you are right in the front of the mine and then drop your Box on the ground. Quickly run back to the front and exit the area and then wait patiently.

Because you have made the trajectory of one of the mines shorter with the box, that mine will go back earlier than the other mine that has to travel a longer trajectory. As a result, the 2 mines will at a given moment move up and down completely out of sync with each other and there will be room to navigate between the mines to the gate on the other side .... BUT YOU MUST BRING THE BOX WITH YOU.

So as soon as you think it can be safe, run back into the area. Pick up the Box again and then zigzag with the box between the mines to the exit and then you are safe from the mines

Did you make it and so did you get past the 2 mines and you are still alive, as far as a robot has a life?

Then go right and walk to the stone gate that is on top of the wall.

Place your box against the wall and then jump on top of the box and then over the wall and .........

.... run to and against the green bar Tetris to score the stone

Walk up the stone steps to read the QR plaque and through the iron fence you will see Star 6 floating but you cannot reach it from here

Golden Star 6

Turn around, go down the stairs, left and go to the wall on which you see the next QR plaque and read it again.

Then to the yellow ladder in the corner and climb over the wall via the ladder and .......

... You are back at the entrance / exit of this area. Do not go back to the Plaza through the purple gate yet.

There is a corner to the right of the gate. The corner is covered by a bush. Walk to and then through the bush into that corner and then turn left and then click the lever up

....... Walk back and ..... a passage has now been opened in the wall, so continue there and ..... You reach the blue gate where the Star floats behind. However, you have to bring a Red Ray there to open the gate. This is another "Crossover" puzzle and it requires a red Emitter that is not here but is behind the purple gate on the right across the Plaza

Go right, through the gate, left, forward and then right and pick up the Connector in the corner here

Take the connector to the purple gate. Do not go out through the gate, but stand right in front of the gate and also make sure you can target the red Receiver from the Star gate with your connector. Through the purple gate you can see, in the distance, the purple gate on the other side of the Plaza. That is the purple gate of Tetris Puzzle 23: One Little Buzzer and if you look closely you will see a Red Emitter there. Make sure you can Select that Red Emiiter with your Connector and then turn around to the red Receiver at the Star Gate and select that too and .........

..... Then click "Connect" to connect the Red Emitter in Tetris Puzzle 23: One Little Buzzer to the red receiver here at the Star Gate and ......

....... The Star Gate will now open, so go pick up the 6th Star

When you have scored the 6th Star, leave this area back to the Plaza and then look for the purple gate behind which the red Z-Tertis can be scored. Go through that gate

Tetris Puzzle 20: Friendly Crossfire

Oops ..... Crossfire ..... that doesn't sound good l and I doubt it will be "friendly" fire

3 turrets cover the large open area and there is also a mine going back and forth. You have to cross that turret area to get to the Tetris stone. There is a second mine but it is now locked up but you could use it to take out at least 1 of the Turrets. On the left is a Jammer on the colonnaded gallery. 

Go over the colonnaded gallery to the Jammer and pick up the thing and ....

...... Take the Jammer to the back wall, which also has a "Seek Counsel" niche. You can then ask your God for advice through "Seek Counsel" but I don't see the use of it. At the "Seek Counsel" niche you look out over the large open area. On the other side you see 2 blue gates. Behind the left blue gate the red Z-Tetris floats and behind the right blue gate is mine 2. There are 3 Turrets. Name those Turrets from left to right, A, B, C. There is also Mine 1 patrolling back and forth through the area.

First aim your Jammer at the right blue gate and then Jam open that gate and .....

Mine 2 will then come out of that gate and Mine  2 will blow up Turret B and itself

Turret B no longer exists. Watch how mine 1 move through the area. Mine 1 moves from left to right and visaversa but the path of the mine is blocked by a Box and therefore Mine 1 does not reach Turret C. That box has to be taken out of the way of mine 1 but you cannot reach the box safely now because of the rays of Turret C. So pick up the Jammer again and now Jam Turret C with it

Now you have to go to the Box to drag it out of the way of Mine 1.

So if it's safe because of the mine, go carefully to the Box ..... Turret A won't kill you now if you keep out of the way of its rays

Pick up the box and quickly take it back to the Jammer.

Mine 1 will now reach Turret C but you have jammed Turret C, so pick up the Jammer again to activate Turret C again and ...

........ see what happens when the mine reaches Turret C again ......... BOOM ... Mine 2 and Turret C are history ..

Golden Star 7

The 7th Golden Star can be found behind the right blue gate but it is closed again because you had to use the Jammer on Turret C.

So open the right blue gate again with your Jammer.

Turret A is still active so you have to watch out for that when you cross over to the now open right gate. You do this along the right walls of the courtyard

So make sure you go safely to and through the right blue gate and then left twice and then pick up your 7th Gold Star at the end.

Now to pick up the red Z-Tetris. For this you have to go back to the Jammer and so you have to avoid the rays of Turret A again.

JamTurret A with the Jammer and then run over to the left blue gate but take the Box with you and put the Box on the pressure plate in front of the blue gate

The gate will open, so go pick up the red Z-Tetris stone and you can also read a QR message that is chalked on one of the walls

Leave this area back to the Plaza and then find the Purple Gate where you can score the green "stairs" Tetris stone

You have then ended up in:

Tetris Puzzle 21: Going Over the Fence

When you enter here you can already see a Connector shining in the distance

So walk on and ..... the path then brings you to an open space. On the right is the blue Tetris gate, but it is of course still closed. To the left of the gate is a blue receiver so you have to bring a blue beam to the receiver to open the gate. Straight ahead you can see that Connector shine in the cove. Continue to that connector and ...... The connector is standing on top of a box near a fence

Behind the fence you can see the blue Emitter. From the top of the box, the connector is connected to the blue Emitter. The Connector is on top of the box because a beam cannot go through fences, so if a fence is blocking the beam then you will have to get the connector higher up to guide the beam over the fence and these boxes are useful for that. You must now take this Box and Connector with you to the other side of this fence. So pick up the Box first. This will put the connector on the ground and you will see that the beam cannot pass through the fence.

Turn around with the box and walk slightly back towards the purple gate. Do not continue to the purple gate but go right under the stone arch and then right again and ....

......... in the distance you will see the blue Emitter on the wall and the beam connecting the emitter to the connector. You know that beam doesn't reach the connector through the fence. There is also a low fence right in front of you. Stand right in front of that low fence and see ... this fence is right in front of the blue Tetris gate. Place the box here at this fence on the ground and .......

....... go back to the connector and now pick up the thing and take it back to the box with you

Back at the box you now connect the blue Emitter with the blue Receiver of the Tetris gate and then you place the connector on top of the box and ...

........ Walhalla ..... the gate opens .....

........ Back to the Tetris gate to pick up the green "stairs" Tetris and .........

...... then go back through the purple gate to the Plaza and then follow the path to the left to the purple gate of the green L-Tetris

Dive through the purple gate of the green L-Tetris and ........

... You have arrived in:

Tetris Puzzle 22: You Now You Musn't Cross the Streams

Walk through the area until you see the blue gate 1 to your left where the Tetris stone floats behind. Gate 1 has a blue Receiver.

On the right you see a red emitter and there are 2 connectors. Beyond those 2 connectors you see the blue gate 2

The 2 connectors are at the front side of  a stone block with a "chimney". The red Emitter is behind that "chimney" block on the wall. If you walk to the blue gate  2 you will see the blue Emitter behind it, but that there is also a Box and that blue 2 has a red Receiver. So you must first open gate 2 via the red beam to be able to open gate 1 via the blue beam, but the red and blue beam may not cross each other.

Pick up 1 of the 2 Connectors and .........

Stand as close as possible at blue gate 1 so that you can see both the red emitter and the red receiver at gate 2 from gate 1

Select the red emitter and the red receiver and "connect" both with each other and .....

Gate 2 will open but the red beam is now in the path of the blue beam. So you have to guide the blue beam over the red beam.

So go and pick up the box and ....

..... take the box to the 2nd connector and put the box next to it on the ground

Pick up the 2nd connector and connect the blue emitter with the blue receiver and then put the connector on the box and .....

Gate 1 will open because the blue beam now cross over the red beam. So go and pick up the green L-Tetris

Back to the Plaza and find the last purple gate and step through it

Tetris Puzzle 23: One Little Buzzer

This puzzle is straight ahead of Tetris Puzzle 19: Thinks To Do With Two Boxes and you used the red Emitter here to score your 6th Gold Star in puzzle 19

You may have nice weather now, but it can also rain and thunder again.

Straight ahead is that red Emitter on the wall. On the left is a Connector and on the right you see the blue Tetris gate. The gate has a red receiver.

A Beam Blocker moves from left to right and visaversa through the area of the blue gate. Beam Blockers block the red and blue rays so that a blue gate will close again and again when such a beam blocker moves through the beam. So you have to block that Beam Blocker

Walk into the area of the Beam Blocker ..... A Beam Blocker is not a mine so they are otherwise harmless.

Go left through the passage and then left again and pick up the box

Take the box with you to the Beam Blocker and then place the Box in the path of the Beam Blocker and do it as close to the wall as possible. Do this at to the left wall of the blue gate. When the Blocker moves away from the wall then the Beam Blocker will be trapped between the Box and the wall.

Then pick up the Connector and with the connector you connect the red emitter with the red receiver at the blue gate and .....

The gate will open so go pick up the Tetris stone

NB: It makes no sense to place the connector on the box because then the beam blocker will still interrupt the red beam because the blocker goes back and forth just before the blue gate and then goes through the beam at its lowest point. You are finished with World A 5 and you now have all the green Tetris stones that are needed to open up Temple B but we are not going to do that yet because I really want to finish World A as far as possible first

Return to the Plaza and teleport your iron body back to the Temple


Back in the temple you can see if you already have enough yellow Tetris stones to open the Star Gate

... but unfortunately ..... you are still 1 yellow Tetris stone short

So find Teleporter 6 and teleport yourself to World A 6

World A 6

2020: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot