2020: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

World A 6


Golden Star 8

Plaza and again the terminal and the signboard on which you see that there is 1 green Z-Tetris, 2 red L-Tetrissen, 1 red Z-Tetris and the 8th gold Star to get here.

"Use" the terminal and work through the algorithm,

Before we go to collect those Tetris stones, we will first get the 8th gold Star because it can be collected here at the Plaza.

Go across the Plaza to the other side and along the way you can find and read some QR messages here and there

In the back left corner are a few stone arches. Behind those stone arches is a separate terminal. This is an IAN terminal.

Also "use" this terminal to read some messages from your predecessors

Then go to the corner at the back right and dive behind a piece of wall and ....

..... You will find a Box there. Take the box with you, diagonally across the Plaza to the low wall that you see between the purple gate in the left corner and the purple gate in the right corner

There is a piece of even lower wall perpendicular to the wall. Behind the Plaza wall is a courtyard and your 8th golden star floats there

Place your box against the piece of protruding wall. Then jump on the box and then on the piece of protruding wall and .....

...... then turn left and jump over the wall to the courtyard

... Then go and collect your 8th gold Star

In the left corner there is such an IAN terminal beeping so "Use" the terminal for some messages from your predecessors.

Exit the terminal, turn around and go to the yellow ladder and climb back over the wall to the Plaza.

Then find the Purple Gate where the green Z-Tetris can be scored and then continue there. This one is to the left of the Golden Star courtyard

Tetris Puzzle 24: Mobile Minefield

Walk through and to the left and then turn right and ...... STOP.

On the left is the blue gate 1 but a mine goes back and forth through the alley. The mine keeps bumping into gate 1. In the alley where the mine moves you can also see the 2nd blue gate. At the back of the alley you are now looking into you will see a closed door. Wait until the mine disappears from the blue gate 1 back into the alley and then quickly run to the closed door and make sure you stay away from the red rays of the mine

The door is locked so you need keys.

If you stand stiffly against the gate door so that you look into the area behind the gate door, you will see the red beams of a Turret hanging to the left behind the door.

To the left is another courtyard and there is also mine 2. Mine  2 is not moving but it is deadly with its red rays.

 So stay left on the walls and then move along the left walls to and through the left passage to the next courtyard. Turn left and ....

You are now behind the blue gate 1 and you see my 1 bumping into the gate. There's a Jammer here. The Jammer has no influence on the blue gate on the side.

Pick up the Jammer and take the thing back to the gate door alley, again beware of the red rays from mine 2, so keep walking stiffly against the, now, right walls again. Back in the door alley turn and aim the Jammer at gate 1, but make sure you do this at a safe distance from mine 1. Jam gate 1 open and when mine 1 has gone through the open gate, quickly pick up the Jammer again to lock mine 1 behind gate 1

Then walk with the Jammer to the left into mine 1 alley and jam gate 2 open with your little jemmertje

Then go to collect keys that float behind gate 2 and you will now also see, through the gate, the green Z-Tetris floating and you have to go there

Take the Jammer with you again to the door and "Use" the door to open it now and with the keys

..... BEWARE ..... behind the door is Turret 1 on the left, but the red rays of that Turret don't reach the door.

Run forward with your Jammer through the door into the corner, then turn left and Jam Turret 1 quickly with your Jammer

Run to Turret 1 and stand under it then look to the left and through the passage to the next courtyard.

You see a lever on the wall, but you also see the red rays of Turret 2, witch is hanging around the corner.

The lever is to turn Turret 1 on and off. So go carefully to the lever and click the thing up so that the red lamp lights up. Turret 1 is then turned off

Now that you've switched off Turret 1 via the lever, you can pick up the Jammer to jam Turret 2 with it, so go and pick up the Jammer

Run the Jammer back to Turret 1 and at Turret 2 go back through the passage on the left side and stay away from the red beams of Turret 2.

Very carefully find Turret 2 and then jam the bitch with your Jammer

Turret 2 eliminated then run into the area and through to the green Z-Tetris and pick up the stone

Then go back through the alley at the back to the purple gate and back to the Plaza

Back at the Plaza, cross straight over to the purple gate of the red L-Tetris and enter

Tetris Puzzle 25: A Door To Far

Follow the path to the pillared gallery......

The path continues to the back, where you can already see the red Emitter. There are windows in the wall on the right. Take a look through the 1st window. You look into an area through the window. You see blue gate 3 in the distance and you see connector 2 and a beam blocker that moves back and forth along a window

Step out of the window and walk to the back. The red Emitter is sticking on the back wall. There is a "Seek Counsel" niche and you are at blue gate 1. 

The path continues past the "Seek Counsel" niche. On the screenshot you don't see it but gate 1 has a red receiver

If you feel the need then you go to the "Seek Councel" niche to ask your God for help and then follow the path further and at the end to the left where you will find Connector 1.

Pick up connector 1 and take it back to blue gate 1 and the red emitter

Connect with connector 1 the red emitter to the red receiver at gate1 to open gate1 now.

Go through gate 1 and then straight ahead and then left and straight on again and ......

....... You have found a Jammer. Take the Jammer with you

Turn around, forward, turn left and you are at blue gate 2, which also has a red receiver.

Jam gate 2 open with your jemmer and then go through it and then first turn left because there is a Box at the end

Pick up the box and turn around and take the box with you to blue gate 3 and then on to the Beam Blocker that you saw earlier through the 1st window

Block the Beam Blocker with your box and it does not matter whether you do that on the left wall or the right wall as long as you lock the Beam Blocker between the wall and your box.

So here is also Connector 2 but leave the thing here

Return through gate 2 to the Jammer

Pick up the Jammer again. This will close gate 2 again. Take the Jammer back to Gate 1 but do not go back through Gate 1 just yet.

Jam gate 1 now from the inside with the Jammer

Then step outside and pick up Connector 1 again. Gate1 remains open because you now jam it with the jemmer from the inside.

With connector 1, now go back through the pillared alley to the first window at the beginning of the alley

Look through the window again and now, through the window, connect the red Emitter with the red Receiver of the blue gate 3 and ......

....... gate 3 will now also open

of course you leave connector 1 here because if you pick up the thing, gate 3 will close again and you don't want that. Go back to gate 1 and then ......

..... back in through gate 1, pick up the Jammer again. Gate 1 will close again, but that doesn't matter now.

Take the Jammer back to gate 2 and jam gate 2 open again with the Jammer

Through gate 2 again to gate 3, which is now also open. Do not go through gate 3 yet, but continue to Connector 2.

You now have to connect connector 2 to connector 1, which is behind window 1, and to the red receiver of gate 2, and you do that through the window.

Pick up Connector 2 and ......

via the windows you now connect connector 2 with connector 1 and the red receiver of gate 2 .......

...... this keeps gate 2 open when you go to pick up the jemmer because you have to do that now. So back to gate 2 and pick up the Jammer again

Gate 2 remains open via the red beam. No, take the Jammer to gate 3 and now go through it and then turn left, forward, left and right and then open the blue gate 4 with the Jammer

... and then go pick up the red L-Tetris stone. Back and see ..... the gate to the purple gate is now open so go through it and ....... through the purple gate back to the Plaza

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2020: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot