2021: Walkthrough by Louis Koot

Part Two: Outside the Castle

A: Am I a Vampire?

Agent Otto:

After talking to Madame Strigoi, Mona is back at her coffin, on the shore of the lake. A police officer is inspecting the coffin. 

Talk to the police officer and do that completely, so don't skip options. 

This is agent Otto van Pelt. Villagers reported seeing two men and that they have heart a dreadful scream. Otto investigated the case and found Shrowdy's smelly clothes and Mona's chest. Otto looked at the coffin and concluded that a woman with purple clothes, black hair and a bat as a pet was in the coffin. On the lid of the coffin is the name: Mona de Lafitte. Otto also found earth in the coffin.  When Otto her name, Mona is just smart enough to lie. Mona then asks for information about the nearby villages of Vlad's Landing, Gothford Falls, and Scarlet Meadows. Vlad's landing is a tourist town and trading place. In Gothford falls, Shannon's Wilhelm is the mayor. Scarlet Meadows is a retirees' retreat, although the residents are not that old and can only be found on the golf course at night. The cemetery appears to have become a popular picnic spot, which is only visited at night.

To the left behind Mona's chest is a Road Sign. Look at the Road Sign with your eye and Froderick will read the text. 

Coffee and Donuts are standing to the right behind Agent Otto. View the Coffee and Donuts with your eye. Mona doesn't want to take it.

 Go back to Madame Strigoli via the red arrow at bottom right:

Madame Strigoi:

Madame Strigoi gives Mona the "Vampire for Dummkopfs" book, in which she can read what she can and cannot do as a vampire. Furthermore, Mona gets good advice. If Mona wants to go to Paris, she needs her coffin to sleep in during the day, filled with soil from her grave. Soil may be found in the cemetery. Also, Mona needs a horse and wagon and a stupid servant to watch over her safety during the day. Mona receives also a flyer in which a horse is offered for sale in Vlad's Landing.  Mona can borrow a cart from the gravedigger. Mona still doesn't want to admit she's dead and a vampire. Mona is an Undead. Madame Strigoi warns Mona to stay out of the hands of those 2 vampire hunters.

The Vampire Test:

Mona is in Madame Strigoi's caravan. Stay inside. Open your inventory and then Left click on the "Vampire for Dummkopfs" book and then use the eye in the action cross to read the book. Left click on each page and then use the eye in the action cross to read the text. Scroll to the other pages with the green curved arrow at the top right

In Chapter 1 Section 1 "Domicile Defenses" you can read that vampires can only enter a house for the first time by invitation. Once you've learned how to hypnotize, you can also get things like garlic and the like removed. In Chapter 1 Section 2 "Back in Black and Never go Back" you read that black is the color of evil, because the good guys were allowed to choose first and chose white. Black clothing protects against the sun's rays, crosses, bad breath and blessed water.

In Chapter 1 Section 3 "Biting and Sucking" you will be instructed on how to get the necessary portions of blood. In addition, it is more convenient to only suck your victim half empty, so that you do not leave any corpses behind. Unless your victim is called Van Helsink. Then suck it completely empty! If you suck out a victim and then make him drink your own blood, he becomes a vampire too. 

On the last page is the Vampire Test. There are 4 questions. Click on each question and Mona will automatically provide the answers. Mona has been in Draxsylvania for more than 1 day, she loves raw steak, as an opera star she always sings at night and she wears a band around her neck because it is fashion in Paris. So Mona succeeds with flying colors, but she still denies that she is a vampire. Mona's Vampire Bite will now appear in your inventory. 

Close the book via the red down arrowLook around Madame Strigoi's trailer. Behind the chair where Mona sat is a cupboard. If you can't see that cupboard, you have to move Mona slightly to the left. There is a bottle of Ink in the cupboard. Try to get the bottle of Ink. Mona asks if she can take the bottle of ink and that is allowed, so Mona takes the bottle of ink. 

Then leave the caravan via the red arrow on the blue curtain. Mona is then outside the caravan. Madame Strigoi has a nice warm campfire burning outside her trailer. In the background you see Castle Warg. Via the bottom right you go to the village of Vlad's Landing. Via the up arrow you return to the lake. Mona must now first collect her coffin and get a horse and cart. To the right behind the campfire is the path back to the lake. You get the red up arrow on it

So right click the red up arrow to return to the shore of the lake. Agent Otto is still admiring Mona's coffin.

 As long as that Otto is here, Mona can not get her coffin. Take the Vampire Bite from your inventory and click on Agent Otto and ... 

Mona stalks Otto from behind and bites the poor sot in his the neck. Otto goes to sleep. So now take the Coffin and Mona will automatically bring the coffin to Madame Strigoi's caravan. Do not enter the caravan, but walk to the right, until Mona is on the path, to the right of the campfire

Now go, via the red arrow at the right edge of the screen, one screen to the right and Mona will enter:

B: Vlad's landing

Spatula shop:

You see an illuminated house. That lit house is the "Spatula" shop, where Mona could buy a horse. To the left of the house is a rain barrel and to the right a cart wheel is leaning under the window. In the top of the facade, the left window is broken (Broken Window). To the left of the front door is the Address sign and to the right of the front door is a string of Garlic. At the bottom left of the screen you can just see a Well. Try to knock on the shop's door but ..... Mona can't get to the door, because she shrinks from the string of garlic, hanging right next to the door. Go one screen to the right, via the red arrow at the bottom right. You end up at:

The Stable

There is a Snowman in front of the stable. Click on the snowman with the action cursor. Mona decides to keep the snowman in mind and in your inventory you get a blue Snowman head. Left click on the Stable Gate and then enter through the hand in the action cross. Look around the stable, including the horse in the stable. There is also a shed in the stable. Look at the license plates on the shed. View the Sacks of Grain and the Feedbag. View the Calendar. View the Horse. The horse's left front leg is in a shoe. View the Horse Boot. Apparently the little horse has broken his left front leg.

Open the Shed Door. In the shed hangs the Tack and Harness, a Saddle Blanket and a Saddle. Mona doesn't want the Harness and the Saddle, but she does want the Saddle Blanket. So click with your Hand on the Saddle Blanket and you will get a blue Saddle Blanket in your inventory. Leave the stable via the red arrow in the doorway. Outside again you go one screen to the right, via the red arrow above the snowman. Mona now ends up at the:

Clothing Store and Restaurant:

Above the door of the clothing store is a white sign with a red cross, so Mona cannot enter unless she is wearing black clothing. Walk slightly to the right, but do not click the red arrow yet. You will see the illuminated window of the Restaurant on the right of your screen. Under the window is a Oily barrel that you can look at. The barrel contains cooking fat. When you have viewed the barrel, click the red arrow to go one screen to the right again. Mona then ends up at the

Nail parlor

In front of the nail salon there is a "lady" (Woman of Low Moral Fiber). Talk to the "lady". Her name is Iris.

Iris stand on guard outside because of the activities in the "parlor". A private party is underway in the nail parlor for the entire municipal council, led by Mayor Wilhelm Vinton. Agent Bud Crane wants to close the parlor and Iris is therefore constantly watching him. If anyone can get rid of Crane Iris  would be very grateful. Iris offers Mona a job, but as an opera singer, Mona cannot accept that of course. Iris also says that Mrs. Stoker from the clothing store is very busy with her two children and difficult husband.

Agent Bud Crane:

Say goodbye to the whore when you've asked everything again. Across the river is the Stadium. Officer Bud Crane is waiting in front of the Stadium. Do not use the red arrow at the bottom left, because then you will end up in the stadium. Now just walk down the spiral staircase and then click on the bridge and you will see Mona on the bridge and you will also see agent Bud Crane, who is on guard duty in front of the stadium.  Click with your talk icon in the action cross on agent Bud Crane and Mona walks over to talk to him. 

Bud tells a lot, so listen to him carefully. Bud's greatest wish is to save a child so that he would be the city's great hero, instead of his brother Lou. Lou is the hero because he saved the Mayor's family from the hands of a bunch of werewolves. When you have asked Bud everything again, you close the conversation.

Behind Bud Crane is the stairs to the Stadium. To the left of Agent Bud is the entrance to an alley that you can enter. 

Via the red down arrow you go back to the Spatula shop. Go through the archway into the alley

Mona ends up at the back door of the stadium. Try to open the door, but of course the door is locked. And Froderick tells that the door lock is on the other side. Look at the barred window in the door. Froderick thinks he could fly through the bars. So take Froderick from your inventory and click with him on the door window. Unfortunately ... the bars are just not far enough apart to let Froderick through. It doesn't make much difference. Opposite the door is a box of trash containing a Boomerang. Grab the Boomerang. Go back through the alley to Agent Bud Crane and then walk down one screen using the red down arrow at the bottom left. Mona is then back at the:

Spatula shop

Take the Boomerang from your inventory and click it on the string of Garlic hanging to the right of the store door (Use with Garlic) to remove the garlic. 

When the garlic is gone, you can knock on the door. So click with your hand on the door. The lady of the store appears behind the door.

The lady of the shop is also the owner of the horse in the stable. But she can't open the shop door. Her son threw the key to the house through the window. But if Mona finds the key, she can get the horse for free. Continue to talk to the shop lady via all conversation options and when you have had everything again you will automatically be out of the close-up. 

Now look at the broken left window of the shop, so the window above the rain barrel. Mona concludes that the key flew out through this window and that the key must be somewhere not far from the store. To the left of the screen is a water well. So walk to the left, to the Well. Look at  the well with the eye of the action cross.

Then choose the fly option in the action cross and Mona flies into the pit. And ... yes. The key is on the bottom, but the key is frozen to the bottom of the well. Above the key hangs the Empty Bucket. There is also a skeleton in the well and some graffiti on the wall. Click with the hand of the action cross on the Bucket and ..... You will get a blue bucket in your inventory.

 Click the red up arrow at the top of the screen to fly back out of the pit. 

Once again at the top of the street, click the red up arrow in the gate you see in the background to return to Madame Strigoi's caravan.

Above Madame Strigoi's campfire hangs a kettle with indefinable contents (Kettle with Mystery Stew).

Take the blue bucket from your inventory and click it on the cooking kettle that hangs over the campfire and you have a blue bucket with hot Stew.

Go back to the well at the Spatula shop and fly back into the well, but now via the red down arrow that you now get on the well. 

Again at the bottom of the well, take the blue bucket from your inventory and click it on the frozen Key and ....

Mona is now really going to pick up a bucket of hot stew and she empties the bucket over the frozen key. But unfortunately ..... the stew also freezes immediately and so Mona cannot pick up the key yet. So go back out of the well and back to Madame Strigoi's caravan. Back at the campfire, open the inventory. In inventory, combine the Saddle Blanket with the blue Empty Bucket. Then take this combination from your inventory and click it again on the cooking pot above the fire. Go back to the bottom of the well at the Spatula shop. At the bottom of the well, take the blue Insulated Bucket with Hot Stew from your inventory and click on the frozen key, so on the pile of frozen stew

Mona now goes to collect the Saddle blanket from the stable and then flies back to the camp hour to refill the bucket with stew. She insulates the bucket with the blanket and flies back to the bottom of the well. She pours the now hot stew-mess over the key and the key is now defrosting.

So now grab the Key

Mona tells Froderick to do this job because she doesn't want to get her pretty fingers dirty. Leave the well and knock on the door of the Spatula shop again and ....

Mona uses the key to open the shop door and Mona and the shop lady walk to the stable and Mona is introduced to horse Buttercup. Mona immediately takes the horse to Madame Strigoi's caravan. Now to get  a cart for the horse and earth for the coffin.

C: A wagon for the horse and Soil from Mona's Grave


From the caravan, go up the path to the shore of the lake. Agent Otto is still sleeping soundly. 

Go one screen to the left via the red bottom left arrow and Mona will arrive at the cemetery. 

The gravedigger's house is located on top of the hill. Click with the red up arrow on the hill but ........ 

Because of all the grave crosses, Mona cannot follow the path across the cemetery. Mona must find something to cover those crosses with. Go back to the lake and then continue to the trailer and from the trailer continue to the right, to Vlad's Landing. Then walk from the Spatula shop to the right, to the stable and then another screen to the right to the:

Clothes shop

Mona cannot enter the clothes  because of the red cross hanging above the door. However, you have the blue Snowman head in your inventory. 

Take the blue Snowman's Head from your inventory and click it on the red cross sign

Mona is now really going to pick up the snowman head from the stable and then throw the snowball at the cross board. The snow then partially covers the cross, but not yet completely. In the vampire book you read that black protects a vampire against crosses. So go back to the stable. Back at the stable, take the bottle of Ink from your inventory. Click with the Ink bottle on the Snowman and .....

 You then have a blue black snowman head in your inventory. Go back to the clothing store and now throw the blue black snowball on the sign with the cross. Mona goes back to the snowman to get a black snowball and she throws it against the cross board. Now the cross is well thought out. So open the door of the clothing store and .... Mona steps inside but she remains stand frozen in the doorway. Mona cannot enter because she has not been invited. Inside you can see the woman running back and forth to serve her husband. Husband sits at the table and commands his wife around. Up on the balcony, the couple's 2 sons are playing wildly. Nobody has an eye for Mona.

There is a sign on the door. Read the door sign with your eye in the action cross and you will read that the store is currently closed. Left click on the door sign again and choose the Hand of the action cross. You enter the close-up of the sign.
Left click on the sign board again and then click the hand in the action cross again and Mona turns the board over. 

Now it says "Yes We Are Open! Come on In"    Zoom out of the close-up. In your inventory you now have the blue Dress Shop Sign 

Take the sign  from your inventory and click it on the woman running around when she has come out of the kitchen again.

Mona asks the woman what is on the sign because she cannot read it because she forgot her reading glasses. The woman now reads that the store is open and she says to Mona "come in". Mona now feels invited and feels that she can now walk further into the store. Click with your talk icon on the man sitting at the table to talk to him. 

The husband is clearly shy about work and does nothing else then command his wife around. Behind the man is the entrance to the kitchen. There is a chair next to the kitchen entrance. Left click in the kitchen entrance and then choose the talk icon in the action cross again. Click to talk to the woman in the kitchen. 

The nervous and frightened woman rushes out of the kitchen. Talk to the woman and use all conversation options again. 

The names of the two sweet sons are Siegfried and Roy. The woman herself is called Mina. Mina still has a roll of black cloth somewhere, but she doesn't have time to look for it. First her children have to go to sleep and her husband has to finish his dinner. In addition, Mina also has a lot of dishes that she needs to wash up to earn some extra money. The children only go to sleep when she sings a bed time song for them. 

After the conversation with the Mina you walk up the stairs, via the red up arrow, and go upstairs on the balcony to talk to the 2 children, Siegfried and Roy. 

The boys ask if Mona would like to sing a song for them and Mona starts to sing a tune. The kids, however, only want to hear one song, the tune "Who Let the Wolves Out". They know this song from the stadium. Mona doesn't know this song but she offers to learn it. In your inventory you will then have a blue song (Who Let the Wolves Out Song). 

Walk back down the stairs and then stand at the shop door. The shop window is to the right of the shop door. In the shop window hangs a baby dress, which was previously hung by the woman. Take the Baby Dress and you will get a blue Baby Dress in your inventory.

Learn the Song:

Leave the shop and walk slightly to the right again, to the window of the Restaurant. So under the window of the restaurant is a large Oily Vat. 

Take Froderick from your inventory and click with him on the Oily Vat and ..... 

Froderick dives into the barrel and a moment later have a blue greasy Froderick in your inventory. 

Walk further to the right and then at the Nail salon down the round stairs again and then across the bridge to Officer Bud Crane. 

Now go up the stairs, behind Bud, to the:


Inside Mona is stopped by Officer Lou Crane. Mona has no ticket, so she is not allowed to enter the stadium. Talk to Lou and don't skip any of the options.

The most important thing that Lou says is that since he was on duty here, only a few people could enter the stadium illegally. 

Probably those few illegal spectators snuck in through the artist's entrance on the side of the stadium.

Say goodbye and Mona will be outside again, on the stairs behind officer Bud. Now go back into the alley, to the left of Bud, and you will be back at the back door of the stadium. So this is the artist entrance that Lou was talking about. As you already know, the door is locked and you've tried to get Froderick through the lattice window. That did not work then, but now Froderick is nice and smooth with cooking fat. So take the greasy blue Froderick from your inventory and click with him on the barred door window and ........

Froderick now flies back to the barrel at the restaurant and really dives in. A greasy Froderick flies back and now squeezes through the lattice window. Unfortunately, Froderick cannot open the door, so Mona also starts covering herself with grease and squeezes in through the window Mona and Froderick have then ended up in the theater of the stadium. 

You see the orchestra conductor at work. Agent Lou is standing on the right. 

To the right of the conductor is a list playlist on the cabinet Look at  the Playlist with your eye off the action cross.

 Unfortunately the song "Who let The Wolves Out" has already been played. Talk to the conductor and ... ask all questions. 

The conductor is not willing to play the song again, nor does he do request songs. Conductor strictly follows the order of songs as it is on the playlist. Now try to grab the playlist but the conductor forbids Mona to touch the list. Froderick says they must come up with a method to distract the conductor.

Exit the stadium via the red arrow on Agent Lou's. You end up outside with Lou's brother, Agent Bud. On the far right you see Iris again in front of the nail salon. Left click on Iris and then choose the Mouth and immediately press your spacebar and Mona is back at Iris in one fell swoop and you are in the conversation options.

Ask Iris: "I was wondering if you might do us a favor"? and then use any further new options. Mona now explains her problem to Iris and she asks if Iris would like to distract the conductor. Iris wants that, but only if Mona can make sure that Officer Bud Crane disappears, so that Bud no longer keeps an eye on the nail parlor. Note: You will only get this new conversation option with Iris if you previously spoke to Agent Bud Crane first and just spoke to the conductor.

Go back to the back door of the stadium and then dive into the alley at Officer Bud Crane. As you heard from Bud himself and Iris, Bud would like to save a child so that he too will be a hero, just like his brother. You can walk further down the alley from the back door of the stadium, using the red down arrow. So walk further down the alley and Mona reaches the end of the alley. Two high crates block the way to an open sewer pit. Left click on each of the two crates and then choose the Hand option in the action cross and .... 

Mona and Froderick will push the crates out of the way. A free path has then been created to the sewerage pit. Go back down the alley to Agent Bud Crane.

When you are back out of the alley and are in front of Bud Crane again, open the inventory. Then combine Froderick in inventory with the blue Baby Dress and Mona flatters Froderick so that he agrees to wear the baby dress once. You then have a blue baby Froderick in your inventory. Take the baby Froderick from your inventory and click it on Agent Bud Crane and .....

Froderick explains the plan to Mona and he flies off to pick up the baby dress, while Mona hides in the alley. Froderick then, dressed as a small child, walks past Bud into the alley and calls for help. Buddyboy runs into the alley and thinks a child has fallen into the drain. Mona bites Bud in the neck and Bud falls unconscious to the floor.

Bud is on the right in the corner for a while. A card is pinned to Bud's chest. Look at the Badge with the eye in your action cross. It is an access badge to the stadium.      

Take the Badge from Bud's chest. Go back through the alley and then back to Iris at the nail salon. Take the Badge from your inventory and give it to Iris and .....

Iris now goes to the stadium.......Mona also automatically returns to the stadium and then stands next to Iris. 

Stay focus......... The conductor and Iris are going to insult each other. You will be given the opportunity to click on the Playlist every now and then. As soon as you get the red star cursor again, open the inventory and take the blue song from it. Then quickly click with the blue Song on the real Playlist and Mona writes "Who Let the Wolves Out" at the top of the list.

When Mona has done it you then take Froderick out your inventory and then click with Froderick on Iris and Froderick stops the altercation between Iris and the conductor. 

The conductor then plays the song "Who Let the Wolves Out" and Mona memorizes the song. The blue musical notes of the song are now in your inventory.

 Exit the stadium through the front door or the back door and go back to the:

Clothes shop

Go back inside and walk up the stairs to the first floor, where the children are still jumping on the beds. 

Take the blue musical notes from your inventory and click on one of the two children.

Mona moans the song and the two kids fall asleep like a log. However, Mother Mina still does not have time to look for the black cloth. Her husband constantly wants her to bring him food. Mina is glad she can put out the fire in one of the stoves, because the children are asleep. Mina runs into the kitchen again.

Maybe you should get rid of Mina's husband. Only Mina keeps running out of the kitchen and you can't close the kitchen door. Go back down the stairs and exit the store. When you are outside on the street again you will see that there is a chimney  next to the right shop window. Left click on the chimney with the action cross eye and then choose the Eye first and then the Fly option.

 Mona and Froderick fly up and they are then  above the two small chimneys of the clothing shop, where no smoke comes out. Left click on one of the two pipes and then choose the fly option again and .... Mona and Frederick fly down through the pipes and then they hang in the chimney. In the chimney you can look at the graffiti and the skeleton. In the bottom of the chimney is a Fireplace Flue. 

Left click on the  Fireplace Flue and choose the Fly option in the action cross again to change bat Mona back into human Mona and ...... Mona falls through the hatch and ends up in the oven of the kitchen. Mona and Froderick are chased outside by Mina. Go back into the store. Mina is now so busy in the kitchen cleaning up the mess that she doesn't pay attention. Walk to the left again, to the kitchen door. So there is a chair to the left of the kitchen door. Take that chair. You get a blue chair in your inventory. Take the blue Chair immediately from your inventory and click on it in the kitchen door..........

Mona now picks up the real chair and blocks the kitchen door with it. Mina can no longer leave the kitchen.

Take the Vampire Bite from your inventory and click it on Bruno, Mina's husband who is still at the table.

Mona threatens Bruno and demands that he become kinder to his wife and that he should look for a job. Bruno falls asleep exhausted across the table .Left click again on the chair that Mona has placed in front of the kitchen door and then choose the Hand again in the action cross and ....  Mona takes the chair away from the kitchen door again. Mina storms out of the kitchen and is very happy when she sees Bruno asleep. Mina now collects the roll of black cloth and gives it to Mona completely free of charge. 

Mona and Froderick now automatically return to the Cemetery and cover all crosses with black cloth.

The Grave Digger's House:

Right click the red up arrow on the hill and Mona will end up on top of the hill at the house of the gravedigger. 

To the right of the house is an empty water barrel (Water Basin) under the downspout. To the left of the house is a (Wagon). Look at  the water barrel and view the cart. The water barrel is empty and coffins are transported by cart. Mona wants to take this cart with her when she finds the soil from her grave. Walk into the house and take a good look around.

To the right of the furnace is a wooden barrel. The wooden barrel contains a shovel  and a pickaxe, which Mona finds useful. Click with your hand on both the Shovel and the Pickaxe and in your inventory you will get the blue shovel and the blue pickaxe. To the left of the burning stove you see a bellows, which can be used to start the fire. Click with the hand on the Bellows and you also get the bellows blue in your inventory. A map of the cemetery hangs on the wall. Look at the map with your eye of the action cross. Froderick discovers that Mona is buried in quadrant A113. Mona wants to go straight to her grave to get some soil from it but ........Before Mona and Froderick can go to the grave, Shrowdy's ghost appears. 

Shrowdy locks Mona in the hut and wants to leave her here until she's more willing and goes back to the castle. The door is now closed and locked. There is a window in the door. Mona must look for an opportunity to escape. Look at the furnace with your eye. Mona says that the furnace still has enough fuel to burn for hours and hours. If the furnace were off, Mona could fly out through the stovepipe. Look through the window in the door with your eye. Mona sees through the door window the empty water barrel, which has to collected  the water from the roof. There is snow on the roof and on the branches above the roof. Take the Perfume Refill Bottle from your inventory and click on the Furnace.......

Mona throws the bottle into the already burning stove and this causes the fire to burn higher. The snow on the roof has melted by the blazing fire and the melt water has poured into the water barrel in which it is immediately frozen again. The water barrel is now full of ice.

Take the blue Shovel from your inventory and click it on the window in the door.

Mona now takes the real shovel from the wooden barrel and she knocks the water barrel with it and the ice is now at the door.

Take the blue Pickaxe from your inventory and click it on the door.

Mona now takes the real Pickaxe from the wooden barrel and pries the door up a bit with it, so that you now have a crack under the door. Take the blue Shovel from your inventory again and now click with it on the Furnace. Mona thinks it's a good idea to make the scoop glow red, but she's not doing it yet. You then have a blue red-hot shovel in your inventory. Take the blue glowing hot shovel straight from your inventory and click it on the door.

Mona is now making the real shovel red hot and she sticks the glowing shovel under the door to get the ice. The ice melts an a little later there is a puddle of water on the ground in front of the wooden barrel. Take the blue Bellows from your inventory and click it  on puddle of water You get a blue Bellows + Water in your inventory. Take the blue Bellows + Water from your inventory and click on the  Furnace and.........

Mona now takes the real bellows and fills the thing with water from the pool and extinguishes the fire in the stove. 

The furnace is now out and you now get the red up arrow on the heater. Right click the red up arrow and .....

Mona and Froderick fly out of the house through the furnace and the chimney and go  collect earth from Mona's grave. They take the Wagon to the grave, Froderick has just filled a box with soil from Mona's grave, when Shrowdy comes to thwart the plans again. Shrowdy takes all the black cloths off the crosses. Now Mona can't pull the wagon off the graveyard!

Take Froderick from your inventory and click with Froderick on the Wagon.

Mona asks Froderick if he can drive the car and Froderick says he can. Left click on the Wagon and then choose Hand in the Action cross and ...

Now sit back and watch the ending of The Vampyre Story Chapter One.....

Mona gives the wagon a big push so that the it automatically rolls down the hill to Madame Strigoi's caravan. Mona flies high above the crosses.

The wagon rumbles down the hill and drives right through ghost Shrowdy.

Meanwhile, Madame Strigoi watches the vampire hunters' exploits in her crystal ball. Strigoi is quite angry about the progress of the 2 vampire hunters and she shouts that she herself will lift the curse of Mona if necessary. Then Madame Strigoi hears a noise and leaves her trailer. Shrowdy flies in and Madame Strigoi investigates. Shrowdy flies around Strigoi and ....

Mona and Froderick safely reach Madame Strigoi's trailer and hear a loud scream. Mona and Froderick fly into the forest to find Strigoi and Mona says she is now ready to leave for Paris because she now has a horse and wagon and her coffin with soil from her grave.  Strigoi, but is it really Madame Strigoi, tells Mona to visit her good friend Dr. Rigor Mortis in the mill. Because that Doctor Rigor Mortis can heal Mona from Shrowdy's curse. Mona and Froderick leave and ..... Madame Strigoi changes into Shrowdy's ghost ....... Shrowdy and Strigoi where 1 and the same person .........

Well........this is the END of The Vampyre Story Chapter One.......

2021: Walkthrough by Louis Koot