2021: Walkthrough door: Louis Koot

This is my English Translation of my very extended Dutch Bioshock 2 walkthroughs from 2011.

The Dutch walkthrough has been made while playing the ORIGINAL Bioshock 2 game in 2011

Chapter 1: Find Tenebaum:

01: Adonis Luxury Resort

It's 10 years after the events in Bioshock 1, so it's 1970.  12 years, Delta has been lying on the floor of Rapture for dead, but for some reason he didn't die.

 Why is Delta coming back to life just now? Well ... Tenebaum is rattling in his ears.

Apparently Tenebaum found Delta and put his helmet back on and that was Delta's rescue. 

Tenebaum now apparently thinks it is time to bring Delta back to life. So you come to your senses and get up. and ...Yes .... this monster in a wetsuit that's YOU ......

You are Delta and you are a BIG DADDY. Well ... what difference does it make if you look like a limped deep sea diver .....be happy to be alive again .....

So you start your search in the Adonis Luxury Resort and behind you is a VITA CHAMBER.

Your search for your Little Sister Eleanor has started from now on and it will be a long time before you find the little sister. You have your helmet back on, so you can see everything through the HUD of your helmet. At the top left you see 2 meters. The red meter is your Health Meter and the blue meter is your EVE meter. When your Health Meter is empty you die and the game will take you back to the last reached VITA CHAMBER. Your only weapon at this point is your DRILL. You can use the DRILL in 2 ways. You can DRILL freaks to death with the Drill and you do that with your left mouse button. However, you can also RAM with the Drill and you do that with your SHIFT key. RAMS don't kill an enemy. Ramming will knock an enemy unconscious and then you can DRILL him / her to death with the Drill.

However, the Drill requires fuel to be able to drill. The Drill's fuel gauge is located at the bottom left of your HUD. When the fuel gauge is empty, you can no longer drill with the Drill. But don't worry ... here and there in the game you can find Drill Fuel to provide the Drill with new fuel. Along the way, as you progress through the game, you will also find other shooting weapons, such as the RIVET GUN for example. You will also find new ammo for these weapons here and there in the game, so you have to stay alert for that.

Other weapons in the game are the so-called PLASMIDS. Plasmids give you special qualities through your left hand and your right mouse button. However, you have to buy plasmids and you need dollars for that. Dollars can also be found here and there in the game, but also on the corpses of the freaks you encounter. So always search every dead body you come across. Via your "M-key" you can call up an extensive HELP and also the map of the area where you are. The map also shows where the enemies are and where you can find the various machines where you can buy Plasmids, Eve, Weapons and Gene Tonics.

Well ...... I am not going to explain more at the moment. We will gradually see what we encounter that needs further explanation. You are looking at a "roundabout". To the left and right of the "roundabout" are alcoves, but nothing can be found in the alcoves. Behind the "roundabout" a staircase goes up to the 2 balconies, but the left staircase is kaput. So go forward and then up the right stairs to the gate on the right balcony.

On the balcony it appears that the gate has been closed by purple coral.

Stand against the purple coral and then press your SHIFT key to cut away pieces of coral with your Drill. Repeat this until all the coral has disappeared from the gate. Of course you can also drill the coral out of the gate with your Drill, but as said ..... Drilling costs fuel and you better not lose any Drill fuel now. When all the coral has disappeared from the gate, step through the gate into the next room. A thick green bar has toppled over and blocks you further passage. Fortunately, you can crawl under the beam on the left.

So, using your CTRL key, crawl under the bar and then press your CTRL key again to stand upright again. 

Ahead you see, in a flash, a Big Sister running away. To the right in the corner is the passage to the Adonis Bath, the swimming pool.

So go through the gate. You end up in the Adonis Swimming Pool and a beam falls down. You also see a Splicer running away. Across the street is the gate to the "Plasmid Therapies". On the right is a Secure Door and that door is your EXIT from this level. Unfortunately, that door is locked tight because the power supply is off. That's because the generator has a short circuit. Walk forward along the left side of the pool and ... you will find the first of many so-called Audio Diaries.

Press your "E" key to take the Audio Diary and then press your "L" key to hear the message. You will find a lot of these Audio Diaries in the game and they give you background information about the story of the game and of Rapture. It is not really necessary to find all Audio Diaries. Most of them contain insignificant bullshit, but there are a few Diaries that contain important information and you have to find these.

On this 1st Audio Diary you hear one Kate O'Malley and she tells you, among other things, that you can bring the broken generator back to life via an electric shock. You don't have to wait for the audio clip to finish. You can continue as usual in the meantime. Walk up the steps. On the left is the broken generator, which you have to get back on track. Look to the right and you will see the gate to the "Plasmids Therapies".

In the corner, to the right of the gate, you will see a chair and some burning candles. First go to that chair because you can pick up Drill Fuel and a can of dry meat there.

There is a can of Drill Fuel by the chair. If your Drill fuel gauge is already empty, pick up the Drill Fuel, with your "E" key, to refill your fuel gauge. If your Drill fuel gauge is still completely full, you can not take the fuel can now. To the right of the chair is a can of Meat. You can grab these types of cans with your "E" key to replenish your health. Ok ....... get, or don't get, the canister of Drill Fuel and the can of meat and then go through the "Plasmid Therapies" gate and prepare for your first fight with one of the crazy Freaks that populates Rapture.

In the hall your route continues to the left, but on the right is a Sauna room, the door of which is locked with a code lock. 

So turn left and ....... a female Splicer comes out of the gate and ...... she is shot in the back and she falls dead.

The killer will show up and if you don't act quickly, he will kill you too

So run up to the freak and knock him unconscious first with your Drill and then Drill the fucking freak to a bloody pulp with your drill

There are 2 corpses on the floor that you can rob of the items they are carrying. You're a Big Daddy but that doesn't mean you don't have human desires....

So hang on top of the female Freak corpse and fuck her with your "E" key to search the body. In the little  circles you can see what the corpse has to offer you.

Press your "E" key until you have stolen all the items from the body. Then do this alsowith the murderer's corpse. 

The killer corpse gives you the first Dollars and a counter appears showing how many dollars you have.

NB: You now know how to rob corpses of their belongings, so I'm not going to explain this again.

don't go through the gate where the victim and her killer entered the hall yet, but now go to the Sauna door, right at the back of the hall.

The Sauna door is locked. The number code lock is located to the right of the door. Make sure you get the message to press your "E" key and then do that to get in the close-up of the code lock. The slot consists of 4 tumblers where you can place the numbers 0 to 9 via the arrows next to each tumbler. Somehow you already have the code for this lock in your possession because next to the lock a piece of paper appears with the code 1540. Well .... put, from top to bottom, the code 1540 on the tumblers and click then on "Accept" and

..... the door of the Sauna opens. There's a body in the sauna. 

There is a can of fruit near the head of the corpse and in the sauna are some Dollars and there is a Drill Fuel can. On the ledge, on the back wall, is an Audio Diary.

Eat the can of fruit (E key) and loot the body. Grab the Dollars and the Drill Fuel and listen to the Audio Diary. If you have everything then you go back to the left and now through the gate where that killer came out a bit earlier. Immediately to the right, on the stone edge, is your first EVE HYPO

Press your E key to pick up the Hypo. You will receive a notification about the use of these EVE Hypos in your screen.

So if your "Eve meter" has run out, and you have run out of Eve Hypos, you will automatically use an Eve Hypo to replenish your stock of EVE. Ok .... walk on and .... you will reach the "EVE Bar". Further on you see an orange "Gas Pump" in the distance. Such an orange "petrol pump" is a PLASMID vending machine, where you can buy PLASMIDs. Such an orange Plasmid machine is called a "Gatheres Garden".

On the counter of the "EVE bar" is a cash register that you can loot. On the wall is a large picture of Sofia Lamb and it says "Lamb is Watching". 

Stand close to the till and then press your "E key" to steal the dollars from the till.

When you've ransacked the till, continue forward to the next gate. However, do not go further to the orange "petrol pump" but turn back to the "Eve bar".

Now enter the "Eve bar", so go behind the counter. At the back of the bar is an "EVE Dispenser".

Go to the "EVE Dispenser" and then press your "E-key" to release an EVE HYPO from the dispenser. Then take the EVE HYPO with your "E-key".

You can take up to 5 EVE HYPOs from the dispenser, so do that. The game automatically reports that you can no longer grab new Hypos. Then turn around and walk on to the orange "Petrol pump", so to the Gatherer's Garden machine. You get a brief vision when you walk to the orange Plasmid machine.

The Electric Bolt Plasmid:

This Gatherer's Garden Plasmid machine is out of order, but someone left you a present on it and that is the Electric Bolt Plasmid.

Grab the orange Electric Bolt Plasmid and ...... cut scene

You inject the Plasmid in 1 of your EVE Hypos and then you inject the whole thing in your left arm and see ... you now have access to the Electric Bolt.

However, the use of a PLASMID is fierce, so you get knocked out for a moment and then ...... there is a Little Sister standing in front of you.

The Little Sister tells you to find Eleanor and that when you find Eleanor you will get better. And then ..The Little Sister is snatched by a BIG SISTER.

That Big Sister is big mother fucker whore and she runs away with the Little Sister to the Adonis Bath and the door slams shut and is now shorted. You regain control. You can now immediately run after that Big Sister, but she's long gone, so don't bother.....you will get to fight with those mother fucker Big Sisters more then you want in the near future anyway.

Because you now have the Electric Bolt Plasmid, a new meter has now also appeared, top left. It is the meter that indicates how much energy you have left for the Electric Bolt. Each PLASMID is therefore a weapon and has its own meter. When the meter is empty you cannot use the Electric Bolt for a while. You then have to wait until the meter is automatically full again. You use the Electric Bolt by pressing your right mouse button. You do have to aim your reticle at the person or object you want to zap with the Electric Bolt.

Here at the Gatherer's Garden Plasmid machine are 2 side rooms, the Treatment Room 1 and 2. In both Treatment rooms you can loot a body and find some dollars.

So first search the 2 Treatment rooms and then go back to the closed door, behind the "Eve bar".

 The door is now closed and the door cabinet has a short circuit. To open the door, zap the door lock with your new weapon, the Electric Bolt.

Make sure your reticle is on the door lock and then press your right mouse button to fire the Electric Bolt at the lock and ... the door will open again.

step back into the hall and then enter the Adonis Bath via the stairs and the gate.

A crazy Freak is raving about the pool and another frak is roaming around. Zap the freak with an Electric Bolt first, then finish the job by pilling the madman with your Drill. Watch out because a 2nd Freak will sneakily attack you in the back, so kill the 2nd freak quickly. Then loot the 2 bodies. the right corner is the generator that has short circuit. Stand right in front of the generator.

Below the warning sign is a yellow panel on the generator. Make sure your reticle is aimed at the yellow panel and then press your right mouse button to zap the Generator with the Electric Bolt and ..... the generator hits the cock and the lights go on. Take a look at the bottom of the pool ..... The pool is immediately pumped empty and you read a text that is chalked on the bottom.

You will also receive a message from that Tenebaum in your ears.

So you have to find the "Atlantic Express Train Station" to meet up with Tenebaum.

Because the generator is on again, that Secure door has now also been opened, so go to the left side of the pool.

Walk to that EXIT door and ..... you will get a new assignment. Your new assignment is to find this Birgid Tennenbaum, but you already knew this. Go through the gate and up the steps.

There is an EVE HYPO by the window, but first go to the right, to the toilets.

In the toilets you can find a canister of Drill Fuel by the radiator and further up, by the shelves, an Audio Diary

If necessary, grab the Drill Fuel and listen to the Audio Diary. I believe this is an Audio Diary from that bitch Sofia Lamb. 

Walk back but don't leave the toilet yet. On the right you can enter the bathroom, which is underwater. You can pick up some more dollars in the room behind the bathroom.

Go back to the hall and continue to the large window. 

On the right is an EVE HYPO on the bench, but you probably still have enough EVE and if so then you cannot pick up this Hypo. Turn left and go up the stairs.

The door at the top of the stairs opens automatically and you end up in a larger room with a pond and a bridge. 2 Freaks frolic around in the pond.

Quickly ... before those 2 Freaks get a chance to get out of the pond run to the edge of the pond and fire with the Electric Bolt into the water.

Water and electricity do not go well together, so the 2 Freaks are zapped at the same time and can no longer move. Step into the pond and drill those 2 Freaks to pulp with your Drill and then loot the 2 corpses. Search the room. On a bench near one of the walls is an Audio Diary that you pick up and listen to.

Walk through the gate then turn left. On the wall you can see the sullen head of that wacky Sofia Lamb again. 

"Lamb is Watching" is written on the wall here again. Continue and disappear through the gate into the hallway where the billboard hangs.

The Rivit Gun:

Turn left and walk up the stairs to Rosie, the broken robot.

Your new weapon is under the door on the right. It's the RIVIT GUN. Walk up to it and then press your E key to get the RIVIT GUN.

You will have the RIVIT GUN in your right hand. Of course you have not lost the Drill either. If you have a mouse with a mouse wheel, you can change weapons using the mouse wheel, but you can also use the 1 to 9 keys on your keyboard. The Rivit Gun is standard under your 1 key. Via the OPTIONS you can specify which key you want to bind to which weapon. I'm not going to explain this further. When you hold the RIVIT GUN, you will see, at the bottom left, the amount of AMMO you have for the Rivit Gun. Here and there in the game you can find Ammo for the Rivit gun. To deal with the Freaks you will soon encounter your Drill is good enough, so to save your newly acquired Rivit gun ammo for now, you better bring out the Drill again now.

The door where the Rivit Gun was under is now open, so go through it. You end up in a hall with a staircase.

On the right is the passage to the Rapture Metro and on the left is a luggage room. A Freak is raving at the stairs.

Run to the Freak and zap him with the Electric Bolt and then finish the job with your Drill.

 From behind you will be immediately grabbed in the crotch by a female Freak. So zap the miserable bitch with the Electric Bolt and then drill her to a pulp.

Loot the corpses. Do not go up the stairs yet, but go into the luggage room to the right to score a First Aid Kit.

Go back to the stairwell but not up the stairs again. Go through the Rapture Metro gate,

The entrance to the metro is closed, but at the gate is a suitcase with a teddy bear in it. The briefcase is apparently a memorial altar for a deceased child. Next to the case is an Audio Diary. Pick up the Audio Diary and listen after it. In the meantime, turn right and walk to the wall marked "Stay Away".

Turn left at the wall. You look into a dimly lit corridor. Walk into the hallway. 

You can pick up a Rivit Gun on the right and I would. The hall is a dead end but there is a corpse and behind the corpse are suitcases and bags.

Loot the corpse. To the left of the body is a bottle of fresh drinking water that you can drink. Search all the suitcases, including the diplomat's briefcase

Walk back to the front and see ..... a Freak wants to "desecrate" the memorial case and of course you cannot allow that. Zap the Freak with the Electric Bolt .........

....... and then Drill the Freak to bloody pulp with your Drill ....

Loot the corpse and go back to the stairwell and now go up the stairs and through the door at the top of the stairs.

The door opens automatically and ...... a Little Sister is busy scoring some ADAM. The Little Sister notices you. 

Apparently this little sister is an orphan and she doesn't have a Big Daddy to look after her because she wants to "adopt" you as her daddy.

Vol verwachting draait het kleine meiskje zich naar je om en strekt ze haar armen naar je uit, in de verwachting dat je haar zult optillen, om verder haar beschermer te zijn. Je aarzelt....maar dan wordt de beslissing je uit handen genomen want je scherm wordt opeens wazig en je hoort een brul.

Expectantly, the little girl turns to you and stretches her arms out to you, expecting you to lift her up to be her protector. 

You hesitate ... but then the decision is taken off your hands because your screen suddenly becomes blurry and you hear a roar.

"Fucking" your first Big Sister ..... You love it

A Big Sister appears on the left balcony.

Big Sister is very angry with you because she doesn't want you to take care of little sisters. Actually, all Big Sisters are annoying bitches that you shouldn't drink tea with. Big Sisters are fucking whores that are quite agile and difficult to kill. This Big Sister jumps down and comes "sniffing" you out from very close up and she wants to know if you also have "balls" .. The Little Sister has already run away in panic.

You regain control and now have to play around with the Big Sister for a while. So pull the Rivit Gun and use the Electric Bolt too

You have to keep it up for a while. The Big Sister fires fireballs at you that you must try to avoid and hit the bitch with the Electric Bolt to temporarily paralyze her. If the Big Sister is temporarily paralyzed by the Electric Bolt, then you pump her body full of bullets from your Rivit Gun.

You can't kill this first Big Sister, but she can kill you. All you can do is do some serious damage to the big bitch so that she gets tired of it and then disappears to lick her wounds somewhere. If you die, the game will take you back to the last VITA CHAMBER reached, which is right here in this hall.

So hit the Big Sister a few times with the Elictric Bolt and then pump bullets from your Rivit Gun in her and she will automatically retreat and disappear. But you'll bump into this Big Sister again and she'll still be pissed off. When the Big Sister has disappeared, go and search this room carefully because there is a lot to be found here.

Behind the globe is a staircase, but that staircase goes to nowhere. Around the stairs are counters where you can "score" various items such as cans, cigarettes, a first aid kit, an Audio Diary and an EVE Hypo. Do not forget to search the trash cans, because you will also often find items in trash cans that you can use.

At the large windows is a Rivit Gun and a cylinder Rivit Gun Ammo.

Behind the stairs is a VITA CHAMBER, so if you die between now and the next VITA CHAMBER, the game will automatically brings you back here. 

On the right counter you will find cigarettes and a First Aid Kit.,

When you have collected all the items in the room, go through the gate under the green "balls" and continue to the next hall, the "Demeters Banquet Hall".

On the left you can pick up a First Aid Kit. Turn right and walk to and through the next gate and turn left. You will now see the entrance to the "Demeters Banquet Hall".

Enter the hall and ..... STOP ..... you are on the balcony above the hall. The floor below you is under water.

You can stand up here on the Banquet Hall balcony until you weigh an ounce, but if you want to find Eleanor you'll have to jump down to the floor below you anyway. So jump down and ....... Well .... You know the euphemistic phrase "Shit Happens"? .... Well ..... "Shit is Happening" ....... Once you've jumped down from the balcony, your big "girlfriend" shows up again, with whom you played so nicely earlier.

The Big Sister appears at the big window and she's still very pissed off at you. Apparently you have hit her right in her private parts a few times because she's out of fireballs, so she's not attacking you directly now. The chickie hops from one side to the other but then ....... the rotten chick jumps through the large window and the ocean flows in. The water pressure breaks the floor under your feet and so you end up at the bottom of the ocean. 

So you are now under water, on the bottom of the ocean. No worries ..... you are in a diving suit for a reason, so you will not drown / or suffocate. 

Turn around and in the distance you will see 2 burning spotlights and you have to go there now.

So walk to those 2 spotlights and Birgid Tenebaum reports on the radio. Birgid explains that the wetsuit protects you from the pressure of the water and that you have enough oxygen to make the walk to the train station. Walk on and you will see how a beam with a signboard falls down. Continue to the beam.

The game then reports that you can jump over obstacles, such as this bar, using your Spacebar. So press your Spacebar to jump up and then immediately press your forward key to get past the bar. Walk on and you will reach a number of barrels on the bottom.

Between the barrels you can pick up a cylinder of Rivit Gun Ammo. Behind the barrels are the windows of a building and through the windows you can see a Little Sister being molested by a few Freaks. That Little Sister's Big Daddy takes care of those freaks. Walk to the windows and then turn right. In the distance you see an orange "Gas Pump".

Continue to the orange "gas pump" and past it. After the "gas pump" you turn right. You will come to a pointed rock. To the right of the rock you can see the remains of a tunnel, but to the left you can go pick up an Eve Hypo, if your Eve Meter is now slightly empty. That Eve Hypo is located between 3 barrels.

Score or do not "score" that Eve Hypo and then follow the "tunnel" further. The tunnel then continues to be orange.

Follow the orange tunnel further. The tunnel then curves to the left and ends above an abyss. You will now see a new part of Rapture.

Walk over the edge to drop down, then turn left. The bottom "slopes" down here and you see 2 spotlights again.

Now just follow the bottom further. to and beyond the spotlight, and you will automatically reach the Airlock of the Atlantic Express. Step into the Airlock.

Inside the Airlock, stand right in front of the Airlock controller lever and press your "E key" to move the lever to the right so that the water is pumped out of the Airlock.

While the water is being pumped out the new level is being loaded

after the Loading you will end up in:

Chapter 2: The Atlantis Express

2021: Walkthrough door: Louis Koot