2021: Walkthrough door: Louis Koot

This is my English Translation of my very extended Dutch Bioshock 2 walkthroughs from 2011.

The Dutch walkthrough has been made while playing the ORIGINAL Bioshock 2 game in 2011

Chapter 2:

Walkthrough door: Louis Koot

You have apparently successfully completed Chapter 1, so you understand how things work in the game now. So from now on I'm not going to point out every freak and fool or tell you to search everything that is searchable, including the corpses. You should know that now.

The water has been pumped from the Airlock and the door has been opened. Your goal is still to meet up with Birgid Tenebaum at the Atlantic Express.

So get out of the Airlock and walk to the Atlantic Express gate

Step through the Atlantic Express Gate and turn right. A staircase goes up in the corner.

Go up the stairs. At the top you see that a Freak quickly closes the Secure Door. On the right is the Vita Chamber of this level, so if you die, the game will bring you back here.

Continue to the hall where the now closed Secure door is. On the way you get another message from Tenebaum about "Hacking" the Secure door. The Secure door is therefore locked and the door mechanism is on the other side of the door. However, to the right is a Tool Storage Room, so go in there.

Through the window you look into the hallway behind the Secure door. There is a large hole in the window pane. On the counter is the "Hack Tool" and on the wall hangs a "Tool Dispenser". Stand in front of the "Hack tool". Via your "M-key" you can request information about the "Hack tool". Press your "E-key" to get the Hack tool. You will receive a message from the game that you now have the Hack tool.

However, the "Hack tool" needs so called "Hack darts" and look ..... there is already such a "Hack dart" on the counter, so pick up the dart.

Turn around to the "Tool Dispenser", which hangs on the wall. This "Tool Dispenser" spits out "Hack darts". 

You can get 5 of those "Hack Darts" from the Dispenser. So press your "E-key" and then take the "Darts" from the Dispenser.

"Hack" the Door Control

turn back to the window and make sure you look through the hole in the window. You will then see the Door control hanging on the wall behind the Secure door.

 You now have to Hack the Door control using the Hack tool and a Hack dart.

Make sure you have the "Hack tool" in your hand. The "Hack tool" is located under your "3-key" by default. Aim the red viser at the Door control and then shoot a Hack dart at the Door control. The Dart ends up in the Door control and the game now treats you to a help screen that briefly explains what the purpose is.

Click the screen away and you end up in your first, of many, hack puzzles:

You have the "Hack" screen in front of you. You only have a few seconds to hack the Door control now. The arrow moves back and forth quickly and you are supposed to press your "F" key when the arrow hits a green zone. If you press your "F" key while the arrow is still in the white zones, you will get a shock. You have to do this twice and you only have 4 seconds. If you find this hack puzzle too difficult, you can also BUY it out, but that will cost you 200 dollars and you do not have such an amount yet.

Well .... this first Hack is not that difficult at all. The arrow is still moving fairly slowly back and forth and the green zones are still quite wide here. So press your "F" key as soon as the arrow has reached a green zone and do that twice. However, if you are too slow, the Hack screen will disappear and you will first have to shoot a Dart in the Door control to be able to start the Hack again. If you manage to complete the Hack, the game will treat you with a congratulation.

This Hack was simple, but as you progress through the game the Hacks get harder and harder. 

So it's not a bad idea to keep looking for as many Dollars as you can so you can buy off  a Hack every now and then.

The Secure door is now open, so exit the Tool Storage room and go through the now opened Secure door and through the next door.

Immediately in front of your feet, there is a broken Securitybot.

Hack the Securitybot

Securitybots are flying robots equipped with machine guns. The Securitybots have lights that can be red or green. Red Securitybots are hostile and will therefore target you. But you can Hack red Securitybots to make them green. Green Securitybots work for you and will also accompany you for a while, The Securitybot on the floor right now is defective, but you can Hack the thing to fix it so that it turns green and then you can take the thing with you to go and kill some Freaks for you. So press your "B key" to start the hack.

Well .... this 2nd Hack is a bit more difficult than the Hack of the Door control. Again you only have to press your "F-key" when the arrow enters a green zone. Blue and white is wrong and will shock you. You can buy off this hack for $ 20 by pressing your "B-key". But ... come on ..... you are not a sissy after all ........ Just solve the Hack yourself because "practice makes perfect". If you have successfully Hacked the Bot, it will be green and it will fly with you.

The Bot will now follow you, but make sure the Bot floats in front of you as you continue walking. Because then the Bot detects the Freaks a bit earlier and the Bot will automatically fire at those Freaks and you do not run the chance that you will be hit by "Friendly Fire", as it is so beautifully called. I think anyone who ever came up with this term was completely insane ..... a bullet is a bullet and hurts, whether it comes from an enemy or a friend

go through the steel doorway at the wall that says "We Will Be Reborn" and then follow the corridor to the right, left, up the stairs and .....

...... you end up in the Workshop of the Atlantic Express train.

The Atlantic Express Train hangs from rails above a maintenance station.

Watch out because a Freak shows up on the platform and causes the Atlantic Express train to crash.

Your Hacked Security Bot will deal with that Freak, but that is the end of your Security Bot.

Another Freak will show up, which you will have to "decompress" yourself with your Elictric Bolt and then the Drill or use the Rivit  gun. You can score some Dollars on the platform.

Links, achter de trein, is een Werkplaats. Bij de linker ingang van de werkplaats hangt een HEALTHSTATION.

To the left, behind the train, is a workshop. A Healthstation hangs at the left entrance of the workshop.

If you need Health now, you can buy it at the Healthstation. However, a portion of Health costs $ 15, but you can significantly reduce the cost by Hacking a Healtstation.

Hack a Healthstation

Even if you don't need Health, I still recommend that you try if you can hack this first Healthstation. Freaks also use the Healthstations to replenish their health, but hacked healthstations are deadly to Freaks.  An anyway it is a good Hack exercise because the Hack is a bit more difficult than previous 2 Hacks. This Hack also has red zones. Quickly press your "F -key" again when the needle hits any green zones to make the Hack succeed.

So stand in front of the Healthstation and press your B key to start the Hack. If you really need a portion of Health, you can buy off the Hack with 20 dollars, but then you should have paid 15 dollars right away. It works the same as the other Hacks, so it's fast .... you don't get much time and you just have to press your "F-key" when the arrow hits the green areas. In the workshop itself you can score Rivit gun Ammo and an Audio Diary.

When you've researched everything here and grabbed everything you could get, go back outside to the overturned train.

To the right behind the train is the gate to the "Gate Control" room

So go through the "Gate Control" gate and .... you will end up in the "Gate Control Room".

There are a few monitors hanging on the short wall. On the right, the enormous gate is closed tightly. 

You can see the "Gate Control" switch to open the gate, on the left side of the large console. Above the console, the windows are closed by so-called "blast shutters".

Stand in front of the glowing "Gate Control" switch and then press your "E-key" to activate the switch and ....... 

The gate will not open but instead that bitch Sofia Lamb will appear on the monitors .

Lamb talks to you for a while and she doesn't understand how it is you're still alive. Lamb doesn't like it at all that you have come back to life and she thinks you should experience your final ending here. While Lamb talks at you via the monitors, she ensures that the blast shutters in front of the windows go down. In the space behind the windows a number of Freaks will appear and they start to hit the windows and they will shatter.

You can shoot back through the broken windows if you want, but if I were you I wouldn't. It costs you ammo and you cannot change anything about your situation and you will not die here either. Because of pointless bangs of the freaks suddenly set all on fire here.

Don't worry ..... your diving suit protects you from the heat and ....... the fire also weakens the floor and suddenly the floor collapses under your feet and you crash down and you end up in the Pump Tunnel. The Pump Tunnel is underwater, so you are underwater again.

You look at the end of the Pump Tunnel, so turn around and follow the tunnel in the other direction. 

You will then come to a plateau and further on you will see a large orange "shell".

Continue to the orange "shell" and Birgid Tenebaum is ringing in your ears again. Birgid now reports that she can look via your helmet through the camera and she sees where you are and what is happening. Continue to the orange pipes and then duck to crawl through the piece of low tunnel.

So crawl through the piece of tunnel and on the other side press your CTRL key again to stand upright again.

 At the billboard you see a staircase, so walk up the stairs and .... you will surface again.

You see a huge fan. Remember this fan because there is an Audio Diary behind the fan that you can't get hold of right now. 

Go up the next stairs and at the top of the stairs you crawl under the semi-raised "Drafting" door.

On the right is the VITA CHAMBER. Continue to the VITA CHAMBER and then go through the next "Drafting" gate to the next rooms. 

You will immediately receive a message from Birgid Tenebaum about the security cameras and the alarm system.

Tenebaum reports that there is a security camera in front of you and that those cameras are part of Sofia Lamb's alarm system. 

Tenebaum reports that you can hack those cameras so that they will work for you,

Hack the Security camera

You can see the camera hanging through the doorway in the next room. The camera has a red light to indicate that it is an "enemy" camera. If you Hack the camera, the light will turn green and you will have disabled all Securitybots in these rooms in one fell swoop. On the cupboards, which are in the doorway, are 2 Hack darts. So stand in front of the doorway and pick up the 2 Hack darts first.

Pick up the 2 Hack darts now because you won't get the opportunity to do it in a minute. Then pull the Hack tool, by pressing your number 3 key.

Aim the red aiming circle of the Hack tool at the security camera and then fire a Hack dart at the security camera and then hack the camera.

You can hack the Camera by pressing your "F-key" when the needle hits a green zone, but you can also earn an EXTRA BONUS by Hacking the Camera when the needle hits the blue zone. If you hack the camera through the green zones, the camera will turn green and then the camera will send the security bot, which is wandering around here, at the Freaks, but that Bot will only have a limited lifespan. If you hack the camera via the blue zone, you will receive a bonus that means that the security bot will last longer, so that the bot will take on more Freaks. You can also buy off the hack, but that will cost you 20 dollars. Anyway ... a successful Hack results in a congratulatory screen and a green camera and a friendly Securitybot, who immediately starts firing at a few Freaks.

But ..... 1 Freak has managed to survive the Securitybot and that Freak is now showing up here with you.

So ...Zap the fucker with the Electric Bolt and then finish the job with the Rivit or with your Drill. Then go through the next few rooms and stay alert for ammo and food etc. You can pick up some Rivit gun ammo and a Firts Aid Kit and dollars and Drill Fuel at 2 desks. You can also raid the filing cabinets and the drawers of some desks.

In the room where the security camera is, which you just hacked, go right off and into the next hallway.

In the hallway there is a Bot control device on the left wall. If you hack such a Bot control, you disable all Securitybots in the area where you are in. However, this bot control has already been hacked because you hacked that security camera just now. At the back of the hallway you see 2 passageways. You cannot go through the left passage, so go through the right gate into the "Jet Postal" room and ...... you will have a vision of Eleanor

Eleanor is also 10 years older and has now become a young woman. Eleanor still considers you as her father and she has a gift for you ... a free PLASMID. Eleanor disappears. Right in front of you is a red wagon and in the wagon is Eleanor's gift ..... the TELEKINESIS Plasmid. There is also an EVE Hypo on the desk.

The Telekinesis Plasmid:

 Pick up the Telekinesis Plasmid and ....... you will see the "New Plasmid" screen

The screen tells you what the special powers are that you can unleash on your enemies via the Telekinesis Plasmid. Via Telekinesis you can therefore bring objects, even very heavy objects, towards you and then throw them at the enemies to crush them with them. This Telekinesis Plasmid is really the best Plasmid in the game. Press your spacebar to make the screen disappear and ..... a new screen will appear. In this screen you have to activate the Plasmid.

You can see that you already own the Electric Bolt Plasmid. Click in the 1st "Empty Slot" or on "Equip" to activate the Telekinesis Plasmid and ......

...... you will then be presented with a funny video explaining what you can do with the Telekinesis

Press your spacebar to return to the game. You will get another explanation screen.

The Telekinesis Plasmid is now under my F2 key. Under the F1 key I have the Electric Bolt. So you switch between the Plasmids by pressing the relevant button. So if you now have the Electric Bolt loaded in your left hand but you want the Telekinesis then press the F2 key. If you want the Elictric Bolt again, press your F1 key, assuming that these are the keys that you have "tied" to the Plasmids. If you do not know with which keys you can "load" a Plasmid, you just have to look in the Options at the Keyboard controls.

Your left hand is now loaded with the Telekinesis Plasmid. You can practice to see what wonderful things you can do with Telekinesis. You use Telekinesis just like you use the Electric Bolt, so with your right mouse button. There is a glass bell jar on the red wagon. Pick up the bell jar with Telekinesis, so point your left hand at the bell jar and then press your right mouse button to pull the bell towards you and keep your right mouse pressed to keep holding the bell

Picking up objects via Telekinesis does not yet cost EVE, but shooting them afterwards does. However, you can also gently drop objects again and that does not cost any EVE. To gently drop an object, press your "R-key:". To throw an Object far away, for example at a Freak, release the right mouse button. Practice a bit further with Telekinesis here and don't forget to pick up that EVE Hypo from the desk. Now that you have the Telekinesis power you can go back to the big fan, in the pump tunnel, to get that Audio Diary from behind the fan. So turn around and step back into the hall.

Walk back through the hall to the rooms where the hacked security camera is and then follow the route back to the Pump Tunnel

Crawl under the half-open door again. On the left is the large fan. Stay halfway up the steps and then look at the fan.

Behind the fan you now see an Audio Diary against the wall. Well ..... use Telekinesis to get that Audio Diary to you. You will be prompted to press your "L button" to listen to the Audio Diary, so do that too. Now go all the way back to the "Jet Postal" room and then exit that room through the doorway under the clock.

You end up in a hallway with a staircase. Go up the stairs and at the top of the stairs through the next door and .... you are on the balcony of the Workshop.

Don't walk straight to the back just yet, but look, to the right, over the edge down to the floor of the workshop. 

Below you are a few Freaks around a brazier and on the edge is an EVE Hypo.

You have to go down to the floor, but it would be nice if you first take out that collection of Freaks from here above. First pick up the Hypo if you can use it. To the left and right of you are various orange gas tanks on the edge. Pick up such a gas tank with Telekinesis and ..... shoot the gas tank down to the group of Freaks.

If you do this correctly, the tank will explode in the middle of the group of Freaks and take out several Freaks. If this one tank was not enough, you repeat this with another orange tank. You can also pull a corpse up with Telekinesis and then throw the corpse down at the surviving Freaks as well.

And so you can pull various heavy objects from the floor towards you and then throw them down at the Freaks. In this way you can take out all Freaks on the floor from the balcony. When you are done with it, you walk on to the blackboard. Behind the blackboard, an Audio Diary is waiting expectantly to be picked up and listened to.

So take the Audio Diary and listen to it, but while you listen you just walk through and leave the balcony through the gate at the back right.

Go down the stairs to the workshop floor. An "Altantic Express" trainset is under construction here. At the very back of the train is the large gate where your route through the game continues, but don't go there yet. To the left see the gate to the Cafeteria and there are also the washrooms and toilets. However, don't go there just yet. First go to the brazier, where those Freaks were, because there you can find a so-called Lockbox where you can get a few dollars.

In the space behind the stairs you can score Rivit ammo and a few more dollars

Look around here if you can find more and then go through the Cafeteria gate. There is a Healthstation in the hallway.

So if you need to top up your health meter you can buy health here or you first hack the thing to cut costs.

To the right is the washroom and toilets, but first go straight ahead into the Cafeteria.

At the back of the cafeteria you can pick up Rivit ammo and in the kitchen and in the storage room behind the kitchen you can find various foods and drinks.

So loot the kitchen and also the pantry and return to the hallway where the Healtstation hangs. 

You will probably  have to kill 1 or 2 Freaks first in the cafeteria and see for yourself how you do that. In the hallway you now go left to the laundry room.

Continue to the 2 gates. The rear gate takes you into the bare toilet / shower room. An EVE Dispenser hangs on the wall at the gate to the hall. 

So if you need EVE Hypos, you can pull up to 5 Eve Hypos from this dispenser.

Go back through the gate into the large hall and walk to the large gate at the back

As soon as you get close to the big gate, the gate will close.

Sofia Lamb doesn't want you to get any further than here and you get a message from Birgid Tenebaum.

To the left is a room, behind the iron glass, where the mechanism for the gate is.

However, first go to the right, to the burning candles, because there you can pick up some things.

Then go back to the laundry room, where the Eve Dispenser hangs, and enter the bare toilet / shower room.

Through a large hole in the wall you can see the large cogwheels of the Gate Mechanism.

Stand close to the wall so that you can see through the hole.

A piece of rod protrudes between the cogwheels and that rod blocks the cogwheels, so that the gate can not go up.

use Telekinesis to pull the rod out between the cogwheels and ....... the big gate will open again.

Turn around and go back to the hall and in the meantime you hear the bullshit from that Sofia Lamb again.

The big gate is now open again, so continue to the next hall. Left and right is a platform and you can walk between the platforms to the back of the hall. 

On the left is the room where the gate mechanism is, where you just removed that rod between the cogwheels.

Go up the left platform via the left metal ramp. The VITA CHAMBER is located in the right recess on the platform, but you do not have to go there physically.

Go down the stairs in the left niche to the Control Room. Downstairs there is a desk by the window and on that desk is an Audio Diary and Rivit ammo.

Grab the Rivit ammo and the Audio Diary and listen to the Audio. This is again the shit of that wacky Sofia Lamb. 

While Lamb rattles on, turn around and go further down and then right into the room where the big cogwheels are.

Loot the corpse and take some more Rivit ammo from the table by the window. Go back up to the hall and down the left platform again via the metal ramp. 

Do not cross straight to the right platform yet, but now walk between the platforms to the back of the hall.

At the brazier there are 2 corpses that you can loot. Then go back and now on the right platform.

On the left platform is a "Circus of Values Vending Machine" which is a machine where you can buy Ammo for all your weapons. 

You will encounter many more of these machines throughout the rest of the game.

The "Circus of Values" Vending Machines

There is a body in front of the machine and the body is holding a can of sardines.

First loot the body and don't forget to eat the sardines. Then stand right in front of the machine.

You get the choice to buy items directly via your "E-key" or to Hack the machine first via your "B-key". If you hack the machine first, you will significantly reduce the price you have to pay for the items. Hacking does not mean that you can pull the items from the machine for free, but it does lower the price. If you first want to see what you can buy in this machine and how expensive it is, press your "E-key" first. You then end up in the assortment screen of the "Circus of Value".

In this screen you can buy the stuff you want, provided you have enough dollars on your counter. There is a limit on the numbers of each item that you can carry with you. The "Hack only Remote Hack Dart" will only be available after hacking the machine. Hacking not only lowers prices but also makes the "Hack Only Remote Dart" available and .... you have the chance to win a free BONUS ITEM.

If you want to buy something, click on the item you want to buy in the left screen. The price will then be automatically reduced from your dollars and in the middle screen you will see how much of that item you have and wheter can possibly still buy more. If you want to Hack the machine first to lower the prices and have a chance to win the free bonus, click on CLOSE first, to close this screen. You are then again in front of the machine. Then press your "B KEY" and get the hack out. You have to hit the green zone 1 or 2 times. If you want the free Bonus, you have to hit the blue zone last.

So hit your "F-button" when the needle hits a green or blue zone. If the Hack is successful, you will again get the well-known congratulation screen.

If you get the free bonus, it will automatically roll out of the machine. In my case the free bonus is an EVE Hypo, but that can also be another item.

So pick up your bonus item and then make sure you return to the sale screen of the machine and see ... the prices have dropped considerably.

So buy what you need, as far as your amount of dollars allows, and close this screen again. Turn left.

A Bot shutdown terminal hangs on the wall and on the right is the stair gate to the Switching Hub

The Bot shutdown terminal is green, indicating that the security camera, which hangs somewhere in the "Switching Hub", has not yet triggered an alarm. But that will happen in a minute, so remember that this is where the Bot shutdown terminal is hanging. Go up the stairs and ..... you end up in the "Switching Hub". As soon as you have reached the top of the stairs, such a skinny flouncy chick ...... a Big Sister, jumps out.

Don't worry., ..... the Big chick is not doing anything yet ..... on the contrary ..... apparently she's so shocked by your appearance that she quickly retracts  and skips away. Walk further up and turn right and ..... Birgid Tenebaum reports and says that you have to reach the elevator and then take the elevator up to the train platform.

So you are here in the "Switching Hub" and this is a huge carousel with which the trainsets of the Atlantic Express are placed in sequence and then lifted up to the departure platform. Things will get quite hectic here in a moment, so prepare for it. At the wooden boxes you can grab some Rivit ammo and a few other items. Further on is a gray metal cabinet and behind that cabinet is a security camera on the wall. A Healthstation hangs under the security camera. That security camera is red, so hostile. Continue to the boxes and take the Rivit ammo and the other items that are there. Then walk to the gray cupboard and ...... well   as the saying goes .... SHIT WILL HAPPEN ....... You will receive a message on your screen.

Freaks pop up and the security camera has also eyeball you and so the alarm goes off. As a result, the Securitybot, which is flying around here, also comes to life and that Securitybot also starts to target you. You can now try to reach that Security camera and hack it, but you will not survive. Down the stairs, however, is that Bot shutdown terminal, so quickly turn around and run back to the stairs and run back down the stairs and see ..... the Bot shutdown Terminal is now red.

So run to the Bot shutdown Terminal and press your "E-key" to shut down the terminal. The Terminal is green again and with this you have switched off the security camera and that Securitybot at the top of the "Switching Hub". So go back upstairs, whistling a happy tune. Back at the top of the "Switching Hub" you probably have to survive a few Freaks. But if you now quickly run to that security camera, you can now quickly hack the thing so that the Securitybot, which is still flying around here, turns green and then attacks some of the Freaks for you. You can also buy Health at the Healthstation, but hack that thing first.

if you have survived it all here then you walk to the back and you reach the elevator, which goes up to the train platform

Get in the elevator and activate the elevator button with your "E-key" and ..... you turn around automatically and the gate closes and the elevator takes you up.

A few more Freaks will show up but they will no longer damage you, so save your ammo. 

While going up in the elevator Birgid Tenebaum reports again and she now tells you a bit more about who you are and where you need to go.

Ok .... the Elevator is almost up and ..... a Freak with an iron head is doing something freaky. You can quickly shoot the Freak, but you don't have to. 

The Freak runs away when he sees you appear and is then mowed down by the Trap Rivets, which are located at the top of the stairs.

Get out of the elevator and have a look around here. 

The corpse of the iron-headed Freak is near the stairs and on the wall are boxes with 2 cylinders of Rivet ammo on it. 

In the right corner is the VITA CHAMBER.

At the top of the stairs you see 3 so-called TRAP RIVETS. Trap Rivets are booby traps that you can fire with the Rivet gun. Trap Rivets emit a red laser beam and when you walk through that laser beam they explode. The 2 cylinders on the boxes are Trap Rivets, so pick them up. The game then treats you to a screen because you have picked up a special kind of Ammo.

You now have 2 types of ammo for your Rivet Gun, the "regular" Rivet ammo and the Trap Rivet. 

You switch ammo via 1 of your keys on your keyboard. The game just told you which key that is. In my case it's 1 of the "accolade keys"

You have to be careful with your Trap Rivet ammo, so don't shoot them at random at Freaks, but use them as booby traps. So you fire a Trap Rivet to place it on walls, cupboards, pillars, etc. You can also pick up usedTrap Rivets again. Search the Freak corpse and then walk up the stairs, but be careful not to go through the lasers of the 3 Trap Rivets. So stay on the stairs and pick up the 3 Trap Rivets.

When you have picked up the 3 Trap Rivets, walk further into the room above the stairs. The large doors give access to the Atlantic Express train station. It is the station for the train that goes to the "Ryan Amusement park". To the left of the doors you can pick up a Firts Aid Kit. The doors will open automatically when you walk towards them

However, do not go straight through the doors, but turn around and enter the Manager's Office first.

Loot the 2 corpses at the desk and then walk to the back.

Pick up the Rivet Ammo and the Audio Diary sticking out of the filing cabinet drawer. Listen to Gil Alexander's Audio Diary and loot the other filing cabinet. Exit the office and then go back to the other room and now through the "Atlantic Express" doors and you will end up in the front hall of the station.

There is a "Circus of Values Vending Machine" at the wall and a suitcase on the bench. On the right is the door to the next hall of the station.

If you still have dollars to spend, you can buy ammo etc. in the "Circus of Values", but hack the machine first. I would only buy a lot of Rivet Ammo here, because in a moment you have to survive a gang of Freaks. In the briefcase, which is on the bench, is an EVE Hypo and a bottle of drink. Drink the bottle of drink and pick up the EVE Hypo if you need it. Then continue to the right and exit this hall through the next "Atlantic Express" doors and then walk down the stairs to the ticket sales hall.

Beware ..... at the bottom of the stairs there are 2 or 3 Trap Rivets. On the right is the, closed, Ticket Booth and there is a Freak raging.

So do not walk through the Trap Rivets but pick them up. That Freak will spot you and run towards you, so zap the Freak with the Electric Bolt and then finish it off with your Drill or with regular Rivet ammo. When the Freak is dead loot the corpse and you get a message from Birgid Tenebaum.

Birgid Tenebaum reports that she is in the Ticket Booth and she says that you have to press the button on the intercom to meet her now. 

So walk to the Ticket Booth and activate the Intercom and ... the shutters will open and you will now meet that Birgid Tenebaum.

Lamb is calling on her Freaks to take you out once and for all. Birgid Tenebaum gets the shivers and wants to get herself and the Little Sisters to safety and asks you to cover her retreat. Birgid then opens the door to the train platform and closes the hatches of the Ticket Booth. Turn left and ...... see ..... the doors to the hall where the Atlantic Express train is waiting for you are now open.

You will be given a new assignment and that is to kill the Freaks that Sofia Lamb is now sending at you so that Birgid Tenebaum and the Little Sisters can escape safely. The game also gives you the hint to place the Trap Rivets here and there in the hall. Well ... walk into the hall and ....... You have to survive this part. Freaks don't immediately enter the hall, so you have quite a bit of time to place some of your Trap Rivets here and there. Do that at various places in the hall, but do it strategically and then make sure that you are not eliminated by the Trap Rivets yourself.

Freaks will enter the hall from various directions.  On the left is a security camera that triggers the alarm, causing a red security bot to fly through the hall and then attack you. You can hack the security camera to make the Securitybot green, which will then target the Freaks. You can also hack the Securitybot, if you can get close to it. To the left there is also a Healthstation on the wall between the doors, which you can hack and kill the Freaks who want to heal their wounds with it.

But you probably won't have time to hack the Healthstation, the security camera or the Securitybot. What you better can do right away is to run straight to the other side of the hall because there you will then find a 2nd Healthstation and the Bot shutdown Terminal on the wall.

Quickly stand in front of the Bot shutdown and press your "E-key" to make the terminal green. With this you have at least temporarily disabled the security camera and the security bot. But that only lasts a short time, so run back to the security camera. You will have to fight Freaks along the way, but you can use the Electric Bolt and of course Telekinesis to crush the Freaks with all kinds of heavy items. 

Here and there are gas tanks that you can throw at the Freaks by means of Telekinesis. Hack the Healthstation and the security camera and take out the Freaks. If you die, the game will take you back to the last VITA CHAMBER reached, which is in the room where you got out of the elevator. Survive this part. The game will notify you automatically when you have taken out all Freaks.

When you have eliminated all Freaks, Birgid Tenebaum will report again.

Tenebaum thanks you but also says that she is now saying goodbye to you but that others will continue to help you and one of them is Augustus Sinclair. 

That Sinclair will try to lead you further to Eleanor. Augustus Sinclair then reports immediately.

Je kunt  je voorraden ammo e.d nog even gaan aanvullen bij  de "Circus of Values" en de game meld dan dat je aan boord van de trein moet gaan.

The train is on the right side of the platform, so walk up the platform and enter the train.

In the train, activate the Start button and ............

.............. The train starts moving and takes you through the underwater tunnel ...........

.....and you will enter....

Chapter 3: Ryan Amusement

2021: Walkthrough door: Louis Koot