2021: Walkthrough door: Louis Koot

This is my English Translation of my very extended Dutch Bioshock 2 walkthroughs from 2011.

The Dutch walkthrough has been made while playing the ORIGINAL Bioshock 2 game in 2011.

Chapter 3:

Walkthrough door: Louis Koot

The Atlantic Express train arrives at the station of the "Ryan Amusement" park. Augustus Sinclair screams in your ear that you have to hit the brakes, if you don't want to smash with the train and all against the mountain of ice that is now blocking the tunnel further.

Don't worry ..... the train will stop by itself. The tunnel to the next station is therefore completely blocked by ice. So you have to melt that ice in some way or you can't go any further. Turn around and Augustus Sinclair reports again and he explains what the intention is and how you can melt the ice.

Sinclair says you need the "Incinerate" Plasmid to melt the ice. You can find that "Incinerate" in the Amusement Park. The game also states that you will need to purchase a new Ticket in order to continue traveling to Lamb's HQ, which is in "Fontaine Headquarters".

So you have to look for the "Incinerate" Plasmid. Get off the train. Right in front of you is the control room and on the left the door to the Ryan Amusement park.

There is an information column in front of the "Ryan Amusements" door. 

Walk to the information column and then turn around. You will then see the access door to the Control Room.

Enter the control room through the door. There is a red lever on the console, but you cannot activate that lever now. On the left side of the console is a package of bandages and on the floor is Rivet ammo. Get the Rivet ammo and bandage and go back into the main hall. You can then find some stuff behind the train in 2 boxes.

So cross over to the windows and find the 2 chests and loot them. Exit the station concourse through the "Ryan Amusements" door and go up the stairs.

The stairs will take you into a hallway. On the right is the VITA CHAMBER.

Before you go further up the next staircase, you can loot a suitcase at the Vita Chamber and collect Rivet ammo.

At the burning candles you can find a bottle of drink and a can of food. Go up the next stairs. You end up in a middle hall.

On the wall you read "She is our Salvator". There is a first aid kit and Audio Diary up for grabs on the chest. Continue to the "Circus of Value".

If you don't have dollars or if you don't need anything, you can skip this "Circus of Value" and go straight through the gate into the main hall.

At the back of the hall is the entrance to the "Ryan Amusements Park". 

Watch out ..... there is 1 Freak roaming around here in the hall, so take that Freak out. To the left are the ticket booths where you can buy a ticket for the amusement park.

There is a cash register in the right counter. Loot the till for dollars. Continue to the entrance doors of the amusement park. The doors are firmly locked. 

To the right of the door is the ticket machine where you have to insert a valid entrance ticket to enter the park.

Your new assignment is to get a ticket for the "Ryan Amusements park". Go back to the ticket booths and now through the gate at the ticket booths.

You end up in the hallway behind the counters. The gate in the back leads to the "Security Monitoring Room". To the left are the counters and the cash register, which you just looted from the other side. But there is still a stack of dollars at the till, so go and pick up these dollars too. Then disappear through the gate. On the left is a weapon cupboard where the Machine Gun hangs. Unfortunately, the Machine gun hangs behind thick glass that you cannot break. Follow the corridor further.

You can then loot the 2 cupboards and then you walk to the "Power To The People" machine.

Power To The People:

This is a Weapons Upgrade machine. Via  a "Power To The People" you can get a free Upgrade for 1 of your weapons.

Press your "M-key" for an explanation about this Upgrade machine.

Power To The People machines are scarce and each machine can only be used once to get 1 of the possible Upgrates for your weapons. When you have read the help, close this screen and press your "E-key" to get to the Upgrade screen. You will then see which Upgrates for which weapon this "Power To The People" has available. There are 3 Upgrades available for each weapon, but the 3rd Upgrade will not be available until you have taken the other 2 Upgrades first.

Well .... you can only choose 1 Upgrade, so think carefully about which Upgrade you want to take now for which weapon. Then click on the Upgrade of your choice and it will be applied immediately and this "Power To The People" will close its doors automatically and is no longer accessible.

turn left and enter the office and loot the 2 desks that are there. Then turn right and go down a staircase to the VITA CHAMBER.

At the Vita Chamber you go left down the next stairs and you end up in the office of the manager.

On the left you can loot the red toolbox and right in front of you is an Audio Diary and in the "Supplies" cabinet is an EVE Hypo.

Take the Audio Diary and press your L button again to listen to the Diary. In the meantime, continue to the right, to the window of the Security Office.

The door of the security office is shut tight. There is a table in front of the window where you can pick up a Remote Hackdart.

Behind the window you can see the Door control hanging on the wall. 

Take the Hack tool in your right hand and then fire a Hack dart at the Door control and then hack the Door control.

So press your "F-key" twice when the needle enters the green zones. The door will then open.

Go through the now opened door and walk to the right and then to the left and .....

through the next window pane you can see how a Little Sister is busy retrieving ADAM from a corpse. 

Turn left and ..... you will find your ticket for the Ryan Amusement Park on the desk. Go get the Ticket.

You will be notified that you have completed the assignment and Augustus Sinclair reports:

Sinclair tells you that you have to pay for the "Incinerate Plasmid" with ADAM. So you need a Little Sister to score ADAM for you. According to Sinclair there is a Little Sister at the "El Dorado Lounge". Okay .... now backtrack all the way back to the main hall where the entrance to the amusement park is. On the way you come back in the hallway where the Machine Gun is hanging behind thick glass. A Freak is now trying to steal that Machinegun, but you can't allow it.

Don't slaughter the Freak right away, but wait until he / she breaks the glass. Then zap the Freak with Electric Bolt and finish the job with your Drill or the Rivet gun. Then walk to the window, which is now broken and grab the Machine gun and then also the Machine gun ammo clip.

The Machine gun is now your current weapon. If you don't want that, you can use your mouse wheel to pull the Drill or the Rivet, or use the number keys. Okay .... walk further back to the main hall and ...... Well ... a large group of  freaky tourists are now also coming to buy a ticket for the amusement park. Apparently the Freaks are having an outing ........

Well ..... survive the Freaks here and then loot the corpses and then go to the entrance door of the amusement park and put your ticket in the ticket machine.

The door will open and you will receive your new assignment. As Augustus Sinclair have told you, you have to "score" a Little Sister because he has to harvest "Adam" for you. You need "Adam" to buy the "Incinerate Plasmid". So go in through the now open door.

Ryan Amusement Park

A: The Memorial Museum:

Gene Tonics:

Walk to the altar in front of you. The game throws you another free leg here because you can now pick up your first GENE TONIC here.

With the advertising doll, the "Sports Boost" Gene Tonic is there for the taking on the table

Stand right in front of the table where the Gene Tonic is on and then first press your "M-button" for an explanation about these so-called Gene Tonics.

So you read that a Gene Tonic gives you special powers. You don't have to activate a Gene Tonic every time because they work immediately as soon as you use them. This "Sports Boost" tonic ensures that you can walk and run faster. You must activate or store a Gene Tonic or similar in the so-called "Gene Bank". Press your E button to get the Gene Tonic. The "Equipt" screen will then appear.

If you click on the "Equip" button you use the Gene Tonic immediately. If you don't want to use the "Sports Boost" now, you can save the Tonic in the "Gene Bank" to save for later use. If you want to store a Gene Tonic in the Gene Bank, click the "Store in Gene Bank" button. So use the Sports Boost now or store it in the Gene Bank. You have to decide yourself what you want. You can always remove a Gene Tonic from the Gene Bank, but then you have to find such a Gene Bank first.

You can go right and left here. Augustus Sinclair has said that there is a Little Sister wandering around the "Eldorado Lounge". 

Well ..... Go to  that "Eldorado Lounge" by turning left here. So go left and walk further into the museum.

On the left is the VITA CHAMBER. Turn right. You look further through the museum. There are various arrangements behind the windows and you can hear what is being displayed behind the windows through the audio devices. You can go down a staircase at the pillar, but don't do that yet. Walk to the back.

In the back part of this museum you can see the entrance to the "Journey to the Surface" room. However, that entrance is downstairs. Behind the facade of the "Journey to the Future" is the corridor that leads to the "Eldorado Lounge". At the couch is an Audio Diary and behind the couch is the entrance to the "Gift Shop". Go and pick up that Audio Diary.

Then turn right because at the pillar is a corpse that you can loot and there are also a few dollars.

When you have found everything here, retrace your steps to just before the VITA CHAMBER and then, at the pillar, go down the stairs.

Downstairs, the room is divided into 2 halves by a wall. On the side of the stairs there is a Healthstation hanging on that separation wall. 

It is always a good idea to Hack a Healthstation because Freaks use them too, but if Freaks use a hacked Healthstation it will kill them.

So hack the Healthstation here and then go to the other side of this wall. 

There is a Bot shutdown on the left wall, but it is now green and as long as no alarms go off, it will also remain green.

On the other side of the separation wall you arrived at the entrance of the "Journey to the Surface". There is a corpse on the floor and a few dollars next to the corpse. You can go up here again via the stairs, but don't do that yet. Loot the corpse and grab the Dollars then turn back to the separation wall.

On this side there is an "El Ammo Bandito" and a "Circus of Value" machine on the dividing wall. 

First take the Rivet ammo out of the box. I have already explained the "Circus of Value" machine. The "El Ammo Bandito" is new.

El Ammo Bandito:

Stand in front of the "El Ammo Bandito" and press your "M button" to call up the explanation screen.

Via a "El Ammo Bandito" you can buy various types of ammo for all the weapons you carry with you. But each "Bandito" has a limited range and it costs money. However, you can reduce costs by hacking a "Bandito" first and then you can also earn a bonus. Close the explanation screen and then press your "B-key" if you want to hack the "Bandito" first, or your "E-key" if you find hacking annoying. You can also buy the Hack again for 20 dollars.

If you want to earn a bonus during the hack make sure you press your "F-key" when the needle hits a blue zone.

 If you have hacked the "Bandito, press your E-key to open the sale screen.

Buy the ammo you need. The middle screen shows how much of each ammo type you can buy, provided you have enough dollars in stock. 

When you are done with the "Bandito" you can also hack the "Circus of Value", but that doesn't really make much sense anymore. Go back up the stairs at the right wall.

Back upstairs you can wander around for a while and probably slaughter a few Freaks. If you don't feel like it, you go left immediately. You will then see the large "El Dorado Lounge" sign. A Bot shutdown hangs on the left wall. The gate in front of you will not take you anything so go right through the door at the "Eldorado" sign.

You end up in a hallway. Left and right are dead-end corridors where you can find some Rivet ammo in the right corridor.

Walk straight ahead and ..... You will receive a message from Eleanor.

Eleanor left a present for you here and that present is in the red box, right in front of you. So walk on to the red box

In the red box is an Audio Diary and the "Drill Powe Tonic". Take the Audio Diary and listen to it and then get the "Drill Power Tonic".

This Gene Tonic "Drill Power" thus increases the power of your Drill. You can use the "Drill Power" right away or you can store this tonic in the Gene Bank.

So decide what you want to do with the "Drill Power" and then continue to the stairs.

In front of the stairs, at the right billboard, you can pick up another Ammo clip for the Machine gun and an EVE Hypo.

Walk up the stairs and at the top you go through the door and you are in:

B: The Eldorado Lounge:

Kill the Big Daddy and Grab the Little Sister:

The game welcomes you here with the announcement that there is a Little Sister with her Big Daddy wandering around here.

Every Little Sister who isn't "orphaned" has a protector and that's a Big Daddy, just like you. A Big Daddy will not attack unless his Little Sister or himself is attacked. So as long as you don't do anything yourself, the Big Daddy will leave you alone. And here is the problem ...... because you have to "take over" the Little Sister from her Big Daddy and that Big Daddy will not allow that. So if you want to "take over" a Little Sister, you will have to kill that Little Sister's Big Daddy. And that is quite a job because Big Daddy's are hard to defeat".

The Eldorado Lounge is nothing more than a pub. It is a square room with the arches and a short passage in the middle.

 So there is a Little Sister wandering around here with her Big Daddy. You can see this when you call up the help screen via your "M-key".

There is a Bot shutdown on the wall and a deactivated Securitybot is on the floor in front of you.

The Bot shutdown is green and there is no camera here, so you can leave the Bot shutdown alone.  

You can hack the Securitybot so that that thing will work for you and help you a little bit in getting rid of the Big Daddy.

But you won't get a ton of support from the hacked Securitybot because once the fight starts, the Big Daddy will soon smash the thing. But you have to decide for yourself whether you want to take the trouble to hack the Securitybot anyway. In any case, it is a good hack exercise and if you make sure that you are the last with the needle in the blue zone, then the thing will last a little longer.

The Big Daddy and his Little Sister are now at the back left of the pub. However, efore you start harassing the Big Daddy it is better to search the pub for useful items, because once you go fuck the Little Sister iyou will not have time for that anymore. At the first bar counter, you can already pick up a Rivit ammo cylinder.

Continue to the left side of the pub. In the floor there is a pond with a statue in the middle.

In the back the Big Daddy and his Little Sister are wandering around and Sinclair reports this too.

Do not immediately confront the Big Daddy because there are still some items to score. 

Behind the bar counter is a walk-through corridor and in that corridor you will find a Healthstation and a "Circus of Value".

Hack the Healthstation because you will need a few bites of fresh Health in a minute, after the fight with the Big Daddy, and then it's nice if it doesn't cost that much. If you still have dollars, you can also hack the "Circus of Value" to top up your ammo at a reduced rate. That Big Daddy and his Little Sister is of course not standing still and roaming through the pub. It may well be that while you are working on the Healthstation and that "Circus of Value" the Big Daddy will appear behind you.

If this happens to you too, stay friendly, so "Don't Piss Of The Big Daddy" in this narrow corridor, because you will not survive that. The best thing to do is to drive the Big Daddy to the left part of the pub, where the pond is. When you and the Big Daddy are at the pond, give the Big Daddy a first blast with your Electric Bolt to start the fight.

Big Daddy's are tough rascals and it takes a lot of effort and firepower to get such a boy down. A potentially successful strategy is this ....... Try to lure the Big Daddy into the pond, but make sure you are not in the pond yourself. When the Big Daddy is in the pond, use the Electric Bolt, on the water or on the Big Daddy.

The water in the pond intensifies the Electric Bolt and the Big Daddy remains paralyzed for a few moments. Quickly ..... pump boiling lead into the Big Daddy body with your Machine gun and / or the Rivet gun. The Electric Bolt only works for a short time, so the Big Daddy will quickly become mobile again. Repeat this strategy until finally the Big Daddy has died. When your health meter threatens to run out, you quickly run back to the hacked Healthstation to replenish your health there, but that costs Dollars. 

The game will treat you to the "Goal Completed" announcement when the Big Daddy has died and Sinclair tells you to "pick up" the Little Sister now.

You can loot the defeated Big Daddy and restore your health at the Healthstation.

You hear the Little Sister crying in grief over the loss of her Big Daddy. 

The Little Sister is hard to see, but she's probably after the defeated Big Daddy, yelping against his back. So find the Little Sister.

Make sure you see the "Adopt" button on the Little Sister "and then press the key on your keyboard with which you pick up a Little Sister, with for me is the F-key , but it can also be your E -key. Suppress your natural aversion to pedophilia because you have no choice ... you have to "take possession" of this little girl. You pick up the Little Sister and she's glad she has a new Big Daddy to protect her and the game gives you an explanation screen

The explainer screen tells you that if you press the "R button" and then hold it for a few seconds, the Little Sister will direct you to an "Adam Corpse". If you press and hold the "R-button" your Little Sister will "spit" out a beam of white mist and that beam will show you the way to the nearest "Adam Corpse". However, the white mist evaporates quickly so you have to keep pressing your "R-button". Not every corpse contains "Adam". Only a "Glowing Corpse" contains "Adam" that can be "harvest" by your Little Sister.

So press your "R-button" to let your Little Sister show you the way, through the beam of white mist, to the nearest "Adam Corpse". 

The game immediately gives you a new assignment and that is to find 2 corpses where your Little Sister can get the "Adam" from.

Harvesting Adam

The Little Sister will be on your shoulder and will give you directions where to find a good "Adam corpse". Remember the corpse that lies in front of the closed "Journey to the Surface" door downstairs in the museum? Well .... that corpse is an "Adam corpse" and you have to go back to that now. So return to the Museum and you may run into some Freaks along the way

Back on the bottom floor of the Museum, at the "El Ammo Bandito", go to the corpse that is in front of the "Journey to the Surface" door. 

Sinclair reports again and explains what to do

So Sinclair tells that this is a good "Adam corpse" and that you have to put the Little Sister here near the corpse. But ...... the "harvesting" of "Adam" takes a while and it attracts Freaks because they also want to have the "Adam". So you have to protect your Little Sister while she is busy harvesting the "Adam" from the corpse.

Save your game first now and then start harvesting the Adam

Stand above the corpse and then press your B-key to place your Little Sister and she will immediately start harvesting the "Adam" from this corpse.

The game will give you a brief warning screen telling you that you must now protect your Little Sister and keep it alive until she is done with the harvest.

Take up a strategic position so you can protect the Little Sister from all sides. Freaks come in and they want to kill your Little Sister and that musn't happen..

So protect your Little Sister by killing the Freaks quickly. During the fight the "Journey to the Surface" door is also blown open and Freaks come in from there as well. You have to keep this up for a while. If your Little Sister dies it is "Game Over" and you will have to start over from the last VITA CHAMBER reached, but then you better load your last Save Game to start the fight again right here. The game will automatically announce that the Little Sister has finished harvesting when she has finished harvesting.

You'll have to pick up the Little Sister again, so pick up the little girl

However, Sinclair reports that this corpse only yielded 40 "Adam" and that is not enough to buy a Plasmid for it.

So you must find another "Adam corpse". Loot the Freak bodies here and then go through the blown "Journey to the Surface" door.

C: Journey to the Surface:

Journey To the Surface is an attraction where the visitor drives in a rail cart through a rail tunnel past all kinds of houses. Each house depicts a specific theme.

You start at the top of the entrance. You cannot open the door in the right wall, but that is the door through which you will eventually end up here again. In the room on the left you can pick up some dollars, which are on the desk. You have to enter the room and stand next to the doll that is behind the desk.

If you have a killing tendency and like to waste some ammo, you can shoot or smashthe doll's head from the torso. 

Take the Dollars and step out of this room and walk to the back. A machine gun leans against the boxes and machine gun ammo on the boxes.

Grab the Machine gun and the ammo and turn right and descend the stairs to the starting station of this "Journey to the Surface" attraction.

 You are then at the rails on which the carts drive through the attraction and ........ About 4 Freaks are approaching you.

Quickly kill the Freaks and loot the corpses and then continue along the rails to the "Journey to the Surface" gate. 

The rails go up in the gate via a slope and you have to do that too, but wait a little longer. Turn to the left. You see the window of an office and a gate.

Go through the gate and then turn left. You are then at the door of the office. Walk to the door, which will open automatically, and walk into the office.

 On the desk is a suitcase with an Audio Diary in it and next to the suitcase is a cylinder "Heavy Rivet ammo".

Pak de Audio Diary en luister er na en pak de "Heavy Rivetclip. Met "Heavy Rivetammo" kill je de Freaks sneller dan met de gewone Rivetammo. 

Grab the Audio Diary and listen to it and get the "Heavy Rivetclip. With Heavy Rivet ammo you kill the Freaks faster than with the regular Rive tammo.

NB: As I explained before, you can find different types of ammo for every weapon you have. At the bottom left you can always see which types of ammo you have loaded for your current weapon. To change ammo, press the key on your keyboard that you designated for it.

As soon as you have grabbed the Audio Diary and the Heavy Rivetclip, a Freak storms into the office.

So you can try out the "Heavy Rive tammo" right away.

Loot the Freak corpse and go back outside and back to the rails and stand on the rails and look at the ramp gate.

You have to go up the slope and you have to walk because the rail carts do not work. At the top of the slope, however, there is a cart on the rail and when you start walking up, a Freak will push that cart down and that does some damage. So walk up and a Freak then pushes the cart down and that cart hits you, so you thunder back down. Get up and walk up again and take care of that Freak. Also on the right is a Freak, so kill that Freak too. The rail tunnel curves to the left, but to the right is a water feature with wooden decking.

Step on the decking and follow the decking to the right. You enter an intermediate hall with a Healthstation.

Hack the Healthstation to kill Freaks who want to heal here.

If you have hacked the Healthstation you continue to the end. You are here on a scaffold above the starting station and here you can pick up 2 Machingun clips, at the chests and the metal barrel. These are special Machingun bullets that dol more damage. Turn around and walk back to the rail tunnel and follow the rail further, around the bend to the left. You will then be the first to reach the Farmhouse

The tunnel is blocked here, but you can walk over the blockade via the planks. But first take a look at the Farmhouse. There is a radio installation on the pole and the Farmhouse comes to life. You can start the Farmhouse again via the red button on the radio installation. There is an EVE Hypo on the roof of the Farmhouse. If you don't need an EVE Hypo, you can skip this, but if you can use EVE, I recommend taking this EVE Hypo. Use "Telekinesis" to pull the EVE Hypo towards you and then press your "E-key" to take the Hypo

This Farmhouse is the first of many houses that are set up to the left and right of the rail and together they form the "Journey to the Surface" attraction. You can enter each house to find Hypos, ammo, and other stuff and you will also find Botshutdowns and Healthstations in various houses. But you are mainly here to find your 2nd "Adam corpse". So walk on, up the sloping planks to the blockade and then stop and see what happens. On the right you see the "Censorship Bureau" and a Freak appears. Suddenly an explosion happens in the "Censorship Bureau", creating a hole in the wall there.

Press and hold your "R-key". Your Little Sister "spits" out the white fog beam and you see that white beam go into the "Censorship Bureau". 

So in that "Censorship Bureau" there must be an "Adam corpse". Jump down and enter the "Censorship Bureau".

The game tells you that there is a Turret here somewhere. A Turret is a Securitybot that cannot fly, but can fire a Machine Gun with an unlimited amount of bullets. 

There is a Remote Hackdart on the chest near the windows. Go right through the doorway and into the room behind the windows.

On the right is the "Adam Corpse" and next to that corpse is an Audio Diary. A Freak is raving and ranting at the deactivated Turret. Quickly ... kill the Freak. Okay .... you have found your 2nd "Adam Corpse" but don't put your Little Sister near the corpse yet. As soon as you place the Little Sister at the Adam Corpse you have to protect her again, so you better prepare this room first. First, pick up that Audio Diary and listen to it. Then go to the deactivated Turret / Securitybot

In the hallway, behind the window, hangs a Healthstation and a Bot shutdown. 

Hack the Securitybot / turret so the thing will help you target the Freaks in a minute. Then go hack the Healthstation in the hallway.

Go back into the room where the "Adam Corpse" is and now place your Trap Rivets here and there. 

Place Trap Rivets at the frames of the 3 doorways and on the sides of the table. Also place Trap Rivet's on the wall beam.

When you've placed the Trap Rivets in strategic places, hacked the Securitybot and the Healthstation, you're ready to go into battle.

 So now go to the "Adam Corpse" and put your Little Sister near the corpse.

The Little Sister immediately starts tapping the Adam ...

While the Little Sister is busy harvesting the Adam you have to protect her again from the Freaks who are now massively, and from 3 sides, into this room. 

The hacked Turret and your Trap Rivets will help you with this.

But beware ....... The Freaks also throw grenades and not all Freaks are immediately killed by the Turret and your Trap Rivets, so you will have to kill Freaks yourself to make sure that none of the Freaks atwill get to your Little Sister. When the Little Sister has finished "harvesting" the game will report this and there will be no more Freaks. As soon as you have received the announcement that the Little Sister is ready, you go pick her up again.

You will receive the message that you have fulfilled the task because you have now harvested the Adam from 2 Adam Corpses and your Adam counter is now at 80.

Sinclair reports and tells you to take the Little Sister to a ventilation shaft. According to Sinclair, such a ventilation shaft can be found in the basement under the workshop.

So you've put the Little Sister back on your shoulder. This Little Sister is of no use to you anymore, but you still have to protect her and deliver her safely to a ventilation shaft.

Go through the corridor where the Healthstation hangs to exit this "Censorship Bureau" back to the rail street. Now follow the green "This Way" signs further down the street and watch out for Freaks who can show up from everywhere. Also look in the houses / rooms where you can find ammo and / or other stuff. You go past the "Courthouse" and then you see a Freak in the street.

Kill the Freak and loot the corpse and continue along the rail road. The street takes a left turn and then there is a room on the right where a doll is behind a desk. The street bends to the left again and after the bend the street is blocked again. You are  at the "Divine Workshop" and you have to go through it to reach the continuation of the street.

The "Divine Workshop" is activated as soon as you step inside and at the front table a doll will rise but that doll will also go down again. 

Walk along the front table to the next table and then turn left and walk to the room on the other side of the rail street.

Stand still for a moment because the doll slides away and the red light comes on and then a huge hand comes down. At the back right you can grab a Rivet clip from the large chest. Turn right and you will see the rails again. So follow the street until you see another "Journey to the Surface" sign hanging in the "Curfew" bend in the distance. Just before the "Curfew" corner you can go left and right through a hole in the wall and then down a number of stairs to a basement hallway with a "Circus of Value" and a Healthstation.

Hack at least the Healthstation in the basement to kill Freaks who want to use it. Go up the stairs again and follow the rail street to the "Curtfew" curve and further.

Just past the "Curfew" corner you come to the next corner and at the gate of the "Puppet Workshop". So go left into the Puppet workshop and ...... Sinclair reports again.

Sinclair tries to convince you that it is not to your advantage to save the Little Sister on your shoulder, but that you better "harvest" the Sister yourself, 

There is a Healthstation at the back of the hallway. It is wise to hack this Healthstation now because when you come back later it will be swarming with Freaks.

So hack the Healthstation and then go left into the room and navigate through the room to the next room.

At the very back of the workshop you are then at a small safe and the stairs that go down to the basement

. Hack the Safe if you want to loot the contents and then descend all the stairs to the basement.

The basement is a bit underwater and the "Circus of Value" is broken. Walk to the right and then right into the next cellar and you have reached the VITA CHAMBER.

In the basement next to the Vita Chamber you will see the shiny ventilation shaft where you have to deliver the little Sister.

So walk on to the ventilation shaft and the game e treats you to the next screen.

The screen tells you that you will now be given the choice to either Rescue Little Sister or Harvest her

Rescue means you have to place the Little Sister in the shaft and Harvest means you have to kill the Sister to get her Adam.

Stand against the ventilation shaft and you will then be given the choice to Rescue or Harvest the Little Sister:

If you choose "Rescue" then you press your "F-key", or your "E-key". You then save the Little Sister by putting her in the round shaft. The Little Sister then becomes Human again, but you will miss 160 ADAM and you will not receive any extra reward for your humane act. Whether you like it or not but it is exactly as Sinclair has already told you ....... Rapture is a tough world and the 80 Adam that this Little Sissie has harvest for you is nowhere near enough to by the Plasmids that you have yet to buy. You just need the 160 Adam that this Sister is worth

So ...... KILL THE LITTLE BITCH ....... press your "B-key" to kill the Little Sissie and to earn 160 Extra Adam.

Well ....... A Little Sister turns out to be a fish and you eat the fish with taste and your Adam counter now contains 240 Adam.

Sinclair congratulates you on your act of active Euthanasia and tells you that now you must go to the "Hall of the Future" because there you can find the "Incinerate" Plasmid.

The entrance to the "Hall of Future" is at the top of the museum, right opposite the Giftshop, so you now have to go back to the Museum. But first you have to get out of this cellar and the workshop. So go back to the Vita Chamber and then continue and at the broken "Circus of Value" again up all the stairs.

Back at the top of the doll workshop you must  survive about 6 Freaks, who storm in from the rail street.

So kill the Freaks using your own strategy, and then loot the corpses. When you die, you start again in the Vita Chamber in the basement.

Back in the rail street you can pick up a Hack dart on the desk in the room across the street. Follow the rail street further around the "Coericon" bend and immediately after the "Coericon" bend the street is completely blocked by a collapse and a toppled railcar.

On the right, the family is watching regular TV. Mom and Dad are sitting on the couch and their little bastard is stretched out on the floor. There is a door next to the refrigerator. Have a coffee at Family. A huge hand has had enough of the little bastard and gives the kid a firm slap on the buttocks. From an educational point of view this is "not done", but I have no objections to an "educational slap on the pants".

So go through the door at the Family and you will end up in the Lamp Store. At the "Power To The People"  a Freak is messing around and you don't want the Freak to rob the "Power To The People". There is a layer of water on the floor of the room, so stay in the doorway and zap the water, and thus the Freak, with the Lichting Bolt and then finish the job with the Rivet or the Machinegun.

To the right is a deep niche with a "Circus of Value" and a broken newspaper machine.

 To the right of the broken newspaper machine you can pick up and listen to an Audio Diary.

If you've killed that Freak fast enough then the "Power To The People" is still "open" . 

Use the "Power To The People" to buy an Upgrade for 1 of your weapons and then go left, through the doorway to the next room.

In the back of the room a Freak sits at a Wall safe. A Bot shutdown hangs on the right wall. Kill the Freak and then go hack the Safe, but this time make sure the hack doesn't work. So when you stand in front of the wall safe, press your "B-key" to get the hack screen. Now let the hack fail for once, so hit your "F-key" when the needle enters the white zone or a red zone. The hack fails and the alarm goes off and this causes 2 Securitybots to come in and take you under fire. Quickly ... run to the Bot shutdown and press your "E-key" to make the Bot shutdown green again and disable the 2 Securitybots. There are then 2 deactivated Securitybots on the floor. Now Hack both Securitybots so that they are green.

The 2 hacked Securitybots will now fly with you the rest of the route and get rid of a lot of Freaks for you. 

Try to keep the 2 Securitybots with you now. To the left of the wall safe you go out through the door again.

Follow the rail street and make sure that the 2 green Securitybots fly with you.

 After the bend the rail is blocked by a bulkhead. So walk up the "balcony" to the left and on to the white chair seat.

Behind the bulkhead, the rail street is blocked by boxes, but you can cross the boxes via the planks to the "Disease" house.

You can pick up another clip Machinegun ammo on the white chair seat. Follow the rails further, through the rubble and then turn right around the bend and ..... Then stop.

Ahead is a Freak behind the boxes and on the right is a security camera. Your 2 green Securitybots will take care of the Freak behind the chests.

To prevent the Camera from "calling" enemy Securitybots, you have to shoot the Camera yourself. If you are too slow, the alarm will go off and 2 red Securitybots will fly in and destroy your 2 green bots. Then run to the niche yourself, under the security camera because there is a bot shutdown there, which you then switch off.

When the Freak is killed and the Camera is also turned off then continue. So navigate around the chests and follow the rail street around the next bend and ...

 You will then reach the end of your "Journey to the Surface" tour........

At the "Escape to Rapture" sign the rail goes down but you cannot follow the rail further. To the left is a maintenance door, which is probably already open.

So go left through the doorway and make sure your 2 green Securitybots keep following you. 

Right in the corner is an Audio Diary against a chest. Turn right and follow the hallway and you will reach a closed maintenance door.

I still have the 2 green Securitybots with me now and I hope you have them with you too. 

The Door Handle is hanging on the right, so pull the Door Handle down to open the door and then go through the open door and follow the hallway

The hallway brings you back to the Entrance of the "Journey to the Surface" and ..... FREAKS ......

Your green Securitybots make mincemeat of the Freak, but if you don't have those bots anymore then you have to take care of it yourself

. Turn right and ..... on the bottom floor of the museum are now Freaks again, but your 2 Securitybots will help to kill those Freaks too.

So you are back at your first Adam Corpse. It would be helpfull if at least 1 of the 2 Securitybots has survived the battle. It is even better if both Securitybots are still intact. If necessary, you can buy ammo and the like at the "El Ammo Bandito" and the "Circus of Value" and don't forget to loot the corpses.

Then go up the stairs again and then upstairs to the Gift Shop, but do not enter the Gift Shop. Turn right at the Giftshop. 

You are back in the upper hall of the Museum and you will now see the entrance to the "Hall of the Future".

Hall of the Future

Continue and go through the "Hall of the Future" door and then further up the stairs.

At the top of the stairs you go through the next door and then you are in a hallway with another staircase.

Wait ...... in the hall, at the top of the stairs, 2 Freaks are arguing at a Turret. Stay at the bottom of the stairs and pull the Hacktool.

Aim at the Turret with the Hacktool, then fire a Remote Hackdart at the Turret to Hack that Turret from a distance.

Try to get the needle on the blue zone last. If the hack is successful you will receive congratulations from the game again.

The hacketTurret will then take care of those 2 Freaks, so wait for that and then continue up the stairs and into the hall.

Loot the 2 Freak corpses and walk to the back and then down the stairs. On the left you will see, through the window, the "Gatherer's Garden" where you can buy the "Incinerate Plasmid". Go, right, through the door into the hallway and ..... through the large windows you see a Big Sister sitting on a rock. The Big Sister sees you too and she swims away.

That Big Sister is pretty pissed off at you for killing a Little Sister, or making it human again, and she'll be tickling your Big Daddy Balls for that in a minute or so. 

So look forward to it. Follow the corridor further

Around the corner you can grab a First Aid Kit from the supplies closet and come back to the next hall.

The VITA CHAMBER has an Audio Diary in the box in front of the billboard. On the wall, the big Hand will show you the way to the "Gatherer's Garden", so past the Vita Chamber, turn left into the hallway and into the Gatherer's Garden Garden. An EVE Hypo is lying on the floor in front of the Gatherer's Garden. Press your E-key to get into the Garderest Garden screen and then buy the "Incinerate Plasmid" for 60 ADAM.

You will see the "New Plasmid" screen again, which you press away via your Space bar

The "Equip screen will appear again, so press the Equip button to activate the Incinerate immediately.

You will see a short video about this Plasmid.

If you still have ADAM left, you can also consider buying the Healthupgrade and Eve Link. The Health upgrade makes your Health meter run slower and the Eve Link ensures that every Firts Aid Kit also replenishes your stock of EVE. If you have no more empty slots in the "Equip" screen, you can also save these 2 Tonics in the Gene Bank for later use

Go back down the hall to the entrance hall door. On the way, at the Vita Chamber, 1 of the dolls comes to life because it turns out to be a Freak. 

Deal with him, the left is a passage blocked by ice. Use your newly acquired Incinerate to melt the ice.

Go inside. I bought 2 Tonics here at the Gatherer's Garden because I still had Adam left. I bought the Carefull Hacker and the Eve Upgrade and activated it immediately.

In the kitchen a doll is spraying the floor. Here is also a "Gatheres Garden", so if you still have Adam and you want to buy another Plasmid you can do that.

Continue to the kitchen. There are some items in an iceberg that you can certainly use, but you can not pull them out of the ice. So melt the ice with your Incinerate and then get the items.

Go back to the hallway and then left through the door into the entrance hall again, where the Turret is, and walk back through the entrance hall to the staircase hall and ... the lights go out and everything starts to shake and the screens burst ... In the intermediate hall you can top up your ammo and / or EVE at the "Circus of Value".

Before continuing, make sure you have the Electric Bolt in your left hand and the Rivet gun in your right hand again. Also make sure you have loaded the Heavy Rivet Bullets for the Rivet gun. Then go through the door and the hallway and ..... The entrance door to the museum is closed and starts to "crumple" and the door literally bursts at the seams. Step back into the Museum and ........


That BIG SISTER is here and she is incredibly angry. With her special powers, Big Sister throws the big bench at you, so dodge the bench and then take on Big Sister.

Zap  Big Sissie with Electric Bolt to get her motionless for a moment and then pump your Heavy Rivets into her body.

You have to do this a few times because Big Sisters are tough bitches. 

The Sister throws things at you and also grenades and she has a few nasty weapons at her disposal. But in the end you will get  this sissie down.

Sinclair reports and finds you quite a tuff guy. Loot the Big Sister body. Sinclair then announces that you must return to the Atlantic Express train to melt the ice blocking the tunnel gate with your Incinerate. And that is also your new assignment. But before you leave here, it is best to raid the Gift shop first.


There are of course a few Freaks roaming around the gift shop, so kill them and loot the corpses. The cash register is on the left as you enter.

Loot the till for some dollars. To the left, near the balcony, is an "El Ammo Bandito" that you can hack.

Right behind the sales counter, you can hack a Safe and then loot and pick up an Audio Diary

Past the "El Ammo Bandito" you can go down to the toilets.

The ladies room is closed by a gate, but if you zap the lever with the Electric Bolt the gate will open.

In the ladies' room you can pick up and listen to an Audio Diary on the "shrine" in the corner.

You can also pick up some items in the men's room. If you have looted the Gift shop then you go back to the upper room of the museum because it is time to return to the Atlantic Express station. Walk through the museum room to the VITA CHAMBER.

Then go left again into the entrance hall, where you found the "Sports Boost".

The exit is on the right, but you can go into the room on the left to pick up some ammo. 

Then return and enter the main entrance hall of Ryan Amusement through the right door.

Walk around to the other side and disappear through the door into the middle hall. 

In the corner is a "Circus of Value", which you have already used before, but behind the balustrade you see an iceberg with an Audio Diary in it.

If you still have enough Eve in your Eve meter, you can melt the ice with the Incinerate to get the Audio Diary. However, if your Eve meter is almost empty and you also have no more Eve Hypos to replenish your Eve, you best forget this, otherwise you will not have enough Eveto use the Incinerate in the station. Go left and through the door and follow the route back to the Station.

Atlantic Express Station:

You are back in the station where you started this level. But you now have the Incinerate, so you can melt the ice blocking the tunnel door now.

 So walk to the white gate, in front of the train and ...... Sinclair reports and tells you to melt the ice.

So melt the ice in front of the gate with the Incinerate and ..... you have fulfilled your mission

Sinclair reports again and he tells you to pull the lever to open the gate and he will meet you on the train. So turn around and go to the loft where the lever is and go inside

Stand in front of the console and then press your "E-button" to lower the red lever and ....... 

Augustus Sinclair will appear. You can see Sinclair through the window, but Sofia Lamb has closed the door to this loft and you cannot go out.

Sinclair talks at you for a moment and then he runs into the train and screams that Freaks are storming into the station. The door will open again, so run outside and run to the train while shooting the Freaks. When you get to the train, the game will give you a brief warning that you must make sure you want to leave this level, because you will never come back here.

You did what you were supposed to do here, but if you want you can now go through the entire level again looking for items you may have forgotten to find. It is not necessary, but if you enjoy going through the Ryan Amusement park one more time then you should do it. Not all Freaks are dead in this level and you have not found all the stuff you could find in this level. You have to decide this for yourself. The train, with Sinclair in it, will wait patiently until you find it time to move on to the next level. I will continue right now.

Run into the train and pull the train lever to exit this level.

You then will enter: 

Chapter 4: Paupers Drop.

2021: Walkthrough door: Louis Koot