2021: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot  

Chapter 1: 74 Miles East of Otaheité

The longboat brings Norah further to the island and she checks the map to see if it's the right island and that it is

The ship that has brought  Norah to this island will be back in 3 days, so Norah is on her own now. On the beach turn to the left......You see an encampment

Go to the encampment. There are crates and two barrels. On a folding chair lies a flute that you can look at and on a crate stand a little sailing ship. 

A machete sticks in the frond barrel and there's also a note on that barrel. Read the note....it's written in French.

Put the note back on the barrel and make your way to the corner of the beach, behind this encampment and then go into the cave

The game now tells you that you can go faster if you hold down the shift-key, so from now on you can run if you find that just walking goes to slow for you.

Go through the cave to the end and at the end look through the whole in the wall. 3 pillars stick out from the water.....Look at the markings on these pillars with your eye and......

Those markings are stored in the notes section of the journal....You need this to solve the bridge puzzle. If you take another look at those 3 pillars then you notice the sticks that are on top of them......You notice that the number 4 stick is missing......so you conclude that this must mean something also..........you  need this also to solve the bridge puzzle........Those markings on the pillars seems to mean Water / Sea

Go back through the cave to the beach and then go straight ahead to the other side of the beach

The gate you see is Gate 1 but it's locked on the other side but it's a short cut from that area to this beach and the longboat

But now follow the path further into the jungle

Along this path you can go up to a number of platforms at the left and the right side of the path. Just go do this while you make your way over the path to gate 2 at the end. 

On each platform you can look at things with your eye and Norah will have some comments about it

When you are at the gate you find out that this gate is also locked. There are two sand sack weighs on the gate. You must get those two weighs up to open up the gate. In front of the gate are 2 pots with a lever. The left pot has a cover while the right pot is missing its cover  Pull the lever at the left pot and......the left weight of the gate goes up......

...The right lever doesn't work because that pot is missing it's cover, so you must find that cover first and put it on the pot.

In the right corner is another encampment with crates. On the right crate stand a little box. Go to that crate. There's also a carving tool on the crate that you can look at in close-up

Make sure you are standing real close at the box that's on the crate.....you get the Key-cursor on the lock of the box.....Lift click to open the box with the key that you have taken from the backside of the Hans photo that you have taken from Norah's chest. The box opens......Take the note from the box.....The note tells you where you can find the cover for the pot at the gate.

 The cover is hidden on the platform with the stone and the flowers. Right click to put the note back in the box but it is also saved in the journal

Go back to the platform with the stone and the flowers. Some flowers are on the stone but at the back are also some flowers. Go to those flowers and......

.....you now get the gear cursor on the tile that is at the flowers, so left click to push the tile away and.....you have found the missing cover

Click the cover to get it out the hiding place and then right click to take it

Go back to the right-hand pot at the gate to place the cover on top of the pot and then pull the lever and.....

The gate now goes open, so step through and follow the path further through the jungle until you reach the next encampment

Beyond Gate 2

You have reached a cold camp fire.....The path goes further straight on, but to the left is a bridge to cross over the river, but you can't cross it....

.........it's a mechanical bridge and you have to lower and turn the two bridge parts

At the left side stand the Bridge device with witch you must lower and turn the bridge. Go to the device to take a good look at it

The device has an triangle on top and a red button. There are 5 rings with symbols. To lower and turn the bridge you must set the correct symbols of each ring between the triangle and the red button. On the right side of the device there's an image. Look at that image to see witch symbols you must set on the rings....From top to bottom the are: the Sun, Bird, Mountain, Water and Fish. Number the rings of the device, from top to bottom as A, B, C, D, E

According of the image you must set on ring A the Sun symbol, on ring B the Bird symbol, on ring C the mountain symbol, on ring D the water symbol, on ring E the fish symbol......But you don't now yet how those symbols look like, so far you only have found the Water symbol, on the 3 pillars in the sea in the cave. You must find the other 4 symbols now and you'll find them on the same  kind of red pillars as you saw in the cave.

Turn around and go to the camp fire. Behind the camp fire stand a large crate. There's a note and a photo on that crate

Go stand against the large crate and look at the note and the photo.....pick them up to see them in close-up

The note is the ship's manifest of the ship Lady Shannon, that brought the expedition to the island. The photo shows Hans and the other members of his expedition

The note and the photo are stored in the journal. Follow the path further until you reach the junction

The path goes further straight on but also to the right. A red pillar sticks in out the grass on the left side. Stand against the red pillar. 

This pillar has 4 sticks but stick number 3 is missing. There's also a hole in the pillar and under the hole are symbols.

Click with your eye cursor and.......You look through the hole and you see the mountain......The symbols on the pillar means Mountain and it is recorded in the journal. 

Because this pillar is missing its 3rd stick this means that the mountain symbol must be set on ring C on the bridge device

Turn around and now follow the path that goes to the right and you enter the Mangrove Swamp. Follow the path through this swamp and.......

......cross over the planks to enter the clearing with the 3rd red pillar

This pillar is missing stick 1.......You must count the stick from right to left now because your standing at the wrong side of this pillar now.....The pillar also has a cover with a handle.....Click the handle to lower the cover and.......Norah go stand at the other side of the pillar and you see the Sun symbol and this gets recorded in the journal.

Leave this clearing via the right path to reach the next clearing. 

Cross over the planks and then go right......to the left you see a hut but we'll come there on our way back to the bridge

So when you have crossed over the planks then follow the right-hand path through the swamp and.......

......you reach the next larger clearing with red pillars in the sand. First go to the right side of this clearing.....you see the closed gate 1 in the right corner of this clearing. 

This is the gate to the beach where you have set foot on this island.

Open up the gate with the lever at the pot. 

When you go through the open gate you'll see that it is indeed a shortcut to the beach where you have set foot on the island.

Turn around, go back through the gate to the clearing and go to the red pillars. On one of the red pillars sits a bird on the bird stick that's attached to this pillar.

 Go stand at that bird pillar.......This pillar is missing its 2e stick and it has the Bird Symbol

Click with your eye cursor on the pillar to record the Bird symbols in the journal

Take a look around the clearing here before you leave it via the mangrove swamp path. Now follow the path straight on to the hut, that stand in the river

a fallen red pillar lies in the water in front of the hut.....This pillar is missing its 5th stick and it has the Fish symbol

Make sure you look at the pillar with the eye cursor to record the fish symbol in the journal.......

You now have found the 5 symbols you need to solve the bridge puzzle.........

So follow the path along the river back to the Bridge and go to the bridge device.

 First click with the gear cursor on the device to get the hand cursor with witch you must turn the rings

Number the rings, from top to bottom as A, B, C, D, E. Now you must turn the rings to set the correct symbols between the triangle and the red button. In the journal you see all the 5 symbols that you must set on the rings. Via the image that's on the device and via the missing sticks on the red pillars you know witch symbol you must set on each of the rings

On ring A you set the Sun symbol, on ring B the Bird symbol, on ring C the mountain symbol, on ring D the water symbol and on ring E the Fish symbol. 

Then click the red button and......

...The bridge lowers and turns and you can now cross the bridge to the other side. Do so and then follow the jungle path until you reach the loading to Chapter 2

After the loading follow the path further to the Village

Chaper 2: The Everhart Expedition

2021: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot