2021: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot  

Chaper 2: The Everhart Expedition

The Village

A: The Tiki Puzzle

Norah has reached the village. There are 6 huts in the village. 4 huts are down here and 2 huts are up on the hill at the waterfall.  When you walk a little further toward the huts 1 and 2 and then turn to your right you'll see a lift platform. Go there .....In the middle of the platform is a square hole.....you must find the stone that fits into this hole because your first goal here is to go up with this lift platform to the pit, that's on top of this wall.

Turn around to the huts.....You now also see hut 3 and behind hut 3 is hut 4. Go to hut 1 but don't enter it yet

At each of the huts 1, 2, 3, 4 stand a Tiki pole and on the roofs of the huts 1, 2 and 3 you see a medallion. 

Zoom in on each Tiki Pole and on each of the roof medallions to record each Tiki and each medallion in the journal

When you have looked at the Tiki and the roof medallion of hut 1 then enter hut 1. There's nothing of interest in hut 1 but by entering it Norah knows that Hans is really on this island. Go to hut 2, look at the Tiki and the roof medallion.....the medallion of hut 2 is empty. In hut 2 you can look at the photo's that are on the left table. On the right table is a note that you can look at and a box that you can open and then look at the photo that's in the box

On a chest, that stand at the back, is a tape recorder. Switch on the tape recorder and listen to the recorded message

Leave hut 2 when you have looked at everything and cross over to hut 3. Look at the Tiki and the roof medallion to record them in the journal. 

This roof medallion only has a fragment of an image but Norah will record it in the journal anyway

Inside hut 3 you can look at several notes that are on the front table. At the back are some photo's on the table that you can look at and you can open up the rifle box.

One of the note's that are on the front table shows you the pit that's on top of the lift wall

Leave hut 3 and walk a bit in the direction of hut 2 and then turn around to hut 3 again. You then see the path that goes to hut 4 and the dynamite hut.

Go to hut 4 and look at the Tiki to record it in the journal. Hut 4 doesn't have a roof medallion. 

Between hut 4 and the dynamite hut is a fresh grave with a tombstone on it and a note.

Enter hut 4. There's a note on the table that you can look at

When you've read the note go to the back of the hut and then turn left and you'll see the backside of the tombstone. 

Click with your eye on the tombstone to record the image of the tombstone in the journal

Leave hut 4 and go to the grave and read the note that's on the grave

If you have looked at all the Tiki's and the Roof medallions and also at the image on the tombstone then this will be all in the journal now.....You need all this to solve the Tiki puzzle in hut 5. Leave this area to the mean area. To the left is the river that runs through the canyon There's also a little area with an hammock and some other stuff that you can look at but it is not important to do that. Behind Hut 3 the path goes up to the waterfall and the huts 5 and 6, so go up that path

When you're on top you can climb down, via a ladder, to the wooden bridge below but you can't cross that bridge now so why bother to climb down now......we do that later. 

Turn around to see the huts 5 and 6.....Hut 6 is accessible through Hut 5. No Tiki outside and no roof medallion. Enter Hut 5

On the left are some photo's you can look at. On the right is a tablet on the table and a torn up note that you must put together. 

At the back stand the large Tiki Pole that you must give the correct face in order to open up a secret compartment

Turn to the table on the right and look at the tablet with your eye to record this image in your journal........It's the missing image from the roof of Hut 2

Now turn to the torn up note and zoom in on it.....It's an ordinary jigsaw puzzle

You must put the note back together....It's a simple puzzle........You can't turn the fragments, so just put them together 

The complete image will be recorded in the journal when you're done

Don't solve the Tiki pole puzzle yet. Behind the Tiki pole is a map on the wall and a note on the table

Go to the table and read the note and then look at the map of the island and the two notes that are on the map....one of the notes shows the lift platform

When done turn left and cross over to Hut 6, On the table are 2 notes and a large box

Look / read at the two notes......One of the notes shows the telescope that stand at the back of the hut

Zoom in on the box and push the big button to open the box, This is the Telescope Lens device

Use the lever at the left to activate the device.....a circle will be projected on the screen......

You can't solve this Telescope Lens puzzle yet because you need more information. Leave the box activated as it is now and go to the crate that's on the other side of the table. There's an envelope on the c rate. Click the envelope and watch the cut scene about the expedition

When the cut scene is done go to the telescope.......On top of the telescope is the holder to put in a new lens....

You get this lens when you have solved the puzzle of the Lens Device box but you can't solve it yet. 

Look through the telescope and.......You see the ship of the expedition through the telescope....

The ship has stranded on an other part of the island and you have to go there

Zoom out and go back to Hut 5 because we now will solve the Tiki puzzle. Stand in front of the Tiki pole and click your gear cursor on in to get the hand cursor on the 4 rings of the Tiki, The pole has 4 rings that you can turn around with your hand cursor. Number the rings, from top to bottom, as A, B, C, D.  You must give the Tiki the correct hair, eye's, month and chin. In the journal you can see how it must be on each ring.

When you have set the correct hair, eyes, mouth and chin on the rings then in the back right corner a secret compartment goes open

Crawl into the secret compartment. On the table lies the Lift Stone, but first go to the back and look down....

Behind the mask lies a photo on the floor. Look at the photo ....You can't take the photo but it's stored in the journal

Turn to the table and now take the square Lift Stone

Leave hut 5 and go down the path to the lower area of this village and then go to the lift platform

Put the Lift Stone into the square hole and.....the lift button comes up. Push the lift button to go up to the platform where the Pit is.

B: The Telescope Lens puzzle

On the right stand the hospital tent. On the left side of the pit stand the detonator of the dynamite with witch the Hans expedition have blasted this pit open. Take a look down into the pit to see the bottom. On the other side is the ladder to climb down to the bottom of the pit. You see Eye's on the walls of the pit and you see a number of round pressure stones in the floor of the pit and those pressure stones are connected with each other via channels in the floor. 

Stand up, turn around and go take a look in the hospital tent. You can look at and read several notes and photo's in the tent and all that info will be recorded in the journal

When done leave the tent and go around the pit to the ladder at the other side and now climb down into the pit

You must solve the pressure stones floor puzzle here but to be able to do that you first must solve the telescope lens device puzzle in hut 6. 

There are a Eye's on the walls of the pit. Go stand at each eye and click on the eye's with your eye cursor. 

3 of the eye's will give Norah a scary vision and those 3 eye's will be recorded in the yournal

You need those 3 Eye's images to be able to solve the Telescope Lens Device puzzle

When those 3 eye's are recorded into your journal then take a quick look around the floor of the pit to notice all the pressure stones and the channels that connect them. In the middle of the floor is a round stone with a circle and you need to get that stone up from the floor. But first you need to solve the Telescope Lens device puzzle. Leave the pit to the hall. On both walls of the hall are yellow mural drawings and on the crates are a few notes. 

Look with your eye at both mural drawings and also look / read the notes that are on the crates. Then go out to the draw bridge. 

This is the bridge that you saw when you looked down from Hut 5 at the waterfall. Pull the lever to lower the bridge

Then cross the bridge and climb up  via the ladder to be back at the huts 5 and 6

Go back through hut 5 to the Telescope Lens device in hut 6.

You have already actived the device so make sure you're stand close at the device. On the middle panel of the device are 2 sliders. On the right panel are the Minus and the Plus button and the Reset button. Through the lens the device project a circle on the screen. The circle has squares and a circle in the middle. In that middle circle you see a red dot

You must put 6 red dots in the circle on the screen and you must make those dots big or small. You can see where to put those dots in the circle and how small or big the must be in the journal. The recorded 3 Eye's from the pit give you the solution. With the left slider you move the little red dot in the big circle to the left or to the right. With the right slider you move the little red dot up or down. With the Minus and the Plus Buttons you make the red dots bigger or smaller

NB: The screenshot below will give you a indication of how it must be, but because I was kicked out of the close-up when the puzzle was solved, I couldn't make an accurate screenshot of the solution. So I can't guarantee that the screenshot shows the correct solution

When you have solved it a new Lens comes up on the device. Take that lens

When you have the lens go back to the telescope. Put the Lens in the holder, on top of the telescope

Then look through the telescope again and now you'll see a star constellation in the telescope......

This is the solution for the floor puzzle in the pit and it gets recorded in the journal

You're done here in the Huts, so leave and go to the edge at the waterfall and climb down to the draw bridge and go into the pit again.

The Pit Floor Puzzle:

Stand in the entrance of the pit when you have crossed over the drawbridge. In the middle of the floor is a round stone with a circle on it.....actually it isn't a stone but the top of a pedestal and you need to get that pedestal up from the floor. There are 12 pressure stone on the floor and the are connected by channels. You need to press 8 of the stone in order to get a flow of oose through the channels. When you do this correctly the pedestal in the middle will come up from the floor. The solution of this puzzle is in the Journal because it's the drawing of the star constellation you saw through the telescope.

At the entrance are 2 Star stones. The right stone has a small star and the left stone has a bigger star........When you view the drawing in the journal you'll that the first stone you must push in is the left Star Stone. So go over the floor to the pressure stone that you must push in, according the drawing in the journal and you start with the left Star Stone at the entrance of the pit

When done the pedestal in the middle of the floor comes up. Go to the pedestal and press the button on top of it and.......

......the game takes over for a while.....The pit fills with black Ooze and Norah goes under and then she walks through the canyon via stepping stones in the river

At the end of the canyon Norah falls into the sea and you have tot swim under water. 

Swim forwards between the columns until the next loading and the you're in

Chapter 3: The Vanishing of the Lady Shannon

2021: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot