2021: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot  

Chapter 5: Sunken

Under water:

Norah is under water but don't worry.....she can't drown because she has turned into a amphibious person that can breath under water and here hands and feet have flippers now

Swim forwards through the opening and then further on to the stone round gate with a pedestal in it

Interact with the hand on the pedestal and......

.........Norah is zapped to dry land and she is her normal human self again. Norah is on a little island in the cave. 

Follow the path to the next round stone gate and place your hand on the pedestal again and....

.....You're back under water. Swim down and forwards to the entrance of the under water tunnel. Norah can't enter the tunnel because the direction of the current inside the tunnel is wrong. You must alter the current in the tunnel first. Zoom in on the device that's beneath the tunnel entrance. The device has two buttons, A and B and a triangle. If you push the buttons A and B black ooze will float to the triangle but the black ooze from B has a longer way to the triangle then the black ooze from A.

You must make sure that both streams of black ooze reach the up pipe C to the triangle at the same time. Do a trial run first. Push button A and count how many second the ooze from A needs to reach the up pipe C to the triangle. Then push button B and also count how many second it takes the ooze from B to reach the up pipe C the triangle

So you have to time it right, Because the ooze from button B has a longer route to C then from A.  So first push button B and then wait 2 or 3 seconds and then push button A and....if you had timed it right then the ooze from A and B comes together at C and goes to the triangle and.........The tunnel entrance turns and you can now swim into the tunnel..........

The current in the tunnel takes Norah trough the tunnel automatically but you have to swim out the tunnel yourself. So swim out the tunnel into the next cave.....You can not leave the water here to go to the upper stone round gate. You must swim to the gate at the bottom.

So dive under water and swim to the gate and touch the hand on the pedestal and......Norah is zapped out of the water and is human again

Go through the tunnel, witch goes down and enter the........

Cave with Stone Huts and stone poles

It's a huge cave and it has several levels with huts and poles. You are now on the middle level of this cave....You must look at everything here. Some of the huts has symbols painted on it, such as hands, stripes and spirals....you must view those symbols with your eye. There are 4 huts where you find a stone Pole with a diamond shape button. You need to push the buttons on those 4 poles in a certain order. I have named those 4 Poles as A, B, C, D. But before you go pushing those pole buttons, let's look around this huge cave first in order to get a better understanding of what you must do here and to learn more about the story of this cave and it's inhabitants that once lived here

When you have entered the cave trough the tunnel then turn left.....In the corner are two huts and Pole A. Go there......Both huts have white hands painted on them and also inside the huts are white hands and other markings. Remember that Pole stand at the White Hand huts. Go look inside both huts and look at the markings on and inside the huts.

In the right-hand hut is a black ooze well.....Click with your hand in the well to see and hear something about the inhabitants of this cave and the huts.

Leave the hut, turn left and go to the next two huts. Those huts have white Stripes, so designate the left hut as White Stripe Hut. Go inside the hut on the left side of the path. 

Inside the left White Stripe Hut you find Pole B and a black ooze well. View all the markings here and click in the black ooze well to see another flashback of the history of this cave

Leave, turn left and follow the path further to the Up path and the down tunnel. There are fresco's on the wall.....View those fresco's with your eye

Then go down through the tunnel to the lower level of the cave and walk on to the pillar that stands at the end of the path. This is Pillar A and behind it you see Pillar B but you can't reach Pillar B

On 3 sides of Pillar A are markings.......Look at those markings with your eye to recorded them in the journal. 

You need to go to all 3 sides of Pillar A and also look up to see all markings. They are white hands, yellow hands, red hands and purple spirals.

Then look at Pillar B to see White Stripes on it.....look at those White Stripes with your eye to also record them in the journal

The journal now has those markings and it gives you the order in witch you must push the diamond shape buttons of the poles A, B, C, D.....the order is from bottom to top.....

You have already found the White Hands and the White Stripes pole. We need to find the Red Hands hut and the Yellow Hands hut and the Purple Spiral hut. Go back up through the tunnel to the middle level and then turn around, or turn right and now follow the stone path up to the higher level and.....You have found the Red Hand Hut with Pole C. 

View Pole C and the red hands on the hut and go inside the hut and click in the Black ooze well to see another flashback

Leave to hut and go further up through the up tunnel to reach the two huts on top.

Here you find Pole D and inside the hut behind Pole D are yellow hands, so this is the Yellow Hand Hut / pole

Now go back down to the middle level and back to Pole A at the two white hand huts. At Pole A now go to the hut in the distance, at the end of the path.

Look inside the hut to see purple spirals markings inside and a black ooze well. Click the black ooze well to see the final flashback

Leave the hut and go to the button that you see straight in front of you.....

Push the button and see what happens.....You turn left and you see Pillars A and B.....the pillars must go down but the buttons doesn't work so the Pillars won't go down

To be able to get the Pillars A and B sink into the ground you now have to push the 4 buttons of the Poles A, B, C, D in the right order. 

In the journal you can see what the right order is.....

Pole A at the White Hand Huts, Pole D at the Yellow Hand hut, Pole C at the Red Hand Hut and finally Pole B inside the White Stripes Hut.

 If you do this correctly then the button at the Purple Spiral Hut will be activated

Push the Pole buttons to sink the Pillars A and B into the ground

From the purple spiral hut go back to Pole A at the white hands huts. Press the button of Pole A and...

........Pole A sinks one level into the ground...you can see this via the markings on the side of pole A

Now go all the way up to Pole D, at the yellow Hands hut. Push the button of Pole D.....Pole D sinks 2 levels into the ground

Go down to Pole C at the red hands Hut. Push the button of Pole C and.....it sinks 3 levels into the ground

 Go to the Pole B inside the White Stripes hut and push the button to sink Pole B 4 levels into the floor .....

Now go back to the button at the purple spiral hut and.......

..... press the button again and now the pillars A and B are sinking into the ground....You see a button on top of those pillars now

.......Follow the route back to the lowest level, so through the down tunnel, and go to the end of the path and stand at the button of what once was Pillar A

Push the button to get a stone path to the gate in the lake

Go over the stone path to the gate and place your hand on the pedestal's hand and.......Norah goes under water again:


Change the current to get through Door E

You still in the same cave but now under water again and you're amphibious again. 

Dive further down until you see pedestal A and water gate B behind it. Swim to pedestal A

Pedestal A has a little button on its left side. If you push that button then at the bottom a orange triangle door will go open but that door only stay open for a few seconds and you can't swim fast enough to reach that door in time to swim through it. You need to get some acceleration to reach the open door in time to swim trough it and to get acceleration you must swim through the 4 water gates B, C, D, E but the current in gate B and D is wrong. So you need to reverse the current in B and D first

But first swim around here and dive to the bottom to get your orientation and find the gates B, C, D, E and that blasted orange triangle door, witch is behind Gate E. 

In the screenshot I have marked that door as F

While you swim around also look with your eye at the 2 fresco's that are on the wall

Also find the triangle shape cave in witch there's a black ooze well and interact with the well to see a flashback of the inhabitants of this huge cave

When you're ready to try to go through the orange triangle door F then find de water gate D pillar and swim to it. 

You can see that the current that comes through gate D is in the wrong direction so you can't swim through the gate, and the same goes for gate B. 

Zoom in on the device that's under Gate D on the pillar.....With this device you alter the direction of the current in  gate D......You have done this before but now it's slightly different because you must now first turn the circle to get C on top.  First click triangle button C to turn the device to get C on top. Button A is then left and Button B is right. Click button B and wait 2 or 3 seconds and then click button A to get both flows from A and B at C at the same time

When you have done it correctly then Gate B is reversed but do not swim through it. Now find pedestal A and swim up to it but do not use the little button on the pedestal yet. From pedestal A swim to gate B and zoom in  on the device beneath the gate again

This device is also upside down so first click button C to turn it and then click Button B, wait 2 or 3 second and click button A to get both flows at c simultaneously

When done correctly gate B also turn and you can swim through it but do not do this.

 When you have reversed the current of Gate B and Gate D then swim back to pedestal A and now press that little button and.....

....the orange Triangle Door F slides open but is only stays open for a few second....QUICKLY NOW.....Swim into Gate B and.........you get acceleration and you automatically go through the gates C, D and E and if you where quick enough Door F is still open so quickly swim through to enter the cave behind door F

NB: If you were to slow to enter Gate B from pedestal A, or you wait to long to swim through door F from gate E then Door F closes again and you can not enter the cave. You must then repeat this by going back to pedestal A to press that little button again.

I assume that you've made through door F and are now in that cave. Find the entrance of the tunnel and swim into the tunnel and.....

.....you go automatically through the tunnel to the other end. When you have stopped, swim up but don't go above water. 

Find the next pedestal that is still just under water

Swim to the pedestal and touch the hand on it and....

.......Norah gets zapped out of the water and she's human again. You're still in the Stone Huts cave but now at the other side. Follow the stone path up and....

......to the left is the tunnel but you first need to go to the right, so go right and to what used to be the top of pillar B and push the button to lower the water level in the cave even further

Now you have lowered the waster level further Norah can go through the tunnels. So go back and now go through the tunnel and.....

........then through the next tunnel  and at the end go to the next pedestal in the stone circle

..Touch the hand on the pedestal to be zapped under water again. 

.......underwater find the entrance of the under water tunnel. The current in the tunnel is the wrong way so zoom in on the device to change the current in the tunnel

...First turn the device again so that triangle C is up. Then push B and after 2 or 3 seconds push A to let both flows come together at C at the same time

...when done swim into the tunnel, and watch the long video in witch you go automatically through several under water caves and tunnels

...when you have control again swim up to the pedestal and touch the hand and.......

.....you are in a hall and you are human again. Walk on and the game points you to a higher cave on the right side

.....climb up the right-hand stairs and then climb further up via the rope ladder to be in that higher up cave. Look at the photo's and the notes that you find here

On the ledge, on the left side lies an envelope. Open the envelop to see another video of Hans about the expedition

Go back down via the rope ladder and the stairs and go look at  the two fresco's.......

....then go to the other side of this cave and go down the stairs to the pedestal that stand at the water. Zoom in on the device of the pedestal and solved it

...it's a same kind of device as with witch you have change the current a few times, but this one has 4 channels and 4 buttons, It's the same principle as with the other devices that only had A and B buttons. Number the 4 buttons as A, B, C, D and then do a trail run first to determine witch of the 4 flows takes longer to reach the middle and witch of the flows gets faster to the middle. 

I did it like this but it took me a few attempts:  

Click Button A and almost immediately click Button B, wait 2 or 3 second and then click Button C and then click Button D at the right time and.....

when done correctly the device is solved and a boat will come to you

Get on the boat and.......The boat will take you through the triangle gate and into Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Thalgof'n

2021: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot