2021: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot  

Chapter 6: Thalgof'n

The chapter begins with Norah in the boat. Watch while the boat sails with Norah over the sea and listen 

The boat delivers Norah to the Sanctuary. When to boat has stopped go up the stairs and forwards

Go forwards to the pedestal that stand in front of the sanctuary stairs. The door of the sanctuary is closed. There are tents on the left and the right side of this area. First go to the tent that stand on the right. You can look at some photo's and on one of the crates is a box that you can open and then look at the photo that's inside the box.

Then go up to the stone circle that's on the platform.....The stone circle has a fish head.......Click the fish head and....

........Norah puts her hand in the fish head, just as she saw on one the photo's, and.......It's painful but the markings on Norah's hand are now reversed to the palm of her hand

Now go to the tent on the other side of this area. There are several photo's and notes that you can look at and read. 

On the left crate is an envelop. Open the envelop to see another message from Hans about his expedition

When you have seen the video and looked at all photo's and notes at the tents and put Norah's hand in the fish head, then go back to the pedestal that stand in front of the Sanctuary and use that pedestal now and....

......Norah mix her blood with black ooze and.......the Sanctuary door goes open now

So go up the stairs and enter the:


Main Hall:

Look around the main hall first...

In the middle of the hall  is a shallow pit. Around the pit are 4 stones standing straight up. In frond of the pit is an Eye tile with a star on the floor. Left and right from the pit you see 2 stone discs in a holder. At both discs holders is a platform with a button to release those 4 stone discs. There are 4 doors in this hall and all 4 doors have a star constellation on them and all 4 doors are closed. You must open all 4 doors and then solve the puzzles that are behind those 4 doors. If you stand on the Eye tile that's in front of the pit then door 1 and door 2 are on the right side of the hall and the doors 3 and 4 are on the left side of the hall. Behind the Pit, as you stand on the Eye Tile and facing the pit, is the door to the Throne Room

Go to all 4 doors and click them with your eye cursor to get all 4 star constellations recorded in the journal. 

Then go to the platform on the right side of the pit and push the button and....

...the 2 stone discs on the right side of the pit come out the holder and they roll to the pit 

........Do the same with the 2 stone discs that are on the left side of the pit and they also roll to the pit

Around the pit are now the 4 stone discs. The Eye tile is the front side of the pit. 

When you stand on the Eye tile, facing the pit, then I have numbered the 4 stone discs around the pit clockwise as, Disc 1, Disc 2, Disc 3 and Disc 4. 

It's important that you know witch disc is disc 1, 2, 3 and 4.....Zoom in on one of the stone discs.....Each stone disc has the same 5 symbols.....

Each symbol is a part of the 4 star constellations that are on the 4 doors. 

From bottom left to bottom right I have numbered those symbols as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. On each of the 4 discs only symbol 4 is active now

To open up the 4 doors you must push the correct symbols on the 4 discs that make up the star constellation of each of the 4 doors. You must do this in the correct order of discs. So on each disc you always must push one symbol. It's important that you know witch disc is Disc 1, Disc 2, Disc 3 and Disc 4.......I have numbered the 4 discs as 1, 2, 3, 4, standing on the Eye tile facing the pit, clockwise around the pit...So Disc 1 is left of the Eye and Disc 4 is right of the Eye

First we go open up door 1, so the door in the upper right corner of the hall. 

Behind Door 1

Standing on the Eye tile and facing the pit go to Disc 1 and interact with it and push in Symbol 4. Zoom out and go to Disc 3 and also push in Symbol 4 and...


Door 1 goes open, so go there and climb up all the stone stairs to the top

On top go to the Fish head disc and put your hand in the mouth of the fish head to get additional markings on the palm of your hand

If you look down then you see that you are above the lake that's behind door 2....we need to go to this lake now, so now we need to open up door 2. 

So go down all the stairs and into the main hall. 

Go to the pit and zoom in on Disc 1......On the 4 discs are now the symbols 4 and 5 active.

Deactivate Symbol 4 on Disc 1 and also do this on Disc 3. You must do this because otherwise you can't open door 2.

Opening up Door 2:

Then go stand on the Eye tile, facing the pit. Go to Disc 1 and push symbol 5 in. Go to Disc 2 an d push Symbol 4 in. Go to Disc 3 and push Symbol 5 in and......

Behind Door 2

Door 2 goes open, so go through door 2 into the Lake hall and walk on to the stone console

There are a number of islands in the lake and on some of those islands are black structures that you can turn and on other islands are white structures that you can turn. You must go over the islands to reach the other side of the lake where the Fish Head is in witch Norah must put her hand in. Zoom in on the stone console. This is Console A and with it you turn the black structures and get black stepping stones up from the lake. 

The console has 3 diamond shape buttons, 1, 2, 3  and a round button 4.

First click button 2 and button 3 and then click the round button 4 to get a black stone path to the first island and to the island that's on the right side, where Console B is:

NB: If this isn't correct then you have to figure it out yourself how to get the black stones up from the lake...it isn't so difficult

On the island that's to the right is Console B and with Console B you turn the white structures and get white stepping stones up from the lake.

Now go to that island via the black stepping stones path

Zoom in on Console B. With the buttons on Console B you turn the white structures and get white stepping stones rising up from the lake

You now must use the buttons on Console B to get white stepping stones between the islands so that you can go from island to island over the lake. 

Can't give you a solution, just click the buttons until you have it as in this screenshots...

When you have it go back to Console A because you now must make a black stone connection to the island on the left side. So when your back at Console A use the buttons to create a black stone path to the island on the left side and also to the other white stone islands. Again.....can't give you an exact solution but again....it's not that difficult

Go over the stone path to the other side of the lake and.....

.......go up the platform and put your hand in the Fish Head to get another mark on Norah's palm

When done with the Fish Head go back to the Main Hall and to the four stone Discs pit.  

The discs now have 3 symbols active. On the discs you used to open up Door 2 first deactivate the symbols you have activated to open up Door 2.

Behind Door 3

Then activate Symbol 5 on Disc 1 and on Disc 4 and......On the left side of the hall door 3 goes open. So go through door 3 and climb up all the stone stairs to the next Fish Head

Put your hand in the fish head to receive the 4th symbol in Norah's palm

Back to the main hall and the 4 discs pit and disable on disc 1 and on disc 4 the 5th symbol

Door 4:

To open up door 4 activate on Disc 1 symbol 2, on Disc 4 symbol 4 and on Disc 3 symbol 2. 

Then go though Door 4 and walk on to the pedestal that stand in the left stone gate and put your hand on it

You're under water again. Stay under and swim through the square hole in the wall and then up to the gate that's on the ledge and put your hand on the pedestal

You're above water again but now on the other side. Climb up to the Fish Head and put your hand in it to receive the 5th symbol for opening the 5th door, the door to the Throne Room

Go back down and to the stone ring and put your hand on the pedestal again to get under water again. Swim back to the other side and use your hand on the pedestal in the left stone gate

Back on dry land go back to the main hall and the stone discs pit. Now all 5 symbols are activated. 

First disable the symbols that you have pushed in to open up door 5, on the discs 1, 4 and 3

Then push on Disc 1 the 5th symbol, on Disc 4 the 4th symbol, on Disc 2 the 1st symbol and on Disc 3 the 3rd symbol and......

The Door to the Throne goes open.

Throne Room

Go through the now open door and down the stairs. I do not know whether you can step through the black Ooze window....I haven't try this.

Turn left and go into the left corner, turn right and go down the stairs

Turn right, forward and turn left and go to the end and you're in the Throne Room. Stone Steps will roll out as you go on.........So go down via the stone steps and .........

......When there are no more steps coming out just jump down and......The room gets filled with black ooze......

....Walk forwards to the corpse on the chair.......

Norah can't recognize the corpse but she picks up Harry glasses and she conclude that this corpse must be Harry and.........

.......Norah is zapped to the room in the Everhard House and she picks up the musical box from the chair. Go to the door on the other side of the room and open the door and.....Go on.....

........Follow the stairs and listen to Norah and while you follow the stairs pictures will come up. At the end go down to the door, open the door and.......

......You're in a room full with photo's.....you can't do anything and you can't save here now.....Listen to Norah and while you do the photo's will disappear one by one

Finally there's one photo left and you get to see two doors. You now must make a choice.....Witch ENDING do you want to see....Ending A or Ending B

You can SAVE YOUR GAME now, so if you want to see both endings then you must save your game here now. I do ENDING A First

Ending A: Accept your Fate and leave Harry

Open this door and step through it on to the balcony. Norah will take the Musical Box and plays it and......

.....A stone path appears.....Follow the stone path all the way to the end and......

......Norah is under water again and she belongs to the Fish people now......Swim into the underwater tunnel and......You go automatically through a few  caves and tunnels

...When Norah has stopped swim to the light....so swim forwards and up to end ENDING A

...Go through the CREDITS and when they are done see a last scene where you learn that Harry is alive but that he has lost his beloved wife Norah

Go to the Main Screen and load your last Saved Game in to be back in the room with the two doors.

Ending B: Reject your fate and return home

Open this door and......

...Norah is back at Gate 2 of the prologue.....Follow the path to the beach and walk on to the sea and.....

.....Norah is picked op by the  captain and she returns home.....watch this ending further to the end


On the main menu screen you can see in the Chapter Selection how your score of each chapter is. If you have found and read every note and photo's and have found every secret Object then you have a 100% score in each Chapter.....I didn't and to be honest....I do not care..... I didn't set out with this game and this walkthrough to reach a 100% score......... I only wanted to finish the game and tell you in this walkthrough how I did it

2021: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot