2021: Walkthrough door: Dick Leeuw and Louis Koot 

Chapter 10: The New Area

At the end of Chapter 9 you've climbed up the ladder in the water pipe into the water cave. You have arrived at the beginning of the New Area. You are in a water cave. You can't reach the hall  on the other site but there's a yellow button on the right railing. If you turn right then you see that you are in a cave on the right side of the lake and the corridors building. You are standing at the edge of the path and you can't cross over to the hall on the other side. In that hall you see a door witch is now open. On the right wall, in that hall, you see another  yellow button.

Turn back to the yellow button on the railing and now push the button and....a "bridge" comes up from the water. 

But the blue  door in the hall is now closed. Now cross over to that hall and the blue door

The blue door is now closed and locked. On the right wall is another yellow button. Push that yellow button.

It seems that nothing happens, but  keep this yellow wall button pressed and then go back to the ladder hatch

Zoom in on the open ladder hatch. Click on the hatch to close the hatch.

 Zoom out, turn around and click on the yellow railing button again and ...... the blue door in the hall will now open up. 

So cross back to the hall and now step through the doorway. 

Follow the uphill tunnel to the ladder in the back ..... while you do that, the blue door behind you will close again. At the end of the tunnel, climb up the ladder and out. You are then on a tiled terrace. You can go to the left but turn to the right and ..... you will see another ladder that goes up to an iron balcony. In the tiled terrace you see a pattern of brown and gray tiles ..... 

This brown and gray pattern is the solution to the puzzle behind the hatch in the wall of the elevator shaft that you saw at the very beginning when you took the elevator up the first time went.

However, you are now seeing that brown and gray pattern upside down Continue to the balcony ladder and then climb up the ladder. You are then standing on top of the iron balcony and straight ahead you can see, behind the rocks, the roof of the elevator shaft. On the right side of that roof is a  little signal lamp, but it has no power. 

Turn around and then look down at the tile path below you and ......

..... you see that brown / gray pattern again, but now you see it from the right side, as it is in the panel in the elevator. So draw it over now.

You now have to go back to the elevator shaft to solve that puzzle in the wall of the shaft, so that the signal lamp on the roof of the elevator shaft lights up. So descend back down and then down the other ladder back into the tunnel. Walk back down the tunnel to the blue door, which is closed again. Click the yellow button and the door will open. Step into the hall and press the yellow wall button again. 

Turn right and go to the ladder hatch, which is still closed. Try to open the ladder hatch again, but that doesn't work because the blue door in the hall is still open. So zoom out, turn around and click on the yellow railing button again to close the blue door. Turn around again to the ladder hatch, zoom in on it again and click it again and ...... now the hatch will open. So descend and ..... you are then back on the ladder at the yellow button that is on the ladder. Click the yellow ladder button to close the ladder hatch and to  open the round fence in the water pipe. 

Then descend further and follow the pipe back to ladder 1, at the button box. Climb out of the water pipe again via the ladder and then follow the route back to the round elevator. Go down 1 floor with the round elevator and then follow the hallway to the other elevator shaft. Climb up the ladder in the elevator shaft into the elevator tunnel.  

The elevator is up, so click the elevator button to lower the elevator. Get in the elevator, close the elevator door and go up with  the elevator. 

At the top, turn to the hatch in the wall. Open the hatch and ...... behind the hatch is that panel with white squares and brown squares at the top. The panel also has a little blue light. Well.....you have seen the solution for this puzzle when you where on the iron balcony and looked down to that brown / gray pattern. So make the 4 white squares gray, according to that pattern and.....the little blue light goes on an it keeps flickering

Now that signal lamp on the roof is activated, so we must go back to that iron balcony now. The elevator must stay up here because otherwise you can't reach the round elevator. So leave the elevator on the left side and go to the ladder hatch. Open the ladder hatch and climb down to the draw bridge and then follow the route back, via the Lamps room to the elevator tunnel. Open the elevator door and climb down the ladder in the shaft again and go back to the round elevator and use it to go up 1 floor again. Then follow the route to the corridor building again, descend the ladder and climb into the water pipe again via manhole / pit 2. Through the water pipe to the ladder in the back and climb up again to the yellow ladder button. Click the yellow ladder button again to open the hatch above your head and climb further up

Press the yellow button on the railing again to bring the "bridge" up out of the water and then walk to the yellow wall button in the hall. Press the yellow wall button again and return to the ladder hatch to close that hatch again. Press the yellow button on the railing again to open the blue door again. Walk back through the tunnel to the back and climb up and out again via the ladder. Climb up the ladder again to the iron balcony and look again at that light on the roof of the elevator and see ... that light on the roof now signals a code ... it is a color code ..

 ... keep looking until you have been able to write down the entire code ... the code is: red, 4x white, green, 7x white, blue, 5x white, orange, 1x white ..... so in fact the code is : red 4, green 7, blue 5, orange 1, so 4751. Descend back down and then follow the path further, through a gate, to a gray door that is locked. 

To the right of the door is a panel with 5 square buttons in the colors red, green, blue, orange, white. 

Below each button is a number display. Here you have to enter those lights code 4751

Click 4x on red, 7x on green, 5x on blue, 1x on orange, 1x on white and......the door goes open

Enter the building and first take a good look around in all the rooms. There are 3 rooms. The middle room is dark now. On the walls of the rooms are several puzzle panels that are all linked with each other. In the back room is the backdoor witch you can not open now. The puzzle in these rooms is how to open that back door

The Puzzle Panels in the 3 rooms

This last part is done by Dick Leeuw

You'll need Pen / Pencil and paper to make drawings other wise you will not be able to figure it out: Louis Koot

In the first room you see a book on the right with a painting above it and on the left you see a panel with yellow buttons and a green button. This is Panel A 

Go to the second room, it is dark here, turn to the left. You stand at Panel B. Click on the big round red button

The light is now on, you will now see 3 screens with a green button above each screen.

Turn around to the other wall and you see 2 shutters, to the right and left of the shutters you see tiles with lines. Click on the shutters and they will open, you will see a window. There are thick black lines on the window and above the window you see 4 tiles with lines.

Turn to the left and go to the third room. Turn to the left and you will see Panel C with 3 x 4 compartments on the wall.

Turn around and you will see Panel D with 3 x 2 buttons, which you have to put symbols on later to activate the yellow button next to the back door.

Next to the Panel D is a drawing of a tree, zoom in on the tree and you will see a red button on the side of Panel D 

Press the red button, it will turn green and you can now activate symbols on the screen.

Now you are going to figure out which symbols you need. The next piece is random, the puzzle remains the same but the numbers and symbols are different. Based on the numbers and symbols in my game you can see how you can find out which symbols are needed in your game. It is different in every game, when I start a new game I also get different symbols then before. But the method for solving this puzzle remains the same.

Go to the first room and turn left, click on the book to open it. 

Click on the pages and you will see a color pattern and on the following pages you will see lists of symbols. You will need these later. 

Go to the very last page, after the blanc pages, and there you will find a round button and 4 small screens.

Click on the button and you will see a pattern of tiles with lines, you can choose another pattern.

It doesn't matter which pattern you choose, but if you leave the book now, you should stay away from that button. Otherwise you will get a different pattern and you have to start over. Make a drawing of the pattern that that you have chosen and exit the book. Now never click the button in the book again because if you do the puzzle will reset and you must choose another pattern

When you have made your drawing of your pattern return to the window with the shutters in the middle room.. You must now recognize your pattern from the book on the window. The pattern you have is actually a set of 2 x 2 coordinates. The 2 tiles on the left are for the first symbol and the 2 tiles on the right are for the second symbol.  I have made this screenshot where the left and right side and the top are combined. This makes searching easier. 

Find the tile with the first symbol above the window and find the second symbol to the left or right of the window if the shutters are closed. Look at the window and see what thick black lines you see on the part of the window. Do this also for the 2 right tiles with lines.

If you have both symbols of thick black lines then go back to Panel A in the first room  and click on the yellow buttons until you have the 2 symbols in the correct order. 

Then click on the green button and the plate slides down, you will see 3 numbers.

Note down these 3 numbers you get and go to Panel B in the middle room

Maybe this next screenshots will make it all clearer to you, but remember...this is all based on the 4 symbols I got from the book

On Panel B you click on the 3 green buttons to put the numbers in the correct screens, just as you saw them on Panel A.

Now go  to Panel C in the 3hird room and you now see 3 black symbols on Panel C.

Go back to the Panel B and click on the big red button to make it dark again. 

Then go back to Panel A in the first room and you will see 3 new numbers, also note down these numbers.

Go back to Panel B and it should stay dark now. It is a bit difficult to see but you now have to enter these new numbers with the green buttons in the right place.

Then go back to Panel C, in the last room, and see........You now see 6 symbols in the 3 x 4 screen, make a good drawing of this.

You now have to convert these 6 symbols, that you get on this Panel C into 6 other symbols that you then must enter on Panel D. But how to this.....I shall explain this, but again this is based on the symbols that I have chosen in the book. You are going to do this converting using the diagrams in the red book. You have to be careful because you can easily make a mistake if you are not careful. 

So go back to the red book and make sure you have Pencil / pen and paper at hand because you will have to do a lot of drawing

On the first page you see a color scheme, there are 6 colors with 2 boxes per color. 

On page 2 of the book  you will find a scheme of 3 x 4 empty squares with 4 symbols above and 3 symbols to the left.

The 12 white squares are a representation of Panel C. Make a drawing of this scheme

On the next pages you see lists of symbols....in every row 3 symbols are added to eachother to form a new symbol

Fill in your 6 symbols from Panel C into the 12 white squares of the scheme of page 2  .This makes it easier to see how to proceed.

Also combine your drawing with the colors of  3 x 4 colored squares from the book....like this

You will see that each color has 1 symbol and a blank box, so the number of 3 x 4 color scheme is now already reduced to  3 x 2. Now convert the symbols. I will show you how to do this on the basis of my symbols. On this screenshot you can see that the symbol at the bottom left belongs to green.  This symbol is in column 1 and in row 3, above column 1 is a symbol and to the left of row 3 is also a symbol.

Place those 3 symbols next to each other and then look in the lists of the book on the next page for a row that has the same 3 symbols.

 Then look behind the = and you will see the symbol you need in Panel D.  

You also have to do it with the other symbols and also state which color it is. On this screenshots you can see how that goes with my symbols

When you have figured out all 6 new symbols, so the symbols behind the =, go to Panel D. Click in the boxes of Panel D until you have the correct symbol in all 6 boxes and of course each symbolmust be in the correct box, according the order of the colors

Again.......You will have different numbers and symbols, but the method of converting those symbols remains the same. If you still can't figure it out then here is another explanation of this puzzle, witch is based on the symbols that Louis has used in his game

Turn left to the back door and press the yellow button next to the door and......if you have set the correct 6 symbols on Panel D in the correct boxes then the back door will  go open now. Watch how the doors open, they open slowly and one after the other. If you close the doors from the inside, they will also close 1 by 1. 

Close the doors again. You must get the doors open one by one. Click on the yellow button and when one half opens, click on the yellow button again to prevent that the other door also goes open The other door will remain closed, step outside and turn around to the doorway to look on the outside of the still closed door, you will see a code written there. Write down the code, next to 2 buttons you see numbers 1 and 8 for the top buttons.

Go back inside and click the yellow button a few more times until the other half of the door stays closed.  Go outside and look at the back of the other half of the door. There is the second part of the code on the door.  Next to the bottom 2 buttons you see a coat hanger and a laurel wreath.

Walk further and go into the garden room on the right,

 Y stand at the bed. Turn right and you will see the coat hanger on the wall. Click on the coat hanger and it moves 5 times, turn around and a laurel wreath hangs above the table. Click on the wreath and it moves 4 x, Combine 5 and 4 with 1 and 8 and the code will be: 1854.

From the garden room you walk forward to the end of the path, at the end you will see a hatch on the left, you can press the red button but unfortunately it does not work yet.


Go back to the garden room and if you look closely you will see 6 posts with a button at the top. But in what order should you press those buttons. There is a letter on the table, click on it to read it. It's a letter from Meneandes. Do not zoom out yet, but move your cursor to the blue board and there you will get a + cursor to zoom in. Zoom in and you will see a compass and the numbers 1 to 6, this is the order to press those buttons on the 6 posts

Write down the order and zoom out twice, turn to the left and you will see that the compass now points north. 

Now click on the buttons in the correct order and you will see a wall sliding away at the back of the path.

Follow the path, left at the end and left again at the end, left again and you will see a box to set the door code.

 Enter here: 1854 and then walk back to the hatch, press the red button.  The hatch opens and here you will find the fourth quarter of the medallion.

You are now done here, it is time to leave Rhem. 

Back to the Rail Car

So get back to the 3 rooms, go through the 3 rooms  and leave via the front door and follow the path back to the ladder of the tunnel

Go down the ladder back into the tunnel, open the blue door via the yellow button. Click the yellow wall button, go to the ladder hatch, turn around and click the yellow railing button to close the blue door. Turn around, open the ladder hatch and descend into the water pipe again, but you have to press the yellow button on the ladder again. 

Go through the water pipe to ladder 1, climb up ladder 1 and then follow the route, via the round elevator, back to the elevator in the elevator tunnel. Lower the elevator, get into the elevator and turn left and go outside and back to the lamp room via the drawbridge. Open the south door and step outside and go to the stairs of the Prison Cell Building

Turn right at the stairs, press the yellow button to open the metal hatch and crawl through the pipe to the other side. 

Then left and through the door to the bottom floor of the cell building and.......

..........then follow the route to the lift under Kales's apartment.

Step into the elevator, turn left and push the right green button to open the other door of the elevator and step outside and go to the rail car

Step into the rail car, turn right and then place the Vehicle Key in the panel between the windows. 

Turn around and press the flashing orange button at the bottom right of the window and ..... enjoy the ride .. 

The rail cart comes to a stop at a closed gate. Turn left. You are at the door of Knut Müller's office.

Get out of the rail cart and walk to the door. Click the door hook up and then click on the red door button. 

Walk in and then diagonally right and forward. You are in a courtyard. Turn left and enter the house. 

There is a monitor on the table. There is a small red button in the cable but it has no power that does nothing. There are also 3 books on the table that you can browse through. They are the books for Rhem 1, Rhem 2 and Rhem 3. Each book contains some pictures from these 3 Rhem games. Turn right. To the left of the entrance you will now see a panel with 4 fish symbol buttons. Draw the 4 symbols over.  

Turn around to the bulletin board and zoom in on each of the 4 drawings. These drawings are Knut's "Master Plans of Rhem". You can view the 4 drawings separately by clicking on them. Now look in the 4 drawings for the 4 fish symbols that are to the left of the entrance on the panel. In each drawing you find a fish 1. The order of the symbols is the order of the drawings, from top left to bottom right.

To the right of the notice board is a door with a star keyhole. Well .... you have seen more doors like this and you have not been able to open any of them. You cannot open this door either. I think you have to wait for Rhem 4 to open these kinds of doors. Turn back to the entrance and then put the correct  fish symbol in each of the 4 boxes. Then turn around to the table and click on the red button again and ...

Kales appears on the monitor and says he found secret passages in Rhem. He will have the key to this on your next visit to Rhem. So this is already the announcement for Rhem 4. .Okay ... time to go back to civilization. Go back to the railcar, get in and press the flashing orange button again and ... the gate will open and ..... you now drive out of Rhem and ..... finally you will receive a letter from Zetias in your screen.

Well.....this is it.......If you haven't done yet, go play Rhem 4 SE The Golden Fragments and then wait for Rhem V....

.......I can promise you this.....I won't be doing a Walkthrough for Rhem V.....

2021:Louis Koot

2021: Walkthrough door: Dick Leeuw and Louis Koot