2021: Walkthrough door: Louis Koot 

Text and Screenshots: Louis Koot

Chapter 3: The Caves

Via the ladder under the central column of the Floating Bridge you descended to the caves under the reservoir. Go forward and then diagonally right around the corner. 

You are on a metal path in a large cave. It is a long path that hangs on chains. This path is basically a bridge that can move up and down. Move forward 2 clicks. To the left in front of you is an Iron Pull Ring Handle and a little further on you see a lattice window in the right wall. 

Go forward 2 clicks again and then turn right. You are standing in front of the lattice window.

 Please wait patiently and don't press the button under the window. After a few moments a girl will appears in the window

The girl tells you that you are looking for a green crystal and that she can help you if you bring her a drawing of an hexagon.The girl also tells you to go up one floor with the elevator to find a key, and the girl disappears again. When the girl has disappeared again, click on the button under the window and .... you go up with this piece of the bridge. When you're up you see a button on the wallTurn right. In the wall is a frame in which you see a drawing

 A copper pipe comes out to the right of the wall. Turn right and you are in front of a small wall niche. There is a blue key in the wall niche. Take the Blue Key. It's an Old Key. Turn right again. Now you are faced with a rusty shutter. The copper pipe goes back into the wall here. You cannot open this shutter yet. 

Turn right again and click on the button in the wall and you will drop back down to the lattice window. 

Turn left and continue 2 clicks over the yellow bridge, until you reach the entrance of the room at the back. 

Do not enter the room yet, but turn right. On the wall you see that at top left, a circle is drawn.

The circle is divided into 4 segments and the bottom left segment is again divided into 6 squares. In the top right square is the number 1. Draw this circle over. 

Turn back left and now step into the room. You are standing in front of a window. You are in the:


The Painting Room:

You don't know yet, but you are in the "basement"  of the Corridor Building. You will soon notice that this is the case. Turn left and you will see a metal door with, left and right, a red button. Walk to the door an then press the left red button to open the door

Enter the painting room. There are curtains on the three walls that you can open by pulling the pull ring. If you immediately let go of the pull ring, the curtains will close again. So you have to keep holding the pull ring. There is a painting hidden behind each curtain, but because it is dark in this room you cannot see the paintings very well. To the left of the entrance is a lamp in front of a panel. To the right of the entrance is a thick orange button. Above the orange button is a narrow panel panel in a pipe. That panel has 5 boxes. Click on the orange button and ... the light goes on and then goes out again. 

Click on the orange button again and then keep your mouse button pressed until the 5 boxes in the panel are all red. The lamp will now stay on longer and a code will appear in the left panel.  The lamp will turn off again, but the code will remain for a few seconds. Write down that code. It is a bar with 2 X's and the letters LN underneath. 

Step back outside and then turn around. Close the door via the left red button. The right red button will then become visible again. Now click on the right red button to turn on the light in the painting room. Open the door again via the left button and step back in. 

Pull the rings of each of the 3 curtains again and do not release your mouse button so that the curtains remain open. View each of the three paintings. 

The middle painting shows a writer. You see a grid drawn on the writer's paper. There is a golden ball at the bottom right. 

The left painting shows a skull with some teeth in its mouth. 

Remember how many teeth there are in the mouth of the skull. Above 3 and below 5. So a total of 7 teeth, but above the 2nd tooth is missing.

The right painting shows a mandolin.

 However, the writer and the mandolin painting also each contain a Hidden Drawing. To make these 2 hidden drawings visible you have to follow a certain procedure.

 Hidden drawing in the Writer painting:

The light in the painting room is still on. Open the middle curtain and keep the curtain open for 2 seconds and then close the curtain again. Quickly turn around to the exit. Step 1 click outside and turn around again. Close the door using the left button. Then click 5 times on the right button. The light in the painting room is outagain. Open the door again with the left button and step back inside. Open the middle curtain again and .... On the paper of the writer you now see 2 white squares between the black squares on the grid.

Hidden drawing in the Mandolin painting:

First go outside again. Close the door via the left button and then turn the light back on via the right button. Open the door again via the left button and step inside again. Turn right so that you are again in front of the mandolin curtain. Open the curtain and hold it open for 2 seconds, then release. Go back outside. Close the door using the left button. Click the right button 5 times again. Open the door via the left button. Step inside again and turn right again to the mandolin curtain. Open the curtain and on the painting you now see a circle with the number 2 in the top right segment.

In the left painting, so the painting with the skull, you will not see a hidden drawing, so you don't have to try it for the left painting. Exit the painting room and walk through the intermediate room to the next room. This is a small room and straight ahead you can enter a corridor. On the left is a portrait of a man and on the right a portrait of a woman.

We will call this room the Male / Female Room and you look into the Ball corridor. On the left is doorway to another cave with a short bridge. To the right is a ladder niche. Step through the left gate onto the bridge and then turn right. There is a Pull Ring and at the end of the cave you see another hanging bridge. 

Turn right again, 1 click forward and turn left again. Now step into the Balls corridor. 

Ball Corridor 1st time:

Walk to the back of the hallway but keep looking, after each step forward, at the left wall and the right wall. 

Both in the front and in the back of the corridor there are 2 "Ball Machines" on the wall. 

In the back of the hallway is a hatch in the wall and above that hatch is a text and under the hatch is an orange button. The 4 ball machines and the orange button under the hatch are connected by green pipes. Each of the 4 ball machines has 2 arrows. Each ball machine has a cup with white balls and a cup with black balls. The text above the hatch reads: GA FUPAC ALLUZ FY QUAFA PAAGY, 

You have no idea what that text means and no idea what to do with the 4 ball machines. If you click on the orange button under the hatch, nothing will happen. We need more information on this ball corridor and these ball macines. Go back to the Male / Female room and then turn left to the ladder niche. Climb up the ladder in 6 clicks.

 At top of the ladder walk up the stairs to the door. The door is secured with a hook. Click on the door hook to raise it and then click on the orange button on the right.

The door opens. Go forward through the now opened door to the window and ..... You are back in ..... the Corridor Building. You've been here before. You are back at the window with the blue pipe and the box panel where you thave clicked the 6 buttons via the directions of the 2 "Tic Tac Toe" drawings. Through the window you look out over the Floating Bridge of the reservoir again. Look through the window again and then click on the green button again and .... through the window you will see that, on the bottom level of the Floating Bridge, the door to the Patio Room will now close again. 

Now let's go back to the Floating Bridge. Zoom out the window and turn around. If the door has closed again then open the door via the red button. 

Go back down the stairs to the ladder hole. Look down and descend the ladder, back to the Male / Female room

Back down in the Male/Female room turn right, forwards, turn left and then.........

.... follow the long suspension bridge all the way back through the cave and then left into the pipe and walk to the ladder at the back of the pipe. 

Climb up the ladder and at the top of the ladder click on the grate hatch to open it again and then climb further outside. 

You are back at the bottom of the reservoir North side, under the central column of the Floating Bridge. Turn around and enter the hallway through the still open door. Turn left and follow the hallway back to the ladder. Climb up the ladder again, turn around and walk across the bottom level of the Floating Bridge to the now closed door of the Patio Room. You will now see a square with triangles on the outside of the door.

The square is divided into 4 smaller squares, each of a different color. Top left is blue, top right is yellow, bottom left is green, bottom right is red. There are 4 triangles in each of the 4 squares. There are always 2 triangles black and 2 triangles white. Copy all of this exactly. Pay special attention to the lines in the right white triangles and see how those right triangles change from top left to bottom right.

Then turn around and follow the route back to the ladder in the bottom of the reservoir, under the central column and descend again via the ladder to the Caves. Back in the caves, go back to the ladder in the Male / Female room and climb back up that ladder to the door of the window room. 

Open the door with the orange button again and look through the window again at the Floating Bridge. Press the green button again to open the Patio Room door, 

Zoom out the window and turn right. Go forward 2 clicks down the side corridor.

You don't need to use the green button in this side corridor so step through the doorway and turn right, forward, diagonally left and .....

 you are back at the green button with which you can lower Ladder B, on the 1st level of the Corridor Building.

Press the green button to lower Ladder B now. 

Turn around and follow the hallway to the other side, to Ladder A

NB: If everything is as it should be then Ladder A is still up now. But it could be that Ladder A is down now. 

If Ladder A in your game is down now then return to the green button in the side corridor and press that button to put Ladder A up again.

Climb up Ladder A to the second floor and then go around the corner of the hallway. You are back at the elevator platform buttons.

Press the up arrow button twice to raise the lift platform to the 3rd Floor of the corridors. 

Turn around and descend via Ladder A back to the 1st floor and then descend further down the ladder in the niche to the ground floor. 

Then turn left and follow the hallway to the metal box door, open the door via the green button and follow the hallway around the corner to Ladder B exit

So you have lowered ladder B and you are now on the other side of the gate, which is in the middle of the zigzag path. Walk over Ladder B to the zigzag path. 

Then turn left and walk to the gate. Click on the green button to open the gate in the gate. Step through the gate, turn left and go to the pit where Ladder 1 goes down to the water pipe. 

Unfortunately, the door in the gate behind you has closed again. Do you not believe me? Then go and have a look for yourself. 

Descend back down into the water pipe via ladder 1.

At the bottom of ladder 1, turn clockwise again. Now go 1 click forward and then diagonally left to Ladder 2. Climb up via Ladder 2 and ... you end up on the outside of Ladder A of the Corridor Building. Climb all the way up via Ladder A and you will end up on the 3rd floor of the Corridors Building.

 Follow the corridor to the left around the corner and see .... the lift platform is now indeed here. 

So follow the corridor further to the other side and .... you are standing in front of a small window and on the right is a door. To the right of the window is a thick red button, under a red light, on a blue cable that disappears through the window. Click on the red button. The red light turns green to indicate that you have activated the blue cable. 

Look down from the window. Below you will see the zigzag path and you will see that the blue cable goes to the wide door on the other side. Right at the top you can see another part of the bridge. Look up again and turn around. In front of the window is the Up arrow button for the lift platform. With this button you can therefore lift the lift platform in the corridor, should the platform unexpectedly fall downagain. Turn left to the door. Click on the orange button to open the door and step through the door. 

You have stept into

Chapter 4: The  Library:

2021: Walkthrough door: Louis Koot