2021: Walkthrough door: Louis Koot 

Text and screenshots: Louis Koot

Chapter 4: The Library:

You have just entered the Library and you are standing in the Entree Hall. You look down the hall and see a door on the left. To the right of the door is an orange button on a blue pipe. Opposite the door, on the right wall, is also an orange button. That orange button on the right wall is to open the door through which you entered, so the door to the 3rd floor of the Corridor Building.  Beyond the door, the hallway turns left and you will see shutters in the wall. The shutters are in a double green pipe. Turn right to the door through which you entered. 

The door is still open. In the left side of the frame you see an orange button. Click that orange button to close the door. Between the 2 pipes, which are to the left of the now closed door on the wall, you now see a new button box on the wall. These buttons are on a green pipe.

Click on the top green button to activate the bottom green light. You have activated the shutters in the wall. Turn left and go 1 click forward and then diagonally left around the corner. At the back of the hallway is a closed corrugated door. On the right wall is a painting of a tree on the wall. On the left wall is a bookshelfl. There is a red book on the bookshelf.

Above the bookshelf are 2 burning lights and a panel. If you now turn right, you will see that you are now right in front of the hatch in the wall. The blue pipe of the door ends under the bookshelf. The green pipe goes under the painting and then disappears through the wall at the door. Click diagonally left to stand right in front of the bookshelf. The panel above the bookshelf shows a puzzle piece. Open the book on the bookshelf. Click with your white hand (without a question mark) on the pages to scroll through the pages. You notice that the book has 8 blank pages

Turn around to the tree painting. Click with your hand on the tree and .... you see a bird fly away from the tree and hear a sound twice.

This painting makes it clear to you that there is an important tree in various places in Rhem and that in each of those trees there is a bird that whistles a certain melody. Turn right and now click diagonally left to the large shutters on the wall. Open the hatch and you will see the floor plan of the Library.

The thick arrow you see on the right is the hallway where you are now. You can see that the Library has 12 rooms. The red and green circles are the doors of the 12 rooms. If a circle is green, that door is open. If a circle is red, that door is closed. You are supposed to be able to enter any of the 12 rooms to copy the books that are in some of those rooms. So now, here on the map, you have to make sure that you make red circles green, so that the doors in the library are open. But it is impossible to have all doors open at the same time. So you can only make a number of rooms accessible at a time.

Now number the rooms, from top to bottom, as A to L. Number the circles (i.e. the doors), also from top to bottom, 1 to 16, like this.......

If you click on a red circle then that circle turns green but then a green circle turns red. If you click on a green circle it turns red but a red circle turns green. So you can never get all 16 circles green at the same time. You have to make 3 routes. The circles 1, 2, 4, 6, 7, 9, 12, 14 are now green. The circles 3, 5, 8, 10, 11, 13, 15 and 16 are now red. Circle 10 is the door to your left, so that's the entrance to the library. 

I will now first explain what is intended:

In some of the rooms A to L there are bookshelves on which you will find a green book. In some rooms you will find 1 book, in some rooms you will find 2 books and in some rooms you will find 3 books. However, there are also rooms where no books can be found. When you open a green book, a new icon will appear in the black border below the game screen. It's a book with a cross. This is the COPY icon.

By clicking on the copy icon you copy the pages of the books. You need to Copy each page of each book. So each book has multiple pages and you need to copy each page. So copy every page from every book you find in the rooms of the library. Once you have copied all the pages of a book, you zoom out of the book via the magnifying cursor.The copied pages are saved in the map of the Library that you have already placed next to your inventory in the lower black border from the beginning. From that map you can then view each page of the books again by clicking on it. 

You will later see certain page 's have to be found again quickly via the map. So it would be useful if you then know in which column of the map you can find which page. So make a list of the columns of the library floor plan for yourself. Number the columns, from top left to bottom right, 1 to 17. After each column, write the room number and a description of the 1st page of the book that will be stored in that column,

You will also see a puzzle piece hanging above each bookshelf. Those puzzle pieces are always slightly different. In 9 of the 17 books you find there are only letters, such as XI REB. Copy the puzzle pieces that hang above books with only letters in them and write down which book they belong to. Later in the game you must be able to "match" these puzzle pieces to the correct book.

We are now going to open Route 1 first:

Route 1:

Click on circle 9. Circle 9 turns red and circle 10 turns green. Click on the circles 13, 14 and 8 to make them green. The circles 1, 2, 4, 8, 10, 12, 13, 15 are now green. The other circles are now red. You can now go to the rooms H, K, J, G, F, B, C, A via door 10.

Close the shutters and turn left and see ... the ribbed door 10 is now open. 

Go through door 10 and then to rooms K, J, G, F, B, C, A. Always check my pictures of the rooms to follow the correct route. I am not going to explain the route step by step. Rooms H, J, G, F, C have no books. Rooms K, B and A do have books. In total, these are 7 books.

 I can't show you pictures of each page of each book, that would be to many pictures, so I only show you a picture of the first page of each book. But you must scroll through each book to each page and then make a copy of all pages of the books via the Copy Button

Room K:

2 books. Open both books and copy every page from these 2 books. The front book contains plans of buildings and the left book contains letters such as XI ---- REB. The pages of these books are stored in columns 16 and 17 of your map.

Room B:

2 books. Open them and copy all pages. A book with a colored 5 corner and circles with black dots. And a book with geometric figures. The pages of these books are stored in columns 3 and 4.

Room A:

3 books. A book with "Trellers", a book with letters such as BWEN ----- XOR and a book with letters such as MIHD --- STOR Open the 3 books and copy each page again. These books are stored in columns 5, 6 and 7 of your map. 

At the door to room C there is also half of a drawing on the wall. Copy this drawing. 

From Room A, follow the route through the rooms back to the hallway and open the shutters again.

Now we are going to open Route 2,

Route 2:

Make the following red circles green: 3, 5, 6, 7, 10. 11, 12, 14. You can then go to the rooms via Room H, D, C, G, J, I, F, E

You will only find books in Rooms D, I and E. So follow the route from Room H to Room E. Look at my image again to find your way through the rooms. In rooms D, I and E you copy every book and every page in those books. Also note in your list in which column which book is saved.

Room D:

2 books. A book with squares white / blue and numbers and a book with letters such as: NES ...... DOV.

These 2 books are stored in columns 8 and 9 of your map.

Room I:

2 books. A book of Circles with numbers and a book with sound waves and graphs.

On the last page of the book with sound waves and graphs you see a tree, bird and Leaf G. The bird contains the number 134. Write down number 134. Take Leaf G from the book and then also copy this page. 

These books are stored in columns 11 and 12 of your map.

Room E:

3 books with letters only: STOR --- XOR. TI --- NES. DOW --- TI

These books are stored in columns 1, 2 and 10. You have finished Route 2. 

Follow the route back to the hallway and open the hatch again,

Route 3:

Now we are going to open Route 3 through the rooms. 

Make the following red circles green: 13, 15, 16, 8. Via Room H you can now go to room L.

Close the hatch and step into Room H again and go through rooms K and J to Room L

Room L:

3 books. A book with hands and red letters and 2 books with letters such as: REB ---- VOHM and VOHM ---- MIHD.

These 3 books are stored in columns 13, 14 and 15 of your floor plan columns. Next to the doorway to room J you will see the 2nd half of the drawing, the 1st half of which you saw in Room A. Copy it.

You are done and have found all the books and copied all the pages from those books to your column map. View the map. The map now looks like this.

You can now make every page from every book visible again from this map by clicking on the gray boxes of the columns and if you have done what I asked at the beginning of this walk, you have made a list of your own per column. have indicated which book is stored in it. Draw in your list, for the books with only letters in them, the puzzle piece that you saw above that book. A list like this:

Column 1 = Room E = Book STOR --- XOR. This puzzle piece belongs to this

Column 2 = Room E = Book DOV ---- TI. This puzzle piece belongs to this:

Column 3 = Room B = Book with geometric figures.  Column 4 = Room B = Book with colored 5-corners and circles with black dots. Column 5 = Room A = Boel with BWEN ---- XOR. This puzzle piece belongs to this:

Column 6 = Room A = Book with "Braid Mats".  

Column 7 = Room A = Book with MIHD ---- STOR. This puzzle piece belongs to this:

Column 8 = Room D = Book with squares white / blue and numbers  

Column 9 = Room D = Book with NES ---- DOV. This puzzle piece belongs to this:

Column 10 = Room E = Book with TI ---- NES. This puzzle piece belongs to this:

Column 11 = Room I = Book of Circles with black dots and numbers and colored balls.  Column 12 = Room I = Book of sound waves and statistics.  Column 13 = Room L = Book with VOHM ---- MIHD. This puzzle piece belongs to this:

Column 14 = Room L = Book with Hands and red letters  

Column 15 = Room L = Book with REB --- VOHM. This puzzle piece belongs to this

Column 16 = Room K = Book with plans of buildings Column 17 = Room K = Book with XI ---- REB. This puzzle piece belongs to this

Now it is high time to find that 8-corner drawing that the girl in the cave was talking about.

 Return to the hallway and then go around the corner at the hatch on the right and then press the orange button on the right wall to open the door again.  

Go back through the door and you are back on the 3rd level of the Corridor Building. Follow the corridor back to Ladder A

Go down on the outside ofLadder A and you will automatically end up back in the water pipe via ladder 2. 

Go to Ladder 1 but do not climb up ladder 1. Turn around so that you are looking at ladder 2 again and ..... the orange button.

So now press the orange button to lower Ladder A again. Now climb up via ladder 1 and then...........

...... go back into the Corridor Building via the Ladder A that is now down again. So you enter the Corridor Building again on the bottom level. 

Follow the corridor to the door on the other side, open the door via the green button and follow the corridor further outside. You are then back on Ladder B. Walk straight ahead to the door on the other side. There is a red button to the right of the door. The blue cable, which you have activated at the entrance of the Library by clicking the button next to the window, comes out above the red button. Click on the red button and the door will open. 

Step through the open door. You are back in the Caves and in:

Chapter 5: The Octagonal Drawing:

2021: Walkthrough door: Louis Koot