2021: Walkthrough door: Louis Koot 

Text and screenshots: Louis Koot

Chapter 5: The Octagonal Drawing for the Girl:

You are again in a cave and on a bridge path. At the end of the bridge you see an elevator door, but you also see a blue hut. Go forward 1 click and then turn right. You look to the right through the cave and see more of those blue huts. You also see, on the far right, a manhole with a ladder.

Hut 1:

Turn left again and go forward 1 click and then diagonally right to the entrance of hut 1. Enter hut 1. 

Turn left in the hut and then press the orange button to open the shutters in the left wall. 

You will see three circles with 4 black dots each. The center of each circle is yellow.

The three circles are around 3 Octagonals. In each circle you see 4 black dots. In Room B of the Library you have copied a book with 5 corners and circles. This book is stored in Column 4 of your Library map. In Chapter 1, you saw 3 circles with white and black dots on the back of the large elevator. 

What you have to do now is to "match" the circles you saw on the back of the elevator with the circles in the book from Room B and the corresponding color of the Octagonals. So the clue of the elevator gives you 3 circles. In the left circle the right dot is black. In the middle circle only the right dot is white. In the right circle all 4 dots are black.

Now open the Library map. The book with the Octagonals and the circles from Room B is stored in column 4 and that book has 8 pages. The pages are therefore stored from top to bottom in the columns. 

Open the second page in column 4. On the left page you will see a circle of which the right dot is black, just like the left circle of the elevator clue. This circle has a Green Octagonal whose point is pointing to the right. On page 7 you will find the middle circle, so the circle of which only the right dot is white. This includes a blue Octagonal  with the point pointing to the left. On page 8 you will find the circle with 4 black dots and this includes a yellow Octagonal with the point pointing up.

Return to the puzzle. Check out the 3 Octagonals. The top left (1) Octagonal has its point to the right. The top right Octagonal has the point to the left and the bottom Octoganol has the point up.

Click twice on the top left (1) Octoganal so that the center of the top left circle turns green.
Click once on the top right (2) Octagonal so that the center of the top right circle turns blue.
The center of the bottom circle is already yellow, so you don't have to click on the bottom Octonganol

You'r done in hut 1. Now to the other huts, which are behind Hut 1. For this we have to go back to the Corridor Building. Turn left and then go diagonally left out of the hut and follow the long bridge back to the door. Open the door via the red button and then walk through Ladder B, back into the Corridor Building.

Corridors Building:

In the corridor, open the box door again with the bottom button and then walk further through the corridor to the side of Ladder A. 

Now lift  up Ladder A again via the green button in the corridor

Turn around and go to the ladder niche and climb up the ladder in the niche to the 1st floor of the hallway. On the 1st floor, turn right and continue to Ladder A. Climb up via  the inside of Ladder A to the 2nd floor of the corridor. On the 2nd floor go to the up arrow / down arrow button box of the lift platform. Press the down arrow button twice to lower the lift platform back to the 1st floor of the corridors. Climb back down via Ladder A to the 1st floor of the corridor and follow the corridor, over the lift platform, to the other side, so to the side of Ladder B.

 Then, in the corridor, press the green button to also put up Ladder B again. Go back to Ladder A and climb up Ladder A again to the 2nd floor of the hallway and go back to the elevator buttons of the elevator platform. Press the up arrow button 1 time to bring the lift platform to this 2nd floor. 

Then follow the corridor to the Ladder B side and see .... you can now step out of the window and then climb down the outside of Ladder B.

So get out the window. You are then on the outside on Ladder B. Climb 7 clicks down and ....

 You are back in the water pipe, but now on the other side of the fence that closes the pipe at ladder 1. Turn left and go 1 click forward and thin diagonally left into the left pipe. There is a trail of stones in the pipe. 1 click forward, diagonally right, 1 click forward, diagonally left and ... you see Ladder 4. Climb all the way up via ladder 4 and you are back in the Hutten Cave, but now behind the huts.

Hut Cave:

You will see Hut 2. Go diagonally left and you are right in front of Hut 3. Enter Hut 3 and turn right.

Hut 3:

Open the hatch with the orange button and .... another circle with 3 Ogtagonals and 3 circles puzzle that you have to solve. Well .... the clues for this puzzle are the 3 circles you found on the back of the ladder painting. You then saw 3 circles. In the left circle, the top and bottom dots are black. In the middle circle, the bottom and left dots are black, and in the right circle, the top, right, and bottom dots are black. Open the columns map of the library again and then again the pages of the book in Column 4. On the 4th page you see a red 5-corner and a circle of which the top and the bottom dot are black. 

So in the puzzle the top left circle must turn red. On page 6 of the book see the circle of which the bottom and the left dot are black and the top right corner of which is purple. Also on page 6 is the circle of which the top, right and bottom dots are black. This includes a green 5 ogtagonal with the point up. Return to the puzzle. Click once on the top left corner to make the top left circle red. Click 3 times on the top right corner 5 to make the top right circle purple. Click twice on the bottom 5 corner to make the bottom circle green. Ready 

Turn right and now go diagonally left to Hut 2:

Hut 2:

Hut 2 is closed. On the door of Hut 2 you will now see the 2 circle / ogtagonal puzzles. To the right of the door is an orange button. Click on the orange button to open the door and .... 

if you have solved the 2 ogtagonal puzzles in Hut 1 and Hut 3 correctly then,the door of Hut 2 will open. If this door does not open then you have made a mistake in Hut 1 or Hut 3. 

Enter Hut 2 witch has 3 round windows. The middle window is closed but has a green button. Turn left to the left window. To the left of the left window you see a box on a pipe. The box has a keyhole. Take the Blue Key (Old Key) from your inventory and put the key in the keyhole of the box.

Turn back to the middle window and press the green button and ... the window will open. Grab the Octagonal Piece from the window. 

This is what the girl in the window asked for. Press the green button again to raise the shutter even further and......

 You see a drawing of 3 triangles, in a blue frame, with a line in it.

Where have you seen this before? Copy this drawing over on a piece of paper. 

Now you have to go back to the window, where you saw the girl,  in the first cave because you now have to place the Octagonal Piece in the frame above that window. Turn around and exit Hut 3 via forward, diagonal left, diagonal right, forward to the ladder manhole. Descend back down the ladder via Ladder 4 in to the pipe. Follow the water pipe back to the ladder under Ladder B of the Corridor Building and then climb all the way up to the 2nd floor of the Corridors. 

Follow the corridor to the buttons for the lift platform and press the Down arrow button once to lower the lift platform back to the 1st floor.

Climb back to the 1st floor via the inside of Ladder A. Go on the 1st floor up to the lift platform, turn right and follow the side corridor back corridor to the end. 

You are back at the window where you previously opened and closed the patio room door. Turn left, open the door via the red button. Follow the corridor down to the ladder and descend the ladder again to the Male / Female room. Turn right and you will look at the door of the Painting Room again. 

Go diagonally left into the 1st cave again, 3 clicks forward, turn left and ... you are again in front of the grille window where the girl appeared earlier. 

Press the orange button, under the window,

 You go up with the bridge lift  again to where you previously found the Blue Key. Turn right and ... place the Octagonal Piece in the "painting". 

The "painting" closes. Turn around to the hatch in the wall behind you and see ... this hatch is now open. Well ... you have also done this before, so click on the button in the slot of the blue circle and the round hatch will open.Take your 2nd Green Crystal from the round box. This is the Green Crystal 09. 

Turn right and press the orange button and you will drop back down and .... the girl appears again and thanks you for finding the Octagonal Piece. 

Turn right and go forward 1 click. You are now in front of a pull Ring.

Click on the Pull Ring and .... the entrance to the cave, straight ahead, is now closed

You now need to go back to the other side of this cave entrance. Turn around and go back to the ladder in the Male / Female Room and climb up the ladder again and follow the route through the Corridor Building to Ladder B. Press the green button again in the corridor to lower Ladder B again 

Turn around and walk back through the corridor to the ladder niche and climb back to the ground floor via the ladder in the niche. Then turn right and walk to the box door, open the box door via the green button and then follow the corridor further to get to the Zigzag path via Ladder B.

Go to the gate on the Zigzag path, open the gate and continue to the manhole of Ladder 1

Descend again via ladder 1 into the water pipe and follow the pipe to Ladder 3 and climb up again via ladder 3 and open the blue round hatch and step back into the Patio Room

Walk across the bottom level of the Floating Bridge to the other side and then to the back of the hallway and then descend, via the ladder in the niche, down to the porthole hallway. In the middle part of the portholes hallway, go out through the door again and continue to the ladder under the central column of the Floating Bridge.

Open the grate hatch and descend further down the ladder and then turn around. You are back in the piece of pipe from which you entered the 1st cave for the first time. The pipe is now closed, because you just pulled that pull ring in the cave. On the "doors" of the pipe you now see a drawing of 3 triangles, in a green frame, with a line in it. Zoom in on the drawing and draw it over.

Now we have to go all the way back to where we started in Chapter 1. Turn around and follow the route back to the Patio Room first. Then descend via Ladder 3 back down into the water pipe and follow the pipe back to Ladder 1. At Ladder 1, turn around again and press the Orange Button again to lower Ladder A again, so that Ladder A is a bridge again. is what you can walk through the ravine about. Then climb Ladder 1 back up to the Zigzag path. 

On the Zigzag path you turn left and then follow Ladder A to the right and climb up the wall ladder. At the top, go through the gate, diagonally left and walk to the small round elevator. In the round elevator, turn left and press the yellow Down arrow button once and the elevator will descend once.

Turn around and go forward 2 clicks, diagonally left and through the triangle gate. Turn left and ... you are again in front of the elevator shaft of the large elevator. Press the Up arrow button to make the elevator go up and then climb up the ladder and you are back in the elevator tunnel.

However, you cannot go to the Lamp Room because the North Door is closed and you cannot open it on this side. So click the Down arrow button to lower the elevator to here. 

Get in the elevator, turn left and step outside and then diagonally left to the Drawbridge.

Go over the drawbridge, then left and walk to the ribbed west door of the Lamp Room. Do not open the West door but turn clockwise to the other door. 

Open this door via the orange button. Step through the door, turn right and ..... You look through a short corridor and now see the Courtyard: Go 2 clicks forward and .... 

you are in the Pavilion Courtyard.

Chapter 6: The Pavilion

2021: Walkthrough door: Louis Koot