2021: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

I did a Dutch walkthrough for the original Riddle of the Sphinx 1 in 2001. I'm curious whether my old walkthrough also works for this Remake of the game, so let's find out

This is the 2021 Remake of Riddle of the Sphinx 1 The Awakening. You can by this game as a digital download on Steam and maybe it will come available on gog.com also. There is no installation, so after downloading the game you can start playing right away. 

When you start the game you will first get a chronological summary of facts and events concerning the "Great Sphinx" throughout the centuries

This summary starts in the Postdiluvian Age and ends in the "Present Day" and that is in the game the year 2000 A.D

Then you see the intro movie with the credits and then you fly in a helicopter to the "Great Sphinx". 

 You get an explanation about how you navigate trough the game 

And then a few explanation screens about the inventory backpack, the camera and how this all works in the game

In the walkthrough I call this the Option Screen

Then you see an explanations about the game menu screen and how to open this. In this game menu screen you can Save and Load and Quit the game

The last screen tells you about the Hints and about the magnifier glass that you always see at top right in your screen

Well.....I'm not going to explain al of this myself.....the game's explanation about how things work in this remake is clear enough I think, 

so let start with our exploration of the dig site of the Great Sphinx

Part 1: Sphinx Digsite

Part 2: The Great Pyramid of Cheops: Arrival

Part 3: The Great Pyramid of Cheops: King's Side: Pillar Corridor
Part 4: The Great Pyramid of Cheops: Queen's Side 1: Funeral Yacht Chamber
Part 5: The Great Pyramid of Cheops: Queen's Side 1: The River of Death

Part 6: The Lost Temple of Ra and the Golden Pyramid

Part 7: The Great Pyramid of Cheops: The Rotating Maze and the Labyrinth
Part 8: Back at the Sphinx to end the game

2021: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot