2021: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

Chapter 1: November 11th

Lazarus's flat:

Lazarus has been fired by Burdon from the HPD Agency. Lazarus picks up this morning edition of the Miami Harbringer, the local newspaper.

 Read the articles and then take the envelope. 

The lead article reports about the kidnapping of Kathrin Mulzberg and the Blurb article reports about the Blowtorch killer who has been identified as Ramon but he managed to escape again. The envelope holds yet another letter from the Blowtorch killerLazarus puts the newspaper on the coffee table. Examine in inventory the letter from Blowtorch by right click on the envelope. It's a card with a series of numbers and a location... Plover Alley. 

Go out the close-up. If you want you can pick up the newspaper from the coffee table to read the articles again.

Left of the coffee table stand a trolley. The remote control for the TV is on the trolley. Take the Remote control

Go into the bedroom and to the nightstand. Left click the nightstand and Lazarus will look at the photo of his parents  for a moment and then......

......Lazarus takes out his cell phone from one of the drawers of the nightstand

Left click the bed and.....Under the bed lies bobby, the teddy bear of Lazarus. You can't take bobby now put remember that you can find the teddy here when you need to take it later on.....

Go back into the living room and go stand at the TV. Use the Remote Control on the TV, but the batteries of the remote are dead

On the wall, next to the window, hangs a 'Cold is your Energy Boost' poster. Look at that poster in close-up.....

The poster tells Lazarus that he can give the batteries of his remote control a bust if he makes the remote colder.

Behind Lazarus stand his Fridge against the wall. A round Magnet sticks on the fridge. Take the Magnet

Take the Remote Control out of inventory and click with it on the fridge and.......

Lazarus puts the remote into the fridge for a few seconds and then he takes it out again. Due to the cold the batteries are now slightly charged. So use the now charged Remote on the TV again and watch the broadcast of the news channel about the kidnapping of Kathrin Mulzberg. De reporter is Gwendolyn Pratt

After this listen to Lazarus who now decides to investigate the kidnapping of Kathrin Mulzberg on is own accord.. Leave the apartment and in the hallway Lazarus will have a conversation with his neighbor Ritchie. Use all the conversation topics you get and then EXIT via the stairs, but before you do this notice the piece of Cheese that is hanging above the closet on the left side of the hallway...You can't take the cheese now, but remember that it is hanging here

You now get the city Map of Miami. You travel to the available location via this map. New locations will be added on the map. Now travel to the HPD Headquarters

At HPD Headquarters: Outside

Lazarus has arrived at the HPD headquarters. Lazarus's GreenDart bicycle is chained to the lamp post with a chain and the bicycle also has a flat tire. Try to enter through the HPD, but Lazarus is not allowed in because he was fired by Burdon. Wilo sit left of the HPD doors in the counter ...... Right click on Wilo to hear Lazarus tell who and what Wilo is. Then left click on Wilo to talk with him.

Wilo has the Key from the GreenDart and at first he doesn't want to give the key to Lazarus but eventually he give the key. In fact Wilo gives a key ring with 2 keys on it to Lazarus. Keep talking with Wilo via the options and use them all. Ask Wilo for some chewing gum.....

Wilo has some chewing gum but he wants a copy of  the latest edition of the Playguy magazine in return, so Lazarus must get that magazine if he want to get the chewing gum needed to repair the flat tire of the GreenDart. When you're done talking with Wilo find the blue arrow at the palm tree at the red sports car. Click the blue arrow to go a screen to the right and.......Lazarus will be at the Square


Here is the Newsagent Kiosk. At the fountain are a mother and child. A Mason is busy building a brick wall and the toolbox of the Mason stand on top of the scaffold. A paint pot with white paint hangs on the scaffold. At the Mason's left a copy of the Playguy magazine hangs on the wall that the Mason is working on. 

First go talk with the Newsagent........Didier, the Newsagent, doesn't have any Playguy magazines anymore but he will give Lazarus a Bodybuilder magazine for free

Go to the left of Mason and then look at the Playguy magazine. 

Try to take the Playguy magazine but Lazarus doesn't want to steal it, so go talk with Mason about the magazine

Mason doesn't want to give the Playguy magazine to Lazarus. So Lazarus needs to steal the magazine. 

Take the Bodybuilder magazine out of inventory and click with it on the Playguy magazine and see how Lazarus switches the covers of both magazines and then takes the Playguy magazine

Go back to Wilo via the blue arrow at the Newsagent kiosk. Give the Modified Magazine to Wilo and in return Lazarus gets the Chewing Gum

Use the Chewing Gum on the GreenDart to repair the flat tire and then use the Keys on the GreenDart to unlock the Chain

.....But clumsy Lazarus let the keys slip out of his hand and the keys fall through the sewer grate into the sewers

.........Lazarus decides to go to the location he read about on the message from the Blowtorch killer and we end up in:

Plover Alley

Look at everything in the alley. The door is de back door of the kitchen from the restaurant. Look at the Homeless person who's lying against the facade. 

 Left click the Homeless person and.......Oops.....it's not a real person and the head of the dummy turns out to be a camera

....You now get to see a projection on the wall through the camera....

.Look at this projection and listen to what this strange guy has to say to Lazarus and then take notice of the strange red symbol that gets projected on the wall

After this it's night and Lazarus returns to his apartment. It will then be the next day, so we slip into....

Chapter 2: November 12th

Lazarus's Apartment

Lazarus has taken the new edition of the Miami Harbringer paper and he has put it on the coffee table again. 

Take the newspaper en read all the articles by clicking on them with the magnifier cursor

Leave the apartment and go on the map and travel back to the:

HPD Headquarters: Outside

Go talk with Wilo again and now ask him for permission to enter the HPD

Wilo will let Lazarus into the HPD if Lazarus firs get rid of the red sport car that is standing on Wilo's parking spot.

When the conversation is over click on the Marker pen that's leaning against Wilo's wall.  Lazarus asks Wilo if he may take his marker pen and he may so Lazarus takes the Marker

Look at the red car and look at the red Hydrant.  Lazarus thinks that he can use the hydrant to get rid of the red car.

Try to open the Hydrant by left clicking on it, but Lazarus needs a tool to turn the Hydrant open

Go right again to the:


The toolbox of Mason stands on top of his scaffold. Try to take tools from the toolbox, but Mason doesn't permit it.

Look at the wall that Mason is working on and listen to what Lazarus says. Lazarus then stand left of Mason. 

Take the Marker from inventory and then click with the Marker on the wall and.....

......Lazarus draws a face on the wall with the marker and then walks back to the toolbox and tells Mason that someone has drawn an ugly face on his wall

...Mason goes wipe the face from his wall and as he does this he can't see his toolbox, so quickly left click the toolbox again to take a wrench, a mallet and a measuring tape out of it

Go back to Wilo and use the Wrench on the Hydrant and see what happens then......

The car gets flooded and the owner of the car comes to drive his car away. 

Wilo goes away to get his car and........reporter Gwendolyn Pratt turns up....a conversation follows

When Pratt has gone, Wilo has returned and has parked his car on the parking spot. A conversation follows in witch Wilo gives Lazarus his badge back.

 Left click the doors of the HPD to now enter it and......

HPD Headquarters: Inside

We meet the new secretary of boss Burdon, Alice Sharp. Talk with Alice and she will announce Lazarus to Burton

Lazarus goes into Burton's office to talk with his boss about the Mulzberg case. However Burton doesn't want Lazarus's help with the Mulzberg case

....So Lazarus leaves Burton's office but he is determent to solve the Mulzberg case on is own but he also knows that he needs help, so his eye falls on Alice Sharp. 

Go talk with Alice again and now use all the options you get and ask Alice for her help

Lazarus wants Alice to distract boss Burton so that he can sneak in to his office to get his badge back. Alice agrees to this and she upload her mobile phone number to Lazarus's phone. 

After this conversation step out onto to balcony. A blacksmith is busy repairing the balcony railing. The welder of the blacksmith stand in the corner of the balcony. At the window stand the drill of the blacksmith. Behind all the junk are boards and a tube leaning against the balcony railing. The left window is from Burton's office and it has a flower vase. Look at everything and then go talk with the blacksmith and use all conversation options

The Blacksmith isn't very friendly and you get the instinct impression that he and Mason aren't friends.

 After this conversation take the round Magnet from inventory and click with it on the right-hand window and........... 

Lazarus puts the magnet on the post of the window. Now left click the drill...

Lazarus asks the blacksmith if he may use his drill and that is allowed , so left click the drill again to take it now and use it on the magnet to drill a hole in the magnet

When done Lazarus puts the drill down on the balcony again. Take the Magnet back...it now has a hole in the middle If you haven't done it yet, look at all the junk

When you have looked at all the junk the boards and the tube will then be available and you can take the Tube and a board,. Take the Tube

In inventory combine the pierced magnet with the tube to attach the magnet to the tube

However the magnet isn't firmly attached to the tube, so Lazarus should weld it, so  take the tube / magnet combo from inventory and click it on the welder and.....

Lazarus ask the blacksmith if he may use the welder but it isn't allowed. The blacksmith refers Lazarus to Mason who's still busy with his wall on the square. Lazarus feels that there's friction between the blacksmith and Mason so maybe he can take advantage of that to get rid of the blacksmith here

Now take one of the boards and then use the board on the Vase, that hangs under Burton's window

With the board Lazarus has made a 'bridge' to get to Burton's window, but the board won't hold, so use your mallet with nails on the board to nail the board to the balcony railing

Now left click on the board to go over the board to Burton's window

Lazarus sits on the vase and looks through the window into Burton's office. Now Lazarus needs Alice now to distract Burton, so dive into the inventory and right click your phone to get et it in close-up. Left click on contacts and then on Alice to call up Alice and........

.......you now are Alice and as Alice you must distract Burton in his office, so try to enter Burton's office but........The lazy colleague wants coffee.

Alice doesn't have time to get coffee for her lazy colleague so she decide to practice her telekinesis skills on the lazy bum. 

Open the inventory and then left click Alice's Eye  and then.........

...left click the colleague to start using your telekinesis skills on him. 

Read the info to know how this works and then shut the info screen. . Click on the blue top bar and then click on Unease to get that in the blue bar

Then click the second blue bar and then click on Defensive position to put this into the blue bar and see what happens

Alice tells the lazy colleague that he can get his own coffee and then she ends up in Burton's office. Alice takes Burton out of his office and Lazarus sneaks in  and gets his badge, but......

......before Lazarus can climb back out through the window Burton comes back and he goes sit in his chair, reading a book. Lazarus has hide himself behind the desk

You are still Alice. Go back into Burton's office and use your telekinesis powers on Burton. So in inventory left click Alice's eye again and then click on Burton

Select the top blue bar and then click Anxiety, Select the middle blue bar and then click Nervous, Select the bottom blue bar and then put Problematic in that bar and.......

........Alice sees that Burton has stress and she talks to him about it. Burton wants a copy of today's Harbringer newspaper.

 Alice leaves Burton's office. Enter the elevator to be outside to get a Harbringer paper for her boss at the newsstand.  A young man is now leaning against Wilo's car

Go talk with Wilo first to let Alice introduce herself to Wilo. .....Then Click the blue arrow to go to the square, but before Alice gets to the square there's a conversation with that young man, who's name is Giles. Giles tells Alice about a new theme park and he note down Alice's email address in his phone.

Click the blue arrow again to get at the square now and then left click the Newspapers that are on the counter of the kiosk. Alice doesn't want to steal a newspaper, so left click the newsagent, who's standing at the fountain and then give him all your coins for the newspaper. Then take a newspaper from the counter

Go back to the office and enter Burton's room again and Alice will give him the Newspaper and.....

......Burton goes reading the newspaper and he more or less can't see the window from behind his newspaper

Now Lars can sneak out the office again, but not through the door because Burton will notice it.  Place your cursor in the window but on the left side of the cactus....You will get the blue down arrow there. Left click the blue down arrow at the cactus and Lazarus sneaks to the cactus. Now Burton will see Lazarus if you try to climb out of the window, so Burton needs to be distracted again. Take your cell phone out again and call up Burton and see what happens.......

.....Burton stands up to get his phone and Lazarus sneaks out through the window and has a talk with Alice in the front room.

Lazarus has his badge back . Step into the elevator and when Lazarus is outside go back to Mason on the square

Get rid of the Blacksmith

Talk with Mason again and talk with him about the blacksmith. Mason has a quarrel with the blacksmith and because the blacksmith criticizes Mason's brick wall he tells Lazarus that the Blacksmith's beard is false. Mason goes away for a few moments to paint something on the street and then he comes back to continue with his work.

Go back to the blacksmith, on  the balcony of the HPD Headquarters:

HPD Headquarters

Talk with the blacksmith again and say 'I thin k there's something you need to see as soon as possible' and.....we then see what it is that Mason has painted on the street and....

....Blacksmith now goes away to fight it out with Mason.  You get control again and the blacksmith is now out of your way. 

Take the Tube with magnet out of inventory again and use it on the welder again and.....

....Lazarus now weld the magnet firmly on the tube. Go inside and leave the HPD via the elevator.

Outside again use the Tube on the sewer cover  to lift it and then dive into the Sewers


In the sewer we meet a little boy who's name is Em and he blames Lazarus for the disappearance of his pet rat Shubby.  The bicycle key for the GreenDart bicycle lies on the little island but Lazarus can't get to the key because he can't jump to that little island. Above Em are some planks on the wall. Look at those planks. When you look in the inventory you'll see that the magnet has been broken off from the tube.

Click on Em to talk with him further and ask him all questions about why he's in the sewers and then ask him for help to get the bicycle key

When you have looked at the planks, above Em, before you go talk with him then Lazarus wants to give Em the metal tube to take down one of those planks but Em want something else in exchange for a plank. So take the Remote Control from inventory and give it to Em and......

......In exchange for the remote control Em breaks a plank from the wall with the tube from Lazarus and he gives the plank to Lazarus

Lazarus then use the plank to get his GreenDart key from the little island. The key is then in your inventory 

Em doesn't want to give the tube back to Lazarus. 

Climb back to the surface via the ladder and then use the Keys on the GreenDart bicycle to finally have a means of transport again. 

Left click the bicycle to go on the map an d then bike back to the Alley

Search the trash to the right of the door of Chez Chef Tony and Lazarus takes an empty tin can and then a lace from the trash

Hop back on your bike and go to the Mulzberg residence via  the map.

Mulzberg House

On arrival at Mulzberg  the house Lazarus sees the well-known symbol.  

Double click the blue arrow on the front door of the house and Lazarus will enter and in the hall he meet housekeeper Lupe who says that Mr. Mulzberg is not at home. 

Left click on the cleaning cart. Lazarus will take a linen cloth from a side compartment of the cleaning cart.

There's a piano with a piano Stool in the hall. A Music Sheet is standing on the piano. 

Left click the piano Stool and.....Lazarus will not actually take the stool now but you get a 'reminder stool' in inventory. When Lazarus actually need the stool then he shall go get this stool. Look at the Music Sheet that stand on the piano. The sheet shows the musical notes of the Allegro aperto piece and Lazarus finds that it is weird. Now go up the stairs to the upper floor of the house

Kathrin's bedroom and the bathroom doors are locked. Look at the 3 portrait paintings. Go back downstairs and talk to Lupe again.

Ask Lupe about the closed doors. Lupe says that the key is hidden somewhere on the upper floor.

Go back upstairs. Now look at the  window above the bathroom door......Maybe the key is up there Lazarus says.  Take the Stool reminder from inventory and click with it on the window above the bathroom door and.........Lazarus goes down to fetch the real piano stool and he uses it to find and take the key that's on top of the bathroom door

Lazarus unlocks both doors with the key and then he goes into Kathryn's bedroom. 

You see Lazarus standing in the bedroom. The room on the right is the bathroom. Look around. 

Left click the mirror to look in the mirror and......Lazarus sees himself in the mirror. Look at the projector that stands in the foreground

Look out the window into the backyard and Lazarus see a little shed and a trash can there. Look at the nightstand to see it in close-up

On top of the nightstand is a jewelry box. Open the jewelry box......well  it contains jewelry. Open the top drawer

There's a bowl with many bingo balls in the top drawer. Try to see the numbers that are on the bingo balls.....Note those numbers down

Close the drawer and go out the close-up. Click in the bathroom to let Lazarus walk into the bathroom. Go right to the bathroom. Look around in the bathroom

The bathroom window is open.....Look out the window......Lazarus thinks that the room below the bathroom is Eric Mulzberg's room. 

Exit the bathroom via the blue arrow in the lower right corner of the screen.  Then go down to Lupe and leave the house trough the front door.

When Lazarus is outside again you go through the wooden gate, via the black arrow, to the garden at the side of the house. 

Lazarus meets the gardener and a conversation follows. 

Talk again with the gardener and now use all conversation options you get. When done you take a good look around. Look at the topiary plant the gardener is working on, look at the leaves at the feet of the gardener. Look at the henhouse and the hen and the egg in the henhouse. Also look at the hatch of the henhouse.  When you have looked at everything then double click the blue arrow behind the henhouse to end op at the shed in the back yard of the house

Back Yard

Search the trash can and Lazarus finds and takes out a bingo card with numbers. 4 of the boxes on the card has a star instead of numbers

Dog Brigitte lies sleeping at her food bowl and the door of the shed is locked stiff with a padlock. A bee hive hangs in the tree. Go back to the gardener and then leave the gardens via the blue arrow at bottom left. Go back into the house and upstairs to the bedroom. 

Bedroom again

Above the nightstand is the switch to open and shut the blinds of the bedroom window. Press the switch to slide the blinds in front of the window to make it darker in the bedroom. 

Look at the bingo card in your inventory. 4 boxes have a star instead of a number. You can close the other numbers by clicking on them. 

Compare the numbers on the bingo balls in the drawer of the nightstand with the numbers in the letter in your inventory.

Write down the numbers that appear on the bingo balls and letter. Then close all the numbers on the bingo card and leave the numbers open that you have noted down.  

The bingo card will then show the numbers 11-52-72.

 Then use the bingo card on the projector and.......

Beams of light illuminate letters on the covers of three books in the bookcase: "bal - sa - mo".  Balsamo, Italian for balm. 

Go to the bathroom and look at the bath products. Lazarus will take a bottle of balm from between all the bath products.

The day is over and Lazarus goes home to get a good nights sleep and wakes up the following morning

Chapter 2: November 12th

2021: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot