2021: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

Chapter 2: November 12th

Lazarus's flat

Lazarus has woken up and got today's copy of the Harbinger newspaper and he has put it on his coffee table. 

From the newspaper Lazarus also got a photo of Kathrin with an athlete and a Chess Note and both are in the inventory now. 

Read the newspaper again and click on all the articles

Also look at the chess note in inventory. The chess note has green and red knights and rooks and it has a compass rose symbol on it.

Leave the flat and travel, via the map, to the

HPD Headquarters

Enter the HPD and talk to Alice. Show Alice the photo of Kathrin with the athlete an d then talk with here via the options you get

Alice makes a copy of the photo and she shall try to find out who the guy in the photo is. Go outside again, get on your bike and cycle to the alley.

Alley: Chez Chef Tony

Now open the back door and enter the kitchen of the restaurant. Chef Tony is in the kitchen and Lazarus gets are hired by the chef as his sous chef. 

Click on Tony again and then talk with him again  via the options you get

 Chef Tony mention a vagrant by the name of Roger and that he hasn't seen Tony for the last couple of days. Vagrant Roger is usual on the promenade.

 The promenade will be on the map as a new location. 

Take a look around in Tony's kitchen. Look at disgusting bucket, that stand at the window. Look at the cookbook that is on the window sill and look \at the cooking station. Go out into the alley again and hop on your bike your bike and go to the promenade on the map.


The homeless guy Roger isn't here and Lazarus ask Mike about Roger who hasn't seen Roger today. Talk further with Mike through the options you get and then see goodbye. Mike is standing at a dwarf palm plant that has a red symbol. Also there's a little plant at the palm plant. Look at the dwarf plant, the little plant and also look at Nancy's cocktail bar. Hop back on your bike via the blue arrow at the bottom of your screen and go back to the

Mulzberg House

Enter the house trough the front door and......Eric Mulzberg, the father of Kathrin, is present now and Lazarus lies through his teeth to Eric Mulzberg.

After the initial conversation is over, click again on Eric Mulzberg to continue talking with him via all the options you then get.

Lazarus shows Eric him the photo of his daughter with the athlete.......Eric doesn't know the athlete in the photo. Eric then leaves his house. Lazarus want to go into Eric's room but Lupe is in that room.........Automatically Lazarus talks with Lupe but he may not enter Eric's room. Use the options to talk further with Lupe and then say goodbye.

Lupe has told a story about an evil spirits that haunts this house an Lazarus gets an idea about how to get rid of Lupe but to put his plan into action he needs a bloody heart. You can read all this in the note book of Lazarus. Go upstairs. Take another look at the 3 portrait paintings that are on the upstairs wall. Especially click again on the portrait of Archbishop Mulzberg da Molina and...........

 Lazarus will know that this is the guy from Lupe's story about the spirits. Go back down and leave the house and hop on your bike and go back to the alley

Alley: Chez Chef Tony

Enter the kitchen of Chez Chef Tony again.  Look at the Disgusting bucket again. Maybe there's a fresh heart in the bucket. Talk to Tony and ask him for a heart

There's a fresh heart in the bucket and Lazarus may have it but only when Lazarus prepares  5 special meatballs. Lazarus take the recipe for those special meatballs from the cookbook.

Look at the recipe in inventory, so right click the recipe to read it.

Lazarus must find and get the following ingredients and then bake the 5 meatballs

--Exotic ground beef (Exotic ground beef - not from the supermarket)
--Egg of Sicilian hen (Egg of Sicilian chicken)
--Vintage wine (Wine of a good vintage)
--PDO Parmesan old cheese
--Fresh Florida ginger
--Salt and pepper

Collect the Ingredients

1: Get the Ginger:

Leave the kitchen and hop on your bike. Go to the HPD  headquarters and go inside. Talk with Alice and ask her  about the ginger via 'I need a quick search'.  

Alice shows Lazarus a picture of how ginger plant looks like.

We have seen such a plant at the promenade, it stands there at the dwarf palm tree.

So leave the HPD, hop on your bike and go to the Promenade. Homeless guy Roger is still not here. Left click the little plant and you get a ginger root.

2: Get Wine, Egg and Meat:

Hop on the bike and go back to the Mulzberg House. Enter the house and then click on the door of Eric's room to talk with Lupe who's still in the room.

Ask Lupe about the wine. Eric keeps his wine bottles in the shed, behind the house but the gardener has the shed key. Go outside and go through the wooden gate to the gardener at the side of the house. The key for the shed is hanging on the gardener's belt.  Lazarus needs to get the gardener to bent over so that he then can take the shed key from the belt. Talk with the gardener again and use all conversation options.

The chicken and egg in the hen house are Sicilian, so Lazarus needs that egg. The gardener doesn't want to say anything about the wine. So say goodbye

There is a pile of leaves at the gardener's feet. Take the cell phone from inventory and throw the phone in the leaves.

Go back into the big house. In the hall, left of the front door, stand the land line telephone on a cabinet. Use the land line telephone to call up your cell phone

Lazarus goes back to the gardener and........  The gardener bends over to your cell phone and Lazarus takes the shed key from his belt.

Try to take the egg from the hen house, but that damned chicken bites Lazarus in the hand. 

Try to close the hatch at the top of the hen house......The hatch doesn't stay down.  

Take your bicycle lock from inventory and use it on the hatch, so that the chicken can no longer open it. 

The hatch stays down now, so now Lazarus takes the Egg and he also takes his lock back

When you have the egg go to the back garden and use the empty can on the food bowl  of doggy Brigitte and......Lazarus has his meat, it's dog meat but who cares

Use the shed key on the padlock that's on the shed door and.....

Lazarus enters the shed. Lazarus has taken the chain from the padlock and stored it in the inventory. 

At the freezer leans a Close stick against the wall. On the bottom shelf is a wine bottle sticking out. Take the Clothes Stick and take the Wine Bottle

3: Parmesan Cheese

Leave the shed and go find your bike and travel back to your flat. Lazarus ends up in the hallway outside his flat. On the left side of the hallway hangs a piece of Parmesan cheese. The cheese is to high up for Lazarus to reach it, so take the Clothes Stick from inventory and use it on the Dangling Parmesan to get the cheese

Lazarus now has all the ingredients for the meatballs, so go back to the alley and enter chef Tony's kitchen again

Prepare the Meat Balls

Alley: Chez Chef Tony

Back in the kitchen you zoom in on the cooking station table to see the cooking table in close-up

  • Lazarus automatically take the salt and pepper shaker. Follow the recipe, but first put the recipe away

  • Use the can with meat in the mixer to make mincemeat.

  • Place the minced meat in the pan.

  • Use the Parmesan cheese on the grater

  • Add the grated Parmesan cheese, egg, salt and pepper and the wine to the pan with minced meat

  • Use the ginger root on the grater and add the grated ginger to the pan.

You then bake meatballs. Give the meatballs to Chef Tony.

Lazarus then automatically takes a heart from the bucket. Leave the kitchen and hop on the GreenDart and go back to the:

Mulzberg House

Enter the house, go upstairs and  take another look at the portrait of that bishop that hangs on the wall at the harness. 

Then go into the bathroom. Use the linen cloth on the bath room window. 

Lazarus ties the linen cloth to the radiator to use it like a rope. 

Climb through the window and Lazarus will be on the ledge of Eric's room Maid Lupe is still in the room. Talk to Lupe.  

Because Lupe doesn't see Lazarus she thinks there's a ghost talking to her. Throw the heart to Lupe and she runs out of the room.

Automatically Lazarus climbs into the room through the window

Eric's Room

Look around. Look in close-up at the desk and insert the plug into the wall socket.

Press the button on the desk lamp for some light. Then look at the engraving in the desktop. 

The engraving is the shape of the desk and it has a diagram of the desk drawers with Roman Numerals and 3 musical symbols

You have looked at the music sheet on the piano, in the downstairs hall. The 3 musical symbols on the desk diagram are associated with these music keys that are on the music sheet at the piano. Exit the close-up of the desk and leave the room through the door, via the blue arrow at bottom left, and take another look at that music sheet that's on the piano

Automatically you end up again in the close-up of the desk in Eric's room You compare the music sheet with the engraving on the desktop. 

The Music Sheet from the piano is now also on the desk

Left click the musical sheet to see it, and the engraved diagram, in close-up. Click on the engraving and on the musical sheet again to hear what Lazarus says about it

Close this close-up. Number the drawers from left to right 1 to 8 and then open up the following desk drawers: 2-3-6-4-8. A secret compartment opens up

Take a Folder with a photo of a baby out from the secret compartment., and then.......Eric enters the room and there's is now a long cut scene.

So Eric's daughter was / is pregnant and Lazarus confronts Eric with this fact but Eric already knew this.  Lars goes bowling with Alice and Alice finds on the internet that the red logo is of a factory. The man in the Kathrin photo (athlete) works there. Lars goes home and meets a strange man in the hall. 

Answer the man with: I'm listening,  and then say, I'll take the bait ....., and then say, "Okay. I quit the case" The strange man leaves and Lars goes to bed. and we enter:

Chapter 3: November 13th

Lars flat

The next day Alice comes. Alice says the logo symbol that Lazarus saw is from an abandoned factory, the "Fallen Rose". You need to gain access to the factory. Lazarus has found a firecracker in the newspaper and has put in in his pocket. We end up in the hall and Alice leaves. Check the note book to read what to do next and then leave and travel to the 


Homeless guy Roger is here now, so go talk with Roger and use all options

Roger asks if Lazarus can remove the red symbol on the bark of the dwarf palm tree. But Lazarus doesn't have the right stuff to remove that red paint right now.

Say goodbye and now travel back to the apartment of David Ramos (Blowtorch) via the map.

David Ramos' House

Outside Ramos's apartment building  Lazarus will be interviewed by journalist Gwendolyn Pratt.

Click on option to answer Pratt and Lars leaves automatically after a few questions / answers to be back on the map. Now go to the:

Abandoned Factory

Talk with the guard in the booth, his name is Eugene. Again...use all option that you get

Only people who are nice to "Mama" are allowed in. Lazarus shows Eugene the photo of Kathrin with the athlete and Eugene says the athlete's name is Radwed.

  Eugene loves his panda teddy bear, but Mamma has taken it from him

On the wall, left of the Eugene's booth, hangs a flapping poster. When that poster goes up by the wind you see that there's a hole in the wall behind that poster. Look through the hole in the wall behind the flapping poster when the poster goes up again......Lazarus looks through the hole into the courtyard of the abandon factory and you see a manhole cover. Click on the manhole cover and listen to Lazarus

Step out of this close-up and find the blue arrow to hop back on the bike and then go back to the: HPD Headquarters. Enter and talk to Alice and ask her about the factory. Alice will give Lazarus then the sewer map that shows the route through the sewers to that manhole in the courtyard of the factory. Go outside and go down the sewer ladder into the sewer.


Go talk with Em and use all options. 

You ask Em if he can lead you through the sewer system to the courtyard of the factory. Em first want a cola and he want that Lazarus retrieves his medallion that he has lost here in the sewage. Em's medallion lies in the bottom right corner of the sewer. 

In inventory combine the broken magnet with the lace, to get a magnetic fishing rod. Then go left back through the sewer tunnel to end up in the bottom right corner, above the medallion.  Use the magnetic fishing rod on the medallion to get the medallion. Left click the medallion to hear what Lazarus has to say about the thing

Left click the ladder to exit the sewer and hop on your bike and cycle back to David Ramos' apartment. Issa is standing outside.

 Issa waits for the pawn shop to open. After this conversation left click the Sfrizzo'Cola Vending Machine that stands at the pawn shop vending machine. The machine is out of order so Lazarus must use illegal ways to get a cola out of the machine. Take the tape measure out of inventory and use it on the vending machine and......Lazarus steals a cola bottle from the machine

Hop on your bike again and go back to your apartment. Lazarus ends up in his hallway, so left click Lazarus's door to enter his apartment.

Go to the bed room and look under the bed and now take teddy bear, Bobby.

Leave the apartment and go back to the HPD headquarters. Don't enter the HPD but go to the right, to the square. A boy with a balloon throws a firecracker at Lazarus. 

Use teddy Bobby on the Bucket with white paint to make teddy white.

In inventory combine the marker pen with white teddy Bobby  to turn Bobby into a white panda. 

Go back to the right, hop on your bike and go back to the factory and give the panda to Eugene.

Eugene now says where Radwed's office is in the factory. Go back to HPD and dive into the sewer again. Give the medallion and cola bottle to Em and.........

Em runs away and returns in a motor dinghy and he takes Lazarus through to the sewers to the manhole in the courtyard of the factory

. Lazarus climb out the sewers  goes in to Radwed's office.

Radwed's Office

Be aware that Lazarus can die here if you act to slowly. But when this happens you get a second chance immediately to try again

Look at all the photo's on the right wall in close-up.  They are all photo's of Kathrin. Be sure to click the photo where Kathrin has a snow globe in her hands. 

Click the standing ashtray. Take the solvent can that stand under the desk. Examine the desk. 

The desk drawers are closed. Examine the glass ball on the desk and Lazarus takes out a rusty key that was hidden in the glass ball.  See the fan on the cabinet  and the power strip  under the desk, with witch you can turn on the fan. In inventory combine the solvent with the rusty key. Then use this key on the middle desk drawer

In the drawer Lazarus finds a folder with a freshly printed document about bribery from a harbor master. 

Then there is a gun firing so Lazarus dives behind the desk.

 Mama has turned up and she has a gun. Take the Pop Pop firecracker from inventory and throw it at Mama

Mama will then go stand outside, behind the doorway. You get the blue arrow in the window but Lazarus can't climb out through the window now.

Right click the blue arrow in the window and then look at the standing ashtray again.....it gives Lazarus an idea now

In inventory combine your last cigarette with the lighter. Take the lit cigarette out inventory and place it on the standing ashtray

NB: If you did not right click the blue arrow in the window and then looked at the ashtray again, then Lazarus will not put the lit cigarette on the ashtray because he won't have a reason to do this.

 Because of the smoke from the cigarette Mama walks to the window. Take the measuring tape from inventory and use it on the power strip to turn on the fan. 

(If you do this before putting the lit cigarette on the ashtray then Mommy will notice it and Lazarus will not do this)

Mommy walks back to the door and shoots again. Quickly click with the blue arrow in the window to climb out of the office. 

NB: You must climb out through the window before Mommy is back at the door. If you are to slow then Lazarus gets shot dead by Mommy

Lazarus then stand behind Mommy, so quickly knock her down with your wrench and.......

Lazarus leaves the factory. Lazarus needs to find out which pier he has to go to. Travel back to the


Homeless guy Roger is still here an d you know that he wants you to get rid of that painted red symbol that's on the dwarf palm tree before he will answer any more of your questions.

 So use the solvent on the red symbol on the palm tree to remove it.

Then go talk with Roger again and.......

Roger gives Lazarus a note with the word  'Citlalicue' on it. Roger now will tell Lazarus all about the Ravendish family locket and his lost nephew.  Roger has been looking for his nephew for 12 years now. Lazarus has seen that Em has a locket like that too and he then takes Roger to Em in the sewer to reunite Roger with his nephew Em

HPD Headquarters

Talk to Alice and use all options that you get and Alice will find that  the 'Citlalicue' is a cargo ship and that is located at pier 5 in the harbor. Alice will also give Lazarus a bracelet with a tracker in it and a blue tooth headset that shoots deadly laser beams.  We then automatically sail to the ship with Em in his dinghy and Lazarus goes on board the Citlalicue

The Citlalicue

Mama and Radwed are also onboard the ship and Lazarus gets knocked down by Eugene and locked up in the cargo hold. You only have the balm in your inventory. 

Look around.....press your  space key to see all the hotspots. 

Look at the bed cot. Left click the mattress a few times in a roll until a spring pops out and Lazarus will take the coil spring automatically

Try to open the porthole. Then try to open the hinge of the porthole. 

Look at the winch, cable, and hook.

 See also the control panel against the wall (winch commands). 

Take the lampshade of the lamp that's hanging on the wall. 

Check the crates and then take the adhesive tape from a crate. 

Look to into the shelves on the right and Lazarus will find a CD player and antenna

Look at the large floor hatch and the lock next to it. Use the antenna on the lock to get a pointed antenna

Use the pointed antenna on the hinge of the porthole to open it. Place the coil spring from the mattress in the hinge it to replace the rusty coil spring. 

Lazarus open the porthole now and  a rat jumps in. Is that Em's rat. Look out through the porthole (exterior). 

See a cable, reflector spotlight and Em on his dinghy and click all these things to hear Lazarus's comments

Go back inside. Use the control panel from the winch to lower the hook. 

Take the hook and hang it through the porthole.

 Look out the porthole again and click the hook and then attach the hook onto the cable. 

Go inside and use the control panel again and pull the hook up again and see what will happen. 

Em climbs onto the platform on the side of the ship. Look out the porthole again and talk to Em. 

Em than throws the remote control in and then a piece of cheese. 

The rat comes out of the hole and Lazarus will take the cheese and want to give it to the rat, but the rat crawls back into its hole. Lazarus needs the rat, so he must built a rat trap. In inventory try to combine the CD player with the remote control, but Lazarus don't know how that works. Look outside through the porthole again and talk with Em again. Ask if  Em knows anything about technology and Em explains how Lazarus can get the CD player working with the remote control. Lazarus does this and the CD player is now open. Now also take the big warm light bulb, that hangs next of Lazarus

Go back inside. In inventory combine the opened CD player with the lampshade to make a trap. Combine the trap with the cheese Lazarus will automatically place the prepared  Trap on the hatch, in the upper left corner of the hatch.  The rat however has gone back in to the hole, so put Lazarus behind the curtain (tent), in the upper right corner and see what happens....... The rat walks to the trap. Quickly use the remote control on the trap to trap the rat in it.

Lazarus goes to the trap. The trap now has the rat and you have closed the trap. Use the light bulb on the trap to place the bulb on top of the trap

Look again at the winch cable. The cable is close enough to the trap to power the light bulb......Try to cut the winch cable with the pointed antenna...but Lazarus needs to insulate the antenna first.  In inventory combine the adhesive tape with the pointed antenna. Use the insulated antenna on the winch cable. 

Then take the cut cable in your hand and use it on the trap. 

The light bulb heats the rat. The rat gnaws a hole in the floor hatch to escape from the hot trap. Lazarus must somehow enlarge the hole so he can go through it. Use the adhesive tape on the cut cable to connect the Severed cable back together. Us the Winch control panel again and pull the hook up, then move the hook to the right and then let the hook down again. 

Take the hook and put the hook in the hole of the hatch.

 Lazarus pulls the hook up and the hole is now larger.........Lazarus tells Em and then he goes through the hatch hole and he enters a cabin. 


The 'Doctor' calls up Lazarus and he tells about a riddle that Lazarus have to solve. You have to click a few options in this conversation and when it's over Lazarus calls up Alice

 Alice will help with solving the riddle. You see Alice all the time in the lower left corner and the tracking bracelet is now in inventory. Look at the big map that's on the wall.

It's  a world map with red and green dots on it and Lazarus describes it to Alice who says that normally there shout be the symbol of a wind rose on the map

 Get out this close-up and click on the large oval table and......Lars finds and take the wind rose / magnet compass.

Look at the big safe, that stand behind Lazarus. Alice will ask Lazarus witch model the safe is and she then reports that she can't find the combination to open up the safe. You go into the close-up of the numbers lock of the safe, but you don't now the combination so step out this close-up.  Take another look at the chess note in your inventory. This is linked to the riddle and  the world map.

There are 3 red Knights, 1 green Knight, 1 red rook, 1 green rook and 1 red bishop on the note. Click on the chess pieces to hear Alice describe them and she also tells the moves of each chess piece: Knight: two spaces forward or backward and then one space to the left or to the right; but you can also first move two squares to the left or to the right, and then one square to the front or back. Rook: straight lines, horizontal (left or right) and vertical (forward or backward). Bishop: diagonally (oblique) across the chessboard. 

Put the chess note away and take the compass wind rose out of inventory and click the compass rose on the world map.

Alice will give Lazarus hints about how to move the wind rose compass over the map and you go in the close-up of the world map. 

Lazarus has put the compass at the bottom of the map on the map, according Alice's instructions. 

You now have to move the compass over the map to the next red or green dot that are on the map. You must do this according a certain route according to the chess pieces on the chess note. In the screenshot I have marked the dots where you have to move the compass to as A, B, C, D, E, F, G.  

First look at the chess note in inventory again, by right click that note again.........Lazarus will then know that the chess pieces on the map are related to the dots on the world map and now you can move the wind rose compass over the map. So move the wind rose to A, then to B, then to C...etcetera.....You do this by clicking on the dots and the wind rose compass will go to that dot. So click on dots A, B, C, D, E, F, G to move the wind rose compass to those dots

To be honest I must tell you that I didn't quite understand the chess note in relation to the solution of the world map. I solved this one with Trial and Error. When you have moved the wind rose compass over the map via the A, B, C, D, E, F, G dots route then at G you have solved this puzzle and the big safe goes open

But then Lazarus hear someone arrives. Quickly take the Chain from inventory and use the chain on the door.

When you have barricade the door with the chain then  Lazarus will take a strange mirror from the safe automatically. The mirror has a strange power. 

Eugene then enters through the door but Lazarus gets out just in time and he and Em go back ashore

Lars Apartment

Lazarus goes home but in the hall he meets the strange man again and off course this is Radwed.  

Lazarus attempt to knock down Radwen, but......

Lazarus gets  knocks out the window but managed to take a run for it on his bike. Radwen has lost his smart phone. Radwed has magical powers and he let Lazarus crash on his bike. 

Chapter 4: November 15th

When Lazarus comes to his senses he's on the promenade where Burton has found him.  Burton has taken Lazarus's police badge and he has suspended Alice from duty. 

Lazarus goes home to find that Alice is in his apartment and there's a long conversation between Alice and Lazarus 

After the conversation, go to the hall.  Look into the hole in the floor. Use your clothes stick in the hole to take out Radwed's smart phone

Go back into the apartment and talk to Alice and use all topics

Lazarus give Radwed's smart phone to Alice and she starts a tracking program on her laptop and you go in the close-up of the map.

Click on the Tracker  and tries to pin point where the signal comes from. The signal traces the Mulzberg residence. 

Alice gives Lazarus a transmitter and we then end up in the garden shed of the:

Mulzberg Residence


Lazarus has use the transmitter and has found the jamming device, witch is behind the crates. We hear Mama talking to Eugene in the garden outside the shed.

Grab a crate and then click with the crate on the door and listen to what Lazarus says.......

Lazarus notice the opening above the door and this gives him an idea. Look at the opening above the door

Click on the toilet, it's screwed to the floor.  Use the wrench on the toilet to unscrew it but leave it were it is for now.

Click on the white Fridge and Lazarus takes a honey jar from the fridge.

Take some pebbles from the pile of pebbles that's on the floor.

Now take the toilet bowl and place the toilet bowl in front of the door. You do this by clicking with the toilet bowl on the opening above the door.

When Lazarus has put the toilet bowl at the door then take the crate again and put the crate on top of the toilet bowl.

Climb on the crate and you will look through the opening into the garden.

You see Mama and Eugene. Use the honey jar on Eugene and then throw the pebbles against the beehive (hive).

The bees go for the honey and attack Eugene. Eugene runs off and Lars knocks Mama down. Lazarus grabs teddy Bobby and goes back home

Lars Apartment

Enter the apartment and talk to Alice and she will trace the signals and she explain what you must do

You must now move the yellow, blue and red signals so that the cross each other at a certain point on the map. Click on the yellow data 1 button to activate the yellow signal. Then click the arrows of the turn signal source, to move the yellow signal to the left. Do this also with the red and the blue signal and keep using the arrows of turn signal  source button until the 3 signals will come together on the right spot on the map. This screenshot shows you how it must be .....

The 3 signals overlap in the Everglades area. We go to sleep a bit and...........


in the night Lazarus goes to the hut in the Everglades and almost gets his legs bitten off by a crocodile and he looses his lighter. Last is then standing at the door of the hut

Click at the door and Lazarus will see the key in the lock of the door on the inside. Look at the door hatch at the bottom of the door and in the close-up click on the hatch to find that it is also locked at the inside. Step out the close-up and now click the window on the right hand side of the door to look inside through the window. You see the latch with witch the door hatch is locked. Use the clothes stick on the hatch to unlock the hatch

Go out the window and click the door hatch again and now open the hatch, but the opening is too small to be able to pass through.

Go out the close-up again and now use the pointed antenna on the door to let the key fall out the lock onto the floor

Go in the close-up of the door hatch again and take the dropped key and..........Lazarus will enter the hut. 

Take the envelope that's on the table and use the blue arrow to look at all  the photo's that are in the envelope

Someone is spying on Lazarus the whole time.....and then.   it goes on by it self to the end of Part 1

.......Lazarus gets grabbed by Radwed.

It's now crowded in the hut........Eric is on the chair with a noose around his neck. Kathrin is on the table and Radwed has the baby in his hand.

Burton comes to the rescue, but Radwed can escape with the baby.

Back home and after a long talk with Alice, Lazarus goes to bed and you get the credits rolling over your screen......Sit this through because after the credits you see a final scene in witch Alice has booked two flight tickets to Italy because this adventure goes on in Part 2

We continue with Lazarus and Alice in 

Part 2: Italy: Chapter 5: November 17th

2021: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot