2021: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

Part 2 of The Hand of Glory plays in Italy. When you have finished Part 1 you must start a New Game and click on Part 2 to start with the second part of this game . As in part 1, always look at every  hotspots, that you can make visible through your space key and when you talk to other characters always use all topics of conversation you get. 

Part 2: Italy

November 17th:

In inventory you will have all the items that you also had at the end of Part 1

Lazarus and Alice are on a plane on route to Rome, Italy,  and they talk about the case and Alice tells Lazarus about count Cagliostro, a famous alchemist who lived in the village of San Leo. 

Alice also tells about a Profossor Visconi with wich she has made an appointed at his house in Rome

Lazarus goes to San Leo while Alice stays in Rome to visit that Profossor Visconi.

 Lazarus has taken his GreenDart bicycle with him and he has cycled to the village of San Leo and when you get control Lazarus is in the village square.

San Leo


Dante Alighieri Square

On the left is a bar at witch the bartender is sleeping in the window. A  tour guide with a group of tourist stand at the fountain. 

Left click the flask that's on the GreenDart bike to take a piece of the old bicycle tire with chewing gum from it. 

Lazarus is a bit lost here because he doesn't no where to go, so he needs directions.  Left click on the sleeping bartender "???" hanging out of the window of the bar, but Lazarus doesn't want to bother the guy now. Instead, go talk with the tour guide. The tour guide  says that if Lazarus want information about the city he has to go to the town library. Gaia from the library could help Lazarus out.  The library is the building with the glass doors, left behind the fountain, and you now get the blue arrow at it. Those glass doors are the back door of the library. Enter the library through the glass doors.


Gaia, the young female librarian, sits behind her desk. On Gaia's desk is a logbook.  A Distinguished man is reading a book at the bookcases. 

In the upper left corner you see an old fashion telephone, a bulletin board and a newspaper. Click the telephone to hear Lazarus's comments about it. Then left click the newspaper to read it......as in part 1 click the lead article and the blurb article to read them.....The lead article is about a Matthias B., a biologist and he's currently here in San Leo. The blurb article reports about a infestation of insect at Miami. 

Put the paper away and click on the bulletin board to hear Lazarus sum up what's on the board. Move your cursor to the top of the bulletin board.....you get the red arrow on a nail that sticks in the upper rim of the bulletin board. If you left click that nail then Lazarus will cut himself on the nail but he can't take the nail.  

Look at the large logbook that's on Gaia's desk......it's the book where Gaia writes in the borrowed books. Right click the Distinguished Man to hear Lazarus's comment. When you have looked at everything and read the newspaper articles then left click Gaia, the librarian, to talk with her and.  Gaia will give Lazarus a brochure about San Leo. Gaia isn't interested in chemistry but her friend Olive is.  Say goodbye to Gaia and in inventory right click the city Brochure to browse through it......Click the red arrow to go to the next pages of the brochure. On the back side of the brochure is a picture of the Fortress of San Leo and Lazarus things that it is a good place to start his investigation. 

The Fortress will be put onto the map as a location that Lazarus can go to put the brochure away and now go talk with that Distinguished man....This is Father Carlo, a catholic priest.....ask him all the questions. Father Carlo isn't a fan of that Count  Cagliostro and he was reading a book about the history of the local fortress. Say goodbye and leave the library to the square, via the black arrow you get in the lower left corner. Back on the square, left click the blue arrow at the GreenDart Bike and.......you now get the map of San Leo and surrounding areas......Click the picture of the San Leo's Fortress to go there now......

San Leo's Fortress

Go inside. The fortress is being renovated and Lazarus is being welcomed by the security guard, Luca, who says that the entrance hall is the only room available for visitors at the moment.  At guard Luca stand a chain mail. In the middle of the hall is a well. At the entrance and in the lower right corner stand an information panel and a workman is high up scaffold, busy doing his job. On the left, at the window, is another information panel and a glass shrine.

Left and right click on the Cain  mail, witch is made out from tiny metallic rings. Look at the well.....the well is covered with a glass cover and Lazarus can't see how deep the well is. Look at all 3 information panels. The information panel at the entrance tells something about Felici Orsini.  The information panel at the window tells Lazarus that the fortress will be closed off for the general public indefinitely and that most of the artifact are moved to the Castle Sancti Leonis.....Lazarus asks Luca about moving the artifacts to the other building.......It has been moved to the Sancti Leonis Castle of Marquis de Vilta. That marquis will probably on the square, sipping his morning coffee.  The panel in the lower right corner shows you 9 Coats of Arms with the names of the persons that they belong to.

Go out, hop on the bike and cycle back to the square

Dante Alighieri Square

There's now a man sitting at the table at the bar. Go talk to that man and, it's that Marquis de Vilta and he's a very grumpy and an arrogant, aristocrat. 

Lazarus needs a special permit, signed by the marquis, to enter the castle. But the chance that Lazarus gets such a permit almost zero. After the conversation with the marquis the bartender will call Lazarus who asks if Lazarus can pick up his pendant that he dropped. Lazarus finds and give the pendant to the bartender and then you get conversation options, use them all. The bartender's name is Oliviero and he has made such a permit for visiting the castle into a paper plane and threw it away. The Castle Sancti Leonis is now put on the map

At the tourist group stand the car of the marquis........Look at the car.....the car is leaking gasoline. Look at the puddle of gasoline that's on the ground at the car

Enter the library again and talk to Gaia again and ask her about the Marquis and about his castle.

Gaia doesn't want to tell the Marquis's address. To borrow a book from the library Lazarus need a library card but only residents of San Leo can get a library card.

After this talk with Gaia try to read the Logbook, but Lazarus tells that he first has to get rid of Gaia. Talk to Father Carlo again and ask him about his library card and he will give Lazarus his library card (Carlo's Card). Leave the library, hop on your bike to get the map and now go to the:

Castle Sancti Leonis

The grumpy guard does not allow Lazarus to enter.

Lazarus must have a signed admission ticket to enter the castle.  Look at the coat of arms shield that's above the entrance door, it depicts a winged lion with a halo, the "Sancti Leonis". 

So hop back on the bike and go back to the

Dante Alighieri Square

Go to Marquis car. Take the Tracking Bracelet from inventory and attached it on the car......

Alice will be able to track the car as the Marquis goes home. Use the Tire with chewing gum on the puddle of gasoline to return the chewing gum to its original state. 

In inventory you then have used chewing gum and a piece of the old bicycle tire. 

Go back into the library. Use your badge on the nail of the notice board, to rip of your passport photo from the badge. 

In inventory combine your passport photo with the gum and then with Carlo's card to get a fake Lars's library card. Show the Lars's card to Gaia and.....

Gaia doesn't by Lazarus clumsy attempt to produce ca fake library card, but she's willing to turn a blind eye and she steps away for a moment  to see if she can find the book that Lazarus has made up. Lazarus quickly checks the logbook and notes down the Marquis's phone number in his own cell phone.

In inventory right click your cell phone and go to Contacts and then click on De Vilta to call op the Marquis to sent him home in his car and.......

The Marquis drives away and Lars calls Alice to tell her that she must track the Marquis car. We switch to Alice in Rome



Professor Visconi's house

Alice has reach Professor Visconi's house and she's standing at the gate. A man is busy cleaning his yellow car.

 Alice doesn't have time to explore her surroundings so left click the gate's Interphone and......

Marie, the housekeeper of the professor will let Alice enter the house. Alice puts here laptop on the table and then she has a talk with Marie. The professor is at home but currently he's in his bedroom taking a nap. Marie tells that the professor suffers from a rare form of Alzheimer disease and Alice isn't allowed to go up to the professor

Click on the laptop to see it in close-up and......

Alice says that we need a WiFi internet connection to help Lazarus. You see a printer, a scissors, the suitcase of Alice, the Laptop and the scanner. 

First take the scissors and then left click the laptop. You go into the close-up of the laptop screen.  Click on the internet icon in the lower right corner of Alice's desktop....... There's no internet connection. Click on the padlock in the little connection screen......Alice need a password (Wep key) for an internet connection. 

Close the password screen and close the laptop via the "World" button at bottom left. 

Then go out the close-up of the table and go talk with Marie again and ask her  if she knows the password. But Marie doesn't know the password.

Go outside and....Alice picks up a weak signal from the tracker and she bumps in to the guy who's cleaning his car, who's name is Beniamino. 

Talk further with Beniamino who's pretty full of himself and a womanizer but tells that there must be a WIFI antenna in the house behind him

After this conversation with Beniamino look at the yellow water hose he's using to clean his car. 

Then click the gate door behind Beniamino and.......

Alice enters and goes up automatically and she's then standing higher up and she receive a WiFi signal that comes from the window shutter.

 Left click the window but Alice can not lift the window shutter. Right next of the window is an ventilation vent. Look at that ventilation vent. Go back downstairs to be back on the street. In front of the yellow car is a sewer manhole of witch smelling fumes comes out. Now take the water hose in your hand and try to use it on the smelly fumes coming from the manhole.

 ......this gives Alice an idea........Talk to Beniamino again and  ask him if you may borrow his water hose, but he will need it himself to wash his car.  Use Alice's kinetics skill on Beniamino, so in inventory click the eye icon in. Then click on Beniamino to use the kinetics ability on him: In the blue bars fill in, from top to bottom:  "Light-heartedness" or "Tries to distract", "Happiness", "Confidence"....Alice conclude that Beniamino has "inner joy"

Alice conclude that she will have to make sure that the only way to stop Beniamino washing his car is to make him hate his car. Behind Alice is a No Parking Sign. Right click that No Parking sign. Then left click the sign and.....Alice tries to turn  the arrow of the sign upside down but it's firmly attached to the pole.  On the other side of the street stand a purple car with a parking ticket. Take the Parking Ticket from the purple car

Go back into the professor's house and walk into the kitchen area, behind the big table.

Look under the sink and then take the aluminum tray that stand under a water leak and try to get the wrench that's attached to the pipe of the sink

But when Alice takes the wrench the water pours out of the pipe so she puts the wrench back on the pipe to stop the leak. Alice must first find a way to stop the leak before she can take the wrench. Go out the close-up. At the front door are 6 masks on the wall. Look at all of those 6 masks one by one. The middle mask to the left of the front door has a thick mane. Cut some hair from that left middle mask with the scissors

Marie is still stirring her dough with witch she wants to bake a cake for Alice. Go talk with Marie again and ask her for some dough, but she won't give it.

In the kitchen is a microwave, behind the fridge. Use the microwave to see the thing in close-up. Take the aluminum tray from inventory and put it in the microwave..........

Alice set the microwave for 30 seconds and she quickly leaves the house and..........well......see what happens. After the cut scene go back into the house. Marie is back in her chair and she has put her bowl of dough on the coffee table because she can't bake her cake due to the damage that Alice has done to her microwave. Take the mask hair from inventory and dip it into the dough bowl to get Sticky hair (Stickum)

Look under the sink again and in the close-up use the sticky hair (Stickum) on the wrench to seal the leak and.....

.........now Alice takes the wrench and put it in inventory

Go out the sink close-up. Click again on the Laptop to get into the close-up of the laptop. Use the parking ticket on the scanner to get a modified parking ticket.....

Leave the close-up and go back outside Use the wrench on the 'No Parking' road sign to turn the arrow up

 Now Beniamino's car is illegally parked, but he doesn't notice it. Walk to Beniamino car ant take the Modified Ticket from inventory and click it on the yellow car and.........

Alice sticks the modified parking ticket behind the back windshield wiper of the yellow car. ......Beniamino stops watering his car.

Take the water hose in your hand again and click the hose on the manhole again......and......

Alice puts one end of the hose into the fuming manhole and then she ask Beniamino if he could throw the other end of the hose up the shutter window and he does this.

Go up through the gate to the shutter window.  Take the hose in your hand and put it into the ventilation vent, at the shutter window and......... 

 The stench from the sewer enters the room through the ventilation and the resident opens the shutter slightly, so look inside  through the now slightly open shutter window.

 Alice sees a laptop with a yellow post-note attached to at. Left click the yellow note and.......on the note is the WiFi password and Alive memorizes it. Go down and back into the professor's house. Click on the laptop again to get into the close-up and then click the laptop screen to get into the laptop screen. Click on the internet icon, then on the padlock and click on the password bar to enter the password automatically. Alice now has an internet connection. 

Click on the Lar's Tracker icon and.......Alice finds the marquis's car and she sent the coordinates to Lars and then we hear a scream and.....

....... We switch back to Lazarus.

San Leo: 


Dante Alighieri Square

Lazarus is taking with Father Carlo in the library, when the talk is over Exit the library and.......

Ooo.....the GreenDart bike has a wheel clamp now because Lazarus has parked it in a now-parking zone. 

Oliviero has the hots for Gaia and he promises to help out if Lazarus can put him in touch with Gaia. 

Go back into the library. Gaia is still reading her book. Talk to Gaia about Oliviera and about what she does in her free time. Gaia doesn't like Oliviera very much so it will be a real challenge to get her on a date with Oliviera.  After you have talked with Gaia you can look at the book that she's reading, ........

....so click the book to read the title....witch is "Philanta" but Lazarus doesn't know what it means. So talk with Gaia again and now ask her about her book...... Gaia loves lowers. 

Go back outside and talk with Oliviero about Gaia and. Lazarus and Oliviero go together to the clearing in the forest to pick a wild Orchid. Lazarus has to pick the orchid that's high up against the rock wall. Click on Oliviera and his image will be stuck on your cursor. Click with the Oliviera cursor on the tree to ask Oliviera to give you a push so you can climb on the tree branch.  

A helicopter shows up.......Oliviera shouts that it is Tekla and the chopper flies away. Lazarus climbs on the tree branch but he still can't reach the orchid.  Click on the tree branch to make Lazarus push the branch slightly down. Click Oliviero again to get his image as your cursor again and then click with the Oliviera cursor on the tree branch to ask Oliviera to push the branch up.  

Oliviera does this and the orchid falls on the ground...........A cut scene follows.......

Oliviera gets second thoughts about a date with Gaia and walks away and Lazarus picks up the orchid and then he falls on the ground. 

Lazarus goes back to the square to have another talk with Oliviera who obviously is hiding something, maybe that Tekla knows what it is. 

 After the conversation with Oliviera, hop on your bike and go, via the map, to the De Vilta's residence

De Vilta's residence

Lazarus has taken the tracking bracelet back from the Marquis's car. 

The house is secured with a numeric code, so you see Lazarus standing outside looking in through the doors. Look at everything in the room. 

Left click the TV to see the TV in close-up and then click the TV again.....The TV shows an aquarium.........

A photograph stand in  front of the TV.....Click the photograph......but the reflection from the TV prevent Lazarus to see the photo. 

Take your Remote Control from inventory and use it on the TV to switch it off.....

..........it works but your Remote control is dead so you loose it now. Now you can see the photo that's in the photo frame, so click the photo again and.....it's a wedding photo of the Marquis and his wife. Leave this close-up and click the blue arrow that you get on Lazarus to get back on the map and then bike back to the town square


Enter  the library again to talk with Father Carlo, but he's gone. Gaia says that Father Carlo went to the church. The town church will be on the map now.  Talk to Gaia and use all options. Gaia doesn't know anything about the Marquis's marriage and also nothing about Tekla.  After this talk click on the bulletin board again to read the notes that are on it again.......

a new location will be added on the map..... It's the Tekla Novak house. Leave the library and hop on your bike again and now go to the

Tekla Novak's house

Upon entering Lazarus almost gets killed

In the conversation with Tekla, she gives Lazarus a blank access module to the castle but it isn't signed by the Marquis

Talk further with Tekla via all the option and.......

....... when your done talking you automatically will be on the map. Now go to the: 

Church of St. Francis in Verna

Talk to Father Carlo about the Marquis marriage and he says that De Vilta got married on November 23, 1992, but a few years later they were divorced. 

Leave the church and go back to the:

De Vilta's residence

Lazarus stand outside at the glass doors again. Click the Numeric Keypad and then enter the code 231192, witch is the marquis's wedding day. 

Lazarus then enters the room. Walk on to the easel and click on it to see it in close-up. On the canvas that's on the easel is the signature of the Marquis and there's also a pen. Take the access module from inventory and click it on the canvas, then take the pen and click with the pen on the access module to copy the Marquis's signature on it. 

But Lazarus can't see the real signature through the form, so he can't trace it properly. Put the pen back on the easel and go out the close-up.  At the red door stand a Lamp. Take the Lamp.......The lamp will be your cursor. Place the Lamp behind the easel on the floor to improve transparency. 

Click the easel again to go back into the close-up and.......because of the lamp you now see the signature in the signature box of the form. 

Take the pen again and click with the pen in the signature box to copy the signature. Lazarus will put the signed form back in inventory. 

Leave the house through the glass doors and go back to the

Castle Sancti Leonis

Show the signed access module to the grumpy guard and Lazarus enters the castle

Lazarus has a conversation with Walter Beringler, the Marquis's curator, in his office. 

Then it is night and Lazarus is at the fortress where he meets a strange doctor and someone sees this. Lazarus gets unconscious again

 We then switch back to Alice in Rome

Rome: Alice

Alice meets the professor now  in his living room. Professor Visconti is old and an invalid and has a bad memory. 

There's a conversation with the professor. After this conversation show the Mirror  to Professor Visconti. 

The professor gets a shock when Alice shows him the mirror and you then have to solve a puzzle. It's a rotating puzzle. There are 28 tiles and you must rotate the tiles to restore the image. Click the tiles to rotate them until you have the image restored...it's not that difficult......as you progress the professor start remember things

When you're done the professor want's to go to his room upstairs, but the wheelchair lift doesn't work. Alice ends up in the bedroom of the professor. 

Examine the broken seat lift control circuit, that's on the wall left of the room entrance and listen to what Alice tells about it.  Go back downstairs and zoom in on the laptop, that still lies on the big table. In the close-up open Alice's suitcase, if you have not already done so. Take the Tools from the suitcase......it's a voltage tester. 

Go out the close-up and left click the burnt-out microwave and Alice takes some aluminum sheets, left over from the burnt aluminum tray,  from it. 

Go back upstairs to the bedroom. Zoom in on the circuit again and listen to Alice.  You have to fix the elevator control by reaching the correct voltage level. Alice has placed the 3 aluminum sheets at bottom right and you must place them on the right three red wires to right the correct voltage: There are 5 red wires, Number them from top left to bottom right as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. You must click on three wires to put an aluminum sheet on the wire.

Click on these 3 wires: 4 =bottom left, 1 = top left, 3 = top right and.......the lift is restored and Alice goes to help the professor into his bed room. 

The professor tells about his safe that must be here in the room somewhere. Well.....that safe is in the bookcase. Left click the safe to see it in close-up. 

The safe door has a Dial and 3 images. Those 3 images are: The Great Wall of China, The Rome Coliseum and the Egyptian Sphinx.....

.......those 3 images relate to the 3  numbers  with witch you can open the safe, but you must find out those 3 numbers yet.

 Go out the safe close-up......You must search for those numbers in the bed room, so you must look for them.

Great Wall of China number

Click the books in bookshelves above the safe. 

In the close-up click on all the books.....The titles are all related to Asian cultures and at each title that Alice sums up the professor reacts a bit. However, the titles of the books doesn't mean anything to Alice so go out the close-up when you have click on all books . Use Alice's kinetics ability on the professor and then fill  the 3 bars with the right words: "Eye movement" = "Clue"; "Shaking hand" =  "False lead"; "Arched mouth" -= "Clue" this comes togheter in "Clues found"

Look at the books again and in the close-up click on each book again.... the professor responds again with an reactions......

Find the book that makes the professor smile......it's the horizontal red book on the bottom shelf and it has 71 in its title. 

Note down the number 71 and leave this close-up again.

Rome: Coloseum number

Look at the portrait that's on the wall above the bed. It's a portrait of the professor and he points at the green book he's holding in his right hand. 

Look at the things that are in the background of the painting........The look like Roman Numerals.....

From left to right: On the left mountain =  the rock = L, the birds = X, the 3  pillars on top of the right mountain = 3....so LXIII = 63......Note down 63

Egypt: Sphinx number

Look at the pyramid painting, on the wall above the professor. At the top right are strange symbols, so look at those symbols in close-up and then click them again.....

they are Egyptian numerals  and you must translate them into our numbers. I had to look this up on the internet because I don't know anything about the ancient Egyptian number system. I'm not going to bore you with an elaborate explanation so I give you the solution right away......The sum is 4622 + 2313-6880 = 55.....So note down 55 and go out the close-up.....Zoom in on the safe again and now put the three numbers into the 3 number screens of the safe: Great Wall of  China = 71, Coloseum =  63,  Egypt = 55. Then click the dial to open the safe.

Long Cut scene........

Alice finds some documents in the safe...The professor murmurs something about an invisible fleet

Marie says that Alice can spent the night here and after dinner, Alice goes to bed. In bed Alice wants to search for information on her laptop and you must help Alice to find the things on the internet. To do the searches type your search query in the search bar and click enter on your keyboard: Then read the texts because I'm not going to write this all out for you. You must perform these 5 searches to end Alice's day: Invincible Fleet; John Dee; Scrying Mirror; Sigillum Eameth; Hand of Glory

NB If you also search for other terms in the meantime, you will find a lot of extra information. You must do these searches before you have done the last search Hand of Glory.....This not necessary, but read about: Francis Drake, Edward Kelley, The Book of Dunstan, Red Mercury, Die Glocke and the Philosopher's Stone.  

When you are done then Alice hears a noise and she goes down to find that Marie has been murdered. 

Alice goes to the safe to take the documents out but she falls in the hands of the mysterious man. 

We switch back to Lazarus in....

San Leo

Lazarus wakes up in the Marquis's house.

The Marquis had been warned by Oliviero about Lazarus's condition and he has brought Lazarus to his house.  After the conversation Lazarus leaves the house.....

Go back to the square and.......

Lazarus takes Oliviera to Tekla, at gunpoint, and there Oliviera and Tekla explains a few things to Lazarus.....

Lazarus must find the 3 pieces of a scroll. On advice of Tekla Lazarus has taken her pickaxe. On the map go to the Clearing in the forest

Clearing: Scroll 1:

A guy in a red shirt is here now.....It's Matthias and there's a conversation. You can talk with Matthias again to find out that he's listening to music on his headphones. 

Click the blue arrow above Lazarus to go up to the cliff.

On top of the cliff Lazarus stands at a rope bridge and he sees the bag of Tekla on the other side of the crevasse. 

Look at the bag.  Behind Lazarus stand a tree trunk and you also see a rocky outcrop on the other side of the gorge. Click on the bridge.........After some hesitation Lazarus will go stand on the bridge.....If you hesitate to long the bridge will collapse and Lazarus falls down and dies. If you walk on over the bridge to the other side the bridge will also collapse and Lazarus will fall down and die......You get a second change so when Lazarus has fallen down and then is back at the bridge walk on the bridge again but now quickly click the blue arrow to let Lazarus dive back to the tree trunk before the bridge collapse into the crevasse.........

Lazarus survives and now he knows that he must find an other way to reach Tekla's bag.

Now  push the tree trunk into the water. The tree trunk goes down via the waterfall.

Go back down to the clearing via the blue arrow.  Matthias is gone but he has made a cut in the big tree and resin comes out of that cut. The tree trunk lies at the other side of the wooden bridge.  On the right side of the waterfall you see a hole in the  mossy cliff and above that hole is a rope. 

Cross the wooden bridge and look at that hole. Left click the tree trunk and Lazarus put it in front of the hole. Take the clothes stick from inventory and click it in the hole. 

At the top of the mossy cliff hangs a rope......Left click that rope and......

Via the tree trunk and the clothes stick Lazarus climbs up to try to take the rope but he doesn't quite reach the rope so he climbs back down.  

Now use the pickaxe on the rope and.......

Lazarus climbs up again and now he takes the rope with the pickaxe and climbs down again. Cross the wooden bridge again to the big tree and then go back up to the top of the cliff via the blue arrow the cliff. Back on top combine in inventory the pickaxe with the rope to get a grappling hook. Then use the grappling hook on the rocky outcrop across the bridge and........

Lazarus swing across and he then stand on the other side, above Tekla's bag....... take Tekla's bag , but the bag falls down.......

After a long walk Lazarus is back down at the clearing but a Voracious bird is sitting on Tekla's bag and that bird doesn't want Lazarus to come closer. 

Well.....Lazarus must get rid of the bird, so go back to...

Tekla's house.

On Tekla's table stand a Bag.......Look at that Bag......the bag is full with vials but Lazarus doesn't know what's in the vials. 

On the right side of the big Tarp, that hangs on the wall, is a button. Use that button and......

The tarp goes op to reveal a nice with a mummy of Tekla's father in it.......Tekla tells something about her father Go talk to Tekla about everything and........

 in the conversation Tekla gives Lazarus a bird recognition form. 

The vials in the bag that's on the table are aneastatics and would kill that bird. Tekla also says her father hates flowers. 

Leave Tekla and go back to the clearing in the forest. Use the bird recognition form on the bird. 

You get the form in close-up.  On the form are the bird parts such as feathers, eyes, pawns. You must select in each row the right part to identify the Voracious bird  correctly. Number the rows as A, B, C, D and number the columns as 1, 2, 3, 4. Then click the following bird parts to select them:  A3, B4, C3, D4 and then click the "V" and......  

Lazarus will go back to Tekla to tell her that he has identified the bird and Tekla gives an ampoule, with which Lazarus can chase away the bird.

Go back to the clearing and use the ampoule on the bird.

The bird now flies away, so now take the Bag

Go back to Tekla's house and give here the bag......Lazarus puts the bag next to the fire place and retrieves the first piece of the scroll from it.

Second piece of the scroll:

Leave Tekla's house and go to the De Vilta's house and enter the room. The Marquise is busy painting. At the bookcase stand a  Vaporizer. Take the vaporizer.....

Lazarus asks the Marquise if he may have the vaporizer and that's allowed. In inventory the vaporizer is an Empty Sprayer. Talk to the Marquis and use all options.....

The Marquise mentions a hidden wing of the castle and he talks about certain threats and about Walter Beringler. The Marquise is obviously scared of Beringler who has taken over his castle. When Oliviero and Tekla  spoke of the scroll they mentioned that the scroll was split into three parts by Father Alfredo. 

Let's go ask Father Carlo about Father Alfredo. Leave the house and go to the 


Talk with Father Carlo again an d ask him everything about Father Alfredo

The remains of Father Alfredo are here in the church ossuary but Lazarus isn't allowed to enter the ossuary. 

On the right is a door and the confessional booth. Click the door and hear what Lazarus says.....behind the door is the ossuary but Lazarus must get rid of Father Carlo and get hold of his key. Click the confessional and......Lazarus gets an idea about how to get rid of Father Carlo......

You now must go through Lazarus's confession, so click the options until the confession is over and then step out the confessional via the blue arrow.

 Leave the church and go back to 

Tekla's house

Back at Tekla's try to take a vial from the bag that's on the table......but Tekla doesn't allow it....the vials contains a powerful anesthetic. Lazarus sure can use a vial to get rid of Father Carlo but then he first must get rid of Tekla to be able to take a vial. In the wall nice stand the mummy of Tekla's father and Tekla has told that her father didn't like flowers......Take the white orchid from inventory and pin the flower on the mummy and see what happens........

Tekla takes the flower off the mummy and throws it in the thrash bin but Lazarus takes the flower out of the bin and put it back in his pockets. It gives you an idea about how to get rid of Tekla......Leave Tekla and go back to the clearing in the forest. Walk on to the big tree and then use the white Orchid on the Resin of the tree to get a sticky Orchid

Go back to Tekla. Pin the sticky orchid on the mummy and.........When Tekla wants to take the flower out again, press the button to lock her in the niche behind the tarp. Then left click the vial bag on the table to take two bottles of anesthetics from the bag. Lazarus will set Tekla free automatically. 

In inventory combine a bottle of anesthetic with the Empty sprayer. Go back to the


Click again on the confessional to get into the confession.......Lazarus has nothing to confess about because he has confessed his sins the first time already. 

When you can click on Father Carlo quickly take the Sprayer from inventory and click it on Father Carlo to sedate him

Lazarus takes the ossuary key from the good father.  Use this key on the door and enter. 

It is dark inside the ossuary. Press your space bar to see all the hotspots and then click on the Chain hotspot the for some light, but the chain is not long enough to hook it to the chain anchor. 

Use the tracking bracelet on the chain to hook it to the chain anchor. Now there is some light.

Look at the memorial stones in the niches left and right, but there is no reference to eagle wings.

Leave the church and travel to Fort San Leo. Enter and look at the coat of arms sign via the information panel that stand in the lower right corner. 

A coat of arms has a symbol that resembles an eagle and it belongs to "Barlomiej Jankowski". 

The workman is on his break, reading a newspaper. On the scaffold is now a red medkit. Click the medkit to take a syringe from it

You can also click the newspaper that the worker is reading for an achievement, if you have read all the other newspapers so far. Go back to the ossuary in the church. Look at the niches again and Lazarus will now find the "Eagle Wings" memorial stone of "Barlomiej Jankowski" in the left niches. 

The steel plate (lid) is riveted with rivets so you can't remove the steel plate now. Go out the close-up and leave the church and travel back to the town square. Back at the square Lazarus will automatically pick up the handkerchief  that Oliviero drops. Talk to Oliviero to say you are close to the second scroll piece and all other topics

 Oliviero can prepare a fluorocarbon "acid" for Lazarus but he needs chlorofluorocarbon compounds (CFCs) to do so.  

These fluorocarbon compounds can be found in: Firefighting equipment; Cooling liquids; Additives for motor oil; Varnishes 

Go to Tekla's house and when you're in use your bicycle tire piece in the fire to melt the piece of tire. 

Then use the syringe with the melted tire to get an insulated syringe.

Leave Tekla's and go to the De Vilta's house. Enter the room and walk to the red door  Look at the air-conditioner that's up against the wall at the red door......

Lazarus tells that the air-conditioner uses fluorocarbon as cooling liquid. Take the Insulated Syringe from inventory and try to use it on the air-conditioner to fill the syringe with CFC's .....but the air-conditioner is to high up. Right click to put the syringe back in inventory.  A ladder stand against the bookcase.....Click the ladder to try push it to the left but......The ladder won't move because the wheels are rusted Take the Balm from inventory and click it on the ladder to lubricate the wheels of the ladder and....

......with brute force Lazarus pushes the ladder to the left. Now that the ladder is in the left corner use the syringe on the air conditioner again and........

 Lazarus climbs up the ladder to fill his syringe with CFC's from the air-conditioner.

 Leave the Marquise and go back to the town square....Give the syringe to Oliviero and.........

15 minutes later Lazarus has a Sprayer with acid in inventory

Hop on your bike and go back to the ossuary in the church. In the ossuary zoom in again on the left niches to get into the close-up of the "Barlomiej Jankowiski" panel. The lid of the panel has rivets at the 4 corners.....Use the Sprayer with Acid on all 4 rivets to remove the 2 vertical bars......then click the lid to open up the niche......

There are remains and a scroll in the nice......There's a symbol on the remains......Look at the remains to hear Lazarus say that the symbol means something. 

Then take the scroll........Lazarus now has two pieces of the scroll. Lazarus automatically also takes back the tracking bracelet from the chain

The third Scroll piece:

If you haven't done so before, go to De Vilta and talk to him to ask about the situation, but we did this already so go to the castle - 


Upon entering the castle you'll see a cut scene witch Lake, the grumpy guard, who  takes the cigarettes from guard Albert. Lake then goes upstairs again.  

Look at the Reinforced door. Lazarus thinks that the scroll piece is behind the door but to get to it he needs the castle key and the access code for the door. Next to the door is the alarm button that Lake uses to shut down the alarm when Albert wanted to smoke his cigarette. The Grate that's in the floor is from the ventilation system. Go talk with  Albert and use all options

Albert tells that Lake has the castle keys. Maybe we can use Albert 's smoking habit to get Lake's key. 

Leave the castle and go back to Oliviero at the town square.  Talk with Oliviero again to get cigarettes and a licorice root from him.

 Hop on the bike to go back and go back to the fortress. Enter the fortress and use the liquorice root on the chain mail to use it as a grater to get "powdered liquorice". 

Leave, hop on the bike and go back to the castle. Back at Albert in the hall pour some balm on the stairs to make it slippery. 

Give the cigarettes to Albert and......

...........Lake comes down and he slips on the slippery stairs and.............. 

Lazarus and Lake end up in the upper room, but Lazarus has taken the castle key from Lake. 

Before leaving the room you can take a look at all the things here. When you look at the panel, that stand at the window, then you read in close-up "The Theory of the two counts" and Lazarus finds this very interesting. When you have looked at everything here then leave the room through the door to end up at Walter Beringler in his office....


On the left lies a green notebook on the mantelpiece but to browse the notebook Beringler needs to be looking the other way. Talk with Beringler and use all option....

Notice that Beringler takes a zip from the glass he's holding in his hand......at some point, when you talk about the scenery, Beringler goes staring out the window to enjoy the scenery for a brief moment. .First use all other topics and then use the last topic "The scenery is really "breathtaking" and......Beringler turns his head again to look out the window....Quickly take the Licorice powder from inventory and click it on the glass that Beringler is holding and.........

Beringler gets in a choking fit......Quickly left click  the green Notebook now, before Beringler gets his breath back and......

Lazarus looks into the notebook and finds the code for the reinforced door. It's night then and Lazarus is at the gate of the castle. The gate is locked so use the Castle key on the gate to enter the castle.  Go into the close-up of the keypad of the reinforced door and enter the code 8154.....

.... and Lazarus goes through the door and enters the private room. The lights are going off and on......

Look around the private room. Look at the cannon, the opening above the cannon, the brush for cannon, the walled access and the wooden door. Notice that if Lazarus is standing right in front of the walled access, his red scarf flutters. Look at Lazarus's red scarf when he's standing at the walled access and listen to what Lazarus says. Then left click the Walled Access and..........

Lazarus makes a hole in the wall and he peeps through it and then.......Beringler shows up and he has a gun......

A conversation follows and then the light goes out....It's dark again......

You must act quickly now......If you wait to long Beringler will kill Lazarus......quickly find and then click on the brush for cannon and.....

.........Lazarus knocks the gun out of Ballinger's hand with the cannon stick and.......

Beringler runs away and Lazarus goes after him..... Berliner hops in his car and Lazarus follows the car on his GreenDart Bike and .......

......Click the car and.......You come in an action bit of the game.....You must get Lazarus closer to the rear of the car.....The speed meter of the bike appears.....Lazarus must go faster on his bike to reach the car.......Move your cursor over the bike to see two Pedal spots......You  need to rapidly click with your left mouse button on the two pedals to increase Lazarus speed and you must keep this up until the pointer in the speed meter has gone all the way to the right, so until the pointer is at the end of the green quarter of the meter

When you are successful then Lazarus is close at the rear of the car.....Now click the car again and.........Lazarus jumps from the bike on top of the car

Then use the handkerchief on the windshield and.......we crash with  the car

The Following Morning

Tekla's House:

 Lazarus has put the 3 pieces of the scroll together and you see the scroll in close-up

Click the snake, the arrow and the apple and also the 4 Polish poems on the sides. Tekla will translate the poems. And then Tekla takes us to the city tower with her helicopter.


You get a map on your screen and you have to solve the puzzle

On top of the map are 3 circles, they are the Lion, the Snake and Fire. You must take each of them and click them on the correct place on the map. But there are a lot of other places on the map that you can click on with the cursor and if you click them all you will have earned an achievement. The solution of this puzzle is as follows: 

Take the lion circle and click it on the Castle of San Leo. The castle will get a red circle. Take the Snake circle and click it on the bottom part of the road that goes from the monastery to the town.....that road gets a red circle. Take the Fire circle and click it on the monastery and.........at the point were both red lines meet an  Oak tree appears

After some talk we all go with Tekla's helicopter to the big Oak Tree

Oak Tree

When the talking is done a ferocious Beast appears on the scene and the beast is about to kill Oliviera, who stand frozen against the oak tree. Tekla has taken cover on higher ground and is aiming her stun rifle at the beast and Lazarus has taken cover behind d a rock. There are multiple moments for dying here so if you don't want to get a lot of dying scenes then you better act quickly.......Click on the beast and see its reaction and then click on Tekla to talk with her........

Tekla says that the red scarf of Lazarus is making the beast angry. Do not ask Tekla to shoot a tranquilizer into the beast because that will result in the death of Oliviero. 

Take the red scarf from inventory and put it on the rock that Lazarus is hiding behind.

The beast attacks but hits its head against the rock /  scarf and Oliviero is rescued by Tekla. 

Click on Tekla again and now ask her to shoot a sedative on the beast......

Tekla hesitates so say that she must shoot at the beast now and...........after a few seconds the beast slows down a bit and Tekla and Oliviera go away. Lazarus is left alone with the beast. Click the blue arrow on the big oak tree to set Lazarus in front of the tree.........The Beast gets ready to attack so quickly click the blue arrow on the rock to dive back behind the rock....

The beast runs against the oak tree but isn't out yet but some acorns has fallen from the tree. Take the acorns. You have 4 acorns.

Click three times with the acorns on the beast for an achievement......the beast eats all 3 acorns.....

Use the last acorn on the rock to crack the acorn.

In inventory combine the syringe with the anesthetic bottle and then the syringe with the cracked acorn. Throw the anesthetic acorn at the beast and.......

the beast goes to sleep......Tekla and Olive get into the helicopter and fly away and............The beast has woken up and it attacks Lazarus again. 

Wait until a rope appears above Lazarus's head. Then quickly grab the rope hanging from the helicopter and......

....the beast falls of the cliff  and Lazarus will get lowered to the ground by Tekla and she also throws a shovel down with witch Lazarus uses to dig up Cagliostro's coffin.

Cagliostro's coffin

Open the coffin and then take the gold bracelet

Click at the outer wall of the coffin........

Lazarus finds a little crack in the outer wall and you go into the close-up of the crack.....

Take the keys, which you have in the inventory from part 1, and use those keys on the crack and then take the medallion from the secret alcove

Father Carlo shows up and he has a gun witch he points at Lazarus. Carlo wants the locket, but Lazarus throws the tracking bracelet at him.

Listen to Father Carlo while he explains things and in the end Carlo shoots Lazarus who ends up in the coffin

When Lazarus wakes up he's in the coffin with little air to breath. 

Try to use the Sprayer with acid  on the lid but it doesn't work and Lazarus explains why this isn't working

The metal tube in the acid cannot reach the liquid. The Sprayer is now on the left side of the coffin.........try to use the magnet on the Sprayer .......

........but the magnet is too big so right click to put the magnet back in inventory. 

Click the other wall of the coffin again to see the secret alcove again. Put the magnet in the alcove to crush the magnet into magnetic powder.

 Go out the close-up and use the magnetic powder on the Sprayer and........

Alice and the Doctor enter the scene....

The doctor explains a few things so pay attention and then were of to:

November 20th


Alice and Lazarus are in a pub....listen to there conversation.......

Alice has looked up a few things on her laptop and she gives the mirror back to Lazarus and then we end up at the: 


As Lazarus go talk with the undertaker who sits in her booth. 

After this talk Lazarus and Alice enter the cemetery to look for the crypt and........They see Mama and Eugene who are guarding the crypt. 

Lazarus and Alice split up. Alice will try to get rid of Mamma and Eugene while Lazarus goes back to the pup to find the more information. You are 


Go  back left to the entrance of the cemetery. Behind the undertaker's booth stand a toolbox. Click the toolbox to take a wire from it

At the gate is a security camera on the wall. Look at the security camera and listen what Alice says about it and then go talk with the undertaker again and use all options. 

Alice may not look at the recordings from the video security camera's, so she needs to get the undertaker out of her boothGo back a screen to the right, to the middle part of the cemetery. There are leaves on the ground.....Take some leaves. Go back to the undertaker. At the frond of the undertaker's booth is a pile of ashes. Examine the ashes and then put the leaves in the pile of ashes and .........

Fire.....The undertaker runs away to get water and Alice goes inside the booth....Click the monitors to view the recordings.....

Click the white arrow at bottom right to see the next recordings

When you have seen all recordings Alice leaves the booth. The red car that we saw in the video stands outside the gate on the parking lot. Left click the red Henchmen's car and you enter the close-up....Alice looks through the car's window inside the car. The window is slightly lowered. Use the Wire on the door lock to get into the car

Top left is the sun visor. Bottom right is the gloves compartment and between Alice's legs is the hand break

Look behind the sun visor and take the key. Use the key on the glove compartment and Alice takes out a loaded gun.

Click on the handbrake......Alice goes back to Lazarus who's in the pub


Lazarus is in a conversation with Christian at the other table about manufacturing an explosives and then he and Alice talks......

Alice gives the gun to Lazarus. We switch to Lazarus.


Dive into the inventory and right click the gun and Lazarus will take the bullets from the gun. From Christian Lazarus has also received a bomb-maker's note and a 10-pound note (money). Right click the Bomb-maker's note to look at in close-up and you know what Lazarus needs to make an explosive. Go talk with Quentin, the bartender

Use all options and you order a drink and get a coin back as change. Also tell Quentin it is dark in the pub and he will turn on the lights with his remote control.  Quentin puts a glass with gin an the counter but Lazarus won't touch it. Behind Alice stand the Jukebox. Walk to the Jukebox to have a better view on Alice, who's working on her laptop. The Power Supply cable of Alice's laptop hangs useless from the table and there's a Mortar on her table. 

Click the power supply cable and Lazarus will plug it into the wall socket . Put the coin into the jukebox and......

the lights goes out and Quentin doesn't like that and the lights go on again. There's a Pistacio nut on the floor at Christian's table. Take the Pistacio nut

If you want to earn an achievement then try to give the pistachio nut to Christian, Alice and Quentin.......

None of them wants the pistachio. Exit the pub, on the left side to be back at the entrance of  the cemetery.


Try to give the pistachio nut to the undertaker, but she also doesn't want it. Go right to the middle part of the cemetery, where you took the leaves as lice. 

Matthew, the maintenance guy is here now. Talk with Matthew and use all options.

When you're done talking try to give the pistachio nut to Matthew. Matthew doesn't want the nut and Lazarus now will eat it himself. Try to take the burning candle, but Matthew doesn't allow it. Click the ladder and then the tarp above the ladder, but while Matthew is here Lazarus can't do anything here, so we must distract him. Go left, back to the undertaker. At the toolbox stand a tombstone. Take the gun from inventory and use it on the tombstone........

With the gun Lazarus does some damage to the tombstone. Go back to Matthew and talk to him to tell him about the damaged tombstone.......

Matthew leaves to repair the tombstone.

Click the burning candle to blow it out and then Lazarus takes the candle. Climb up the ladder and.....Lazarus then takes a cable and the tarp. The tarp covers a defective security camera with a broken cable.  It isn't necessarily but click the door of the camera to take out the tape. 

In inventory look at the tape, the label says "Night sighting Z". Climb down and go back to the entrance. Matthew is leaning against the tombstone.....Wait until Matthew isn't holding the tombstone and then quickly click the Wedge that holds the tombstone up and........The heavy tombstone falls on Matthew's feet and he goes away. Click the Toolbox to take a roll of Scotch Tape and a Pincer from it

Exit the cemetery to go back  to the pub.


We are almost at the end of Lazarus and Alice's quest, so I advice you now to save your game frequently now......

Back in the pup you are still Lazarus. In inventory combine the pincer with the bullets to take out the gunpowder. Use the candle in the mortar that's on Alice's table, to get candle wax

Dip the cable in the glass with gin  that still stand on the bar counter, to make it flammable so Lazarus can use it as a fuse. 

In inventory combine the gunpowder with the handlebars (from the GreenDart bike), then combine the handlebars with the candle wax and finally with the fuse to make a dynamite stick (you use the tape automatically on it).  Go back to the cemetery. Go right and climb up the ladder to the broken camera. Use the dynamite stick on the sparkles from the broken camera and..........

Long Cut Scene........So watch it patiently and....

After the scenes you are Alice sitting in the car......pull the handbrake to make the car crash and........

Long Cut scene....

The undertaker goes to Mama and Eugene to tell them about there car and they go to look at there crashed car

 Lazarus goes to the crypt to hang the dynamite on the gate and then he takes cover behind a tombstone

Inside the crypt we see Radwen and Carlo and then we see Lazarus who takes shelter behind a grave to wait for the blast....

Things happens in the crypt with Radwen and Carlo and then......the dynamite explodes

Mommy comes back and she takes Lazarus at gunpoint but the doctor takes care of Mommy..

Lazarus and the doctor enter the crypt and things happens.......Radwen is almost at full power now and he kills Father Carlo, who tried to kill him first

Lazarus and the doctor attack Radwen but his powers are to strong now, even for the doctor. Alice enters the crypt and she takes the baby

Lazarus: You now get control back. The doctor is out and Lazarus has two green balls on is hands. 

You must free Lazarus of those green balls and you do this by rapidly left click the green balls (Fight) until the two green balls are gone. 

When the green balls are gone Lazarus will attack Radwen but again......Lazarus can't win this.....

We switch to Alice who has the baby and she makes a run for it but she bumps into Eugene who wants the baby

Eugene then is attempting to strangler Alice.....A sharp Pencil sticks in Alice's hair an hairpin. Take the Pencil and stick it in Eugene's ugly face and......

Eugene doesn't survive this and we switch back to 


It gets bizarre now.......Lazarus seems to be zapt by Radwen into some kind of void and he falls down and the a snake turns up but the snake gets a bullet through its head

Lazarus continue to fall and all kind of crazy things are happening and then........The Hand of Glory appears but it's behind a force field.  Take the Sigillum Aemeth medallion from inventory and use it on the force field. The force field goes away. Take the Gold Bracelet from inventory and use it on The Hand of Glory.

That's it......sit back and watch the bizarre ending of The Hand of Glory.....

Sit through the Credits because after the credits there's an additional seen that suggest that this is not the End and that there will be a sequel 

NB: If there will be a sequel then I won't be playing it .......Part 1 was fine but Part 2 ends to bizarre for me.....didn't like it

2021: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot