2013: Original a Dutch Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

2021: English translation by: Louis Koot

In 2013 I had the European / North American version of the game and because I'm Dutch I played it with the Dutch language selected. So all the text on the game screens that you see in this walkthrough are in the Dutch language. Also all text that I have wrote on all the screenshots are Dutch.

Level 1: Forest Along The Coast

Forest ruins:

Tomb of the Adventurer:

This "Tomb of the Adventurer" is Extra Content and is part of the DCL Download package. This means that this Tomb is only available to players who have purchased Tomb Raider 2013 as a Digital Download. If you bought the game on DVD then this Tomb is not available to you and the entrance of this tombis blocked and you will not be able to play this Tomb, unless you purchase this Extra Content via your Steam Account or via one of the other download portals

You can find the Tomb of the Adventurer in level 1: Forest along the Coast, in the second part of the level "Forest ruins". You can immediately do this extra Tomb in the game if you play Level 1 Forest Along the Coast for the first time and have not progressed further in the game ....... But then you cannot do this tomb completely. You can reach and plunder the treasure chest of the Tomb, but not yet plunder the Chamber of Secrets. In order to enter the Chamber of Secrets, Lara needs the Shotgun with the Grenade Launcher to destroy the iron door that closes off the Chamber of Secrets. Lara does not find the Grenade Launcher for the Shotgun until Level 13: Palace / Solari Fort part D The End of Nikolai.

I assume that you have waited until after Level 13, when Lara has obtained the grenade launcher, to do this Tomb of the Adventurer in between. When, after Level 13, you have reached a base camp where you can also fast travel, you will travel back to the Forest Ruins camp in Level 1. From there, follow the route through the forest to the entrance of the Secret Tomb.

Forest ruins:

Tomb of the Adventurer:

Go back over the bridge to the entrance of the Tomb and now dive into the tunnel.

If you had switched off Lara's torch, she will automatically light the torch in the tunnel. Follow the tunnel ... 

The game tells you that you are about to enter the "Tomb of the Adventurer".

The tunnel then suddenly becomes a lot lower, but Laartje bends automatically and you can guide her further through the low part of the tunnel.

When Lara stands upright again, she stands in front of a "Water Curtain".

Pick up the Arrows if Lara can still carry them, then walk through the "Water Curtain". Lara's torch goes out, but that's okay. A little further up the tunnel is then blocked, but there is a burning Glass Lantern hanging from the ceiling. Flammable cloths hang over the barrier and the Game gives you a hint that if you shoot the Glass Lantern, you will set the barrier on fire

Stand still and press your Right mouse button to draw the Bow. Keep your right mouse button pressed and aim the target at the Lantern and zoom in on the Lantern with your Z-key. Keep your Right mouse button pressed and make sure the target mark is red and then fire the arrow with your Left mouse button and .......

Lara smashed the lantern, setting the barrier on fire. Wait for the flames to die and then continue walking. The tunnel then becomes a water tunnel and Lara now has to wade through the water. So do that and we then end up in the main cave of the Tomb of the Adventurer:

It's a huge cave and the floor is full of water, but you can wade through the water. The wreckage of an airplane hangs right in the middle. Behind the plane, high at the top of the cave, you can see the Temple that contains the Treasury that Lara wants to plunder. However, in order to get into that temple, the plane needs to be lowered a bit, so that Lara can climb to the temple via the fuselage of the plane.

The plane wreckage hangs in poles / trees on 4 sides. It is now the intention that Lara gets those poles on fire so that the plane sinks a bit and eventually breaks into 2 parts. Right in front of Lara you will see an "Island" and behind the Island is the left wing of the plane. Wade through the water to the Island and walk to the top of the island.

The left wing of the aircraft is supported by a tree and combustible material is wrapped around the tree. Behind the tree is a beam with flammable cloths. That beam is attached to a pole and a lantern hangs from the pole. Draw the Bow, aim for the Lantern and shoot the Lantern and .....

The rags on the beam catch on fire and the flames spread along the beam to the plane and .....

The plane wreck has then descended slightly with the left wing and is now leaning to the left. Lara can now jump from the Island to the left wing. 

So jump to the left wing and then pull Lara onto the wing. Walk across the wing to the left.

From the left wing Lara then sees Plateau 1. Jump over to Plateau 1. On Plateau 1 are 3 Oil Lantern. Walk to 1 of the 3 Oil Lantern

Pick up 1 of the 3 Lanterns with your E key. Lara then held the lantern. Walk to the right with the lantern and stand on the white ledge. You now see the middle tree, on which the plane wreckage rests. Flammable cloths are also wrapped around this tree. The game will now give you a clue on what to do with the lantern. Press your Right mouse button and keep it pressed. A curved line now appears ... that is the Throwing Guideline .... You must now throw the Lantern against the cloths wrapped around the tree. So move your mouse up until the "star", at the end of the curved line, is on the canvases around the tree. Then click your Left mouse button and ......

...... Lara throws the lantern at the canvases and ...... they catch fire and .......

.... well .... the wreck sinks a little lower and almost starts to break. 

Walk to the left. In the left corner is a bridge, but most of the bridge has disappeared. However, stand on the "bridge" ....

On the other side you now see Plateau 2. In the past the bridge was of course intact here and you could cross to plateau 2.

 But that is no longer possible, so jump down here and then run up the wooden wall and press your Jump button several times to to climb on plateau 2.

When she is on platform 2, Lara sees  a few boxes. Behind the box we see a beam.

Above the beam is a Fire Pot and a Lantern. Draw the bow again, aim for the lantern and smash the lantern.

The lantern splatters and the fire ends up on the brazier and ..... the fire pit sinks and then rests against the beam.

Climb on top of the boxes and then jump from the boxes to the beam.

Lara comes to hang on the beam and her weight pushes the beam away a bit, releasing the burning brazier.

The brazier swings away and sets the house on fire, which is at the bottom of the cave ... because of the fire the 3rd support post on which the plane rests collapses. 1 more support post to go. Press your Shift key to drop Lara from the bar. Then turn around and ..... A waterfall flows at the back of this plateau. There is a connecting tunnel between the two parts of the waterfall. Walk into that connecting tunnel.

It is a short tunnel that runs around a bit and flows back into the large cave.

Halfway the tunnel is a turn to the left, to the 2nd Cave Room of this Adventurer Tomb cave.

Storage room:

NB: Unfortunately, the entrance to this 2nd cave is completely blocked by a thick iron plate, and you cannot remove it if you do not have the grenade launcher. To destroy iron plate barriers, Lara needs the Shotgun with the addition of the Grenade Launcher. Well ....... if you don't have the Grenade Launcher yet, you can't destroy the iron plate. However, I assume that you do this extra Tomb after Level 13: Palace / Solari Fort and that Lara does have the grenade launcher and that you can now continue here ......

So draw the Shotgun and use the grenade launcher to destroy the metal plate with it

It gives a nice explosion again but the entrance to the cave is now open, so enter the cave

This 2nd cave is basically one big store room where Lara can replenish her food and ammo supply and where she can earn lots of extra XP points and Salvage points. There are about 5 of them hanging in nets that you can set on fire with the flares of the bow. The yellow boxes then fall from the nets, which you then plunder. There are also a lot of yellow boxes here and there in the cave and also orange food boxes, ammo boxes with various types of ammo. Above Lara's head there are support beams under the ceiling and on those beams are also a few yellow boxes and you can pull down a kind of hatch, via a rope arrow from the arch, to get the orange food box that is on that hatch.

You can shoot the yellow boxes on the beams with arrows from the bow and then loot them.

You have to decide yourself whether you have to use ordinary arrows, flares or explosive arrows.

There is also a small cave that is blocked by those barbed wire boards, but Lara shoots it out of the way with the shotgun ....

In the niche there is a metal box that you then force open with the axe, via your E-key.

Wooden shelves hang on the walls that also have ammo boxes and orange boxes.

When Lara hangs on those shelves, they break off and the boxes fall to the floor and you can also loot them.

Okay ..... this pretty much is it in this Supply Room ....... but I don't guarantee that there will be no more to be gained, so try everything out here for yourself. When you have had enough, you leave this 2nd cave again and make sure you end up at the bottom of the main cave again. So you can walk back to Plateau 2 and then jump down there, or you can follow the tunnel further to the left and jump on the roof of the house you just set on fire, and then further down.

Back on the floor of the main cave, look for Plateau 3 .... you will find Plateau 3 right in front of the cockpit nose of the plane wreck.

In front of Plateau 3 a shelf sticks up and at the top of the shelf hangs a corpse and ... a lantern.

Climb up Plateau 3 via the wooden wall .... So jump against the wall and then press your Jump button in quick succession and Lara will climb up Plateau 3.

If necessary pick up the arrows and then walk further up the slope and stand at the place where you see the down arrow in the screenshot

Lara then stand right in front of the top of that horizontal plank and she sees the Lantern.

So draw the bow again and shoot the Lantern. This causes the corpse hanging under the lantern to catch fire.

Wait a moment until you see the flames and then jump forward and against the plank and ....

If you had enough speed, the plank falls over and against the last pillar of the plane. Lara automatically ended up at the bottom of the cave. If the shelf has not fallen over, you push, with your F-key, again against the shelf and Lara will then push the burning shelf over. The plane is now broken in 2 parts. The cockpit with and most of it is now on the bottom with the left wing sticking up and the right wing now also resting on the bottom. However, the rear part of the plane, the luggage compartment, is still above and that's how it should be now.

Walk up the right wing and then walk over the wing to the fuselage and climb on top of the fuselage.

Standing on the fuselage, look to the right for a moment ..... Lara then sees the rear part of the plane and she sees that from that part she could now reach the Temple, were it not that the luggage room is still full of luggage . Jump back onto the left wing from the fuselage and continue to the end of the wing. Then jump from the wing back to Plateau 1.

Back on Plateau 1 you walk back to 1 of the remaining oil lanterns. Pick up another oil lantern and walk it again to the white ledge .... 

Press your Right mouse button again and now aim the guideline at the hatch hole, at the top of the hull of the luggage part of the plane.

Press your Left mouse button again and ......

 Lara throws the lantern through the hatch hole into the luggage compartment and you will see all the luggage blasting out of the plane.

Now Lara can climb into the luggage compartment. So walk back to the right and jump back to the top of the left wing of the plane and climb back on top of the wreckage.

On the hull you walk to the left and then you jump over to the luggage compartment. Then pull Lara inside.

The luggage compartment has a wooden bulkhead. Jump against the wooden bulkhead and press your Jump key and ..... 

Lara climbs on top of the side of the cargo hold. Continue to the upright tail wing.

Stand right in front of the tail wing and then jump against it while continuing to press your jump key and ....

.... Lara climbs on top of the tail wing and now she can reach the temple. So jump over to the roof of the Temple

In the temple is a Golden Chest .... Walk into the temple to the Golden Chest and then press your E-key and ....

.... Lara loots the chest and you get the happy announcement that you have successfully looted this Tomb of the Adventurer. 

You will receive your XP and Experience points for it,

Turn around. A piece of metal plate protrudes from the wooden roof and a cable hangs above the metal plate, which goes all the way down from the temple into the tunnel. 

Stand on the metal plate and then press your Jump key and .....

...... With the help of the Axe, Lara then sails back down on the cable and ends up back in the tunnel ......

Follow the tunnel back outside, where Laartje automatically turns on her torch to crawl back through the lower part of the tunnel. 

Back outside we ended up back at the Bridge, under which we previously found the 2nd Relic ...

Walk back across the bridge and return to Base Camp and travel through the camp back to where you were in the game when you decided to do this Adventurer's Tomb 

And then move on to the main story of the game.

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Walkthrough by: Louis Koot