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2021: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

In 2013 I had the European / North American version of the game and because I'm Dutch I played it with the Dutch language selected. So all the text on the game screens that you see in this walkthrough are in the Dutch language. Also all text that I have wrote on all the screenshots are Dutch.

The game starts with the:


Young and inexperienced, Lara Croft is aboard the Endurance and she's a member of an archaeological expedition to a deserted island off the coast of Japan.

In her cabin Lara thinks about the expedition when suddenly a particularly vicious storm erupts. 

The ship doesn't hold it and floods with water and Lara is in danger of drowning

But one of Lara's fellow passengers manages to save her from drowning just in time, but now the ship threatens to break in two. The guy who saved Lara beckons her to run for her life and he does too. Lara runs and runs and we then see that the ship is really broken in two halves

The man who saved Lara from drowning was able to reach the back half of the ship just in time and beckons Lara to jump over to him. 

Lara sucks her breasts full of oxygen and she jumps and .........

Lara manages to grab the guy's hand but unfortunately, whether it is on purpose or because Lara is too heavy, the man cannot hold Lara and she plunges into the ocean .....

However, Lara doesn't drown ... she managed to work herself out of the water to the beach of the mysterious island, where she rest to get her breath back for a moment.

....... and then Lara hears familiar voices and we see that other members of the expedition have also survived the ship's disaster and have reached this island.

Lara calls  out and shouts, but she is not heard

... and then ....... Lara is knocked unconscious ....... and we start with the great survival expedition of Lara Croft

Level 1: Coastal Forest:

Part 1:

A: Escape from the caves:

You can consider this level as the training level. You will learn the "basics" of how to control Lara here. 

Lara has come to her senses and ..... Oops ..... Lara  is completely wrapped up  in a kind of cocoon, and she hangs, upside down, on a rope in a huge cave. 

The game says that you have to make Lara swing back and forth ........

So press your Left Arrow key / or your Right Arrow key and the camera position changes and you now get an overview of the cave where Lara is hanging.

To the right of Lara, another cocoon is hanging on a rope. The intention is that Lara can set that other cocoon on fire by pushing the cocoon into the flames of all those burning candles. Behind Lara hangs a beam and rags hang from that beam and those rags will catch fire. So now you have to swing Lara back and forth again and again, and you do that with your left  and right arrow keys

So swing Lara to the right and left by hitting your left and right arrows in quick succession. Get enough swing speed to push the other cocoon into the flames of all those burning candles. As soon as the other cocoon catches fire, a skeleton falls out but more importantly ..... the rags on the beam catch fire and the camera position changes again

Now you have to swing Lara back and forth towards the now burning beam so that the cocoon Lara is hanging in catches fire and Lara then falls down from the cocoon. So again use your 2 arrow keys to make sure Lara builds up enough swing speed and swings against the burning bar. Lara's cocoon catches fire and ...... Lara falls down and she falls straight for the sharp point of a skewer .... Oh dear .... was this such a good idea?

... Yep ... Lara doesn't get impaled but with a hard blow she falls to the ground.

But Lara got a thick splinter in her side from the spear and it must be pulled out immediately.

So press your E button repeatedly, in quick succession, to pull the splinter out of Lara's side. When Lara has pulled the splinter from her body, she almost faints from the pain. Your screen becomes blurry for a moment, but Lara braces herself and bites her teeth and .... we can continue.

Now just follow the only possible route through the tunnel and the caves and .......

Lara then ends up in a cave where a corpse hangs on ropes above a band of burning candles

Continue to the corpse hanging above the candles and then continue to the right. Just past the body there is a burning torch on the wall. 

Stand in front of the burning torch and then press your E key to take the torch.

Lara now has a burning torch and with this she not only has light but she can now also set flammable things on fire with the torch and you can try this out right away. 

Walk on and the tunnel is then blocked, but luckily there are some flammable rags in the barrier ......

Stand in front of the flammable rags and then press your E key to set the rags, and the entire barrier, on fire and ... the fire will then clear away the barrier

So continue to follow the tunnel .... keep pressing your forward key (up arrow) and Lara suddenly thinks she hears something ..... 

Lara is not alone in the tunnels and caves ..... Walk on and Lara then squeezed through a narrow crack and ...

Behind the narrow crevice Lara then goes through a waterfall and so her Torch goes out now.

Lara has now ended up in a somewhat large cave and this looks like a "Dead End". But it's not a "Dead End"

At the back of the cave is a climbing wall to reach the tunnel that is one floor higher up. Unfortunately the entrance to the tunnel is blocked. If you press your Q-key you see what you have to do to clear that blockage. Above the climbing wall is a red and explosive barrel. To the left of Lara is a platform and on that platform is a flammable pole that can by set on fire. A beam rests on that pole and that beam also rests on the red barrel. Flammable material hangs from the beam ... well ... you don't have to have the highest IQ to understand what the intention is. Lara's torch has gone out, but luckily there is a brazier hanging here in the cave.

So walk to the brazier and then press your E key to light the torch again. Then turn around and walk to the wooden wall of the left platform

Press your Jump key and your Forward key, which for me are the Space key and Up Arrow, and ..... Lara jumps up and pulls herself up onto the platform.

On the platform, stand in front of the fire pole, then press your E key to set the pole on fire and wait patiently for things to come .......

The pole catches fire and then lights the rags hanging under the beam and the fire then "walks" to the red barrel and ........ BOOM .....

When the dust has cleared up again, you will see that the barrier of the tunnel entrance is now gone.

So jump back down and continue to the back wall of the cave. Press your Forward + Jump key again and Lara climbs / Jumps up

Lara ends up on top of the platform where the red barrel was. Jump down on the other side of this platform and continue following the tunnel

The tunnel then suddenly becomes a crawl tunnel and ....... Lara dives into the crawl tunnel and ....... She is then grabbed by her feet and pulled back down.

Ok .... you have reached your first "Quick Time Event" and you need to act quickly now.

The game now tells you which keys to press and how to do that, to free Lara from the guy's clutches .......

So press in quick succession and simultaneously your Arrow left and Arrow right keys ...... Keep doing this very quickly.

So press the two arrow keys, release and press again. Keep doing this and Lara will kick herself  free.

A small rock falls and closes the entrance to the crawl tunnel, but Lara made it and is now in the crawl tunnel.

Crawl / walk further and we end up in a "watery" tunnel. The water level is high in the tunnel, but there is just enough room for Lara to keep her head above water.

So swim on and at the end Lara ends up on dry land again ...

take a rest but not too long. Follow the tunnel further and ..... we go through a waterfall again, which extinguishes Lara's torch, and we end up in the:

Scavengers Camp:

You will get a message about "Target Beacons" so press the Q key and you will see that you have to detonate that red barrel floating in front of the barrier to continue your way through the tunnel. Continue to the barrier and then make sure you look Lara in the face. Behind Lara you will see, from left to right, a "Chute", the entrance to a watery cave and the tunnel where Lara came out.

Lara cannot enter the "chute" and there is no point in going back through the tunnel. So enter the cave behind Lara. Lara is then in the Scavengers Camp. 

A brazier hangs above the beginning of the plank path. Walk up the plank path and then light Lara's torch at the brazier using your E key.

Behind Lara is iron cage 1. There are boxes, bales and other debris floating in the water. Walk over the planks to cage 1. You cannot see it, but cage 1 has a goods lift attached to it, but that lift is still under water but will come up when cage 1 goes up. But cage 1 is attached to 2 posts with ropes.

However, the 2 posts are wrapped with rags that you can set on fire with your torch. So stand in front of each of the 2 posts and then press your E key to set the post on fire

 goederenliftje staan en druk dan weer op je E-toets om de kisten e.d in het liftje in de fik te steken.

When Lara has set both poles on fire then the 2 ropes burn through, which Cage 1 was attached to. This raises cage 1 and pulls the goods lift above water. Boxes, crates and bales then float into the goods lift. The plank path continues up and then along the other side of the cave. The plank path ends at cage 2 and cage 2 is at the top of the "chute". Ok .... in the meantime the goods lift will now be full of boxes, crates and bales. Stand in front of the goods lift and then press your E key again to set the boxes and the other things in the lift on fire.

Then walk further up via the plank path ........

On top you stand in front of the hanging cage 1. You will now also see cage 2. The goods lift, with the now burning crates on it, has to come up to deposit the burning items in cage 2. Cage 1 has to lift the goods lift and that happens when cage 1 drops down. So jump to cage 1 and then pull Lara into cage 1 and .......

...... the weight of Lara lowers cage 1 again and this causes the goods lift to rise and the goods lift deposits the burning items in cage 2

Jump out cage 1 again and walk up the plank path again and then follow it further to cage 2.

Face Cage 2 and then press your Up Arrow + F key to push Cage 2 forward and ...

By pushing Cage 2, it tilted open and the burning boxes slide down the chute to the barrier .....

Lara has jump  down on her own and took cover and then the red barrel exploded and the explosion cleared the blockage.

Well ..... wade through the water to where the barrier was. The barrier has been cleared so continue to follow the tunnel.

Lara then sees daylight and thinks that she has almost reached the end of this tunnel / cave system but unfortunately the ground sinks under her feet and via a long slide slope the Lara slides deeper and deeper down and she eventually ends up in a watery tunnel .... dammid....she was almost out but now she has ended up even deeper down in the mountain

Okay..Okay ... don't panic ..... just keep walking .... follow the watery tunnel further up and ..... In the distance hangs a very old shipwreck. Now Lara has to jump over the deep gorges to the next platform a few times. These are simple jumps, so take a run and then press your Jump key at the right time, which is the Space key for me, and Lara will come to hang on the edge of the next platform.

Keep pressing your Forward key to pull Lara up the platform and run to the next jump

Jump over the gap to the next platform again and then repeat this for the 3rd jump.

Lara then has done 3 or 4 jumps and is passed the shipwreck

Follow the tunnel further and prepare for your 2nd "Quick Time Event" because when Lara has passed the next shipwreck she will be grabbed by her feet again. 

That bastard, who we had already kicked in his face earlier, apparently managed to follow Lara and has now caught up with her

Quickly nowt ...... Press again in quick succession and AT THE SAME TIME your left Arrow and Right Arrow keys to prevent the bastard from pulling Lara down. 

Keep this up until you get the message to press your F-key ... Then quickly press your F-key a few times to kick the guy in his ugly face and .....

...... Lara has freed herself and the guy was crushed. Lara continued to run in panic, so help her with on her way with your Forward key.

It's starting to shake now, and things are starting to collapse here and there, so run on and then ...... Lara lands on the edge of a wide and deep abyss.

On the other side of the abyss you see that the tunnel continues very steeply up on a very long, and steeply slippery slope.

Well .... it makes no sense to stand here and wait for the auxiliary troops, because they really will not come to save Lara.

Take a run up and run to the edge and then press your Jump key at the right time and ........ Lara makes it and she lands on the steep slope but .....

......... the slope is really very steep and slippery and there is no grip and so Lara slides down and she hangs on the edge with one hand and she loses the torch ....

Lara pulls herself up again and now your 3rd "Quick Time Event" starts .....

You have to make sure that Lara climbs further up and you also have to avoid the large debris that are now coming down through the steep tunnel.

So simultanously push your Left Arrow left + Right Arrow keys to make Lara crawl further and further up.

Pay attention because once or twice you have to let Lara swerve to the left to avoid a somewhat larger debris ...

... the game report this and as soon as you see that message, just press your left Arrow key..........

So as soon as you hit a bigger piece of debris, make sure Lara turns to the left to avoid the piece .....

..... and then you continue pushing your left arrow + right arrow keyst to let Lara "scribble" further higher up .....

.......... keep this up until Lara is almost on top and the video takes over .. ..

Lara crawls out of the mountain, she has made it and has escaped from the caves and tunnels,  but her problems are only now really starting .....

B: The first Base Camp

Well .... You did Well ...... You successfully let Lara escape from the caves / Tunnels, but unfortunately Lara's misery is only really starting now ..... and your misery actually too. We have landed on the rocks above the coast of the island. Lara is panting for a while from the fatigue, but then it is really high time to move on, because it is getting dark and it is important to find a sheltered place to sleep and to get warm.

Walk to the left ...... the wide plateau changes into a descending moss ledge and in the distance you see a lonely tree, standing on the edge of the ledge.

Follow the ledge down to the tree and ...... Well ... well .... the girl doesn't have much stamina, she just had a rest and is already tired again from this short stumbling

At the tree Lara looks down and sees, deep below her, the lifeboat of the Endurance lying on the beach ..... but there is no trace of the other expedition members. 

Follow the mossy ledge further down and .... We will then come to a wide, and deep, gorge in the path. 

Lara has to go to the other side and luckily there lies a tree trunk over the gorge.

So step on the tree trunk and then guide Lara, using your forward key, carefully over the trunk to the other side.

Laartje will stumble but she will straighten herself up again, so keep going

Reaching the other side means taking a breath for Lara again and then we move on. 

The path along the rocks, and above the ocean, is wider here again and we reach the next gorge

Well ..... run forward and then hit your Jump key at the right time (that's the Spacebar for me) and ..... Lara sails over the cliff and grabs onto the ledge.

Press your forward key to pull Lara up and then run on. 

The path then narrows again and when we have passed under the stone arch we reach the 1st of the many waterfalls that have been put into the game,

There is a airplane wreck hanging on the waterfall ..... Say ... isn't this very like as in "Lost".

Airplane wreck

Continue to the waterfall and Lara ends up on 1 of the plane's tail wings. Continue to the very tip of the wing and make sure Lara does not fall into the depths.

Lara must reach the other side but that is too far to jump. So Lara has to go through the plane wreck. 

On the tip of the wing, Lara is standing in front of the hanging cockpit of the plane. 

Make sure Lara is, more or less, facing the cockpit and ..... JUMP over to the cockpit and .....

Oops .... Lara just makes it ... she manages to grab hold of the bottom ledge of the cockpit with one hand ..... 

Quickly, press your E-key and Lara then hangs with2 hands under the cockpit

Rods are attached to the cockpit and the game tells you what to do next. So use your up arrow key to climb all the way to the top bar, using your Jump key as well. When Lara hangs from the top bar, slide her clockwise with your right arrow, possibly with the support of your E-key.

Lara then hangs on the right side and has to go up even further, so E-key and Up Arrow to climb further up.

When Lara is all the way up, move her to the right again so that she hangs on the top edge of the wing. The game then shows you how to get Lara perform a side jump. Hold down your E key and press your Right Arrow to make Lara jump to the next white wing edge.

Lara barely makes it, so you have to quickly press your E-key again because otherwise Lara will fall to pieces in the depths. Then slide Lara further to the right and ......

...... oops ...... the edge of the wing then breaks and Lara falls down ... but don't panic .... this is the intention because Lara ends up safely on the other side of the ravine. ...

..... it is true that Lara has not landed very elegant, but she should not complain .... she is still alive!

 after the usual time out to catch our breath we continue our mountain walk over the now narrow mountain ridge, to the next obstacle and that is a high wall.

The game tells you again how to climb up against a high wall. So run forward to the wall and jump against it and keep pressing your Jump key and ...

Lara climbs the wall and pulls herself up onto the platform and she discovers stuff of her fellow expedition members, So fall down and ..... a cut scene is now taking over ...

Lara calls outand shouts but unfortunately .... there is no one else here, but from Sam's bag Lara now takes a video camera, a box of matches and a radio .....

Lara immediately tries out the radio to contact Sam and Roth, but no one answers and you get your next assignment, which is to "follow the trail of the survivors".

There is nothing else to "score" here, so let's do as we've been told. Straight ahead you see more stuff, on the platform on the other side of the gorge. Run to the cleft and then press your Jump button to reach that platform ... but ...... Lara won't make it ..... she manage to grab the ledge with one hand but she doesn't manage to pull herself onthe platform and it makes no sense to press your E-key because it is entirely the intention that Lara falls down here .......... ..

.......... Lara thunders down and via a sliding and tumbling part along the sliding slope Lara now ends up in the Forrest:

Okay ..... the thunder storms are getting worse ... it's time to find safe shelter.

work your way forward, through the undergrowth, then follow the rock ledge further and ...

Lara then spot some overhanging rocks hanging over the path. Walk on and ..... Lara bent down of her own accord to continue bent down and .....

Cut scene ... We have found the 1st BASE CAMP .....

Base Camp Forest Ledge:

It is not a cave but a dry place under the overhanging rocks. The fire pit is out but Lara decides nevertheless that she can camp here safely. 

Lara tries to reconnect with anyone over the radio, but still no response, so she's gathering some dry wood and lighting the campfire with her only match

It's nice to have ice such a warm campfire ..... So Lara takes some restfor a while to watch the recording in the video camera.

Watch with Lara the footage Sam took on the Endurance before the barge sank to the bottom of the ocean. 

You get to know the other expedition members and you also learn what the purpose of the expedition is. If you don't feel like doing this, press the space key to skip this

When the video is over, Lara continues to muse and then it has stopt raining .... the storm is over and you get your new assignment, find something to eat.

C: Find the Bow and Kill a Deer:

The game has saved your progress up to this point ..... you can see that by the letters TR, which appear at the bottom right of the screen. So when the letters TR appear, you know that the Game has saved your progress. You can then safely exit the game because you will always continue from the Save point. You are now in the Base Camp Forest Ledge. Base Camps have a special function in the game, but I will explain that later. For now, Lara is starving, so we  must start looking for food.

Leave the camp, behind the campfire, and then follow the forest path through the forest and Lara will reach a stream that is fed by a waterfall. On the other side of the stream we see the Bunker and Lara spots a rotten skeleton dangling from a rope in a tree. The dangling body has a hunting bow and Lara would like to have that bow

People here on the island like to hang everyone upside down ...... strange habit .... must be something Japanese.

Lara needs the bow ... the bow will become Lara's first weapon in the game and, after some upgrades, also her best weapon.

Lara is still standing in front of the stream and we look at the Bunker. Cross the stream and walk to the door of the bunker ..... Well ... what did you think ... it is not that easy .......the door of the bunker is firmly locked and Lara will never be able to open the door itself. Stand at a distance and take a look around.

You are in the first part of the Coastal Forrest level and the bunker is the connection to the second part of this forest. At the left corner of the bunker, a holder with arrows leans in front of the bow. If you look around you will see that the Corpse with the bow is dangling high in a tree. To reach the corpse, Lara had to climb on the "roof" of the bunker, then jump to the plateau in front of the tree and then stagger over the tree trunk towards the tree.

First pick up the Arrows, which are leaning against the left corner of the bunker. Stand right in front of the arrows and then press your E key to pick up the arrows.

Then stand on the left side in front of the bunker wall. Take a run up and sprint to the wall and press your Jump key and .... Lara will hang on the top ledge ....

Pull Lara further up the "roof" and walk to the other side and then jump over to the platform in front of the tree

Step on the tree trunk and walk over the trunk to the tree and .....

Lara holds on tight to the tree and then reaches out her hand to take the bow of the dangling skeleton .....

 you must help Lara with this by pressing your Right Arrow / Left Arrow and .....

.... Lara ripped the Bow from the rotting skeleton and she fell down, with the bow, and landed on the ground again but luckily Lara's fall was a bit muffled by the springy moss.

Laartje immediately tries whether the bowstring is still intact and fortunately this turns out to be the case. The game now tell you how to shoot arrows with the bow .....

Behind the tree the wreckage of a truck balances on the bank of the stream. To use the Bow, press and hold down your right mouse button. Lara then has the bow firing ready. Then aim at the object you want to fire at and then fire the arrow with your left mouse button. With your Z key you zoom in on the object to see it more clearly. Lara can walk with the Bow in her hands ready to shoot

Your First Challenge: Find and Shoot 10 Totems

You can start practicing with the bow right here now because here you can start the first of the many additional CHALLENGES that you can do throughout the game . You don't have to do these CHALLENGES ..... but if you want to finish the game at 100%, you must also do these extra Challenges and also find all documents, Relics, etc. 

The 1st Challenge is to find 10 so-called Totems, hanging here and there in this Forest . You have to shoot the Totems with the Bow. In this first part of the forest 5 Totems can be found and in the next part another 5. The 1st Totem here hangs on a branch of the tree. A set of Arrows is also leaning against the tree and you can also grab some Arrows on the right.

Lara's Survival Instinct:

Lara has access to her Survival Instinct and if you enable this you will see all the "Hotspots" on the screen. You turn on Lara's Survival Instinct by pressing your Q key. Your screen will then turn black and white and you will see all "Hotspots" in the area light up. If you do this right now, you will see the Totem and the arrows light up in the tree.

As long as you don't use your Forward key now, the screen will remain black / white and you will see all "Hotspots". You can now shoot the Totem with the bow, so press Right mouse button and then hold it down. Use your Z key to zoom in on the Totem and then make sure the crosshair mark turns red on the Totem. If the crosshair is red then press the left mouse button to shoot the arrow.

You have "shot" the first of a total of 10 Totems that can be found in this level. 5 Totems hang here in the 1st part of the forest and the other 5 hang in the next part of the forest. However, I will not continue with this Totem Challenge now. You can always do that later, once you have the ability to travel back and forth between Base Camps. So I will come back here later on in the game to do this Totem Hunt

Your first Document

Press your forward button to return to normal play screen and then grab the arrows that lean against the tree here. Before we continue with the Deer Hunt, we can also pick up our first Document from the back of the Truck. Walk to the rear wheels of the truck to the left of the tree

Then stand right in front of the back of the truck. Tthere is a booklet in the truck, so jump in the truck and make sure you get the Loupe cursor on the booklet and then press your E-key ...

You have now found the first of many Docs, which you can find here and there in the game.

These documents also earn you XP points and they count  if you really want to finish the game at 100%

Close these screens again and jump out of the truck and walk back into the stream. We are looking for deer and a whole pack of these creatures swarms through the forest.

Deer hunting

You may already have encounter Deer while wading through the stream. If that is not the case, you just wander through this forest area until you have found a Deer. Deer are skittish creatures, so it is important not to scare them. The area, to the right of the brook, is a large clearing and many deer frolic about there. I already ran into some deer in the brook, so I shot 1 deer right now. Lara can walk with a "drawn" and "tense" bow, so do that too and ..... as soon as you get a deer in your sights, zoom in on it  with your Z-key. Make sure the line of your marker is red on the deer and then left click to shoot an arrow at the animal

If you hit a deer in the leg or other non-vital part, it will only be injured and the animal will happily hop away. 

You can then chase the injured animal or you can just look for another Deer. Anyway ... Kill a deer and then walk to the killed animal and ........

Cut scene: It is a bit of a swallow for Lara and you can see how much regret she has about her act ...

............. but hunger is always more powerful than conscientious objection, so Lara cut a tasty deer leg from the carcass with one of her arrows.

When Lara is done, you will be told she has to go back to the camp to eat. You also read that you have earned 150XP points and 1 skill point. 

These XP points and skill points are important because you can buy new upgrades and new skills with them

I killed my deer and skinned it in the brook, so Lara is already in the brook, but you probably won't be. So find the brook again and follow the brook back to the beginning. If necessary, grab the arrows that lean against the bank and then follow the forest path back to the Base Camp.

Continue to the campfire and ..... You must now use this Base Camp, so press your E key and .....

Using a base camp

Every time you "Use" a Base Camp you will end up in the Base Camp screen ......

There is a lot to explain about the Base Camps, but I don't feel like it right now ... You can buy Upgrades for Lara's skills in the camps as well as Lara's tools and weapons. These Upgrades cost Skill points and XP points. Skill points are earned by successfully completing the Objectives. XP points are earned by doing special tasks that can be completed in almost any area, such as shooting 10 Totems with the bow. You also earn a lot of points by searching through boxes, crates and finding Documents and Relics. Because Lara found the Bow and shot a Deer with it, she has already earned 1 skill point, so you can now buy new skills for Lara. Click on "Skills" to open that screen ....

You see that Lara has already learned her "Animal Instincts" .... so you got this skill for free. 

With your single Skill Point you can now buy the Survival Expert skill and you do that by selecting that skill and then click on "Learn". You will then get this screen

Click on "Learn" again and ..... Lara is now promoted to "Survival Expert" Close the screen and .....

You will now see a video in which Lara fries the deer leg on a spit and then .....

.... Lara heard Roth's voice over the radio. Lara and Roth are in touch. Roth was able to send an S.O.S but he lost the group. We need to get to Roth, and it won't be that easy.

you regain control. Lara now hears music that seems to come from the forest.

D: Through the Bunker

The 1st Relic:

Leave the camp and return to the brook / stream and the Bunker and see ... the door of the bunker is now open.

NB: You can now decide to search for all the Items that can still be found here in the forest. There are still 4 Totems to shoot here and there are many arrows and 5 so-called GPS Locaters. However, I will not do this now because these are all Extra things you can do and you can do them later ..... because, when you have the opportunity to travel from one Base Camp to another via the Map, you can always pause the Main Story to return to a previous Base Camp and continue searching the area there. I'm going to continue with the Main Story now, so I'm diving into the bunker now.

So go into the Bunker. It's a small bunker but there is a ladder hole in the floor. Walk to the ladder hole and .......

........ Lara picks up the burning torch hanging here and she peeks down through the hole and then ... the bunker door slams shut ........

Lara can no longer open the bunker door ... so there is no other option than to climb down the ladder hole. The game tells you how to do this.

So stand on the ledge and press your SHIFT key and Lara will climb the ladder. Then descend with your Down Arrow key.

The ladder rungs don't reach all the way to the bottom, so hit your SHIFT key again to lower Lara further.

We end up in a watery tunnel. Follow the tunnel ..... Lara will automatically crawl under an iron beam

Follow the tunnel further and Lara will end up in the underground bunker on the other side.

Look around here. The exit door is locked tight and Lara cannot open it ..... Lara needs a tool to break the door open. On the right wall a shelf staggers with a box on it. In the left corner is an orange box on the floor. The left door is locked on the other side and in the left corner the passage is blocked by junk.

First go to the box on the wacky shelf. Press your E key to open the box and ........ Lara has found her first Relic

You can view the mask from all sides if you hold down the right mouse button and then move your mouse back and forth and up and down.

Close the screen and now go loot that red box

The door behind the red box cannot be opened from this side. So walk to the left, to the pile of junk.

Light the pile of rubbish with your Torch and when the rubbish has been cleared, walk through the opening into the side room and ....

Well .... the side room turns out to be a smelly slaughterhouse. On the table, in a heap of rotting meat, is the AXE ..... Lara will automatically take the AXE ...

Walk back to the other room and to the exit door. Stand in front of the exit door .... you will get the Axe Icon on the door and the message that you have to press your E-key repeatedly to break open the door with the Axe. So always press your E key, but do not press and hold, but press repeatedly and Lara will open the door with the axe.


When the door is open, walk down the stairs and follow the short tunnel to the end

At the end of the tunnel look for the ladder rungs. Jump up to hang Lara on the bottom ladder rung and then climb further bomb high using your Up Arrow and ...

Lara crawled out of the shaft and we have ended up above ground again and in the second bunker.

Via the tunnels we have passed through under the mountains, which separate the 1st part of the forest from the 2nd part.

Coastal Forrest: Part 2


Walk outside and Lara hears voices ..... she hears Sam's voice. You will get a message from the game to turn off the torch, so press and hold your Shift key for a moment and Lara put the torch out. There is only 1 path and that is the stairway up, so walk further up the path and ..... a cut scene will take over .... watch and listen.

Lara has found her Japanese friend Sam. Sam is accompanied by a crippled stranger who introduces himself as Mathias ...

... Not sure why .... but I don't trust that Mathias, and judging from Lara's facial expression, she doesn't trust that Mathias either. Sam has been injured in her foot, but Mathias has taken care of her foot and bandaged her, so Sam has no sense of suspicion towards Mathias. Sam begins to tell the legend of that ancient Japanese Goddess and Mathias turns out to be an attentive listener. Lara knows this story through and through so Lara falls asleep and ...... Lara wakes up and realizes that Sam and Mathias have disappeared. In panic, she runs back into the forest, calling for Sam, and ... ... Lara steps a poacher trap and is now trapped in an iron poacher trap with her foot. Lara can't get her foot out of the trap .... Lara is trapped and we hear the howl of a pack of hungry wolves.

E: Kill the 3 Wolves:

Quickly ... draw the Bow and keep the Bow ready to shoot, so keep your right mouse button pressed until this part is over and keep your other finger above your left mouse button.

In front of Lara is a hedge of thorny bushes and from those bushes a Wolf will jump on Lara 3 times and you have to kill those 3 wolves quickly. The 1st wolf comes from the middle, the 2nd wolf comes from the left bush and the 3rd wolf from the right bush. So pay attention and have the bow ready. As soon as a wolf jumps towards Lara from the bushes, aim the crosshairs at the wolf's belly and when the line is red, fire the arrow.

So you have to do this 3 times. If you are too slow, Lara will be torn to pieces by the wolf, but you can try again right away. So survive these 3 wolves and then ......

Cut scene: Lara is now joined by the other expedition members, except Roth. Lara is freed from the trap and a consultation takes place, which clearly shows that Ryes is the boss. They decide to split the group in two to find Sam and then go to the location where Roth is. Lara is paired up with Withman and together with Withman Lara is now going back to the campfire.

So Lara is in the Forest Ruins Base Camp. So we have ended up in the second part of  Level 1 Coastal Forrest.

F: Forrest Ruins:

Whitman has already run away to the temple, and you have to follow Whitman but there is no rush because Whitman will wait for Lara to join him. Press your E key at the campfire to access the Base Camp screen. You can't buy Upgrades here right now, but Lara will now also start with her diary. Close the screens and have a look around. On a "gallows pole" hangs a net with a box in it. On the right is a brazier and if you turn left you see a wooden table.

You entered this Base Camp through the entrance near the wooden table. Walk to the brazier and then press your E key to light up your Torch again

Walk with the burning torch to the "gallows pole" and press your E key to set the net on fire.

The box that was in the net will then fall to the ground, so loot the box

You will now receive a message from the game that you must always and everywhere collect this type of material.

You earn points with which you can buy Upgrades for Lara's weapons in most Base Camps.

Now go to the wooden table because there is a Document on the table, so take the Document and Lara reads the document aloud

Close all Document screens and then leave this camp via the exit at the "Gallows Pole", of which you have just burned the net.

Some arrows lean against the rock, which you will of course pick up. Turn around and ..... Lara sees a metal chest, which is standing at the camp wall.

Walk to the chest and then try to open the chest by pressing your E key several times. Lara tries to force the chest open with her Axe but you now get the message that the Axe is not strong enough ..... The Axe needs to be strengthened but to do that, more material must be collected first. Turn around.

You can now go further down, into the forest or you continue via the mossy rock path. The rocky path is a safer route because then you can avoid the wolves that wander around in the forest here and who are hungry for the young Lara. So jump up the rocky path and walk to the end of it .... We hear Whitman shout that "the coast is clear".

At the end of the rock path, jump down to the lower boulder. On the boulder Lara finds the 1st of a total of 5 so-called GPS Locators, which can be found in this part of the Forest. All 10 GPS Locators can be found in the Coastal Forrest, 5 in this 2nd part and 5 in the first part of the forest. It is 1 of the separate challenges in this Level. So press your E key to pick up this first GPS locator. Later in the game we return here to collect the remaining GPS Locators.

Jump down from the boulder. In the distance you will see some Arrows leaning against a tree. Beyond that tree is a bridge over a dry river bed and the path continues up the mountain to Whitman. But beware .... there are Wolves roaming through the woods here and there is no telling when and where those wolves will attack Lara. Continue to the tree and get the arrows, if Lara can still carry them.

Then continue to the bridge. Under the bridge you can find a Relic and if you go over the bridge you will come to the entrance of a Secret Tomb, the Tomb of the Adventurer. The route to Whitman, however, continues uphill, but I let Whitman wait for a while. Whitman really does not walk away and the main story can wait a while now. Go over the bridge and you will then be informed that there is a Secret Tomb nearby and Lara is standing in front of the entrance of that Secret Tomb

This Secret Tomb is the Adventurer's Tomb and this is Additional Content and is part of the DCL Download package. This means that this Tomb is only available to players who have purchased the game as a Digital Download. If you bought the game on DVD, this Tomb will not be available to you and the entrance will be blocked and you will not be able to play this Tomb, or you will need to purchase this Extra Content via Steam.

There is a Document on the crate, so go and grab that Document and read it.

Close the document screens and turn around and then walk to the left side of the bridge. Then stand on the edge to the left of the bridge and look down.

You will see a box under the bridge. Jump down and walk to the box. There is also a body here.

Press your E key to open the box and .... Lara finds her 2nd Relic and this is another NOH mask .....

Close the Relics screen and walk out of the bridge at the corpse and then go up the left slope.

Watch out for Wolves, who may or may not  attack Lara. You are then back on the path in front of the bridge

So across the bridge is that Secret Tomb of the Adventurer. At this moment in the game you cannot finish this Tomb of the Adventurer completely in one go ..... the Tomb consists of 2 caves and you cannot investigate the 2nd cave yet. You cannot enter the 2nd cave until you obtain the Shotgun with the Grenade Launcher. But of course you can go ahead and loot the Treasury in the Tomb and then come back here later in the game, if you have the Shotgun with the Grenade Launcher, to finish the Tomb. I'm not going to do this right now, but first of all continue with the main story of the game. I will do this Adventurer's Tomb when I get the Grenade Launcher, and this won't be until Level 12

Rendez-vous with Whitman:

Watch out for Wolves. From the bridge, which leads to the Adventurer's Tomb, now go straight ahead and further up the mountain and this is best done with the Bow drawn, so that you can quickly shoot the 2 Wolves that will soon attack Lara. After a few steps you go to the right and then further up the slope, towards the next bridge ......

The game will then warn you that Wolves are coming. The wolves come from the bridge and there are two at the same time

if you want to avoid a Quick Time Event you better kill these 2 wolves before they reach Lara and jump on her. The game gives you a hint on how to act to avoid the wolves ..... You have to hit these wolves 2 times to kill them. So hit both wolves first with 1 arrow and then finish the job with a second arrow.

NB: You can also quickly turn and run to higher ground to kill both wolves from a height than that, but I am almost certain you will not reach higher ground fast enough to do this successfully. If one of the wolves jumps Lara, you will end up in a Quick Time Event in which you have to kick the wolf off you with the arrow keys and then use the F-key to put an arrow in the wolf's body ... and this is more difficult. If Lara dies here, you have to do this part over and over until you were able to kill both wolves. I did it too, so I assume that you will succeed in the end.

When both wolves are dead, run further to the bridge.

However, the bridge is broken, so jump over the gaping hole to the other side. If necessary, pick up the arrows and then run straight ahead, under the "gate" and ....

...... Lara then arrives at the new Base Camp .... The Gate Camp .... the stone steps lead up to the Temple, where Whitman is still patiently waiting for Lara.

 Let Witteman wait a little longer and walk on to the campfire.

As Lara walks to Base Camp you will see an iron chest on the left ... remember that chest. Grab the arrows and press the E key at the campfire to "Use" this Base Camp. You cannot buy new skills or upgrades right now, but Lara will start her diary here now. From now on, every time you "use" a new Base Camp, Lara will add a new page to her diary. Close all Camp screens. You can't open that metal box behind Lara yet because the axe isn't strong enough. So run up the stone stairs and .... Lara Rendez-vous with Whitman at the closed gate of the temple and a cut scene starts:

Whitman finds it all fascinating ...... For some reason I don't trust this Doctor Whitman that much ... wouldn't be surprised if Whitman turns out to be the big villain of this story ...... Notice the two Pivot Axis hanging from the posts left and right in front of the gate. Whitman wants to open the gate so he will turn the right axis while Lara takes care of the left axis. However, the left axis has no lever, so Lara uses her Axe as lever but he axe handle is not strong enough to withstand the pulling forces.

Lara quickly quit for fear of breaking the axe. The axe needs to be reinforced and the game tells you to do this in a Base Camp and, as the game is very happy with Lara's progress, you will now receive 1 Skill Point, which will allow you to buy a new Skill for Lara to spend on an Upgrade for the axe.

Versterk de Bijl en beŽindig dit Level:

Reinforce the Axe and complete this Level:

NB: You may not have received this skill point now. That only happens if you have looted enough crates and boxes so far. You must now have at least 60 or 70 XP points, otherwise you will not receive a skill point and you cannot upgrade the Axe now.

Standing in front of the Gate, first go right into the corner, because in the corner you can find a Document.

The document is the 1st of 7 Documents about the Endurance's Crew and this first document teaches Lara something about Whitman.

When you have found and read the Document, run back down the stone steps to the Gate Base camp. At the campfire, press your E key again to "use" the camp again and then buy the Upgrade for the Axe. So select "Equipment" and then the Axe. The Axe Upgrade costs 50 XP points, but you have 70 XPpoints, so buy the Upgrade. You do this by clicking on the axe icon

NB: If you do not have the required 50 XP points now, you cannot buy the Upgrade for the axe yet. You then have to wander through the woods here, looking for boxes that you can loot. Watch out for wolves again, because there are more wolves roaming around in the forest. Once you have looted enough boxes, the game will notify you that you can buy the Upgrade for the axe. Then go back to the base camp at the big gate and buy the axe upgrade.

You have now strengthened the Ax into a Crowbar Axe. 

Open the Skills screen and buy / Learn a new Skill for Lara, for example the "Collector" skill. Click on "Learn" to learn / buy this Skill.

Close all Camp screens and now immediately try out the reinforced Axe on the metal Chest, which is here.

At the chest, press your E-key and keep doing this until Lara has forced open the chest.

You have earned some material points again. Go back up the stone stairs to the Temple Gate.

Whitman is waiting patiently at the right axis of rotation. So stand in front of the left rotation axis and press the E key to put the Axe back into the rotation axis.

Keep pressing your E key until the gate is completely open and ....

Cut scene: Whitman and Lara walk through the now open gate into the temple

This is the End of Level 1 Coastal Forrest: 

We continue with

Level 2: Mountain Temple

2021: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot