2021: Walkthrough door: Louis Koot

Level 10: Shanty Town part 2:

A: On route to the Windmill:

After the fight on Gate Square , Lara has opened the big gate. So step through the gate and ..... we end up in the 2nd part of Shanty Town.

Straight ahead it goes down via a staircase, but you can also use the Day Camp "Old Gate" first to take a rest. If you do, Lara will update her diary again and of course you can start redeeming your skill points and XP points for Upgrades. This camp is a Day Camp, so you cannot quickly travel here to go back to previous areas. When you are ready in the camp, we will continue on our way.

 Walk further down and ..... When Lara is  almost down to the niche she sees the Windmill and ...... 

we see someone sliding along the cable to the Windmill ..... it is Grim, the very old captain of the Endurance.

Grim has escaped from the clutches of the Solaris but is chased by the Solaris. Walk further down and ...... Lara ends up above "Mud pool square". Walk to the Cage, but do not go up the wooden stairs. At the cage, move Lara to the right, to the edge of the platform, to the left of the wooden gate. Look down

A filthy mudslide descends to the "square" and forms a stinking mud pool. There is a barren tree in the square and you see the cockpit of a red helicopter sticking out of the "hangar. You can let Lara slide down the wet slope to the" square ", but don't do that. Straight ahead you see a Big Cage. In the Cage is a GPS Cache but Lara can now not get that cage on the GS Cache. Below Lara you will see a path. Jump down and then follow the wooden path.  The path, which is a balcony, ends at a doorway that is blocked.

Use the shotgun to clear the blockade and enter the room. 

In the room Lara finds an ammo chest and, on the wooden table, a Document. For me, this document is the 5th of 7 "Diaries of a Madman".

Leave the room again and then go outside against the balcony gate. At the bottom of the square, near the wall, Lara saw a yellow box.

So jump down over the wooden balcony and loot the yellow box. 

Then turn around so that Lara looks out over the "Square". You see the hangar where the red helicopter is located.

Walk towards the red helicopter, but not all the way to it. After a few steps, turn Lara back to the wall where you just looted the yellow box. 

There is a look out platform on the right corner of the wall and a net dangling at the bottom of that platform.

Draw the Bow and shoot a fire arrow into the dangling Net and ..... well ... a yellow box falls from the net to the ground. So go and loot the yellow box and then turn Lara over again so that she can look over the mud pool again. There is a barren tree in the square. And if you look on the right past the withered tree to the other side, you will see such a "scarecrow" hanging there with a memorial hanging behind it.

So stand to the right of the withered tree to get closer to that Memorial.

Draw the Bow and use a fire arrow to set fire to the "Scarecrow" and then pull the Memorial down with a Rope Arrow and .....

... Well ..... this was the 5th Memorial and so you have now completed the "Laid Ter Ruste" challenge. You earn a Skill Point and 150 XP. If this isn't  the 5th Memorial for you yet then don't worry because you will encounter more Memorials. There are a total of 15 Memorials throughout the Shanty town level, but you only need to destroy 5 for the "Rest in peace Challenge". If you destroy 5 Memorials, the remaining 10 will not bring you anything else.

When you have destroy the Memorial then turn around to the red Helicopter. Then wade through the filthy mud pool to the red Helicopter and enter the hangar.

As soon as Lara steps into the hangar, we hear Grim, who on the windmill has trouble keeping the Solaris off his back. There are some arrows to pick up in the hangar and when you have collected them you walk to the back. Go up the stairs and then you can immediately go up the bridge, but don't do that yet. First go into the belly of the red helicopter because in the helicopter you can loot another yellow box.

Then go up the bridge and walk on and ..... halfway along the bridge we get a view of the high Windmill. Don't go to the other side of the bridge just yet, because then all will break out. Continue to the wooden steps and then turn clockwise. To the left of the right bridge gate is an opening. Stand there on the edge and ...

From the windmill Grim then shouts to Lara to climb up the ladder to him.

Grim has shaken off the Solaris and has taken refuge in the windmill, where the Solaris cannot reach him.

Let Grim scream for a moment and turn back around. Now jump down into the river and then immediately turn around to the bridge.

There is a boardwalk under the bridge and on the boardwalk is a GPS Cache.

Pick up the GPS Cache ..... for me this is the 6th GPS Gache of the 15 that can be found in the Shanty Town levels. 

Then walk under the bridge, via the boardwalk, and at the highest point, turn right and jump up to the edge of the quay wall.

B: Big fight  at the Windmill:

The old nasty Grim is still screaming that Lara has to climb up the ladder. So a yellow ladder sticks up from the thick pole of the windmill and Grim wants Lara to climb up the ladder to get to him. However, you will never reach Grim via the ladder because all bloody hell will break loose here in a minute. Grim will not survive this fight, but you will see that later.

Get ready for another big and fierce firefight with hordes of Solari's. Walk to the yellow ladder and ........... Just before Lara reaches the ladder, dynamite is thrown at Lara and this results in the ladder being blown up .... Lara remains unharmed because she quickly take cover behind the large chest that stands here.

A lot of Solaris are now appearing. At first, the Solaris stay on the other side of the river, on the roofs of the huts. There is an Alarm siren on 1 of the roofs and a Solari appears there to operate the siren. It is wise to take out that siren Solari first because as long as the Siren keeps on screaming, the flow of Solari's will not end.

So try to kill that Sirene Solari mother fucker as soon as possible. But if you've killed that Sirene guy, a 2nd Solari will take his place with the Sirene and then a 3rd. In the meantime you must of course also kill the other Solari's, but Lara can no longer leave this "square" and her only cover are the chests that are here. As soon as you have killed the 3rd Siren Solari, the fight takes a new turn because then the Solari's also start to descend via cables to Lara.

Note: There are special moves you can make Lara do in these types of battles. For example, you can pick up the Dynamite sticks and the Molotovs, which the Solaris throw at Lara, and then throw them back to the Solaris. This has to be done very quickly and I have not tried this myself. You can also "knock down" enemies if you shoot Rope Arrows into their bodies. This can be useful to lower enemies standing on roofs or high platforms. But I have not tried this myself either.

Well ... Survive this fight . The fight is over when you see Grim climb down the ladder to talk to Lara from the Windmill.

Grim still wants Lara to join him, but Lara can't climb up from here anymore. 

Grim then draws Lara's attention to the transport system and suggests that she may be able to get to the top of the windmill via the transport system.

C: On route to Grim:

Check if there are still ammo / arrows to be found and if there are still corpses that you can loot and then go to the edge of the platform. 

There is a "springboard" on the ledge and that "springboard" is aimed to the cable the Solaris sailed down from the platform where the siren is on.

Stand on the "springboard" and then jump over to that cable and ..... Lara will hang from the cable .....

So move Lara up along the cable, until she hangs above the edge of the siren platform.

Then press the Shift key to let Lara fall out of the cable and ..... Lara will then hang on the edge of the platform

If Lara misses she will fall down and land on the lower platform ..... no worries because then you can climb back up via the yellow ladder.

Pull Lara up onto the platform and then go to the siren. Then press your E button several times to destroy the siren.

So this is the 2nd of 4 Alarms that you can disable for the Alarm Challenge. Walk to the right edge of this platform and then look down. There is a fence around the lower platform and in that fence is a hole, but that hole is blocked by barbed wire boards. So pull the Shotgun and blow that barrier away and then step over the edge .....

Lara will hang from the ledge, so press Shift to make Lara fall down.

Lara is now on the lower platform and here you can loot an orange chest and a yellow crate before continuing through the hole in the fence.

So loot the orange box , in case you haven't found out yet .... Orange boxes contain food for Lara,  

Also loot the yellow box and then walk back to the gate and now go through the hole in the gate.

When Lara has gone through the hole in the fence, you can pick up another ammo chest and arrows on the protruding platform to the right. Then walk further down. Lara is then in the area behind the fence and there is a hut here. On the left a plank bridge crosses the river. There are some chickens frolicking around here and also a few pigs. If you want to waste ammo or arrows you can kill the chickens and the pigs for some extra Xp points ..... you must then also loot the cadavers because otherwise you will not get the Xp points. That bridge rests on 1 pillar. Walk up the bridge to the pillar

At the middle of the bridge, turn Lara right and jump down.

Lara then landed on the rock on which the pillar stands. Then turn Lara around to the bridge and pick up the GPS-Cache that is glittering here

I lost count of these fucking GPS Caches a bit but I believe this is the 7th GPS of the 15 that can be found in the Slum levels

Climb back up the bridge and walk back to the hut. Now enter the hut because you can score a Relic in the hut

In the hut you finda Relic chest on the wooden table. Plunder the chest and ..... Well .... I found the 3rd of the 4 Intro's in this chest

Back out and go to the left of the hut. A wooden climbing wall "sticks" to the left side of the hut and a staircase is located at the rear of the hut. 

It doesn't matter whether you go further up via the climbing wall or via the stairs ... you will end up on the same platform in both cases.

So climb, via the climbing wall or the stairs, up to the roof of the hut. 

When you reach the top you will see a gray box in the hut, so go and force open that gray box with the climbing axe.

When the chest has been looted, step outside. On this roof, Lara finds the elevator shaft that lifts goods further up. But there is no longer a lift in the shaft. However, there is a wooden climbing wall in the lift shaft. Don't climb any further, however. Behind the shaft is a room where Lara can pick up another GPS Cache. The entrance to that little room is to the right behind the elevator shaft.

So walk forward, right along the elevator shaft, and then shoot the blockade out of the doorway. Then go into that room and pick up the 8th GPS Cache.

Back out and back to the front of the elevator shaft and then climb further up via the climbing wall in the shaft.

Lara ended up on a mezzanine floor. Grab the ammo box and loot the orange box and then walk over the sloping roofs to the next climbing wall.

Climb one floor higher via the climbing wall and ...... Lara then upstairs at 2 flights of stairs and we hear a few Solari's.

The Solaris have spotted Lara and soon Lara will have to fight and slaughter again.

Now don't run like a madman, or mad woman, straight up the stairs, but turn left and then go around the central column to the front via the left stairs. If you take the left route, Lara will stay out of reach of the Solari's for a while, but if you run straight up the stairs, Lara will immediately come under fire. So take the left stairs and ........ Lara will end up at the front of the central column ..... Immediately take cover behind the 3 crates, which are on the edge between the two wooden pillars and ......

....... in the distance you see another climbing wall and above it 3 or 4 Solaris now appear. There is also an Orange Barrel there, so wait for the right moment and then shoot bullets or a fire arrow into that orange barrel .... If you do this at the right moment, the explosion will cause 1, 2 or even 3 Solaris to be removed from the game. However, when the first 3 Solaris are eliminated a 4th one will appear and that bastard will climb down the climbing wall and then run towards Lara. Try to kill that mother fucker while he is still climbing down.

Lara will straighten up on her own when she has killed all of the Solaris here.

As long as Lara stays down and has not put her weapon away automatically, you know that there are still Solaris to kill.

When Lara is upright again, the fight is over. Then don't run like crazy to that climbing wall because there are still some items to score here. Standing by the chests, turn Lara around and walk back to the right of the central column. On the right side you will see wooden ledges, which serve as ladder rungs to get to the top of the connecting bridge. So climb up those wooden ledges

At the top you will see an alarm siren. Go destroy the Siren so ... it's your 3rd siren for the Siren challenge

Then climb up the roof of the central column via the springboard and grab the 2 arrow bundles

Stand back up the springboard. In the distance you can see an end tower of the transport system. 

There is a hanging box hanging from that end tower. Jump back down and then run straight ahead towards that hanging box. Stand on the edge

There is a swing stick under Lara but she doesn't need it now. Just jump down and Lara lands on the "bridge" below her. 

Now ignore the "springboard" and run to the round end platform. At the back, on the end platform, you can then pick up an ammo chest.

Run back to the "springboard". Via the "springboard" and the swing stick Lara now has to go back up, to where she just killed the 3rd siren. 

But if you haven't yet completed the "Memorial" challenge, you can find another Memorial here first.

Run / jump over the "springboard" and Lara will then swing over the swing stick to the ledges.

Then pull Lara further up and we are back on the siren platform.

To the left of the side, go over the ledge and Lara will hang from the wooden ledges again, so press Shift to make Lara fall further down. 

Run back to the front, where Lara had taken cover behind the chests, and now run on to the next climbing wall, above which were the Solaris.

Do not immediately climb up the climbing wall. To the left is an alley to a side room where a Relic can be scored. 

On the right you can find a GPS Cache behind the boxes. Go left into the alley and walk to the back and then shoot the blockade out of the doorway.

In the room, Lara finds a Relic chest on the table and, in the right corner, an ammo chest. Lara then retrieved the 4th Inro from the Relic chest

Don't forget to pick up the ammo chest, because Laar will soon need all the ammo she can carry again

Back out and back to the climbing wall. Do not climb up yet, but go behind the chests to pick up that GPS.

 if I counted correctly, this is the 9th GPS of this level for me.

Walk back to the front and then climb further up via the wooden climbing wall. Lara ends up upstairs, where all those Solaris were before and ......

Well ..... further up is the big windmill Transport Hall and there Solari's will appear who will take Lara under fire. Lara immediately assumed stealth position and takes cover behind the large crate. Due to a gap, between Lara and the transport hall, the Solari's cannot get to Lara, but they do throw Molotovs and a sniper appears on the balcony at top right

So take care of those Solaris'sin the Gargo Bay and do that from the cover of the crate.  Don't forget that sniper on the balcony. When all Solari's are slaughtered Lara will automatically stand up straight again and we can continue. Then walk on and ....... well .... as I have already mentioned, there is a gap between the platform on which Lara is standing and the transport hall. The big windmill blades of the transport hall spin through the gorge, so wait until Lara can jump between 2 blades and then do it quickly.

Lara ends up on the protruding platform of the transport hall ....... Immediately go back into cover behind the low crates because a number of Solari's will appear

It seems that there's no shortage in suply of those annoying Ruski's ..... 

Kill them all and make sure Lara survives this too. When it's over, you go and loot the bodies. So we ended up in the:

Transport hall:

From this hall, crates are transported via a cable car to the next tower and the cable car is in operation. 

We are on the middle level of the transport hall and there is a lot to "earn" in this hall. There is also a Secret Tomb behind this hall and a Base Camp.

The entrance to the Secret Tomb is behind the Base Camp, but we'll get there later. Lara has to reach the next tower via the chests, which are transported by the cable car to the next tower. But first I will explore the Transport Hall further to collect as many Items as possible, including a Relic. Then I will do the Secret Tomb and after that  I continue to the next tower.

Lara is in the hall from where the cable car with the boxes leaves to the next tower. The cable car consists of 2 cables on which the boxes hang. The cable car is in fact a large loop that takes the chests out of the transport hall and then back again. There is a "spring board" on the edge. Turn Lara over to face the other end of the hall

At the back of the hall is the pivot point of the cable car. Walk to the back. 

To the left is an ammo box and you will see the entrance to a short tunnel. That tunnel goes to the rear cave of this transport hall.

Go pick up that ammo box and then stand in the middle again and then look back down the hall. 

You will see 2 wooden climbing walls to climb to the roof of the hall. Walk back a little and then climb one floor higher via the right climbing wall.

Lara ends up on the right platform and here is the 5th Siren for the siren challenge. There is also a "ladder" to climb even higher to the roof. 

Stand behind the Siren and then demolish the thing to complete the "siren" challenge.

Then climb further up the "ladder" and Lara ends up on the roof

Another tower protrudes from the roof. There is a lot of junk against the left side of the tower. Walk over there and ..... between all the junk there will be a GPS Cache. 

Pick up the GPS Cache ..... for me this is the 10th GPS Cache of the 15 that can be found in this 2nd part of the Slum.

Return to where you climbed the roof, then step over the ledge and then press Shift to drop Lara back onto the ledge where the 5th Siren was.

Then fall back to the floor of the cable car hall via the climbing wall. Now go through the tunnel to the cave

The tunnel then takes Lara into the rear cave of the Transport Hall. 

Lara can cross to the other side via a wooden beam, but close to the edge there is still the 11th GPS Cache to collect.

Pick up the GPS Cache and then walk across the beam to the other side.

Go loot the 2 yellow boxes and then walk to the orange box and loot that too. Then walk to the end and force open the gray box.

When you have looted the gray chest, take a look around. Lara is on the middle level of the cave. Below Lara is the floor of the cave and there are 3 very large kettles. 

In the middle of the cave hangs a round Cage and in that Cage there are about 6 Nets. There are round holes in the cage in various places

So in the nets that hang in the cage, there are yellow boxes and in order to be able to loot those boxes, Lara had to set them on fire with her flares. But Lara can only hit those nets if she shoots flares through the round holes in the cage. To be able to set fire to every net in the cage, Lara must always stand in the right places so that she can hit a net with her flares through the round holes. This is a tricky job and requires a lot of walking back and forth, if you really want to set every net hanging in the cage on fire. I will explain it further for 1 net, but for the rest of those nets you figure it out yourself

Jump to the higher hanging walkway and then pull Lara up the path

The wooden path hangs above the steaming cauldrons. Continue to the crossroads.

The path then continues as a "glass path" but do not go straight ahead. Turn Lara around at the crossroads.

Lara will look back at the hanging cage. Walk over the "glass path" to the front sloping support beam and stand on the ledge and then look at the bottom round hole in the cage. Draw the Bow and let Lara shoot her flares (press the 1 key if Lara has the bow strung). Aim for the bottom round hole in the cage. Behind the bottom round hole there is a net, so shoot that net on fire and ......

..... the box from that net rumbles down and ends up on the floor of the cave. Well ..... you now know how to set the nets in the cage on fire. So if you also want to set fire to all other nets that are hanging in the cage, you walk around the cage and you always look for the round holes and then you see if you can hit a net through those round holes. It is a lot of work for a few crates, which then all end up on the floor. To plunder those crates you descend to the floor and look for those yellow crates to plunder them. I have not done this further.

I'll just point out the Relic and a few more GPS Caches and then I'll go visit Base Camp to get some rest and then do the Secret Tomb. Walk back to the crossroads and then follow the "glass path" all the way to the back. Then jump down via the sloping roof or step over the edge at the white edge

When Lara has jumped down, turn her around and move her through the gate to the right of the climbing wall.

In the hall, turn left and ..... a staircase ...... beware because part of the stairs has disappeared halfway.

Go down the stairs and then jump over the hole and land on the bottom part of the stairs.

Descend further down and then turn right, via another staircase, to the floor of the cave. 

Straight ahead you will see a passage to the rear part of the cave, but I will not go back there. We are now close to the Relic

Turn Lara around and .... to the right of the stairs is a room and in that room you can find the Relic

So go into that room and loot the Relic chest that is there with the barrels. From the chest Lara takes the 3rd of the 3 Jade statues and this is the Chalice.

Exit the room and walk under the stairs and then turn left into the hallway

Halfway through this hallway is a table with a Document on it. Score the document ... for me this is the 6th of the 7 "Diaries of a Madman".

Walk further down the corridor and we end up in the "Front Hall" of the bottom floor. Straight ahead you can destroy another Siren on a "balcony". 

In the right corner you can pick up GPS Cache 12 near a pile of rocks and on the left you can enter a side room where you can find GPS Cache 13.

To get GPS 13 you first have to pop the blockage out of the doorway

In the side room, when you have removed the blockade, you will find an Ammo chest and, behind the green bush, GPS Cache 13.

In the back left corner you can pick some orange fruits from the fruit bush

Ok ..... I'm done here ..... Don't feel like wandering through this Transport Hall any more in search of some more boxes, nets and the 2 missing GPS Caches. I now go to Base Camp. Go back to the hall and then turn right and now go up the wooden stairs, to the left of the room you came out of.

When you reach the top you will see, in the distance, the Base Camp "Windmill". 

Behind the Base is the entrance to a tunnel and that tunnel leads to the Secret Tomb "The Hall of Judgment". In the corner to the right you can loot another yellow box

Go break that yellow box for a while and then run to Base Camp. Use the Camp to update Lara's diary and to redeem your earned Skill Points or purchase weapon Upgrades.

This camp is also a Fast Travel Camp, so if you want to go back to previously visited levels you can do it here. When you are ready, you get up. Behind the camp is the entrance to a long and dangerous tunnel that leads to the Secret Tomb. If you continue with the main story now, you will end up in a series of battles and Quick Time Evens for a while and I just need some rest. So now I'm going to do the Secret Tomb first, but if you don't feel like it then you just continue with the main story.

D: Secret Tomb: Hall of Judgment:

1: Through the tunnel and caves to the Tomb:

If you had let Lara rest by the comfortable campfire then slab her on her as so that she get up again ... after all, there's more work to be done.  Enter the tunnel. The first part of the tunnel is still light and spacious and after 1 or 2 bends Lara ends up in the 1st cave ..... If you look to the left in the cave you will see a skeleton. Behind the skeleton Lara can pick up another GPS-Cache

If you have found all GPS-Caches in this level so far, this will be number 15, and thus the last GPS for this level. Unfortunately I forgot to find 1 GPS-Cache somewhere along the way .... so wish me Hell and Damnation if you now run out of 1 GPS-Cache for the reward ..... it I don't give a fuck by the way. Get the GPS or don't get the fucking thing ... Follow the tunnel further and .... after another 1 or 2 bends the tunnel becomes narrower and darker, but luckily Lara lights her torch herself.

Walk on. Lara will now refuse to run because on the left is a deep gorge .... luckily there is a fence on the edge of the path ..... Be ready to press your E-key in a moment because the path ends and Lara will fall over the edge into the abyss .... if you do not quickly press your E-key then Lara will drop into the depths and that is Game Over. So walk carefully and ....... the path then becomes a slide and Lara automatically slides further down and ..... Oops ... Lara tumbles over the edge but she manages to keep hold on the edge with one hand...Quickly ... Press your E key so that Lara grabs the edge with 2 hands

Well ...... there we hang again ..... on the edge of an abyss with our legs dangling in the depth.

now slide Lara to the right along the edge. Lara will hang from the bottom wooden beam and she has to continue to the right, where the dead skulls are already smiling at Lara. 

So climb to the top beam and then slide Lara further to the right, until she hangs under the skulls.

Then climb up the beams and pull Lara up onto the safe platform.

Climb up the next platform. Lara can then turn left or right .... Turn right and follow the path along the gorge.

It's dark and the torch doesn't glow very much, so walk carefully and make sure Lara doesn't fall over the edge.

The path winds around the bend and ends again at the gorge ...... fortunately ...... there is a beam across the gorge .....

Walk across the beam to the other side and then continue the walk through the tunnel. The tunnel ends in the final cave where a brazier provides some light and heat. 

It seems like a dead end, but it isn't. Walk on and, past the firing leg, Lara saw a crack in the wall.

Lara has done this a few times before ..... just keep walking and Lara will push herself through the crack and she will end up in the secret Tomb .....

2: Hall of Judgment:

The hall has a day camp where Lara can rest for a while to warm herself by the fire. You can also spend your skill points and your salvage / skill points on upgrades. 

However, you cannot travel fast from a day camp. Take a look around this cave at your leisure.

The Treasure chest is located in the tunnel above the 3-headed Bhuda statue. In the middle of the room is a lot of rubbish and a seesaw balances on the pile of rubbish. The seesaw is right in front of the gray Climbing Wall. In front of the seesaw is a yellow jerry can ..... that is jerry can 1. To the left of the seesaw is a kind of "hill" ... call it the "jumping hill". Walk up the "jumping hill"  and then stay on top of it. To the left of the Bhoeda hangs a shaky shelf with jerry can 2 on it. On the climbing wall hangs a shelf with  jerry can 3 on it. Look to the left ...... Lara sees the seesaw and she sees a car tire hanging. Jerry can 4 is on a high hanging shelf behind the car tire.

The intention is for Lara to reach the treasure chest cave, above the Bhoeda, via the gray climbing wall ...... but the climbing wall is too high to reach from the ground ..... that must be done via the seesaw, but if if you try to jump to the climbing wall via the seesaw, it will of course not work because the seesaw won't stay up when Lara runs over it. The seesaw has 3 "segments", A, B, C. The seesaw must therefore be made heavier in segment A with the jerry cans, so that the seesaw remains down on the A side and the C side remains up. Then Lara can jump from the seesaw to the Climbing Wall.The yellow jerry cans are there to put on segment C of the seesaw  ..... Lara needs all 4 jerry cans for this.

 Lara is standing on the "jumping hill" and she looks at the tire and jerrycan 4. Jerrycan 4 is too high for Lara to reach, but white rope is wrapped around the tire.

 Draw the Bow and shoot a rope arrow in the white rope above the car tire and .......

...... Lara automatically pulls the rope and this causes the tire to swing against the jerry can 4 board ...... the board breaks and jerry can 4 falls to the ground. Stay standing on the "jumping hill" but turn Lara back to the shelf with jerry can 2 on it. Jump, from the "jumping hill" to the jerry can 2 shelf and ..... Lara hangs from the shelf and her weight causes the shelf to break and we fall, with jerry can 2, on the ground.

NB: if the shelf does not break when Lara hangs from it, you have to move her back and forth or pull her upwards ...then the plank really breaks and we fall, with jerry can 2, back to the floor.

Jerry can 2 and 3 are now also on the ground, but we also need jerry can 4 ..... The shelf with jerry can 4 on it is hanging too high for Lara .... she can't jump to it via the climbing wall. But that shelf is also rotten and will break if we can put more weight on it ...... So Lara has to throw jerrycans 2 and 4 on the shelf of jerrycan 3. Jump down the "climbing hill" and go pick up jerry can 2 ....

With  jerry can 2 in hand, stand in front of the shelf of  jerry can 3. You have to be in the right place. Press your right mouse button to get the target line

You have done this before. Keep the right mouse button pressed and make sure that the directional line ends up on top of the shelf, but that you don't see the "star". Then press your left mouse button and ..... If you were in the right place and you had aimed well, Lara will throw the jerry can on the shelf. Unfortunately the shelf does not break yet, so go pick up jerry can 4 and throw it also at the shelf of jerry can 2. If you do this correctly, the shelf will break and the jerry cans 2, 3 and 4 will lie on top of each other on the floor.

Now, 1 by 1, pick up the jerry cans and carry them to the seesaw. The seesaw is with segment A up and with Segment C down.

Walk up to Segment C  of the seesaw and then make sure you throw the 3 jerry cans on Segment A.

Then walk to the other side, pick up jerry can 1 and put jerry can 1 on segment A of the seesaw. Okay ...... The seesaw is now sufficiently prepared ..... if Lara now, from segment A, ascends the seesaw, then the seesaw will now remain up with segment C and so Lara can now, via the seesaw, reach the climbing wall. But it remains a matter of sufficient speed and pressing your jump key and your E key at the right time.

Walk up the seesaw and stand on segment B ..... make sure Lara is on the dividing edge, which is between segments A and B, and is facing the climbing wall. Then run over the seesaw and when Lara reaches the end of segment B, press the Jump button, which you keep pressing ..... and ..... then at the right moment press the E-key and .......

...... if you have performed this seesaw jump well then Lara will hook herself into the climbing wall with her climbing axe. If you don't succeed on your first attempt, you can repeat it as many times as necessary, or use the cheat trainer's Super Jump cheat, if you have one, to get above the Bhoeda.

If you have Lara hanging on the climbing wall, you first climb straight up and then all the way to the left. Above the left hand of the Bhoeda is  the top part of a ladder ..... Then make Lara assume the side jumping position and then jump over to the ladder and then quickly press your E key because Lara only comes with 1 hand on the ladder. If you press the E key too late, Lara will fall down and you have to jump to the Climbing Wall via the seesaw to try again.

climb further up the ladder and then continue to the Treasure chest

loot the treasure chest ........

Whether you also get the message that Lara has found 2 gun parts again depends on what you have done before in the game. You have earned at least 1 skill point and a bunch of XP points. Okay .... back out. Turn Lara around and walk back to the edge. If you Cheat and you have called out to God for help, you can now safely jump down to the Bhoeda, but of course that is not the intention. On the right side are 3 "floating" boards and those boards will bring Lara to a piece of pipe.

walk up the front board and then jump over to the middle  board and then to the rear board and then jump into the gaping mouth of the pipe

Lara slide down through the pipe and land softly on the floor again.

Push Lara back through the crevice and follow the tunnel back to the gorge ..... Lara automatically lights her torch again. Cross the gorge over the beam again

....... and follow the path back around, to where you pulled Lara out of the gorge ..... that was to the left .... now you go straight ahead, up the wooden steps and .... ..

..... we then reach the gorge again .... another narrow beam but this beam does not reach the other side .......Step up the beam and stagger to the end of the beam and ...

Then jump from the beam to the other side and continue through the tunnel to the exit.

If you want, you can redeem the skill points you earned at Base Camp. Lara's assignment is still to free Grim from the hands of the Solari's, so we are going to try to do that now ... Lara will not succeed and I warn you in advance .....this level will end in a big and long fire fight for which Lara needs a lot of ammo and where she can easily die.

E: A "Grim" Ending for Grim:

Transport hall:

So we are back at the base camp "Windmill" at the rear of the Transport Hall. From the middle level of the transport hall, boxes are transported to the next tower via a cable. Do you remember seeing a "springboard" on the edge of the middle level? ..... Well .... get back there .... there are several routes that will take you from the base camp to that cable car hall, at the "springboard". When you are back at the "springboard" you let Lara look at the situation for a moment. From the hall, large crates are transported by cable to the next tower and then return to the hall. At the back of the hall is the pivot point of the cable car. Walk up the springboard and then wait quietly for the next crate, which will arrive at Lara ...


When the crate is almost at Lara then you run forward and jump to the crate ..... again it is a matter of correct timing.

If you do it right, Lara will hang from the crate. Then climb further up the crate and stay on top of the crate.

Move the camera, with your mouse, so that you look Lara in the face and continue to wait quietly ...... 

The crate continues down the hall and reaches the pivot point and then goes back to the springboard. Make sure you look at Lara from behind again so that you keep the overview.

On top of the crate Lara then leaves the hall, on her way to the next tower and ...... about halfway through a cut scene starts .......

Lara calls out to Grim and he appears on the right tower

Grim, the old captain of the Endurance, shouts that Lara is going to "walk" right in to a trap and ..... indeed ... Solari's appear and they grab Grim in the scruff of the neck and they start shooting at Lara. If you are fast you can try to shoot 1 or 2 Solaris to hell from the chest by popping a few bullets in 1 of the orange barrels

Pay attention, because the craie will reach the top platform of the tower ....... So Jump quickly, from the chest, onto the platform .....

if you are too slow, Lara will be taken back to the transport hall on the chest and you will have to wait for the cable car to bring her back here. 

Landed on the platform, make sure that Lara takes cover at the wooden fence to shoot  the 1 or 2 remaining Solari's on the other tower to hell.

This was just a foretaste of the big gunfight that Lara has to go through in a moment and it was fairly easy. Turn Lara around and walk back to the edge.

 Press your Shift key to make Lara fall over the edge ... don't worry ... Lara will hang from the edge.

Slide Lara slightly to the left, otherwise she will plunge into the depths, and press Shift again to drop Lara down to the platform below, and ... well ... the big fight is about to begin :

Survive the gunfight on the towers:

Immediately take cover behind the 2 crates and immediately start targeting the Solari's, who will now appear on the tower where they captured Grim.

There are a lot of Solari's that Lara has to kill now. Try to kill them while they are still on that tower. It helps if you explode those orange barrels, if a Solari is near one of those barrels. Unfortunately, Lara will not be able to prevent Solari's from reaching her via the ropes ..... Try to kill the Solari's, who sail to Lara via the ropes, while they are still hanging on the ropes. ...... This will not always work, so a number of Solari's will get very close to Lara ...

Those Solari's also throw Molotovs at Lara, so be aware of that too. You have to keep this fight going until a cut scene starts ..... The remaining 3 Solari's suddenly get fed up with such a young girl wiping their asses, so they suddenly pull Grim out of their top hat and threaten to kill him if Lara doesn't surrender.

The Solari's demand that Lara lay down her weapons and kick them into the abyss. Lara, still young and inexperienced, wants to spare Grim's life and therefore wants to meet the demands of the Solari's, but ... the grim Grim thinks very differently about it and he shows the Solari's that despite his tied hands he's still can do something...... Grim manages to kill the guy holding the machette to his throat and also the next one, but unfortunately ..... the 3rd guy is too much for him, so Grim sacrifices himself on behalf of Lara

Together with the last Solari, Grim plunges into the depths ..... towards their death. But Lara survived, thanks to Grim, but she needs a little bit of time to process the dead of Grim ..... you can see the emotions on Lara's face and that is well done by Crystal Dynamics.

F: Roth:

 fight over but Grimmy is dead. Well ..... Let's say that's Collateral Damadge. Lara now has to reach the Solari fortress, also called the Palace, which means that she must first cross to the "grim" tower and then on to the mountains beyond. Turn Lara around and walk back down the wooden ramp. Go and pick up the ammo and arrows, which are scattered and lying here and there, and also loot the Solari corpses, if there are any.

The 2 towers are connected to each other via various zip cables. 

On the edge of the platform are a few boxes with 1 box on top. From these boxes  a zip line goes to the "Grim" tower.

Climb up to the top box and see the jump symbol and then jump up to the zip line. 

Move Lara along the zip line to the "Grim Tower" and then press Shift to release Lara from the zip line again.

Lara is on the "Grim tower". Loot the Solari corpses. Lara has to get up one floor. There are 2 ways to get up one floor. A ladder hangs from the pillar on the right. There is a chest under the ladder. Climb up the chest and then up the ladder and then climb up to the top floor. The second way is via the wooden climbing wall, at the back of the tower and I did this way.

So climb up, via the ladder or the climbing wall. On the top floor an Anchor Pole with the Zip line goes to the mountain top on the other side.

Stand under the zip line at the Anchor Pole.

Ok.......Spring de Ziplijn in en begin Lara langs de lijn omhoog te bewegen en......

You will have to do another tricky jump in a minute, so let me explain it first.  Via the zip line Lara must reach the mountain on the other side ..... above the gray climbing wall. Lara won't make it all the way though and you'll have to help her out in a minute by hitting your E key at the right time.

Jump into the Zip line and start moving Lara up the line and ......

About halfway through, however, Lara gets the feeling that something is wrong and her feeling does not deceive her because ...... On the "Grimtoren" 2 Solari's appear again.

one Solari immediately starts firing at Lara, but he is not a good shooter so he does not hit Lara.

The other Solari wants to cut the zip line to smash Lara against the mountain wall.

when you have control over Lara again, you start climbing up the zip line again but hold your finger above your E-Key ready to press that key at the right time .....

Lara doesn't get much further because the Solari will cut the zip line and .............

......... Lara  holds on to the line, while she is catapulted to the mountain wall

Keep paying attention and keep your finger above your E-key ....... When Lara hangs close to the climbing wall, quickly press the E-key and ......

....... if you press the E-key at the right time, Lara will jump from the zip line to the climbing wall to nail herself to it with her climbing axe .....

The 2 Solaris on the "Grim tower" are not too sporty ..... can't stand their loss so they shoot arrows at Lara ..... but they don't hit Lara ...

....... but then ...... we see those 2 Solari's drop dead ..... a mysterious sniper came to the rescue of Lara and killed the 2 Solari's ..... 

That mysterious sniper turns out to be Roth ...... Despite his limping leg, Roth managed to drag himself here and from his safe position he killed the 2 Solaris for Lara.

climb further up the climbing wall and, when Lara is safely at the top, the end scene of this Level 10 starts ....... 

We see Roth, who is sitting in a hut on the next mountain. From his position, Roth has a great view of the Bridge that leads to the Palace. Lara has to cross that bridge, but the bridge is heavily guarded by Solari's ....... Roth will  provide cover for Lara and give her directions and kill the Solari's in front of her.

This is the end of Level 10 ....... We continue with:

Level 11: On our way to the Palace:

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