2021: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

In 2013 I had the European / North American Digital version of the game and because I'm Dutch I played it with the Dutch language selected. So all the text on the game screens that you see in this walkthrough are in the Dutch language. Also all text that I have wrote on all the screenshots are Dutch

Level 2: Mountain Temple:

A: Prisoner:

Lara and Whitman have opened the temple gate and entered a mountain tunnel that goes up.

Well ... it's simple ......... Follow Whitman through the tunnel. This does not happen automatically ... you have to keep pressing your forward key to move Lara forward. If you don't feel like listening to Whitman's drivel, just put cotton balls in your ears or turn off the sound. If you let Lara stand still, Whitman will also stop until you let Lara walk on.

The tunnel goes up through the mountain via a number of stone steps and finally we come out of the tunnel and we are again in a forest and we reach an idol of the Japanese Queen Haika, or whatever that old bitch may be called and then.........

A group of armed men shows up ..... you don't know yet, but these are men from the Solari, led by Mathias. 

Lara and Whitman are completely surrounded. Whitman shakes on his studied legs but Lara screams to use the gun.

The Solari try to reason with Lara and Whitman, but Lara doesn't trust it and screams to use the gun but Whitman changes his mind and surrenders.

Lara then draws her Bow but unfortunately ..... the leader of this group, a fairly unwashed and smelly Russian, overpowers Lara and ties her hands behind her back.

Whitman and Lara are taken to the camp of the Solari, where another group of the Endurance is already being held.

The Russian wants to "play" with Lara ......

1 of the prisoners tries to escape but Ruski shoots him. What follows is complete confusion as the other prisoners run away and there is a manhunt to capture the prisoners again. The Russian throws Lara to the ground and smears him to chase the escaped prisoners too.

B: Sneak up the mountain:

You now regain control of Lara. Lara's hands are tied behind her back and she has no weapons. Lara should not be seen by the Solari men, who are now everywhere. So you have to take cover behind the stone walls and only run again when the Solari men cannot see Lara. Don't stand still too long now, because a Solari guy is already coming down

So run to the wall, right in front of Lara ...... Lara will duck behind the wall automatically

Sneak to the far corner of the wall and then wait for that Solari guy to pass by and then run to wall 2 and then further up

Lara has to go up further and there is only one route that she can follow ..... But ... she must always stay in cover of the rock wall and the walls. If Lara gets discovered she will be murdered and you can do this all over again. Perhaps the following screenshots can help you, because I don't feel like writing this all out for you in full .......It's very simple.....You must move Lara further up the mountain and keep her out of the way of the Solari men, so always take cover at stone walls etc....and only continue when you're sure that Lara can't be seen by the Solari.....Keep this up until Lara is on top and sees the "Hut"

Okay ....... Do you see that "hut" ...... straight ahead ...... As soon as the coast is clear you run ahead into the "hut" and ....

C: Quick Time Event: Kill Ruski....

I do hope you know how to get Lara to do a so-called Melee attack ...... a Melee attack is done with your F-key.

Lara thinks she can catch her breath in the "hut" but unfortunately ...... The Russian sees Lara and she is caught again .......

Under threat of his gun, Ruski summons Lara to come out of the hut again and ...... Well ... Ruski now throws all brakes off because he now wants to rape Lara .....

Now pay attention because you have ended up in a "Quick Time Event" and you now have to press the right keys a few times very quickly and this will go on until you have shot Ruski in his dirty head ... It's all going on in quick succession so you have to pay attention and keep your finger above your F-key .....

Ruski hold Lara in a "close" hug .....

A circle will appear on Ruski's arm and ..... the circle will turn red and the Melee Icon will appear in the Circle .....

......... Once you see the Melee Icon, in the red circle, press your F key......This is really very precise .... If you press a split second too soon or too late, Lara will die.

So press your F-key at exactly the right time and ...... Lara gives Ruski the "Knee" in his balls and ....

......... Ruski cringes from pain and Lara runs away ... but unfortunately ...... Ruski grabs Lara again and he continues with his "hug" and then ... 

the circle appears on Ruski's shoulder ...... Wait until the inner circle is red and the Melee icon reappears and then quickly press your F key again and .......

Lara bites Ruski in his throat and this really hurts Ruski ...... Ruski lets Lara go and Lara tries to run away again ......

... Ruski's horny mood is over now because now he is really pissed off and he wants to end it quickly ...

Ruski now wants to kill Lara but she throws herself at Ruski, a struggle ensues and Ruski loses his gun.

Lara crawled to the gun and grabbed the gun, but she wasn't fast enough because ...

...... Ruski throws himself on Lara and there is now a struggle for the Pistol where you have to fend off Ruski by pressing your Arrow keys in quick succession .....

Keep pressing your Arrow keys until the red Hand appears and then quickly press your E key to aim the gun at Ruski's ugly head and ....

The Gun Icon will then appear so quickly click your Left Mouse Button to send Ruski a Bullet through his dirty dirty dirty brain.

..... Well ..... if you did all this correctly then Lara has killed her first human .... the ugly dirty Russian ........

Lara is totally upset for a moment and that's understandable..... it is not a small thing to kill a fellow human being, but from now on I can assure you that our Lara has got the hang of it. Ruski is dead but Lara's troubles are far from over ..... She now has her 2nd weapon .... Ruski's Semi Automatic pistol.

D: Stay out of the hands of the Solari:

Ok ... no time for a picnic here ..... As soon as Lara has her boobs under control, so she has regained her breath, run forward to the burning temple.

At the burning temple, turn right and then go down the slope. Lara will automatically hide behind the wall .....

When the coast is clear again, run further to the wooden planks bridge.

Cross the bridge and then continue up the stairs and then through the gate

Lara ends up at the top temple, which was already on fire. Run to the temple and .... a cut scene will take over .....

Lara stepped into the burning building and she heard the voices of 2 Solari men who are inside.

Lara takes cover behind the boxes but she is discovered and finds out that she has no more bullets ..... Fortunately Larafinds a full bullet clip and she quickly grabs it.

Lara has bullets in the gun again, so now quickly kill 2 Solari guys here .......

When these 2 guys have exchanged the present for Eternal Life, the game will give you the hint that you can loot killed enemies from their belongings ... always do that because it will provide you with material that you can use in the Base Camps again. To buy upgrades for the weapons.

The whole fucking shit is on fire here, so Lara shouldn't linger too long here. Continue to the back and then up the stairs.

The "back door" is securely locked, so force the door open with the Axe and your E key

So keep pressing your E-key in quick succession, until Lara has the door open and then go through the opened door. Lara is then in a narrower space and the Solari boys now want to "smoke" her out. You shouldn't hesitate too long now because then Lara will be choking with smoke. Find the hole in the wall that is blocked with planks and then kick those planks out of the way using your F key (Melee key).

You have to do this a few times to kick the planks out of the window. If you are successful, move Lara out through the window.

Lara will be on the outside balcony of the temple. Follow the balcony to the right and then jump over the gap to the mountain path.

Follow the mountain path further up and loot the ammo box and the orange box along the way and also pick up the arrows.

At the orange box you get a message from the game about "Assassination".

Further on is the remains of a wooden cart and beyond that cart you see a wooden wall. On top of the wooden wall is an enemy ..... you are supposed to silently kill that guy with the bow. So sneak to the wooden cart ..... Lara will automatically take cover behind the cart. Then right click to draw the Bow and then aim at the guy standing above the wooden wall.

Use your Z -key to zoom in on the guy, then shoot the bastard an arrow through his head ... or his heart ... 

Headshots give extra XP points, so always try to kill the fucking enemies with a headshot. The corpse will fall, so keep walking and loot the corpse.

Then take a run and jump up the wooden wall and keep ramming your Jump key so that Lara climbs up the wooden wall. 

You will receive a message about the "Loaded Shot" .....so keep this in mind .... Follow the mountain path further and  Lara will reach a gorge.

Stand on the edge of the planks and then jump forward to the wooden ledges on the opposite side. 

Then move Lara to the right and around the corner and then use your Jump key or your Up Arrow key to climb further up.

When you reach the top you will receive another report about Assassination. Lara has reached the End of the Level ... the next level starts further up. Sneak on to the chest, which is a little further up. Take cover behind the chest because there are 2 guys further up

Well ..... draw the bow and use the Zoom function and shoot the 2 guys an arrow through their ugly heads or hearts 

Then stay in cover behind the chest for a bit because a rope ladder is now being rolled out along the mountain wall and another guy comes down the rope ladder, 

so also kill that guy that comes down the rope ladder with the bow.

Go loot the corpses and also loot the orange box

Then walk to the rope ladder, jump into the rope ladder and climb up the rope ladder and while Lara climbs up she has contact with Roth via the radio.

E: Mountain village above the Rope Ladder:

Lara came up the rope ladder. You cannot go back down the rope ladder. Your goal is to reach Roth.

On the "terrace" of the first house you can collect arrows and loot a box.

Then walk all the way up the stone stairs and ..... Lara reaches the Base Camp Mountain Temple .......

Let's give Lara some rest in this Base Camp. Continue to the campfire and then press your E key to "use" this camp.

This is your 1st Fast Travel Camp. You now have the Map of the island and now the option to travel back to previous Base Camps in areas where you have already been

However, let's first upgrade Lara's Skills. On the camp screen, choose the Skills screen

Depending on how many Experience points and Salvage points you have now earned, you can buy 1 or more new Upgrades for Lara's skills Lara.

 I bought / learned the "Collector" skil here

Which Upgrades you can now buy / learn here depends on how many Skill and XP or Salvage points you have now collected. It is important for the coming area that Lara can buy more Hunter and Survival Upgrades, as well as Upgrades for her weapons and the like, so let's hunt around this camp first for some boxes and the like.

Close all screens via your ESC- key. The game saves this Checkpoint and you can see that by the TR logo that appears at the bottom right of the screen. Walk back to the stone stairs that you used to climb up to the camp. Lara then looks at the front house of this mountain village. In the left corner is an orange box, but leave that box for a while. Go back down the stone stairs and when you do you will see a ledge above a wooden wall at the bottom right. Move Lara to that ledge above the wooden wall.

Standing on the ledge above the wooden wall, look down. You look into a river. 

To the left, the river plunges further down a waterfall, but on the other side you see a crack in the rocks ..... that crack gives access to a cave.

Jump down into the river and then wade through the water to the crack in the rocks. Then push Lara through the crack into the cave.

In the cave there is a net with a box in it, but because Lara cannot enter this cave with a burning torch, she cannot set the net on fire to be able to loot the box. You can return here later, however, when Lara has obtained the "Lighter" that she can use to light her torch herself. There is a chest in the right corner. Walk to the chest and ..... on the chest is the TREASURE MAP of this level ..... take the Treasure Map.

The game will treat you with a message stating that you have found the Mountain Temple Map and that the Area Map has been updated. Press your TAB key to view the map.

Experiment for yourself with the map to find out how it works ..... I don't understand much of it myself ... but don't panic ... it is not necessary at all to use this map as long as you keep doing what I tell you. Lara cannot do more in this cave now, so push her back out through the crack, wade back through the water to the wooden wall and jump / climb back up the wooden wall.

Go back to the camp, via the stone stairs. Behind the camp a river also flows, which then falls down via a waterfall. There you will also see a cave entrance in the rocks.

Walk into the river and wade through the water to the cave entrance. Jump up the bank from the water and then walk into the cave.

In the cave you will find a Document on the wooden box. This is the 1st of 7 documents from a madman, and that madman is that Mathias.

Also loot the yellow box and then leave the cave and return to the camp.

Back at the campfire you now go to that orange box, which is in the left corner. Loot the orange box

When Lara has looted the orange box, send her up the sloping roof of the house. Walk over the sloping roof to the other side of the house and enter it. There is a box in the house and some arrows. To the left of the box, something glistens ...... Go and pick up that glittering thingy ..... it turns out to be a so-called GPS Cache and there is another one like that to be found here in the village.

Finding GPS Caches is such an extra challenge that you can do throughout the game. A burning lantern hangs from the ceiling here too. Stand at a safe distance, but make sure Lara can see the Lantern and shoot the thing with an arrow from the bow. If Lara was too close to the lantern she will die when the lantern explodes, so you better let this kind of lantern explode with the bow from a safe distance.

You have unlocked the Pyromaniac Challenge. If you manage to shoot 4 more of these burning lanterns, you will earn the points for this challenge. These lanterns hang on or in the houses of this mountain village and so there are still 4 to be found. Walk over the sloping roofs of this house back to the other side and then on to the Camp. A bridge crosses the abyss from the Camp.

Now go over the bridge and then further up and ..... Lara hears voices and the game gives you a warning and a hint on how to distract the coming enemy with arrows. 

Walk on and .... Lara will automatically start to sneak and draw the Bow and then takes cover behind a low wall.

In front of the next house 2 Mathias men are talking. Well .... the game has told you how you can best, and quietly,  deal with these guys, so get it done.

If you do this quickly and accurately, there is a chance that neither man will warn their buddies and Lara will be safe again. If you are slow to take out these 2 "gentlemen", they warn their mates, who then come down via the stone steps and you have to kill them to.

When the coast is clear, leave the cover of the wall and walk on to the house. Loot the corpses.

There should be no more annoying guys here now and Lara can continue to investigate things here. Don't go up yet, turn around so Lara can see the left corner of the house. At the left corner of the house is a tree and behind the tree is the wooden fence to prevent people from falling down into the abbys.

Walk to the wooden fence, behind the tree, then turn right and ..... Lara will look around the left side of the house. There is a tree trunk here over the deep gorge and on the other side hangs the 3rd Lantern, under the sloping roof of the house. Draw the Bow and shoot the Lantern with it. For me this was the 3rd Lantern, here in this mountain village, but for you it may be the 1st or 2nd Lantern

Step on the tree trunk and then walk over the tree trunk to the other side and then turn right.

Lara is now behind the house and she sees a wooden climbing wall. Well ... climb, via the learned way, up via the wooden wall.

Above the wooden wall, Lara can then enter, through the sloping roof, the second the floor of the house.

So walk into the house via the sloping roof and then force open the metal chest with the axe.

If it is the same with you as with me, then the game tells you that you have removed weapon parts from the chest and that you can buy weapons Upgrades at a Base Camp. Also take the arrows, if you still have room for them, and then go back outside via the sloping roof. Jump down again at the wooden wall and then walk over the tree trunk back across the gorge. Walk back to the front of the house but still don't go up any further.

You can first go to the house, which you can see behind the trees. So now first walk back down a little and then to the left, to the group of trees. 

At the trees you can pick some fruits from the bush that is near the trees.

These orange fruits give XP points and also help to satisfy Lara's hunger a bit.

Then climb up the stone wall and loot the orange box, the weapon box and take the arrows in the house.

To the left behind the house is a rock platform on which the 2nd GPS Cache can be found.

 So walk through the house to the edge of this plateau and then turn left and climb up the rock platform. The 2nd GPS Cache is located near the box

Jump back to the house and walk through the house again and then climb back to the main path via the right wall

Lara is back on the ascending stairway. Now walk all the way up and ...

The stone stair path ends at a totally collapsed house and the rubble blocks the further way up.

Through the Collapsed House:

This part is going to be intense and Lara can die here at various times. I'll tell you how I did this part, but that's really not the best way to do it because I use a Cheat Trainer so I have a Godcheat that prevents Lara from dying during "normal" fights. I got a lot of heat from Dutch players, back in 2013/ 2014,  about me using  Cheats in a Lara Croft Game but for me it's the only way I can do this kind of games, and all those who doesn't like that may get the fucking cholera for all I care

Turn left and see .... Lara can climb into the "house" via the wooden climbing wall.

So run up the wooden wall and press your Jump key in succession and ......

Lara climb through the square hole, above the wall, into the ruined house and she drops down to the floor inside.

At the back of the room the passage is blocked, but the barrier is made of combustible material. A Lantern hangs above the barrier and the game treats you to a hint about glass lanterns. Plunder the orange box and then stay still and pull the Bow and shoot, from a safe distance, the Lantern and ...

..... the bursting Lantern causes the barrier to catch fire. Stay at a safe distance until the fire is extinguished and a narrow opening is visible.

Then crawl, but carefully, through the narrow opening to the next room .....

We then hear the voices of 2 men and the game comes with a hint about Assassination with the Bow ......

Lara has taken coverbehind a pile of debris and a guy stand straight ahead, with his back to Lara. If you look to the left and then look up you will see the 2nd guy, who is behind the rubble to the left. The 2nd guy also has his back to Lara.

NB: The game now wants you to kill these 2 guys using the Assasination method, so Lara will kill them NOISELY and those guys won't be able to alarm their comrades. The picture shows you how to perform an Assassination with the bow. You have to sneak up on the guy in front, with the bow drawn and perform a Melee attack which means that you have to press your F-key and your E-key ..... You have to do this very quickly because it has to be done quietly to not alarm the another guy. If you have killed the 1st guy silently then you have to sneak up on that 2nd guy and also kill him using the assassination methods.

However, I have not used the Assassination method here because if it fails then Lara is fucked ......... I simply shot both guys an arrow through the back of their heads. If you do that quickly and accurately, you can also silently get rid of these 2 guys. So sit down next to the pile of rubbish and first pull the bow and then shoot an arrow through the back of the head of the guy standing directly in front of Lara. Then quickly turn left and then quickly turn over to the guy who is on the other side of the pile of junk.

If you do it quickly and accurately, then you have also silently murdered  these 2 "gentlemen" with the bow. Anyway ..... make sure you kill both guys and then loot their bodies.

Lara is now on the other side of the pile of rubble, behind which she was hiding, and she has to go to the other corner of this room. On the right is a gaping hole and on the other side is a "walkway" with flammable material. A burning Lantern hangs above that walkway. Sneak a little further, to the box that is further up, and then look to the right .....

The "walkway" is Lara's route out of this rubble house, but the "bridge" is blocked. So the barrier has to be set on fire, but that will result in a stream of hostile "gentleman" ... there is no other way out though, so draw the bow and aim for that lantern and use the Zoom function to zoom in. zoom on the lantern. Pop the Lantern and .....

Well ..... for me this was also the 5th Lantern and so I have completed the Pyromaniac Challenge here. The barrier catches fire and is then cleared up, but it has not all gone silently and so now, on the other side, a stream of guys are popping up and they all want to take Lara out

Okay .... on the "bridge" it will now be crawling with enemies and some of them will also throw grenades at Lara which will set the whole fucking house on fire.

 You have to see for yourself how you survive this bit. Run to the next corner and then climb up the climbing wall

Above the climbing wall, Lara ends up at the "walkway", but she is not alone here.

Make sure Lara survives all enemies and then run across the "bridge" to the other side and then to the right .......

Jump over the gap to the other side and the exit from this hellish house is on the left. You see a cable and the game tells you what to do with that cable. Make sure you put Lara down properly and then jump to the cable and ...... with the help of her axe Lara slide down the cable to the mountain tunnel.

Collect some more stuff and relics:

Lara has end up in the mountain tunnel via the cable. You can now continue through the tunnel to the end of this Mountain Temple Level and then continue with Level 3 Mountain Village Part 1. But there are 2 more Relics to score here and quite a few XP points and materials. So I'm going to do that first. Turn around and walk back out of the tunnel and then turn Lara back to the entrance of the tunnel. To the right of the entrance is a Document on the crate

Go get the Document .... it is the 1st document in a series of 7 "Confessions of a Solari" series. Turn around, left of the tunnel is a lake, the lake is lower than the tunnel. 

At the tree there is a deck on the bank. Walk to the deck and then jump down into the lake.

Then climb onto the green platform and loot the orange chest

Jump / climb back up the wooden wall to the tunnel. Straight ahead you see another wooden wall and a house. Near Lara is a lamppost with fire in it. 

Stand in front of the Lamppost and then press your E button to light Lara's torch.

With a burning torch in hand, run Lara to the wooden wall.  A slope goes down at the wooden wall, but this is the slope on which you will come up again later. 

Jump / climb up the wooden wall. Continue to the wooden roof. There is a net under the canopy. Light up the Net with your Torch

A box falls from the net. Loot the box and then continue up the stone stairs.

At the top you see a barrel on the edge. Do not walk to the barrel yet, but turn right and then jump to the sloping roof of the house.

Walk around the corner on the sloping roof to the right. There is a Metal Box on the floor in the room.

Walk in and loot the box and ..... Lara takes out the 1st of 2 Fan relics.

Close the relics screen and step back on the sloping roof and walk back to the left around the corner. 

From the sloping roof you can see, in the distance, an orange box in a gazebo. There is also a lantern in that gazebo

Jump down and now walk to the barrel, which is behind the tree on the edge. Below Lara is a lower platform, so jump down (press shift key). Look at the gazebo that contains the orange chest. If you haven't completed the Pyromaniac Challenge yet, the Lantern hanging in the arbor is your last chance to do so now. So draw the Bow, zoom in on the Lantern and smash the thing. If this was your 5th Lantern then you have now completed the Pyromaniac Challenge of this Level. Now jump over to the gazebo

Loot the orange chest for some more XP points. Lara now has to jump back to the platform she came from. So turn around so that Lara looks at the platform she came from. You have to jump against the wooden wall and then keep pressing your Jump button so that Lara climbs up the platform via the wooden wall.

back on the platform you do not climb further up via the second wooden wall. Bottom left of  Lara is a ledge.

Get Lara to land on that lower ledge and then keep walking and pick the orange fruits from the green bush

To the left is the roof of a multi-storey house. From the ledge you now on jump over to the roof of the house.

On the roof, turn around so Lara looks back at the rock ledge where she just was. Stand on the edge of the sloping roof and then press your Shift key and ..... 

Lara will hang from the roof edge. Then let Lara fall down ... she lands on the sloping roof of the middle floor.

Look into the room and ... on the crate is the box containing the 2nd Relic of this level, so go and loot the box.

The Relic from this box is a "Gunbai War Fan". Okay ... go out of this house on the right side and .....

climb up the stone staircase and .... Well .... At the top we are back at the entrance of the mountain tunnel.

There is one more thing to be found here so do not enter the tunnel yet but walk to the left, to the edge ......

On the edge, above the lake, you can then pick up a few orange fruits from the green bush.

Okay .... That's It for this 2nd level ...... Go back to the mountain tunnel and now walk all the way up through the tunnel. 

The tunnel gets narrower and when it reaches the top it seems as if Lara has reached a "Dead End" 

However, just keep walking because between the 2 gray wooden posts a narrow rock crevice goes all the way up and if you push Lara  between the 2 gray posts she will look up through the narrow crevice and report that she "can do this". Lara then climbs into the narrow crevice and she then hangs in the crevice.

 you use the Up key, so your Forward key (That's the Up Arrow key for me) to push Lara up through the crevice. 

Keep moving Lara up through the crevice and she will eventually surface and climb into a mine tunnel.

follow the tunnel right around the corner. The tunnel then becomes a rock tunnel and you can see the exit in the distance .......

..... Walk outside and .......

Lara has reached the end of this level and she now meets up with her great hero Roth ...... 

Unfortunately hero Roth has no time for Lara because he is busy fending off the horde of hungry wolves

The wolves have bittenRoth's right leg. Roth survives but is seriously injured. Roth says that the wolves have "conquered" his backpack. In the backpack is not only the radio of the lifeboat, but also medicines and bandages that Lara needs to save Roth's leg.

Roth then loses consciousness and Lara drags him, with her last strength, to the Base Camp Mountain Plateau.

Your new task is to reclaim Roth's Backpack from the Wolf's lairt.

Level 3: Mountain Village Part 1:

Walkthrough by: Louis Koot