April 2013

2021: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

In 2013 I had the European / North American Digital version of the game and because I'm Dutch I played it with the Dutch language selected. So all the text on the game screens that you see in this walkthrough are in the Dutch language. Also all text that I have wrote on all the screenshots are Dutch

Reclaim Roth's Backpack from the Lone Wolf:

A: On the way to the Wolf Cave:

Collect stuff for XP points.

Lara has found Roth, but that bastard won't be much help to her now. Roth is injured in the leg and needs urgent medical attention. Lara has dragged Roth to the camp and he is now unconscious there. The bandages, morphine but above all the Radio are in Roth's backpack but the backpack has been conquered by the Lonely Wolf who has dragged the backpack to his / her lair and Lara now has to reclaim the backpack from the "Lone Wolf".

You can take a direct route to the Wolf's Cave, but then you will miss out of all the items that can be found here in the lower village. So I take the long route to the Wolf's Cave, to find all the items we encounter along the way. Until you have conquered Roth's Backpack and patched up Roth you will not meet any Solari men here ...... afterwards you will and then it gets intense .... very intense

This mountain village area is a large area and Lara will come back here a few times. You will therefore not be able to find everything that can be found in this area now. Also, you won't be able to do some things here yet because Lara doesn't have the right "abilities" and / or the right "tools" for that yet. But as said .... You will traverse this Mountain Village area a few times, so don't worry if you can't grab everything there is to grab on this 1st visit here.

Lara is at the base camp and she looks at the village. Down there are 3 houses and a gazebo. 

To the right is a waterfall that cascades into the river from the mountains. We first go to the waterfall area

Walk forward slightly and then turn right. You see a Lamppost. Continue to the Lamppost.

At the lamppost you can go down the stone stairs to the river.

So go down the stone steps and wade through the river to the waterfall. 

In the left corner, walk through the waterfall because under the falling water you can find the first of 15 GPS-Caches, which can be found here and there in this mountain village.

So pick up this 1st GPS-Cache, turn around and wade back to the stone stairs and climb back up. Now go to the village.

Down here there are 3 houses and a gazebo. There is a Buddha statue in the gazebo. In front of the left house is a lamppost and a wooden cart.

The Bhoeda, in the gazebo, is the 1st of 10 Bhudas that can be found in this mountain village. All those Bhudas have a fire bowl that you can light up .... It is a Challenge that will earn you extra XP points if you manage to find and lightup  all 10 Bhudas. To do that, Lara needs a burning torch, so first light Lara's torch at the Lamppost. So walk to the Lamppost and then press your E key to light Lara's torch. ....... Later in the game Lara will have a lighter and then you will no longer have to light the torch via lamp posts or brazier. With the burning torch in hand, now walk to the gazebo, enter the gazebo and then light up the Bhoeda's brazier with the torch ....

The game now announces the Challenge "Enlightenment" and that you have to find 9 more of these Bhudas and light them up to complete the challenge ..... you will do that much later because you will not see all 10 Bhudas here yet. find. But we come back a few times in this mountain village area.

Hold Lara's torch in her hand. Leave this Bhoeda and now go to the left house.

In the left house you can only pick up some arrows. In the middle house hangs a net with a chest in it.

So walk into the middle house and set that Net on fire and then loot the chest which then falls to the floor. Back out and then walk to the house on the right. You cannot enter through the front door. There is a ball of rope at the front door, but you need an Bow upgrade to pull the door out of the house, and you don't have that upgrade yet.

You do loot the yellow crate in the left corner. Then turn around and walk, via the Bhoeda gazebo, back to the side wall of the left house.

 In front of the side wall of the left house is the remnant of a wooden cart .... and that cart is tilted upwards .... the cart is tilted upwards for a reason .....

take a run and run up the cart and then jump, from the highest point of the cart, to the side wall and press your Jump key several times and .... 

Lara will then climb up the sloping roof of the house.

The 2nd GPS Cache of this level is located on the still of this roof. So go and grab the GPS Cache .... 13 more of these things to find.

A banner hangs between the roof of this left house and the roof of the middle house.

Stand on the edge of the roof so that Lara is right in front of that big Banner.

Jump to the Banner and keep pressing your forward button and ..... 

via the Banner Lara will swing over to the roof of the middle house. Then pull Lara up onto the roof.

Walk up the roof, up to the still and ...... Lara now sees the large house, which has 3 floors .... that house is on the other side of a deep gorge. 

There is a large chest dangling from a lifting beam and that chest is wrapped with white rope. Run down and jump to the hanging chest and .......

.... Lara comes to hang from the box ..... pull Lara up the box and ..... due to the weight and speed of Lara the box will swing back and forth ....

When the chest has reached the highest swing point, jump over to the doorway of the main house and .... Lara lands on the 1st floor of the house, which has 3 floors.

Grab the arrows. Further up is a table. Continue to the table. In the corner, beyond the table, is a Document. Lara cannot tear open the "rope doors" and the doors that are blocked with planks she cannot clean up yet, because Lara does not have the right tools for that either. To the right is the stairs to the bottom floor.

First pick up the Document, which is in the corner behind the table. Read the document, it is a Scroll, and then close the document screen. 

Turn around and now descend, via the stairs, to the bottom floor

When you are downstairs you walk to the back along the stairs. On the left you will find a Relic chest

Loot the Relic Chest .... Lara finds the 1st of 3 Vials in this chest

Close the Relics screen. On the right, behind the stairs, you can loot another yellow box. Then go back up the stairs. Lara is then back on the middle floor. Turn right into the next room. Loot another yellow box and have a look in the other rooms, then go up the next stairs to the top floor.

On the top floor hangs a Net, which contains a box. Light up the net with the torch and then loot the yellow box that falls from the net.

Then go here on the Balcony and turn right on the balcony. You see a sloping roof and Lara has to go up that roof.

So take a run up and jump against the wooden wall and then keep pressing your Jump key and ..... Lara will then hoist herself up the sloping roof

Walk over the roof to the other side, stand diagonally to the right and jump over to the side roof

On the side roof you walk up and down again over the ridge, to the bird's nest on this roof. 

The bird's nest is full of eggs. Steal the bird eggs from the nest

Finding and looting bird's nest is the 3rd additional challenge in this Mountain Village level ..... there are 4 more nests to be found to complete this challenge. To the left of this roof is the mountain wall and a green plateau protrudes from the mountain wall. You see something glittering on the right point of the green plateau. Stand on the left corner of this roof and then jump over to the green mountain plateau

At the right point of the plateau you can then pick up the 3rd of 15 GPS Caches between the bushes. There are 2 more shelves protruding under this plateau. 

Lara looked at the gray mountain side. Jump up the gray slope and ..... Lara slide down the gray slope and land on the lower plateau

Lara has to go one more platform lower, so walk to the left and look down. Below Lara you will see a wide ledge with a Lamppost on it. 

That wide ledge continues down the mountain to the plane wreckage hanging ahead.

Jump down to the ledge with the lamp post on it. At the lamppost you can then pick up the 4th GPS Cache between the green bushes. The wide ledge continues along the mountain to a swing stick with a lantern hanging from it, the ledge stops at the swing stick and a little further up you will see the waterfall again. The wreckage of an airplane hangs between the swing stick and the waterfall.

Follow the ledge to the Lantarenstok. You pause at the stick to take a good look at the situation

Well ... it's deep fall down, so if Lara crashes down she won't survive. Lara has to go over the plane wreck to the other side. The fuselage of the plane is broken into 2 pieces and the back part is higher than the front part. Take a run up and then jump at the right moment to the Lantern Stick and swing to the fuselage of the plane ..... Lara lands on top of the plane's fuselage

Run over the torso .... the weight of Lara will lower the torso ......Run on and then jump over to the other "Gaping" part of the hull at the right time ...

this is a "long" Jump but Lara just makes it and hangs from the hull ..... 

but maybe you have to help Lara by slamming on your E-key to prevent Lara from falling.

Pull Lara into the hull .... due to the weight of Lara the torso "lifts" a bit and water will enter the hull ....

 Run further through the hull and ..... when Lara is almost at the other side comes out of the hull again, lightning strikes a tree.

Lara is now on the other side of the waterfall and the plane wreckage. Where the lightning has struck the tree Lara has to go up, but first turn right. Lara is at the wing of the plane wreck. The "tip" of the wing rests on a "rock island". Walk across the airplane wing to the "island" and loot the yellow box there.

Walk back over the airplane wing and then climb further up via the rock ledges,

Lara then lands above the airplane fuselage and she has to go, via the fuselage of the airplane, to the other side of the waterfall ... 

you see white ledges beyond the waterfall and Lara has to jump there, from the airplane fuselage

Walk up the airplane fuselage and run over the fuselage .... The fuselage "tilts" down due to Lara's weight. Run on and then jump over to the white ledges at the right time .....

Depending on how well you make Lara jump, she will hang from the ledges or fall down. 

It is also possible that Lara only grabs the ledges with 1 hand ... then you have to press your E key to prevent Lara from falling down.

Climb further up and ........ then even further via the wooden climbing wall and ......

...... Lara then reached the Wolf Cave:

B: "Quick Time Event" Lone Wolf:

Lara takes a moment to catch her breathe and bring her boobs to rest before diving into the tunnel. It's going to be hard to get Lara out of the tunnel alive again ..... get ready for a tough fight with the Lone Wolf. Continue to the tunnel entrance. It is a dark tunnel, so Lara automatically lights her torch at the lamppost and then she walks into the tunnel. Follow the dark and winding tunnel all the way to the back. About halfway through, Lara sees the big gray Wolf run away. Walk on and Lara will reach the end of the tunnel

A cutscene follows in which you see Lara finding Roth's backpack and take the items out and you have earned a Skill Point.

Lara now has to go back to Roth, at the Base Camp ..... but ..... the angry gray Wolf is not going to give up his loot without a fight. You will not get through the "Quick Time Event" in one go ..... Lara will die a few times in the fight with the Wolf ..... But the Game has saved, so when Lara dies it starts the fight with the wolf right from the start again. You have to go through it and there are no clever tricks and Cheats to help you here. Keep your eyes focused and keep your fingers above your Left and Right Arrow keys, because a "Quick Time Event" will follow in which Lara has to fight with the Wolf.

Start walking back through the tunnel and ...... The Wolf then attacks Lara .....

The Wolf grabs Lara by the feet .... Quickly ..... As soon as the Arrows appear, you furiously go pressing your left arrow and your right arrow 

Keep this up and the Melee Symbol will appear so press your F-key at the right time to kick the wolf

The red Hand will then appear and that means that you have to press your E-key repeatedly ...

... keep hitting your E key until the Melee Symbol reappears, then quickly press your F key.

Keep pressing your F-key .... Lara will take an Arrow from her Arrow bag ..... Keep pressing the F-key and ...... Lara kills the Wolf with the arrow

As I have already mentioned ..... It will be that you have to do this "Quick Time Event" a few times to kill the wolf ..... You will have to do it all on your own because there are no smart tricks and no cheats to get you through the "Quick Time Events" .., ... It's a matter of pressing the right key at exactly the right time. The game is merciless in this ... if you press the requested key a split second too soon or too late, Lara dies and you have to keep doing this bit over and over again, until you finally succeeded.

C: Back to Roth in Base Camp:

If Lara has survived the Wolf, follow the tunnel back outside. Straight ahead you see a bridge, but we will not go over that yet. 

Turn right. On the edge is a wooden "gallows pole" with rope around it. A cable goes down from the gallows pole.

NB: The fastest way to descend all the way down again now is to let Lara slide down the cable, but then you will miss the 5th GPS Cache. If you also want to conquer the 5th GPS Cache, do the following ...

The gallows pole stands in a bush of shrubs and in front of a wooden fence that is right on the edge. Walk to the Gallows Pole and then stand against the wooden fence in the bushes. Deep below Lara you can see the sloping roof of a house. On the right part of the sloping roof you will see something glittering .... that's the 5th GPS Chace ..... It is a very deep jump for Lara but if you do it from the right place then Lara will land on the sloping roof unharmed. So make sure you are in the right place and then jump over the wooden fence and ....

.......... Lara "sails" down and she will end up right on the sloping roof .....

It hurts our girl a bit for a while, but she will get over it. Pick up the 5th GPS Cache

Then jump further down to the ground. Lara isn't quite down then. The large house is on the right and a rock platform on the left. There is a net on the house, but because Lara has not yet "earned" the Fire Arrows, she cannot set it on fire now. You will have to leave this net hanging now. Walk to the edge and ..... You'll see a swing stick with a lantern hanging from it and the roof of the Bhoeda gazebo.

Jump to the Lantern Stick and via the Lantern Stick to the roof

Lara has thenanded on the roof of the Bhoeda gazebo. Then jump to the ground and run further up the slope back to the Base Camp and ......

Lara tends to Roth's leg wound and Roth then regains consciousness. A conversation ensues between Lara and Roth. Roth is unable to walk. Lara has also recaptured the Radio from the Wolf. Above the waterfall is the Radio Tower on the mountains Lara has to get to the radio tower and climb all the way to the top to send an S.O.S from the highest point on this island. Roth gives Lara the climbing axe with which she can climb up steep mountain sides. The game explains how to use the Climbing Axe and Roth recommends that you try it out on a practice wall first.

So the goal is to climb all the way to the top of the Waterfall and then end up in the Mountain Base, on the way to the Radio Tower. I am not going to do this yet ..... I will now first go back to Level 1: Coastal Forrest to do the extra Challenges there and find all the extra Items for extra Xp Points and Skill Points. However, if you want to continue right away with the main story of the game, skip the next part and pick up the thread of the walkthrough again at: Mountain Village Part 2

D: Back to Level 1: Coastal Forrest:

Lara is standing in front of the Base Camp and she stares at the mountain wall and the plane wreckage. Turn around and walk back into base camp. One of the additional challenges you can do in the game is talk to all of the expedition members of Lara's group. So stand in front of Roth and then press your E key to talk to Roth.

Keep talking to Roth, so keep pressing your E key, until Lara and Roth have nothing more to say to each other.

Then turn around to the campfire and press your E button again to "use" the camp.

I have earned 2 Skill Points so far and also collected 435 material points. So now I could buy some new "Survival" and / or "Hunter" skills for Lara, as well as an Upgrade for her Bow or Pistol, but I'll wait a while until I accumulate more points. This Base Camp "Village Plateau" is a Fast Travel Camp, so we can now travel back to the Fast Travel Camps in previously visited areas. So choose "Fast Travel" and then select the "Sheltered Ledge" camp and confirm your choice by clicking "YES" and .....

Sheltered Ledge camp in Level 1: Coastal Forest.

The Challenge here in this level is to find and shoot 10 Totems, as well as find 5 GPS Caches and loot boxes and crates for Material points. If you followed the Level 1 walkthrough, you probably already shot the 1st Totem when you found the Bow. However, I am now going to pretend that you haven't shot that 1st Totem yet but only took the Bow and took the 1st Document from the wreckage of the truck.

In the base camp, turn around and crawl back under the overhanging rocks

Keep crawling forward until Lara has come out from under the rocks and is standing up again. 

Then stand still and press your Q key to activate Lara's Survival Instinct. On the left you see Totem 1 hanging in a tree.

Draw the bow and aim for the totem. If necessary, use your Z key to zoom in closer to the Totem and then shoot an arrow at the Totem. You have then destroyed the 1st of a total of 10 Totems. Turn around and crawl back to the camp and then leave the camp on the other side and follow the forest path to the river and the Bunker. Stand in the river and look at the tree where the corpse with the Bow hung earlier. Press the Q key again and .... you see Totem 2 light up in the tree.

Well ....Shoot Totem 2 with the bow. 8 Totems to go. Take a step forward to regain normal vision. Behind the tree is the wreckage of the truck. 

If you have not yet taken the document from the truck, you can do so now. On the right bank of the river you see a higher platform.

Climb up to the platform and then continue and jump to the next platform

When you land on the rear platform, jump / climb further up the wooden wall.

On this higher platform you can first pick up the arrows and on the edge you will find a GPS Cache

Pick up the GPS Cache and then jump down and make sure that Lara ends up at the beginning of the river again, so at the tree where the 2nd Totem was hanging. Now walk further through the river. Just past the Truck the river curves to the right, but on the left bank you will see a forest path going into the left part of the forest.

Walk into the left forest path and follow it further ahead. You will pass a tree with white rope wrapped around it and Lara will end up in a clearing with a small hill.

Stand on top of the hill. Beyond the hill is the end of the river .... the river is a small pond under the hill. Standing on the hill, look to the left and activate Lara's Survival Instinct via the Q key. The 3rd Totem hangs under some branches that grow from the left rocks. Shoot the Totem with the bow. If you cannot see the toten clearly, use the Z key to zoom in on it.

Now walk left down the hill and then through the 2 trees. Lara then stand on the left bank above the pond. To the left of Lara is the rock wall.

Walk a little further, between the trees, and then you can, via a green slope to the left, up to the rock wall. 

Do that and when Lara is at the rock wall then turn left. The green slope continues up the cliff, so climb further up

Lara then end up on top of the rock where the 3rd Totem hung from. Via a tree trunk Lara can walk to the next rock platform.

So step on the tree trunk and walk over to the next rock platform and then loot the yellow crate there.

Turn around ..... Lara is standing above the clearing with the hill. Now just jump down here and we will be back down at the hill and at the river. 

The river clatters here through a small waterfall into the pond. On the other side of the river you will see another higher plateau.

Walk through the river slightly to the right, then turn around and see ... you now see the right side of that higher plateau. Climb up that plateau.

On the platform you will find Arrows but also the 3rd GPS Cache. Pick up the GPS Cache. Still 2 to be found.

On the left is a lower platform. Stand on the lower platform and look to the right into the forest.

Switch on Lara's survival instinct again via your Q-key and ..... on a tree you will see the 4th Totem hanging.

Shoot the totem and then jump down to the ground. Now find the pond again. Walk through the water to the waterfall and ......

....... where the water from the waterfall splashes into the pond you will find the 4th GPS Cache ..... pick up the thing. Turn around and walk to the left back into the forest. Now continue searching this part of the forest a little further. In the dense undergrowth, along the mountain wall, you will find an Orange Fruit Plant. Pick the Orange fruits.

Then go and explore the large open part of the forest. In the large open part you will find 2 large rocks, which you can walk in between.

The 5th Totem hangs on the left point of the left rock. Enable Lara's survival instinct to see this 5th Totem.

If you don't see the totem properly, walk to the left to get a better view of the totem and then shoot the totem. These were the 5 Totems that can be found in this part of the forest. The other 5 Totems can be found in the 2nd part of the forest, which you have reached via the Bunker. But there is still 1 item to be found here. At the edge of this forest, to the left of the rock where the 5th Totem hung, you can find another bush with Orange Fruits. Find that shrub and then pick the orange fruits

Done here because except for some arrows, which can be found here and there, you have now found all the important items in this part of the Coastal Forest. Find the river again and walk through the river back to the start and then, via the forest path on the left, back to the "Sheltered Richel" Base Camp. "Use" the Base Camp and choose "Fast Travel" and now travel back to the "Forest Ruins" Base Camp.

So you end back up in the 2nd part of the "Coastal Forrest level" and when we were here the first time we found a GPS Caches here and also a Relic and a document. We also found the "Tomb of the Adventurer" here and killed a few wolves. Remember .... there are more wolves roaming through the forest, so always be alert for those wolves, who will always attack in groups of 2. I can't tell you where and when the wolves will attack Lara, so be alert and then try to kill the wolves as quickly as possible with Lara's bow or else you'll keep getting caught up in those "Quick Time Events".

Walk out of camp and turn left. Against the camp wall is the metal box, which Lara didn't open earlier because she hadn't reinforced the axe yet. 

Now Lara can open this chest, so force open the chest with your E key.

Then descend down the stone staircase and walk down towards the bridge.

The bridge that you now see right in front of you is the Middle Bridge and it is located exactly in the middle of this forest. On the right edge of the forest you will find the bridge to the "Tomb of the Adventurer" and the broken bridge to the Temple and the day camp, where you had the Rendezvous with Whitman.

Some arrows are leaning at the bridge and to the right of the bridge is a yellow box on the boulder. Go loot that yellow box, so walk to the boulder, jump on the boulder and loot the box. Then, from the boulder, go to the right, to the bridge that leads to the entrance of the "Tomb of the Adventurer". Under this bridge you have already found the 2nd Relic of the game and if you don't want to do the "Tomb of the Adventurer" yet, or have already done it, then it doesn't make much sense to cross this bridge again.

So go left and continue up to the Broken Bridge. You reach the Temple via this broken bridge.

Do not cross the bridge now, but go down, left of the bridge,  and then look under the bridge .... 

under the bridge hangs the 6th Totem of the Forest. If necessary, turn on Lara's Survival Instinct to see the Totem.

Shoot the Totem and climb up again and stand straight in front of the bridge again. 

To the right of the bridge, a slope goes up the cliff. On top of that right slope is a yellow box. So walk up the right slope and loot the yellow box.

Then turn Lara around ..... on the other side of the broken bridge you see a tree with a wooden platform in it. On the wooden platform is a chest and on the chest is the Treasure Map of this Forest Coastal level. Lara can reach that wooden tree platform via the bridge beam. So jump over to the bridge beam and walk over the beam and then jump over to the wooden tree platform ...

On the tree platform, walk to the chest and take the Treasure Map, which is on the chest.

A cable goes down from this tree to the middle bridge.

Stand under the cable and then press your Jump key and .... via the cable Lara then sails back down to the ground.

Lara then is back at the middle bridge. Continue to the bridge because just before the bridge Lara can pick some orange fruits from the green bush

From the middle bridge you then look to the left. You will see 2 yellow boxes. First walk to the left box and loot it. Then walk back to the right box and loot it. From the place of the right box you look again at the middle bridge. On the other side of the bridge you will see another Totem hanging in a tree. Draw the Bow and zoom in on the totem and shoot the totem.

Now get into the river and wade to the middle bridge. Look under the bridge and .....

........ under the middle bridge hangs the 8th Totem. Draw the bow and shoot the Totem.

Turn Lara around and then walk up the other bank. On a small hill, between the trees, is a yellow box. Go loot that box.

From the hill you go to the left ..... now look for the area with a stone staircase that leads up to a kind of altar ... the altar is a statue without a head. 

In the area under the altar you can first pick up some arrows and loot an orange chest.

Then walk up the stone stairs, but not all the way up. Turn on Lara's Survival Instinct and see ...

....... the 9th Totem dangles from the roof of the altar. Shoot the Totem. Still 1 Totem to be found.

Continue to the Altar. Just in front of the Altar is a Document. Take the Document.

A Net with a chest in it dangles in front of the Altar. Behind the altar a fire pot with fire dangles.

Light Lara's Torch at the Fire Pot and then light the Net with the Torch.

Go back down. Right in front of the stone altar stairs are a number of boulders that gradually become larger. Climb up through all those boulders to the top boulder.

On the top boulder Lara then finds the 5th GPS Cache of this level ....... grab it to complete this GPS challenge. 

Turn around and descend back down. Back at the bottom of the stone altar stairs you now go to the right.

Walk through the trees to the rock wall and then look for the opening of a small cave.

Dive into the cave. There is a body in the cave. The corpse has arrows in its body. Pull the arrows out of the body

.There is a relic chest next to the body. Loot the Relic. It's the last of the 3 masks

There is one more thing to do here and that is find and shoot the 10th Totem. Leave the cave and make your way through the forest to the Broken Bridge. Cross the Broken Bridge and continue to the entrance of the Temple. Walk to the Temple doors and then to the right and .... in the last right niche hangs the 10th Totem.

Well ..... shoot the Totem and ..... you have completed the Challenge and earned another Skill Point.

Not only did you earn another Skill point, but you also increased your amount of Material points. 

Go back over the broken bridge and continue on to the "Forest Ruins" Base Camp.

 "Use" the camp and choose "Fast Travel" again and now travel back to the Mountain Village (Village Plateau).

E: Mountain Village Part 1 Continue

We are back in the Mountain Village, in the Base Camp Mountain Plateau. Roth is still injured by the campfire. If you want, you can now redeem your Skill points and Equipment points earned by purchasing Upgrades. You can also wait until you collect more points. As you still know, the goal now is to climb the waterfall and for this Lara has received the Climbing Axe from Roth. The game has treated you to a hint on how to use the climbing axe to climb up via so-called climbing walls

Walk out of camp and then look at the waterfall and then briefly turn on Lara's survival instinct. You can see the climbing route light up on the mountains, at the waterfall.

The climbing walls are partly the same route you followed from the plane wreck to the Wolf Cave. So run forward to the bottom climbing wall. You can hang Lara on a climbing wall in 2 ways .... the first way is the easiest .... Make sure Lara is standing against the climbing wall and then press your E key and ..... Lara will come with hang the climbing ax in the climbing wall. The second way is this ..... Jump to the climbing wall via your Jump key and then press your E key during the jump and .... Lara will hang on the wall.

When Lara is hanging on the climbing wall, use the arrow keys on your keyboard to climb up, down, left or right. In a climbing wall, Lara always must to climb to the flat ledge to get on top of the plateau. Now climb further up until Lara cannot go up any further and then move Lara to the right, to the right side of this climbing rock

When Lara is hanging on the right side then you climb further up ... keep pressing the up arrow and Lara will automatically climb up the plateau.

Lara is now on the rocky island on which the tip of the airplane wing rests .... earlier you already came here via the wing to loot a yellow box. 

Walk up the airplane wing and switch on the survival instinct again to "spot" the next climbing walls.

Lara now first must go to the plateau on which the lamppost is placed. You do not necessarily have to do this via the bottom climbing wall, but Lara is not yet that adept at climbing with the climbing axe so the more and more often she climbs the walls the more skilled Lara will become at climbing with the climbing axe.

So run further and climb into the bottom climbing wall and then climb further up so that Lara ends up on the plateau with the lamppost.

On this plateau you hook Lara into the next climbing wall, at the lamppost

Then climb straight up until Lara can't go up any further. Then move Lara to the left and ..... Lara must then, via the side jump, jump over to the next climbing wall .... the game "tells" you how to perform these kinds of jumps. Make Lara hang in the side jump position and then press your Jump key and in the jump you also press your E key and .....

When you perform this side jump properly, Lara will ram her climbing axe into the new climbing wall at the right time and you can let her climb further up. 

So climb further up and ...... Lara then ends up on a plateau at the bridge that leads to the Wolf's Cave, on the right side of the waterfall.

When Lara continues to the bridge, the game treats us to an announcement that says we have arrived near an Optional Tomb. Walk up the bridge but stop halfway on the bridge. Across the bridge is the entrance to the Wolf's Cave where you have recovered Roth's backpack from the "Lone Wolf". Standing on the bridge, turn around to the waterfall, which descends from the mountain here and .... you will see the entrance to a tunnel and that tunnel leads to an OPTIONAL TOMBE ..... the Tomb of the Unworthy.

If you don't feel like doing this Optional Tomb right now, skip this part. I'm going to do this Tomb now, because it earns a Skill Point and a Treasure Map. If you also want to do this Tomb now, jump into the water and walk through the water to the entrance of the:

F: Tomb of the Unworthy:

The entrance of the tunnel is behind the waterfall. Stand carefully in the tunnel entrance. Lara is then difficult to see through the water of the waterfall, but you do get the message that there is something in the water. So press your E-key to pick up the thing and ..... it turns out to be GPS Cache number 6 of the 15 GPS Caches that can be found here in the Mountain Village levels.

Once Lara has picked up the GPS Cache, move her further into the tunnel. Follow the tunnel, which is first lit by hanging fire pits. 

Lara has to climb up a climbing wall pretty soon, so do that and then light Lara's torch at the fire pits, because the next part of the tunnel is pitch dark.

With a burning torch in her hand you move Lara further through the dark cave / tunnel and then through a Stalactite / Stalagmite cave and then ...

................ we reach a Day Camp in the tunnel ...... this is the Day Camp Tomb of the Unworthy ......

You cannot travel fast in a Day Camp, but you can buy Upgrades for Lara's skills and weapons if you have the points for them.

I have no points to spend now, so I now immediately continue through the tunnel and if you do that too then we end up in a large and high Cave ..... we have ended up in the:

Tomb of the Unworthy

Take a good look around first. You will see 2 iron cages, Cage A and Cage B. You will also see a wooden path. The wooden path is in front of Niche A and ends in front of Cage B. The end of the wooden path rises slightly and is "decorated" with a red cloth. Cage A is a closed cage and Cage B is an open cage. There are 3 flammable body bags hanging from Cage B. Behind Cage B you see a Climbing Wall .... above the Climbing Wall is the cave where the Treasury is located. On the other side is Niche B. Cage A and Cage B are connected by a hoist system.

Walk to the end of the wooden path. Lara then stand on the red cloth and right in front of Cage B. On the other side you now see niche B and in Niche B is a burning fire bowl. Cage B is hanging a bit too far away from Niche B, but if Lara jumps to Cage B then Cage B will swing forward and thus will then hang closer to Niche B for a moment. If Lara stays in Cage B a fraction too long, Cage B will drop down to the bottom of the cave due to Lara's weight and you have to do this part again.

So jump over to Cage B and ..... Cage B moves forward due to Lara's speed, so immediately jump further to Niche B .....

Lara will hang on the edge of Niche B, so pull Lara into Niche B and then light up Lara's torch by the fire bowl.

Turn around and walk back to the ledge, torch in hand, then jump back to Cage B and ....... 

Now stay in Cage B ..... because of Lara's weight plus the weight of the 3 Body bags, Cage B now drops to the bottom of the cave.

Lara must get Cage B back up again so she could jump back to the wooden path. Stay in Cage B and now, with the torch, set the 3 Corpse Bags on fire. 

The body bags burn completely and the cage becomes lighter and the cage rises again, to the height of Niche A.

So jump over to Niche A and then go to Cage A and make sure you get the Push symbol and then push Cage A into the depth with your F-key ... Because Cage A and Cage B are linked to each other, Cage B rises higher into the air as Cage A descends. Stand back in front of Cage B. Cage B is now hanging higher ....... The platform of Cage B is now hanging at the height of the climbing wall.

Jump over to Cage B again .... Lara will now hang on the bottom bar of Cage B, so pull Lara up the platform of Cage B. 

Then turn left and jump over to the climbing wall, pressing your E key at the right time so that Lara ram the climbing axe into the climbing wall.

Hanging from the climbing wall, move Lara to the right and then up and then pull Lara further into the Treasury cave.

Continue to the back and ..... well ..... Plunder the beautiful Treasure chest .....

You earn another Skill Point and the game will also report that you have found the Relic Map.

Turn around and walk back to the edge of the cave. A cable goes down, so stand under the cable so that you get the jump symbol.

Jump up to the cable and Lara sails back down via the cable and then lands at the tunnel entrance ...

Well .... follow the tunnel back and light Lara's torch again in the tunnel to be able to walk back through the dark part of the tunnel, Lara then comes outside again at the bridge.

Exit the water on the right side .... You are now back at the entrance of the Wolf Cave.

G: Further up to the entrance of the Mountain Base:

Turn around to the waterfall. Between the Wolf Cave and the waterfall you will see the climbing wall that you now have to climb to continue your route up the waterfall.

Walk to the climbing wall and hook Lara into the climbing wall with the climbing axe and then climb up, until Lara cannot go straight up any further.

Then move Lara to the left and then climb further up

Then pull Lara up onto the platform. Lara then stood on top of the rock. It's just a bare rock and there is nothing to be found. However, you will see the following climbing wall.

Run to the edge and press your Space key to jump to the next climbing wall and press the E key in the jump so......

.... that Lara pulls the Climbing Axe and hooks herself back into the climbing wall with the climbing axe.

Climb further up and then to the right and then further up and when Lara has reached the top edge she hears the voices of some Solari bastards, so you have been warned.

Climb further up the rocky plateau and ...... quickly take cover behind the wooden cart lying on its side. 

On the left a house and on the right a house. In the right house is 1 Solari bastard and in the left house are 2 Solari bastards. They haven't noticed Lara yet.

Quickly kill the Solari in the right house and then quickly turn left and then take out the 2 Solari's in the left house.

Do it quickly because if you give the 2 suckers in the left house a chance they'll throw hand grenades and Lara's fine skin can't handle that very well. How to do it is up to you, but send these 3 Solari dogs to Solari hell quickly and efficiently. So we are here on a middle section of the waterfall ..... on a number of rocky islands. When Lara has had her orgasm on those 3 Solari cocks, turn back to the right house.

Jump over to the island, to the right side of the house on the right, and then to the wooden front deck of the house and then take a look inside

Loot the body of the Solari you just killed. On the table is a Documents. Next to the table is a yellow box.

Take and read the document and loot the yellow box

Almost the entire left wall of this house has disappeared. So step out to the left and then turn around to the house.

Stand in front of the right corner of the house and then Jump / Climb up the piece of wooden wall up to the roof.

On the roof, walk to the left and pick up the 7th GPS Cache, which is glittering just below the ridge on this roof.

Then turn Lara over so she is facing the waterfall mountain.

Jump from the roof to the wooden wall and then keep pressing your Jump key so that Lara then climbs up the plateau via the wooden wall.

The route to the top of the waterfall goes straight on from here, via the wooden cart to the next climbing wall and then further up to the Bridge. But we can first go raid the left house before we go further up. There is a net hanging here and a lamppost. First go to the Lamppost and light Lara's torch and then light the Net with the burning torch.

Loot the chest that falls from the net. Keep the torch burning and hold it and now walk to the left point of this plateau, to the left of the wooden cart. Stand between the "rope pole" and the cart. Lara then sees the next 2 "Islets" and on the back "islet" is a Bhoeda that counts for the "Enlightenment" Challenge.

Jump over to the middle island and make sure Lara's torch doesn't go out. On the middle island you walk to the left point and ........

....... a beam connects the middle island with the Bhoeda island, so walk over the beam to the Bhoeda

Then go and light the Bhoeda's brazier with Lara's torch. This is Bhoeda 2. We will not find the other 8 Bhudas in this part of the Mountain Village ......

.. but rest assured ... we will come back 2 more times in this level and then we can search the other parts of this mountain village.

Go to the left and see ...... This Bhoeda rock is on the right side of the left house and that left house consists of 3 floors. 

There is a crate on the "veranda" of the top floor. Jump over to the top floor of the house.

So Lara landed at the crate. Walk into the house and ..... Loot the Relic chest ..... In the chest Lara finds the 1st of 3 Yagen.

Close the Relics screen and step outside again to the crate. Climb on the crate and then jump up and continue up the roof of the house.

Stay on this side of the roof and look to the left. There is a shelf on the roof and on that shelf is a bird's nest. Go steal the eggs from the bird's nest

There are still 3 of these bird nests to plunder, but you won't be able to do that until later.

Turn around and make Lara hang down on the left side of the shelf and then let Lara fall back down to the crate.

Back at the crate, on the top floor, stand on the other ledge and jump down to the 1st floor.

The 1st floor consists only of a shelf and there is an orange box on it. Loot the chest and then jump down to the ground floor.

 Loot the bodies of the Solari and just outside the side entrance you can pick up the 8th GPS Cache.

Turn around and walk through the house to the outside decking and then stand on the right point of the decking and then look at the left side of the house.

There is a "balcony" on the left side of the house. Jump diagonally across to that side balcony.

Then light the net with Lara's torch that is hanging there and then loot the box that falls from the net.

Jump back to the front of the house. Okay .... these were all the items you can find in and around these 2 houses. Take a good look at the situation now. Standing at the front of the left house, look to the left. You see that "floating" crate again and you see the route you now have to take to return to the rocky plateau where you set Lara's torch on fire.

Run to the left end of the platform and then jump across to the next piece of platform, which slopes upwards.

From the sloping piece of planking, jump quickly to the crossbar, which rests on the 2 wooden posts, and then pull Lara up so that she is on top of the crossbar.

Standing on the crossbar you then jump over to the climbing wall, whereby you also press your E key again to ensure that Lara hooks herself into the climbing wall. 

Then climb up and then up the plateau.

Walk, through the planks further bomb high and see ... Lara is now back at the lamppost where she previously lit her torch.

Opposite the wooden cart is the climbing wall of the rock where Lara must now climb. Stand right in front of the wooden cart, take a run-up and then jump over the sloping wooden cart to climbing wall 5, and in your jump press the E key again to pull the climbing axe.

Climb up and then pull Lara up the rock .... well ..... Lara now sees the wooden pillars of the suspension bridge, but she still has to go up 1 climbing wall. So jump over to the next climbing wall, pressing E again during the jump so that Lara chops herself into the rock.

Then climb further up and then pull Lara up over the edge to the Bridge.

We have now reached the waterfall and are standing in front of the bridge .....

Lara has to cross the bridge to the other side, but when Lara is halfway across the bridge the bridge will collapse. Run forward over the bridge and ....... When Lara is about halfway up the bridge the second half of the bridge start collapsing and also the part where Lara is starting to collapse.

Run on ..... the game then continues in Slow Motion ....... 

run on and then press your Jump Key at the right moment to jump to the climbing wall on the other side and press your E key in the jump to pull the Climbing Axe and ....

...... if you do it all at the right time, Lara will get stuck in the climbing wall. Then climb further up and ......

When Lara is almost up, she gets in touch, via the radio, with Rijes and the other survivors of the Endurance.

Just keep walking up the stone steps and then on to the end of the path

Be careful not to let Lara tip over the side at the end.

There is a pole with a cable on the right platform. Lara can "sail" down by cable to the entrance of the Mountain Base facility. So stand on the ledge and make sure you have the jump symbol and then jump to the cable and ..... Lara slide down the cable and she lands, quite noisy and uncomfortably in the entrance of a canyon ... ...

Quickly take cover behind the rocks because there are 2 or 3 Solari bitches on guard and Lara announced her arrival quite loudly during her slide along the cable. 

Stay in cover of the boulders and quickly take out the 2 or 3 Solari's.

1 of those Solari's is also going to throw grenades at Lara, so come up with a strategy to survive this again.

When everything has calmed down, and Lara is still alive, then go and loot the bodies of the Solari.

Light up Lara's torch at the barrel of fire, then light the hanging net with it and loot the crate that falls out.

Then walk to the back of this gorge ..... the gorge comes to a dead end, but in the back you see a hole in the rocks.

So push Lara through the Hole and ...... Lara will then enter the next Level .... and that is:

Level 4: Mountain Base: Part 1:

2021: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot