April 2013

2021: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

In 2013 I had the European / North American Digital version of the game and because I'm Dutch I played it with the Dutch language selected. So all the text on the game screens that you see in this walkthrough are in the Dutch language. Also all text that I have wrote on all the screenshots are Dutch

Level 4: Mountain Base:

A: Destroyed Tunnel

At the end of the previous level, you pushed Lara through the hole in the rocks and she has now ended up in another part of the island near the entrance to the Solari Bastards' Mountain Base. Follow the path further ahead and.Lara then reaches the Base Camp Destroyed Tunnel .....

Base Camp: Destroyed Tunnel

Lara takes a rest to warm up by the campfire and to watch some videos from aboard the Endurance

If you have accumulated Skill Points and enough Material points then I would suggest to "use" this camp here now to buy some Upgrades for Lara.

I bought the "Reclaim Arrows" Survival Update here and also the an upgrade for Lara's gun.

When you are ready, you get up. Look around ..... behind the campfire, on the edge of this plateau, is a Relic Chest. Walk to the Relic chest and open the chest

In the Relic Chest, Lara finds the 1st of 2 Bronze Chinese Coins that can be found in this level.

Close the screen and walk back to the campfire. You can loot an Ammo chest close to the campfire.

On the left is the wreckage of a Japanese Truck and at the rear wheels of the truck you can pick up the 1st of 2 GPS Caches

Walk to the right and ..... Lara will then be in front of the entrance of a tunnel ..... Now be careful ..... don't run forward like crazy .... 

Solari dogs are standing guard on the other side of the tunnel. Walk quietly to the large white stone. Pick the orange fruits from the bush, which is near the large white stone.

A Japanese truck is parked, a little further down the tunnel. Now sneak silently to the Japanese Truck and .....

Lara hears the voices of some Solari men and she automatically takes cover by the truck.

Be quiet now ..... Pull the Bow and then carefully peek around the truck to take in the situation. The Destroyed Tunnel ends in a courtyard in front of a building. Solari's roam around in the courtyard and there is a spotlight on the 1st floor of the building. The Spotlight has a Solari behind a machine gun and it is advisable to take out that bastard first. Use the Z key to zoom in on the spotlight with the Bow ... The Machine Gun Solari is hidden behind the sandbags but if you wait patiently and aim very precisely you can kill that machine gun bastard. You can also shoot the spotlight first. Anyway ... make sure you kill the guy behind the spotlight and also the Solari mother fucker in the courtyard.

When youkill the 2 Solari quickly and silently, the other Solari's will not notice. In the courtyard there is also a Solari in a protective suit ... and that bastard is going to throw Molotov cocktails if he becomes aware of Lara ... so try to kill that Molotov bastard from behind the cover of the truck too

Then sneak out of the cover of the truck and further forward and then go back into cover behind the wall and then take care of the remaining Solaris in the courtyard.

When you think Lara can get out of cover safely, walk out behind the wall into the courtyard.

Loot the corpses and pick up arrows, then enter the building entrance.

Lara ends up in a hallway. Be fucking QUIET .... sneak left and to the doorway and then look up the stairwell .....

........ quickly and quietly kill the Solari, who is standing with his back to Lara at the bottom of the stairs. An arrow in the back of the Solari works wonders. 

Then sneak up the stairs quietly. When you reach the top of the landing, first go left, because at the end of the landing Lara can loot the 2nd Relic Chest of this level.

So sneak silently to the Relic Chest and open the chest. Lara takes out the 2nd Bronze Chinese Coin.

Sneak back, pick up the arrows at the doorway and then go into the hallway and ........

......... immediately look to the left ...... Lara is now on the 1st floor and at the spotlight ....... As you can see I was able to get that machine gun Solari from the tunnel. 

But there is another Solari beyond the desk and he has not noticed Lara yet, so put an arrow through the back of his head ...

When the Solari is dead, sneak through to the sandbags and then along the wall to the next window. Peek carefully through the window and, .... you will see the tower and on the tower there are also 2 Solari's and a spotlight. 1 of those 2 Solaris will start throwing Molotovs at Lara, if you alert them. So quickly take out those 2 Solari's on the tower .... you  have to figure out yourself see how you do that..

Then sneak further down the hall to the back exit.

Then jump over to the Tower and loot the 2 bodies .....

Via the "climbing wall" Lara then had to go up further, but wait a while. 

Follow the tower circulation to the other side of the climbing wall because behind the climbing wall you can loot an orange chest and pick up the 2nd GPS Cache.

Then walk back and then climb / jump via the climbing wall to the iron stairs and then walk all the way to the top of the tower.

Loot the ammo box on top of the tower and then jump to the Cable and .....

... via the cable Lara then sails down and to end up in

B: Mountain Base Facility:

Via the cable ramp, Lara ended up in the bottom hallway of the building known on the island as the Mountain Base. In the courtyard Lara was already a bit bothered by a few Soilari guys .... well .... here in this base building Lara will fight her 1st big battle with about 20 of those Solari bastards. So it'sprobably best to prepare Lara a little for the fact that she could find the end of her young existence here. Fortunately, Lara has you to help her avoid a gruesome fate worse than death.

The hallway is full of water up to Lara's waist. So wade through the icy water to the back of the hall and then walk up the stone steps. 

On the desk you can then pick up the 2nd of 5 "Confessions of a Solari" document. Do this and read the document for a while.

 ... then sneak up the stairs. Lara will never open the door at the top of the stairs.

There is a large hole in the wall, but the space where that hole leads to is full of green toxic gas ...

Now if you want Lara to crawl through the wall hole she will show "prima donna" tendencies because that green gas is deadly.

Luckily there is a red spinner valve on the pipe, so go and force that red spinner valve to shut off the gas leak.

Then crawl through the wall hole into the pipe room and crawl straight on through the next wall hole. Lara has then ended up in the next room. 

The room opens into a corridor and Lara hears the voices of 2 Solari characters in the corridor, talking to each other. There is a yellow box at the doorway, but don't loot it just yet.

The 2 Solaris, whose voices you hear, will come to this room, if you let Lara hesitate here too long. Draw the bow and walk through to the doorway and then peek, carefully, into the hallway to the left. At the back of the hallway you will see those 2 Solari's. Between the two Solaris is an explosive orange Barrel. Quick ..... aim the red reticle of the bow at the orange barrel and fire and ...... BOOM ...... Bye Bye Solari's ...

However, it could be that this blast attracts a 3rd Solari, which then, when the smoke clouds have cleared up again, will appear ... well ... kill that bastard also. 

Then step back into the room to plunder that yellow box now. Then walk into the hallway ....

Where the 2 Solari's were is the stairs to the 2nd floor and, on the left, a room. But first go into the toilets for a moment and then to the right, to the room behind the toilets. 

There is a barrel with fire burning and there is an orange chest, which you can plunder ...

Then enter the next room. Lara can't get the door open, but she can force the one still closed Locker cupboard here for some Material points.

So force open the locker and then go back through the toilet room to the hallway and now walk to the back of the hallway, where you just detonated the barrel. On the right is the stairs to the 2nd floor, but on the left is another room with a banner on the wall. There are 5 of those Banners in the building and if Lara sets all 5 of them on fire she will have completed the "Infidels Challenge".

But to set the Banner on fire, Lara needed fire. So walk back to the toilets and then set fire to Lara's torch at the fire barrel

Then walk back to the banner room with the burning torch.

Back in the banner room you light up  the banner with the torch and .........

.... the game then notify you that you have set the 1st of a total of 5 Banners on fire for the "Infidels" challenge.

4 more of these banners to be found. Press your Shift key to extinguish the torch and then go back up the hall. Now sneak carefully up the stairs to the 2nd floor. The door at the top of the stairs does not open so turn right and .... Lara then looks down the hall and she already draw the bow .....

Ahead the hallway is blocked and there is a "live" cable dangling. Watch out ... stay still, or take at most 1 step forward ... because ... at the blockade, from a hole in the wall, a Solari will jump into the hallway and that guy will run towards Lara to chop of her head ..... Quickly put an arrow through the guy's ugly head  and then loot the corpse. You will have earned a Skill Point with it ....

Continue to the blockade and walk up the piece of concrete.

Lara has to crawl through the ventilation hole, where that Solari emerged from, so jump / climb via the wooden wall into the ventilation hole and ........

.... then let Lara fall into the next big room .... I call this room the "Lantern Room" because there are 4 of those burning oil lamps on the floor.

Lantern room:

Look around here ..... there seems to be no exit from this room. Lara peered into a narrower control room through the large armored window. Above the window is another square ventilation hole in the wall. There is a green cupboard in front of the window. On the left wall, where Lara has crawled in through the ventilation hole, hangs the 2nd Banner for the "Infidel Challenge" but Lara no longer has a burning torch. Walk to 1 of the burning oil lamps, which are here and there on the floor and then pick up the oil lamp. With the oil lamp in her hand, turn Lara to the Banner ....... Make sure Lara stays at a safe distance from the Banner ....

With oil lamp in hand, look at the banner and press your right mouse button and ..... a curved line will appear ..... it is a target line ... make sure the end of the curved line is on the banner and then click your left mouse button (or the Fire key with which you fire) and ...... Lara throws the burning oil lamp against the banner, which immediately catches fire.

You must do this from a safe distance because Lara will take damage if you stand to too close to the banner, when you throw the oil lamp at it. Still 3 Banners to go. 

Ok .... What now? Well ... climb the green box, which is in front of the large armored window, and then jump / climb into the ventilation hole, above the window ...

Push Lara further through the vent into the narrow control room. 

In the control room, Lara also sees no way out, because the door on the left is locked.

 However, look to the right and ..... In the corner is another red rotary wheel valve in the pipe.

Walk to the red rotary wheel valve and .....prepare yourself to act quickly

In a moment you have to act quickly because ... as soon as Lara has forced this red valve, a Solari will appear in the next room .... that Solari will not be able to reach Lara because of the armored glass ... But .... this narrow space will then fill up with poisonous green gas and Lara can't handle that very well .... You have to crawl back quickly, through the ventilation hole, to the Lantern Room.

..... Force the red rotary Wheel Valve and .....

....... Lara opens the valve and a Solari shows up in the next factory hall .... the Solari screams at Lara and he tries to ram the window with his rifle, which he fails

... In the meantime the gas is flowing into this narrow space and Lara is already getting dizzy ..... You notice that because your screen is getting a bit blurry now .....

Quickly now ..... Find the ventilation hole, quickly climb on the green cupboard and then jump / climb through the ventilation hole back to the Lantern room

Back in the Lantern Room, pick up 1 of the remaining Oil Lamps again and take it a safe distance from the large window.

Press the Right mouse button again and aim the curved Guideline in the ventilation hole and ....

...... Lara has to be at a safe distance because otherwise she will die herself from the explosion she is about to cause ......

Press the left mouse button (your fire key) and .... Lara throws the oil lamp through the ventilation hole into the control room and the gas explodes with a huge bang ..

the explosion also punched a hole in the wall, so go through that hole and then the next hole and you end up in the hall behind the control room.

At the doorway to the next room, the Solari is moaning., ...... The Solari lies with his shattered legs under a large block of rubble ...... 

Lara's explosion was very effective. The Solari dropped his machine gun and if you let Lara walk over to the injured guy she'll pick up the machine gun automatically.

The machine gun is Lara's new weapon, which you can pull via the key you have designated for it ... by default that is the number 3 key, or you scroll through the weapons using the scroll wheel of your mouse . Although the pistol and this machine gun are useful weapons, the Bow remains Lara's weapon of choice ... but you will find that out for the rest of the game.

The injured Solari is badly injured and he won't survive, but the guy doesn't want to lie down, moaning, waiting for him to finally die, so he begs Lara to "get him on his way". You have to know for yourself whether you want to give in to Lara's murderous tendencies or if you want to shrug it off. I shot the guy an arrow through his forehead ..... Well ... he should have shut up ...

Listen ... the guy himself asked for it ..... so what are you whining about. There is the 3rd Banner to be burned here .... you will find this Banner in the left corner, next to the large window. But to set the banner on fire Lara must light upher torch again, at  the burning barrel in the room behind the toilets.

So if you want to complete the B anner challenge, you now first go back to the 1st floor, through the door in the control room and the hallway stairs.

At the burning barrel, light the torch again and return with it and set the 3rd standard on fire with it

2 more banners to go. Now go, at the wounded or murdered Solari, to the back room.

Loot the 2 ammo boxes in the back room, which are on the floor in front of the desk and filing cabinets.

Op het bureau ligt dan ook nog de 2e van de 6 "Informatie uit Oorlogstijd" documenten. Grijp het document en lees het door

On the desk is also the 2nd of the 6 "Information from Wartime" documents. Grab the document and read it

Do not go through the next doorway just yet, but look to the right. In the back of this room, in the right corner, you can pick up the 1st of 2 GPS Caches.

Lara's 1st Big Fire Fight:

I would now like to say to you that now is the time to SAVE your game,  but unfortunately you cannot save yourself in a Lara game ...... But the game has just saved the Checkpoint itself . If you continue now, Lara will soon end up in her first really big fight ..... a fight with 10 to 20 Solaris at a time ..... I cannot help you with tactical tips .... you will have to survive it all by yourself. Just this ..... For the "normal fight scenes", so the fights with the Solari's, I use a Cheat Trainer with an "Infinite Health" cheat .... this means that Lara will not die in my game if she's hit by enemy bullets and / or grenades. But it also means that the game "behaves" slightly differently than if you are not using a Cheat Trainer. Keep this in mind when you hear me tell you how I got Lara through this fight.

Once you've got the GPS Cache, turn around and take a deep breath and then exit this room through the other doorway than the one you entered and.......Lights go on and Lara has lost her orientation for a while ....... Lara's guests immediately start treating her to glowing lead .......Well .... don't blame me that I Lara has invited guests who are not so concerned with the pleasantries? Lara has end up in a larger hall and it is crawling with Solaris who want to do bad things to poor Lara. Lara absolutely doesn't want to be fucked by 20 guys, so do your best to kill all those horny bastards.

don't expect anystrategic tips from me in this kind of fight ..... I use a Cheat Trainer and so Lara doesn't die in my game in this kind of fights. The door through which Lara entered here is closed so Lara cannot leave this hall anymore. The Solari guys run towards Lara from the hall and they also appear on the upper balcony. Try to make every shot count because Lara doesn't have that much ammo. When you run out of bullets for the machine gun, Lara will automatically switch to the gun and to the bow.

The first thing I did was to take out all the spotlights so that Lara is no longer in the full light. There are 2 orange barrels on the floor of the hall and you can detonate them if you blow a bullet or an arrow through them. The blast of those orange barrels will take care off a good chunk of the Solari's, but you really won't be able to prevent some of the Solaris from reaching Lara. However you do it ... survive this fight. You notice that the fight is over, so when there are no more Solaris, when Lara automatically straightens up again, so no longer moves into the stealth position.

When all Solari's are dead, you will loot the corpses and all the ammo boxes that can be found in the hall, but do not leave the hall yet. There is also a GPS Cache in this hall ..... the thing is somewhere under the balcony. On the "front balcony" of the hall, where Lara entered, is a door ... the door is diagonally up and right in front of the upper balcony. Jump via the door to the balcony

Follow the balcony to the end, looting the Solari's corpse along the way. At the end of the balcony Lara ended up at Base Camp "Map Room"

Use the Base Camp to put it on the map. This "Map Room" Camp is also a fast travel camp to travel back to previously found base camps.

If you now have Skill points and a lot of Material points, you can now purchase some Upgrades for Lara's skills and weapons here.

 I bought the  "Loot skil" here and an upgrade for the machine gun.

If you have enough points to buy even more Upgrades, I suggest you do that. If you want you can now travel back to previous base camps, but I will not do that now. 

Close all camp screens and return to the hall floor, so just jump down from the balcony

The opened double doors are the exit from this hall, but first go to the back room.

In the back room hangs the 4th Banner and you can pick up ammo and loot a yellow box.

Laar has to light her torch to set the banner alight, but there is no fire to be seen here. Go back to the hall and draw the Bow.

Now sneak through the double doors and up the stairs, arch drawn. At the top of the stairs there is a fire barrel but ignore the barrel now and walk to the right into the hallway and ..... A Solari comes out of a ventilation hole into the hallway ....... Quickly kill the Solari ... ..

Plunder the Solar hard and then go and light Lara's torch by the barrel of fire.

With a burning torch you go back down the stairs and back to the back room. Then light the Banner in the back room

This was Banner 4, so 1 banner to be found. Hold to the lit the torch and return to the hallway where you just lit the torch.

Now walk to the door at the back of the hallway. The door is locked so force the door open with Lara's axe ....

When Lara has the door open, enter the room but do not go straight ahead. Lara is now in the main control room and to the right hangs the 5th Banner of the "Unbeliever Challenge". If Lara still has her torch burning, you now set the banner on fire right away. If you had turned off the torch, you can walk back to the fire barrel to light the torch again.

Set the Banner on fire to completed the "Unbeliever" Challenge

now walk on to the large console, which covers the entire back wall of this room and ......A cut scene is now taking over ..... 

Lara finds out that the console is completely broken and she contacts Alex, the technician of the Endurance expedition. Alex has some bad news for Lara ... Now that no S.O.S can be broadcast via the console, Lara has to go to the Radio Tower to send an S.O.S from that Radio Tower.

C: On route to the Radio Tower:

Lara had to swallow a bit when she saw the Radio Tower. Take a look around here in the control room. There is a document on the desk and you can loot the ammo box and the yellow crate. In the wall, behind the yellow crate, is a large hole and that hole is the EXIT from this Hall.

But first go and get the Document that is on the desk. It is the 2nd journal of a Mad man'sDocument.

Get the ammo and crack the yellow crate, then push Lara through the hole in the wall.

The hole in the wall takes Laar into a narrow steam pipe corridor ... a very narrow corridor and the pipes are hot

Now just push Lara through this narrow corridor, using your Forward keys and .....

Lara crawled under pipes and took some damage from the hot steam, but she eventually reach the end of this pipe passage, as long as you keep pushing your forward key. At the end Lara is then at a grid. Press your Melee button ... for me that's the F key, a few times to kick the grid out of the way

Keep kicking and Lara kicks the grate and crawls out ...... We then ended up behind the Mountain Base ... at the Bridge over the Gorge.

Lara sees the Radio Tower and thinks it strange that it is snowing.

D: Base Outside

Quick Time Event "On the Bridge":

Turn right. In front of the bridge you can see the campfire of the Day Camp. Jump down and walk to the campfire. This is the "Lookout Post on the Bridge" camp and this is a day camp so you cannot travel fast here. But you can buy Upgrades here if you have enough points ..... I don't have any points to spend right now, so no Upgrades for me here now.

Get up and look at the bridge ..... Get ready for another "Quick Time Event"...... Halfway the bridge is a big hole and a truck is parked. Walk up the bridge and do it on the right side. Continue to the hole in the bridge. Then step on the iron bridge beam and walk across the beam to the other side. Lara will never fall, but take it easy anyway.

Lara then went over the hole and is now at the truck

Walk on and ..... Oops ... from behind the truck a Solari jumps out and he grabs Lara and wants to throw her off the bridge into the depths. Lara grabbed onto the truck and you must now help her to kick her attacker off the bridge. So quickly press your Left and Right Arrow keys and keep doing that until the Melee Symbol appears and then press, at exactly the right time, your Melee key (F-key)

If you press your Melee Key at exactly the right time, Lara kicks her attacker off the bridge into the depths.

If you were just a fraction too early or too late, Lara will be thrown in depth and you will have to keep doing this piece over and over again until you have succeeded. If it succeeds, Lara automatically pulls a weapon and takes the stealth position because there are more Solaris to kill here behind the bridge.

Battle on the Hill, beyond the Bridge:

Lara is on the other side of the bridge. The path here meanders further up the hill to the ruins of a building. Solaris will attack and you will have to kill them all. There is plenty of opportunity for cover, so work your way up and kill all the Solaris that jumped down from the buildings. I can't help you with this .... You have to find the best ways to survive this part again.

At first there will be 2 or 3 Solaris on Lara when you are on your way up

Kill the Solari's and loot the corpses and don't forget to loot the Ammo boxes and pick up the arrows, which can be picked up here and there.

The path then continues with a right turn upwards, but a gang of Solari's appear on the roof of the building.

Those Solaris will come down via a cable, so try to kill them if they are still on the roof or if they come down on the cable

If any Solari's reach Lara, they will want to kill Lara with their machetes, so it's best to prefent that

When you also survived this load of Solari's then you sneak further around the bend and ..... 

on top of the hill there is the ruin of a lonely building and in that building are also Solaris and there will also be Solaris on the roof, left next to the building.

On the floor of the ruin you'll see a few orange barrels, so make a quick explosion to quickly take out the Solaris in the building

Then some Solari's come down from the left, so take care of that too. You'll know if you've gotten all of the Solaris when Lara no longer adopts the stealth position and dares to stand upright again. Continue to the building and then Jump / Climb, via the right wall, to the floor of the building.

On the floor of the building, loot the orange chest and, a little further up, pick up the Document. This is the 3rd Diary of a Madman

Close the document screen and jump back down and now go to the left of the building.

Then climb up the wall ..... Lara ends up on the flat roof of the low building

From the building on the other side Lara will be bombarded again by Solaris, who will come down by cable and crawl up this roof. Some Solaris will also throw Molotov.

 Lara can take cover behind the piece of fence and piece of wall.

You can't prefent for 1, or 2, Solaris to crawl onto the roof, so get Lara to kill them quickly. Make sure every shot or arrow counts because if Lara's ammo is used up you will end up in close combat battles in which you have to strangle the Solari's with the bow. Anyway ... make sure Lara survives this fight again and then jump down to the large courtyard and .....

Get ready to fight of a realy big bastard.......

..... Have some "fun" with the "Squire".

The Solaris are now getting tired of being killed so easily by Lara and so they now send 1 of their heavier Boys towards Lara ...... a "Squire". This "Squire thinks he can take care of our Lara on his own, but you are going to put a stop to that. The game gives you a hint about how to act and then ..... the orange doors go open and the "Squire" steps out

So this "Squire" is your first "End Boss" in the game. Well ... you have to come up with a tactic that works for you to deal with this "Squire". The "Squire" wants to slash Lara into pieces with his big machete, so he does not shoot or throw grenades. The little "Boy" hides behind his shield, when he rushes towards Lara ..... You have to make sure that Lara avoids the attacks of the Squire, and that he always exposes part of his body for a moment.

If the "Squire" is not completely covered by his shield for a while, then pump his bare body full of lead ..... Let every shot hit because Lara doesn't have that much Ammo. When the machine gun bullets are finished, Lara will continue with the gun .... if the pistol bullets are also finished, you will have to continue with the bow and arrow. Here and there you can find some ammo boxes in the courtyard, but if Lara is completely out of bullets and arrows, you will have to try to strangle the "Squire" with the bow. Well ... do your best ..... So make sure the "Squire" is always vulnerable by luring him from behind his shield and then pump bullets and arrows into his body.

When the "Squire" has died, loot the body.....you get some extra parts to upgrade the Bow

Lara's troubles are not over yet because the orange doors will open again.  

The assistant of the "Squire" does not like that Larahas killed his boss ...... Kill the dick quickly and loot the body

Then enter the building through the opened orange doors.

The last building in front of the Radio Tower:

Lara is in a hallway and she can cross to the stairwell and then go up the stairs to the floor. Don't do that yet, but first go to the right, into the back room.

In the back room is a fire barrel and you can find an ammo box and force open a locker with the axe.

Also light Lara's torch at the fire barrel here and then go back into the hallway with a burning torch.

Enter the stairwell and walk up the stairs. On the first floor you will see a net hanging and in the back a yellow crate and a door


Continue to the hanging net and set it on fire with the torch.

The crate that was in the net will of course fall down, so jump down, or walk back down the stairs to loot the crate.

Back up the stairs and now walk to the yellow crate, which is at the back by the window. Loot the crate and then force open the closed door here with the axe.

When Lara has forced open the door, you enter the room.

 At the window there is a Relic box on the crates. Well .... go "score" the Relic. The relic is the 1st of 2 nameplates of a Japanese elite unit.

Leave this room and back in the hall, now go up the outside balcony and then walk up the outside stairs to the roof of this building.

The game tells you that you have reached a new Base Camp ... the "Radio Tower Base Camp".

We see that we have now ended up close to the Radio Tower. Continue and then go left, to Base Camp.

E: Radio tower:

Behind the campfire is a Document on the rug. On the left, a cable goes down to the lower roof of another building. On that roof you can find the Treasure Map of the Mountain Base and also loot an orange chest. I don't know what your score is now, but if you have 1 or more Skill Points again and more than 400 material points then you could buy another Skill Upgrade for Lara in this Camp and maybe 1 or 2 Upgrades for Lara's bow or pistol or machine gun .

NB: I was able to buy the last Survival Upgrade Category 1 here in this camp ... from now on I can then buy the Category 2 upgrades once I have collected enough Skill Points again. I also bought 2 more Upgrades for the Machine Gun here. From this point on I will no longer tell you what I have done at each new camp .... just emember for yourself that in the camps you can redeem your Skill points and your Material points by buying Upgrades for Lara.

Anyway ..... use the camp or don't use it, but at least go and pick up the Document, which is behind the campfire on the rug. T

his is the 4th "Diary of a Madman" document.

It is not really necessary to go and retrieve the Treasure Map of this Mountain Base ..... if you have followed my Walkthrough then you have already "scored" all the important items found in this area. But if you are going to play the game to the full 100 percent, you also need the treasure map for it ... because every missed item will eventually lower your score. So if you also want the Treasure map, you stand under the cable, which goes down to the left of the campfire, then jump up to the cable and ..... Lara sails down via the cable and land on the lower roof.

On the roof, loot the orange chest and also pick up the ammo chest. The treasure map is on the stones to the right of the barrel of fire.

Then jump to the cable again and then move Lara back up the cable with your forward key.

When Lara  is hanging above the Camp again, on the cable, press the Shift key to let her fall out of the cable.

Now go back to the front and then to the left, so that Lara is right in front of the Radio Tower.

A cable will go from this roof to the Radio Tower, so jump to the cable and then move Lara forward along the cable to the Radio Tower.

Press the Shift key to land Lara on the tower course. Then walk around the corner to the right and stand on the ladder

Move Lara up the ladder and ..... about halfway up, under Lara's feet, a piece of ladder breaks off ...

Keep Lara moving up and she will automatically end up on the next floor of the tower and she will automatically be on the next ladder .... Oops .... even further up .... and it is already so high here. Well ....climb further up ... Lara is startled by a few birds but she continues bravely and we end up on the top floor of the tower ....

But Lara is not at the very top  yet .... we have to go up even further and Lara will climb the 1st part of this crazy "Ladder" automatically.

We can already see that, almost above, some of the iron ladder bars have disappeared.

Press and hold your Forward / Up key to make Lara climb past the broken ladder bars ....

Then just keep climbing and ...... Lara  then end up at the very top of the Tower

Wow ..... what a view ..... a bit high up for my taste ..... Okay....Lara is sitting in front of the Transmitter panel and she opens the box and contacts Alex. Alex then gives instructions on how to find the right channel and the Game also gives you hints. The panel has 2 rotary knobs. The left button is the Noise Suppressor and the right button is the frequency finder. Lara has automatically held the right button, so you have to set the correct frequency first. and you do that with your Arrow keys

Press your Left Arrow or Right Arrow until Lara has set the pointer in the right screen on the 4th short line.

You will hear a voice saying that we are then tuned in to the "International Emergency Signals Answering System".

Now Lara has to tune the Noise Suppressor properly, so now she has to turn the left knob.

To ensure that Lara  now grabs the left button, you must first press your E-key.

When Lara has  hold of the left button then you have to use your Left arrow or your Right arrow again. Do this until you get the message that Laar can start "Broadcasting" .......

.... Then press your E-key again and ...... Lara then broadcast her S.O.S ......

Lara's S.O.S is picked up by the pilot of the rescue plane who was already looking for the Endurance. The pilot knows roughly where to look for the survivors, but he could use some help in the form of a visual signal. Lara would must light up a big fire somewhere. We then end back up  floor and Lara's new assignment is given

F: Light up a Signal Fire for the rescue plane:

Ok ... Jump up to the cable and .....

......... Lara sails all the way down by cable and automatically lands on the ground .........

 Against the rock wall is a large petrol tank, but Lara can't do anything with this tank. Walk through and then down the stone stairs to the small valley.

Down in the valley, Lara notice that there are also a number of those large petrol tanks ..... there are also a few dilapidated sheds, the largest of which is at the right rear. A pipe with a red turning wheel protrudes from the ground in front of the petrol tanks. The pipe is therefore a valve ..... Stand in front of the rotary wheel pipe and then use your E-key to open the valve.

When Lara has forced the valve, petrol will flow out of the pipe and the petrol will form a puddle on the ground.

However, Lara has no fire to set the gasoline on fire. So a way must be found to set the gasoline on fire. 

Go to the big shed in the back right and enter it. Inside the shed you walk to the table and ....... On the table Lara will find the Fire Steel ......

Lara automatically takes the Fire Steel from the table ... This Fire Steel is an iron rod with which Lara can set her torch on fire at all times ..... The game tells you how to do this .... by pressing your E-key. So from now on you are no longer dependent on fire barrels or braziers to light the torch because from now on you just press your E key if you want to light the torch. Go back out of the shed and back to the puddle of gas.

 Hold on a minute with setting the puddle of gasoline on fire because as soon as Lara has set the gasoline on fire, the game will go into "OVERDRIVE" ..... You Then end up in a longer "Quick Time Event" in which you have to guide Lara down a slope course and that slope is full of obstacles that you must avoid ..... If you do this wrong or if you are too slow, Lara dies.

Get the fire icon on the puddle of gasoline. Press E key to light the torch and then press E key to light the gasoline with the torch and .....

G: Slope Roetsj ..... Avoid the Obstacles:

The 1st part is a cut scene:

The burning gasoline explodes the pipe and gasoline tanks in a big "Bonfire". The pilot of the rescue plane sees the explosion and comes flying but ...... The Island will not allow Lara and her friends to be rescued ... The previously so clear sky suddenly turns into a great storm ..... Lightning hits the plane and sets the plane on fire .....

The crashing plane comes straight for Lara and Lara start a panic run down the long slope and.....

 the plane explodes into big pieces and those pieces come done towards Lara .....

 Lara has jumped down and start bouncing down a long ramp .....

The debris of the plane follows Lara and the ramp is full of obstacles that are deadly to Lara.

As soon as the game camera shows you Lara from a rear view, you have to move Lara past all the obstaclesby moving her to the right or left, at the right time with your arrow keys.

If you do nothing, or you  do it wrong or too slow Lara will just keep sliding down the middle of the slope and ...

... then she will get impaled down her throat by a long pointed rod .....it's  Game Over.

So this shouldn't happen. So you have to avoid the obstacles by going around them and you do that by always using your left and / or right arrow at the right time. However, from about half way there are two routes you can take .... Left through a wooden ramp or right through a "tunnel". I'll explain both routes to you.

Right-hand Route:

From the moment you hit the 1st obstacle, move Lara to the left to avoid the obstacle

 Lara slide further down and you then see the next obstacle appear. Quickly move Lara to the right to avoid the obstacle.

On the left is the wooden slope of the leftside route ... but now just slide straight ahead and through the "gate"

After the "Gate" you have to move Lara quickly to the left and then move exactly to the left of the hut, between the posts.

Lara then slides over the last part of the slope towards the bottom cabin and here you have to avoid the last obstacles and then Lara thunders into the bottom cabin

As soon as Lara ends up in the bottom cabin, the camera position changes and you see Lara roll towards you through the cabin and ....

Lara rolls over the edge but with 1 hand she just manage to grab herself on the edge ... Quickly .... Press your E key to help Lara to retreat into the cabin

When Lara is back in the cabin you wait a moment ... there is an explosion and then the camera "tilts" to the right and you see the end platform where you have to bring Lara to 

quickly ... jump over to the safe platform and ....

..... You made it ..... Lara is safe and .... after she has recovered, Lara sees the pilot of the disaster plane descending on his parachute .....

The Left-hand route via the wooden slope:

The 1st part is the same as with the right route.

But when Lara  approaches the middle obstacle, you navigate her to the left, then quickly go left and then right again and then left down the wooden slope.

Here are some screenshots that will hopefully help you if you want to try this route.

When Lara has ended up in the end hut, the rest is as with the right-hand route.

You ha e reached..........

Level 5: Mountain on top of the cliffs: 

2021: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot