2021: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

In 2013 I had the European / North American Digital version of the game and because I'm Dutch I played it with the Dutch language selected. So all the text on the game screens that you see in this walkthrough are in the Dutch language. Also all text that I have wrote on all the screenshots are Dutch.

Level 6: Mountain Village Part 2: 

A: On route to the Smoke Signal

After her escapades at the Huts on top of the Cliffs, Lara is back at Roth, in the mountain village. Only now we have ended up in another part of the mountain village, in the "Lookout over the Village" camp. Lara just had her argument with Roth about rescuing the co-pilot. Roth does not agree that Lara wants to go to the co-pilot's smoke signal to give the poor man some medical attention, but Lara still want to do this. So here we are high above the valley of the Mountain Village and from this viewpoint we can see, on the other side of the valley, the blue smoke of the smoke signal rising .... So Lara wants to go to that blue smoke signal.

However, there is no rush ..... You will probably have scored 1 or maybe 2 Skill points again and also some material points. So turn around and walk back to the campfire. If you already started talking to Lara's companions in the earlier chapters, you can now talk to Roth again. Talking to the travel companions will earn you an Achiefment at the end of the game and that counts towards getting the game played at 100%.

So stand with Roth and hit your E key to talk to him and keep doing this until there's nothing more to talk about. Then turn to the campfire and "use" the campfire to spend your skill points and material points on new skills for Lara and upgrades for Lara's weapons.

When you are done in this camp you walk away from Roth. On the left is the tunnel, where Lara came here from the Cliff vilage. A stone staircase descends.

Walk down the stone stairs and make sure that Lara does not fall over the edge at the bottom. We have to go further down to the hut, which can be seen far below Lara on the next rocky plateau, but  jumping  is of course not an option. The "gate", below Lara, is wrapped with rope and next to Lara is an "Anchor Post"

Draw the Bow and aim the reticle at the rope wrapped "gate" then press your Alternate Fire key / button and ....

Lara shoots a rope arrow to the "gate" and she ties the rope to the "Anchor Post".

Well ... Jump to the rope and ..... Lara sails down the rope and she lands down on the next plateau .....

Lara hears voices and immediately assumed the stealth position. Quickly ... get Lara into cover behind the piece of picket fence

There are 3 Solari's in the hut and they come out. Whatever you do, the Solaris will notice Lara, so make sure you deal with them quickly.

Try to kill the 3 Solaris with the Bow and then with a headshot.

Use the Bow's zoom function to zoom in closer on the guys and quickly sent them to hell. When it's done, Lara will automatically return to normal upright position. Then go and loot the 3 bodies and don't forget to loot the yellow crate, which is near the stairs of the hut. From this yellow crate Lara then takes the 2nd set of Bow parts.

At the next base camp you will then automatically get a whole new upgrade / function for the Bow. Walk up the wooden stairs and then enter the hut above. In the hut you will find a Relic chest on the table. Open the chest and ... In the chest Lara finds the 2nd of 3 Kanpo spice pots. If you turn the pot with your right mouse, you will score some extra XP points.

Close the black screen and turn around. On the left is a yellow box and on the right is a niche, but that niche is blocked by barbed wire planks. Lara can't get rid of the barricades just yet because she needs the Shotgun for that and we haven't found it yet. However, there is a Document in that niche, so if you want to score that document as well, you will have to return here later, when you have found the Shotgun. In any case, go and loot the yellow box now because Lara will find the 1st of 3 rifle parts in it

Leave the hut and walk back down the wooden stairs and now climb further up the stone stairs and ... we end up at a Bhoeda statue. 

In front of the Bhoeda is a cart and above the cart hangs a cable, which goes down to another lower plateau.

What was it with those Bhudas again? Oh yes .... the "Enlightenment Challenge".

Stand in front of the Bhoeda and then press your E key to light Lara's torch and then light up the Bhoeda with the torch.

So this is your 3rd Bhuda ... 7 more Bhudas to be found and ignited. We have to go further down, so stand on the wooden cart and then jump to the cable and ....

..... Lara sails further down the cable and while Lara is sailing down you can already see the next Bhoeda, to the left behind the hut where Lara will now end up.

When Lara has landed, she is standing at the front side of the hut, which is on poles. Lara can enter the hut via a wooden staircase, but don't do that yet. Take a look under the hut because there you can find a GPS Cache, so walk around the wooden stairs and then dive under the hut and pick up the GPS Cache that is here.

This is your 7th GPS Cache of this mountain village. Go back to the front and now go up the wooden stairs and into the hut. 

There is nothing to be found in the hut itself, but from the hut you look at the Bhoeda, who is "meditating" to the left behind the hut on the rocky plateau.

So jump over to the Bhoeda plateau and then light the Bhuda with Lara's torch

Turn off the torch by pressing your Shift key for 2 seconds and go back to the edge of this plateau and look at the roof of the hut. Above Lara's head hangs a net with a yellow box in it. However, the Net is too high, so Lara cannot reach it. A fire bowl hangs just at the roof of the hut and a ball of rope sticks out at the bottom of the bowl. Jump over to the roof of the hut

On the roof of the hut, stand behind the Fire Bowl and then light the torch and light the Fire Bowl with your burning torch.

Then draw the bow and shoot a Rope Arrow in the rope ball that hangs at the bottom of the fire bowl and ... Lara then gives a tug on the rope so that the fire bowl swings at the Net and then sets the net on fire. The yellow box will then fall from the net and with a bit of luck that box will end up behind the hut on the ledge.

Jump off the roof again at the front side and then go behind the hut to see if that yellow box has ended up there and if so, loot the box. However, it may be that this box has fallen further down and if that is the case, I would forget it. Walk back to the front of the hut and then further up to the next Anchor Post.

Lara has a good view of the blue smoke signal here again and she has to continue to the other side, but the wooden suspension bridge is broken.

Look straight ahead and you will see that you have to shoot another Rope Arrow at the Arch on the other side.

Well ..... shoot a Rope Arrow into the rope wrapped around the Arch and Lara reattached the rope to the Anchor Post.

So jump in the rope and move Lara in the rope to the other side

Then let Lara fall down and run to the climbing wall. 

Press the E key to hang on the climbing wall with the Climbing Axe, or Jump against the climbing wall while pressing your E key

Lara then hangs from the axe on the climbing wall again, so climb up and when Lara has reached the top edge, she hears 2 Solaris, who are standing guard on this plateau. 

The furthest Solari is pissing or masturbating and he is almost "done".

Well .... climb up the plateau and kill both Solari bastards with an arrow through their heads. Then go loot the 2 bodies.

We have to cross the gorge here again, but first goleft, into the cave because there is another Bhoeda in the cave. 

So enter the cave and walk to the Bhoeda, press E button to light the torch and then light the Bhoeda.

5 more Bhudas left to be found, but even now you will not find all of them. Go back out of the cave, not through the left exit but through the entrance through which you also entered. Back on the plateau where you killed the two Solaris, go to the next Anchor Post. So Lara had to go to the other side again. The river flows through the gorge ... remember this. At the top right you see the entrance to a mountain tunnel and that mountain tunnel is the route to a Secret Tomb.

Shoot a Rope Arrow into the rope on the other side and then go, via the rope, across the gap to the other side and then let Lara fall from the rope

Walk further up to the end ... you will get the message that there is a Secret Tomb nearby. In the distance you see the blue smoke signal again and the entrance to the mountain tunnel is on the left.  I will now first go  loot the Secret Tomb and then go further on the way to the smoke signal

B: Secret Tomb: Hall of the Ascension:

Tunnel and Day Camp

Enter the mountain tunnel and start to follow the tunnel further. Lara will light her torch herself.

Follow the tunnel and when Lara has gone up the wooden stairs in the tunnel you will see a yellow box.

Loot the yellow box. The tunnel continues, to the left of the yellow box, but you have to let Lara climb up

Follow the tunnel further, through another cave and a narrower passage and then the tunnel ends in a huge cave

In the cave you get the message that Lara has reached the "Hall of the Ascension", but she is not quite there yet.

Climb a little higher via the wooden wall and then follow the last bit of tunnel to the Day Camp "Hall of the Ascention".

If you "use" this day camp and have found the 2 Bow parts, you will get a free upgrade for Lara's bow here. However, I am not using the camp yet because I will first loot the treasury in the "Hall of the Ascension" and then I will come back here anyway. So go over the wooden bridge to the:

Hall of the Ascension:

If you move Lara across the bridge to the Hall, you will notice that the wind is very strong here and that the strong wind stirs up a lot of dust and sand.

The wind is blowing so hard that Lara is almost blown off the bridge, but fortunately this doesn't happen and we end up in the Hall without damage. Take a good look around first ... don't do anything else because I'm going to explain it to you first. To reach the treasury, Lara must reach the higher balcony.

This hall consists of 2 halls and we are now in the downstairs hall. The treasure chest is in the upper hall and Lara has to reached it via the balcony (8). In the middle of this downstairs hall is a crank device (2) and with the crank you can lift the wooden bin (4) upwards. If you look to the left you will see the window (1). The window has 2 shutters and they are now both open and that is why the strong wind now comes in through the window. There is a large chest (3) between the window and the Crank (2).

Als je naar rechts kijkt dan zie je de rechter korte muur. Hoog bovenaan de muur steekt een richel (6 en 7) en je ziet ook een houten plank (5) aan richel (6) hangen. Ok....Lara moet gebruik maken van de wind om, via Kist (3) en Bak (4) de richels (6 en 7) te bereiken en dan aan de richels opschuiven naar het balkon (8) en dat moet dan via de houten plank (5). Het gaat op snelheid en op tijd.

Ok.......Als je zelf nog niets gedaan hebt hier dan ren je nu naar het Raam (1). 
Het raam heeft 2 luiken, een onderluik en een bovenluik, en rechtsonder het raam hangt een Zwengel.

If you look to the right you will see the right short wall. High at the top of the wall is a ledge (6 and 7) and you also see a wooden plank (5) hanging from the ledge (6). Lara must use the wind to reach the ledges (6 and 7) via Box (3) and Box (4) and then move on the ledges to the balcony (8) and that must be done via the wooden board (5). It goes on speed and on time.

If you haven't done anything here yourself, run to the Window (1).

The window has 2 shutters, a bottom hatch and a top hatch, and a crank handle at the bottom right of the window.

Stand in front of the round Crank and press your E button and keep pressing the E key until both window shutters are closed.

When both window shutters are closed, no more wind will enter the hall. But the shutters only stay closed for a short while, so quickly ........

..... run back to Crank Device (2) and turn the Crank to lift Box (4) .............

When Box 4 has risen, the lower window hatch is opened again. Quickly ..... Run to Box (3) and climb on top of Box (3) and then turn around to the wooden Box(4)

Jump quickly, from the Box (3) into the wooden Box (4) and ......

......... the top window hatch now also opens again and the wooden box is now blown forward by the wind towards the wooden plank wall (5) ......

so jump at the right moment from the wooden Box(4) to Plank Wall (5) and keep pressing your Jump key and ..... Lara will hang on the ledge (6)

NB: This will only work if you were fast enough .... If the top window hatch has opened before you have Lara in the wooden box, the box will not swing enough and Lara will not be able to reach the ledge. You have to try again by first closing the window shutters again

Move Lara on the ledge (6) to the left and then around the corner and ...Lara then hangs from ledge (7).

 Move Lara further to the left until she automatically assumes the Side Jump pose

So press your Jump key to make Lara jump to the continuation of the ledge and then move her further to the end and then jump sideways up the Balcony (8). You made it .... Lara has now ended up on the balcony. When you land on the balcony, move Lara into the upstairs hall and walk all the way to the back

The 2 side halls contain nothing, so walk to the back and then loot the Treasury chest

You will then be notified that you have looted this Tomb and that weapon modifications are available

Turn around and walk back to the balcony, where you also get the message that Lara has stolen the GPS Cache Map from the chest and the 1st of 3 Pistol parts.

Back on the balcony you find a good place to let Lara jump back down safely and then you do that and leave this hall. Go back over the bridge to the Day Camp and use this Day Camp now and ...... if you have "scored" the 2 Bow parts earlier in this level then you will now get the free Update for Lara's Longbow .... the Longbow becomes the "Recurverbow".

If you still have Skill points and sufficient Material points, you can now also buy 1 or more new skills and Upgrades for Lara's weapons. You have to know what skills and upgrades you want now. Get up and go back out through the long tunnel and Lara is back at the high vantage point from which she can see the blue smoke signal.

C:Back on route to the smoke signal:

We are again high above the valley at the viewpoint. On the other side you can see the blue smoke of the co-pilot's smoke signal rising again and his parachute is also hanging there. You can now take the direct route to the smoke signal or you can take a different route first to score some Bhoedas, bird's nest and other items. From the valley a few "rock islands" rise into the sky, from left to right these are the "rock islands" 1, 2, 3. Lara can reach all those "rock islands" via her rope arrows. The direct route to the smoke signal is via the middle "island" 2, but I am not taking this direct route. I'm going to do the difficult route to "score" some more items along the way for points and upgrades.

To the left of Lara is an Anchor Post. If you now put Lara all the way on the very edge and then look down to the right, you will see the river and an Arch to the right below Lara. Rope is wrapped around the top beam of that Arch ..... it's point 4 on the picture above.

Make sure Lara sees that Arch (4) well and then draw the bow and shoot a Rope Arrow in the white rope of that Arch and ..... Lara ties the rope to the Anchor Post.

Jump to the rope and ... with the help of the climbing axe Lara slide down the rope and she will end up on the top bar of the Arch.

Make Lara jump off the front side of the beam or do that with your Shift key. Lara land on the left bank of the river that descends here through a waterfall. Walk a little further and then look to the right bank. A kind of altar has been built on the mountain and in that altar is a Relic chest.  If it is not possible to get to point 4 via the above-mentioned way, there is another, perhaps easier, way and that is this ...

When Lara is standing at the viewpoint and looks over the valley, turn her around and run back down to the gorge.

Stand under the arch on the ledge and look down. The river flows below Lara and then falls through a waterfall, to the left, down into the valley.

Press your Shift key to drop Lara over the edge so that she hangs down from the edge.

Now climb down, using your Shift key, the hanging bridge part and then let Lara fall down .... she ends up in the river.

Wade through the stretch of river to the left. On the right bank here is the Arch, which Lara would have ended up on if you had guided her down with a Rope Arrow. The left bank may be too high to climb up from the water, so climb up the right bank and then turn around so Lara is facing the left bank. On the left bank you see a kind of altar against the rock wall. There is a Relic chest in the altar.

Jump over to the left bank and then go loot the Relic Chest.

Lara pulled a picture out of the box. If you flip the photo with your left mouse button, you will score an additional 10-XP points.

Walk to the left and see .... Lara can cross over a tree trunk to the next ledge, where you will also see a climbing wall.

Walk across the tree trunk to the other side and then continue to the end of the ledge, where you can loot a bird's nest. So steal the eggs from the bird's nest.

Walk back to the other side, but don't go back over the tree trunk. Turn around to the climbing wall.

Jump up the climbing wall, pressing your E key and ..... Lara hooks herself into the climbing wall with the climbing axe.

Well ..... Clamber up and pull Lara up the plateau and see ....... a Bhoeda .....

Well .... go light the Bhoeda's brazier with Lara's torch ......

There is an anchor pole on the edge of this plateau. Go left next to the Anchor pole. Lara then looked to the left and sees a lower plateau with a hut on it. Shoot a Rope Arrow in the white rope that is wrapped around the roof beam of that hut. Lara reattached the rope to the Anchor Post.

 jump in the rope and through the rope Lara slide down and she ended up in that hut.

There is a Document in the hut, so pick up the Document. This is the 3rd of 10 Ancient Scriptures document.

Close the document screen and then walk to the edge of this plateau. There is another anchor pole on the edge. If you put Lara to the left of the Anchor Post and then look straight ahead, she looks at the rock island 2. If you look to the right you will see the plateau where you looted the bird's nest

On the lower part of Island 2 is a tree stump that is wrapped with white rope. On top of the island 2 is a hut and 2 anchor posts. The left Anchor Pole is facing the smoke signal. Via the wooden wall Lara could climb up to the hut and those 2 Anchor Posts. So draw the Bow and shoot a Rope Arrow in the white rope that is wrapped around the tree trunk

Lara ties the rope to the Anchor Pole, so jump in the rope and .... Lara sails down the rope and then she lands at the tree stump on the bottom plateau of island 2.

Be careful not to let Lara fall off the platform. In the tall grass there should be a GPS Cache here, but I couldn't find that thing here. Do not climb up the wooden wall yet, but stand behind the tree stump in the corner and on the edge. You will see a slightly higher ledge and there is a bird's nest on that ledge. Okay ... get Lara in the right position and then jump over to the higher ledge and then steal the eggs from the bird's nest.

This is your 4th of the 4 bird nests that can be found in the Mountain Village. However, you will not find the 5th bird's nest in this level. You will only find the 5th bird's nest when we return to this level for the 3rd time. Turn around and walk back to the edge and then jump back to the tree stump plateau.

Back on the tree stump plateau, walk around the tree stump and then jump / climb up the wooden wall

Pull Lara further up and she is on top of this rock island 2.

There is a document in the hut and behind the hut is the right anchor pole. On the left you see the left anchor pole and, on the other side, the smoke signal.

Walk into the cabin and then get the Document, which turns out to be the 4th of the 10 Ancient Writings.

 if you wish  you can now finish this level by crossing the left Anchor Post to the Smoke Signal. But then you will miss a Bhoeda and it seems to me that you don't really want that. So go to the right anchor post, behind the hut. At the right Anchor Pole, Lara looks at Rock Island 3 and .... the waterfall where you started this search for items. So you could have gone to the banks of the river from here to find the Relic.

Now draw the bow again and shoot a Rope Arrow in the rope that is wrapped around the tree stump of "island" 2 .... Lara ties the rope back to the Anchor Post.

Jump into the rope and then move Lara along the rope to the stump and then press the shift key to make Lara fall out of it.

Behind the tree stump is a yellow box, so go loot it and then walk further up the stone spiral ramp and ..... you will reach your 7th Bhoeda.

Light the Bhoeda and then stand at the Anchor Post, on the ledge to the right of the Bhuda. From here you can see the tree stump on rock island 2 again.

So shoot a Rope Arrow to the tree stump on "island" 2 and then go there again via the rope. 

Jump / climb back up via the wooden wall to the top of "rock island" 2

Okay ...... This is It ......... We are done here in this part of the Mountain Village .... Now to the Smoke Signal .... Stand next to the left Anchor Post. At the mountain, where the smoke signal is, you will also see a piece of Climbing Wall ..... that  Wall will immediately become very important to Lara ........ Shoot a Rope Arrow at the white rope that goes around the top beam wrapped around the Arch, by the smoke signal

Lara tie the rope to the Anchor Post ...... Okay ........ it will be a bit nerve breaking in a moment .......

....... get ready to help Lara with your E-key in a minute, so that she hooks herself to the climbing wall .

Jump into the Rope and then start moving Lara along the rope to the smoke signal .......

...... When Lara is about halfway through we see that the Anchor Pole, to which Lara is attached, starts to come loose .....

Lara gets the shivers and is in a great rush to get to the other side quickly ..... Move Lara further along the rope and keep a close look and also keep a finger above your E-key ..... because .... As Lara is almost on the other side and still thinks she will make it ...... fate strikes on her .....

The Anchor Pole shoots out of the ground and ..... Lara "flies" into the depth and threatens to fall to pieces in the valley ......

............ Keep watching .... it goes very quickly .... As soon as you see that Lara will hit  the climbing wall, press your E-key and ......

........if you had pressed the E key at the right time, Lara will hook herself to the climbing wall with the climbing axe.

If you were too late Lara will fall to pieces and you will have to start over from the last TR-Checkpoint. When Lara is hanging on the wall, move Lara up and ........

Lara then climbed up the rocky plateau and we are now at the Smoke Signal, but that co-pilot is gone. Walk under the Arch and ..... We have arrived in:

D: Mountain pass

Follow the gorge ...... halfway Lara then slide down a sliding slope and end up at a Bhoeda. 

This is not a bhuda that you can light but she has a yellow box on offer, so loot the yellow box

Then walk on and ..... Lara gets in contact with Alex by radio to ask if they have found Sam yet. But that turns out not to be the case. Sam seems to have disappeared and Lara is worried about that. While talking, Lara reached an orange fruit bush, so pick the fruits and then walk on to the end of this mountain pass.

Before you step into the dark tunnel you loot the yellow box and then you step through the gate into the dark tunnel and ..... 

in the tunnel you reach the Day Camp "Dry Ravine".

If you need it, use this Day Camp to buy new skills and Upgrades. It's dark in this mountain tunnel, so Lara lights her torch herself. 

Continue through the tunnel and loot the yellow and orange boxes you find.

The tunnel twists and turns and then takes Lara into a larger cave where it is a bit lighter. 

In the cave you loot the 2 yellow boxes and then you disappear through the gate and follow the last part of the tunnel to .......

...... the Monastry ......... 

On the other side of the bridge Lara sees that co-pilot, Jessop, sitting against the facade of the monastery, A cut scene now takes over

Like a mad idiot Lara runs up the bridge to go to that co-pilot ...... the co-pilot tries to warn Lara with his last breath ......

.... but it's too late .... Lara walks straight into the trap .......

... that crazy Mathias has put the co-pilot here as bait for Lara and he throws some antique hand grenades on the bridge .

 1 of Mathias's men detonates those hand grenades and ......

...........however, Lara survived and Mathiasje doesn't like this and he orders his men to kill Lara .....

... But just when it seems that Lara has now really reached the end of her young life, the Solaris panic because ...... the ancient Soldiers of that crazy Japanese Goddess bitch, the ONI, have apparently woken up from their centuries of hibernation and those ONI soldiers are starting to kill everything and everyone. The Solaris retreat to the monastery and those ONI take Lara with them.

.... Well ....... it has been quite a tiring journey so far ..... but to stay lingering among the smelly corpses to give Lara some rest rest doesn't seem like a good idea after all. 

You have arrived in:

Level 7: The Monastry:

2021: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot