Mei 2013

2021: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

In 2013 I had the European / North American Digital version of the game and because I'm Dutch I played it with the Dutch language selected. So all the text on the game screens that you see in this walkthrough are in the Dutch language. Also all text that I have wrote on all the screenshots are Dutch.

Level 7: The Monastry Part 1:

A: Tunnels below the monastery:

Find the Winchester Shotgun

At the end of Level 6, Lara has been trapped by Mathias, but mainly by her own naiveté, but also because Mathias plans did not turn out as he had planned. Because to the surprise of everyone, the Oni guards of the wacky Goddess have awakened from their centuries of hibernation and those mother fucking Big Guys are now roaming murderously through and around the monastery.

The Oni have taken Lara to their "slaughter house", underneath the monastery, and there she is now hanging from a ring, among the smelly and rotting corpses. It is a filthy mess that Lara has now ended up in. No time to dawdle here ..... we are not on holiday here ..... It is important to give our Lara a helping push again.

You now have to make Lara swing back and forth by pressing your left arrow and right arrow in quick succession.

Get Lara to swing back and forth very high and very quickly.

The goal is to give Lara enough speed and height, in her forward swing, so that she will swing over and then hang upside down on the ring. Once you have done this the red Hand will appear, so then quickly and repeatedly press your E key until Lara has freed herself and falls down to the floor.

When Lara is on the floor and has regained her senses, she sees the corpse of the unfortunate pilot Jessop, lying among all the other rotting corpses. The Oni were so convinced that Lara had no chance of escape that they failed to get rid of all her weapons and other belongings. Lara still has all her weapons and other items in possession. Maybe it's me but I find it a bit odd to let a prisoner, who already has proven to be a death threat, keep all her weapons

There is no time to linger here because at any moment such an Oni giant can come in and beat the brains of anyone who still shows any sign of life with his enormous club. There is only one way out of this "charnel house" and that is the tunnel, the entrance of which you can see at the bottom of the wall. The "path" between the bones leads Lara to that tunnel by itself, so give Lara a firm tap on her buttocks and then move her into the tunnel. Once in the tunnel, Lara takes a rest and looks, from the tunnel, back into the "charnel house" and sees ... an Oni appear there .....

Sjeeees ... Oni   Oni ... what a huge Club you have!!!!!........ Well .... luckely you brought Lara into the tunnel just in time. So do not go back into the "charnel house" because then Lara will experience a gruesome end because of the club of that Oni. I think it would be better to just follow the tunnel, so move Lara further through the tunnel and, after a few turns, slide ther down and ......

.... we end up in a rather draughty cave. Continue and then loot the Ammo chest

Follow the tunnel further. The tunnel then goes up again and you have to admit that those Onis have a rather lurid taste when it comes to their "decoration" of such a tunnel. 

.........It is full of corpses, rotting meat and dirty skeletons.

Walk on and then ...... Lara reaches a deep transverse cleft in the tunnel. 

Just before the cleft / gorge is a corpse and it appears to be holding a gun and Lara looks at it for a moment

Lara also shows us that the tunnel, on the other side of the gorge, is blocked by those "barbed wire boards" and she gets an idea and hope.

Lara then takes the old rifle from the hands of the corpse and this turns out to be a Winchester Shotgun. Lara mumbles a prayer hoping this old gun still works. Well ... the game now tells you what to do, so blast those planks out of the way with the Winchester Shotgun

so from now on you have access to the Shotgun and you now also know that you can use it to demolish the "barbed wire boards". So when you reach a Speed Travel Camp again, you can travel back to the areas where you could not remove these "barbed wire boards" until now. But that is for later ..... first make sure that Lara reaches a Day Camp at all ...... that will turn out to be quite a job.

When you have smashed the barbed wire boards, jump over the cleft and pull Lara up through the gate.

Lara then ends up in the next cave. Walk to the back then look to the left.

You see a wooden wall under a square window. Run into the wooden wall and then climb / jump into the window via the wooden wall and .....

Lara ends up through the window in:

B: Tomb of Himiko:

In a cut scene we then see how Lara opens the stone coffin and sees the stinking bones of that Japanese Goddess Himiko lying in it. Lara then takes a look at the murals that can be seen here and she tells something about it and then ..... it is fighting. From the high holes a few Solaris sail into the tomb. It would be useful if you kill those Solaris while they are still sailing down on the ropes. There are about 6 Solari bitches that make it difficult for Lara here, so take care of it.

When it is finished we see how, high above, a remaining Solari is "embraced" by an Oni. Loot the corpses and replenish the Ammo supply by looting the ammo chests found here. Now get out of this circular cave. The exit is the large gate, which is closed by the gate doors. However, the gate doors are barricaded, so Lara cannot open the gates. In front of the gate hangs the solid iron "Clapper" of a bell. The "Clapper" is wrapped with white rope. Is there already a "bell" ringing in your little brain

 Stand in front of the "Clapper", at a distance, and then draw the bow and shoot a Rope Arrow to the "Clapper" and ......

 Lara pulls the rope and because of this the "Clapper" swings against the doors and ...... the "Clapper" demolishes the doors and the gate is then free.

Well .... go through the gate .... oh .... it turns out to be a fairly shallow niche and it appears to be a dead end.

But nothing could be further from the truth because in the wall you see the entrance to another crawl / sneak tunnel.

So crawl the tunnel and follow the tunnel to the last cave where we then end up at the Day Camp "Alcove".

Use this Day Camp to buy new skills and / or new Upgrades if you have enough points for it. I immediately bought an Upgrade for the old Winchester here.

C: Stormy Ledges:

The exit from this cave is blocked by barbed wire boards, but Lara now knows what to do with the Shotgun.

 So get those planks out of the way. Before you step outside, loot the Ammo chest and then step outside through the gate.

We end up on a plank walkway on the outside facade of the monastery and it storms here.

The storm is so much that Lara is almost blown away. Walk on and ......... fuck ...the planks are blown away by the storm under Lara's feet and she falls down .... but .... just in time Lara manages to grab hold of the wooden ledge of the monastery red hand appeared for me now, but I quickly pressed the E-key so that Lara then took hold of the ledge with 2 hands.

Lara then pulls herself up the ledge and is safe again. Move Lara to the right and keep pressing your arrow so that Lara will go around the corner of the wooden pole

We then see the long side of the rock wall. Move Lara over the ledge further to the right and .... 

When Lara has almost reached the next pole, the wind increases in strength and a lot of wooden planks are blown on Lara

Lara does not take any damage, so continue around the wooden pole and then continue until Lara cannot go any further.

A piece of ledge has disappeared, but there is still a piece of the plank path hanging on the wall.

Get Lara to assume the jumping position and face the piece of plank path, then jump over to it

Lara landed on the plank path. Continue to the other end and then jump over to the hanging part of the next part of the plank path

Lara grabs hold with 1 hand on the hanging part, so quickly press your E key and then climb further up

Follow the wooden path further to the end and then look left. A wooden wall ..... there is a big hole in the wooden wall.

Ok .... get ready to kill some more Solari shits, including a "Squire" and a Molotov Thrower.

Jump up the wooden wall and then pull Lara up and through the hole.

Lara heard voices and ... she fell in and ends up in:

D: Escape from the Monastery

The Bell puzzle

Quickly ...... pull a weapon ..... 2 Solari's are on a closed hatch ..... they cannot open that hatch .....

Quickly start killing those 2 Solari's and then take care of the "Squire" and also a Solari who is going to throw Molotovs.

You have to figure out your own strategy tosurvive this fight again. When it's over you loot the bodies and walk to the back. We are here on the bottom floor of the monastery's Bell room, and there is a large hatch in the floor. That hatch is the way out of the monastery, but the damn hatch is closed tight.

If you look up you will see that the large heavy iron bell hangs exactly above the floor hatch. In the left corner, the stairs to the next floor have collapsed, but the rubble forms a slope. Draw a weapon and then sneak up the slope and .... another Solari bearded monkey will jump on Lara, so sent the mother fucker to the Solari hell.

Then walk on and ..... Jump over to the hanging piece of the floor and then climb further up and we have end up on the top floor of the Bell room

Walk on and look around. In the 2 corners you see a window. The windows have shutters. There is a turning wheel handle under each window.

Look at the bell. The Bell hangs from the ceiling and exactly above the large hatch, which is located at the bottom of the floor.

The "Clapper" hangs in front of the Bell. White rope is wrapped around the Clapper

The heavy Bell hangs between 2 vertical support posts and you can see that those 2 support posts are already heavily damaged ....... it doesn't take much more to destroy those 2 support posts completely, causing the heavy Bell to fall down to  destroy the hatch. But how to get this done? Perhaps the strong wind can help with this? And the "Clapper"? The shutters of the 2 windows are now closed, so there is not much wind coming in now. It does not matter whether you start with the right window or with the left window .... I start with the right window and with the right support post.

Go to the right window and then operate the Rotary wheel handle to open the 2 shutters of that window completely.

When Lara has fully opened the shutters of the right window, the wind will be blown in through this window and the wind will blow the "Clapper" to the right support post. 

But the Clapper needs an extra "push" to hit the support post.

Because the camera position has changed, you can't do anything now, so wait until the camera shows you Lara again

Draw the Bow and aim for the Clapper and shoot a Rope Arrow to the Clapper and ......

..... Lara pulls the rope and this causes the Clapper to swing hard against the right support post, which then breaks. We will now also do this with the left support post. 

Turn around and walk back to the right window and operate the rotary wheel again to close the shutters in front of the right window.

Now go to the left window ..... but also be ready to kill Solaris that will appear in a moment.

At the left window, operate the rotary wheel handle to open the shutters for this window completely and .....

The storm wind then only enters through the left window and now blows the Clapper to the left support post, but the clapper needs an extra push, 

So pull the Bow again and aim at the Clapper again and shoot another rope arrow in it and ....

...... Lara again pulls the rope and the Clapper also destroys the left support post and ......... The noise has caught the attention of Solari's and they are now coming up the slope on the left. .... Leave the left window open and  run to the right window and then turn around so you see those Solaris coming and then start mowing down with your machine gun or any other strategy that works best for you. There is an ammo box here, so when you are short of ammo .......

When it's done ... you loot the bodies. The Clapper must now be thrown against the Bell .....

The suspension of the Bell has now been weakened to such an extent that the Bell will then break off and crash down, destroying the floor hatch.

The left window is still open, but the right window is closed again. To give the Clapper sufficient speed, both windows must be open, so now open the shutters of the right window again. When both windows are open you will see that due to the wind the Clapper is now hanging right in front of the Bell ..... The Clapper needs an extra push, so pull the Bow again and shoot another Rope Arrow in the clapper and see what is happening now ......

...... Lara of course pulls the rope again, causing the Clapper to swing back and forth and ....

........... the Clapper bumps into the Bell, which now comes loose and falls down and the floor hatch is destroyed .......

.... Unfortunately for Lara this also means that the whole building starts to shake and shake and .....

 Lara falls over and rolls over the side and she crashes down and through the hatch hole and ..... ..

...... Lara land quite hard, on her stomach, on the floor of a hallway ...... Be ready to act quickly .............

When Lara stand on her feet again ....... a few Solari's come in but they are in a blind panic because an Oni is chasing them and then ....... 

The Shit really is going to Hit The Fan now  because the monastery starts to collapse and the floor under Lara's feet starts to split .....

E: Run for Your Life:

You may not stand still for split second and you may not turn around. You have to keep running and jumping over obstacles and gaps and you must do this without any hesitating

Keep running forward through the now collapsing corridor, dodge obstacles and jump over the gaps ...

Keep running and keep jumping over the gaps and don't get it in your brain toeven  hesitate for a split second .....

When you have ended up in the last part of the hallway, the whole tilting crap stuff starts to tilt even more and the game slows down for a while ...

The wall has now become the floor and you have control over Lara again .... Jump over the last 2 round beams and run to the end ...

You see a wooden bridge hanging in the air ...

Make sure you let Lara run a little to the middle and then run over the edge and press your jump key and make sure Lara ends up on the wooden plank bridge ...

Whether Lara ends up on the wooden plank bridge depends on whether you jumped from the right place and at the right time.

Lara has landed on the wooden planks but she rolls down and fall further down and ends up on a lower wooden path

The lower path collaps under Lara's weight and we enter a tunnel

Lara slide down the tunnel and she has pulled out the Shotgun herself. You now have to shoot the Barb Wire Board 2 times with the Shotgun,

but Lara has already drawn the shotgun so all you have to do is aim at the right moment and pull the trigger.

After the 2nd barb board barrier your misery is over and Lara ends up in the Lake in the Mountain Cave ......

Lara walks onto the island in the lake and then she has contact with Sam for a moment and then with Roth.

Sam reports that she is being held captive by Mathias in the Palace and that Mathias wants to perform a "Fire ritual".

Roth reports that the other friends are also being held in the palace and that he is on his way to the palace. We end up in:

Level 8: Mountain Village Part 3

2021: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot