2021: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

In 2013 I had the European / North American Digital version of the game and because I'm Dutch I played it with the Dutch language selected. So all the text on the game screens that you see in this walkthrough are in the Dutch language. Also all text that I have wrote on all the screenshots are Dutch.

Level 8: Mountain Village Part 3

We start this level in the water cave, in which Lara ended up at the end of Level 7. Lara has been in contact with Sam on the radio and then with Roth. We now know that Sam and the other members of the group are held captive by Mathias in some palace.

A: The Bell Hut:

 Lara is standing on the island in the lake looking at the entrance of a tunnel. Step into the water and wade to the bank, in front of the tunnel.

Walk into the tunnel and then push Lara through the narrow gap between the boulders and ...

..... In the distance you can see the campfire of a new camp. Continue to the camp. This is the Day Camp "Mountain Descent".

Use the Camp to buy new skills and Upgrades for Lara, when you have collected skill points and enough materials. This is a Day Camp so you cannot travel quickly from here to previously visited areas. We are here high above the Mountain Village and we have to go all the way back down to the valley where we entered the Mountain Village for the first time in Level 3. Behind the camp the river flows, which then rumbles down to the left via the waterfall. There is a wooden bridge over the river. Walk up the wooden bridge

The bridge is broken ..... Don't jump to the other side but jump into the river, so jump down into the water. In the river you turn right.

You will see the entrance to a narrow gorge at the end. Wade through the water and then enter the narrow gorge.

Follow the narrow gorge and after a few steps you will see that there are 2 Nets hanging in the gorge and 2 Fire bowls and that the gorge ends at the 2nd river. The front Net is low but the rear Net is high. Set the front net on fire with Lara's Torch (You must know how to do that) and then loot the yellow box that falls out.

The back net is too high ..... Lara cannot reach it. Continue to the shore.

On the other side you see a yellow box and a gray box in the hut and you also see a wooden platform in the river

Don't cross over to the 2 boxes yet, but look to the left. If you then stop for a moment, you will see something glittering in the tall grass at the end of the ledge. 

Walk up to it and make sure you get the magnifying glass with the red hand and then pick it up ...

The thing turns out to be a GPS Cache again and for me this is the 8th of the 15 GPS Caches that can be found in the mountain village.

Now jump into the river and then climb into the Niche, on the other side of the river.

Loot the yellow box and force open the gray box with the Axe ....... You must now know how to force these types of gray boxes. Then turn around and climb up the wooden platform. Standing on the wooden platform, Lara sees the 2 Fire Bowls and the 2nd Net. Use the torch to light the Fire Bowl, which hangs above the platform.

Jump back to the gorge. You have now lit the rear fire bowl. Both Fire Bowls have white ropes. Walk back through the gorge and then turn around again and make sure Lara sees both Fire bowls and that she sees those fire bowls in 1 line. Draw the Bow and then shoot a Rope Arrow in the white rope of the rear, now burning, fire bowl and ...... Lara pulls the rope and this swings the rear fire bowl against the front bowl and also lights up the front fire bowl .

Now you have to find the right place from where Lara can see both the high Net and the front Fire Bowl.

Then draw the Bow again and shoot a Rope Arrow in the white rope of the front Fire Bowl and .....

......... If you had Lara in the right place, the front Fire Bowl will swing against the net, causing the Net to catch fire. A yellow box will of course fall to the ground again, so loot the box. Walk back through the gorge to the 1st river and dive back into the river. Beyond the broken bridge you will see a gazebo on the left bank of the river. Wade through the river to that gazebo ..... It turns out to be a Bhoeda gazebo. Climb into the gazebo and light the Bhoeda and ......

..... for me this is the 8th of the 10 Bhudas for the "Enlightenment" achiefment. 2 more Bhudas to be found. Standing in front of the now lit Bhoeda, turn to the left .... Lara then looked back at the broken bridge. On the river bank, in front of the camp, you will see an Anchor Post.

Jump back into the river and climb out again at the Anchor pole and then turn back to the river. On the other side is a tree stump with white rope around it. We now have to go to the other side of the river and then follow the uphill path. So draw the Bow and shoot a rope arrow into the white rope that is around the tree trunk. Lara tied the rope to the Anchor Post.

Jump up the rope and then move Lara to the tree stump and then press Shift to drop Lara from the rope. So we have now climbed over the river. Now follow the mountain path further up and when Lara is almost up she hears voices. Lara ends up at a viewpoint, high above the valley. Look to the left ... on the plateau, left down, 3 Solaris are talking to each other about Sam

1 of the 3 Solari's stand exactly in the middle of that plateau, the other 2 are a bit more at the back. Draw the bow and use the zoom function to zoom in on the back of the Solari's head, which is clearly visible, then quickly shoot an arrow through the back of his ugly head.......

Of course, the 2 mates of the guy you just killed aren't crazy and so they will take cover, but if you're quick you can kill them before they go into cover. If that doesn't work, you have to kill them if they keep coming out of their cover to take Lara under fire. 1 of the 2 will throw Molotovs, so get rid of those 2 bastards quickly. When it is ready you have a look around. Lara must reach the plateau where you just killed those 3 guys. On the other side of Lara is a plateau with a yellow box and .... the 9th Bhoeda. But how to get there? First look to the right because on the edge there is another GPS Cache here, in the high grass.

So carefully walk into the high grass and make sure you get the Pick-up Looper again and then take the GPS Cache, which is the 9th GPS cache for me. 

Walk back and look at the Bhoeda again, on the other side. The top beam of an Arch protrudes between Lara and the Bhoeda

Make sure Lara is right in front of the beam and then jump to it and make sure Lara lands on top of the beam. If you aim too short, Lara will plunge into the depths and you will have to start over from the last checkpoint. Walk across the beam to the other end and then jump over to the plateau where the yellow box and the Bhoeda are.

Plunder the yellow box and then go light the Bhoeda ....... this is for me so Bhoeda 9 ..... 1 more Bhoeda to be found. When you have lit the Bhoeda, walk back to where the yellow box was and make Lara hang over the edge. Then press your Shift key to drop Lara down to the mountain path.

Then walk further down and ..... well .... a gorge again, but we are in the mountains so gorges are to be aspected..... Jump over the gorge to the plateau, where you have killed those 3 Solaris from your high viewpoint. Loot the corpses and then walk to the other side of the plateau and stop ...... The wooden bridge to the next "rock island" has disappeared. However, in front of the Hut is an Arch with white rope and Lara has an anchor post beside her ... well .... you now gradually know how to get to that hut ..... Anchor post ... ..white rope ... Bow and rope arrows? ..... Need I say more?

When you arrive at the house you will see that the front door is barricaded with barbed wire boards. So pull the Winchester and smash the barrier to pieces. 

Before you enter the cabin, you can pick up a GPS Cache on the right in front of the veranda.

So pick up the GPS Cache ..... for me this is the 10th GPS .....

On the left of the veranda you can then loot an ammo box and when you have done that you step into the cabin and ......cut scene.....

The Bell Hut:

Lara has contact with Sam again ..... Sam is in a big panic ... she reports that she is given a radio from the Solari's and that she is being prepared for the "fire ritual". Then we hear how Sam is grabbed in the neck again and Lara momentarily loses her temper. Lara looks out over the valley to the Palace and then Laar walks out of the hut and stands, on the other side of the hut, in front of a gorge.

On the other side you see a gazebo with 2 ammo boxes. The route to the end of the entire Mountain Village level continues on the other side. So if you want to quickly continue with the main story, jump over now and continue to the end of this level. But I am not going to do this yet .... I will now first go back down into the valley to look for as much of the remaining stuff as possible in the Mountain Village. If you do not want that, you can of course return to this lever later via a FastTravel Camp.

B: Complete the "Lighting Challenge" and the "Egg Poacher Challenge"

However, if you want to keep following me, turn Lara around and walk back into the cabin.

 In the middle of the cabin is a bell, which is why I call this cabin the "Bell Hut".

 Walk to the left. To the left behind the bell, you can pick up an ammo chest at the table

The bell leans against a wooden bulkhead. When you are at the table, turn Lara over to the wooden partition. The hut here has a balcony inside. You can get Lara onto that balcony via the wooden partition and the bell. So run up the bell via the wooden partition and jump from the bell to the edge of the balcony

Lara will hang on the edge of the balcony, so pull Lara further up and then jump onto the balcony.

On the left you will find a Document on the table. It is the 5th of 10 Ancient Writings document.

On this balcony you can also grab 2 ammo boxes and loot an orange box.

Jump down again at the orange box. Back on the floor of the hut, go to the behind the bell.

The hut's back entrance is blocked by barbed wire boards, so blast the barrier out with the Shotgun.

Then step outside. Lara then stood on the back porch of the hut. 

On the left she can pick up an ammo box and on the right set a hanging net on fire for a yellow box.

When you have looted the ammo box and the net, you walk down the wooden stairs here and look out over the gorge for a while. Across the river gorge you will see Base Camp "Village Plateau", the camp where you met and cared for the injured Roth in Chapter 3. So Jessop's rescue plane crashed here, so it's a good thing Roth left this camp just in time. On the "island, which is in the gorge, hangs a net. Jump over to the island in the gorge and then walk to the left, to the net.

The Net is too high for Lara but in front of the Net is a fire bowl with white rope.

So light the Fire Bowl with the torch and then shoot a Rope Arrow in the fire bowl and .....

...... Lara makes sure that the burning fire bowl sets the Net on fire so that the yellow box falls out.

Then loot the yellow box and then walk back and then jump, at the broken bridge, across to the other side, where the plane wreckage and the Camp are.

You can loot an ammo chest near the tree and the plane wreck, if you can still carry ammo. Ok ... go to Base Camp.

There is a Document in Base Camp. Grab the Document. This is the 2nd of 7 "Officers of the Endurance" documents

If you want, and have collected enough points, you can use this camp again to buy new skills and upgrades for Lara. So this is a Base Camp, so it's also a Fast Travel Camp. You can therefore travel back to previously visited areas via this camp. But why would you want to do that now? Leave the camp on the side where the plane wreckage is located. After a few steps you will see that you are here in familiar territory. However, the crashed rescue plane has changed the terrain here somewhat and there are new items to be found, including 2 orange boxes and a gray box.

First loot the 2 orange boxes and then force open the gray box near the plane wreck.

Then walk into the fuselage of the plane. In the airplane fuselage you will find an ammo box and an orange box.

When you have looted the orange chest, stand on the ledge. Below Lara, the nose of the plane is in the river gorge and on the other side you see a high ledge with a wooden wall and a yellow box. Jump from the torso to the nose .... you have to jump because if you don't jump Lara will hang on the edge of the torso and you will not reach the nose.

Run over the nose of the plane and then jump to the edge of the ledge at the right moment ... Lara hangs on the ledge so pull her further up the ledge

NB: if you don't make it to the ledge Lara will fall down into the river. Then find the stone stairs to climb out of the river and then go back to the fuselage of the plane and try this part again.

On the ledge, loot the yellow box. Do not climb up the wooden wall yet, but walk to the right.

At the right end of the ledge you will find a GPS Cache in the bushes and also some arrows.

NB: This GPS Cache should have been the 12th of the 15 GPS Caches that can be found in the Mountain Village for me. Apparently I missed a GPS Cache ... maybe I can still find it

Walk back to the wooden wall and now climb further up the wooden wall and then continue up the stone staircase.

There's a Net in the bend of the slope, so set the Net on fire and then loot the yellow box that falls out.

Walk further up and at the top you loot another yellow box.

Dead End ... but not really because right in front of you the mountain has a white climbing wall here.

So jump into the white wall where you quickly press your E key so that Lara "bites" herself on the wall with her climbing axe

Climb up until Lara cannot go up any further, then slide to the right until Lara takes up the side jump position ... 

Press your Jump key to jump to the next white wall and in the jump press your E key so that Lara hooks herself into that white wall

Climb further up and ..... We are then back at the hut where you found the 7th GPS in Mountain Village Part 2 and ignited the 4th Bhoeda.

 If you had failed to do so then you can still do so now.

Walk to the left of the hut and stand on the sloping cart again and then jump to the cable and .......

Via the cable Lara sails back down to the plateau where the original plane wreckage still lies. Lara lands in the front of the 2 huts.

 Search the huts .... you will find an ammo box, arrows and a yellow box. Then go outside and walk to the plane wreckage

There is a gray box on the left side of the plane wreckage. 

You can kill the pig if you want, but you only get points for it if you also loot the cadaver afterwards. Force open the gray box.

When you have looted the gray box, turn around and go to the back hut. Enter it. Inside you will find an orange chest and ..... a Relic.

Plunder de oranje kist en ga dan naar het tafeltje waar de relikwiekist op staat en maak de kist open. Lara vindt in de kist de 3 van de 3 Semper Fi ID-Plaatjes

Loot the orange box and then go to the table with the relic box on it and open the box. In the chest Lara finds the 3rd of the 3 Semper Fi ID Pictures

Also take the ammo box and the arrows and go back outside. Now enter the area between the two huts. 

Behind the front hut you will then see a wooden climbing wall leading to the last Bhoeda for completion of the "Enlightenment Challenge".

Between the huts is a wooden construction with 2 Nets and 2 Fire bowls. The 2 Nets and the Fire Bowls are too high for Lara to reach from the ground. 

Run to the wooden climbing wall and climb up the wooden wall and ..... Lara ends up at the very last Bhoeda and a yellow box

Go light the Bhoeda and ...... You have completed the "Lighting Challenge" and receive +150 XP for this.

Loot the yellow box and then go to the right on the platform. On the platform Lara is then right in front of the front of the 2 Fire Bowls. 

Light the fire bowl with the torch (E key) and then draw the bow and then aim at the rear fire bowl, not the lit fire bowl.

Shoot a Rope Arrow in the white rope of the rear fire bowl and ..... Lara pulls with the rope the rear fire bowl to the front bowl and this also ignites the rear bowl and .... the lit rear bowl swings back and causes 1 of the 2 Nets to catch fire causing a yellow box to fall down.

Jump back down and then go loot that yellow box. 

When that is done, make sure Lara stands right in front of the wooden construction, where the rear fire bowl and the second net hangs from.

Shoot a rope in the rope of the fire bowl and .... Lara gives the fire bowl a whip again and the bowl then sets the net on fire, causing another yellow box to fall down. 

So go and loot this box for a while and then climb back up the wooden wall to the 10th Bhoeda.

Back up at the Bhoeda you now go further up the slope along the mountain to the plateau above the Bhoeda. So you end up at the top again at a Hut. 

You have been here before. You will find a yellow box in the right corner. Loot the box and then go to the back of the hut

Behind the stairs of the hut you will find a yellow box and if you walk further back you will find a GPS Cache

Go back to the other side of the hut and then back down the slope to the Bhoeda.

Back at the Bhoeda you stand on the edge of the plateau and then jump over to the roof of the front hut

Walk over it to the ridge and then to the left and ..... You have found the last bird's nest.

Loot the Eggs to complete the "Egg Poaching Challenge" and collect your 150 XP points.

C: Cleaning up "loose ends" in the Mountain Village

Jump down to the ground and then go to the low fence that protects the edge of the platform. Below you can see the roofs of the lowest hut and of Bhoeda 1 and you see the hanging box hanging between Bhoeda 1 and the 3-storey hut. Jump down over the low fence and land on the roof of the hut

Then jump over from the roof of the hut to the roof of the Bhoeda and then to the hanging chest

From the hanging chest, jump to the 3-story hut. In the cabin, find the stairs and then go up to the 1st floor

On the 1st floor is the door with white rope on the left, but first go back into the room on the right

In the room, 2 windows are blocked by barbed wire boards. Open the right window with the shotgun and ..... outside the window hangs a fire bowl.

Light the fire bowl with Lara's torch and then go to the right and onto the "balcony".

From the balcony you can see the fire bowl and a Net. Draw the bow and shoot a Rope Arrow in the fire bowl and ............

Lara pulls the fire bowl back towards her and the bowl swung against the net, which caught fire. The yellow box from that net falls down. We'll pass downstairs later anyway, so you can still loot that yellow box. Go back inside and back to the hall, where there is the door with white rope attached. Shoot a Rope Arrow in the door and Lara will pull the door apart. Then go into the small room and loot the yellow chest and the ammo chest.

Back to the right room and now up the stairs to the 2nd floor. On the 2nd floor you go back to the outside balcony and turn right. 

You have been here before and then you found bird nest 1 on the roof. Climb back up the roof via the sloping wall

On the roof, jump back to the left roof, where you looted the 1st bird's nest in Level 3 Mountain Village part 1.

On the other side a Hut hangs against the mountain. The "front door" of that hut is blocked by barbed wire boards.

Standing on the bird's nest roof, pull the shotgun and use it to blast the barbed wire boards out the "front door" of the hut

Then jump over to the grass green plateau, left under the hut and from that plateau jump to the "front door" of the hanging hut.

Climb into the cabin. The "back door" of the hut is also blocked and there are 2 yellow boxes. Loot the 2 yellow boxes and shoot the barrier out the "back door".

Then stand in the "back door" and look down. Under Lara you can see the roof of a gazebo.

Jump down and make sure Lara ends up on that roof because on that roof you can pick up the last GPS Cache

As you can see in the picture, the game indicates that this is the 13th GPS Cache for me, of the 15 GPS that can be found in the Mountain Village levels. So I haven't found 2 GPS Caches and I'm not going to search for them anymore. On the other side of this roof is part of an airplane. Jump down to the plane wreckage and then to the ground

Go to the big hut and then loot the whole box that had fallen from the net.

Then jump to the swing stick and swing / jump up the roof of Bhoeda 1 again via the swing stick and then to the ground.

Now go to the bottom door of the 3rd floor hut, under the hanging crate ... Shoot a Rope Arrow in the rope of the door and Lara will rip the door out of the frame.

Enter the room and .... in the bottom room of the 3-storey hut you will find a yellow box, an ammo chest and ..... a Relic chest.

Lara then steal the 3rd Kanpo Herbs cup from the Relic Chest

There is 1 more item in the Mountain Village and that is a Document, which you could not grab before because it is behind a barbed wire fence. 

To get this Document also Lara has to go higher up again. Now go back to the Base Camp Village Plateau

Use the camp and choose Fast Travel and then choose the "Lookout over the Village" camp. Then confirm your choice with "Yes" and ......

... Lara ends up back in the camp where she found Roth again at the end of Level 5 and where she started Level 6.

Walk forward and then down the stone staircase. Downstairs you put Lara at the Anchor Pole and under the cable, jump up to the cable and ...

 via the cable Lara then sails down again and she ends up at the hut where she started in Level 6 with killing 3 Solaris .

Enter the hut, walk to the back and then turn around and then use the shotgun to blow the barbed wire boards out of the way.

Then walk into that niche and take the Document that is on the wooden table. For me this is the 6th of 10 "Ancient Writings" document

Well ..... That's it ..... leave the hut and then walk up the slope, to the Bhoeda.

D: Back to the Bel Hut:

Get on the cart at the Bhuda and then sail down the cable to the hut deep below Lara

Lara land at the hut. Also stand on the cart here and make sure you get the jump symbol again and then jump to the cable and .......

....... Lara sails down and lands again in the front hut of the 2 huts

Exit the hut and walk to the plane wreckage. A part of the mountain has crumbled down in front of the wreck, creating a slope. Continue down the slope and .......

...... Lara is then all the way down on the village plateau. Go back to Camp

If you want, you can use the camp again to redeem any skill points and material points you have earned. Then, at the fuselage of the plane wreck, stand at the Anchor Pole. On the other side is the rear of the BELL HUT. Shoot a Rope Arrow in the rope of the BELL HUT, climb the rope and move Lara up the rope to the BELL HUT.

Press Shift to put Lara back on the ground at the BELL HUT, then enter the Bell Hut and go out on the other side.

E: To the End of the Level:

We are back where we were the 1st time when we left the Bell Hut. Lara has to fight with about 6 Solari's in a minute and then she has to survive the Wild River and immediately afterwards a Parachute flight through / over a vicious Pine Forest ..... so prepare yourself mentally,

Jump over to the next plateau, which has the gazebo on it. In the gazebo you can pick up 2 ammo boxes and when you have done that, put Lara on the protruding wooden platform, under the cable. Get the spring symbol and then jump to the cable and ....

... Stay focused ..... Lara sails down and she thunders right through the roof of the hut and she slides out of the hut ... but Lara just managed to grab hold of the edge with one hand .. .... Quickly .... Press your E key so that Lara does not fall further down but holds herself with both hands on the edge .....

Then quickly pull Lara back into the hut and immediately draw the Bow, or another weapon. 

Outside the hut there are 3 Solari's filling a tank, which hangs on the back of 1 of the Solari's. 

The Solari's have heard the noise of Lara but they are still in total confusion ........ Quickly kill the 3 Solari's ....

When it's done you note that Lara remains in the sneak position and does not store her weapon ...... so there must be more Solaris nearby. 

Loot the corpses ... 1 of the corpses earns you the 1st of 3 Shotgun Parts. Then go left, around the bend, but stay in cover of the airplane part.

Peek carefully around the corner into the gorge ..... you will see 2 barrels and further on an arch .....

 in the gorge 3 or 4 Solaris will appear again, all of which you must kill before they notice Lara 

When there are no more Solaris left to kill, Lara will automatically return to normal upright position and put her weapon away.

Then walk further down and then left and through the narrow gorge to the River. There are still some Ammo crates to score here but I will leave this alone .... it is quite a hassle to reach those Ammo crates and it does not yield much. But if you really want to get the most out of the game then go ahead. If you have led Lara under the wreckage of the plane she has ended up at the Wild Flowing River and we will start with

F: Mountain Descent:

Down the Wild River:

It's will go fast.... very fast .... and you only get a fraction of a second to respond. If you do it wrong, Lara will die a gruesome death. 

Before you let Lara get into the river, make sure Lara can quickly pull the Shotgun

So make sure that the Shotgun is the weapon that Lara draws when you press your right mouse button

Step into the river and ........ The river here is a Wild Water River and the water plunges down with devastating force.

Lara has trouble holding her own in the raging water and she won't be able to. Lara starts at Pole 1 and she has to go to Pole 2 and then to Pole 3.

To reach Pole 2 you need to help Lara by pressing the left arrow. Lara then grabbed Pole 2 and then she must go on to Pole 3.

Press Arrow left again and ...... Lara reached Pole 3 ....

..... But Pole 3 turns out to be quite shaky and it breaks off and ..... Lara is dragged along by the wild flowing water and she falls down and ....

...... Lara then "swims" in the river and the river is full of obstacles and airplane parts. You now have to send Lara through the river with your Left Arrow and / or Right Arrow and also quickly pull the Shotgun 3 times to destroy a Barbed Wire Board barrier 3 times. You have to choose a few times whether you go via the left side of the river or the right side of the river. First I went right, then left, then right again. 

If you do it right, Lara will eventually end up in the cockpit of an airplane, balancing high above the abyss and then the second part of this wild downhill descent begins ... the Parachute Flight. I cannot help you with this .... you will have to do it all on your own, but perhaps the following series of images can help you.

Once you regain control of Lara you need to help her with your arrow keys to send her left and right through the river avoiding the obstacles. 

Start by sending Lara to the right and aiming at Barrier 1, which you can already see looming in the distance.

When you almost have Lara at Barrier 1, quickly draw the Shotgun. Quickly aim for the barrier and then quickly smash the barrier

Lara ends up in the next part of the river and you can see a piece of Propeller part straight ahead. You now have to decide whether to go left or right around the propeller part.

I went left because the right route is more dangerous

If you continue to the left of the propeller you will reach Barrier 2, so pull the Shotgun again in time and smash the barrier in time.

After Barrier 2, Lara is dragged further down the river and you have to guide her again, on the right, past a propeller to Barrier 3

Pull the shotgun again in time to blast barrier 3 out of the way

After barrier 3, Lara is then in the last part of the river and there is an airplane wreck in the middle. Go left or right along the wreck and .......

..... Lara falls down but luckily ..... she ends up in the cockpit of an airplane wreck ..... which, however, is hanging high above the cliff.


However, Lara can not sit back to catch a breath ..... keep your eye out and keep your fingers above your E-key and your Shift-key because...

 Lara is lying on her back the glass of the cockpit and .....

........ the glass starts to crack and tear and it won't be long before the glass will break completely due to Lara's weight ......

Lara gets in a panic but then she sess a parachute and she grabbed the parachute and puts it on and .....

....... Just in time Lara managed to put the parachute on her back because ......

 the glass breaks and Lara plunges down in a free fall  Keep focus and. .... The Red Hand will then appear,

So quickly press your E button to pull out the main chute ..... but .... unfortunately ..... Lara loses the main chute and in a free fall she thunders further down .....

A circle with 2 arrows will appear .... As soon as you see that circle press your SHIFT-key to pull out the Reserve Parachute and ...... Lara then floats on the reserve parachute and you must now move her safely through the Pine Forest on the parachute and you also have to do this with your left Arrow and / or your right Arrow  key. So you must find the "Open Route" between the trees and you can take the left route or the right route

You can let Lara tumble once against the trees, but if you do that the second time Lara will be impaled in a thick sharp branch and that is Game Over. I wish you the best of luck here too .... I had to redo this piece more than 30 times before I finally got through it. You are through it when you see the gray mountain peaks in the distance and then a cut scene takes over

In the cut scene you see how Lara falls down, losing the parachute and quite roughly hit the pine trees and eventually she falls injured to the ground.

Maar Laar staat op en ze strompelt verder en ze bereikt dan ....

But Lara gets up and stumbles on and then she reaches ....

Level 9: Shanti Town: Deel 1

2021: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot