Juni 2013

2021: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

In 2013 I had the European / North American Digital version of the game and because I'm Dutch I played it with the Dutch language selected. So all the text on the game screens that you see in this walkthrough are in the Dutch language. Also all text that I have wrote on all the screenshots are Dutch.

Level 9: Shanty Town part 1:

After her wild swim through the raging river and her rather perilous parachute flight, Lara crashed on the edge of the Slum towm (Shanty Town). 

Lara is seriously injured in her abdominal area and she needs to take care of her wound as soon as possible.

To begin with, I will warn you first ....... This Shanti town level is a fighting level ...... Hordes of Solari's will try to kill Lara in this level and you will be a number of times out numbered. So collect as much ammo and the like as Lara can carry because it must not happen to you that during a "Big Fight" Lara will suddenly run out of bullets and arrows. Also, in combat, make sure that every shot counts ....... if you can, try to kill the Solaris with shots through their forehead or in the back of the head, a Headshot will give you extra XP points on.

A: Get to the rescue helicopter:

Lara is on a path, past the gate that surrounds the Shanti Town. So stumbles forward and ...... after a few steps Lara reaches a gap in the path. On the other side you see a high ledge and Lara actually has to reach that ledge because the path continues there. The gap is a long slide that goes down to the left and then it goes under the fence. Lara is quite badly injured but nevertheless you take a run and try to jump to that ledge and ......... Well ..... because Lara is quite badly injured she does not make it to the ledge and. ... she lands on the sliding slope and she slides down and breaks through the corrugated iron under the fence and then she ends up, slightly dizzy, on the other side of the fence

Oops ....... although this was the intention, it didn't makes things better for Lara........She is dizzy for a moment ... start walking forward and .... Lara has to hold on to a bar for a moment to catch her breath. But we did end up in the Slums. We ended up on the "forecourt" of the slums. Straight ahead you see a cluster of rickety huts ..... the bottom hut is a kind of shed

If you look to the left for a moment, you will see a yellow crate. The game now reports that Lara must find a rescue helicopter because she may be able to find medical supplies in that helicopter to treat her wound. First go and loot that yellow crate and then cross over to the shed. The shed is made of corrugated iron. All the dirty sewage water flows through a crack, in the back wall, into the "sewer" under the huts.

Step into the "well" and then push Lara through the crack and ..... We end up in the filthy smelly sewer tunnel under the huts and Lara automatically lights her torch

We hear the voices of some Solari men ..... Apparently these Solari's are arguing with each other about a prisoner they are "interrogating". Well .... it's simple ...... wade through the smelly water and follow the tunnel to the other end. About halfway through, you hear those Solaris, above Lara, kill their prisoner and that guy's body ends up on a shelf in the tunnel. When Lara has reached that corpse it is time to proceed carefully and prepare for the 1st battle with Solari's. Follow the tunnel further and ...... you will see the end of the tunnel ...... stay on the left side of the tunnel and sneak on but do not go out of the tunnel .... stay in the cover of the tunnel...

From within the tunnel Lara peeks into a courtyard ..... to the right is a stone staircase to a hut and at the top of that stone staircase are 2 Solaris talking. Just in front of those 2 Solari's is an orange barrel ..... Orange barrels contain gasoline ..... so draw the bow, zoom in on that orange barrel and ...... fire ..... and .. .... BOOM ...

Those 2 Solari's are then eliminated in one fell swoop, but the explosion does attracks more "audience" ...... More Solari's appear....Well ... do your best to survive ..... The Solari's throw petrol bombs at Lara and they go into cover behind the metal crates, which are scattered in the courtyard. Survive this fight and then enter the courtyard and loot the corpses.

Behind the 2 metal crates and the blue barrel, which are on the left, is a white "sheet" on the floor ..... that white sheet is a trap and when Lara steps on that white sheet she is pulled up at her feet . The sheet is attached to a rope and that rope is attached to a pole, but there is also a hanging net attached to the trap.

So there is a yellow crate in the hanging net and Lara wants to loot that crate. But there is no way to set the net on fire. To get the yellow crate out of the net, Lara must step on the white sheet on purpose. Well ... Lara desperately needs the XP points, so step on the white sheet and ......... Lara then hangs upside down and she pulled the gun by herself

Hanging upside down, Lara looks at 1 of the metal crates, so she looks at the floor. No move, with your mouse or your arrow keys, the camera so that Lara then looks "up", at the Net. The net is attached to a padlock .... Shoot the padlock and ......... Lara falls down but also the yellow crate now falls to the ground.

So loot the yellow box and then look around here. On the balcony, above the exit of the tunnel, you can pick up some arrows and, in the left corner,  and a ammo box and you should go get those because Lara needs a lot of ammo again soon. Then enter the hut above it via the stone stairs.

In the hut, loot the yellow crate and then go further up to the left. In the "hall" you pick up the ammo chest. Then step outside

We are on a planking path, on the outer edge of the mountain. To the left is the fence behind which is Shanti Town again.

Follow the path and ..... we reach a gap in the path, but luckily there is a wooden beam across the gap. So walk over the wooden beam to the other side

Continue on the wooden path, up the stairs and ...... we come to a second gap in the path ..... no wooden beam to walk to the other side, so jump over the gap and take care that Lara land on the path, and not fall into the deep. Further up there are a few metal crates and the path makes a sharp turn to the left ..... when Lara continues, she hears the voices of a few Solari's and then she automatically starts to walk more carefully. Make sure you can quickly take cover behind the metal crate that is attached to the fence because 3 Solaris will appear around the corner.

Kill the 3 Solari's and when Lara is done grab the arrows, which are leaning against the other crate, and loot the corpses. 

There is an ammo box in the corner, but don't get it yet. Stay left and carefully peek around the corner and ........ son of a Bitch ....

.... a 4th Solari was left behind and is firing on Lara ......

Kill the bastard and when that's done you go and pick up that ammo box before you walk on to the red Helicopter. Loot that 4th Solari's corpse, then look at the red helicopter. At the bottom of the helicopter is a "cross" with white rope wrapped around it. Draw the bow and shoot a Rope Arrow in the white rope under the helicopter and ........

....Lara opens the "door" of the helicopter, so get into the Helicopter and .......

Lara searches for and finds a Firts Aid Kit in the helicopter but unfortunately ..... the First Aid Kit does not contain any useful items to treat Lara's wound.

The pilot's corpse is still in the cockpit and Lara searched the corpse and finds a ... Lighter

With the lighter Lara makes the steel tip of 1 one her arrows hot and with that she sears her open wound, and that hurts like hell.......

After Lara has informed the whole damned neighbourhood of her position and has regained her senses somewhat, she gets an idea ....

....... because she now has the Lighter Lara can now also shoot Flares with the bow and the game tells you how to do that

From now on when you draw the Bow, the flares are selected, provided you have enough of those things. Lara has an infinite supply of Rope Arrows, but not of flares, so you will always have to replenish them by picking up Arrows. When you have drawn the Bow, you switch between the various types of arrows via the 1 key, or via the key that you have designated for that in the options of the game. Lara then walks out of the chopper and has contact with Roth. Roth is surprised that Lara has already reached the slums because he himself is still busy stumbling down the mountain.

Roth asks if Lara is near the big Gate and Lara reports that she sees that gate and then .......

 a Solari appears below Lara and that bastard spots Lara and fires a rocket to kill his comrades and ..... Well ..... Lara's Big Fight is about to start.

B: Helicopter Hill:

Gunfight with Solari's:

Lara is standing high on a "balcony". Behind Lara is the helicopter and the Solaris come from the roofs of the huts.

We start with 3 Solaris who are below Lara. Kill those 3 Solaris quickly with Flares

As soon as you have set fire to these first 3 fuckers, the trouble realy starts.

 From the huts and the roofs of the huts now comes a constant stream of Solaris and you have to kill them all ..... down to the last man ..... 

...........and make sure that Lara survives this

You must come up with your own strategyto  survive this fight. I use a Cheat Trainer and it keeps Lara from dying in gunfights, so I just stayed in Lara's position and kill the Solaris. There are some orange barrels scattered on the balconies of the huts, which you can detonate to blow up the Solaris that are close by. You can also move Lara down the stairs to the right and then fight the Solaris down between the huts. Lara can then take cover in the huts.

Anyway ..... Survive this fight. The fight is over when the game shows you the message again about how to switch arrows and then the game also saves and you can see that by the TR logo at the bottom right of the screen. If you had jumped down, or gone down the stairs, make sure Lara ends up at the helicopter again, because at the tail of the helicopter you will find the "Helicopter Hill" Base Camp.

C: Search huts:

This Slum is a maze of ramshackle huts, watchtowers and alleys. You can easily get lost here. The slum is also divided into several neighborhoods that are separated from each other by metal fences. So you cannot just cross from one neighborhood to another, because you have to do that via the huts or the roofs of the huts. Helicopter hill is district 1 and there we are now. If Lara has survives the 1st major fire fight here, you will not be bothered by the Solaris for the time being, as long as you stay in this 1st area. I will now first collect some stuff here, including a Relic and start the Extra Challenge.

To the left behind Base Camp, a wooden staircase descends to the huts and the lower area.

Go down those top wooden stairs. Lara land on an intermediate path. You can go further down via the bottom stairs, but do not do this yet. Climb straight ahead into the hut

There is nothing to do in this hut. You can go straight to the next huts, but don't do that.

Leave this hut on the left and walk over the planks to the next huts

Lara is then on the bottom roof of the huts that are in the middle of this area. There are 2 crates on the roof. Stand at the right crate and then look at the huts on the other side. Those huts are part of the high Watchtower and In those huts there is a net with a yellow box in it. Standing by or next to the right crate, draw the Bow and make sure Lara has a Fire Arrow on the bow.

Then aim for the Net, which hangs at the bottom of the Watchtower and .... Fire ... and .... Well ... that is now 1 of the advantages of shooting flares ..... you can remove the hanging Nets from a distance. So a yellow box will fall out of the net and we will soon be able to plunder that box when we visit the Watchtower.

Turn around and stand next to the left crate. You then look at the red Helicopter and the place where Lara was during the fire fight. Under the balcony, where Lara was, you can see a kind of "Scarecrow" hanging. Draw the bow and make sure Lara can shoot another flare arrow and then aim at that "Scarecrow" and ..... fire and ....

Lara set those rags on fire with the flare and a you now see a Memorial .....White rope sticks out at the Memorial, so fire a Rope Arrow in the white rope and .......

.... Lara is breaks the Memorial and you have destroyed the 1st of the 5 Memorials of the "Put it to rest Challenge". There are still 4 of these Memorials to be found and 1 of them hangs in the bend off the path behind the red rescue helicopter. So we will go back for that later. For now, turn left and walk back to the wooden stairs, underneath Base Camp, and then go all the way down to the ground.

When Lara is down, so at the very bottom of the wooden stairs, you turn right. You then look into the "alley", to the right of the central huts. You will see a small room under the wooden stairs. Go there and climb into that room. In the room you will find a yellow crate and an ammo chest. Get the ammo and loot the yellow crate

From this yellow crate I obtained the 3rd of 3 Rifle Parts for an automatic Machine Gun Upgrade.

To implement this Upgrade you will need to use a Base Camp, so I now first go, via the wooden stairs, .........

............  back up to the "Helicopter Hill" base camp to implement this Upgrade

 I don't know if in your game you now also get this Upgrade and if you also went back to the camp to get the Upgrade right now. You can wait until you have reached the next camp because then you will automatically receive this Upgrade, provided you have found 3 Rifle Parts of course. Anyway ..... get downstairs and have a look around

You notice that this 1st district is only small and is closed off from the next district by a fence. You also see that there are several openings in the huts that are blocked with barbed wire boards. Now stand in front of the central huts and then look at the Helicopter Hill. On the right side of the "square" is the "Pagode district", but we are not going there yet.

Turn left ....... Lara then looks back at the wooden stairs and we also see a "gangway that goes to the bottom huts of the cluster huts that are here in the middle of this" square ". Walk back a little, towards the wooden stairs, until Lara is just past that "gangway", then turn left again

Lara is now right in front of the central huts and just past that "gangway". To the right of the gangway is a space under the huts.

Enter the space under the huts and then loot the yellow box and pick up the ammo boxes

Go back outside and now go through the "gangway" into the bottom hut

The "back door" of the cabin is blocked, but we'll see soon. 

First go down to the right to the basement because in the basement there is a Relic chest on a wooden table. 

Open the Relic chest and ..... Lara finds the 1st of 4 INRO boxes in the chest.

Close the screens and go back up the stairs to the previous room. Then go into the back room and pick up the ammo chest.

Blast the barbed wire planks out of the back entrance and go out through the opening.

Lara is now on a "balcony". If you look to the left, you will see the main entrance of the Pagode district on the other side. Straight ahead, the entrance to the next hut is blocked again, so shoot that barrier out of the way with the Shotgun and then continue and ....... We then end up in the "Distribution Hall". From this hall we can reach the next slum, but we are not going to do that yet. In the corner is a document on the wooden table. Go get that Document ..... it is Document 4 of the 7 Documents of the Endurance and this one belongs to Grim, the old captain of the Endurance.

In the opening to the next alley is a yellow crate ..... loot the yellow crate

As you can see, this yellow crate gives me another Shotgun part ..... 1 more part and I can get another Upgrade for the shotgun. Now don't go any further here, but turn around and walk back to the table where the Document was and then turn around so that Lara is standing with her back against the table. There is a shelter for Lara. Jump to the edge of the shelter and then pull Lara up the shelter

Lara is then on the "floor" of this distribution hall and on the chest is another Document. Take the document .... for me it turns out to be the 3rd of 5 Confessions of a Solari.

Close all document screens and then turn Lara counterclockwise so that she faces the other side.

On the other side are 2 exits and at the right exit is a yellow crate, so walk to the yellow crate and loot it.

When Lara has looted the yellow crate, go out to the right and then follow the path to the left up and then to the right, over the corrugated iron. So Lara here walks over the sloping roofs of the lower huts of the central Huts tower of this area and so she walks back towards Helicopter Hill.

So we are on our way to the highest roof of this cluster of huts. Climb up through the chest and then move Lara to the left and see .....

...... We are back at the 2 boxes from where we previously set fire to the Net and broke the 1st Memorial.

Now run to the left and climb up to the next "balcony". Lara is then on the roof of the huts she passed through earlier and where we found the Relic, among other things. Now we go higher up, to the highest roof, but first into that little room. Jump / climb into the highest room via the wooden wall and loot the orange chest inside and pick up the ammo chest.

Then stand outside on the balcony and then turn around so that Lara is standing with her back against the balcony fence and is therefore facing the cabin.

Jump / climb up the roof via the left wall. Lara was then at the highest point of the huts. Straight ahead Lara now sees the Watchtower. We will end up there, but not now. Turn Lara around for a moment. On the other side you will see the "Pagode district" ....... I call it the "Pagode district" because of the Chinese appearance of those huts. We will also end up there

There is a pole on this roof and a cable on the pole and that cable goes down to the wooden stairs under the Helicopter Hill Base Camp.

Get under the cable and then jump up and ...

... Lara sails back down the cable to the wooden stairs. Walk further down to the floor via the bottom 2 stairs.

Continue to the blocked left entrance of the Pagodewijk.

The 2nd Memorial:

I now go back to the path, behind the helicopter because there is the 2nd memorial. 

Stand right in front of the blocked left entrance to the "Pagoda District", pull the Shotgun and blow the barbed wire planks out of the doorway

Continue to the entrance and then first pick up the Ammo chest. Wait a minute ....... Lara is now standing in front of the left side entrance of the "Pagoda District" and in this district there are again Solari's who will immediately attack Lara as soon as she steps through this gate .....so you have been warned. Step through the gate and run up the stone steps and immediately dive under cover of the metal box because ........ Solari's ......

About 4 Solari's come out from the top right. 

Those Solaris go into cover of the wooden table, but 1 of the Solaris runs on and appears at the ladder that hangs to the left. 

The bastards also throw Molotovs, so take this into account.

Well ...... Survive this fight and when it is finished you run further and via the wooden stairs all the way up, looting the corpses along the way.

Watch out because once at the top, some Solari's come towards Lara from the top entrance of the "Pagode district".

But you can quickly take them out if you explode the orange barrels quickly.

When Lara has also survived this, you could now go further into the "Pagode district", but I am not doing that now.

Turn Lara around and then jump across the gap to the ammo box in the corner on the other side.

Pick up the ammo chest. In the distance you can now see the outer path, which you previously followed to the helicopter and we will now follow that path again. Run to the left to the end

Below Lara is the path you already followed to the helicopter, so fall down and then follow the path to the right again.

You go over the gap again via the beam and then you jump over the next gap again and run to the bend

In the bend / curve of the path you stop and look up and .... you see the "Scarecrow" hanging ..... it is the 2nd Memorial ......

Draw the Bow and set fire to the rags and .....

Then shoot a Rope Arrow in the rope of the Memorial ben ..... Lara pulls down the memorial ......

3 more memorials to be found ..... Ok ..... run to the Helicopter and re-enter it

Jump through the big hole in the Helicopter Wall then down and ..... we are back at Base Camp

Run to the camp and go all the way down again via the wooden stairs and then follow the route through the huts to the "Distribution hall"

The "Distribution Hall" is the hut where you previously found the 2 documents and from here we continue.

Step into the alley behind the table. Do not turn left into the alley now because then Lara will have to survive a horde of Solaris and she is not ready for that yet. Turn right. The right exit of the alley is blocked, but you can enter a room on the left. You can, if you want, blow the blockade out of the way with your shotgun, but this is not really necessary. I did this....

However, do not go through this exit out of the alley, but go left into the room. In the room the other exit is also blocked and on the floor, near the left wall, is a GPS Cache. Go pick up that GPS Cache. It is the 1st of a total of 15 GPS Caches that can be found here in the Shanty Town.

Then blow the barbed wire blockage out of the doorway and then step outside and stay on the outside balcony.

D: Temple Square:

We look out over a square. In the middle of the square is an iron cage. In the cage is an iron pole construction with a net hanging on it. On the other side you will see a staircase and those stairs lead to a Solaria temple. There are crates and 2 orange barrels in front of the stairs. In the cage there is a white sheet on the floor and that white sheet is a trap, as you already experienced when you came out of the sewer tunnel. Lara doesn't want to be pulled into the air again by her legs, but she does want to plunder that yellow box that was in the net.

So stay on the balcony for a while, draw the bow and then burn the hanging Net with a Fire Arrow.

 Make sure that you don't explode those 2 orange barrels, because you will need those 2 barrels to sent some Solari's to hell in a moment.

The net burns and the yellow box falls to the floor, in the cage. Walk around the cage to the 2 orange barrels and then enter the cage but make sure Lara does not step on the white sheet.

As said .... such a white sheet on the ground means a trap and when Lara steps on the sheet she is drawn into the air and we don't want that yet. Loot the yellow box and then go and pick up the ammo box, while avoiding the white sheet. Then get out of the cage and walk, carefully so do not run, up the wooden stairs to the entrance of the Temple. Do not immediately enter the Temple, but pause at the top of the stairs and look inside.

You will be notified that a Secret Tomb can be found nearby. Just before the entrance there is a white sheet on the floor of the temple and ..... well ... it is another trap. The white sheet is connected to a chain with a padlock to a net that hangs above the entrance. When Lara steps on the white sheet, she is pulled up and triggers an alarm, which brings out a horde of Solaris.

NB: I madly ran into the Temple,  so Lara stepped on the white sheet and so I had to act quickly. So I don't know if you can postpone the fight with the Solari's here by jumping over the sheet, because I haven't tried this. You can try it out for yourself, but I think Lara always ends up on the white sheet and thus ends up hanging upside down in the air. This is what happens then .....

When Lara steps on the white sheet she is pulled up and then she hangs upside down under the net and she has automatically drawn her pistol.

Quickly .... shoots the padlock and ........ Well .... The net flips open and the yellow box squatters on the floor, but Lara also falls down on the floor and ..... Goddamn it ...... Solari's ...... Lara quickly scrambles to her feet, but the Solari bastard is faster and he slashes on Lara with his machete ... You need to kill this fucker quickly...

More Solari's will now appear on the square, near the cage and the 2 orange barrels, 

so now make sure you detonate those 2 orange barrels when there are 3 or so Solaris nearby those barrels.

The detonation of the 2 orange barrels won't clear out all of the Solaris, though, so stay inside and mow the rest of theSolaris to hell with your Bow, pistol and / or machine gun. Lara will return to normal straight up position when all Solaris have been killed. Then loot the yellow box that fell from the Net. This yellow box gave me the 1st of 3 new Rifle parts.

Then go back outside to loot all those Solarians and then go back into the Temple again. 

In the temple is a gray metal box and an ammo chest and in the floor is a hatch with white rope. 

Grab the ammo box and force open the gray metal box with the axe.

E: Optional Tomb: Well of Tears:

 If you don't want to do the Tomb now, you can skip this part. You can always come back here later to do the Tomb.

A: Tunnel

When you have looted the ammo box and the gray box, stand in front of the hatch in the floor.

Draw the bow and shoot a Rope Arrow in the white rope that is attached to the hatch and ..... Lara pulls the hatch out of the way

Look down through the floor hole. We look into an underground tunnel and we see a GPS Cache glittering. Jump down through the hole. Lara ends up in the dark and narrow tunnel. Do not go further into the tunnel but turn Lara around and look for that GPS Cache ...... the thing is a bit difficult to find and get to because Lara does not have much room to maneuver. If you get frustrated because you can't get Lara in the right place, forget about this GPS Cache.

Anyway .... follow the tunnel. The tunnel is very low and dark at first and Lara automatically turns on the torch.

Then the tunnel gets higher and a bit wider, so Lara can stand up straight again and she turn the torch off.

After a few more bends we reach a deep cleft in the tunnel, but luckily the Boys from Crystal Dynamics have placed a plank here for Lara to cross over to the other side.

So walk over the plank to the other side and follow the tunnel further. 

There are 2 yellow boxes in the tunnel, which you loot and then we reach an abyss with a yellow ladder.

Do not step over the edge on the yellow ladder yet, but stand above the yellow ladder and then look forward and ....

There is a net hanging above the abyss, so set the net on fire with a fire arrow

The yellow box, hanging in the net, falls down and ends up below Lara in the lower part of the tunnel. 

Press Shift to put Lara on the yellow ladder and then climb down.

Of course the yellow ladder doesn't reach all the way to the ground so press Shift again to let Lara fall further down the ladder.

Then loot the yellow box that has fallen out of the net and continue to the edge of the next abyss.

Do not step over the edge immediately but look up and ..... another Hanging Net, so shoot it on fire with a fire arrow

The yellow crate rumbles down. Step, via Shift, over the edge and ..... Lara hangs on the edge of a climbing wall ...... it is a deep fall but press Shift and ..

 Lara fals down and end up in the bottom part of the tunnel. Loot the yellow crate and follow the tunnel further.

The tunnel is getting narrower and narrower now, but luckily you can push Lara through the crack, so push Lara through the crack and ..... we end up in ......

B: Secret Tomb: The Well of Tears:

Lara has ended up in the secret Tomb "The Well of Tears". At the top of the slope is the Camp. If you let Lara walk upstairs to the camp, you will encounter 2 yellow jerry cans on the way and also above, at the camp, there is a yellow jerry can. Walk up to the camp.  I wouldn't use the camp to buy Upgrades now.

Stand on the edge behind the camp and take a look around. A metal cage hangs high above the cave floor. Behind the metal cage you can see the "window" of the cave where the treasure chest is. At the top left you see a "balcony" and that is the entrance to the tunnel that leads to the treasure chest. Lara must get to the left balcony through the metal cage. Unfortunately the metal cage hangs too high .... If you try to get Lara into the metal cage now, this will not work because the metal cage is hanging too high.

The metal cage must be lowered all the way down to the floor of the cave, below Lara. Right in front of the metal cage there is a red "carpet" on the edge of the camp platform and there is 1 yellow jerry can. In order to lower the metal cage all the way to the floor of the cave, Lara must throw 3 yellow jerry cans into the cage. There are a total of 4 yellow jerry cans in the cave. 2 jerry cans are near the entrance, 1 jerry can is already here and the 4th jerry can is on the metal floor grid of this cave. Lara only needs 3 jerry cans.

First walk back downstairs and then, 1 by 1, bring 2 more yellow jerry cans upstairs and place them with the other jerry can that is already here.

So pick up a yellow jerry can and carry the jerry can up to the camp and to the one jerry can that is already there.

Press Shift to put the jerry can down. Then pick up another jerry can so that Lara has 3 yellow jerry cans at the top of the camp. .

Then pick up 1 of these 3 jerry cans and stand on the red "carpet" and then press your Right mouse button and .... 

........a curved guideline will appear with an asterisk at the end. Move your mouse to move the guideline up or down.

Make sure that the "star" of your guide line lands on the metal floor of the cage and then press your fire button / button to throw the jerry can into the metal cage. In the same way, throw the 2 other yellow jerry cans into the metal cage and ..... due to the weight of the 3 jerry cans, the metal cage will drop all the way down to the floor of the cave. Ok ... jump down or walk down to the floor and stand in the metal cage.

I'm going to explain it to you first because you have to be very fast in a minute ..... The cage has to go up again of course and Lara too, but not in the cage. The cage must go up empty and while the cage is going up again you have to bring Lara back up to the camp as quickly as possible so that when the cage is at the correct height, she can jump to the cage. Due to the weight of Lara, however, the cage will immediately drop again so you have to quickly jump from the cage to the top left tunnel.

Start with removing the 3 yellow jerry cans from the cage. To avoid having to carry 3 jerry cans again, if things go wrong, it is best now to throw the 3 jerry cans back up to the camp platform. So pick up a jerry can and throw it back up to the camp platform and do this with the other 2 jerry cans also

If you do not manage to reach the cage and the high left tunnel in a moment, then you have at least the 3 jerry cans at the top and you can try again immediately. When you have removed the 3 jerry cans from the cage, Lara is still in the cage. The weight of Lara alone is enough to keep the cage on the floor ..... so if Lara stays in the cage now, the cage will never go up and you can stay here the rest of your life. To raise the cage again, Lara has to get out of the cage now. 

However, as soon as Lara gets out of the cage, the cage will go up again, and that goes quickly .... you have to make sure that Lara is on top of the red "carpet" again before the cage is completely up again ... So you have to jump from the red "carpet" into the cage at the right time, then turn left to jump from the cage to the high tunnel ... it is a matter of speed and correct timing Lara has thrown the 3 jerry cans out of the cage again ....... So now run out of the cage and quickly run back up the slope to the camp and get back on the red "carpet" and ..... Jump over to the cage, then quickly turn left and jump to the tunnel and .....

... if your speed and timing were right, Lara will end up in the top left tunnel and you can proceed to the treasure chest to loot it. .....

.......... don't complain if you don't succeed the first time ..... also don't complain if you don't succeed the 2 time or the 3rd time ... I went crazy after I had not succeeded for the 100th time ..... then I switched on the Cheat trainer and used the Superspeed and Super Jump to skip this whole thing with the cage. If you also have a good Cheat Trainer with Super Jump, you can jump from the camp platform in one go to the top left tunnel without difficulty. 

Anyway ..... follow the tunnel around the bend and then climb further up to the treasure chest and loot the treasure chest. You earn Xp points and 1 skill point

Lara also takes the Shanty Town Treasure Map  from the treasure chest. 

Walk to the "window" and stand in the window under the cable, then jump up and Lara sails back down

If you want, you can now use the camp to redeem your skill point, but I'm not doing this right now because I am saving the skill points until I have enough to unlock Lara's Level 2 skills.

 We're done here in the Tomb, so push through the crack back into the tunnel .......


... follow the tunnel back to the climbing wall and climb back up via Lara's climbing axe

Continue to the wall where the piece of yellow ladder hangs and climb further up via the yellow ladder, or the ledges on the wall.

Well .... follow the tunnel further back, over the plank to the beginning under the temple

Climb back out of the tunnel via the wall and leave the Temple, but immediately stop outside at the top of the stairs.

F: Watchtower and Pagoda District:

Lara looks out over Temple Square again. Turn right and .... you will see the roofs of the huts to the right of the temple.

Climb on the sloping roof and then walk to the 2 sloping buildings. Then turn straight. Lara now looks through an "alley" to the right side wall of the Temple and ..... 

on the facade hangs the 3rd Memorial. Walk a little further and then climb on the sloping roof of the right-hand construction

From the roof of the building on the right you look at the Memorial. 

Draw the bow and set fire to the rags of the Memorial and then shoot a Rope Arrow in the Memorial and ..... Lara then rips the memorial off the facade

2 more memorials to be found. Memorial 4 is in the Watchtower and we are on our way there now. Look to the left ... in the distance you will see the square in front of the large gate. Lara must go to the big gate because it is the entrance to part 2 of the Shanty Town. I am not going there yet because there are still a lot of "goodies" to score here in this Helicopter Hill district and in the Pagode district.

However, if you are in a hurry to continue with the main story, you can now go straight to the Great Gate via the roofs of the huts. I must warn you that Lara will be trapped at the Gate and will have to survive a horde of about 15 Solaris. So I postpone this for a while and now first go back to the Temple square. So turn right again, jump down from the building and return to the stairs of the Temple. You will see an orange chest on the top floor of the huts on the left side of the Temple Square.

Walk down the temple stairs to just before the metal cage and then look left. 

At the bottom of the left huts the doorway is blocked, so shoot the blockade out of the way with the Shotgun and then enter the hut.

 In the room is a Relic Chest on the ramshackle shelf

Loot the Relic Chest and .... Lara takes out a Jade Horse statue ... the 1st of 3 animal statues in the game.

Close the screens and go back outside the Temple Square again.

The orange chest, which you saw from the rooftops, is located in the top room of the Relic Hut. Enter the alley to the left of the metal cage

The alley ends in a low shed. On the left is a room whose entrance is blocked. Clear the blockade and then loot the yellow box that is glowing in that room.

Then climb on the roof of the low shed and then turn Lara over so she looks at the huts to the right, where she just found the yellow box and the Relic in it. 

Lara then looked at the 1st floor of those huts. Jump diagonally across to end up in that room and take the ammo chest there.

Turn around and stand in the window and jump back to the roof of the shed and then jump back down into the alley

We still haven't reached the top room where the orange chest is. We are going to do that now.

Turn left in the alley and climb up the low roof. On the lean-to, turn back to the high huts

You will see the room where you were just now. On the left there is a wooden climbing wall at the huts. Stand right in front of that wooden climbing wall and then jump to it and keep pressing your jump key and .... Lara climbs into the highest room. Loot the orange box and step back out the window. Lara will hang from the facade, so press Shift to make Lara fall back down into the alley.

Back in the alley you walk back to Temple Square and back to the stairs of the Temple.

To the right of the Temple, a stone staircase goes up the slope. Climb up those stone steps. At the top you pick the orange fruits from the bush and then you walk on and ...... Lara now ends up back at the beginning of this Level ...... at the pit where she, when she was still badly injured was, slide down

So on the other side is the start of this Level. So Lara is now on the other side of the pit. Well .... we have to go back to where we started .... the forecourt where Lara crawled into the sewer under the huts. So jump back into the hole and .... Lara slide down again and ended up in the short tunnel again

Walk out of the short tunnel and see ..... we are back on the "forecourt" of the Helicopter hill huts. Straight ahead you see the helicopter on the hill.

 On the left you see the bottom of the watchtower and under the huts you see the shed again where the entrance to the sewer is

We are not going under the huts again now. A wooden climbing wall sticks out at the shed on the right.

 Run to the climbing wall and climb up the shelter via the climbing wall.

On the shelter, Lara looked into the "Distribution Hall". In the doorway is an ammo box that you pick up if you still need ammo.

Do not enter the distribution hall, but turn left and walk across the balconies to the roof of the sewer shed.

Ahead you can see the tail of the helicopter, where the Helicopter Hill Camp is. Climb up through the chest and then turn left and run all the way to the lower roof where the 2 crates are on and where the gangway is to the wooden stairs under the camp

Walk over the gangway into the hut

So in the hut you can turn right to go back to the camp or down, but we now turn left to go to the Watchtower.

So leave the hut on the left and climb further up, onto the wooden platform on which the "jump board" is located. Stand on or next to the "jump board".


At, or on, the "jump board" you look at the bottom floor of the watchtower. On the bottom floor is the yellow box that you dropped from the net many hours ago. 

Go and loot that box first. Beyond the yellow box you can also pick up an ammo box

Loop verder rechtsom, om de toren maar doei het voorzichtig want anders mis je de GPS Cache die hier ook nog ligt.

Continue to the right, around the tower but do it carefully because otherwise you will miss the GPS Cache that is also here.

For me this is the 3rd of the 15 GPS Caches that can be found in Shanty Town

Walk through and climb back to the platform where the "Sprinkplank" is on and now stand on the "Sprinkplank"

Jump from the "jump board" to the 1st floor of the watchtower.

Then continue walking around the tower to the other side. Lara then can't continue because of a wooden wall with ledges.

Jump / climb up the flat wooden wall, then move Lara to the left and climb further up via the ledges and .....

Lara ends up on the top floor of the tower. Walk around the tower column to the other side.

There is a wooden fence on the edge and a siren at the end. Continue to the Siren. This Siren is the first of 5 Sirens that Lara can destroy for the "Muffler" challenge. 

So destroy the Siren with the climbing axe to unlock the challenge.

4 more Sirens to be found. Turn around and walk to the wooden gate. Stand in front of the gate and then turn Lara around and look up and .....

High above Lara then hangs the fourth Memorial on the tower.

Well .... draw the bow and shoot a Flare arrow in the rags then a Rope arrow in the rope of the Memorial and .... Lara destroys the 4th Memorial

The Memorial has fallen down and has knocked quite a bit out of the wooden circulation. Watchtower ready ... now up to the Pagode district and for this Lara has to go down again, to the wooden stairs under the Helicopter Hill Camp. And that is of course possible via different routes, but I did it like this ........ Turn Lara around to the wooden gate. Standing at the wooden gate, Lara looks out over Helicopter Hill and below Lara are the corrugated iron roofs of the lower huts. Lara can now return to the wooden stairs under the helicopter via the roofs. So jump up and down the wooden gate. Lara land on the corrugated iron roof of the lower huts.

Walk across the corrugated iron roof to the other side and then step over the edge ..... Lara will hang from the eaves, so press Shift to make Lara fall down.

Lara end up on the wooden roofs of the even lower huts. Continue to the wooden stairs and jump over to the corrugated iron roof. 

Step over the edge again on the corrugated iron roof and fall down again and we are back at the wooden stairs

Go down the bottom wooden stairs to the ground and run to the left side entrance of the:

Pagoda district:

Enter the district again via the left entrance. 

There will be no more Solaris now to make it difficult for Lara because Lara already killed those Solaris that were here when we were here the 1st time, on the way to the 2nd Memorial.

Walk up again to the entrance at the top right and then continue through the neighborhood and walk all the way to the other side. Lara then looked out over the courtyard and the street behind the Pagoda district. On the other side you will see the "Gate district" where the Gate Square is where we need to go to

At the front of the Pagode district you see a staircase, that staircase goes to the front balcony of the district and we want to go there now. Walk / jump up the lower corrugated iron roof and then stand still and look at the side wall of the Pagode district. In the side wall you see a window and that window is blocked with barbed wire planks. Jump down.

Lara is now in the courtyard behind the Pagoda district. Via the street you can cross to the Temple square and you can also immediately cross to Gate square. But I'm not going to do that yet. Look at the side wall of the Pagoda district. You will see the window where you just removed the blockade. There is a gray wooden partition under the window. Jump / climb up to the window via the gray bulkhead and then climb into the room.

In the room you will find an ammo box and a yellow box. Loot the boxes and then jump back down the window. Back down in the courtyard, look to the left. 

The doorway to the left shed is blocked, so get that block out of the way and enter the shed. In the shed, Lara finds GPS Cache number 6.

Back out and now run up the stairs and around the corner. Lara is now again at the front of the Pagode district. 

Well ..... you came in here once, when you came out of the sewer and had the 1st fight with the Solaris.

Continue to the other side, up the stairs and ..... On the right is a wooden climbing wall to climb up, but first go into the hall to find some more ammo. If you were to continue straight ahead now, Lara would end up at the back of the helicopter again, so we're not going to do that. Walk back a little and then climb up the wooden wall and ..... Lara is back on the left side of the Pagoda district, but now higher up. You could have gotten here more easily, but then you couldn't have "unlocked" that window. In the other corner, you see a sloping roof.

Continue, jump over the main entrance and climb up the sloping roof and Lara is on the sloping roof, above the courtyard where she has just jumped down.

Well ...... Here is an open room and a wooden climbing wall to climb to the highest floor.

Enter the room here and ..... on the table is a Relic chest, so loot the chest and Lara will find the 2nd of the 4 Inros

Back outside and now climb, via the wooden wall, to the upper room

In the upper room there is a Document on the chest and for me this is the 4th of a total of 5 "Confessions of a Solari" document.

Go back outside. From the sloping roof, Lara sees the neighborhood on the other side again. Next to Lara is an Anchor Pole and across the street she sees white rope wrapped around a beam. You will see an orange chest on the balcony of the highest cabin. Draw the Bow and zoom in on that white rope and fire a Rope Arrow in the white rope and .....

Lara tied the other end of her rope to the Anchor Post. Make sure Lara is well under the rope and then jump to the rope and .....

...... Lara sails across her cable and land on the corrugated iron roofs.

Gate Square District:

 Turn around to the highest hut. A wooden partition sticks out to the right under the windowsill of the window. 

Jump against the wooden partition and keep pressing your Jump key and ... Lara will hang on the windowsill.

Climb into the room and walk onto the balcony to loot the orange box.

There is space to the left of the balcony railing. Stand on the ledge to the left of the balcony gate and look down. A corrugated iron roof protrudes under Lara and a beam connects that roof to the roof of the shed on the other side. Step over the edge and Lara hangs on the edge .....

Press Shift to make Lara fall down and ..... Lara may end up on the lean-to or the wooden beam. 

If Lara lands on the wooden beam and she is turned to the other side, turn Lara around and walk up the corrugated iron roof.

The window to the side room is blocked, so clear the blockade and enter the room. Lara finds a Relic Chest on a chest in this room, so loot the chest

In this Relic chest I found the 2nd of the 3 Jade statues .... the Jade Buffalo and according to Lara this is a real one.

Okay.....We are almost at the big gate now..... get ready for another big fight with about 20 Solari's

Step outside through the other window and then continue down the corrugated iron roofs to the street.

Lara ends up on a side street off the main street. Continue to the main street and then turn left into the street.

Hope you have provided Lara with plenty of ammo and arrows because she desperately needs it now.

You can pick up a bundle of arrows from the large chests. Run further up to the now open Gate and ........

Battle at the Gate:

As soon as Lara enters Gate Square she is ambushed ..... The big gate is closed and a horde of Solari's appears. 

Lara has nowhere to go because the gate is now closed and the Solari's come to her from the street and they are also on the roofs of the huts

Well ....... remove all of those Solari mother fuckers from the game and make sure Lara survives this. There are orange barrels here and there that you can detonate, but do so if there are Solari's nearby because otherwise it is not very useful. There are "normal" Solaris but also 2 or 3 "Squires" and of course the Solaris throw their petrol bombs at Lara. Survive this fight. As soon as Lara automatically stands upright again and has put her weapon away again, you will know that you have killed all Solaris.

When it is ready you walk to the closed gate. To the left of the gate is the turning wheel to lift the gate gate. Go for the jog wheel then press your E button to start cranking. Unfortunately it is not possible to swing the gate up because the hoist mechanism is blocked by a thick beam. White rags are wrapped around the beam

The game will now give you a hint about "Combustible Objects and Bright White Dust"

Draw the bow, aim at the white cloth wrapped beam and fire a burning arrow to set the white cloth on fire and ..... The beam will catch on fire and will break off.

Now crank the spinning wheel again and keep doing that until the gate is lifted all the way up and then walk through the Gate to end this Level and start at:

Level 10: Shanti Town part 2:

Walkthrough door: Louis Koot