How the game works

2021: Louis Koot

In 2013 I had the European / North American version of the game and because I'm Dutch I played it with the Dutch language selected. So all the text on the game screens that you see in this walkthrough are in the Dutch language. Also all text that I have wrote on all the screenshots are Dutch.

In Options you can set everything to your own preference, including the language.


You can set the graphics quality of the game and change the default control keys in Options. Via "Start performance test" you can check if the game will "running" properly on your PC, with the settings you have chosen. The game then starts a Benchmark video of the game and you will then see a statistic of your PC performance.


When you start a "New Game" you can choose the level of difficulty you want to play. You can choose from "Easy", "Normal" and "Hard". The difficulty level only affects the fights with enemies and not, for example, the so-called "Quik Time Events" and the rest of the gameplay.

Lara's health:

Unlike previous Tomb Raider games, there is now no Health Bar for Lara. When Lara gets hurt you can see it in her face and how she moves. If Lara gets hurt during fights with enemies, people as well as animals, you can see this in the blood that splashes through your screen. If Lara is seriously injured your screen starts to fade from black to white and if she takes more damage then Lara dies. There are no health packs in the game to replenish Lara's health. If Lara is injured, she will heal on her own after a while, provided she does not sustain new injuries for a while.

Saving and Loading:

As usual in Tomb Raider games, this game also works with Checkpoints. So you cannot save yourself in the game. You go from Checkpoint to Checkpoint and each time the next Checkpoint is saved, the previous checkpoint is overwritten. If Lara dies between 2 checkpoints, you start over from the last saved checkpoint. This seems tedious, but the checkpoints are never far from each other, so you never have to do a very large piece over and over again. If you quit the game and then restart it, click "Continue" on the main screen to continue from the last reached and saved Checkpoint.

The game has 3 Save Slots., 1, 2 and 3. When you start the game you have to choose in which of the 3 Save Slot you want to save the game Checkpoints.

The 3 Save Slots allow you to start 3 separate new Games. If you start a game in Save Slot 1, the Saves for that game will be saved in Save Slot 1. If you start a game in Save Slot 2, the Saves for that game will be saved in Save Slot 2. If you start a game in Save Slot 3 then the saves for those games are stored in Save Slot 3. This allows you to play 3 games at the same time, which can be useful because you can then have different Save Files for different moments in the game.

Quick Time Events:

In the so-called "Quick Time events" you have to save Lara from sticky situations by pressing the right keys on your keyboard quickly and at the right time. In the first level, the game shows you, via icons that appear on the screen, which keys you have to press ...... but later you have to figure this out yourself and ... you have to know very quickly because the game is inexorable in this ......

If you don't press the right key at exactly the right time Lara will die. This usually involves your Arrow keys, the Melee (F) key and the Action (E) key.

If Lara dies in a "Quick Time Event" you have to keep doing it over and over until you finally get through ..... you can't skip a "Quick Time Event". If you use a Cheat Trainer to cheat in the game, you will notice that those Cheats in the "Quick Time Events" don't work ..... that's because those "Quick Time Events" are actually interactive movies.

Skill Points, Experience Points, Salvages Points and Challenges:

Throughout the game you can do additional Challenges. Completing a Challenge earns you Experience Points (XP Points). Each time you earn a certain amount of those XP points you will receive a Skill Point as a reward. With Skill Points, you can buy Skill Upgrades to upgrade Lara's Survival Skills and Hunter Skills to a higher level. Salvage points are earned by looting crates ..... there are yellow crates and orange crates and there are larger metal crates. Always loot the crates and chests to collect as many Salvages points as possible. Some crates / chests contain Upgrade parts for Lara's weapons. In the so-called Base Camps you can then buy Upgrades for Lara's weapons and equipment with your collected Salvages points, provided you have collected those Upgrades and if you have collected enough Salvages-Points for them.

Base Camps:

Throughout the game you will reach a large number of Base Camps, where Lara can rest and purchase Upgrades for her Skills and Weapons. You can recognize camps by the Campfires. You can "use" a Base Camp ....... Then walk to the campfire and then press your E button. You will then end up in the Camp screen.

There are 2 types of Camps ..... Fast Travel Camps and Day Camps. Via the Fast Travel Camps you can return to camps in the areas where you have been before. 

However, Day Camps are not Fast Travel Camps, so you cannot return to previously visited areas via a Day Camp.

In a Fast Travel Camp you have access to a Fast Travel Map on which the Fast Travel Camps are displayed in the form of tents.

The Day Camps can be seen on the map in the form of campfires.

In both Fast Travel Camps and Day Camps, you can upgrade Lara's Survival and Hunters skills and also purchase Upgrades for her weapons and equipment.

Documents and Relics and Lara's Diary:

There are a large number of Documents and Relics in the game. Found Documents and Relics earn XP points and count towards 100% completion of the game. But it is not a requirement that you find all documents and Relics to be able to finish the game ...... you just do not reach 100%. From the 2nd Base Camp, which Lara reaches, Lara will keep a Diary in which she records her experiences on the island. The complete diary will eventually also earn XP points.

Additional Challenges and Secret Tombs:

In each level there are extra XP points to be gained by completing the Extra Challenges ... Such an Extra Challenge can be considered as the "side quests" in the game. The game will automatically tell you when there is such an extra challenge to do. You don't have to do all those Extra-Challenges right away ..... you don't even have to do them at all to complete the game. But they do yield many EX points.

There is a Secret Tomb in almost every level of the game and those Secret Tombs can be looted and will give you many XP Points. You can leave the "Normal Game" and then go in between such a Secret Tomb. However ..... for almost every Secret Tomb Lara must have the right "tools" for it. What you can do better is to just follow the main story of the game and finish the game first. You can always return to all levels, via the Fast Travel Camps, to do all Side Quests and all Secret Tombs.

My Walkthrough will also work in this way ..... first play through the main story of the game and only then do all side quests and secret tombs. Obviously, you should make sure you always collect enough supplies to upgrade Lara's skills and equipment in the base camps through XP points and Skill points.


Lara is given a few weapons, but her main weapon is the Bow and Arrow.

But she also gains the Magnum, a Shotgun with a Grenade Launcher and a Machine Gun. 

Additional parts for all of these weapons can be found in the game or purchased from the base camps.

Cheaten in the game:

The game does not have a Cheat console where you can activate Cheats. To Cheate in the game you need a so-called Cheat Trainer. A Cheat Trainer is not an official piece of software that comes with the game. Cheat trainers are made by Hackers and can be searched and downloaded via the Internet. Cheat trainers are game specific. So you have to look for a good Cheat Trainer that is specially made for the game in question. Most Cheat Trainers do have the God Cheat, so you normally don't die in combat. Cheat trainers are somewhat complicated to use, but special for you, as an extra service, I have made an explanation document and you can also download a good Cheat Trainer for Tomb Raider 2013 here:

Download the Tomb Raider 2013 Cheattrainer

Ok ....... so far my explanation ...... More explanation will be given in the walkthrough at times in the game when more explanation is needed ... so let's get started. Start a "New Game" and choose your difficulty level and the save slot in which the game should save your game ......... And ..... lots of courage, patience and steadfastness .... ... because this is not an easy game to play ........

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Walkthrough by: Louis Koot