2021: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

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A Tale of a Legacy is a free point and click game and you can download it here

In the game you go through conversations and other text by clicking with your left mouse, if you don't do this then the text will  be in your screen for ever and ever

Once upon a time, in the faraway Kingdom of Arval, a vessel of simple construction and sturdy wood, was transporting in its interior a letter that was going to change the destiny of a life, the life of Dery Marlon, a man treated badly by life and fortune....Dery Marlon, a man condemned to live wandering from town to town without money, with hardly any possessions and without family, family he once had and couldn't or didn't know how to keep.....a man marked by a terrible misfortune by a premature death in the family......a man who lost everything, who fell into a pit he's trying to leave now......and that letter, brief when it comes to its content, but immense when it comes to the consequences, is about to get to its destiny in the humble town of Zippar, where Dery Marlon is scraping by, in an improvised camp which acts as a home. But that letter won't only mark that man's life, that letter will also mark the destiny of the Kingdom of Arval.

After starting the game you will see the main menu. You can choose to start a New game, load a saved game) and Quit the game.  

You can also see the credits via Info. To start you click on "New Game".

A: Zippar:


Dery has set up camp in the town of Zippar and he's reading the letter he just received 

And Finally the letter gets in the hands of his recipient, who doesn't know what that document he's now reading will bring, and that letter is nothing other than a testament. A testament? Surprised Dery Marlon is asking himself, frowning, because he doesn't even know the man who bequeaths him his fortune.....Feyer Golesh....and more he thinks about it, over and over again, that name doesn't tell him anything and Dery Marlon reads it again,  stopping at each and every word written with unsteady hands.....Dery reads:  " In the renowned town of Duruk, on the 4th of the month of Persi in the year 156 of the Samarion Era, I, Feyer Golesh, being of sound and disposing mind, bequeath two thirds of my possessions to Dery Marlon. I direct that the remaining one third is destined to charity among the poor of our town."

 The inventory is on top of the screen and on top right you have the buttons to open up the Map, to save the game, to load a previous saved game and to quit the game.

When you click the Map button, the map will be in your screen

Via this map you can transport Dery quickly from one location to another location by clicking on the direction sign of a location. Now you see Dery's head at his camp to indicate that he is at home in his the camp. If you move Dery to an other location, you'll see his head there above the directional sign of that location. You can Save your game, Load a previous Saved Game or Quit the game with the other 3 buttons at top right of the screen

Dery can collect his inheritance from a notary in the city of Duruk and he thinks that he must cross the river and for this he thinks that he must go to the docs of Zippar. You open up the inventory by moving your mouse cursor to the top of the screen. The only thing that Dery has in his inventory right now is that testament letter that he just has read through. You can let Dery read the testament again by right click on it, but why on earth shout you do that?.....Dery has already read the testament aloud, so there's no need to things double.

On the ground, at the crate that Dery has sit on, lies a Knife.....Go pick up that Knife and you do that by left click on the knife......It's Dery's old knife. 

That's all you can do here in the camp now, so walk to the right edge of the screen and.......Dery's journey begins but first he explains how you can fast travel from location to location via the map. The map will then be in your screen. On the Map find the sign that says Market and left click that sign to go there now


A carpenter is working  outside his carpentry and the shopkeeper is standing at her stall and further on you see the flower girl behind her flower stall. 

Left click the carpenter to talk with him......A conversation screen opens at the bottom. Click a conversation option to talk about it with the carpenter. Always use all conversation options that you get when you talk to other persons......Some conversation option will give you new topics to talk about. The carpenter tells something about the town Duruk and it's governor.....The governor of Duruk evokes mixed feeling at the people of that town.

When there's nothing more to talk about say goodbye to the carpenter and go to the female shopkeeper. Try tot take a loaf of bread from the woman's basket on the right. Dery thinks he should ask permission first. So talk to the woman and try out all conversation options.
The female shopkeeper doesn't want the give Dery a loaf of bread for free, so you must soften her up a little bit.....Go through the option until you can ask the shopkeeper for compassion, she  then gives a bread. 

If the woman shopkeeper cuts off the conversation because she doesn't like Dery's tone, start the conversation again. The shopkeeper will give a loaf of bread to Dery if you use the correct options here and she then also says that her name is Mony. Talk further about the road to Duruk and Mony says  that Governor Portesh is squeezing out his city with taxes and punishing opposition harshly. 

Say goodbye and go talk with the florist girl and try to persuade her to give you some money.......Although the florist girl feels sorry for Dery that he lost his tavern and has become a beggar now, she won't give him money. So take your leave and go a screen to the right to get on the map again, or just open up the map by clicking the map icon on top right of the screen. Now go to the:


A Drunk sits at the table and on the right hand table bench stand a glass jar. Take the glass Jar. It's an empty jar. Talk with the Drunk and use all conversation options.  The drunk sees double but he tells that his name is Arged Enkil. You need this name later in the game, so remember it. When the Drunk has mentioned his name the conversation ends abruptly. You can try to talk with the drunk again but it's pretty useless

The Innkeeper stand behind a straight up barrel. Left of the innkeeper are a few barrels lying on the ground. Right click on the first barrel that's horizontally lying on the ground.....Dery tells that there's rum in the barrel and that it has a cork. Go talk with the Innkeeper and ask the man everything that you can ask......If the conversation ends abruptly then you click the Innkeeper again to ask any left over questions. The Innkeeper doesn't want to give money or food to Dery.

Try to take out the cork of the horizontal barrel with your knife......so open up the inventory and left click the knife and then drag the knife out of inventory and click with it on that barrel and.......Well.....Dery tells you that he has no reason yet to yank out the cork......So you must first find a reason for Dery to want to have that cork. Right click to put the knife back into inventory. Behind the Tavern is the town gate.....Left click the gate but Dery will say that it is easier to go to Duruk by boat over the river. Open up the Map and now go to the:

Main Square

Here is the Library and the Librarian sits and the stone stairs. On the wooden podium stand an Official. Talk with the Librarian, who's name is Fiena and she's bored to death, tired and fed up and has nothing else to say.  Go talk with the official who stand on the wooden podium. He's the Official of the Zippar Council and he's a rude person but he is a fan of the Governor of Duruk.  Nothing more to talk about then take your leave and open up the Map and travel to the:


The Harbor Master stand on the jetty and a row boat is floating in the river. On the right side of the building lies a Rope, at the crates and barrels. Take the Rope. Then right click the crates (Boxes) to let Dery tell you that they are full with Fishing devices and similar things. Then left click those boxes and Dery takes a Hammer, that was lying between the boxes.

Go talk with the Harbor Master and use all options again. Dery may rent the only boat that's left here, but of course Dery hasn't any money to pay the rent. No money, no boat. Keep taking with the Harbor Master until you get the option to ask him if you could offer him something else in exchange for using the boat........

The Harbor Master loves to read books about marine shipping but the librarian doesn't want to lent him books from the library anymore.

 If Dery can get some maritime shipping books then the Harbor Master is willing to lent him the boat. Say goodbye and go back to the:

Main Square:

Talk to the librarian again and ask her about borrowing books and about the harbor master. The harbor master hasn't return 20 books he has borrowed from the library. Only residents of Zippar are allowed to borrow books. So Dery needs a document that proves that he's a resident of Zippar. Talk with the official again and ask him about such a document via "I need a certificate proving I'm a citizen of Zippar". Dery must provide his details, name and such, and the officer then checks whether he is entitled to the document. The document costs 25 dollars. Although Dery hasn't have 25 dollars say "All right. I want you to check some data?"  and the officer says that he need a first name and a family name, date of birth, place of birth and an address here in Zippar.

You then get a list of names of witch you must choose one and of course you don't pick your own name. If you've talked to all residence that you have come across so far then you can have Pefeo, Feyer, and Arged as names in the list. Pick one of these names and note down witch name you pick because you'll need that name later on in the game. I have picked Pefeo from the House of Toures, But whatever name you pick you have too little data to get the document and you also have no money. So this conversation ends abruptly when you have picked a name from the list.  Dery needs more information about the things you must pick from the list, so go back to the:


Talk with the drunk Arged Enkil again. Ask if you may ask him some more questions and then ask him everything about him self such as his birth year, place of birth and where he lives now. Arged's was born in the month of Lunsi in the year 121 and he was left at the tavern by his mother. Arged  was born in the town of Feshna. Drunken Arged isn't that stupid so he doesn't want to tell were he lives, being afraid that Dery will rob his place in his absents. So you must convince Arged to tell were he lives and then he tells that he lives in the Fish Alley and his best friend is Thomi. When you have all this info out of Arged then say goodbye and go back to the:

Main Square:

Talk with the officer again and use the option "Could you remind me what I need to do to get the citizenship certificate?" and then say again

 "All right. I want you to check some data" and now provide the officer with Arged's particulars:

For name you click on "I am Arged from the house of Enkil". 
For Month of birth you click on "The month of Lunsi of the year 121"
For Place of birth you click on "Feshna". 
For address in Zippar you click on "Fish Alley" and.......

the officer finds all things correct but because Dery hasn't have 25 dollar he won't hand out the certificate. Open the Map on go back to the:


On the stall of the florist woman lies a Purse with money. Try to steal the Purse but it doesn't work because the florist sees it. Talk with the florist and ask her "if she has any other interest beside flowers"...and yes....she loves watching and studying Insects. Ask further about the insect studying hobby of the florist and you learn that here favorite insect is the direptera, that lives in the mountains around rocks and they love sugar. Take your leave when you have this information about the two insect from the florist. Now go back to the:


A swarm insect is flying around the big rock. Right click those insect.....Dery thinks that these are the insects that the florist have mentioned. 

Try to catch some insects with the glass jar, but that doesn't work....

The jar is empty, so Dery must put something in the jar that will attract the insects. Go back to the:


Talk to Mony the Shopkeeper again and ask her how to get some sugar. Sugar cost money but she's willing to trade some sugar for a remedy that will help to get rid of the rash on her hands. The remedy can be made from pure water and an extract of a flower called Floris Maris. Mony also tells that you must put the pure water and extract in a bowl and then heat it. To that end Mony gives you a bowl and that bowl will be in the inventory when you're done talking. Open the map again and now go to the:


In the woods you'll notice orange flowers and a bush of white flowers and there's also a tree Stump. 

Dery doesn't need the orange flowers but he will need the white flowers put you can't just pick them. 

Use your knife on the white flowers to cut a white flower into the inventory

To the left is the river. Right click the river to hear Dery say that the water of the river is clean and pure, 

So click with the Bowl on the river to fill the bowl with clean and pure water from the river. 

Go stand at the tree stump. Put the white flower on the tree stump. Then crush the white flower with the Hammer and......

You'll have Floris Manis Flower Extract in inventory. In inventory put the Flower Extract into the Bowl with water. Travel back to your:


Go stand at your campfire and place the Bowl with Mixture on the fire and.....

after 2 or 3 seconds the mixture is heated up and Dery put it back in inventory. Go back k to Mony at the:


Give the Ointment Bowl to Mony and in return Dery will get some Sugar, witch will then be in inventory. In inventory put the sugar into the glass jar. Go back to your


Use  the glass jar with sugar in it on the insects again and now Dery will catch an insects, The glass jar now has sugar and an insect in it. Go back to the:


Use the glass jar with the sugar and insect on the florist and......Dery does not want to give the insect directly to her, the woman must be distracted longer so that he then steal her purse. So place the glass jar at the other pots that stand to the left of the stall.......

While the florist then  is looking at the insects, quickly left click the purse again to steal some money. 

When you have the coins go back to

Main Square:

Try to give the money to the officer, but you have to talk with the officer about the certificate first. 

So right click to put your stolen  money away and then talk with the officer again. use the option, "Could you remind me what I need to do to get the citizenship certificate?" again and then "All Right. I want you to check some data" and then give the same answers as you did before.  

So for name you click on "I am Arged from the house of Enkil". 
Month of birth you click on "The month of Lunsi of the year 121"
Place of birth you click on "Feshna". 
And for address in Zippar you click on "Fish Alley" and.......

The officer wants you to pay. So say that you have money via "Yes, I've got them"  and finally you get the certificate. 

Show the certificate to the librarian and you will receive a stack of books.

 When you have the books go back to the


Give the books to the harbor master. 

Dery can borrow the boat, but the harbor master says that he needs a navigation map to find his way on the river and reach Duruk. Dery can get such a map at the tavern when he tells the Innkeeper that the harbor master sent him. Dery also need to get oars for the boat. Go back to the


Talk with to Innkeeper and say "I think you've got navigation maps of the river......" and then say "The harbor master told me that". The innkeeper wants to know if you are a good citizen and so he asks some questions of witch you must give the correct answers

The first question is what the librarian is called. Answer: Fiena. 
The second question is the name of the harbor master. Answer: Jezid. 
The third question is what compliments the food saleswoman hates. Answer:  The superficial and the sickeningly sweet ones.

 Now that he has proven to know the town well, Dery gets a navigation map. No to get some oars for the boat. Go back to the


Talk to the carpenter and ask him for some oars. 

The carpenter wants to give you oars, but he wants some fresh fish and some rum in return and he gives you an empty bottle to put the rum in. 

Go back to the:


At the dock now stand a fish basket full with fish. But a seagull flutters over the basket, so Dery can't get a fish from the basket because that bird is pretty aggressive. Left click the seagull and.....The harbor master says that seagull's love bread even more then fish. So click your loaf of bread to the seagull and.....Dery says that this wound work....he must get that gull away from the basket. So throw the bread into the river and.....the bird goes away. 

Now take the fish basket and go back to the:


You know already that the horizontal barrels have rum in it and that the front barrel has a cork. So use your knife on that barrel to stick the knife in the barrel. 

Then move Dery slightly to the left to get a good view of the knife in the barrel. Tie the rope to the knife, as this will help you pull the knife out. Then pull the rope and..........

 Dery automatically puts the empty bottle under the barrel to fill it with rum. Dery  takes the bottle of rum, the rope and the knife back by himself. Go back to the:


Give the fish and then the rum  to the carpenter and you will get the oars. You now have everything you need to navigate the river. So go back to the:


Talk with the harbor master again and say that you got the navigation map and the oars and.......Dery goes on his way rowing to Duruk but as the harbor master has told.....fog comes over the river and Dery collides with a rock and steps ashore to wait for the fog to clear.

B: In the Woods

Dery doesn't know where he is, the boat is broken and he has lost some items from his inventory. Dery only has the will and a knife in inventory.  

Pick up the board that lies on the sandy river bank. When you've the board then enter the forest, behind Dery 

Left click the bush that stand at the big rock and Dery finds and takes a small wooden disc.  There are three paths to choose from. The right path and the left path let Dery walk around in circles so he ends up here again. So take the middle path, on the left side of the big rock. On the next screen there are 2 paths in the middle but do not take them.

Go a screen to the left and.....Dery comes at a grave with a tombstone and 2 ports with flowers. 

Right click the tombstone.....You get a hint for a puzzle.....

The inscription says: Blood flows to the north. To the east the river merges (comes together). And to the south, what sort of dark future awaits it?

 Left click the left pot of flowers and..... 

Dery finds and takes a second wooden disc that was under the flower pot. This is a medium size wooden disc. You can go up and to the left here. Go a screen left again. 

Left click the bare tree and Dery finds and takes a 3rd wooden disc...this is a large wooden disc

  Look at the deep pit, on the left, it  makes the way to the left impossible. So lay the board over the deep pit and.......

....... then go over the board a screen left again and Dery arrives at a house

The house of the Old Man:

the 3 disc puzzle

Knock on the door but there is no answer. Right click, or left click,  the monolith that stand next of the door. 

You go into a close-up. The monolith is a shaft and it has buttons in red, black and blue. You also see a gear at the bottom. The purpose of this puzzle is to put the 3  wooden discs, Dery has found in the woods, on the correct buttons. Not only do you have to pay attention to the size of the discs, but you also have to find the right button. For the solution, use the hint you got from the inscription on the gravestone. That inscription says: Blood flows to the north. To the east the river merges (comes together). And to the south, what sort of dark future awaits it? . If place the 3 discs correctly, the mechanism will work and the door will open.

  • Put the small wooden disk on the top red button (blood-north). 

  • Place the largest disk on the bottom black button (dark future-south).

  • The medium disk belongs to the right blue button (river-east).

  • Left click the Gear and listen to the sound you hear when you operate the gear.

If you have put one disc in the right place, you will hear "clank" when you click the gear.
If you have placed two discs correctly, you will hear that sound twice, clank, clank, when you click the gear.
If you have put the three discs all in the right place you will hear clank, clank, clank, when you click the gear.

This is how it should be:

An old man opens the door. The old man doesn't understand how Dery got the discs. He thinks his dog brought the discs to the forest.

It goes by it self now for a while

Dery asks for help and tells that his boat has broken down and that he wants to go to Duruk. The old man says that Duruk is still quite far away but he can take Dery to the nearby village of Furat. They may be in Furat at night, but the old man still has some work to do in his yard. While the man is at work, Dery naturally asks some more questions. He wants to know whose grave is in the woods. The grave belongs to the old man's wife, of whom he still thinks a lot. Dery understands this because he misses his diseased son Don, who was only 5 years old.

 Dery and the old man introduce themselves now. The old man is called Tobe and he warns Dery about Duruk where the new, unsympathetic governor makes life difficult for the inhabitants. The governor wants to rule the entire kingdom of Arval. Tobe then takes Dery to Furat and Dery opens his heart and tells that his son Don died of the plague a few years ago, after which Dery fell into depression and indulged in alcohol and gambling and lost all his possessions. Tobe leaves after giving Dery a map.

The village of Furat

Main Street

A little later Dery is in the village of Furat on the main street. On the left is a female perfumer in her shop. Another shopkeeper is on the right and that man id

There is an alley between the shopkeeper and the perfumer shop. 

Right click the sign at the perfumer on the right to read what it says...

The Sign says: Meiga de Furat perfumes. The best Nose in the Kingdom of Arval". Take the empty wooden bucket that stand underneath the sign. So the female perfumer in the left shop is Meiga also known as the "Nose". Go talk with Meiga the "Nose" and use all options you get. Meiga has a special gift, she can name all kinds of smells in her environment and she makes and sells perfumes. About Duruk Meiga only says that it is ruled by a tyrant.

Go talk with the shopkeeper on the right. The shopkeeper sells all kinds of things and can help Dery with things if he needs something particular. There are a few bottles of perfume on the counter of the shopkeeper but if you left click those bottles the shopkeeper says that you may not touch them

No go up into the alley. There are two crates and a small barrel in the alley. Take the small barrel that stand next of the crates...the barrel is empty. 

The crates are named as "Container". Right click and then left click on the back container / crate....

There's a wooden Laddle inside the back crate / container but it is full of holes. But Dery takes the Laddle anyway. Open the Map, witch is now the map of Furat. Dery is now on main street. The other places that you can go to are: the Park, the Precipice and Towards the Fair. It works the same as with the map of Zippar. Click the signposts of a location to go there. Now go to 

The Park

In the park we meet the Inspector, who stand at the bush. Further on an Artist sits an the bench, working on a drawing. Pots of paint stand on the first bench and behind the Inspector stand a box. Go talk with the inspector and use all options. This Inspector is looking for rats. Apparently there was a rat infestation in the Kingdom some time ago, which brought the plaque, and this inspector is specialized in dealing with rats. The Inspector knows some guild members in Duruk

When you're down talking with the Inspector walk to the box. Take the box.  Look at the paint pots, they are from the artist but there are only 3 colors of paint and Dery doesn't want to take them. Talk with the artist. The artist thinks himself to be pretty fantastic. The Artist, who's name is Bobo Molek, has nothing to say about Duruk, he is only concerned with his art. Open the map and go to:

The Precipice:

Dery is outside the town on a hill. There's a feather lying in the grass and on top of the hill stand a tree. Take the feather from the slope and look at it in the inventory. It's a white feather. Look at the tree, so right click the tree. There are fruits on the branches of the tree but they hang above the precipice / abyss.

Left click on the tree but Dery only wants to shake the tree when he has a reason to want some of its fruit.. A rock stand under the tree, on the left site of the tree. Look at that rock....There's a hole in the rock and it's pretty deep. In the back ground are some bushes A and B. Look at bush A.....there's a loose branch in that bush, so left click the bush to try to take that loose branch, but Dery can't brake the branch of. So use your knife on Bush A to get that loose branch. Left click the right bush B Dery notices that there is a net stuck in it and he takes the net.  Open the map and now go to 

Towards the Fair:

Dery is at a stone bridge and he meets up with Mony, the shopkeepster from Zippar. Talk with Mony and use all options. 

Mony knows that Dery has stolen some money from the florist in Zippar, but actually she doesn't care that much because she doesn't like the florist anyway. Mony has come to Furat the sell her products on the marker (fair) of the town. But the road to the market is blocked by rocks so she can't go any further now with her cart. Dery promises to help her....Dery wants to blow up the rocks that blocks the path.

Travel, via the map, back to the 

Main street:

Go talk to the shopkeeper and ask him about gunpowder via "Could you get me some gunpowder?". The shopkeeper has a whole barrel of liquid explosive but it isn't cheap.....the barrel costs 10.000 dollots, and that's the minimum price. The shopkeeper doesn't want to trade his barrel with explosives for anything else then money.. Go on with "I forgot to tell you that......." and then ask "How is your business going?". The shopkeeper once had a rat in his shop that almost forced him to close his shop. If there is another rat to be seen, the shopkeeper must close its shop, on order of the Inspector. When you're done talking with the shopkeeper go back to:

The Park

Talk to the inspector again and ask him about the shopkeeper via "Do you know the seller from the Main Street?" After the Inspector has given his opinion about the shopkeeper you go on with "Would you like to catch him red-handed" and then with "And if I told you he has a rat infestation in his shop"?, Dery must proof that there is a rat as evidence before the inspector can take action against the shopkeeper, to close his shop down again. Say goodbye and go back to the Main Street and then enter the Alley again.

Main Street and Alley:

At he crates / container, you now see a rat in the alley. Try to catch the rat, but it flees under the stairs.  

If you put the box under the stairs, Dery thinks it's a good idea, but something has to be put in the box to lure the rat into the box. 

Leave the alley back to the Main Street. Go talk with the Shopkeeper about his perfume via "I couldn't help smelling your perfume........NB: You can only talk about the perfume with the shopkeeper when you have first looked at his perfume bottles and tried to take them.  The shopkeeper's perfume is very exclusive, far better then the stuff the female perfumist sells. Go talk with the "Nose" Meiga, the female perfumer on the left. and ask here "If I bring you a perfume sample, can you make the same for me?" Meiga can and she gives Dery a handkerchief to collect a sample of the perfume with it. Say goodbye and try to click with the handkerchief on the bottles of perfume that stand on the counter of the shopkeeper.....

But the shopkeeper doesn't allow this. Dery must distract the shopkeeper first, so left click the shopkeeper and then say "Look behind you! An inspector!" The  shopkeeper turns around, so he doesn't face his bottles now........Use the handkerchief on the perfume bottles again and now Dery will has his sample on the handkerchief. NB: If you took to long then you'll have to try this again. Give the perfume sample handkerchief to Meiga, the perfumer.

Meiga  smells what's in it and mention the ingredients of it: chicken liver, lilies, vanilla, and an ingredient that she eventually identifies as a pomelard fruit.  

Meiga says that pomelard fruit grows near cliffs and precipices and she needs it to recreate the perfume. So go back to the:


Walk to the tree. In inventory combine the Net with the Laddle and you have made a scoop net (device).

The Net device from inventory and attach it to the rock under the tree, Then left click the tree to shake the tree and.....

..........a pomelard fruit falls from the tree into the net and Dery picks up the fruit and leaves the net here because he no longer needs it. Go back to 

Towards the Fair:

Talk with Mony again and ask her for some cheese. Mony wants a nice perfume in exchange for cheese. So go back to the

Main Street, Perfume for Mony, Rat and Explosives

Give the pomelard fruit to Meiga and......

Meiga then makes a perfume, witch is a copy of the perfume the shopkeeper sells. Go back to Mony and try to give her the perfume, but the perfume stinks so Dery doesn't want to give it to Mony such as it is.. Back to Main Street and talk with Meiga the "Nose" again and say "I need a perfume......" and then say "For a person I love", and then you must describe that person. Say: "Determined and Brave" and then "Like a rough sea, beautiful and dangerous". Meiga gives Dery then a new perfume and he may pay for it later. You have now 2 bottles with perfume....the red bottle is the stinky perfume but the purple bottle is nice perfume. Go back to Mony and give her the purple perfume and Dery finally gets his cheese

Go to the main street and then enter the alley again

The rat is back at the crates. In inventory put the cheese in the box and then place the box in the space under the stairs. 

Then left click the rat and........The rat runs into the box and Dery takes the rat. 

You loose the box but that doesn't matter because the box has surfed his purpose. Go back to the Park. Show the rat to the Inspector, but Dery says that he somehow must prove that the rat came from the shopkeeper's shop. So in inventory combine the rat with the stinky red perfume and then show the stinky rat to the inspector again. 

The Inspector is convinced and he will go the Shopkeeper when he's done here in the park. Go back to the main street and you will see the inspector talking to the shopkeeper. Dery doesn't want to interfere in the conversation. While the conversation between the Inspector and the shopkeeper is going on, click with your Bucket on the barrel that stand in the shop and......

Dery fills the bucket with liquid explosive. Go back to Mony. Walk past Mony and her cart to the rocks that blocks the path. 

Place the small barrel, you took from the alley, at the rocks. 

Then fill the barrel with the liquid explosive from the bucket

Dery thinks he need more explosives to blast the rocks away.  The wheel of Mony's cart has a string on it. Take the String

Go back to the Main Street and fill your bucket with explosives from the shopkeepers barrel again. Back to Mony and empty your bucket in the barrel at the rocks again. Now Dery will say that the barrel is full.  Place the string, you took from the wheel of Mony's cart, in the barrel....the string will be the fuse. So click the String on the barrel. Now Dery needs fire to light up the explosive barrel. Go back to Main Street and enter the Alley again and.....there's now a fire burning between the two crates. Take the Branch out of inventory and light up the branch at the fire...

Dery now has a burning torch. Back to Mony and the barrel. Hold your burning torch against the Fuse of the Barrel and watch what happens.....

Dery warns Mony that she must take cover and the next thing you see is that the blockade is out of the way. A conversation with Mony follows. 

Mony can now put up her stall on Fair field. On the map a new location is added and that is the Field of the Fair. Go there now

Field of the Fair:

Mony calls Dery to her and she says the soldier who stands there asked for him. Dery does not know why he is being followed. Talk to Mony via all options. Mony will help him reach the hills of Naram, where there is a path that leads to Duruk. Mony thinks Dery should get rid of the soldier first.

Talk to the soldier, who sits on the hay bale. 

The soldier says that governor Portesh of Duruk has ordered to arrest Dery, because he has ripped off a significant amount of money from a resident and is dangerous. The soldier has not yet received a portrait of Dery so he doesn't know how Dery looks like. In Duruk, Portesh has drafted all young men, even children, into his army. Taxes have been raised to finance the governor's army and many merchants are angry about that. Several revolts have already been crushed in the meantime. Portesh is said to have falsified the election results and is trying to take the royal throne of Arval. 

Next to the soldier stand his drink jug on the bale.

 Right click the jug to know that it has hot drink in it. Dery doesn't dare to take the jug. Open the map on go back to:

The Park

Talk to the artist and ask him how his work is going on and then ask if you can have one of his portraits, via "Could you give me one of the portraits as a gift?". But the artist isn't in the habit of giving his work away for nothing. Tell the artist that you're not convinced of his talent via "I'm sure you aren't as good as you say......" and then go on via "Just words, not a single real proof of your talent......" 

Bobo Molek is getting angrier and angrier, so go on with "You won't convince me of anything, you're just a fraudster........"   Bobo now is really angry, so go on with saying "You are a chatterbox! You just know how to talk and talk!" and then finally with "Chatterbox, Chatterbox! What a crook are you!" and......finally Bobo has enough of Dery's insult so he give one of his portraits to Dery.....it's a self portrait of the artist himself. Go back to the soldier at the Fair Field and give him the portrait

Dery tries to convince the soldier that it's a portrait of Dery but the soldier does not believe it is an official Wanted portrait, because there is no signature of governor Portesh on the portrait. Right click to put the portrait in inventory again. Dery must put a false signature of the governor on the portrait.  Go back to the park. Stand at the paint pots of the artist, take the white feather from inventory and click with the feather on the paint pots...........

.........but Dery doesn't now witch color ho must use for the signature. So put the feather back in inventory and go back to the soldier. Talk with the soldier again and ask him "Could I see an official document signed by the governor of Duruk?", but the soldier doesn't want to show such a document to Dery. Maybe Mony can help out here, so go talk with her and say "Mony I need your help with that soldier......". Mony gives Dery sleep herbs with witch he can put that soldier into a deep sleep for a few minutes. So put the Herbs into the jug of the soldier and........

Go away to one of the other locations for a moment and then come back here and......The soldier has taken his drink and is in deep sleep on the ground. T

........the documents are lying next to the soldier so take the documents and look at them in inventory (right click). Dery thinks he can copy the signature. Go to the park and click your feather on the paint pots again and now Dery chooses the color blue. In inventory combine the feather with the portrait to turn it into a wanted poster, sign by the governor Go back to the soldier, who has waken up again, and give him the portrait poster.

Dery automatically goes to Mony and makes an appointment to meet her at the city gate the next day. Dery and Mony leave Furat, travel all day long and arrive at a spot in the mountains in the evening. Dery tells Mony his life story, but she says he is a good person despite the mistakes of his past. The next day Mony takes Dery to the path that leads to Duruk. 

Part 2 of the walkthrough

2021: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot