2021: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

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Part 2 of the walkthrough

On the path to Duruk

There is a parrot sitting on a tree stump. The parrot doesn't want to talk.

Go a screen further to the right. Dery will be at the straw loft and at a boy who's dancing rather wildly. A toy spade is leaning against the blocks. 

Try to take the toy Spade,  but Dery thinks he should ask the boy first and he goes talk with the boy automatically. If Dery fixes the boy's wooden sword, he can have the spade. The broken sword ends up in the inventory. Talk to the boy and use all options. The boy knows Feyer Golesh, who used to give him sweets. The boy also says that the parrot only wants to talk when it gets a biscuit because the parrot is spoiled by a guard. Go another screen right down the path and you will see a piece of Moist soil on the path. 

Right click and left click this moist soil.....Dery things that there's a spring of water here but he needs something to dig in the ground here to find water. Further to the right you spot a green plant between the boulders. Check out the plant, so right click and left click it......it's an Aloe Vera plant and Sticky liquid comes out of the plant. Use your knife on the plant to cut into the plant and more liquid will come out. Click with the boy's sword on the plant and.......Dery sticks the sword in the plant to glue the sword with the sticky stuff that comes from the plant. Go back left,  to the boy and give him the repaired sword back. Then take the toy Spade. Go back right, to the moist spot in the path, Use the toy Spade on the moist and..........

Dery digs a hole and this hole fills with water. Go further a screen to the right and.......Dery then has reached the Toll Guard. Talk with the guard.

It cost 200 dollots to pass here. The toll has been set by the governor even though he has nothing to say about this area. 

The parrot belongs to the toll guard and he has named it Papuga. The boy's name is Fonn

A little back you see a boulder and on that boulder stand a wooden bowl. Take the wooden bowl Go back to the left to the boy Fonn. Ask Fonn to help you get rid of the Guard via "Could you help me to get rid of the toll guard". Boy Fonn says the toll Guard is a sensitive type who often recites a sad poem to his parrot and then he must cry.  Go back to the toll guard  and ask for his favorite poem. It's called "A sad mother's song". Ask the guard to recite the poem with you via "Do you want to recite the poem with me?".......

Dery then must give the first line of the poem, but it isn't in the options you get, so the conversation ends abruptly. Between the stone oven and the boulder where the bowl was on, stand a Cereals plant is growing. That Cereal plant has grain. Left click the Cereals plant to take some of it's grain.......

Dery thinks he can make a biscuit  for the parrot with the cereal grain. So in inventory put the Cereal into the wooden Bowl

Go back left until you are at the parrot again. To the right of the parrot a stone lies on the ground. Take that Stone.

 In inventory use the stone with the Bowl of Cereal to grind the Cereal. Dery needs to add water to the bowl so go back 2 screens right to be back at the little pond that you have made earlier. Fill your Bowl with Cereal here with water from the pond......You then have Dough and the empty bowl in inventory.

Go back to the Toll Guard. Place the Dough into the Stone Oven of the Toll Guard. 

The dough needs some time to bake, so go away for a moment and then come back and........

....the dough has been cooked in to a Biscuit, so take the Biscuit from the stone oven.

Go back to the parrot and give the biscuit to the bird and...........The parrot flies away.....

Go back to the Toll Guard and.........The parrot is sitting on the rock were you took the bowl from.  

The Poem puzzle

Talk to the parrot and ask him about the poem via "A sad mother's song" and........The parrot will recites  the opening line of the poem...."A heartbroken mother is looking at her hands......" Give a wrong line as 3rd line to close this talk. The purpose of this puzzle is to find out all the 7 lines of the poem. The Toll Guard and the parrot alternately recites a line of the poem. The Parrot has given you the first line of the poem. The Toll Guard will recite the second line, the 3rd line is given by the parrot and so on until you know all 7 lines of the poem.......

  • So when you have got the first line from the parrot go talk to the Toll Guard and say "Do you want to recite the poem with me" and then say the first line "A heartbroken mother is looking at her hands...." and the Guard will recite the 2e line "...and her wrinkles tell her that everything is over.....". 

  • Back to the parrot, talk with the bird and say again "A sad mother's song" and the bird recites the first line and you then say the 2e line and the bird give you the 3rd line witch is "Her son went out to the sea and she's dying of grief......"

  • Back to the guard, say the first line, the guard says the 2e line, you say the 3rd line and the guard will say the 4th line witch is "and he can only think about here from his boat..." 

  • Back to the parrot,  say the lines and the parrot will say the 5th line "The fish and birds want to comfort her..."

  • Back to the guard, say the correct t lines and the guard gives the 6th line "...because her loneliness threatens to kill her...". 

  • Back to the parrot to get the 7th line witch is "The mother is singing this sad song.......so that here son comes back to her"".

  • Back to the guard, say all the correct lines and the guard will leave because he gets very emotional by the poem and.......

Dery can pass now and he reaches the city gate of Duruk but gets arrested by the city guards and ends up in jail

In jail Dery hears soldiers talking. King Falog is said to have left the kingdom and taken the land's treasures with him.

The city of Duruk


The soldiers have taken almost all inventory items. All he has left is the will and his knife.

Search the Straw bed and Dery will find an iron bar that has been broken in two and was hidden between the straw.  

You can't open the cell gate with the iron bar, but if you look carefully at the left wall you'll notice that there's a loose stone in that wall. 

Left click the loose stone to end up in a close-up of that piece of wall. Find the loose stone and left click it again......

Dery can't use his hands to pry the stone from the wall him so use the iron bars on the loose stone and....

You will now see two bars on the left and right side of the stone and you must click them to take the stone out the wall..

Click the left bar 1 time. Then click the right bar 3 times, click the left bar 3 times. Click the right bar 1x again and........

 the stone is removed from the wall and Dery  escapes from the prison

Dery reads on the door of the notary that the notary is absent for a day. A soldier wants to arrest him again and Dery automatically avoids him, but....

.....Dery falls through a hatch into an underground area beneath the city near a stream of water.

Right click and then left click the water flow, Torrent,  and Dery takes a belt from the water. Against the white rock leans a lever.....take the Lever

Enter the Grotto on the right. Look at the gate......the gate cannot be opened from Dery's side.

Note that there is a crack in the left side of the gate and that there are two discs on the right. Right click to look at the discs.....They are part of a mechanism.

Attach the belt to the discs and insert the lever into the crack, on the left side of the gate. 

The lever fits, so pull the lever to rotate the discs

The door opens and Dery goes through it by himself and ends up in another prison cell. The king of Arval is trapped in a cage that hangs above a fire.

On the right, a drunken soldier is sleeping on the floor. The king tells that the governor has kidnapped him and has made the people believe that the king has run away with the treasures of the land. The governor can now rule the whole country. The King also says the key to his cage can be found in the governor's palace. A little later, Dery is back on the street with the help of a ladder. Dery must find a way to get into the palace.

Break up the not so happy Marriage

Dery thinks he should disguise himself to avoid being recognized. Talk to the man at the well and use all options. 

The man says that Feyer Golesh was a strange, and angry man who spoke to few people. Nobody realized that he was so rich. Rumor has it that Feyer's son has turned away from Feyer. The well is called the Well of Wonders and it is believed that if you throw a coin into the well, your wish will be granted. The bottom of the well should be full of coins.

Right click and left click the well. Dery can not take coins from the well and the rope that goes to the bottom has been cut. At the hay stack stand a wooden cart. Right click the cart.......It looks like Mony's cart but of course there are many of this kind of carts around. Go a screen right, via Towards the street

A woman sits an a hay stack in front of the house. A barrel stand in front of the women and left of the woman stand Pottery. There's also on alley and in the alley are leftovers on the ground.  Check out the barrel in the center of the screen. Right click and left click the barrel.....The barrel has water and dye and it is part of the tools of the woman sitting on the hay stack. Talk to the woman. The woman is the wife of the man at the well. It was an arranged marriage and neither are happy with it. However, the law does not allow divorce except in the case of adultery of the husband. To the right of the house you see some leftovers in the alley. Go take those leftovers. 

In the inventory you see that those leftovers is minced meat. Go back right to the well and talk the man at the well again about his wife via "How are you getting on with your wife?" The man says that the fact that he hangs out here at the well doesn't mean that he's waiting for somebody if here. Go a screen left. Dery is then back in the street where he fell down through the hatch when he escaped out of jail. At the left bench stand a jug. Take the Jug. 

Go back 2 screens right to be back at the woman. Talk to the woman again and say "About your husband........" and then say "I think your husband is unfaithful to you.....". The woman says that if Dery has proof that her husband is unfaithful she will throw him, and all his things, out of the house. So give the woman one of the answers from the list but none of them is proof enough for the woman. Dery needs to prove to the woman that her husband is unfaithful to her. Now enter the alley here. In the alley is a cat and a ball of wool.  There is also food plate at the wall. Take the woolen thread ball and look at the cat. 

The cat has a hairball in his throat, but Dery knows he can't get it out with his hands. Leave the alley and go back to the well. Talk with the man again and ask him "Do you know any remedies to make a cat vomit?"......The man says he has herbs with and these herbs not only help as a laxative in animals, but also are a aphrodisiac in humans. The man wants 10 dollots for a handful of the herbs. In inventory combine the woolen thread with the jug and you have made a kind of well bucket (invention). Click with the bucket (invention) on the well and to try to fish up some coins from the well but.....

.......Dery  is out of luck because the string breaks and the jug ends up on the bottom of the well. Dery desperately needs money to buy the herbs from the man. Go back to the woman and ask her for money via "Could you give me a coin of 10 dollots?" The woman wants to know why, so answer with "To throw it into the Well of Wonders" and then say "To find a good woman".  The woman appreciates that answer and you get a coin (dollots) from her. Go back to the man and give him the coin and.....Dery gets his herbs (purgative).  

Go back to the right and then into the alley again

In inventory combine the herbs with the minced meat and then place the minced meat in the food plate and......

The cat eats the meat and throws up a hairball. Take the Hairball. 

Dery turns the hair ball into a fake moustache. Go back to the well and talk with the man again and ask him "Why do you need those aphrodisiac herbs for?" and then use other options to get the man to admit that he's unfaithful to his wife. Ask the man why he needs aphrodisiac herbs. . Keep talking until you've used all the right options. In the end, the man admits that he has a date with a beautiful girl, who will be here in 5 minutes. He doesn't want you to disturb his date. So go away and go talk to his wife again and say again "About your husband...." and then "I was saying that your husband is being unfaithful to you....." and then say "if you want to find out, go to the well in five minutes".  Go back to the well and....there is no one at the well now....the man has left. Go back to the wife and......Well....the woman has throw out all of her husband's clothes. Left click the pile of clothes and Dery takes everything from it that he can use for his disguise

Moments later, the disguised Dery is standing at the city gate where he meets Mony again.

Mony will help Dery here in Duruk and she has found out why Dery became Golesh's heir.. Dery once looked after Golesh when Golesh was in dire circumstances. Golesh's son did not want to help his father. Golesh had not mentioned his name when Dery found Golesh sick on the street and nursed him at home. So Dery didn't know he knew Golesh. Dery updates Mony about what he has been through and Mony says the sentry at the gate is not that bright and makes an excuse so that the sentry Dery can leave the city.

The Governor's Palace

Dery is in a large courtyard / patio. On the left you can go to the living room, on the right to the warehouse room and the stairs takes you to a higher floor.

Dery recognizes a playing boy despite his disguise. It is the boy Fonn whose sword was repaired by Dery.

Talk to the boy Fonn. Fonn says the governor's room is on the top floor but there is a guard at the door. Ask Fonn to do you a favor via "I need to ask you a favor".. However, Dery has no idea yet how the boy could help right now. Go to the right into the warehouse.


Go talk with the supervisor and use all options you get

The Supervisor is brewing a drink for the governor. The governor drinks it every day and he gets it so hot from it that he opens his bedroom window wide. The supervisor is too old to bring up the drink himself. The supervisor doesn't want Dery to bring up the drink, his assistant must do that. The assistant of the supervisor is a lazy bastard but can't be fired because he is a cousin of an important person.

When you're done talking right click the cupboard and the barrel of beer.....The beer barrel is full with beer but if you left click it the supervisor doesn't allow Dery to touch anything here and Dery understands  that there is nothing he can do here as long as the supervisor is around. Leave here via "To the Patio" and then go left,  into the living room.

Living room

Talk to the worker, who is the supervisor's assistant in the warehouse.

The assistant says he needs a break after exhausting himself and he would like a beer. He knows the supervisor wants to get rid of him and he doesn't like his job. But he cannot resign because his uncle does will not accept it. He has been caught outside the palace during working hours. If he gets caught again, it will cost him his job

On the wall is a deer head. Under the deer head stand a chest of drawers and left of it a Trunk. Left click the Trunk......Right now Dery isn't interested in this trunk. Go back to the patio and into the Warehouse again. Talk to the supervisor again and ask him "Do you like working here?". The supervisor says that his boss occasionally calls him away for a job and he has to leave the warehouse unattended. He hates the high, childlike voice of his superior.

Leave to the patio and then walk up the stairs to the Top of the Floor

There is a guard in the hall. The guard won't let you go on, so go out on the balcony.

Right click the window. Dery looks through the window into the governor's room. The window can only be opened from the inside. You also see the keys of the Governor through the window. Go back left and then back to the patio. Talk to boy Fonn again and say again "I need to ask you a favour..." and then ask all questions about getting beer, getting honey and about impersonate somebody........

Fonn says that Honey can be found in the warehouse but he knows nothing about beer. After all, he is a child. Fonn is willing to impersonate the supervisor's boss and lure the supervisor away by shouting to him, but he wants something to play with first. 

Enter the living room again and ask if the assistant if he knows where to find a game via "do you know where I can find a game". The assistant has hid a few games in the room, but he doesn't want to give Dery any. The assistant then goes checks that his games have not been discovered by his boss and walks to the trunk by the deer head.

Now watch close. The assistant presses a button and you hear a mechanism and CLACK appears in your screen....Right-click in the CLACK screen and keep doing it until CLICK appear and goes away. Count the number of times that you have to click to change CLACK into CLICK and do this four all 4 times you get the CLACK screen.

You have to conclude from the number of times you click to change CLACK into CLICK screen which number the assistant uses for his code and you must do this 4 times in a row. The assistant goes sit again. Left click the Trunk and now you go into the close-up of the buttons of the trunk

You see 4 buttons. Each button is labeled, in Roman numerals, 1 to 5 (I - II - III - IV - V). The middle, smaller button, has a checkmark. If you click on a button you can turn it to the numbers 1 to 5. A 6th click will return the button to its initial position. On each of the buttons A, B, C, D you must now select the correct digit of the code. When you have select the 4-digit code, then click the E button to open the trunk

  Click button A until you have select IV on A. Click button B until you have select II on B. 
Click button C until you have select IV on C. Click button D until you have select I on B

Click button E and......the Trunk opens and Dery takes out a yo-yo. Go back to the patio an give the yo-yo to boy Fonn.

Now the boy will imitate the supervisor's boss to lure him out of the warehouse. Enter the warehouse and the boy calls the supervisor, who immediately obeys. Dery can now investigate everything better. Take a jar of honey from the left open part of the cupboard, between the glasses. Take a jug from the closed part of the right cupboard.

Fill the Jug with beer from the barrel and in inventory add honey to the jug with beer.

Exit the room and back into the living room. Give the Jug beer with honey to the assisted, who immediately leaves to see the doctor.

Go back to the supervisor. The supervisor asks if Dery wants to help. He has fired his assistant and asks Dery to bring his concoction to the governor. Exit the and take the stairs up to the guard. Tell the guard that you come bring the brew via  "I've brought the concoction for the governor". The soldier also wants to hear a password and of course Dery doesn't know it.

Go back to the supervisor, talk with him again but you can't talk to him about passwords. Go back to Fonn and ask him "Have you  heard someone say the password to see the governor".....Fonn indeed has heard the password but he can't remember it. But if Dery can give Fonn a hint, then he boy might remember the password.

Go upstairs and talk to the soldier again. Say "I have to give  the governor the concoction"  The guard still wants to hear the password so now ask "Can't you give me a clue?"...and then keep begging for a clue and finally the guard will say that the password is two words and it starts with a P.

Go downstairs and talk to Fonn again and say "the clue for the password is that it's two words and it starts with Letter P"...... and Fonn will say the password witch is "Purple sky". Back to the guard and talk with him again. Say again "I have to give the governor the concoction" and then say the password "Purple sky".

Dery may enter into the governor's room.

The governor accepts the brew and opens his window already. Dery is out quickly. Get on the balcony again.

 Check out the open window and now Dery can steal the Keys, so do that and.....

....sit back and enjoy the ENDING......

Dery now wants to free the king, but first he overhears a conversation. The governor says his name is Lester Portesh and not Roy Golesh anymore. Roy Golesh had changed his name and wanted nothing more to do with his past. He wants to have the inheritance and so get Dery out of the way. Immediately after this, Dery frees the King.

Immediately after that, at the city gate, you see the governor, Roy Golesh, facing Dery and the king, and the governor is imprisoned. Mony also turns up at the city gate. 

Mony says Dery saved the kingdom and is brave man.....Dery kisses Mony and asks her to go with him when he goes to get his inheritance the next day ...........

2021: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot