2019: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot  and  Dick Leeuw   

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  The game is made after the original book of Agatha Christi "And Then There Were None". The story is as follows:

8 completely different people are invited by U.N. Owen to spend a weekend at his home on Shipwreck Island. 6 guests travel by train to the Harbour town of Sticklehaven and  2 guests are coming by car. After a long train journey and car journey, the 8 guests arrive at the harbor town of Sticklehaven. After another boat trip the 8 guests arrive at Shipwreck Island where they are welcomed by the butler and his wife. The host, U.N. Owen, however, does not appear to have arrived yet. The guests install themselves in their various rooms and they then jointly enjoy the dinner. During the after-drink, the 8 guests and also the butler and his wife are all accused of murder. One by one, the 10 people who have been collected by U.N.Owen in his home on Shipwreck Island die, and this goes according to the old children's rhyme "Ten Little Niggers".

In principle, the Game follows the book faithfully. But to make the book playable as a game, 1 character has been added to the company of 10 people and that is Patrick Narracott. You play as Patrick Narracott  and as such you sailed the 8 guests in your boat from Sticklehaven to Shipwreck Island. After delivering the guest on the island it was the intention that you return to Sticklehaven right away and come back the next Monday pick up the guests and return them  to Sticklehaven. But then ....... Well ....... we will not give that away just yet, so play the game and you'll see what will happens.

The Game is divided into Chapters. In each Chapter you can view and / or take many things and talk to the other people. Not everything is of equal importance. There are, however, certain things in every chapter that YOU MUST DO. These are the so-called "triggers" that ensure that you can proceed to the next chapter of the game. If you don't do these essential things in a Chapter then you can not proceed to the next Chapter. You can run  by double click with your left mouse button.

At the top left of the screen is always your Pouch and that is your Inventory. You can open it by clicking on the pouch or by clicking with your right mouse button. The Items that you pick up in the game are stored in your Inventory. Believe me .... there will be a lot of them. Your Inventory is also the place where you can combine Items and view them. You can combine items via the gears and view items through the magnifying glass.

Your Notebook is always at the top right. You open the Notebook by clicking on it. Documents, letters and books are stored in the Notebook. You can read all these documents, letters and books in the Notebook. Letters, other documents and books that you pick up are first stored in your Inventory. To be able to read them in your Notebook, click with a document or letter or book on the magnifying glass of your inventory. You then copy the letter, document or book to the Notebook and there you can read it. If you want to be able to follow the story well then it will really be necessary that you read through all letters, documents and books. It is impossible to write it all down in this walkthrough

When a new Item is added to your Inventory, or to your Notebook, you will see that your Pouch and your Notebook are blinking. Always view new Items in both your Inventory and your Notebook. If you have taken an Item from your inventory to use it in the game, always CLOSE the inventory screen.


So you are Patrick Narracott and in this game you have to unravel the mystery of Shipwreck Island and of U.N.Owen and also survive this.

  When you start "New Game", the game starts with the beginning movie. We are on the train that is on its way to the harbor town of Sticklehaven.  

  In the train there are 6 of the 8 guests and one by one they are presented to us.....We see successively:

  Judge Lawrence Wargrave, who gets somewhat annoyed because the caprioles of the son of a fellow passenger  

  Then we dive into the 2nd class wagon where we meet the red hair Vera Claythorne and Phillip Lombard,  

  Then we are presented with General John Mackensie and Miss Emily Brent.  

  The retired General is dawdling and dreaming but then wakes up  

We leave the train for a short while to meet Anthony Marston, who drives across the road to Sticklehaven in his flashy red sports car.  

  Marston passes Dr. Edward Armstrong, who is also on his way to Sticklehaven by car. Armstrong doesn’t like the speed of that Marston.  

  Moments later we see that Marston stops along the road and receives a package from an unknown guy.  

  When Armstrong passes, Marston quickly hides the package behind his back. Back in the train we see that William Blore checks the names of all guests.  

  The train then arrives at Sticklehaven and we end up in the harbor. Davis, the harbor master receives the guests and .........

..... also Marston and Armstrong join the company here.


  You will appear as Patrick Narracott because you will sail the guests to Shipwreck Island in the fast speed boat.

  William Blore thinks he recognizes Narracott. Narracott sails the company to Shipwreck Island and on the way we see the peculiar Ship Rock  

  We moor at the jetty of Shipwreck Island and here we meet the maid and the butler, the couple Ethel and Thomas Rogers.


  The party is welcomed at the jetty by butler Thomas Rogers and we climb up to the big house.

  Patrick help Thomas with the carrying of the suitcase and ...... The game will start now with: Chapter 1:

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4 and Chapter 5
Chapters 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10. All Endings

2017:Original Dutch Walkthrough by: Louis Koot :

2019: This English translation by Dick Leeuw  with permission from Louis Koot