2019: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot  and Dick Leeuw 

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You look at things with the "Eye Cursor".  In the walkthrough I call that "zoom in on ....." or sometimes also "View ....."

Often you come in a close-up screen. To get out of a close-up again click with the " Go Back arrow", 
which you usually see at the bottom of the screen. In the walkthrough I call this "Zoom out".

You can pick up things with your "Hand Cursor". In the walkthrough I call this "Take the ........"

You must do a lot of talking in this game. You talk to other people by clicking on them with your "Mouth cursor".

Conversations usually go by themselves at first, but then you get Talk Options / questions.

You then click on an option / question to use it. Never skip a question / talk option.

Always use them all and always do that in the "top to bottom" order so you never miss an option.

In the walkthrough I will only mention those conversation / question options that you really need to use.  

The working of the inventory is a bit complex.....I'll explain this in detail in the walkthrough where it is needed

The game starts with an introduction video

It is 1924 and in New Plaza, New York, a police force is about to arrest some accomplices of the kidnapping of little Daizy Armstrong. 

The 2 thugs in the house are summoned to surrender and when they do not do it fast enough the officers begin to pierce the house with bullets. 

The two men in the house then make the right choice and with their hands raised they come out to be arrested.

Chapter 1: Prologue in Istanbul

We skip 10 years because it is now 1934 and ......... Antoinette Marceau, a "junior clerk" at the Express Line, the railway company which operates the famous Orient Express railway, is on the quay of the port. Antoinette's mission is to guide Hercule Poirot safely into the Orient Express and to make sure that the famous Belgian detective will not lack anything during the long journey to Paris.


Antoinette is at the beginning of the market street which she has to follow to get to the station. Further on in the street stands Hercule Poirot, the famous Belgian detective. Antoinette calls Poirot, but he does as he didnít hear it and he continues his walk. Antoinette also moves on, to follow Poirot and you get control over Antoinette. You will be now have understood that you are Antoinette in this game and not Hercule Poirot. You have to follow Poirot to the station. Every time you get to the next screen you will see Poirot standing again. On the way to the station you will meet some other travel companions and you need to do something to make them go out of your way

Antoinette arrives at the next screen. At the bottom of the screen stands Chef Klaus, the check cook from the Orient Express train. Klaus is deliberating with the knife salesman about which of the 2 chopping knives is the best chopping knife for chopping meat. Klaus and the knife vendor are standing in the Antoinette's way. You do not have to speak to Klaus. Just walk to the bottom of the screen and Klaus will automatically call Antoinette. Klaus waves his two chopping knives while he asks Antoinette which of the two chopping knives is the best to chop meat.  

 You have to choose an answer from 3 options. If you choose not to give Klaus an adequate answer then he will keep standing in the way. You click on an answer to have Antoinette say that answer. So click on: "The cleaver in your left hand" and Klaus and the knife seller step aside. So ... you can continue. So double click with your "Feet cursor" at the bottom of the screen and .... We see Poirot talking to another merchant and then Antoinette comes to the next screen. Poirot is talking to the wine seller. Behind Poirot is a man in a brown coat talking to the Pots seller.


Click again with your mouth cursor on Poirot and he will go on again and Antoinette too. Antoinette then arrives at the corner of the street, at the baskets seller. Further on you see Poirot standing again at two men who standing in the middle of the street, having a discussion. There also  are 2 goats. There is a goat at the bottom of the screen but there is also a goat near Antoinette, near the barrels. That goat at Antoinette and the barrels is eating. Look at  that chewing goat with your "Eye". Antoinette then asks herself what that goat is eating.


  NB: You must have looked at this goat with your eye so that Antoinette has wondered what that goat is to eat. If you forget to do this, you will not be able to find and take the parasol.

When Antoinette has looked at the goat, click again with your "mouth" on Poirot, which is further down the street. Antoinette screams at Poirot again, but either he is really deaf or he simply does not want to hear it. Poirot is walking again and Antoinette too. Antoinette lands at those two men and the grain cart. The two men block Antoinette's passage 

 You can just try to walk through or click with your "Mouth cursor" on these two gentlemen. In both cases Antoinette addresses these gentlemen and asks them if they want to get out of the way, what these very "polite" gentlemen do not want to do. These two men are Mr. Foscarelli and Mr. Hardman and they discuss which pot / bowl is of better quality, the Kutahya or an Iznik scale. The gentlemen want Antoinette to get a Kutahya pot for them. Give one of both possible answers, but both gentlemen refuse to get out of the way. They will only get out of the way when Antoinette brings them such a pot.

On the cart, which is on the left, are sacks of grain, but also a handful of loose grains, but you cannot yet grasp those grains. Now go back a screen, through the bottom right, and you are back on the screen with the two goats. Go back another screen, via the right edge of the screen. Antoinette is then right in front of the table with Pots.  

Click with your "Eye" on the pot stall and Antoinette will now walk to it and you will be in the close-up of this stall. You see the pots in the stall. The seller is still busy talking to that guy in the brown jacket. So the seller pays no attention to Antoinette. So grab the only pot you can grab and you have a Kutahya pot.


Double click with the "feet" at the bottom of the screen to exit the close-up. Go back to Hardman and Foscarelli. Talk to these two gentlemen again and Antoinette will give the Pot to Hardman and the two men will continue their discussion on the sidewalk. Now grab the Grains of the Grain Cart.  

  Then continue on. We see Poirot again. Poirot is now with the Figs / Dades salesman. There are two elderly ladies at Poirot.  

Click again with your "mouth" on Poirot and again he saunter quietly, without giving any indication  that he has heard Antoinette. Well .... that is probably true. Antoinette also continues, but is then stopped by the two older ladies. These are Princess Dragomiroff and her companion Fraulein Schmidt.  

The poor Princess Dragomiroff has lost her parasol and Antoinette is asked if she can to look for it. Give a rude answer. Schmidt then becomes a bit pissed. Then give a polite answer and the Princess will ask extremely politely if Antoinette is willing to look for her parasol.

Well ... these two older ladies are stubborn. They do not want to give way, so there is really nothing else to do than to go and look for that damned parasol for the Princess. So go back 2 screens, to the screen with the two goats. You need the goat that stands in front of the barrels. Click with your right mouse button to open the Inventory screen.  Take the cereal grains from your inventory Grain). Close the inventory screen again with your right mouse button. Then click with your "Gear" on the chewing goat and .......  

 ...... Antoinette walks slightly to the right and throws the grain for the goat on the ground. The goat hopped happily on it and with grateful bleating he started to eat the grain. Where the goat first stood you now see the Parasol of the old cake .... eh .... sorry ... of Princess Dragomiroff .


  Grab the Parasol and go back to Dragomiroff and Schmidt. Antoinette herself gives the parasol to the Princess and the two ladies disappear.  

  Antoinette is standing in front of the fig seller's cart again. Continue to the next screen, via the "feet" at the bottom of the screen. On the next screen, on the right, the "Fat Lady" will block the passage to the next screen in full force. The "Fat Lady" is Greta Ohlsson, Swedish or Norwegian. Walk on to Greta, through the "feet" under Greta, and she will address Antoinette.  

Greta is a bit lost and she ask Antoinette if she wants to accompany her to the train station because Greta also travels with the Orient Express. Well done of Greta to get lost, while she stand with her fat ass right in front of the entrance of the station. Give Greta two answers and the conversation will automatically end. Greta will now follow Antoinette to the train.

Continue to the next screen. On the next screen we finally end up at the main entrance of the Sirkeci station. Unfortunately ..... two men are annoying standing in the middle of the street and block the way to the station entrance. Click with the "feet" on the two men and Antoinette walks towards them, followed by Greta. These are Hector MacQueen and his boss Ratchett.  

Ratchett asks MacQueen whether  "the statue" is loaded in the train. Apparently he bought a souvenir here on the market. Hector MacQueen is employed by Ratchett, who's not a pleasant gentleman. Antoinette asks if the gentlemen would like to take a step aside so that she and Greta can continue to the station. Ratchett doesnít want to do that and tries to be the popular guy. Give an answer to Ratchett's remarks and finally finish with "Must I summon the police?". Because of this, Ratchett will cool down and the 2 men step aside. Then click with the "feet" on the doors of the station and ....... Antoinette and Greta arrive at the pavement in front of the main entrance of the station:  

Click with your "door cursor" on the doors and .... we end up in the Sirkeci Station. Antoinette and Greta are standing in the hall of the station. You can only go one way, and that is left in the hallway. So double-click with the "feet" in the corridor on the left and on the next screen double-click with the "feet" on the left edge of the screen.


  We then see Poirot, who listen to the conversation between a man and a young woman.  

 Antoinette and Greta end up on this screen. Walk on to the man and the woman. Antoinette and Greta stay right in front of the two and we hear a part of their conversation. These are Colonel Arbuthnot and Mary Debenham. Arbuthnot then sees Antoinette and Greta and tells them to continue. So double-click with the "feet" on the left back and you will come to the next screen where you continue through the top right. Now we finally arrive at the entrance to the platform, and thus to the ticket inspector.


Talk to the ticket inspector and Antoinette shows him her train ticket for the Orient Express. The inspector tears the card by half and in your inventory you now have a "Ticket stub". Greta cannot find her ticket so soon, she stays behind. Go through the gate onto the platform and then continue through the bottom left and .........


  .... finally we arrived at the Orient Express train where Hercule Poirot is talking to Pierre Michel, the conductor of the Calais carriage.

  Walk to Poirot and Pierre.

 We hear Pierre tell Poirot that there is no more room for Poirot on board the train. Apparently the Calais coach is fully booked by passengers who have reserved well in advance and Poirot has not. Antoinette interferes and introduces herself to Poirot. Pierre asks Antoinette if she can convince Poirot that there is no room for him in the train, but that is not Antoinette's assignment.


Talk to Pierre and ask Pierre for the Passenger Plan of the train. Pierre gives this and in your document section of your inventory you have, under "Maps" now the Train Route and the Train Plan and the Train Manifesto. The Train Manifesto contains the names and coupe numbers of all passengers in the Calais carriage, but you cannot yet see the manifest in your inventory. Talk to Poirot and use the first option to tell Poirot that you are a "Big Fan" of him and also that you are very interested in crimes. Then talk to Pierre again and say: "Give Monsieur Poirot my room, I will be quite comfortable in the salon car". Poirot resist but agrees if Antoinette agrees to stay with Greta Ohlsson in her compartment.

  And so it will happen and now the game really starts with:

 Part One: Chapter 2: Prelude to a Murder

  2017: Original Dutch Walkthrough by: Louis Koot  

2019: This English translation by: Dick Leeuw    with permission of Louis Koot