2019:Walkthrough by: Louis Koot   and  Dick Leeuw

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In the game you play as Arthur Hastings, the side-kick of Poirot in many of his adventures. But as Arthur Hasting you pretend to be Hercule Poirot. Poirot challenges Hastings to solve the murder case on Seadrift Island once again. Poirot solved that murder case on Seadrift Island in exactly 1 day, and he challenges Hastings to try this as well.


Poirot's challenge:

It is September 1940. Europe is at war with Nazi Germany and above Britain the "Battle of Britain", the air war, is about to start. Especially London will be the target of the German Luftwaffe. London is therefore in a permanent state of embezzlement. Hercule Poirot, the famous Belgian detective, is sitting in his office in his flat in London. His guest is Captain Arthur Hastings, the inevitable side-kick of Hercule Poirot.  

Poirot fulminates fiercely about those damned Germans who cause him to close the blackout curtains the whole day. Poirot remembers his holiday on Seadrift Island, where he solved a murder in one day. To kill time and to increase his own somber mood, Poirot wants to tell that story to Hastings. But then Hastings, and that are you, have to lead Poirot through the case step by step, to show that everything can be solved very logically, if you use the gray cells in the right way. Poirot then shows Hastings the "Finger of Suspicion", a magical object he received from a magician. Hastings can use the thing to get hints about a suspect.  

Hastings does not believe in magic and Poirot then challenges him to solve the mystery of the "Finger of Suspicion". Poirot will give Hastings 7 clues during the evening, to solve the mystery of the "Finger of Suspicion". The first indication is "POWER". To begin with, Poirot tells three short stories

The 3 stories of Poirot;

1: Seadrift Island, South Devon, 1703  

A drunk goes to a pub. Suddenly a spirit appears in a cloak with hood, at the door of the pub. The spirit invites the drunken man inside.  

The ghost throws a dart to a dart board and then goes down the stairs to the cellar. The drunken man follows the spirit and then sees how the spirit runs through the wall and disappears. The drunken man sees footsteps that are walking dead against the wall. A dart board was etched on the wall. The drunken man walks anxiously up the stairs again.

2: Brixham, South Devon, 1940  

A schoolgirl walks through a forest. Suddenly the girl thinks she is being chased and in panic she starts running.  

When the girl thinks she is safe and leans against a tree, she is strangled by someone with a hood on his head.  

3: Brixham, South Devon, Spring 1940  

Four men dressed as monks perform a ritual.  

The four monks walk around a pole where a voodoo straw doll is standing against. In turn, the four men put a needle in the doll. Then we see a man lying in his bed. The man wakes up and screams out in pain. It is clear that the four monk figures and their voodoo ritual have something to do with the pain of the man.

Get ready for Poirot's challenge;

When Poirot is done with his 3 stories you stand in front of his desk. You now have access to the cursor.

At the Poirot desk, on the left, there is a small globe. There is a Notepad for the globe.  

Place your cursor on the notebook. Your cursor becomes the Grab Hand. Grab the Notebook.

A bar opens at the top of your screen. This is the Options bar and the bar has 5 circles.  

In circle 1 you see the Lighthouse. By clicking on the Lighthouse you leave the game and return to the Menu Screen where you can Save. Load and return to Main Menu where you can then exit the game. The Notepad is stored in the circle 4 of the Options bar. Click on the Notebook to open it. In the Notebook, various things are recorded during the game, such as: Poirot's Instructions, notes about the Suspects, documents that you find in the game and the stopwatch times.

During the game you have to carry out the Poirot assignments (Poirot's Instructions) per chapter. If you have executed an assignment, it will be crossed out in Poirot's Instructions. If you ever get stuck in the game then it is a good idea to take a look in the Poirot's Instructions to see if there are any assignments that have not yet been crossed out. An unquestioned assignment means that you have not yet completed that assignment, or not yet completely. You only advance to the next chapter if you have completed all assignments in the current chapter.

Click next to the notebook to store it back. Place your cursor on the left edge of your screen. Your cursor will then become a left arrow.

 Click and you turn a screen to the left. There is a bookcase in the corner. The bottom 2 shelves of the bookcase are filled with gray file boxes.  

On the wall, above the radiator, is a framed photograph of Poirot and Hastings. Grab the Photo from the wall.

 In circle 2 of your Options Bar you now have the image of Hastings

Click with your eye cursor on those gray file boxes to zoom in on. One of the file boxes is open. Zoom in on the opened box.  

So there are files in the box. The front 4 files are: Corrigan, Parsons, Drugs and Shipwreck. Take these 4 files out of the box. They are stored in the "Documents" section of your Notebook where you can read them soon. Zoom 2 times out of the box and the bookcase. Move your cursor to the middle at the top of the screen to bring up the Options Bar. Click on your Notebook and click on "Documents". On the right page, click on "Corrigan Newspaper Story", "Parsons Newspaper Story", "Drug Smuggling Story" and Shipwreck Island Story " to read these 4 stories.  

Corrigan Newspaper Story:

You read in this newspaper article, of May 20, 1940, that, a few weeks after a 15-year-old schoolgirl was killed by strangulation in Brixham, a 2nd killing was committed. The second victim is Alice Corrigan, a 32-year-old housewife from Totnes. The body of Alice was found by Elizabeth Stride.

Parsons Newspaper Story:

In this newspaper article, dated 17 May 1940, you read the name of the murdered 15-year old schoolgirl who was killed in Brixton by strangulation. Her name was Milly Parsons. Milly was a student at Miss Porter's Young Women's School. She was on her way to ballet class through the Olmsted Copse forest when she was strangled.

Drug Smuggling Story:

In this article, dated 3 January 1940, you read that the police arrested a 3 heroine smugglers on the beach at Carey Spit. The names of the arrested smugglers are: Samuel Tanner, Thomas Mayhew and Oliver Bayle.

Shipwreck Island Story:

In this article of August 15, 1939 you read about the events on Shipwreck Island. It tells in short the story of Agatha's book "Ten little negroes" and thus the story of the first Agatha Christi game "And Then There Where None".

If you have read these 4 newspaper articles, you close the notebook. You still look at the bookcase. Turn another screen to the left. You now see the corner with double doors, a mirror and a small table next to Poirot's sofa. If you click on double doors you will be asked if you want to leave the game. The double doors is therefore an EXIT from the game. Well ..... you've just started, so why would you want to stop? If you click on the mirror you see Hastings, so yourself, in the mirror.  

There is a Stopwatch on the small table. Grab the Stopwatch because this is an indispensable tool for you in the game. The Stopwatch is stored in circle 5 of the Options Bar and Poirot congratulates you on the decision to take the stopwatch. Turn another screen to the left. You now see Poirot's outer door. The outer door is also an option to leave the game. There is a briefcase in the corner near the door.  

You'll have to collect a lot of stuff in the game and you'll have to store that stuff somewhere. So grab the Briefcase and you now have access to an Inventory. The Briefcase will be placed in circle 3 of the Options Bar. If you click on the briefcase, your Inventory opens, but you can also open the inventory by right-clicking. In your inventory you are right now with some pocket money. A map of Seadrift Island hangs above the chest of drawers. Zoom in on the map. Colored pins are placed at the bottom right of the list. If you place the cursor on such a pin, without clicking, a picture of the people you will meet in the game will appear in the cursor.  

If you click on the peg then a card will appear with the name of the person that you will immediately encounter on Seadrift Island.

These persons are:

Colonel Weston, the police commissioner.

Adelaide Hughes, owner of the store.

Albert Bagby, owner of the local pub.

Will Jenks, works in the garage.

Gladys Narracott, chambermaid.

Henry Baily, bartender.

George Strumm, works on the beach.

Hilary Castle, hotel owner.

Arlena Marshall, guest.

Major Barry, guest,

Oakley Gardener, guest,

Carrie Gardener, guest.

Horace Blatt, guest.

Emily Brewster, guest,

Patrick Redfern, guest.

Christine Redfern, guest.

Rosemary Darnley, guest.

Linda Marshall, guest.

Kenneth Marshall, guest.

Zoom out again and turn a screen to the left again. You will now see the cupboard to the right of Poirot's desk. There is a book on top of the cupboard.  

Zoom in on the cupboard and then on the book that is on top.

It is a manual for student magicians. Poirot received it as thanks from Bill Nicholls, the magician who also gave him the "Finger of Suspicion".

Zoom out again and turn a screen to the left again. You are right in front of Poirot again. If you have removed the 4 files from the box and read 4 articles in your notebook and you have taken the Stopwatch, the Notebook and the Briefcase and also the photo of Poirot and Hastings then your Option Bar is now full. You are now ready to really start with Poirot's challenge. So speak to Poirot via your mouth cursor, or click on Hastings and  in the Options bar……and.... you end up in:

Chapter 1: 24 August 1940: Morning:  

2017:  Original Dutch Walkthrough by: Louis Koot  

2019: This English Translation by: Dick Leeuw

Screenshots by: Louis Koot