2024: Walkthrough by Marietje Spijker

(Screenshots by Louis Koot)

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Part 2 of the walkthrough

Locker Room

You will now enter a locker room. First take a look around you. On the left is a wooden door with a window and that door is locked. 

Through the window of the door you look into an office with bookcases.  Turn around and follow the hallway to the other side.

 There are 5 lockers that you all can open.

 In the left locker is a key at the top, it is a door key. Take this key and it will disappear into your inventory.

There is a puzzle box at the top of the right locker. Zoom in on it.

 At the top there are 6 letters, namely V-X-F-T-V-F. Below the letters are 4 white buttons with the numbers I, II. III and IIII. 

You can press these 4 buttons, but nothing happens.

 Zoom out and turn around. Diagonally opposite are more lockers. The right locker is locked. 

In the left locker near the wall there are binoculars at the top and some papers at the bottom, but you can't do anything with them. Turn around and you will see the exit door. This door is locked. You will see a code box on the wall, between the pipes. Zoom in on the code box. Here you must enter a 6-digit code. 

You don't know the code yet, so zoom out again. The key you have doesn't unlock the Exit door. Maybe that key will unlock the office door. 

So go back to the office door. Click on the door handle and the door will open. 

Step into the office. In the middle of the office is a chair with a box on it. There are 2 bookcases full of books. 

There is a fire extinguisher and a table on the wall. 

 Go to the table on the wall. There is a piece of pipe on the green book. Take this pipe piece and store it in your inventory.

Go to the chair, stand in front of the chair and zoom in on the box. You have to enter a 4-digit code, but you don't know it yet. 

Zoom out of the box. There is a click spot under the chair. Click on that spot. You now zoom in on the front of the box on the chair. 

On the front of the box and you will see 4 symbols. Name the symbols from left to right A, B, C and D.

Zoom out. Go back outside and open the right locker of the group with 5 lockers. 

Zoom in on the puzzle box at the top of the locker 

You are supposed to count the number of internal angles of each letter in the top row. So that is: V=1, X=4, F=3, T=2. 

The code is 143213. You must enter this code on the white buttons below, so: I, IIII, III, II, I and III. 

A note will now appear with the following time: 08:14:12.

Go back to the pipe code box on the wall. Zoom in and enter the numbers of the time here, so: 081412. 

The box opens and you have to put your pipe piece in the box.

 First zoom out of the numerical code and then you can zoom in on the puzzle of the pipe pieces in the box. 

The pipe piece that you took from the table in the office has been added here automatically. Now the pipe pieces still have to be connected to each other. You can rotate the pipe pieces by clicking on them. You need to make a connection from top left to bottom right. If you do this correctly, the right locker, which was locked, will open. 

There is a key at the top of the locker. Take this key. It's another door key. 

Use this key on the exit door and enter the next locker room.

Directly opposite you are 8 lockers against the wall. On the left is a door that is locked.  Above this door you'll see a clock. Remember this clock. 

Go to the 8 lockers. Four of these lockers contain the symbols that are also on the box in the office. Zoom in on the 4 lockers. 

You can open all four lockers. There is a number on the inside of each of the 4 doors. Once you have opened all four cupboard doors, you will see the numbers 5521. 

There is a doll in the locker with number 1, but you can't do anything with it. Close the 4 lockers and look at the symbols. 

The symblols are the same as the symbols on the box in the office. The order of the symbols is not the same as the order on the box in the office. Give the symbols on the 4 lockers the same letter as the letter you have given on the box in the office. So the symbols on the lockers are from left to right B, D, A and C. Now you can write down the numbers that belong to the symbol. Symbol B = 5, symbol D = 5, symbol A = 2 and symbol C = 1. Now we know the number of each symbol, we can enter the code on the box on the chair in the office.

So go back to the office and zoom in again on the box on the chair. 

The order to enter the four numbers is the order of the symbols that is shown on the front of the box. The code for the box on the chair is 2515. 

The box opens, zoom in on it. You see a star map, showing the sun, the earth and the moon. The earth has 5 degrees and the moon has 35 degrees. 

The star map disappears in your inventory and you can view it again later. Go back to the second locker room. There is a clock above the exit door, click on it. 

The time on the clock is 3 o'clock. You can change the time by clicking on a hand. The star map shows 5 for the earth and 35 for the moon. 

Click on the small hand of the clock until it reaches 5 and then click on the large hand until it reaches 35. 

You automatically zoom out and the exit door opens.

Well, go through the now opened door into the:


You enter a classroom. Ther are 2 blackboards, a big blackboard at the end (blackboard A) and a blackboard on the right wall (blackboard B). 

here are 4 rows with school desks. On some school desks is a puzzle. On blackboard A is a puzzle and there is a puzzle on blackboard B.

On blackboard B is a puzzle with 5 rows and 5 columns. At the left there are 6 times an X. 

Probably we will have to place an X on a crossing of a row and a  collumn, but we don't know how to do this.

Go to the exit door at the end of the right wall. Next to this door is a code box. On this code box you need a 5-digit code to open the exit door.

Go to blackboard A and look at puzzle 1.

On the left side there ar 5 Ancient texts. You have to place them in the right order, but you don't know the order yet. 

Turn around to the teachers desk. 

On this desktop there are 2 clickpoint, 1 on the left drawer and 1 on the desktop. 

Click on the left drawer. 

In the drawer you find a match. Store this match in your inventory. 

Zoom out and click on the desktop. 

On the desktop you will find 5 ancient texts. On Top of these texts you can see the year of that text.. 

These are the 5 texts on the blackboard. So note down The BC years of each of the 5 texts.

Zoom out and turn around to the blackboard. Zoom in on puzzle 1. To place the text behind the correct number, you leftclick on the text, drag it behind the correct numer and release it. Now you can place the text in the order from eldest to the newest. So behind number 1 you place the eldest text and behind number 5 you place the newest text.....Here's the solution

At the bottom of the blackboard appears a note, with the number 8 on it. This is the first number of the code for the exit door

Click on that note to place it in the inventory. 

Zoom out and go to serie of numbers that are in the middle of this blackboard on the blackboard.  

Here you see the text "Numbers to Remember" with the 6 numbers: 12, 23, 31, 34, 44 and 51. This puzzle is connected to  puzzle 5 on blackboard B. 

But first we go solve the puzzles 2, 3 and 4 on the school desks.  Zoom out and turn around so your are next to the teachers desktop and Blackboard A is behind you.  There are 4 rows with school desks. Name them form left to right A, B, C and D. You will see 3 puzzles, 1 in row B, 1 in row C and 1 in row D.

Walk between row B and row C until you see puzzle 2 at your lefthand.  Zoom in on the puzzle

This puzzle is an equation which you have to fix. The numbers are made with matches and when you zoom in on it your match is put on the table The equation you see is: 7 - 5 = 3. That is not correct. To fix this equation you can use the 4 matches above the equation. Some matches of the numbers in the equation can be used as well. First change the 7 into a 0, using 3 of the matches above. Then use a match to change the - into a +. Now use the top left match of the 5 and place it to the right top, so it becomes a 3. Now the equation is correct.

A note appears with the number 2 on it. Add this note in your inventory and zoom out. 

Turn around. At the last school desk of row C, is puzzle 3. 

Zoom in on this puzzle. In this puzzle are 9 squares with red, blue and yellow dots in it.

  You need to finish the empty square at the bottom right.

In red and in blue there are 1, 2 and 3 dots in a square. In yellow there are only 1 and 3 dots in a square, so in the empty square you have to fill in 2 yellow dots. 

Those 2 dots also have to be in the right place, one in the right top and one in the left bottom.

When you have placed the 2 yellow dots in the correct place, a note appears with the number 0 on it.  Add this to your inventory.

Zoom out. Now walk between row C and row D to the front of the classroom until you reach the schooldesk with puzzle 4. 

On this school desk is a puzzle and a box. 

The box can be opened with a 3 digit code. That code can be found by solving the puzzle that's on the paper next to the box. 

Zoom in on the paper. It's a kind of mastermind puzzle.

Statements A and B show that 6 is not the right number. Both A and B have 6 at the beginning. Number 6 cannot be in the right place (A) and in the wrong place (B) at the same time.

Statement D shows that the numbers 9, 2 and 3 do not appear in the code.

In statement A, the numbers 4 and 5 remain.

At statement B the number 8 remains. Number 8 is not in the right place, so it must be at the beginning or at the end of the code.

In statement C the number 8 is at the beginning. Statement C says that two numbers are correct, but are not in the correct position. So the number 8 does not come in the first, but in the third and last position. The other good number is 1 or 7.

In statement E the number 1 or 4 is the right number, because 9 is not good (see statement D).

We have seen that the number 8 comes last. Therefore, number 5 from statement A cannot be correct. This means that number 4 from statement A is correct and it is in the right place. This means we now know that the numbers 4 and 8 are the last 2 numbers of the code.

Statement E says that one number is correct, but is not in the correct position. That is number 4, as we saw above. That means number 1 is not good.

Finally, if we look at statement C, it says that two numbers are correct, but are not in the correct position. One of those two is the number 8. Number 1 is not good, as we saw above. That means that number 7 is the other correct number. It's just not in the right place. Number 7 must come in the first position. The code for the box is: 748. 

Zoom out and then zoom in on the box. Now enter the code 748 on the box.

After you have entered the code on the box, the box opens and a note lies in it. 

Click on the note. Number 7 is on the note. Add this note to your inventory.

Now go to blackboard A to view the numbers to remember.

Zoom in on the numbers. These numbers refer to the rows and columns of the puzzle on blackboard B. 

The first number refers to the row and the second number refers to the column. Go to blackboard B and zoom in on this puzzle.

You have to place an X on the cross of the row and column.

So the first X you place on row 1 and column 2. Place the other X's in the same way.

When you have placed all the X's in the correct places, a new note appears with the number 3 on it.

Now you have found 5 notes with a number on it. You need those numbers for the code of the exit door. 

The place of a number on a note is the place of the number in the code. The code you have to enter is: 87302.

When you have entered the code, the exit door opens, so step through tp enter....

Part 3: Halway 2

2024: Walkthrough by Marietje Spijker

(Screenshots by Louis Koot)