2024: Walkthrough by Marietje Spijker

(Screenshots by Louis Koot)

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Hallway 2

You enter a long corridor. On the right wall above the sink you will see a banner with the flag of 6 countries. 

The following flags are on the banner: China, United States, Brazil, Canada, United Kingdom, Portugal (missing) and Japan.

Continue walking through the hallway until you see the stairs going down on the left.  

Past the stairs at the left side is a bookcase and at the end next to the windows ther are som lockers.

Diagonally opposite the stairs you see a number of boxes on a bench. Walk towards the bench and zoom in on it. There are 6 boxes on the bench. On each box there is a sticker with an arrow on it. Write down de direction of the arrows. You will see 2 arrows pointing to the right, 1 arrow pointing up, 2 arrows pointing down and 1 arrow pointing to the left.

 Zoom out, turn around and go down the stairs to the lower hall.

In this hall you will see 2 doors, a door to the left and a door to the right. The left door (door A) leads to the music room. The right door (door B) is the exit door. Both doors are locked.  On the left side of the exit door (door B) is a box with 2 buttons. On the top button is a circle that is half white and half black. Below it is a button with a black circle. On the left side of the door to the music room (door A) is a box with 4 arrows.

Go to door A and zoom in on the box left of this door. By clicking on the arrows the door will open. 

The order in which you click on the arrows is the order of the arrows on the boxes on the bench that you saw above. 

So click: 2 times right, 1 time up, 2 times down and 1 time left.

The door to the music room opens. In the music room you will see three guitars and a piano. 

There is a blackboard on the left wall and a blackboard on the wall where the guitars are placed against.

When you click on a guitar you will hear a melody.

On the blacboard at this wall 12 notes are written. You have to play these notes on the piano.

So go to the piano and zoom in on it.

On one of the keys the letter C is written. For this puzzle you only need the white keys. The key left of the C is B and the key left of B is A. The key to the right of the C is D. Enter letters E, F and G on the keys in the same way. Now you know the letters on the keys, you can play the 12 tones you saw on the blackboard. So click on the next white keys of the piano: A, A, B, C, C, D, D, E, F, F, G, G.

When you have entered the notes in the correct order, a note will appear. 

Zoom in on this note and you will see 4 musical notes on it. You need these musical notes to open the exit door (door B).

Zoom out, leave the music room and enter the hall. Walk straight to the exit door. Zoom in on the box to the left of the door.

The buttons refer to the 4 musical notes. Call the button with the circle that is half white and half black "A" and call the button with the black circle "B". The musical notes on the paper you found are sometimes black and sometimes half black and half white. Call the half black and half white notes "A" and the black notes "B". Now click on the buttons "A" and "B" on the box, in the order of the musical notes. So: A, B, A, A, B.

When you have done this right the exit door opens. Go through the exit door.

You enter another locker room. 

Walk through this room and at the end of the right wall you will see the exit door. Go towards this door. There is a box on the right side of the exit door. Zoom in on this box. You will see buttons showing a part of the flag of a country. This puzzle refers to the banner with the flags of 7 countries that you saw previously on the floor above. The order in which you click the buttons is the order of the countries on the banner. Give the countries on the banner the letters A to G. So: A=China, B=United States, C=Brazil, D=Canada, E=United Kingdom, F=Portugal and G=Japan. Give the buttons that contain a part of the flag, the same letter. The flag of Portugal is missing on the banner, but that is the button with the red and green vertical stripe. Now click on the buttons in the correct order: A, B, C, D, E, F and G.

 The exit door opens. Walk through the door and you will now enter the Chemistry Lab

Chemistry Lab

You now enter the Chemistry Lab. First take a look around. Number 3 is written on the small wall to your right. Number 4 is written on the blackboard on the right wall. On the chest of drawers in the left corner is number 8 and the number 7 is on the wall with the windows. In the middle row, one of the cupboards has the number 99 on it. You also see 5 different symbols on the floor. These symbols appear in a puzzle later on. Opposite the blackboard on the right wall with the 4, is a puzzle which you can't solve yet.

There are 6 matches drawn on the blackboard behind the teacher's desk. Walk along the right wall to the end. 

At the end of the right wall is the exit door. 

Next to this exit door there is a box with 6 circles and a small vertical line underneath. These are linked to the matches on the blackboard.

Now go to the teacher's desk. Click on the left drawer and a chess piece is added in your inventory.

Zoom out and click on the book on the desk. You will see a note with a chess notation on it. 

The notation says: K=King, Q=Queen, N=Knight, B=Bishop, R=Rook and there is no letter for Pawn.

Now go through the middle path.

 At the left side there is a drawer that you can open. Click on it and a key is added in your inventory. It is a door key.

Zoom out and go back to the teacher's desk. Turn around and go along the right wall to the back room. At the left side you will see a few puzzles.

Go to the back room and click on the door. The door opens.

Walk into the bsck room and you will see a chessboard at the left corner.

Turn to the right. There is a clickpoint in the shelves cupboard. Click on it and a cable is added in your inventory.

 Zoom out and go to the small stairs. You will see a note with a chess opening move.

 Go to the chessboard and click on it.

The chess piece, that is in your inventory, is added on this chessboard. To solve this puzzle, you need both notes you found earlier. The first move you have to do is e4 for white and e5 for black. There's no letter of a chesspiece given, so this is a move for the pawn. First move the white pawn from e2 to e4. Then move the black pawn from e7 to e5. The second move you do with the knight. Move the white knight from g1 to f3 and then move the black knight from b8 to c6. The third move is just one move and you do this with your white bishop. Move the white bishop from f1 to c4.

If you have done it right 4 light beams will appear on the left match on the blackboard.

Leave the back room and return to the Chemestry Lab.

The first puzzle you see to your right is a weight puzzle. From left to right you should place the weights from light to heaviest on the pressure plates. Before we can do that, we have to convert the weights to grams (g). The first step tells us that 1 kg=1000 g, 1 OZ=28.35 g and 1 lbs=453.59237 g. Now that we know this, we can calculate the weights, which are: 2.5 kg=2,500 g, 25 lbs=11,339.8425 g, 25 kg=25,000 g and 250 OZ=7,087.5 g.

So the order from left to right is: 25 g, 250 g, 2.5 kg, 250 OZ, 25 lbs and 25 kg. Now the second match on the blackboard will get beam light.

Zoom out and go a few steps to the blackboard. The next puzzle on the right is a clock puzzle.

First click on the clickpoint above the left most clock.  You will see four clocks with a different time.

Name the clocks from left to right A, B, C, D and E. The correct time still needs to be entered on clock E. You can deduce this time from the times on clocks A to D. On clock A it is 11:15 am and on clock B it is 10:05 am. So the time at clock B it is 1 hour and 10 minutes earlier than at clock A. In minutes that is 70 minutes. The time on clock C is 07:45. So at clock C it is 2 hours and 20 minutes earlier than at clock B In minutes that is 140 minutes. The time on clock D is 07:15, which is 30 minutes earlier than on clock C.

The difference between clock A and clock B is 70 minutes and the difference between clock B and clock C is 140 minutes. That is 70 minutes more than the difference between clock A and clock B. Now a new cycle starts. The difference between clock D and clock C is 30 minutes. The time on clock E must now be 70 minutes (= 1 hour and 10 minutes) earlier than the time on clock D (7:15 am). This means that the time on clock E must be 5:35 am. Zoom out and zoom in on the puzzle of clock E. Click on the small hand until it is at 5 o'clock and click on the large hand until it is at 35 minutes. Match 3 on the blackboard will light now.

Continue along the center path until you see a puzzle with rotating discs on the left. Click on this puzzle.

Number these disks from top left to bottom right 1 to 15. You will have to click 1 or more times on the discs until all lights turn green. 

Click: 2x on disc 1, 5x on disc 2, 3x on disc 3, 1x on disc 4, 2x on disc 5, 4x on disc 6, 3x disc 7, 

3x on disc 8, 4x on disc 9, 2x on disc 10, 1x on disc 11, 1x on disc 12, 1x on disc 13, 1x on disc 14 and 2x on disc 15.

When you have done this right all 15 lights are green and match 4 on the blackboard wil light.

Go to the blackboard with the 4 written on it. Turn around and you will see a puzzle with cables. 

The cable you found in the back room is added here. 

You must place the cables on the board next to de cables, in such a way that it is a roman numeral 12 (XII). Now match  5 will light.

Go to the puzzle on the end of this bench. For this puzzle you first have to look at the symbols on the ground.

 Each symbol has an arrow and that arrow points to a number.

Write down the symbol and the number that the corresponding arrow points to. The six-pointed star points to the 7. The triangle points to the cupboard door with 99 on it. The kind of Celtic cross (circle with a cross through it) points to the 4, the circle points to the 3 and the square points to the 8.

Now zoom in on the puzzle. The order to click on the numbers is the order of the symbols written above the keys.

 So that is: 899347. Now the last match on the blackboard is light.

 Go to the blackboard. Each of the matches has 1 or more light beams. Count for each match the number of lightbeams and write it down.

Now go to the exit door. Look at the buttons next to the exit door. Name these buttons from left to right 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. 

The order to click on the buttons is the order shown on the blackboard, so: 463125.

 The exit door opens, so step through to enter:

Part 4: Hallway 3

2024: Walkthrough by Marietje Spijker

(Screenshots by Louis Koot)