2024: Walkthrough by Marietje Spijker

(Screenshots by Louis Koot)

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Introduction to the game

Alumni is a first-person mystery Escape the Room  adventure game. The previous game by the same developer is Vereda.   It's 2022 and you are a scientist at the Ridgeway Space and Time Institute. You're working late at night on an experimental time-shifting serum.  You are tired and to prevent you fall asleep you drink some coffee, but you accidentally ingest some of the serum through your coffeee and reality dissolves around you.  You end up in 1984 and you are in Ridgeway College and it's a mess.  You must work your way back through fragmented and distorted memories to return to your normal time. There are 8 Steam Achievements, but we don't play this game on Steam so we will not point out these Achievements in the walkthrough. If you do everything you need to do in this game then you will earn all 8 Achievement automattically. You start the game in the Library of Ridgeway College

You start the game on the main menu screen. Here you can start a new game, load a saved game, go to Options and quit the game

In the options you can set some things to your own preference and you can read how to control this game.

Return to the main screen and start a New Game and......You must then choose a Save Slot. 

The save slot you choose is where your saves are stored. There are 3 save slots so you can start 3 new games.

The game then starts with a short intro cut scene

It's 2022 and you are a scientist at the Ridgeway Space and Time Institute. You're working late at night on an experimental time-shifting serum. 

You are tired and to prevent you fall asleep you drink some coffee, but you accidentally ingest some of the serum through your coffeee and reality dissolves around you. 

When you wake up again it's 1984

1984: Ridgway College

Ground Floor


You are standing in front of a table in the library room of the college. Zoom in on the table to view the 4 documents. 

On the table there are 4 documents with letters on them, in the order C, D, A and B with a drawing on each document. 

On document C you see a pencil, On document D you see a Tower, On document A you see a microscope, On document B you see a House. Make a note of all this, because you will come across this again later. Right click to get out of the close-up. Turn left and walk to the other side of the table. Then look to your left. In the side room you'll see the Exit door, but it's locked

There are all kinds of bookcases and there is a number on 6 of those bookcases. 

Move through the middle isle of the room and note which number is on which bookcase.

 On the left side the bookcases are numbered 6, 4, 3 and on the right side the bookcases are numbered 2, 7, 9.  

Between the bookcases 7 and 9 stand a table with a puzzle on it but you can't solve it yet.

There is a door at the back of the room, it's the door of the terminal room but it's locked. 

At the door, turn all the way around until you are looking at the windows. There is a fuse box between the windows

If you click on it, you will see that a fuse is missing. That's why there is no electricity.

Turn around and walk back to the table where you started. Then turn right and walk past bookcase 6 to the exit door. This door is also locked. Next to the exit door is the code box, but you don't know the code yet. In addition, the code box has no power, because a fuse is missing in the fuse box. 

Turn to the left. On the right is a filing cabinet and opposite it is a blackboard on the wall. 

 Go to the window, turn left and click on the blackboard.  European countries with the number of inhabitants are  listed on the blackboard. Note it down

There are 2 drawers in the desk. You can open the left drawer, but it is locked.

Go through the bookcase  room again and go to the table between bookcase 7 and 9. There is a map of Europe on the table. Zoom in on the table. 

Drag the number of inhabitants to the box of the relevant country. You have read this on the blackboard

If you do it right, a shelf will slide out with a key on it. Grab the key and right click to store the key in your inventory. 

You open the inventory by pressing the I key, but this is not necessary. Go to the door at the back of the room and click on the door. 

The door now opens because you now have the key, so enter the terminal room.

 If you click on the table where the 3 terminals are located, you will receive the message that there is no power. 

Turn around. On the right wall is a code box above the radiator and a fax machine stand on the little table. Against the left wall stand a bookcase. There's a bookpuzzle in the bookcase and a wooden box. That wooden box is locked. To get the box open you must solve the book puzzle

 Click on the puzzle piece to enter the puzzle. There are 4 books with a drawing on them, which are the same as the drawing on the 4 documents you found on the first table. 

The order in which the books should be placed is A, B, C, D. Take the book with the microscope and place it in place A, then the book with the house in place B, the book with the pencil in place C and the book with the tower at place D. Now the wooden box opens. Inside the box is a key, so click on the box to take the key out of it.

It's the key for the drawer near the blackboard. Right click to store the key and turn around. On the other wall there is a fax on the table and a code box hangs above the radiator and above that hangs a bookshelf with books. That code box is to activate the fax machine but you don't know the code and there's no power

 Go back to the desk near the blackboard. Click on the drawer in the desk. The drawer opens. There's a fuse in the drawer. Take the fuse

Go back to the fuse box between the windows. Zoom in on the fuse box and the fuse will be placed automatically. 

Go back to the room with the 3 terminals.  These  3 terminals now have power.

On each terminal you will see an green box figure. Count the squares of each figure on the terminals. The left one has 4 squares, the middle one has 6 squares and the right one has 2 squares. The code is 462 and you must enter it on the code box above the radiator. Click on 4-6-2. 

A message with a code will now appear from the fax. Copy this. This is the code for the exit door, but you need to convert it to the real code

Go back  to the table on which the documents are located, stand in front of the table,

 Turn to the bookcases of the middle isle and look at the numbers on those bookcases. The fax message shows the order of the numbers on the bookcases

Write the numbers in the correct order. Number 1 on the fax is case 4, number 2 on the fax is case 9, number 3 on the fax is case 6 and number 4 on the fax is case 7. The code is therefore: 4967. Enter this code in the code box of the exit door and the door opens. 

Go through the door to the next room.

  Short hallway

On the left in the hallway there is a  wooden bench against the left wall and in the corner are 2 locker cupboards that you can't do anything with.  There's also a "Back to School" poster on the left wall.  Against the oposite wall is a low table  with books and a dead plant on it. Above the table is also a "Back to School" poster on the wall.  You also see a metal door but it's locked. On the right side you see the door to the next hall but that door is also locked. On the wall are 2 "Back to School" posters and a panel with a sudoku puzzle.  

Turn to the left side of the hallway again and then go to the "Back to School" poster that's on the left wall. Click on the poster and take it from the wall.  Hold down your left mouse button and turn the poster around to see the back side of the poster. On the back side of the poster you see 16 circles and 2 blue arrows. 5 circles are blue.....this is the solution for a puzzle that you must do in the next hall.

Right click to put the poster in to your inventory. Turn right and now go to  the Sudoku puzzle that's on the wall and zoom in on it.

The panel has 16 boxes in which the numbers 1 to 4 are filled in, but 7 boxes are without a number. It's a sudoku puzzle. Each number 1 to 4 appears once in these squares. Each number 1 to 4 must also appear once in each row and in each column.  of the 7 empty boxes are 5 boxes that have a color, red, green, dark blue, purple and light blue.  The missing numbers must be filled in.Number the 16 boxes, from top left to bottom right, as: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P.

The red box B should contain the number 4. Click in this box until it says 4. Number 2 must be set in the light blue box M. Number 3 must be set in box J. And box K must have number 1.  Number 3 must appear in box G and number 4 in box H. In the purple box O you set number 4. If you do this correctly, the door to the main hall will open. 

Zoom in again on the panel with the numbers. 

Now note down which number is filled in the colored boxes: Red = 4, Green = 3, Dark Blue = 4, Light Blue = 2 and Purple = 4.

Large hall after the short corridor

Step through the opened door into the large hall. 

In the large hall there is a stone staircase to the next floor, but the stairs are closed with a fence 

There is a table near the windows. On this table is a box with a puzzle on it. Zoom in on this puzzle box. 

in the lid of the box you see 16 circles. By clicking on a circle,  that circle lights up, but it goes out again after a few seconds.

You have to click on 5 circles in the right order.

Open the inventory using the I key, click on the "Back to school" poster and then click on the "View" button. 

Turn the poster over again using your left mouse button. 

On the back of the poster you will see the solution to the puzzle. Make sure the blue arrows are pointing up, so you must turn the poster so that the blue arrows are at bottom left and bottom right and pointing up. On the poster the blue circles represent the circles on the box that you have to click. So these are the circles, 4, 5, 6, 12, 14.  Close the inventory and zoom in on the puzzle box again and click on the circles: 4, 5, 6, 12 and 14. 

When you have done that, the fence in front of the stairs will lower and you can go upstairs. So go upstairs via the stairs

On top of the stairs you come again at a locked door with a code box next to it. Zoom in on the code box

You must enter a code of 5 digits and these are the 5 numbers of the colored boxes of the sudoku puzzle.  

On the door you see the order of those colored boxes. So enter 43442

The door opens, so go through it to enter

First Floor


We're in a bathroom now. Take a look around first. There are sinks with mirrors above them and ther arde  4 toilet cubicles on the left. 

There is a  "Out of order"message on the door of the right toilet cubicle and there is a code box on that door. 


There are 3 urinals on the left opposite the toilet cubicles.There is something chalked on the wall above the urinals. 

Stand in front of the urinals and write down the signs above the urinal. They are triangles, pentagons, a quadrilateral and 2 question marks. 

Turn around to the toilet cubicles , click on each door, but every door is locked. The left most cubicle door has a keyhole, but you don't have the key yet.

Zoom in on the code box of the right most toilet cubicle. There are no numbers on this code box, but letters.

Take a good look at the "out of order" poster. At the bottom of the poster you see nummber in hooks. 

Those numbers refer to the leters that are on the mirrors above the sinks.

Now to the exit door at the sinks. The door is locked, but ther is a codebox at the left side of the door. 

When you zoom in on the codebox you will notice that the number 1 keypad is missing. You have to find that keypad.

Now go to the sinks. In the corner at sink 1 there is a bucket with a mob in it. Click on the handle of the mob to get a key. It's the key for the leftmost toilet cubicle. 

Go back to the toilet  cubicle. . The left  cubicle has a keyhole. Click on this door and the door of the cubicle will open. 

Walk into the  cubicle. and click on the dirty toilet bowl. You now get a keypad button. 

Leave the cubicle and go to the exit door. Zoom in on the code panel next to the door. The missing 1-button is now placed on the panel.

Now we pay attention to the sinks. There are 4 white sinks. They are numbered from left to right: 1, 2, 4 and 6. 

There is a mirror above each sink and each mirror has letters on it.

Those letters are placed inside a cross. With these letters we must find out the lettercode for the right toiletdoor.

The "Out of order" sign of the right toilet cubicle contains 6 numbers, namely 6, 2, 4, 4, 1 and 4. There are also lines around the numbers. These lines refer to the position of letters on the mirrors. The number refers to the sink in question. The first number is 6. This means that the first letter of the code can be found on the mirror above sink 6. The lines indicate the position of the letter. To the left of the 6 and below the 6 is a line. This means that the letter at the top right is the first letter, because there is also a line at the left and bottom. At the top right of the mirror of sink 6 is the letter M. 

The second letter you need is on the mirror above sink 2. This letter is also at the top right and it is letter I. The third and fourth letters are on the mirror above sink 4. In this case you must have the letter that is at the bottom left. The lines are now above and to the right of number 4. The letter R is at the bottom left of the mirror above sink 4. The R will be in both position 3 and position 4. The fifth letter is on the mirror above sink 1. Here too we need the letter at the bottom left. That is letter O. The sixth and last letter is again on the mirror above sink 4 and is also at the bottom left. So this is letter R. The code is: M-I-R-R-O-R.The code box on the right toilet cubicle has letters, so the code will have to be entered there. Go to the right toilet cubicle and zoom in on the code box. Enter the code "MIRROR" here. 

The toilet cubicle door opens. Enter the toilet cubicle and behind the toilet there are 4 tiles with figures. You can click on this. 

The tiles contain various game words and game figures. Each word contains a number. Click on the tiles, but in the order 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.

 Another toilet cubicle opens, namely the toilet cubicle next to this "out of order” box.

Enter this toilet cubicle and zoom in on the puzzle above the toilet bowl. This is a circle with 3 figures, namely a square, a pentagon and a triangle. The order you need to click on them is on the wall above the urinals. To get the order, the question marks must first be filled in. The order of the signs above the urinals repeats. The question marks will have a pentagon and a square on them. 

Enter the toilet cubicle again to solve the puzzle with the figures. 

The order to click on the figures is: triangle, pentagon, pentagon, square, triangle, pentagon, pentagon and  square.

The second toilet cubicle now opens. 

There is a mirror on the wall behind the toilet bowl. On the mirror you see figures with circles. This is the code for the exit door. Call the circles from left to right A, B, C and D. In circle A there are 3 small circles in a large circle, so 4 circles in total. There are no smaller circles in circle B, so there is 1 circle here. In circle C there are 2 smaller circles in a large circle. So this is 3 circles in total. Circle D contains 1 smaller circle, so 2 circles in total. The code for the exit door is: 4-1-3-2. 

Go to the exit door near the sinks, zoom in on the code box and enter the code 4, 1, 3, 2. The door opens.

Step outside and you enter the locker room.

Part 2: Locker room

2024: Walkthrough by Marietje Spijker

(Screenshots by Louis Koot)