2020: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

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For this walkthrough I play the Director's Cut version of the game.

This Director's Cut version has 2 different Endings but otherwise it is the same as the first version

In a world inspired by ancient Greek myths, gods and heroes, you take on the role of Argonus, a cartographer and historian who washed ashore with his ship the Argo and is stranded on a mysterious island in the vast Aegean Sea. The mighty ship the Argo is in ruins and Argonus must not only discover the fate of the legendary Argonauts, but he also have to escape from the cursed island. Under the protection of the Goddess Athena, daughter of supreme god Zeus, Argonus embarks on an adventure of mystery and danger, risking to succumb to the evil that threatens to destroy his world.

System requirements (

-Computer (desktop or laptop) 64-bit processor. Intel core i5, i7 or AMD equivalent

-Windows 10 (64 bit)

-6 GB RAM Graphics: Nvidia GeForce 1080 or higher 5 or equivalent GeForce card from AMD

-6 GB of available storage space for installation and to save your progress

When you start the game you end up on the main menu screen. The options "Resume", "Save Game" and "Load Game", will be added as soon as you start a "New Game". In "Settings" you can read how to control the game and you can set everything in terms of graphic quality and language, depending on your system and the quality of your graphics card

I will not explain all this further because I assume that you can read this yourself. The only thing I want to say about the Graphic settings is that if you turn on the Vintage Filter, so if you make that box yellow, you play the game in Black / White tones. If you want to have color in the game, you must NOT make the box at Vintage Filter YELLOW. This is entirely up to you, you may prefer to play the game in black and white color

The "Instructions" explain how to control the game with the various cursors. This explanation covers 5 screens.

I will not explain this further either, because you can also read through this yourself.

You read that you can SAVE and LOAD the game at any time, but the game also automatically saves at fixed points.

Once you have started a "New Game" the options on the menu screen will be expanded with "Resume", "Save Game" and "Load Game"

To save your game yourself, click on "Save Game" on the main screen. You will then enter the Save Game screen.

Give your save a title and press the Save button

Via Load Game you then can load your save game again to continue playing from your save moment.

You will be given a Map. When you have unlocked a new area, a circle with trident appears in the top right of your screen. Then your map is expanded and also your diary will be updated. You can open the map / diary using the M-key. You will have to pick things up in the game and that stuff will then be stored in the Inventory. You open the Inventory with your E key.

Calliope's voice guides you through the game. Calliope is one of the 9 muses and she is also a daughter of Zeus. Calliope is the Muse of the Epic Hero stories. Calliope is the Storyteller and she always has a lot to tell. If you left-click or right-click on something, you will receive an explanation from Calliope. I am really not going to write out all these texts from Calliope in the walkthrough. You cannot quickly click away the lyrics so you will have to listen patiently to Calliope, or the other Gods.


There are 20 STEAM Achievements in the game. You can read which Achievement these are and what you have to do to score them in "Achievements" on the main menu screen. Those Achievements are not important for the story and the course of the game, so I do not pay much attention to this and will not always mention them in the walkthrough. Just by doing the things you must do in the game you'll be scoring a number of those achievements.

 Let's start playing. I will explain the operation of the Inventory and other important things during the game, if necessary. Start a "New Game" and we'll start with: Book 1 The Blight

Book 1: The Blight Part 1: Poseidon's Domain

Book 1: The Blight Part 2: Hera's Domain

Book 2: The Burdon of Thanatos:

Book 3: Forges and Fire

Book 4: The Penitent One

Book 5: These Dark Shores and Epilogue

2020: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot